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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 30, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> tonight a new law that bans plastic shopping bags throughout california. >> brian stow sues the dodgers begin. how he says the team robbed him in millions in medical care. >> a victim found wrapped in this quilt. tonight the sex scandal that set her husband free. >> the sudden departure of the raiders coach tonight. the man stepping in to fill his shoes >> if your town doesn't have an ordinance banning plastic bags it does now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> they're convenient, nice to
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save, and reuse, but bad for the environment. so tonight the plastic bags we've used for years are being phased out for good. in lafayette tonight, live. >> this is one community that hasn't banned the single use bag. customers say because they're surrounded by communities that do, it's not going to be that big of a change. >> news of a ban was not much of a surprise for some. martin ash says he remembers when they started getting used. >> intention to take them, put them in recycling point, then, create things down to plastic like chairs and things like. that all they're doing is blowing all over the place. >> and there is incentive but in
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the summer they'll charge $0.10 to take a bag. it affects supermarkets and bigger stores july, 2015. smaller businesses have until july, 2016ment the american plastic bag alliance vows to keep the fight going. >> one customer told us people must like using paper bags. >> i have no use for paper bags these, i can put garbage in them and throw them away. >> it's aa waste. people should help out. >> for company that's
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manufacture single use bags, the law provides $2 million in business loans to help offset costs. >> the goflt signed a bill allowing a family member to ask a judge to remove a gun from a relative that poses a threat. the 23-year-old killed six people and wounded a dozen others he purchased three firearms and able to keep them, though the family warned police he might be unstable. >> the judge can issue based on evidence, one person can act immediately. guns can be removed. it's temporary. and the crisis, averted. >> the is sem bli woman offered the bill allowing law
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enforcement options to seize guns from people who may determine to be a danger to themselves and others >> the governor signed a bill requiring modified limousines to be inspected every 13 months by the patrol in response to a limo fire last year that killed five women on their way to a wedding celebration. >> he signed a measure requiring all rape kits tested. police would have 20 days to collect the evidence. and the governor signed a bill requiring the state lands commission to negotiate the reopening and possible repurchase of an access road to martin's beach.
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>> the family of one of two men charged with setting fires says he could not have done it because he was at work. there were eight fires set overnight on sunday the fires did $3 million in damage. both were in the area of the arsons. the family and girlfriend were upset and are baffled he was arrested telling us he was at work when fires were set, and they can prove it. >> several witnesses know that he was there. i just don't understand how this could happen. >> if he was going to charge him, it would be before the time he was at work. >> both suspects will be back in court to be assigned attorneys.
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>> giants fan brian stow filed new lawsuits against los angeles dodgers, former employer and health insurer the latest suit comes months after he won an $18 million judgment against the dodgers. that stemmed after him becoming disabled after two men beat him in dodgers stadium parking lot. stow claims they failed to provide medical coverage for long term care and cutoff funding for rehabilitation. a stunning turn in a san jose murder case a husband and brother-in-law of a woman killed have been freed after dna evidence appeared to link them to the case. >> prosecutors thought they'd found killers of kathy skimmer, found dead in her car in 1989. 25 years later, modern testing
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of a quilt pointed the finger at this man and his brother, david. the case unravelled in a da's office. >> they're going to look at the case from a fresh perspective, looking at it anew to determine what justice appeared in this case >> there are two in this case the prosecutor acknowledged a personal relationship with the lab technician who did the test. the lab tech likely would have been a trial witness. defense attorneys discovered evidence had been withheld, they say would have helped clients >> i called the d.a.and asked them is there more? is this it? because i was surprised the lack of evidence. >> charges have been dismissed, the brothers zil to live with a cloud of suspicion >> i hope my client can move forward but there will be those people out that will wonder, did
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he could it? is he getting off in a technicality? and i will tell you, no. >> robert skimmer's attorney hopes the d.a.will keep working on this case. >> they're reevaluating the case i hope they do so and hopefully, we can catch, they can catch the killers. >> relatives were not in court and efforts to reach them, unsuccessful. no one is saying whether he's facing a type of disciplinary action. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news >> police looking for a man they call a bad samaritan he gave a ride to someone too drunk to drive, then burglarize that had person's home on east cliff drive. this is surveillance video.
