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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 2, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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just knew i had to get there if i wanted to make it. >> next at 6:00,he lone survivor of a bay area boating accident talks about his determination to survive in an interview you'll only see on chan couldn't. how investigats plan to piece together the cause of a deadly crash involving a private spatescraft. >> lining up for gas that costs less than three dollarin the bay area. what is bnging prices down to levels we haven't seen in years. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> good eveng. a chilling story of survival as the lone survivor of yesterday's fiing boat accident off the sonoma coast tells his story. four of his friendsere killed
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when their fisng boat capsized sad morning near bodega bay. reporter: phillip sanchez says sheer determination got him through thisordeal about the loss of his fishing buddies is almo to much to bear tonight. >> got hit by a sneaker wave. that's the oy thing it was. got us up on top of it, where is curls and just slammed the boat. somewhere i into the shoved out. >> phillip sanchez says he never saw the rogue wave coming. in matter of seconds his friend's 32-foot boat capsized. >> surprised me, and then i thout i fell off the boat and they're going tocome around and pick me up. when i came up, always i seen was the bow, a three of the ople. >> his friends, 79ee jesse langly, and sam garcia were lifeless in a water.
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so was another map, and another man was fighting to stay afloat. >> all i could see was krisy, and i says, can make i >> but christy soon vanished from sight. sanchez paddled for 25inutes in the waters to the shore, cutting his arm. >> how did you survive? >> that i don't know. just determination, i guess. just knew i had to get there if wanted to make it. >> the coast guard airlifted sanchez to hospital. he says n one on board was wearing a life vest. commercial fishermen. nobody wears them. >> i went out with him for years d we didn't wear life jackets. we knew where they were, but they were so cumrsome. >> she says life vestsweren't a big deal her husband, sam, who retired from commercial fishing but still owned a boat. the beginning of recreational crab season was too od to pass up. >> he was lookan forward to having crab sad that night. >> b sam never retned.
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for phil sanchez, the loss of four friends is unreal for this lone surcky to be alive? >> very. and then i got to deal with the gut, why me? that's the hardestart. >> the coast guard's investation of the accident continue in bow dagoba bay, abc7 news. police have made multiple arrests in connection with the hit and hundred deaths of three southern california trick-or-treaters, 13 year twins and their friend were dressed up for the holiday friday, trick-or-treating with friends and family. as they crossed a street, an suv slammed into them and kept going. witnesses say two men jumped out of the vehicle and. a police made arrests this morning and investigators will hold a news conference to give details of the arrest. the girls' families are acpting donations to help pay for funel expenses. we have linked the page for the
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perezhart huert twins on the web site. >> tomorrow governor brown will attend memorial services for two sheriffs deputies illed in the line of duty, michae davis, and daniel oliver were kille when authoritie say lewis enrique went on a shooting rampage during a crime spree. oliver's memorial service is tomorrow. davis' memoria will be tuesday at the church at 10 a.m. the deaths face more than a dozen feny charges. >> it maytake up to a year to find out what caused the prototype of thevirgin galactic spacecraft to crash. investigators have yet to talk to thenjured pilot. here are details on the investigation. spaceship two cilot is
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alert and speaking. saturday nght, national transportation safety board acting chairman christopher hart says doctors ask that sbold not be disturbed. >> we don't want to talk to him until he is ready. >> he parachuted to to ground. he suffered moderate injuries. copilot michael also bury died. the ntsb is con dugging an investigation. the debris field spans five mile is. the cause of the accident is unknown. the mplete investigation may take up to one year. >> we know o six cameras on the vehicle itself. x nonvolatile sources of information on the vehicle itself. >> investigators have access to camera on board the whiteknighttwo mother shape. >> there was a range camera from
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edwards air fce base that had vulnerable contact with the aircraft. >> saturday, virgin founder richard branson said the space project would not push on blindly. >> we're going to len from what went wrong, discover how to improve safety and performance, and the move forward together. >> abc7 news. >> gas prices have plummeted in the last feweeks. in fact, they've dropped so far, some bay area gas staons are selling gas for less than $3 a gallon. sergio quintana is ve in mill valley where happy drivers are lined up at one station. reporter: tw weeks ago at this arco station in mill valley, gas was going for $3.15 for a regular unleaded gallon. now two weeks later it has dropped 16 cents, to $2.99 a gallon there has been a sady line of cars all afternoon so
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it's no surprise the tanker truck just pulled up minutes ago to resupply this station. mill valley residents even drivers from around mrin county and san francisco, say this is usually one of the least expensive stations to pump gas in the area. and just under $3 now, prices are surprising and very welcomed. prices across the countryave been dropping sharply in the last month or so but the bay area remains among most expensivearket necessary whole united states. drivers here say they are not counting on prices staying low for long. >> i think it's great but i don't think it will last. even though the united states is making more gasoline, more gas production, i don't think the big companies want to save mney for the public. >> it was 2.92 in medford. still pretty close. 2.99. >> i almost freaked out seeing it that low. >> some prices in the bay area
