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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 14, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm katie. a wildfire in madera county destroyed at least ten homes and forced a massive evacuation. burning 320 acres at bass lake since it started this afternoon. it spread quickly because of dry conditions. firefighters are having a hard time reaching it because of rough terrain. 400 homes and businesses have been evacuated. there are several wildfires
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burning in california right now. we will have complete coverage at 11:00. tonight, an east bay family is mourning the loss of a loved one. richard perez was shot and killed by police officer. it happened just after midnight on uncle sam's liquor store. >> flowers sit outside uncle sam's liquor where 24-year-old perez, known as pety, was shot and killed by a police officer. >> i saw someone on the ground. >> this happened just after midnight. one woman who didn't want her face on camera was one perez moments after the incident. she said he was not armed. >> he didn't hurt nobody. he might have been drunk but there is no reason for that police officer to have a gun pulled on the boy. >> the police stepped by the store to do a routine check.
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perez was intoxicated. >> a dpia fight went foreign at least a minute. the police officer felt perez grab on to his gun. >> his family describes him as loving, hard-working and are left with many questions. >> why couldn't they use a taser or something. if he is already drunk, or whatever, why did they have to kill him? >> petey didn't have a gun, a knife, nothing. >> i also spoke with his father on the phone. he believes the officer used excessive force. police chief chris nagness read a statement. as chief of police i'm commit d committed.
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>> a man shot and killed his wife after she attacked him with a knife. it happened last night at the couple's home. the man called 911 telling dispatchers his wife came at him with a knife so he grabbed his gun and pulled the trigger. deputies say they found the man inside the home along with his wife's body. investigators have not said if they will pursue charges. police are investigating whether a deadly fire was an accident. crews couldn't get inside the home on 11th street because too many things were piled in front of doors and windows. they today cut through walls to get inside and put out the flames. a woman who lived in the house was found dead in the kitchen under a pile of debris. crews reported every door and window in the two-story home had stuff piled in front of them. >> nine people were hurt when this deck collapsed during a party last night in oakland. today a barbecue and spashed cooler were in a pile at the hoemt in the east mont neighborhood. about a dozen pell were on the
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deck when it fell. three people sifrd serious injuries. one, a broken leg. another a broken pelvis. the deck fell about 15 feet. spilled c crates of grapes fell this afternoon. the driver had a coughing fit and drifted to the right shoulder. 25 crates of grapes on the truck shifted and caused the driver to lose control, spilling the grapes on the highway. >> it is just that the grapes, when run over, are sticky and water added caused it to be very slick. >> they plan to dry sweep the area as precaution. no one was hurt. the 49ers allowed domestic abuse suspect ray mcdonald to play in today's home opener in santa clara. mcdonald has been charged but not convicted after an indent at his home late august. the team says it'll let the investigation play out.
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the carolina panthers greg hardy was convict fled july of assaulting and threatening his then ex girlfriend. he sat out today. ray rice and the ravens have been indefinitely suspended by the nfl and released by his team after video shows him punching his then fiance. the two are now married. andrea peterson is side lined after being indicted by a grand jury on abuse charges. goodell was protested outside two stadiums. this sign flown above first energy stadium in cleveland features the hashtag goodell must go. the group says the commissioner failed women by not taking action. the banner was supposed to fly above levi stadium today but the plane had mechanical problems. traffic was notably easier for fans head together stadium.
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in part because so many people arrived early to pack into the green lot. that great america's massive area. the park was closed today accommodate the football fans. an impressive tailgating village was set up hours before kick off. the mayor of santa clara says the stadium is an economic boost for the south bay. before the game, mayor jamie matthews served pancakes at a fund raiser to buy school supplies. he says homes and office buildings have been built or are under construction near the stadium bringing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in sale tax revenue to the city. >> what i'm seeing is jobs and opportunities created. i'm seeing diversification. i've seen just an excitement that brings the whole county together. brings the region together just around the 49ers, which is our team. >> matthews says each trance iks in the stadium pays cite sales tax. the city gets 50% of parking revenues. raider nation arrived to
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celebrate its home opener today. >> hey, got to win today. >> welcome to raiderville. the tailgate party kicked off this morning at 8:30. five hours before kick off. hundreds of raider faithfuls showed off their black and silver pride. the event also had fun events for the kids. raiders took on the houston texans. we'll have highlights ahead in sports. >> at at&t park, it was the 17th annual strike out violence day. the giant host the event to educate thousands of fans about domestic violence while raising money for la kassa dela madre es. it helps domestic violence victims with support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. >> the giant community fund has
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partnered with la casa delas madres. today presenting 40,000 in grants for organizations for safer communities. still ahead at 9:00, pope francis provides over the marriages of 20 couples at the vatican. why these are no ordinary newlyweds. >> temperatures today, some 10 degrees cooler, thanks to a cold front coming close to the area. that cold front could bring us a chance of sprinkles in the hey pal? you ready?