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he made sure the owner was passed out and began looting the place he took a lot of stuff. >> police reporting in palo alto residential burglaries are on the rise. five just this month. police released a sketch today of a man wanted for a burglary last week. he ransacked the home, spotted by a witness getting into a tan sedan. >> a new beginning for the oakland raiders the head coach has been the team's offensive line coach scomb used to be head coach so he has experience in this roll. we're live in alameda with a look how he plans turn things around. >> nowhere to go but up.
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. fans want to see raiders own the field like they know they have talents to do. >> we've been waiting ten years. >> kelvin is a raider's fan. december appointed with his performance on the field. >> hopefully, he can fight, and fight hard. that is all we want, man. don't roll over it. that is what i want to see. >> today, raiders general manager talked about the decision after the team opened its season with four losses. >> we work hard, diligent. but i had to make the move. >> they use the hash tag raiders
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nation. mckenzie clear. the offensive coach has been tapped as interim head coach. . >> they want to feel like changing that. >> chris dobbins sits on the board of the management company that oversees the leasing agreement and says turning around on the field begin was raiders making a promise to fans. >> it starts with a commitment to staying in oakland. you know? once have you that foundation, you move forward. >> a promise to turn things around and loyal fans ready for a win. >> raider nation. it's the best thing about the raiders, man. >> if you're tired of raiders games being blacked out that may be coming to an end.
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the game not sold out might be blacked out locally. it's a rule originally adopted in the 1970s but fcc calls it undated and unnecessary. >> and still ahead, employees held hostage, hourly workers feel they don't have control over their lives. >> possible new mandates for san francisco employers. >> a man works his way into residents and then, takes their money. ahead, a warning about investment fraud. >> get ready for hot october weather i'll show you how hot it's
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sky 7 hd is live over breaking nuchlts a bus crash. you can see a muni bus ran into the side of a small tour bus. two people said they were hurt. no worded on whether they needed to get checked out in the hospital. >> in southern california the mayor of bell gardens has been shot and killed. mayor daniel cespo was killed in what is described as a domestic
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dispute. he was elected to bell gardens city council in 2001. >> san francisco seeking workers rights a step forward it gave workers a right to ask for a family-friendly schedule, now, considering requiring some companies to post employee work schedules two weeks in advance. >> cheryl, a task force has been working on this since last year. it passed this so called predictable scheduling law would be the first in the nation. >> we see this as the next fight. >> worker advocates are pradzing the next move to try to help people like francis cruz, a retailer worker who finds out at the last minute what his schedule will be. >> i'm being held hostage. >> his situation is net unique. 59% of american workers are paid hourly, often meaning they have no control over schedules or
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lives >> people should know when taking a job, what can i expect in terms of minimum hours? labor companies have changed using software to plug in employees at the last minute. today, they are targeting chain stores. in places like starbucks or walgreens have 20 employees there would be new requirements. >> first when an employee is hired an employer will be required to provide a good-faith estimate of the minimum number of hours that employee will be requested to work. and to post a schedule 14 days in advance >> the chamber of commerce has concerns >> because any time you legislate on the way people operate businesses, it's a
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problem trying to draft a piece of legislation that fits numerous models, size, as well as type. >> there are more than 1200 companies with 35 worker that's could be affected. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is praising the city fire department for helping his injured wife after a minor collision the mayor's wife, anita was in a car that hit a stopped truck. firefighters union leaders claim it took 12 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. >> i know our experience might have been different, anita felt comfortable with the immediate arrival. >> the fire chief says the call to help her was upgraded in
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urgency after an ambulance was already requested. she is recovering from chest pain and whip lash. >> spencer christian has been tracking this heat wave. >> it's not unusual for this to happen in october. october begins tomorrow. may be uncomfortable. with that pattern we have a big warm up. notice absence of low clouds and fog. 70s in oakland. san jose, 75. how about this view? clear skies over the golden gate bridge. 79 in santa rosa. and one more view from our
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camera, looking towards western sky, you can see >> this was the cloud pattern the coast is clear now. looking at broader view to that cold front we have high pressure building in giving us a big warm up. this evening, winds flowing from sea to land. notice from mid morning tomorrow
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we'll have an off shore flow tomorrow. a brising one, as a matter of fact. winds up to 31 miles per hour in fairfield strongest winds over delta region but will be breezy that land to sea flow brings us a warm up. there is parts of the east bay and diablo range. for us, we should be on the lookout for a fire when it gets hotter and drier, overnight, breezy conditions and temperatures upper 50s to around 60. tomorrow, up to 90s in morgan hill. mid-80s, upper 70s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 81 tomorrow. north bay highs 87.
