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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 29, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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sandov. >> they have done it. a world series win for the safrancisco giants. >> the giants take game sen and return he world series champions. >> for the faithful it was worth it. >> and now the pfort -- party is just getting started. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. it is san francisco's third world series win in five yea and the goodies are going out. >> hope you enjoyed the game.
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a live look now from sky 7. throngs of excited fans are fiing the streets and crowds are blocking traffion king street in front of at at&t rk. >> we have seen dancing in the streets and one bonfi plus and unfortunately a lot of illegal fireworks as well. >> the crowds have taken over parts of mission street and stretches of market street. illegal fireworks occasionally above the crowd on fourth and market. the police though are not far behind. they are moving i quickly and putting out the fires and containing the crowds. i saw them dumping out alcohol as well jie. they are doing their best to keep the celebration fun wthout any real trouble. let's hope it continues that way. we have live team coverage and we will begin with abc7 news reporter. >> she is live at san francisco civic center where they have a wat party for thousands. >> you can seehem right
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here. otherwise the crews have cleaned it up quily. it is shoulder to shoulder earlier. let's lk at the video. >> the winning moment. the crowd at the civic center goes wild. >> it was great. it was lovely being here. >> giants, giants. >> madison bumgarner, a hero to fan >> as the crowd thinned and moved into the stree police stood watch. there were a few illegal fireworks and alcoholic beverages, but for the most part, just loud. >> we e asking parents to please celebrate, but celebrate rponsibly. >> giants, giants. >> next stop, the victory parade. it is friday and it is at noon and it ends rig back here. dan and ama, i don't know about you.
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my ears areinging. they may be for several more days. back to you guys. >> recovery isn't until after the parade. fans have flooded the streets where there is also a happy police presence where we mentioned to help keep the celebration safe. >> muni shutdn the bus service city wide. sky 7 surrounded a bus on market and powell and polic moved in to -- and pushed back the fans to keep thems safe as they possibly can. >> abc7 news reporr alyssa harrington is live at the police command post at 25th and mission strt. alyssa? >> ama, the celebration quickly turned rowdy in parts of the city includi the mission. police have mission street closed from 20th to 24th. they are directing traffic away from the area. here is video from sky 7 that shows something that happened earlier on. it shows large bonfires set in the middle of missio street at 22nd.
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we have also seen dgerous behavior. people standing o top of vehicles car surfing and people hanging o of car windows and throwing boles. there is also illegal fireworks and drivers doing donuts in the road. the san francisco poli department has out extra patrols and they are going from call to call putting out fires and responding to vandalism. they are concentrated in the mission near at&t park and at civic center plaza where the viewing party was held. thousands poured into the streets following the giants' world series win. many were exted and waiving rally towel and drivers honked horns, but they were taking things a bit to far. police have made a few aests and one person was shot in the mission district shortly after the celebrion started. it happened when the crowd started to gatr in the street. the victim was stru in the arm and taken to a hospital.
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the shooter has not been und. also some buses have been vandalized and muni did suspend their service for awhile tonight. they did announce that they will continue with their. >> unbelievle. no human is supposed to to be al
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>> well, there is no question, larry, what a finish and what a year for the giants. as you mentioned thre straight world series titles. not three straight, but three in the last five years and it was spectacular. the run they mad to get into the tournament and then to finish it. there is nothing like
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celebrating a world championship. as you can see they were going crazy. never gets old. as you mentioned madison bumgarner is a beast. he is the mvp not only in the nlcs, but the world series. afterwards here is what he had to say. >> obviously it hadn't sank in yet. not enough time to think about it. this is as good as it gets, world series game 7. it is a stressful one at th same time. we are thankful for the opportunity d we are blessed to have the success that we have had. >>ou can hear the term beast mode and i will use that with mason bumgarner. an unbelievable performance. >> i don't know w to describe him. it is historic what this kid did. i don't ow if there is gonna -- if ther ever will be a better performance than what he did here in this world
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series. >> all right, there there it is. world series champions. i talked to majo league baseball officials and madison went to a car and asked if he could get a tractor. mike shuma live in kansas city for abc7 news. larry? >> shu, enjoy and have a safe flight back. madison bgarner once gave his wife a co for a birthday present. he livesn a farm in hickory, north carolina. >> a tractor is better than some other vehles. >> i say get him a car, truck and a tractor. >> whateve he wants. >> thank you, larry. > while, fans here as you have seen are celebrating and the mood is different in nsas city. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live outside kaufman stadium. wayne? >> awfully quiet here in kansas city. a few firebombs and a few fireworks. they were hoping they would be ploding them for the royals, but they were just exploding
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them to get rid of them and get them out of their crs. this was a seriesf momentum shifts. we were down the left field line whe the third out happened and here is what it looked like fnlt . it we from an expectant roar and respectful applause. the giants have won their third world series. they are beating the recent trend of visiting teams and losi seventh games. this team took fans for a ride in 2014 from te best record in baseball for the first couple of months to complete and uttere fud del meant and then putting it together for the post season and this ploff run. they beat pittsburgh in the wild card and then washington and then . louis. fans tonight, well, let's listen to them.
