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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sz is he good evening. >> unbelievable. almost mribing clock work for is team long shot few weeks ago. >> mike is here with how they did it. >> i feel like champagne all over me after that. all right. in the most dramatic ending in giants post season history since thompson shot heard round the world in 1951 travis send the giants to the third world series in the last 5 years with most unlikely finish. here we go. hall of famer joe montana know about his winning. taking in the game. madison on the hill. in the fourth. matt in game 4 redemption. solo shot to right ties the game at 2. l unload. deep to left field. cards vtv up 3-2 and dug out pumped. in the eighth moore sends shock waves through at&t. first home run since august 1 15. game tied at 3. champagne
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on ice. bottom nine. 2 men o on. he sue. giants won kansas city to face the royals in the third world series in the past 5 years. first 2 wild card teams face off in the series since 2002. giants win the pennant what a finish. champagne flowing and we hear from collin in the clubhouse come up later in sports it's like a kid playing whiffle bal ball. travis if game winner. >> imagine. he more coming up in sports. >> excited fans are pouring out of at&t ballpark. >> what a thrill it must have been to be there let's check in now with about alyssa must have been a thrill. >> oh, wow! when the giants won the stadium absolutely erupted. fans went wild. many of them still trickling out of at&t park. fireworks went off. car horns were honking and a
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sea of about orange and black flooded outside of ballpark. a little girl standing over by the street right now holding a sign that says all i want for my sixth birthday is a giants win. she got fans really could not have had a better night. and this game really kept people on are the edge of their seat. seemed to be home run after home run. the lead kept changing and it really was anyone's game. home 1 run in the 9th inning sealed up the series and now the giants move on to the world series for the on to the world series for the third time in 5 years >> final inning. we drove it home. perfect i think it's wonderful. if go giants. fight giants went that game 5 with the 3-1 lead in the series against the cardinals. and fans tell me that the really it does seem like every two years the giants do go back to another world series. they wi win. they say that it's going to happen again this year and really tonight you can feel the
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energy. you can still hear cars honking. i mint is just one big party in san francisco. so congratulations giants. live at at&t park, abc 7 news. >> here is the world series schedule game 1 is next tuesday october 21 in kansas city. >> game 2 next wednesday october 22 in kc as well. >> then the g men return to san francisco. game 3 next friday october 24th at at&t park. >> all right. more on the giants a little later but let's move on breaking news in fremont where police closed both direction of 8 80 at this avenue. officers search for suspect wanted in a violent crime. in further details have been released. police believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. drivers being advised to avoid the area. right now there is no estimated time for reopening that section of roadway. >> late word tonight that both nurses are being treated tonight with experimental drug
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drugs. >> the nurse was flown to maryland where she will receive her treatment in a specialize unit at the national institute of mental health health. before she left a video record entered her hospital room where doctors thanked her. spichlt as she left the hospital co-workers gather in front to wish her well. some held up sign saying you make us very proud. >> reference to the texas presbyterian hospital and cdc official now says the second nurse vincent may have shown signs of the deadly virus as early as last friday. >> the head of the cdc face tough questioning meantime on capitol hill today from lawmakers calling for new travel restriction from his west africa. president obama
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issued executive order today calling up reserve troop to fight ebola outbreak in africa. >> some schools close. about in cleve and in dallas over concerns about some students may have been on the same flight as the second nurse. >> we learned that san francisco 911 dispatcher will beginning tonight start screening sick call investigators see if they have ebola like symptoms. >> if they do they will caution first responders. vic lee has story you will see only on 7. >> if there was any say an individual had been in west africa and was feeling sick in west africa the last 21 days the dispatcher then when they were dispatching the call to fire, ems would say, you know be aware you need to wear protective equipment when you go to this call because it's a possible case. >> last nightmare lee met with
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department head to make sure the city is meeting adequate protocol. >> we have briefing from the public health experts and also been in constant contact with state federal officials to make sure we understand what the issues are and that we are responding appropriately. >> the city is in the final stages of delevoping a comprehensive set of protocol to deal with ebola cases. it will include new training or retraining first responders and others who deal within if he can shoes diseases. in 1995 a group of men released gas in tokyo subway station sickening passengers. after that every member of the san francisco police force went through a day long training session on how to wear protective clothing and methods to deal with the gas attack. the training this time may not be as wide spread. city wants to make sure they are prepared for the remote possibility that there may be an ebola case. they want everyone to know they are. >> that we are going to send
