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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 30, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> 7 news. >> san francisco city hall dressed in up in orange and black for giants celebration. city ready to celebrate the world series victory with parade and rally. it will be a memorable day. we are talking halloween critical mass and giants parade all converging on the same day. good evening. >> really busy day tomorrow. here's the route of tomorrow parade starts at noon at the
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foot of market street at the ferry building and cuts over on mccallister to civic center where big victory rally in front of city hall. lee ann has more. >> the floats don't happen overnight but thoims an expert at getting them done in just a few days. >> we love building world class floats. we like building them in less than three days as a rule and i got to tell you a lot of fun. >> there will be 8 floats going down market street for the giants parade. they will carry sponsors and organizations that have supported the team this year. the team of builders has not stopped working not even to watch last tonight game. >> we were so happy they won. all for nothing. no but they won. >> seeing the floats. i want to get down there. yes. this is great. >> barricade are up. today fans stood in long lines to get
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another giants clothing item. stationary market street don't necessarily profit from the parade. >> during the parade it's not good for business. generally people out buying office supply but for the city as whole it brings energy and excitement. so it really is a great thing for us. >> during the last parade in 2 2012 l cell service was poor because of fans trying to call out or get on social media. this time temporary cell tower near the civic center. thousands of fans expected to attend the parade. while family enjoy seeing the parade in person. the school district is urging parents to keep the kids in school. >> our schools decide how to handle it. some schools show the parade. some live stream the parade and lots of halloween activity but kids belong in schools in. 2012 the school district fails to get 150,000 dollars in loss average
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daily attendance from the state n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> so will it rain on our big parade? >> let's turn to 7 news weather spencer for the latest. >> almost certain to rain on our parade but won't dampen spirit if you pardon the pun. lots of clouds. rain north west and headed our way. arrive overnight and continue in the morning and midday hour hours. projection rain tomorrow. it will be fairly steady about 10:00 o'clock in the morning here in san francisco. temperature 61 degrees around noon when the parade begins. rain will still be falling but during the next couple hours taper off to occasional rain and showers. later in the afternoon long after the parade has ended we see at legislature partial clearing nice break for trick-or-treaters but for the parade and watchers look like it's wet. >> thanks very much. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd any time with the 7
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news weather app. it's free on a el app store or google play. we also have more information at 7 slash apps. >> tomorrow parade mean street closure obviously. area surrounding civic center already shut down and stay closed until tell after the rally. starting tomorrow at about 9:00 a.m. parade route from the foot of market and tenth street closed and may not reopen until as late as 5 in the afternoon. muni will reroute service as well. >> bart warning people heading to the parade to leave early. transit system 2 busiest days ever the 2010 and 2012 world series parade. bart runs longer trains and also add 9 extra trains. bart will also stay open until 2:00 a.m. for halloween revellers. >> best they think you could do today to help tomorrow get your round trip ticket and the line to get a ticket is very long. people don't know how to buy
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tickets. >>reporter: cal train expan expanding the service tomorrow because it's 2 busiest days ever also the past 2 giants parade day. longer train in the morning heading to san francisco after the parade. south bound trains will leave as soon as they fill up. also more ferry running from vallejo alameda and oakland exploratorium bay ferry has 18 round trip trips the rather than 11. for more information on the traints option check out our web site. giants world series parade at noon tomorrow but live coverage begins an hour ahead of time at 11:00 a.m. over on channel 7 and on line as well if in your office want to watch it there. >> a lot to celebrate to be sure but the post game euphoria got a little out of hand last night. showed it to you live last night from sky 7 hd. you can see bonfire set by the rowdy people. there were 2 shootings. stabbing and number
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of fist fight as well. carolyn has more on the police response. >> san francisco police say this was betterp the chaos that erupted in the street. last 2 times the giants won the world series. still in the police chief words beyond uncool. >> to the clowns that came to san francisco to act out i guess you just didn't know what it is like to have a good time without being a jerk. >> lighting bonfire in the middle of city streets. dancing on cars. setting off fireworks and vandalizing businesses. >> the they are not regular people. if that's no way to celebrate. >> window mission dribingtd business are covered with graffiti. and someone keyed the glass. it was the same up and down it street at the if
