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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 5, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, it's finally cooling off in the bay area. a look at how long the relief will last before we heat up again. receiving complaints shall the san francisco takes action. how they hope to reduce delays. one night after an epic playoff game, the giants are back at home. we'll have a preview of the chance nor sweeps. abc 7 news at 6 starts new. good evening, i'm katie march zul owe. the blazing heat that cooked the bay area eased up. this is a live look from the emeryville camera. that bright sun a reminder of the heat that we've experienced. the temperature is down from yesterday and it could continue
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to drop. meteorologist drew has more for us. >> katie, it was all about location today. where you were determined if you were on the cool side or baking in your triple digit heat. cloverdale yesterday was 106 degrees. today they dropped down to 97 degrees. the biggest drop in the temperatures right along the coast. we fine lip got' sea breeze. half moon bay dropped from 13 po 17 degrees, back down to normal numbers into the 60s. current temperatures right now, widespread because of that sea breeze. half moon bay, 59 degrees. 94 degrees where we don'tthat s1 in san francisco. 86 in oakland. 92 in san ramon. we have a gradual cooldown on the way. we'll look at the numbers with the accuweather seven-day forecast in a bit. back to you. >> fire danger is at critical levels because of the heat and the severe drought. today as fire departments open
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their doors for the public in an effort to fight fires before they start. cornell bernard is live in mill valley with more. >> it never hurts to meet your local firefighters. that was happening here today. this station protects homes in the area. during the heat wave, that's a tall order. >> san francisco's fire boat was on the bay showing what it can do in a fire emergency. the demo part of national fire prevention week. on dry land, firefighters were at the exploratorium teaching folks how to be fire safe. >> you need to call 911, thas a fire. >> it was training for kids and their parents. >> knowledge is power. the more information the children have the better. >> he's now a pro after putting out this fire. >> tell me why it's important to know how to use one of those things? >> in case you're -- youave a fire. >> no one uses it until an emergency.
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this is a great opportunity to put people in a situation where we have a fire that's contained and teaching folks how to put it out. >> this bizarre ritual is something that firefighters do every day fl he's gauging the humidity. right now, it tells him 34%. that's not good for the fire threat in ma rinne county. the fire station is on the south slope of mt. tam where hot weather isn't welcome. >> we're in consecutive years of drought conditions. our fuel is on mt. tam are on critical levels. they've dropped below 50% moisture which tells us we're in extreme fire conditions right now. >> the doors to this firehouse are open today. neighbors are dropping by to say hello and thank you. >> these guys are special. we really think what they do, their job is very important. >> everyone knows fire season and the drought are far from over. in marin county, abc 7 news. san leandro police continue
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to look for a reckless driver after being shot at a by police officer. detectives say the driver rammed the patrol car after being chased into a cul-de-sac around 4:30 this morning. the officer shot at him fearing for his own life. he observed him driving recklessly. the officer was not hurt. in downtown oakland, police want to find whoever shot and killed a man outside a nightclub early this morning. two other victims are expected to survive. it happened near 14th and franklin street. detectives believe the trouble started when a fight broke out. no arrests have been made and police have not released a description of a suspect. police in anaheim want to find april man who a fakd another man in the angels stadium after an american league playoff game. the 43 year hold victim remains in critical condition. he was attacked following the playoff game. a mother and her teenage daughter describe the horror
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they witnessed. >> this man started running towards another and started beating this guy. he had two punches, the guy went down. he was out cold. then he started beating his face on the pavement. when he ran a few steps away and came back, i got more worried. is he going to -- >> the motive is unclear. a lot has the victim's ain't to talk to us at this point. >> the attacker ran away with two other men. surveillance video captured a tragedy unfolding in los angeles. one muster escaped with minor cuts and bruises. >> just getting hit by a bunch of metal just pushing against you. real high-speed. just feeling all the stuff. it's like time just slowed way down. >> the store's owner said the
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man who died was homeless and ep often charged his cell phone inside the store. the lapd is working to find out why the driver lost control of her suv. that woman has been treated and released from the hospital. it remains unclear if she'll face criminal charges. san francisco mayor ed lee believes having more private ambulances respond to 911 calls will reduce delays for patients. many rank and file members of the fire department have called for chief joanne hayes white to be fired because of long waits for ambulances. the chronicle reports that the city hopes to have ambulances on the scene within ten minutes for high priority calls and 20 minutes in other cases. firefighters were medical training usually respond to all medical emergencies within a few minutes of being called. after an epic 6 1/2 hour game, the giants are back in san francisco hoping for a shot to win their series tomorrow. last night the giants outlasted the washington nationals in an 18-inning marathon.