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out an all city memo to city employees. telling our employees what we are doing. we are also going to send something out a general press release to the public today. that just lets folks know. in abundance of caution. more present danger getting the flu. sought advice from city hall is don't worry about ebola. geur flu shots. vic lee,lee, abc 7 news. >> at abc 7 we post add detailed list of 7 things you need to know about the ebola virus including the origin, symptoms and how it is transmitted. >> san leandro police arrested man accused of molesting 2 young girls in two stores. this is video of the guy. about laura anthony has more now from san leandro police headquarters. >> would i say that it's very, very bold. >> san leandro police say 20-year-old child molestation suspect shown in this video the was arrested this morning where wearing the very same clothes. uniform for job as parking
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attendant on the peninsula. >> today when the man was arrested at his place of employment the detectives arrive finding 20 to 30 other employees all dressed the same. >> investigators not releasing his name but say the break in the case came this morning just hours after they release the video from monday night. one from the local wal-mart the other from target showing the su assaulted 2 different girls within 15 minutes of each othe other. the break came when off duty berkeley community services officer stopped to get her morning could have fame. at 7-11 just across the street from the target store. >> saw a man dressed in black dress shirt and black slack and black shoes as we reported last tonight she immediately took cell phone pictures of that man and his car. called the san leandro police department. by the time the officers got there suspect had already fled. >>reporter: thanks to the pictures including one of his license plate police were able to track down the suspect and arrest him at work few hours
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later. in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> family of stockton woman killed in shoot out after taken hostage by 3 bank robbers. police didn't follow their own best practices before getting in a shoot out with the suspec suspect. if sting was at bank of the west july 16 when she was taken by 3 robbers who used her as human shield during a shoot out with police. family lawyer says police knew there was a hostage and should have waited before firing at the get away car. her husband paul says his family is angry and deeply sad. >> they say with time things are going to heal for this family it hasn't. we continue to live the nightmare. it's the pain is still there. >> family lawyer says the family hasn't decided whether they will file suit against the stoyv stockton or bank of the west which was robbed several times over the past two years. >> one of 2 men accused of
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setting 8 fires in alameda is now free on 150,000 dollars bond. 27-year-old steve peetsd son left the jail this morning and spoke exclusively with about nick smith. peterson says he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and thank those who have supported him. >> the support is overwhelming. >> always had love for everybody. to know it's very sip ri indicated means everything. it's difficult but we will beat this i know i'm innocent and by just want to thank everybody. >> the fire last month damaged or destroyed several homes and businesses as well as number of cars. peterson and 22-year-old transient andrew face multiple counts of felony arson. he's admitted to setting one fair while high on methamphetamine. >> there will be no strike tomorrow affecting bus service between marin county and san francisco. golden gate bridge district announce it's reached a tentative agreement with the 13 union. bus dispatcher supervisors and bus cleaners
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have planned one day strike tomorrow. ferry worker had one day work stop in september. union representative says the strike helped workers get a better deal notch doubt that what the district offered back before the contract expired is very, very different from what they put on the table did. so we understand that that did make a difference. golden gate district board and the union members must if ratify the tentative agreement. >> more ahead 7 news at 9:00. coming up next. soccer field stand off raises new questions in san francisco tonight. should you have to pay to play at city park. >> san francisco mayor takes cover. one of many local officials showing how even few second can save lives in an earthquake. >> spencer is here with the weather in. accu-weather forecast center where we watch another approaching cold front gives us hope for a little rain but i emphasize a little rain. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> apple pull back the curtain
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>> san francisco changing the rules governing soccer field because of video showing confrontation between young people in the mission and tech workers. is carolyn reports on on the restlution. >>reporter: the adult will in longer be able to pay to play by reserving the soccer field at san francisco mission playground. many the city has changed the rules after this video surfaced of a dust up between local kids and high tech guy from his drop box. . employee has apologizeying hy about the mission playground incident. i do care about the community. but the dispute has ignite add broader discussion at this rally today on the steps of city hall. and in testimony before the recreation and park commission. >> should be funded by tax dollars not by nickel and dim