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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. today pope francis presided over the weddings of 20 couples at the vaticans.
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but these are no ordinary couples. >>. >> reporter: at st. peter's vasilica today -- >> i do. >> i do. >> i do. >> ---times 20. the church getting attention, not just for its scope, but significance. among those tying the knot, couples living together before the wedding and one with a child outside of marriage. both sins, according to catholic doctrine. >> he is trying to reach people where they're at. the church never wants to preclude people from her membership. >> it is not the first time pope francis made headlines for being more inclusive. last year, saying the church was too focused on issues like abortion and contraception. and that he couldn't stand in judgment of gay priests. before closing the ceremony, pope francis remind the couples, marriage is quote real life, not some tv show.
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life that under his leadership looks increasingly different. abc news, new york. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, storm threats under way in mexico, as a hurricane gains steam in the pacific. and possible it could effect the bay area. the forecast is up next. >> 49ers in their regular season opener. hosting the bears. and four turnovers later, all and four turnovers later, all from colin kaepernick, bears
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this is abc 7 news. happening now, hurricane hammering communities along the southern tip of the baja pe
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anyone'sa. the storm is expected to make land fall in the next few hours. rain has already caused minor flooding along roads. waves and wind grew stronger as the day went on. at one point, it strengthen need a category 44 storm but weakened back to category 3. emergency shelters though have been set up to house as many as 30,000 people. serious stuff. hope it won't come to that. >> no. about an hour away from making land fall in mexico. category 3 is strong but fortunately we won't see anything like this around here. there is a chance of rain. we will talk about that. live doppler right now. and not finding rain across the bay area. we have clear skies and the big story was the drop in temperatures especially in inland spots. live look at our explorer to yum. here are numbers from the inland location. this is the biggest drop in temperatures. clover dale, fairfield, drops about 9 degrees from yesterday
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to today's highs. and generally anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees cooler across the inland spots and these locations once again tomorrow seeing cooler numbers thanks to that stronger sea breeze. right now, temperature wise, 62 in san francisco. down from a high of 72 degrees. 67 hayward. right now, antioch sitting at 78 degrees. our satellite imagery will show you an area of low pressure. a trailing cold front and continuing to bring us south southwesterly wind over the next couple days. and a cooler day on tap tomorrow but a more active ocean tomorrow. so if you have a beach hazard for the south and southwest facing beaches with that strong sea breeze creating a higher than normal risk for the rip current the next 24 hours. just remember, swimming near lifeguards. 5:00 a.m., cloud cover and fog right along the coast. that will burn off and we turn to mainly sunny skies across the bay area. sunny afternoon on top and with that continued breeze off the ocean waters.
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we continue to see those numbers take a tumble in inland spots in the 80s. in most locations. but i want to show you forecast animation oef through the week. getting closer to california, there is a chance that at least wednesday night into early thursday morning, there could be some sprinkles. and the best chance to see sprinkles would be in north bay locations. we will continue to fine tune this forecast as we get closer to midweek but just something to deep your eye on and good news, we get moisture out of the system. inland and east bay locations, upper 50s to mid 60s. coast and san francisco, seeing low clouds and fog. 57 to about 60 degrees. range starting temperatures and the bay calling it partly cloudy. 56 to about 62 degrees. and highs, couple degrees cooler than today. for monday, high of 79 in santa clara. on the peninsula, palto alto, 78 degrees. and 64 wbt high for pacifica. downtown san francisco, similar high tomorrow than we had today.