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health wellness store the owner says she's happy the giants won but not happy about the consequences. >> this will cost us so business owner it will affect us. >> in 2012 studio photography was hit hard the but not last night. >> we were a little smart this time. we put plastic all over our window. and put our gate down this time. >> last night craziness damage more than property. 2 people were shot during the mayhem. they are okay. one person is in serious condition after being stabbed. 3 officers were treated for injuries after being hit with flying bottles. many others were struck even the police chief. >> disgraceful that they just don't get it. >> in all 40 arrest most for being drunk of the 6 felony 4 were not san francisco residents. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new
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news. >> now another type of crime spike when local team we understand the world series. counterfeiting of t-shirt and other championship souvenir everywhere. federal homeland security agent showed off some 2700 shirts and other items they have seized over the past few days. undercover agent expect to take more from vendor pelts unlicensed items out on the street. the. >> group of agents that work in close concert with the major league baseball association skilled at identifying and determining whether something is fake or awe then tech. >> counterfeit sports apparel one piece of elicit trade including phoney pre-description drug and designer fashion. if agents tell thus all the fake add up to 250 billion dollars a year in business. seller of fake can affect punishment ranging from fines to real prison time. >> tragic ending to hike today when woman walking along a
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cliff at san francisco land's end fell to her death. woman walking near the legion on of honor at noon. plunged 400 feet down to the rock and water below. man with her got strandeded about 250 feet down the cliff. rescue crew were able to lift him to safety. >> cliff rescue unit and squad made a rescue over the cliff. propelling down to the first victim. rescue water craft and jet ski responded and took the person off the water lane. >>reporter: man was not seriously injured. national park police are investigating how the accident happened. sign near the rescue site warns hikers to keep out because le have fallen to their death at the cliff. >> california him motorcycle officer recovering at hospital after colliding with a car during high speed chase. sky 7 hd was over the scene when it happened on west mcarthur boulevard in oakland. see glass car parts all over the roadway. chp says the officer was responding as back up with the lights and siren on when
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the collision happened the car entered the intersection on green light. officer was thrown from his bike on impact. tonight he's said to be doing all right and will make a full recovery. driver of the car suffered minor injuries. >> burglary suspect in critical condition after shot by police in richmond. police say 2 detectives were getting lunch at pacific east mall when they spot add map breaking into a car. man jumped into another car and one of the detectives fired several shots at him. man hit but manageed to drive about a mile before crashing his car in albany. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. bay area man who can't hug his family. tonight he's under ebola quarantine and says he's fine with that. >> state park ranger found asleep on the job and picture that touched off i-team investigation. >> an mass explosion in the uk. frightening 16 as neighbors told to evacuate. >> 7 news at 9:00 will be right
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>> peninsula talktor under quarantine after treating ebola patients in west africa hoping that others well follow to stop the spread of the disease there dr. buck gave the first interview today and david is in redwood city. >> one week down. 2 more to g
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go. dr. collin in solitary confinement for 21 days in redwood city home. family moved elsewhere. however he's far from idol. he talked to reporter by skype. >> i have very, very understanding family. fit has also been incredibly busy. with lots of advising. about sharing the experience. and also continuing recruitment effort. >>reporter: he's using the time to help recruit more volunteers like himself to go to west africa to ebola patients. spent just over a month in liberia. trip organized by the non-profit group international medical corps. he believes more americans need to good there to contain ebola. >> i don't want ebola to come to the u.s. i don't want it to be in california and the way that is going to happen if if we strike right at the heart of the beast so to speak. so i felt it was my responsibility. >> bucks returned to california last friday but quarantine confirmed only yesterday. it