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dimeing our park and recreation center. >>reporter: over the years they have come under criticism for revenue generating ideas. like opening coyote tower to private parties. and charging non-residents to visit the botanical garden. >> like any park system you try to provide accommodation of low cost services and free services particularly to the community who need it most. but you also actually have to make sure that you have got the resources to provide the service this is people are requesting. >>reporter: he says kids are the priority in this city which everyone agrees needs more open space. >> you ran out park for teen from 4 to 7 from 7 to 9 you rent them to adults on the weekend there's league play. not community park because our community does not have access to them. >>reporter: dozens of people spoke today including the kids and that viral video. the now at the soccer field here at the mission playground there is more community control
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including free pick up games every day from 7 to continue p.m. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> well if you are hoping this winter will bring an end to the drought, don't count on it. the national ocean atmospheric administration noaa says tonight there is a two out of 3 chance that california will get a near or above normal amount of precipitation in the next 6 months. however even if it is a wet winter they say recovery from the drought is highly unlikely. >> in other words, we have a long way to go. certainly do. at least we have been seeing a few pattern. >> at least the giants won. >> this there you go. >> that's true. dry conditions but wet with champagne right now. no champagne falling from the sky tonight but we have high clouds passing overhead and there is the hit of just a little bit of precipitation coming our way which i shall show new a moment. hold on one sec here. l press a but top to
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make it moving. here we go. back to live doppler 7hd. we have moisture just offshore and some of it may work its which in the bay area tomorrow evening and during the overnight hours. here's view from the roof top camera lacking along the embarcadero where things quiet calm clear right now. 60 in san francisc francisco. we have temperatures in the low 60's at oakland san par loss. half moon bay. this is live view from our emeryville camera lacking under mainly clear conditions west ward out over the bay at 56 degrees right now in santa rosa. upper 50s at napa petaluma and fairfield. 68 concorde 59 livermore. mount tam camera forecast feature it's mostly cloudy tomorrow skies bright and bright sunshine peeking throug through. slight chance of widely scattered light showers tomorrow evening into early saturday morning. doesn't look like a major rainfall event then dry and mild for the rest
9:20 pm
of the weekend. news is happening in the atmosphere. clouds passing through already. high clouds dry clouds. rainless clouds. then here comes this front which will weak ep as it passes through tomorrow that's why we won't get much rainfall out of this. start the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning rush hour begins at the morning commute. we see high clouds passing over then clouds get a little bit thicker front approaches but the front fizzle approaching land. may produce some showers mainly near the coast of the north bay during the overnight hours tomorrow into saturday morning but then it falls apart and left with mainly sunny day for remainder day on saturday. here's happening in the tropical pacific with tropical storm anna moving towards hawaii right now. still expected to reach hurricane strength category 1 strength as it passes south and west of the main islands and this is good news because it's earlier track right over the islands so pass by and perhaps produce some
9:21 pm
reap and gusty wind but not hurricane force conditions which is good news. so on we good. back to the bay area overnight partly cloudy. with low pressure mainly in the mid 50's and tomorrow we have filtered sunshine within ceas ceasing clouds. high pressure mainly in the low mid 70's on the south bay and peninsula. mid 60's on the coast near 70 downtown san francisco tomorro tomorrow. low 70's up in the north bay. also low 70's nearest bay and mid 70's in the inland east bay and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. so nice if sunny mild to warm weekend. upper 70's inland area saturday sunday. next good chance of rainfall is late monday into early tuesday that could be a little bit more vigorous system than the one in tomorrow night. >> that's good. >> thanks spencer. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. pope francis and porsha 9:00. pope francis and porsha
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>> vatican is using bold new language to did he finance the policy on gay but only in english. in the new twist the english translation of the vatican draft report on family value alter the section about gay. the phrase welcoming homosexual now reads as providing gays are fraternal space. original version however is in italian that remains the same. vatican says bishop from america and africa mostly asked for these changes. >> bold move by pope francis for the first time he's renting out the sistine chapel. tomorrow concert performed in the chapel takened by select group of tourist. part of tour of italy organized by porsche. charity with homeless and vatican announced it will limit the number of visitors in the chap toll prevent damage to the fresco. >> something change inside one
9:26 pm
of saturn moov moon. study suggest that saturn death star looking moon is rocking back and forth and oscillating kind of like a pendulum. scientist call it libation. using image captured by the spacecraft cornell researcher says it satisfies lot about the moon inside. may be that the moon has an oval shape core formed by the push and pull of saturn ring or it might be a sub surface ocean. research was published in the journal of science and pretty father natureing. >> it is. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. up next. apple unveiling. new product the company is hoping you will put under the tree this christmas. and would you do this to a rolls royce why southern california man decided to blow this luxury car to smith arena. >> also starbucks is offering up for those who just can't