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the second most innings ever played in the post-season. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson live at at&t park with more. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: hey, indicates i. with last night's win, they execs tended their streak to ten. more importantly, it means they're one win away from advancing to the national league championship series. fans around the ballpark today were buzzing with excitement. many sat through the marathon matchup yesterday and cringing as the hours ticked by. but it was worth the wait. once again, the giants did not disappoint in october. today the team returned to san francisco and is enjoying a very well-deserved day off. but tomorrow it's back to business. left-hander madison balm garner will start. it's noon tore 2:00 p.m. is start game. we talked to folks who plan to play hookey from school and work. don't be surprised if a couple of people are missing from the
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office. about 4,000 tickets are still available on stub hub starting at $95 each. fans say the potential to see the clinch is priceless. >> i don't even know if we can explain the excitement, the anxiety and i think they can do it. >> the hometown fans will be here before everybody. i think that will definitely push everybody over edge. >> grounds crews have been very busy around the stadium, decking it out with bunting and working on the field. everything is a go for tomorrow. and if need be, game four will be played right here on tuesday evening. outside of at&t park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. exciting stuff. thank you, tiffany. giants fans are sending us photos. these two fans took a picture of at&t park. these two girls were born giants fans. this pick was taken june 25th
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after tim lins come's no hitter. still ahead at 6:00, google takes a huge step toward greater income equality with a change to its workforce. plus, the facebook messenger app may have more to it than meets the eye. the feature that's reportedly hidden inside but not being used yet. and how the california avocado check it out. when i peel this sticker off the munchie meal,
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google is amassing an in-house security team in a move that lessens the huge divide in income disparity. the mountainview company plans to hire more than 200 security jobs who will have access to health insurance, retirement service the and many google perks. right now google uses third-party contract services an the pay does not allow most guards to live near where they work. other tech companies, like apple, have been involved in wage disputes with lower income workers. facebook has set up a way for friends to pay each other through the messenger app. in april, facebook removed its messenger feature from facebook and required users to download a new app to send private
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messages. tech crunch reports a stanford student uncovered the hidden feature this week. he says it's not turned on yet but some employees have access to it. facebook hired the ex-president of paypal to head up the messenger team. more than 200 people, including wounded veterans began a charity bike ride today. they started the journey to los angeles for the annual ride to recovery cycling event. the 465-mile ride will take seven days, much of it along california's scenic pacific coast. ride to recovery provides physical and psychological rehab programs for vets. it uses cycling as a core activity to help vets regain strength. coming up next, work to beautify the castro district was supposed to be done in time for the street fair today. it's not. but the city has a new timetable and special event to show it off
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once the work is done. let's take a live look outside. the view right now from our tower cam, the sunshining down on the city by the bay. but the cooldown is coming too. abc 7 meteorologist drew tim a up next. we have a battle of former around current quarterbacks with colin kaepernick and alex smith. details and reaction coming up in
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the $6 million sidewalk widening and improvement project isn't done but the fair must go on. they failed to meet the deadline to wrap up the streetscape. construction signs and mark-off areas did not deteriorating fair-goers from the annual celebration. they hope to finish the work between market and 19th streets the night before halloween. in southern california, fans of avocados rocked the ga back. in the california avocado festival. there was ice cream, a giant guacamole bowl and even an avocado ale for beer lovers. they took a special effort to --
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they used biodiesel to fuel generators, l.e.d. lighting and banned styrofoam. a giant guacamole bowl. just ponder that for a second. we'll send it to drew tuma for a second of the forecast. >> sounds great out there. temperatures in san francisco today mainly stayed in the 7 os. much cooler than we have been for days past. live doppler 7hd not finding any rainbow. cloud cover along the coast. sea breeze has kicked in. a beautiful shot from the emeryville cam. it's about a half hour less than the daylight. a little bit of cloud cover, there you go along the coast. san francisco currently at 70 degrees. 76 in oakland. 82 san jose. warm, morgan hill, 91 degrees. half moon bay, sitting at 57 degrees.