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was sprays to neighbor around the corner. stanford doctor will be allowed to be outside to jog or ride his book. it would be safe if i went out and went for a run. went to the park or were by myself. there is no danger. >> he sympathizes with hickox the main nurse challenging her quarantine. >> i am very sympathetic to her situation and her treatment and if the public spotlight and amount of scrutiny she's undergone. i'm sure she had no the anticipation that this would occur. >>reporter: he has plans when the con faintment ends. >> i'll hug my wife. give her a kiss. >>reporter: the hug and kiss has to wait until november 14 when the quarantine lifts. in redwood city, abc 7 news. fight hickox jumped on her bike
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and took a spin with her boyfriend this morning. lawyer called ate good way to exercise her right remains governor was not immune. today he said he's ready to exercise the full accident of his authority to protect the pichbility i don't want her within 3 feet of anybody let's put it this way. i am going to use the legal provision to the fullest accident the that the law allows me. >> i'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it's not science. >> hickox returned from treating ebola patients left africa last weak still has no symptoms. >> now the abc 7 news i-team investigating the story behind a startling photo. it shows state park ranger young passed out on patrol with beer between his legs. he was parked along state route 2 54 in humboldt county when truck driver came
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along. when hearst couldn't wake him he called 911. >> i did them a favor. i saved someone's life. probably saved his life. could have been joe blow kid wife some tourist on there. >> after his arrest his blood alcohol was measured at three times the legal limit authorities say. after seeing the picture we looked that what happened to the ranger. did law enforcement treat him the same way we would have been treated given the same circumstances. surprising answer to that question tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> it's a very important forecast we look at for to. we have a lot going on to. halloween. giants parade. spencer is here >> critical mass. >> pa lot of people going to get wet. >> we have clouds in the bay area right now. overnight hours but rate now it's dry
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cloudy skies the view lacking west from emeryville. current temperature readings 61 at san francisco. 63 oakland. san carlos 64. 61 at morgan hill and 69 half moon bay. lovely viewal embarcadero currently skuchbility well we have low 60's in all the locations santa rose, napa petaluma, fairfield, concord. separating all locations here's the view of the giants embarcadero center from the exploratorium center look at the forecast feature we see the commute and the rain will continue through the morning hours into the early afternoon. rain will ease during the parade and we get a brief break sprid evening that may allow the trick-or-treat investigators get out there while it's dry to get fun and games's approaching frontal system that brings us rain that arrive during the overnight hours and have yards of showers scattered showers coming in behind the front. wet weather for awhile not just
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tomorrow even into sachlts forecast animation starting 5:00 o'clock tomorrow mortgage. we already see some pockets of showers activity then 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see stomach steady heavy rain developing along the frontal system swinging through the north bay down to the golden gate and doing the late morning hours into about noon we see the ran becoming more wide spread and fairly steady right down through san francisco where the world series parade begins at noon. about 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we see the front having swept through the bay area. areas of showers rain hyped the front covering entire bay area and get a break there and trick-or-treaters good time to get out there. 4 to 7:00 p.m. then we get more showers coming in tomorrow night over tonight. >> saturday through the day on saturday and 5:00 o'clock saturday afternoon rain tairps off and totals across the entire bay area may be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches so this is a pretty good soaker coming our way. meanwhile in the sierra
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look for snow. winter storm warnings in effect 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 2:00 o'clock saturday afternoon and 4 to 8 inches of snow above 6000 feet. significant travel delay possible and likely so carry the chains if driving out that wait a minute back to the bay area. overnight low generally in the mid upper 50's with pockets of showers developing during the over fit hours. tomorrow wet day. high pressure in the range of mid 60's all across the area from 63 to half moon bay to 67 at livermore. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so okay. parade probably wet tomorrow. trick-or-treating depending on what time you go, you may or may not get wet then on saturday don't forget to set the clock back saturday night sunday morning we fall back to standard time beginning on sunday continue go through all of next week we have mainly sunny days with temperatures rising into the upper 70's inland by next wednesday thursday. bit of a warm-up in the first week of november. >> excellent. 2 for for me i'm dressing as an umbrella.