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69. 65 sunset district, 70 in south san francisco. 92, high in clover dale. 77 petaluma. 78, high in napa. 73 oakland. 74 high in hayward. inland spots, mainly in the 80s. we see the cool down. 88 pittsburgh. 86 san ramon. and 87 the high in pleasanton. 80s inland during much of the forecast. then we watch the timeframe. wednesday into thursday. right now high clouds move in. that's for sure. we will see if we can squeeze out moisture from the high clouds, thanks to the cold front advancing. >> that would be great. thank you, drew. now we've got two home openers. and two- >> i didn't want to read to you guys. not as well as their first game. lost the theirs game at candle stick. tonight, lost their first game at levi stadium to the bears,
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blowing a 17-0 lead. pregame, like what they saw early. three plays. block and punt. but kap turning it over four times. doifing interception here, fantastic by the former cow bear. chicago unable to capitalize on the turn over. missed opportunities for niners in the first half. picking this up and scoring easily, if he does. brandon moss jumps on it, few minutes later, not able to punch it in. eight yards, 17-0, niners. big play, 15 seconds to go. second quarter. cutler to marshal. watch this catch. one hand. 17 on the board before halftime. 20-7 game early fourth quarter. cutler to marshal again. five yards, six-point game. 21 seconds later. second of three interceptions. rips it away from crabtree. frustration boiling over for
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niners and kap. back to bennett. three yards. bears up 21-20. driving. down eight. kap, to crabtree, not going to happen. 28-20 the final. niners fall to 1-1. raiders hosting houston and their home opener and they got throttled by the texans. raider nation, not much to cheer about today. opening job, ten plays, 80 yards. j.j. watt. raiders on their first possession. 70 yards. 13 plays. 14-0. he ran for 138 yards. home debut. looking for michael rivera. picked by jackson. 65-yard return sets up field goal. second quarter. james jones hit by kendrick
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lewis. scoops it up. scripted by joseph again. texas recovers on the one-yard line. that sort of day for the raiders. third kwrter, texas quarterback, back shoulder to hopkins. 12 yards, 24-0. raiders able to prevent the shuto shutout. 30-14 your final. raiders four turnovers today. beginning the season 0-2. coach not mincing words afterwar afterwards. >> that's the recipe to get your butt kicked. i told the players in right now, only people that can change it are the people in the locker room, coaches and players. we have to make a conscious decision to get this changed. >> a beautiful day at at&t. kershaw out for l.a. dodgers giving up two runs. league-leading 19th win.
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kemp, out the left. two-run blast. dodgers win 4-2. open up three-game lead. san francisco leading the woild card by three games over the pirates. a's looking to take two of three for the mariners in seattle. maintaining their lead in the wild card. got all of this chris young change up over the right field wall. a's up 1-0. jon lester pretty good. six innings and four hit balls. gave up no runs. brandon moss hasn't hit a home run in 39 games. until now. seventh win of the year. leading the wild card by a game and after over the kansas royals. we hear from 49ers coming up at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7. see you then. boy, tough way to go down. leading 17-0. yeah. thanks. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00. four-time box office champ. knocked out of the top spot at the bo
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tonight at 11:00, homes evacuated as nearly a dozen wildfires burn tonight. we will have the latest numbers and let you know who is at risk. also, meet the new miss america and her bay area connection. we will take you behind the scenes of tonight's pageant to show you how it all comes together. that is tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. guardians of the galaxy surpassed $300 million this weekend. but the movie was bumped out of the top spot at the box office. no good deed came in first. the thriller stars a convict who terrorizes a single woman. "dolphin tale 2" made its debut.
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guardian of the galaxy slipped to the third spot with $8 million. teenage mutant ninja turtles and cops round up the top five. remind me of how far i am on my movies. >> abc 77 news at 9:00, for drew and shoe. thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00.
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>> warning--please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous. aren't they? aren't they? ♪ >> aah! >> "what went down." today on "what went down," trick shots on tramps, fails on tiny ramps, plus we're racing to the finish. and later it's win time. this dude will wave himself all the way into the record books. time to rack up some frequent flyer miles.


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