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>>boch is a mastermind. he know what's to do. >> was it fitting for bumgarr to finish this? >> oh yeah, he is the mvp all year. he is our ace. i couldn't be happier. >> so good. so easy. >> was fitting to leave bumgarner in at the end? >> that guy is so azing. >> once he got past the first inning i thought he was in a groove. we didn't think he would last this inning long. >> where would you be wiout him? >> probablyosing to pittsburgh in theild card game. >> ree world series championships in five years, it is called a dynasty. >> it is an impressive record to say the least. from 56 years with no wins to three wins in the last five years. if you are wondering this is the eighth world series win for the san francisco giants in 20 appearances and that includes their time as the new york giants. what we saw tonight is the stuff of history and the stuff
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of lore. ve from kansas city, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> just wonderful, wayne. thank you so mch. >> truly the stuff of ledge ends. look at is picture. giants fans stuck with their team all the way. here is a furry fan who loves the orange and black obviouy. >> and twins who had the time of theirlives this post season. they are showi us just what it feels like to be a giants fan. >> how adorable. we want to see your gits spirit. send pictures to you >> and we wll all be able to celebrate with the team this friday, halloween. the para starts attewart and market streets and ends with a rally at civic center. >> abc news will carry it on air and on-line for you live our coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. on friday. we really hope youune in for that. yes, and we do have a lot more world series coverage coming up. next on abc7 news -- >> the growing celebrations outside at&t park, and what police are doing to keep
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everyone safe. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. i a tracking the storm for halloween. will it rain on the parade on friday? i'll be back with a look of the details.
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>> giants fans celebrate the final out and the big world series victory. this is video a viewer sent us from the rec room bar in san frcisco. there is heavy police presence tonight keeping the crowds in check and the celebrations safe. >> sky 7hd has been out and about all evening. this is a le look near the
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ballpark. you can see a lot of fans still lingering into the streets there. >> and we are glad to see there haven't been any major problems. a few small ones. st folks have behaved themselves really well. but there has been such joy all over t city streets and all over the bay area toght as the giants won their third world series in fiveears. we will continue to keep you up-to-date with these live pictures from sky 7hd. >> the giants were in kc, b fans flocked to at&t park to celebrate. was rowdy and massive fire works and bonfires. abc7 news reporter alan wang is there init and he joins us live. alan? >> ama, the celebration broke out at willie mays plaza immediately after the fin out. if you look over my shoulder down third street and toward the intersection of king you can see where the crowd has shutdown the tersection. police just now ved inand broke up that crowd.