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>> very good. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. man of the moment. heart tugging text from madiso madison's dad to his son right before the end of last tonight game. >> did you see this picture? we also caught short stop brandon sharing the sweet moment on the field with his daughter. >> we posted these photo and many more on our facebook page. be sure to like us on facebook many more on our facebook page. be sure to like us on facebook to s
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>> if you thought san francisco went crazy for madison, imagine what it was like in his hometown of hickory in caldwell county, north carolina. if entire student body in old high school crowded in the gym to send mad this greating they were ecstatic. he graduate
9:25 pm
from south caldwell high school in 2007 after he led his high school baseball team a state title. the only person in town more excited his mom debby who watched the game from the edge of her sov 8. i was at home. i get too nervous. i went in 2010 and it i can't handle it. >> caldwell county population 80,000 is getting ready to announce a madison day and there are plans for parade there to honor the hometown mv mvp. >> his father sent his son a text message after the 8th inning last nature it rae omg you are so much more than awe sol. to see you work on the mound remind me of watching new high school. you are willing yourself to perfection and dragging the team along with you. i couldn't be more proud of your baseball accomplishments. kevin says he knew made son wouldn't read it until the game was over but he says he needed to tell him that at that moment quheet his daddy
9:26 pm
thought of him. >> so swichlt touching. >> stay with us. more ahead on this wednesday night. up next. one of america most wanted captured. he spent weeks on the run where police finally caught up with him. >> also here bay area student makes a statement about campus rape. why the man she claims assaulted her will not be prosecuted. >> and small plane smash noose a building at kansas airport.
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>> accused cop killer one of the fbi most wanted fugitives eric frein captured alive. >> he was in a hangar in pennsylvania. police say no shots were fired.
9:30 pm
>> he alluded authorities when he killed a state trooper and injured another during an ambush. 1,000 officers searched for him. officials had cancelled all halloween activity for tomorrow because of the ongoing search but they now say trick-or-treating is back on. >> menlo college student raped provides testing the way the school happened licensing her case. she claims her assailant a fellow student is still being allowed to attend classes. the way she's protesting is unique. vick has the story only on abc 7 news. >> christy carries this rubber mattress everywhere she goes on the campus of menlo college. 18-year-old solve mir cheer leaders is he it's a literal expression of the weight being a rape victim and protest of how the school and da office handled her case. >> it's not fair. about that no one listens. ono
9:31 pm
advertise there. people say they are there but they are no not. >>reporter: the story starts the night of october fourth. she and hire girlfriends partying at the dorm. they met another group that included the student whom she says sexually assaulted her this stawpt went back to christy room. along with her friends. >> playing drinking games. and ty wasn't familiar with it so he was complaining all of it. >>reporter: christy says she became very drunk. she went to bed. he climbed in with her. that's when her girlfriend left the room. >> i kept saying i wanted to good to sleep. i kept saying that if i was too drunk to understand what what is happening he did it any way. >>reporter: christy later told school officials what happened. judicial board comprised of faculty and students held a hearing. college gave abc 7 news a statement which says in part that the decision was to bar the male student would was involved in the incident from our campus for any purpose other than to attend classes. christy says that's not enough.