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88, napa. and here is the accu-weather forecast. check out heat thursday, friday, ska saturday. highs upper 90s to near 100. mid-80s on the coast. mid-80s on the coast? nothing to complain about. good beach weather. >> we worry about fire dangers >> that is true. >> thank you very much. >> well, both the and the geents are in playoffs. >> here is a woman hoping giants will bring another trophy home. >> show us your fan photos or tweet them to us on abc7 news bay area.
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let's talk about california's drought now. we need better luck next year. this is the last day of the 2014 water year. it's been one of the driest on record. the major reservoirs only about 36% of capacity. we have less water in storage than during the last drought, we had 15 million viewer people in this state.
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take a look at this. this is like oroville back in 2011. looks like a lake, right? this is just 31% of capacity. we're facing a possibility of another dry winter. officials say the best thing all of us can do is conserving. >> this is amazing dan. >> wall trance is going to rule out long term problems on the eastern span of the bay bridge. more than a dozen of the 424 steel rod that's anchored that tower had been sitting in water the rods are not completely grounded that could allow corrosion. it's standing water, is it
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coming from rain? and splashing? >> caltrans suspects train when facing a similar issue last year. >> there is a lot more to bring you here tonight at 6:00. just ahead, first ebola diagnosis in the united states. and a woman wanted for investment fraud. >> we don't know what happened to robin williams or how he died. stay with us.
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the cdc confirmed the fairs case of ebola diagnosed in the united states. the male patient is in a special isolation unit in dallas, texas. officials say he left liberia september 19th to visit family in the u.s. and symptoms didn't show up until a few days later.
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he was diagnosed today. officials are checking out family and friends he might have come into contact with but say anyone on the plane should be safe. >> ebola doesn't spread before someone gets sick. he didn't get sick until four days after getting of off the airplane we do not believe there is a risk to anyone on the flights at that time. >> three workers who contacted the virus were successfully treated and have recovered dal is one of many hospitals with an isolation unit capable of treating ebola. >> the head of the secret service grilled by lawmakers furious about the intruder. a whistle blower revealed that armed man got inside of the white house and ran into the east room, passing a stairway lead together president's residence. the secret service director took
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responsibility for the breech but says agents should have used lethal force to protect the white house. >> don't let them get in the white house, ever. if they have to take action that is lethal, i will have their back. >> there are also reports that an alarm system designed to alert guards was on mute during this breech. >> well, an east bay woman and her bank teller getting credit for uncovering an investment fraud. >> this story carries a warning for all of us. >> this is a chilling tale about a man who used charm and bible quotes to work his way into the lives of bay area residents. he gained their trust and took their money. this guy has been arrested and prosecuteed and victims want me, to warn you, watch out. >> i was taken in by by the story. >> this 89-year-old has a hard
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time talking about this man. >> that makes me shudder. he told me i hadn't been investing and need to see him. >> she went and quickly grew fond of him. >> his story was that he was a good christian, therefore, i should trust him. >> when he advised her to invest in a fund called blake financial services, clara didn't hesitate. >> i gave him the check. i was going to investment for me. >> she wrote checks totalling $100,000. he promised a 3% return. >> very friendly. >> also befriending carla's daughter and her husband carla was impressed with his
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charm, and passion for quoting the bible. >> he said god wants you to earn interest. >> she invited him to christmas dinner. he brought his mother, and caught daughter. when he suggested carla should invest in blake financial, she didn't hesitate, either. . >> i wrote him a check for $100,000. >> my check was for $25,000. >> susan and her partner invested a total of $75,000 with him he had been their advisor since 2001. >> we became friendly over the years. >> it came out a shock when finding out money was gone. he turned from being legitimate broker into a scam artist. >> the fraud came to light when carla asked for a statement of their account he provided this document. carla realized waits phony. then, things got scary.