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have dropped even lower than what the woman w in oregon. at this station in san jose this weekend, the cash prize for a gallon of gas was going for 82. analysts say the opping prices are happening for a few fferent reasons elm the u.s. is producing plenty of o these days and cars are a whole lot more fuel esufficient that's contributing to a glut of oil on theorld market right now. right now you can see this line continues even into the evening. drivers re tell me they are happy that the prices are this low. they are hoping they drop even further, and obviously theye hoping that the prices drop at other stations as well. reporting live in mill valley, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> damage from this summer's napa earthquake will delay the opening of a winterhelter. that helps keep homeless people warm. ill open december 15th, month later than usual. it has served as a cold weather
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shelter at the napa valley expo for five years. the building needs $230,000 in quake-rear led repairs. >> still ahead at 6:00, lava dangerously close to a small town in hai'i. some residents are hopeful today they're properties may remain safe. >> the irreversible effects of climate change. what new multigovernment report says about its disasous consequences. will the nt ipad be more like a rival's tab tablet? >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a beautiful end to the weekend, plenty of sunshine, and sunshine going to give us a warmup.
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>> a united nations panel is warning the cost of climb change will incree if industrialized nations don't reduce gas emissions. the final report has bn issued. hundreds of authors are more certain than ever before that the planet is warming andumans are the cause. it says emissio may need to drop to zo by the end of the century for the world to avoid
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an irreversib impact. the u. secretary general says science has spoken d now leaders must act. >> you can see lva flowing from the kilauea volcano. the lava flow stopped00 feet from the main road in the up to of pahoa. the pace of the flow has slowed but officials emphasize it remain active and are urging residents and tourists to stay away from the lava. the lava flow began in june and is creeping towards th ocean. >> coming up next at 6:00. an impostor among the imperials. while scientists are using aground rover to spy on penguin colony. >> warmer day could be ahead. >> tough day nor local footballs. 49ers and raiders. what what a brawl in texas on the nascar circuit in the chase
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for the cup. this is ho critical it becomes. details of these
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a new report suggests ple is planning a big new ipad to rival microsoft's surface. according to japanese tech site,
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apple is working on a 12.2-inch ipad. it would come with an aat-able keep board like the microsoft surface. the new ipad would likely come with newly designed software and bigger speakers. apple has not commented on the report. french scientists have come up with a sneaky way to accurately research penguins. check ought the rover they sent in. to test the hea rate of penguins. this soft and furry machine made the perfect spy. it even elicited at least one mating call. they went through four other rovers that were not at successful at this one. that is kind of precious.
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let's turnit over to drew now for a check of the forecast. >> trying to figure out if 's real or not. >> someone thought it was. >> one of the penguins did. live doppler 7hd, we have a dry scan. tons of sunshine on this sunday and will have clear skies t first half of the overnight period. opening up the almanac, second day of november, started off this morning, the low 52, spot on. t in the afternoon, b cooler than normal. we should get to 67. the big story, though, the sunset at 5:10 p.m. so take you outside. look at this showing you at 6:17 we haveblack skies, completely dark as the sun has set an hour ago. and it will be a quiet night overnight. the forecasteatures call for clouds building in later on tonight and that means going to have a warmer night lan that night. clouds will act like an insulation to keep morearm air near the surface. then warmer temperatures on the
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seven-day forecast, especially mid-week. so right now temperatures in the 50s in most spots. 57 in oakland. 60, haard. concord, 59. satellite and radar will show an area of pressure to in north. it's bringing rain to vancouver, seattle, and portland, and the low will stay low. the high prsure is acting like a protective dome, keeping storms away. so sunshine in the forecast, warm temperatures, and the highs aren't going anywhere the next five days or so. the forecast animation shows you for sunday, clear skies, clouds filter in, partly cloudy when you wake up monday morning. then the clouds break down, total sunshine by the afternoon, and temperatures nice and wm, to start off the new work and school week. so over in rightlows, 52 in san francisco. 45 in napa, 50 the overnight low
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in concord. the bus stop forecast tomorrow morning, cool temperatures, so you'll need the jacket. temperatures in the inland east bay in the 40s and 50s. along the coast a bit wmer, low 50s and a cool breeze. and that sunrise at 6:36 a.m. tomorrow morning. and highs for your moay, '71 in vallejo. 70 the high in san jose. downtown san francisco, normal high of 67 tomorrow. san rafael, 70. and half moon bay, high of 64. the accuweather seven-day forecast, early clouds tomorrow morning, they'll break down and tons of sunshine in the ternoon. voting on tuesday, weatherlooks good, mid-70s inland and upper 60s ong the coast and the peak happens wednesday and thursd, where 80s are on the board inland, low 70s along the ast, and sunshine dominating the forecast. the next seven days andll indications are, even into the second week of noveer, still the same pattern. we can get used to it, then.