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the inland locations, we're still very warm and still very warm at this hour. santa rosa, 88 degrees. currently will 80 in napa. 73 in petaluma. livermore at 9 4 degrees. san jose camera will show you blue skies. few high clouds out there. otherwise, forecast animation will call for coastal clouds returning overnight. still mild to hot for our monday. but we have a gradual cooldown headed our way through midweek. pacific satellite will show you we're still under high pressure. this high ridge of heat over the western half of the united states, really isn't going anywhere any time soon. the numbers will gradually fall over the next couple of days. we continue to track a major hurricane, hurricane simon. it was a category 3 storm. now down to category 1 with winds weakening to 7 a miles per hour. it's moving to the north, northwe northwest. it will weaken do a rainmaker on ng moisture to parts of southern california and also arizona by midweek. back here in the bay area for
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your monday morning, little bit of coastal cloud cover. a weak sea breeze kicking in. we'll see that throughout the afternoon. the coast will stay comfortable. but inland spots will not feel that sea breeze. tons of sunshine and warm temperatures across the bay area. overnight lows, cool napa. 6 is for san francisco. 59 for palo alto. at&t park tomorrow to see the nats take on the giants for game three, afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 70s under total sunshine. so let's take a look at highs for your monday. in the south bay, 89 for san jose. 93 morgan hill. 81 san mateo. pacifica only a high of 68 degrees. downtown san francisco 80 tomorrow. 76 sunset district. north bay, a wide range. along the coast, stay in the 60s. still 90 in sonoma. 91 for napa. 83 for oakland. 86 fremont and inland still
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toasty in the 90s. 93 pitsburg and 9 -- the forecast will show you we'll get back to reality midweek this week. but that reality is going to be short-lived. because all indications temperatures once again after this brief cooldown backs on the rise. next weekend might be as warm as we were this past weekend. >> oh, good. reality is overrated. >> of course. why not get back to normal. >> thanks, drew. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. so now we had a niners game. >> we do. i have to go for the giants. >> the giants. >> let's move on. it seems like the niners wouldn't know how to react without distractions this season. they thrive on them. kansas city led by alex smith with a talk of revenge regarding his return. jim harbaugh hoping that --
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smith got his team on the board first. the toss to travis kelce. 175 yards, 2-0 kansas city. kaepernick answers. seconds left in the half. wide open stevie johnson. third quarter, same score. chiefs regain the lead. a former duck, did he anthony thomas, levels a player with a stiff arm. tiptoes down the sideline. frank gore, 18 carries, 107 yards. sets up one of the five field goals. fourth quarter. chiefs up 17-16. fourth and one. niners with a fake punt. greg dal gets the drive extended. kaepernick sends this one, can you tell he's a 7 foot high jumper. down five now. smith, his one mistake. overthrows, picked off by perrish cox. niners win 22-17. they're now 3-2. >> strong important win for our
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team. it was a great team win. i thought our players really excelled in all phases today against a really good football team. >> frank employed a hell of a game, carlos. hit me a couple times from behind. it hurt. other than that, it was a good game. >> we do whatever it takes. we got the run involved, the pass involved. we made plays in both. >> all right. broncos and cards. peyton manning's hall of fame stats continue. julius thomas, 500th td pass. manning had four td passes in the game. cardinals handed the first loss. bucs and saints. buccaneers had a lead in the fourth. saints closed the gap. mike glennon sacked by junior gillette. tyree robinson, watch this run. he's going to bull his way into the end zone. saints win. they're 22-3 on the season.
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up over the browns. brian hoyer finds a wide open travis. now, 1:15 left. browns with the biggest comeback in franchise history. 29-28. giants return home. they can clinch a spot with a win tomorrow at at&t park. after the is 18-inning victory yesterday, take a 2-o lead. the shot heard around the world. top 18 brandon bell delivers -- of tanner roar. madison bum gardner on the hill tomorrow. they can't relax despite the 22 -0 series lead. >> it's very important for us to come in tomorrow, don't miss a beat, get back after it. keep playing good baseball. stay focused. don't relax any. i really like our chances in the way we play baseball in october.
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it's been really special. >> alds today, baltimore and detroit. orioles can clinch with a win. there was one error. two-run shot by nelson cruz. tigers, one in the ninth. hoping to stay in the series. perez grounds into the game ending double play. orioles move on to the alcs sweeping detroit 2-1 the final. the chase for the cup continues in kansas. six-time champ jimmie johnson's day ended early. johnson finished 40th. biffle 16th. and joey logano takes the checkered flag. takes the standings lead with just six races remaining. this is abc 7 sports report brought to you
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box sofs sell 18% more tickets. ben affleck's thriller based on the book surrounding the search for a man's missing wife. gone girl earned -- i love that book. $38 million. it edged out anna belle to the pre-quel of the conjuring starring a creepy doll. in third place, last week's winner. the box trolls and the maze runner round out the top five. >> gone girl. if you can't tell. that does it for abc 7 news at 6:00. abc 7 news continues now onl
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