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>> my husband and i realized he'd scammed us. so i fired him on the phone. he drove to where my mom lives >> he drove her elderly mother to the bank and tried to put his name on her account. >> he was git getting them to invest their money in what turns out to be a nonexistent company. >> the district attorney charged him with stealing that money from clients. there was no blake financial services there were no investments and nearly $300,000 had vanished. >> i was devastated to begin with. and shocked. >> he had once been a legitimate broker. now, his license is revoked he pleaded no contest to fraud, and grand theft, sentenced to a year in jail. >> it affected me deeply over many months >> you think you can trust
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somebody. they betray you like this. >> now, there is some good news. all is not lost prosecutors found and returned some funds and carla received money in a settlement and he is ordered to pay back the rest of the money. i've posted information on abc7 go to sections tab and look under 7 on your side. >> you can tell me about them, too. >> so horrible. >> money and trust. >> thanks for what you d thank you. >> a long stretch on smashth street and a new pro jeblth call that will feature several local bankers in what could be described as an up scale food and beverage work our crews are
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subordinate 10,000 feet of retail to breathe life back into the neighborhood to visit this stretch of market stleet. >> it will include a steam bar, wine shop and restaurants offering a walk in to vaemdz and barbecue. >> officials postponed the release of findings in the death of comedian robin williams. and the coroner hoped to be able to release the results by today. according to a statement they're waiting for testing and analysis to be completed now they're hoping to release results by november 3rd. >> ed sullivan is missing from hollywood. police are helping for work in finding him, a broonz statute of him was stolen from hollywood.
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it was taken from the pedestal in the hall of fame plaza at academy of arts and sciences. >> when we come back, we're going to hear from a controversial president of the uc system. janet napolitano. >> from ties with mexico to rapid growth of isis, ahead.
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>> the president of the university of california has been in charge of the uc system for a year now. >> we sat down with her to talk about the present state of the university, and not for getting she is a former secretary of homeland security. >> janet napolitano is highly qualified to do just about any job. that is why rumors of new employment or running for office always seem to follow her. >> i've got that job. >> it's been a year since napolitano became president of the university of california. just as the worst of the great
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recession was ending no surprises. the recovery has been slow. >> so now, have the opportunity to reboot. focus on where we take the university. >> napolitano is turning her attention to generating more money for colleges and says sacramento needs to increase state appropriations for higher education. governor brown says only if state colleges promise to keep tuition flat and agree to certain reforms. >> these are the things i'm working on. more students with changing employers. >> the former head of homeland security is building ties with mexico. >> our effort to increase research faculty exchange.
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>> napolitano weighed in over how to destroy the islamic state of iraq and syria. and is firm when she says the group will be defeated. >> that requires the united states to play a leadership role. >> really the only country in the world that can do that. >> she disbelieve america is safer today than before september 11th. in oakland, abc7 news. >> just ahead, a given 240 seconds to change roles.
