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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 5, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> tonight abc7 news i team uncovers exclusive evidence of danger on the highway afte another weekenddeath. >> team coverage and returns on more bay area mayor's races. >> flippg a property can be risky for the investor and th neighborhood. an up close look at flipping, coming up on 7 on your side. >> and the grateful dead, the subject of five decades of academic research.
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>> a ba area football star is killed in a crash. experts say he could haveñr survived if it hadn't been for the guardrails he struck. >> the 24-year-old darrell blackman died after an accident saturday moing in marin county. >> the guardrail has been blamed for deaths and injuries across the country. here is a piece of t car i found at the scene. we don't know whether he was impaired. the chp is down loading data. but a guardrail make that sued the company says he should have survived tla crash. friends tell the i team darrell blackman may have been coming home om work as a bouncer in bar when his car crashed 4:30
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saturday morning. he exeled on the berkeley high football team, played at campus state, and tried out for the 49ers in april afte an injury he hopes to try again next year. through it, he volunteered coaching berkeley kids. >> just amazing to me. just a nice guy. >> after blackman died in the crash, crews didn't clean up welch i found pieces alo 101. a head light and aio hazard bag full of bloody gloves they d take special care of th guardrail end piece i couldn't find it yesterday i did find a main beam, pulled the bumper outnd verified it was ackman's through id numb. after phone calls caltrans took
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me behind black tarps to show me the end terminal at >> that head is responsible for the death of that boy. there is no question. >> here is the way it's supposed to work the force of the car pushes the end terminal down and it flattens "w" into a smoo ribbon of steel. that slow the car. in this case, you can see the guardrail bulging out of the channe how it folded right at t end terminal. >> they lock up. and it buckled over and buckled up and ripped off. >> the rail fpped onto the highway. the seabringcontinued past. after repeated insy dents and
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lawsuits 39 states banned e ep plus. >> it' frustrating to people like the family of blackman. >> i found stacks of new e plus heads in the caltrans yard, discovering caltrans installed another in that location. >> it's unconscionable people are just ignoring these facts. and i will not stop if they, i will not silence. people are dieing. if sothing isn't done, ey'll continue dieing. >> i reached out to his mother and a close friend. at this time it would premature to speculate.
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send me a tip on this or another investigation on abc7 or cl me. >> so dan, caltrans rlaced that cap with the sameind of cap? >> the sameap is being blamed for injies and deaths ey will not take action to ban this thing. >> that sa site. >> tens of thousas around the state. >> yes. >> thank you. >> a 72-year-old man has been charged he says it was a mercy killing to take her out of her pain. >> jerry canfield is charged with murdering his wife, joanne they weremarried 37 years. neighbors say they're in love. >> the part of being in love, they were that. on a daily basis. continually with each other. whenever he went, she went
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>>and the next door neighbor knew the couple well. >> jerry said you know, she's seeing little demons, demons are chasing her around the house because sh had bruises to the bone. she was running and tripping. what not. >> canfield had to place her in this home. >> he'd be up at 7:00 in the morning, out the door, spend the day with his wife, he'd come home like 9:30, 10:00 and did this every day. talk about love. >> two weeks ago, c fooemd was able to bring joann back home. that is saturday, october 25th. he wheeled her to their apartment. ighbors say she was disoriented and unable to recognize anyone. jerry canfield's lawyer says he prised his wife he'd take her life if she couldn't bear the pain anymore. on that sunday, october 26th, he kept his word. he placed a dozen red roses by
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her bed and shot her in the head. rod baker is a neighbor. >> my wife saw jrry leave sunday. dresse up. more so than normal. got in his truck, androve away. >> he drove to the police departnt and turned himself. he was once asked about his wife's condition. >> i said how are you going to take care of her? he goes we've made arrangements. i ha no idea it meant to help her not be in misery. >> this might have been the last kind thing that he could do for her. and i'm sure that is what it was. i just -- nobody would convince me other than that. >> there are resources available for care givers that may feel overwhelme on the screen is the number for the family ca giver alliance. they work with people around the
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country and rresentatives will visit your hom to see how to best lp you. there is also a link to their web site on abc7 >> an oakland based flight attendant is murdered after she took her boyfriend to austin, texas to meet her family. the flight attendant was brutally stabbed to death after an argument halloween night. according to a rert her family saw the 53-year-old hoing a knife over her body saying i can't believe i killed her. he was caught in a neighboring county. >> an update nown two big bay area mayora races th were undecided but tonight we havnew numbers. in oakland, the council woman lib libby shaft has a 50% of the vote. in san jose, new figures released minutes ago show