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>> the good evening again. breaking news. police closed both direction of 8 80 in fremont. >> look where it is happening. officers are searching for a suspect wanted in a violent crime. no further details released. police believe the suspect armed and dangerous. >> drivers being advised to avoid the area. still no estimated time for reopening that section of 8 80. >> today apple finished rolling out new product for the all important holiday shopping season and as much as apple keep secret there were a few surprises. david has the report from apple headquarters in coupe team oychlt people say
9:31 pm
apple new device not evolution near. upgraded 2 i-pad with touch i.d. to use the new apple pay system where thumb or index finger used to pay for things. that feature already on the new i-phone 6 and 6 plus that came out last month. apple pay launches monday on limited basis. i-pad have fancy processing chip and the air 3 is the thinnest i-pad ever but not a radical change. >> i don't think it's dramatically will change what we see in the market which is a softening over all. i think that remains challenge for apple and for the entire industry around tablet. >>reporter: apple has seen i-pad sales slip the fast few quarter sore trying to reverse the trend. >> people are holding on to the tablet for a really long time. i think like 14 percent of people in the market still have the first i-pad. a lot of good things in the new device that get people like the first i-pad users to upgrade but it may not be as much to get people who
9:32 pm
only have a year or 2 to buy a new i-pad wait a minute caught attention is a desk top 27 inch screen. super sharp retina used on smaller apple device but moved up to display that should appeal to certain users. >> not inexpensive at 2500 dollars but people who really care about working on l photographs and video are going to love that product. >> 4 k moptor can cost 3 grand. 5 k monitor with computer for 2499. that's pretty big deal. >> so amy has fresh new product to sell in time for the important holiday shopping season. also cut prices on some hold over model to appeal to the budget minded. in cupertino abc 7 news. >> engineers built tested building that with stood force three times intensity of 1989 quake. sf mock-up 2 story house outfitted with sliding isolators that let it skate
9:33 pm
over the ground instead of collapsing. engineers use what they call a union i body sdichbility witness every part of the house contribute to the strength. >> preparing for the next big quake and learning our lesson from the past on the agenda at day long symposium held by the association of bay area government of right in the middle of everything there was an earthquake drill and demonstration of the new earthquake warning system. about cheryl was there. about. >> this is my cell phone video of the demonstration of the new earthquake early morning syste system. if this is what could happen if earthquake hits lakeside theatre in oakland. the lights go out. the emergency service shows us how a few seconds warning give people enough time to protect themselves with simple steps. drop cover your head and hold
9:34 pm
on. sneeze a wheelchair and shows us how she take responsibility for own safety in a quake. looks a little different. >> i didn't do it like everybody else did but i did it just the same and it's important for people to know that just because you have a disability you could still be a leader and be part of disaster conversation. >> day long symposium sponsored by the association of bay area government. to mark the 25th anniversary of the earthquake and resilience of the bay year. i moderate add panel with the mayor and napa mayor. pushing for more community preparedness quake insurance and retrofitting buildings before it is too late. >> if you can't get under something fight now we will take indepth look back devastating 6.9 earthquake tomorrow night. please join us at this number on the screen. 15 seconds 25 years later the
9:35 pm
earthquake tune in if you can the. >> here's something you don't see every day. somebody paying 50,000 dollars on a luxury car just to blow it up in the name of parks. about. >> there she gochlts l.a. photographer shield forked over big buck for the 1969 rolls royce silver shadow just so he could hall it out to the desert and blow it to smith arena. >> l media people call it poin pointless and pre-tension us. shields doesn't care. >> those people are sitting there and writing (bleep) nothing. this is just fun. i do this because it's fun. it's awesome. fight back with 2012 he took a saw to 2000 dollar pair of shoes. >> also had the girlfriend saw a 100,000 dollar handbag and
9:36 pm
he's an attention seeker and make no excuses. >> those that can't wait to order the coffee soon able to order a starbucks coffee in advance with the smart phone. payment app launch in portland oregon later this year with the national roll in and out 2015. >> sweet sound of silence. >> new bay area technology that could silence irritating and debilitating condition. debilitating condition. >> 7 news
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>> introducing new technology that could help thousands of patients finally silence irritating debilitating
9:40 pm
condition. here's katie with a look at how it works. >> if you have the annoying ringing in your eerie imagine what life is like for people who can't make it stop. the a condition known as at the nights. >> this is what it can sound like. very similar to people describe at ringing in the ear. about. >>reporter: jeff is the clinical director of silicon valley company called sound cure. he's made it his mission to turn down the volume inside the brain of sufferers using unique type of sound wave known as s tone. >> hardest part wasn't producing the sound from device themselves. but in fact finding the right type of sound that would interfere with until a specific way. >>reporter: it helps to understand that it is a neurological condition caused by a brain misinterpreting signal as sound. xon therapy involve distracting the brain with the use of counter sound such as what it noise also known as broader band noise.