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a conference got underway to try to change the hiring practices of silicon valley, giving female entrepreneurs a chance to meet face-to-face with tech executives. women had been tra tigsally under represented in silicon valley, making up about 15% of facebook employees, just 10% of twitter engineers.
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>> we see a new world of investors. they don't see color, gender, age they see good company they realize diversity leads to more successful companies. >> it also offers mentoring work shops from silicon valley insiders. it continues tomorrow at san francisco. >> you know about the explosion of smart phones and tablets now, wearable technology. google glass and apple watch may be visible examples but start ups see high tech marvels that are practically invisible. >> this is a big day. >> after months of long days and sleep nights a dozen from nutes to impress investors.
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>> we can tell you who you met throughout the day. >> he is pitching a smart conference badge, turning into wearable tech. >> the word we use is seamless. >> like this. >> this is simply eegs easier to be a modern day woman. >> and a cartridge that can juice up your phone every day. >> the power source is in your hand bag. dwyane morris is about to know how i'm feeling. his software uses a tiny sweat sensor to judge emotions. what they found, how long they
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hold it. whether they use projects from competitors or not. >> projects are raking in funds, now there is a new use. >> these can go into shoes. >> this is a natural, like real life. >> it's about to get interesting from drop pants. >> it's an exciting show. i can tell you it's dramatic when up there. so it will be e sighting. >> spencer? i don't know if you want to dry. . >> i think there is a shot after this. >> right now, here is live doppler 7 hkd. clear skies as we race for warm up. let's talk about post season
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baseball. game time, 8:00 p.m eastern. about partly cloudy at that hour. 66 degrees in pittsburgh. that is state wide, warm to hot conditions, first day of our pif days of early heat. high temperatures upper 70s to mid-80s around the ay. upper 80s to near 90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. hot, hot, and mid-90s around the bay. warm. >> yes. >> thank you. >> raiders hit the reset button. >> heating up, again. >> what is next? is there anyone on this planet that can end the losing?
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next man up, tony sporano. can he fix what dennis allen
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good evening, from bill calahan to art shell to lane kiffen to tom cable, hugh jackson to dennis allen, fired yesterday, now, to tony sporano, introduced today as new interim head coach. that is eight coaches in 12 years if you're scoring at home. this almost seems impossible. >> as mentioned today, after losing to dolphins, he talked to mark davis about letting dennis allen go. they decided that was the way to go. today, mark davis in the background of the auditorium
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introduced tony sporano. asking it was a problem keching players or the scheme. >> is it players? coaches? i think we do have player that's can play in this game. >> from top down from me, to everyone, you know? we've got to get better. that is what i'll focus on. get better, each day. >> now, tony spoorano is the only coach on this staff with a
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contract from next year. >> the biggest problem now is that they've forgotten how to win. you know? there is plenty of excuses here right now. >> thank you. >> now, to 49ers who are on a virtual joyride compared to raiders. they're dealing with their own turmoil. you don't need players to love you, only respect you and play hard. >> this ought tud is toughness.
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you know? it's been spread in us. >> a's playing the royals. kent city rocking tonight. they want to party like it's 1989. the third homer, don't get me started in that. they get a cost. scoring two ones, a's. tied 2, 2. in the third. and we'll update you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> thank you. >> a new secret service blunder.
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an armed man able to ride on an elevator with the president. then at 11:00 he'llan musk's plan for the red planet. those stories and more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> tonight's programming line up begin was a show everybody is talking about. the series premier of "selfie" followed by "manhattan love story", then "marvels agents of shield" and "forever" followed by abc7 news with dan and larry. >> good line up tonight. >> followed by you guys. >> followed by you guys. >> from all of us, we appreciatt with your wife start?
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1972. no, no. i meant the fight that caused all of that. oh, yesterday. she used my razor on her sasquatch legs again. it gets the blade all catawampus and it cuts my face.


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