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councilman sam locardo increasing his leadthere. abc7 news reporters have live team coverage tonight. let's begin with you, david? >> well, there is still 120 mail in ballots to be counted here. the city of san jose. anbecause of that, that can help either one of the candidates. but because of the campaign that went on here, sam locadro wants the hling to begin. the narrow edge at puts the council member head of dave cortese gives neither a mandate from those who have voted. . >> i never believe that had elections carry with them, mandates. we've got a diverse community with diverse issue my job is to work with everyone. that includesolks who posted. >> an he reached tout to leaders of the police officers association.
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both backed cortese. quote, i congratulated sam locardo thisorning for running a great campaign, he said in written statement this, is too close to call. the registrar says there are 120,000 mail in ballots to be counted and 10,000 pro visional ballots >> they believe there istill an election to becontested i'll let them do that. and when they'reeady to sit down, i'll be there. >> polics arough and tumble. you come out, you're adul and you have to govern. so, we'll go forward. with who ever ends upeing declared the winner. >> he hopes election wounds will heal. >> i pray there are bitter times ahead.
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>> with this contest this close, i think tat defitely, the number o ballots we have can still make a difference. >> now to laura anthony in oakland, live. with 15 candidates on the ballot we've thought it might take days to determine a winner. >> we know that much, she held a victory speech today at the same time the rentaling star is saying they have 20,000 ballots to still count. results may not be official, they're pretty obvious. this hs been an incredible campaign. that has been worthy of an incredible city. >> surrounded by supporters and staff, she declared victory in the oakland's mayor race that wasn't as complicated or otracted as many thought it
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would be. >> schaaf gave a victory speech moments after jean kwone mailed a statement conceding the election. quote, i'vbeen proud to be the first woman, and asian-american mayo i thank oaklanders for the opportunity to bring the city through tough times. while the huge lead appears insur moundable, the registrar says results are not official and won't be for some time. cam lan led in the polls but the teamworked perfectly. >> she's done very well in the rank choice voting system. and i think it's a definite statement that oakland is looking in a new rection.
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>> she now leads to move over the city. >> i believe that libby is very honest. i feel that african americans are coming to her about something of value,something that works. it would make a difference. >> schaaf says she and quanñr wl hold a joint transition event on thursday. >> well, still ahead here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 t new mayor of richmond ñi how he overcame a corporate campaign waged against him. >> a vaccine for ebola. a bay area pharmaceutical company developinghat would be a life saving pill. >> i'm spencer christian. some hh clouds moving through now. but still no sign of rain. we'll take a look at the seven we'll take a look at the seven days ♪ ♪
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president obama requested $6.2 billion in ergency funds to fight the ebola cris in africaand prevent it from spreading here. as cis nguyen reports, a ccine is being developed right here inthe bay area. >> on the peninsula, researchers are hard at work. their focus to create a vaccine tablet. >> we have no reason to bieve the tablet would be infior to ingestibles. >> it is no stranger to the cause the company shelved it's ebola vaccine program because of limited fus but brought it back. >> we've rushe to the opportity to make our own resources available and move this in order don't have government funding at this moment >> the tablet can be sred at room temperature for a year, a
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big advantage over vaccine that's need to be kept cool. jackie speier stopped fwoi learn more but how it could save lives. >> in africa, it's as important tos as what goes on acrs the street. >> many will be watching as the company waits for funding. they hope to begin human trials next year. the goal iso make the vaccine available for anyone that needses it. reporting san francisco, abc 7 news. >> city cocilman won the mayor's race in richmond all three progrsive alliance candidates won city council seats the election that drew
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national attention. >> i think people were just fed up with the whole chevron money machine. they've been obsess with owning the city council. they've never been able to let it go. he says he can work with chevron and tells abc7 the voters have spoken. >> giants world series victy has proven to be an expensive one. officials said there are 35 absences on friday, the day of the victory celebration, more thanwice average for the year. because the district gets about $40 for every student who attes school, that is a loss of about $140,000 in san francisco. >> wow. >> yes. >> weather forecast, not bad out there. >> yes. no rain during the parade >> it's true.