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of course now they are trickling down here. let's go to sky 7hd video that was shot circling above the crowd. right now it looks like about a thousand people partying at the intersection whe several bonfires were burning. the celebration was going on and police were letting those fires burn out. without breaking up t party. the crowd also hadeen launching huge commercial grade fireworks from the mile of the group of people. they were climbing on traffic light pos and breaking champagnbottles. through it all for most of the night the police were extremely tolerant. there were cops on motorcycles, bikes, cars. they were ou here monitoring the crowds and there are some police vans ready to transfer arrestees to the jail. one ofcer said they have arrested people tonight. the concernight now is as the nit goes on the people have to go to work and tho homee
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troublemakers will be more inebriated and more likely to push the celebration too far. again as mentioned just moments ago, san francisco police officers in riot gear moved in and broke up the crowd down there at the intersection of king and ird. i'm alan wang reportingive from at&t park, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. this was taken just a short time ago. those big fireworks are being set off and that is right outside at&t pk. >> and a lot of those fireworks are being set off close to people standing around. >> t san francisco chronicle is out with a single word heline "dye mass stey." >> that's geat. >> and acrs the top each of the eight world campionships going back to when they we the new york giants. >> the city of san fraisco will throw a parade for the world champs this friday. it starts at stewart and market strts at noon and ends with a big rally at civic center. >> abc7 news will bring you li coverage on air and on-line starting at 11:00
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a.m. i hope you will join u hope you will have a lot of fun. >> hopefully peopleill have their shirts on. they may nee a hood or umbrella. >> sandhya patel is with some rain. >> that' right, dan and ama. but it is all out the timing. the giants are victorious tonight. and we are expecting the sphoar cast to match -- the forecast to match it. it is looking loik a winning recast when the parade gets underway. yes there will be a few showers at noon. 60 degrees. the showers will tap by the time 1:00 hits. we are going to see a window of dry conditions in the low 60s with some cloud cover for 2:00, 3:, 4:00 in the afternoon. here is a beautiful view of the ferry building lit up in orange. 68 right now in san francisco. it is pretty mild. mid60s around oakland and san rare dose and55 in half moon bay. here is our view of the pacific satellite picture. the front is stalled out and
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the next will t stall out. this is our interest wither-like storm coming in for halloween. yes we are going to get rain. most is coming in during t friday morning commute. 11:00 thursday night you could see a f showers. 5:00 a.m. the rain line starts to approach. during the morning commute it will be a rough one on friday. by noontime when the parade is getting underway we are on the back edge of the cold front. the rain pushes out d then you pretty much get a little break in time for the trick-or-treating. but more shows redevelop friday night at 9:00 p.m. the showers will continue gog into saturday afternoon and evening hours. there will be a little less widespread on sarday snow in the mountains and the rain tals will be 1 to two inches through saturd evening. of course some of the other locations may not get a lot. carry chains and expect delays. four to eight inches expected and above 5,000 feet. fog and clouds upper 40s to
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mi0s. still mild, but cooler than today. upper 60s to the low 80s. look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast and thunderstorm chance on friday night. don't forget to fall back on sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. we actuay end daylight saving te and go to standard time. >> thanks, sandhya.
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lead. mad bum gets t save. strikes out four and act 8 pitches on two days rest are you kidding me? what kind of a beast can do that? two outs and nobody out in the 9th. alex gordon with a base hit and it should have been that and nothing more and ends up at third base. he was thinking inside the park and stopped at third with everybody super tense in kc and then here in the bay area all-around the country watching. he gets perez to pop up for the final out. bumgarner with ungod like effort andeads the giants to their third title in five years. mad bum gets the save along with hiswo wins. your no dbt series mvp as we go bk to kc and mike shumann who is joining us li. the giants staired down history. this is amazing.
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>> no question. they want three world sees championships on the road guys like buster and panda have the rings. morris and hudson have their first. i asked morris what it was like. >> i asked what it is like in ga seven and you said you don't know. what is it like now? >> unbelvable. to go all seven and come out as the champions it is a dream come true. >>ren't you glad you hung around for 16 years to get is? >> it is so sweet. >> it is. >> it is just how thought it would be. what a te team effort tonight. madison bumgarn went out there and showed what he is all about. >> you dreamed of this as a kid and now the dream come true. >> you always want to call yourself a world champ. to be in this clubhouse and that's what u always want to do. four months into yourrookie
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year, it is crazy. >> i have to get back for the para and i have to take a shower because i am wet underneath, full o champagne. live with theworld champion san francisco giants, mike shumann, abc sports. larry? >> enjoy yr bubbly. while everybody was watching the giants the warriors opened
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