9:32 pm
certainly not on campus of only 700 students. >> still enrolled in the schoo school. still run into him in my building. >>reporter: college also reported the incident to polic police. they gave the results of their investigation to the san mateo county district attorney's office. they declined to charm the case saying there wasn't enough evidence. but as christy told others about her story, several students told her they too had been victimized but never told anyone. >> because they are scared of weighs going to happen and they know nothing is going to happen like for instance now. >>reporter: christy saw new story about columbia university student in new york who protes protested the school happened licensing of the rape case by carrying a mattress around campus because her assailant was still allowed to attend classes. now she wants to send that same message. speak out. fight back. p.m. if you too are a victim. this is abc 7 news. >> by the way the state new yes means yes will you requires
9:33 pm
california college students to make an affirmative unambiguous and conscious decision to have sex. can't give consent if drunk. the law doesn't go into effect until january 1st. pilot of small plane declared app emergency near the wichita airport moments later slam noose a building. 4 people died. 5 more injured. tonight the final moments from inside that the cockpit. karen about. >>reporter: this plane lost purchase and crashed just after take off this morning. right in the flight safety building at wichita mid continent airport. >> there was heavy smoke as you approach the airport for miles. >>reporter: at least 4 people killed including the pilot. another 5 injured. the pilot has been identified as mark gelled stein former air traffic controller and contract pilot. plane had come out of major inspection and altitude testin testing. gelled stein has flying the plane to arkansas to be pantyed. tell ryan smith is
9:34 pm
on the scene. >> debris all over the ground. windows pushed in and crash site building itself partially collapsed. >> this is the audio from air trvbling control. you hear the pilot say. >> delivered emergency. >>reporter: then this l. officials said there were approximately 100 people employee and visitors inside the building at the time of the crash. any instructor in safety class. >> building just kind of shook and rumbled and when we saw the him if mum cast a shadow on the west side of the be we knew something was wrong. >>reporter: officials said portion of the flight simulator building sustained significant collapse and unsafe. the crash will be investigated. >> up beat report from the commerce department on the u.s. economy today. turns out we are doing a lot better than economy in most developed worl
9:35 pm
world. u.s. powered its way to gross receipt on track to continue momentum through the end of the year. there were solid games in business investment export and biggest jump in military spending in 5 years. >> investors quite pleased with the reports. dow scored 2 21 points closing at 17,000. nasdaq tell froze 17 points. sn p 500 jumped 12. >> apple ceo tim cook out of the closet. >> why a gift and under wrap for so long. >> why a gift and under wrap for so long. >> 7 what's possible today?
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>> announcement today from
9:39 pm
apple ceo tim cook and this time it is not about a new product. january thon bloom has more on why cookies speaking out about something far more personal. >> though he's most public figure in the tech world apple ceo tim cook kept his private life just that. private. but now just two days after deannouncing his home state offal become for discrimination against gay and lesbians cook announced that he himself is gay. i'm proud to be gay he wrote and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me. >> seriously. >>reporter: customers in line were surprised it has been an open secret and he nevrd depended being game. last june he was outed on squawk on the street. >> i think tim cook is gay head of apple sent. >> oh, dear was that an error. i thought not. >>reporter: cook joins short list of high profile executives hoply gay. pay pal co-funder
9:40 pm
who spoke exclusively with abc 7 news. >> i don't think it's something that is ladies to problems in sill cop valley. this is fairly progressive part of the country so i don't i couldn't say it's held against me in any which whatsoever. >> company like apple del globally in culture far different from california. i don't judge people who didn't come out because i think they are tv in context. >> praise from business owner. >> i think it's awesome just another indication that gay people are every.where gay people are productive. >> and from golden state warrior president wreck one of the very few openly gay sports executives extremely proud of cook and called the manufacture cranial us. gay pride parade an event apple takes part in. they have a good record on gay lesbian issue. >> apple is a place that celebrates diversity. >>reporter: now the ad advocate group out and equal hope cookies an inspiration. >> powerful role. it makes a