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>> this church for rain goes on. we have high clouds now and no rain associated with clouds. looking west, it's 69 degrees in san fransco. morgan hill, 70. here is a view from golden gate bridge. peluma, 64. fairfield 62 degrees. another live vw from our camera looking over san francisco, cloudy skies overnight. doesn't look like it's going bring us rainfall. high clouds movinghrough so we
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have another week. starting at 7:00 tonight during overnight hours we'll seehigh clouds sweeping by. tomorrow, we'll see low clouds turning to the. will be cooler torrow for the bay area. and then, overnight, looking for mainly clear skies low temperaturesropping into mid too upper 40s. and tomorrow, sunny skies, with highs fro mid to upper 70s. and mid-60s on the coast tomorrow. 64 pacifica tomorrow. 65 the high in half moon bay. downto, 69 degrees tomorrow. 66 i the sunset district. north bay, mid-60s on the coast and into inland valleys, check
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out the eastbay. 75 in castro valley. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather throughout the weekend higharound 80s inland saturday and sunday, upper 70s around the bay. 70 degrees on the cst. clouds coming into the picture monday, tuesday, wednesday. and no rain drops yet. just dropping temperatures. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a surprise discovery off monterey bay. >> they're looking for an earthquake vault and found this. female announcer: through tuesday at sleep train
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tonight a near miss for tesla motors. the company says it will fall short of the goal of selling 35,000 electric vehicles this year and lostearly $75 miion thanks to increased engineering costs tesla stock fell prior to the report but gained $16 in after hours trading. >> a team of scientists made an
7:25 pm
unexpected discovery ile exploring an earthquake fault that runs oside of monterey bay. you can see by what is printed on the hull it' from oregon the barge ran in 1982 aground >>we want to thank you for aching a major milestone. >> yes we have 500,00 likes on the abc7 news facebook page. >> yes. thank yo we appreciate it. >> we do. to see the sties in your feed go to and like us >> yes. please d that. we have developing news.
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the victim has been rescued. >> tonight the biggest loser in the mid term elections what he said thatat could deen the divide inwashington. >> neighborhood impact of flipping houses. michael finney looks into at can happen where you live. bulldog: what, what!
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a man abducted after a philadelphia street has been found safe tonight this, is surveillance video showing the 22-year-old as she was attacked and ken on sunday policesay these images with surveillance video at a convenience store helped th rescue her, tonight be pole were able to track thesuspect's car in maryland they found the victim and rested the suspect. >> as of now there is no relation they know each other. right now we're just taking it on as a stranger investigation. >> the suspect is a 37-year-old delvin bas, also wanted for attempted murder in virginia. tonight the victim's mom gave a detective a special thank you.
7:30 pm
>> he sat in my kitchen in front of me and told me i'm bringing your daughter home. and he brought my baby home. >> she's being treated for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. >> well, politics words of warning between republican leaders and president obama over the issue of immigration. with the g.o.p. now at full control of congress after last night's elections, both republican leaders and the president made vs today to cooperate. but they bj bame less consill tori when it came to immigration. >> if we want to get a bill done, i'm eager to see what te have to offer. but what i'm not going to do is just wait. >> newly reelected juror mish mcconnell ys if the president takes action on immigration it would be a big mistake, saying it's a issue many want to address.