9:41 pm
but carol says s tone work more like a skap scalpel in comparison. audio technician test individual patients to try to identify the exact type of sound being produced by the if issue f.sophisticated software then help generate a pre-size s tone designed to distract the brain from the specific sound. s tone delivered through portable device known as the serenade. recent study led by researchers at the university of iowa found majority of patients were able to find relief using s tone producing half the volume of the normal issue. >> to at the time patient what that means is the sound can be effective at interfering with the issue with softer volume than traditional. >>reporter: it was founded by ceo bill perry who suffers the effects of it him situation. patients who describe being debilitated who describe not being able to sleep. being depressed. not being able to
9:42 pm
work. results quite dramatic. >>reporter: relief produced by tone that some patients might greatfully describe as the sound of silence. katie abc 7 news. >> what a difference. >> yes. up next on 7 news at 9:00. hopes revealed. >> the 9 pound nugget
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>> man in nevada county said he discovered a 9 pound nugget on his property. the nugget fetched nearly half million dollars at auction. but then a year later it all fell apart when our partner abc station in sacramento the revealed the whole thing was a hoax. george warren bridges you up to date on what happened since then. >> the 2010 event that
9:46 pm
reportedly took place here in the tiny nevada county mining community of washington got worldwide attention. man named jim grill who wouldn't allow his face to be shown in the local newspaper offered detailed explanation of how he found this 9 pound gold nugget on his property. for the record veteran prospector tom nicholson the first person to to publicly call baloneyy. i interviewed about a week after the story appeared what did you tell me back then? >> i thought it was bogus. absolutely. >>reporter: despite scattered skepticism the giant nugget presented as largest surviving specimen from california gold country. sold at auction the following spring for 4 60,000 dollars. web site appeared advertising jim grill property as the lost scotch man mine seeking investor claiming the giant nuing el was just the tip of the ice berg. web site boasted how it received wide spread exposure and that ironically led to what happened
9:47 pm
next. >> i thought would i set record straight because there's people being defrauded here. >>reporter: kim of australian prospector contacted us saying they had dug up the nugget in gold country in 1987. when asked about the great gold nugget hoax the north star min mining museum in grass valley said what they call gold mine salting is as old at mining itself. >> definitely. definitely. if as long as it has been gold people trying to figure outweigh to make more money off it than they should. >>reporter: truth bound to come out of out eventually. the distinctive gold nugget supposedly discovered here in washington in 2010 had been feature entered prospecting magazine for 20 years. whatever interest investor might have had in jim grill property vanished. the hoax was a huge embarrassment for the auction house of course which refuned the winning bidder money and swore everybody to secrecy.
9:48 pm
>> yes i told you so. >>reporter: grill lost the 1 80 acre property to foreclosure shortly after the hoax was revealed. and lender now offering it for sale without the extravagant claims of buried trush. asking price relatively modest 5 90,000 dollars. in nevada county, abc 7 news. >> fish story. absolutely. >> one last check on the weather. >> spencer is back tracking it on live doppler 7hd. >> rain rests clouds. noaa today released the winter outlook for precipitation expecting wetter than normal weather along the atlantic coast but for most of northern california and central coast where we are look like equal chance of wet error dryer than average and we do expect warmer than average weather out west not good news for the drought situation. only hope that that forecast outlook is incorrect. tomorrow we have of thick clouds around the bay area.