9:41 pm
huge difference and model for the larger community. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new news. >> fv imminent isolation on the big eye listened. >> lava is just few degrees feet now from a road that lead to community of
9:42 pm
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about. >> look at. that one person missing and at least 4 others
9:45 pm
injured after explosion at fireworks factory in england. neighbors say they heard a loud bang before huge fire ripped through the warehouse in stafford tonight. police said 2 men received serious pwrns burns and smoke inhalation. another person unaccounted for. fire explosion lasted an hour and while it was horrendous couldn't help but watch. investigators look in the cause. >> now to the slow motion disaster in hawaii. lava now approaching a highway. if it's cut off more than 8 thousandths residents would be isolated. tonight the new worse. the air those residents breathe. rob is there. >> slow torture. that's what residents are calling the flow of half a.reshaping this island yard by yard as it make its relentless march to the town. patch as the lava surrounds this telephone pole in time lapse video. finger of lava 100 feet from the nearest house only one structure burned so
9:46 pm
far once it crosses the road it will cut the town in half. national guard calls up to help manage the slow moving disaste disaster. today we hike back to the lava field. look how much the field has expand entered just two days. this is the same spot 2 days ago except be were able to walk out there but we are not going there today. look how hot it is underneath. lava flow under faith has certainly expanded fires burning lava taking out vegetation in its path. look at this. look at that. tree come down lava encroaches on out skirt of the flow. lava burning the tree from the roots up. as lava moves over the land you can hear the explosion from methane gas igniting. officials monitoring the air for toxic gas like sulfur dioxide in high concentration can be fatal. resident are stocking up on mask. >> remarkable. one last
9:47 pm
check now on the weather all important weather forecast tomorrow. >> the much-needed rainfall but not come at time when most of us would want it. here's live doppler 7hd cloudy skies right now. rain not far away. state wide if northern half of the including the bay area. it's mainly dry in the south land except along the coast. l.a. few showers tomorrow as well but more important for us here in the bay area we have rain fall developing overnight. it's quite wet in the early part of the day tomorrow early afternoon. wide spread rainfall even during the dime of the giants victory parade tomorrow. high pressure in narrow range. mid 60's across the bay area. here's our trick-or-treat forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening. if you get out between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. pretty good chance to catch the dry break but after 6 showers will return and it's wet late evening. here's 7 day forecast. we have showers into saturday actually before it starts to dry out sunday dry
9:48 pm
day all through sunday afternoon and high pressure climbing up up up. don't forget to set your clock back 1 hour falling back to standard time don't have to be open the ground to enjoy the time don't have to be open the ground to enjoy the giants win last night. fight check out excited giants fans on virgin america flight from dallas to sf o. practically the entire plane erupted in cheers after the last out. you can see them waving orange rally towels or shirts or something of the orange variety up in the air. >> that is cute. >> we are all i know vaited to celebrate with the team at tomorrow parade and rally in san francisco f.if you can't make it out to see it in person watch it from your dvbing top on of our web site come at 11:00 a.m. >> immediately told put the seat back in upright position rate after this party ended quickly. >> larry here with sports. >> we have fun time tomorrow. >> we are.
9:49 pm
>> good stuff t.very good. and dry i hope. lebron james made return to cleveland tonight. the would it be a triumphant one? couldn't last to the knicks on opening night, could they?