7:31 pm
>> it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull saying if you don't do what i want, i'm going to do it on my own. and the has is threatening to do it again. >> some say executive action could be grounds for impeachment. >> you have seen the shows about investorsuying homes, rehabilitatinghem, then selling them for a profit. it's called flipping. >> it's back in foeing again. >> michael finney has been following this project. >> yes. this is not for the weak of heart. it's a major commitment. it's a risknd you can make money. critics say the impact is too high a price to pay.
7:32 pm
alex showeder loved the show "flip this house", crediting the program to inspire him to become a full time flper. he says he flips four homes per year. >> it's most. if one builds a business, one can expect to do 5, 6, or 10, or 1 per month. >> the two split risk and profit. the pair purchased this forecled three bedroom one bath home in berkeley. an investment group boughtthe property in a foreclose closure sale for $461,000 then sold it to kes management group for $535,000. ken and alex will rhabilitate the home, add a second bathroom, then, resell it. >>ith a project like this, yore looking at a good four weeks. >> ken calls this aypical
7:33 pm
rehab for a distressed propty. there are engineering, foundation, electrical, and plumbing issues tt need to be fixed we saw a wall ripped out. >> dificult, distressed real estate. people taking out frustrations perhaps, >> if all goes well they can suspect aand some profit. >> and san francisco is average flip gave a profit of $100,000 in the first quarter of 201 >> but that down from a year ago. when the average rate of return was 37% when more mes were being foreclosed. gindaman isn't concerne >> if you're clearing 20%, that is comfortab. >> this is the other face of flipping. the me time they were purchasing their home in berkeley. an investor bought gumm's apartment building with plans to
7:34 pm
evict her and other tenants, then convert to condominiums. gumm and her husband fought to stay in e home. they lost. gumm spoke to us through an interpreter. >> there are people like me being evicted, forbly out of their homes that are having a hard time finding a place to ve again. >> in cities like oakland and san francisco, the impact is attracting major concern. in san francisco, speculators targeted rent controlled buildings >> it's devastating in san francisco. when speculars buy rent controlled homes, evict everybody, then flip the units. >> this map represents all foreclosed properties bought betwn 2007 and 2011 by just one investor, reo homes. it's one of e biggest
7:35 pm
forecloeor investors and rents hundreds of homes that it fixe up. reo homes told us it rehabilitated properties in severe disrepair. and is invested in oakland for the long term. critics say the rental conversions priced many out of their neighborhoods. >> what's happening in the bay area and in san francisco are rents going through the roof. it's a crisis. >> but alex showeder grimaces when he hears criticizes of flipping. he says it's demonizing the profession >> we buy properties at a scount. that is where we make money. we can't sell higher than the market >> he points out the berkeley rehab stretched into december arebuilding project that was supposed to take four weeks is now in the fifth week and nowhere near being done.
7:36 pm
in fact the permit won't get appred until march the so called third bedroomurb turned out to be an illegal addition, causing one pmitting delay after another. >> this project ende up taking longer than anticipated so we had costs that were not budgeted for. >> construction wasn't complete until this summer but they ended up selling it for $949,000, that is $414,000 more than they bought it for. alex says the profit margin was between 35% and 50%. >> it's a good place. it's rewarding and worth 2 to smaller flips. >> back in san francisco, the unit gumm was evicted from is selling for $759,000 >> i'm not holding a grudge against what happened to me. it's hard to deal with.