9:49 pm
maybe sprinkle or 2 in the evening and overnight hours here's the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. couple scattered showers friday night saturday morning then dry $1 million weekend after that. next chance of rain monday night into tuesday and warming up for the middle of next week. >> thank you spencer. >> giants as you know are heading back to the world series and the twins are ready. here they are in the giants onesie. >> check out this soda display. that's pretty good. store showing off the giant spirit. you can e-mail the fan photo to our welcome back site or tweet them to us that the site. >> they go on to the series. we expect a lot of photo. >> we certainly do. >> she was here with the latest on all that. exhausted as i am. >> yes. every game. all righ right. as usual giants cardinals battle until the end game 5 bottom 9 game tied at 3. travis the home run of his life. game wish. heading to the world series third time in the world series third time in 5 years. all the highlights
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. are we ready for the bay area. local paramedic preparing for the deadly disease. >> plus she's the real life 0olivia pope. tonight meet the high powered fixer who inspired the hit abc drama scandal. >> join us for 7 news at 11:00 >> join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> not much to talk about. >> there was some cheering i heard. >> you can hear the roar all the way here. that's a shot we'll watch over and over. all right. it was the shot heard round the world. giants left fielder travis hits an electrifying 3 run homer bottom 9 to send the giants to the world series for third time in 5 years. we wouldn't have it any other way. drama torture world series. hall of famer montana taking in the game. he knows about world championship. madison on the hill. top of the third. this to left. travis gets spun around. and rbi double for j.1 nothing st.
9:54 pm
louis. giants get back. change up into the right. first career play off home run put the giants up 2-1. back and forth we go. in the fourt fourth. redemption. hit to right. solo shot tie the game at 2. 3 batters later. cruz unloads. deep to the left field pwleevrp another solo shot. cardinals dug out pumped pd up but in the eighth morris send shock wave. first home run since august 15. game tied at 3. sham opinion on ice. bottom 9. travis facing michael and popping after this. >> travis. one in right. the giants win the pennant. home run he will never forget. 3 run shot. good on to kansas city to face the royals in the third world series. face off
9:55 pm
in the series hit 2002. champagne flowing. madison named series mvp. giants win the national league pennant with a 6-3 victory. >> all right. let's go liveto at&t park. join us and collin typical fashion. bottom 9. walk off 3 run shot to win the pennant. rocking with ber and champagne. >> another ho-hum game at the park. l it's all about taking advantage of opportunity and giants always unsung hero. ross in 2010. travis. this year always the role player. his role tonight that of hero. afterwards party time in the locker room like you said and reverend leading the charge. >> we ain't done yet. we are burning in town. >> as soon as i hit it i knew instantly the game was over. i knew it would leap off the
9:56 pm
wall. i was like this gets out incredible. i saw it sneak over. after that i don't remember. i don't remember anything after that. >> that's why can't try to predict the game. never know what will happen. crazy game we my. >> third trip. all so different but they all feel special in their own way. >> yes. definitely all special in their own way. i don't know i have never been a part of the game like that. the 3 run homer whether a moment then you look at who you are playing in the world series. 2 wild card winners now. >> go figure. good battle. enjoy this tonight. we look forward to kansas city. >> i asked joe about playing the royals another team of destiny. 2 teams of destiny. match up against each other. good one shoe. >> all right collin. they don't allow champagne and beer in the nfl. can you describe for our viewers what it is like
9:57 pm
in a locker room like that when the family the coaches the players and even the media are celebrating on the way to the world series. what is that like? >> you mean they don't allow this. >> i said in 9:00 o'clock 5 a bottle of champagne that's good sign for the giant. hugging kissing each other family involved. it's an amaze amazing sight to behold and travis front and center in all of it. rallying around him like i said the role playing up and down. giants release them brought him back and now vet run guy after all these years he is the hero. amazing night. >> notice understand travis is looking for the person who caught the home run ball and willing to trade whatever it is another autograph ball bat whatever. have you heard anything about it. >> hear that as well so whoever is out there and caught the ball if watching or listening
9:58 pm
yes travis is looking for it. keepsake for him. >> thanks. collin live at at&t park. that's a home run that you will never forget in your life. like we talked about. that's like playing which have el ball early in the game and boom. he knocks it out and if he did catch the home run ball get in touch with the giants would like to exchange it for another gift. >> magical moment for all fans. >> game 1 tuesday kansas city. >> nice. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks very much. >> all right that is it for this evening. i'm amma. >> exciting. >> i'm dan. for all of us her here, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for watching us here at 9:00. 7 news continues on all mobile at the vice. >> we see new an hour on the >> we see new an hour on the big 7
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