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>> for two weeks. >> shu in now. sports. no great night nor niners, and raiders, and ner all lost. the 49ers are 1-2-1 after bye weeks. they added to added to added to. kaepernick was sacked eight times. bruce bochy taking his first break from the world series season. kap roll right and finds bolden. his 900th career catch was made in this game. davis finds britt. touchdow rams, tied at 10. more of the same in the second for the 49ers. they're driving, sims chases kap down. one of the rams' eight sacks on
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the day. only had six coming into the season. rams gates field goaland the lead. niners diving after two pass interference goals. third and one on the one. quarterback sneak but kap fumbles the snap, regains, fumbles again. ninersose and drop to 4-4. >> that was tough loss, and we're going to play better football, coh better football, better habits, play better. >> did you see the goal line? how are u so confident you crossed the goal line? >> i was loong in the end zone. >> that's depressing. tied a halftime the niners inducted former head coach into the francse's hall of fame. he coachedhe niners to a 98-38 season,on two super bowls as a head cch and five as an assistant. he was one whenever my favorite coaches, smart, innovative and one of the most underrated coaches in football. his career started as an usher
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at kezar. >> now to be honored and enter the hall of fame here in the new levi's stadium, i've gone full circle. i'm just lucky, lucky, lucky. >> well-deserved. tony romo injured. brandoweeden under center for the cowboys but carson palmer struggled early. firs quarter, picked off, the 58-yard picks six. 7-0 bones. palmer atones in the second. cards up 14-10. fourth quarter, palmer, play action, hits ellington three td passes, card win 28-17. now 7 1-and in control of t nfc west. >> t raiders are winless in seattle. another good showing but the defending world champs were too muchor the silver and black they had to deal with he hostile 12th man and women in seattle.
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marshawn lynch goes beat most. raiders try to get somethingn the first. comes down with a pick, goes 35 yards, seahawks up -3. raiders now down 24-3n the third. autry blocks the punt. butler falls on the ball in the end zone. 24-10. raiders showingight, cutting the lead to six the fourth. carr bootleg, finds rivera, but not enough. raiders fall to 0-8 with the seattle victory. hawks now 5-to. >> nascar in texas on the first green-white-checkered attempt. jeff gordon had the lead, took the outside lane. brad keselowski tried to push the the gap. knocked out gord. afterwards gordon goes after keselowski. punches thrown from both teams. theworst post race brawl i've ever seen. >> to n the race, that was our
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opportunity, and didn't come together. >> out of nowhere i just got slammed with the 2, and it cut my left rear tire. he is just a dip [bleep] >> wow. this sports report brought to you by orchard supplyardware. more from the niners tonigh and that was a brawl. >> wow. almost uncomfortable to watch. might take back "i like brawls" comment. >> youave that appearing. >> thank you. next, halloween seems like great night for spook
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join us on kofy tv 20. why we'll tell you about the researcher who found apider the size of a puy in south america has received death threats. then -- >> you have to pay ransom. >> the malicious software targeting your computer not to steal yo files but to hold them hostage. the ordinary people forc to pay to get their files bck. that's tonight on abc7 news at
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11:00. trick-or-treaters ate into this weekend's box offe. it was down 40% compared to last year when halloween night fell on a thursday. two movies are currently tied in first place, night crawlers, with ke gyllenhaal, and ouija, last week's box office winne both movies earned 10.9 million. one movie could edge out the other as late sale numbers come in. alysts say people would rather trick-or-treat or go to parties.
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