9:50 pm
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you. coming up tonight at 1 11:00. hours away from a giant party. tonight how the city is getting ready to sell brett our world series chance. we have a leif report on that. >> passed out on patrol. i-team invest gittens a ranger caught drinking and driving operate job. he was recently sentenced but did he get special treatment. dan has the surprising answer. >> the story and more for you coming up 7 news at 11:00 on >> the story and more for you coming up 7 news at 11:00 on channel >> larry is here with the latest. >> we have a busy day tomorrow. fun day. we have didn't this a couple times in the last few years. >> i think we are probably getting pretty good at this. >> giants really superior. after last nature super human
9:53 pm
effort by the is a madison entire sports world has taken notice especially of him. today with the new york media wait to go learn who the jets will start quarterback on sunday coach ryan opened the news conference by saying well go with madison. any better than smith i tell you that. or vick. with the third title in 5 years the giants are the talk of baseball and talk about dynasty. we spoke with the man year right after game 7. >> we beat the odd. we had to weapon the road here in the seventh game so that makes it that much more special. >> won all 3 on the road. right so i guess you are used to it now. >> well, yes we love to do it for our fans trust me. they are part of this. they help get us through this. we are so lucky. so fortunate to have if fan base, support that we have. they are there every game. we have some tough times this year at home especially trying to
9:54 pm
win ball games but there they were. never booed the guys stay behind them keep the faith and we really appreciate them and i can tell you these players they are happy about winning but we saw video of them celebrating san francisco that give them all goose bump. >> 3 in 5 years. team of the decade a little dean city going here would you consider that or no. >> it's nice to be mentioned. as far as the dynasty. we had a kim hiccup there in 2011 and 13 but you look at dean city you think of the bull and niners and yankees and i think we have a little ways to good but the fact that we are even mentioned like that is an honor. >> who would have thought both freshman at florida state back in 1973. you would be on your way to the hall of fame career and 3 world series rings. >> well i'll be honest. i was young guy trying to trying to make it up to the big league. not something i thought b.but
9:55 pm
the fact i'm up here. i know how blessed i am. i am so fortunate to have the ownershi ownership. front office to give me the support and grit coaching staff i have and then the players. fwl a group of characters and warriors i'm fortunate to have. >> the i love the scene after game 7. this is brandon crawford a little daughter she's going out to the mound. she wants to check it out. he comes out. look out. town she goes. lost herbal. but like the giants in the world series gets rate back up on her feet and continues the journey. triumph faptly hers crawford after the game. never quit. always keep fighting and keep pushing and that's why we do the little things right and i think that's why we are here so often. >> so the ice tonight. sharks np minisociety first period shark was matt feeding mueller.
9:56 pm
rate in front on the door step 1 nothing teal in the sec. purchase my. joe finding the man they call wing gold fifth of the year. 2 going. 3-2 game in the third. if kyle great pass and tied at 3. to the shoot out. about shark go down 4-3 in the somewhat out. after 4 years in miami and 2 with the heat jim's took his tall than the become to cleveland opening night for the kav hosting the nick. loaded with tech if ji and stuff leak the chevy guy. lebron receiving thunder ovation. cavs kevin love the new addition had 19 points. lebron a pedestrians game. 17 points. 3 percent shooting. it's 3 down 2 in the fourth quarter. rate over the top of lebron james. had some king. 25 for
9:57 pm
mellow. spoil the homecoming and spike like it 95-any. thursday night football. if the panthers against the saints. thursday nature football saints up 14 nothing. newton this is athletic right hear. dive for the pylon extends 14-7. saints struggle on the road but within this game. mark 2 td at 4 and 4 of the saints moves into first place. mohammad ali grit east of all time on hand for in state. louisville 40 years to the day. rumble in the jij. florida state down 21 nothing but come all the way back. winston to lane and no tackling involved by the louisville cardinals. 47 yard score. knowles win 42-31 as we know stop has 401 yards what was the nation top defense. coming up saturday on abc 7. college football. 12:30 p.m. tcu high powered offense 82 last week.
9:58 pm
after 5:00 o'clock going the news at 4 oklahoma state and kansas state and then after the game all the day highlights and look back at the giants third champion in 5 years. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> tomorrow should be grit for the parade. >> it will be great. >> a lot of mad bum and panned 8. tune in to that thanks very much. >> that is it for us tonight. >> i'm dan. for all of us at 7 news at 9:00 we really appreciate your time. >> don't forget the giants world series parade noon tomorrow. begins at 11:00 a.m. on abc 7 and on loon at ab >> we cover that with our >> we cover that with our technology and stuff.
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i love you. i love you, too. i'm feeling good about jayson-- that is half jules and half grayson. see, i combined our names the way they do with the celebrity couples. "jayson" sucks. it's a real name. what about, um, "grules"? (imitates british accent) som "please, sir, eat.


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