7:37 pm
in my heart. roposition g would have imsed a property tx on any building sold within five years of purchase. to see this report online go to abc7 click on sections tab. >> good stuff, >> yes. >> sure >> just ahead new products unveiled by local start ups >> they can make life better for
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abc7 news gives a look at product that's could be on sale as soon as next year. >> someone is playing a cat video. but this cat is chasing a robot. >> it goes poun. the robot take off. >> it's one of >>entrepreneurs travelled to china because it's the central hub for all nufacturing sourcing in the world. >> he sayseing where parts are made was ky to building this
7:41 pm
lab robot at a price students can afford. >> grad students have been doing manual labor for sciences nce invention of biotechnology. >> the items are meant to help pew tour entrepreneurs make their productshere, at home. >> it's a big fiber glass board. >> it let's you make circuit boards athe desk. >> just press print. you'll have a printout of your board. and if this is wrong, make another one if you're a photographer this $3,000 robot might just be a perfect partner. >> she's ashe? >> she is a sh >> there are other tricks like giving a hand with it's assembly line. >> they want to bring manufacturing backo the u.s. and we're able to help them do
7:42 pm
that. he says serious robots are now seriously affordabl >> even ift's mainly useful to your cat. >> coming up next, t grateful dead. >> now taking their place in history, just ahead.
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counter culture is going unr way. a academic conference on the grateful dead is underway. >> jerry in 87. deadheads in 87. >> if you know a subjectell enough, make a name for yourself. jay blakesberg did, by spending years following the grateful dead. >> did you ever think this would turn into a phd ty subject? >> no when following the
7:46 pm
grateful dead we're just there to he fun. >> academics from around the world will studythis iconic band. >> you can absolutely look at lyrics as literature. >> the dead have become a new field of study, taken as seriously as classics. >> history 170. >> every math css just statistics. >> the study of, i can't remember. i didn't go class. for certain boomers, dead concerts and eeriences were a class. ey might not have known itt the time. >> it's grateful dead experience, at we did on tour as fans in early 1980s is sort of the next level after being on the road. >> a college campus is a perfect
7:47 pm
place to talk about the grateful ad and jerry garcia. and american cuure. >> so we thought. >>i never heard of the grateful dead. >> jerry garcia? >> not the ice cream. >> football player? >>he grateful dead? >> it doesn't sound like it's grateful. there is nothing grateful being dead. >> if i'm disaointed in everything students don't know it would be a grim occupation. >> or, mbe not. teaching a new generation about the grateful dead cane a pretty good living. >> what do you like? >> you said what do i like? >> i like french fries. >> in san we haves yeah state universi, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> if you'd like to attend the conference there is link on our web site. just go to abc7 >> i'm not familiar with the french fries? >> yes. >> thank you.
7:48 pm
>> spencer christians back. >> a few high clouds moving through the bay area now. calm, quiet day state wide tomorrow. with excepti of eure, going to get rainfall. that is not what we're expecting tomorrow, we're expecting sunny skies with passing high clouds and loclouds at the coast. high temperatures from mid-60s to low and mid-70s around the bay. mid and upper 70s inland. here is th accu-weather forecast. gog to be mild throughout the weekend highs inland highs turday, sunday, up around 80 degrees, upper 70s aroun the bay. then a cool down on monday. partly cloy monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures dropping off several degrees but no rain drops in sight. >> not even a hint? >> there is a hint for a while. >> yes. i know the hint disappeared. >> yes.
7:49 pm
right? >> we'll work up mor hints. maybe. >> thank you. >> tonight we're kicking off the abc7 food drive. abc7 and disney will give $75,000 to local food banks one out of six of friends and neighbors goes hungry. >> spencer will be live at second harvest food bank. >> we hope you'll join usand give where you live. it's easy to make a $ten donation. just text the wor feed to 8007 >> so you'll be out there. pele can say hi. make a donation. >> yes. >> and get into the spiritf giving. >> what is wrong wh the 49ers? can they fix it? like soon? a mediocre 4nd 4.
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good evening, 49ers visit new orleans to play saint on
7:53 pm
sunday not a must win gameath matticly. saints are in first place in a weak nfc south. with every defeat you get mre and more noise, more questions about the future, this week, niner hall of famer steveoung expressed concerns about the 49ers energy level and bod body language. >> i don't -- comment on that, or flak. >> keep the flak on the outside.
7:54 pm
we're understaing the challenge, and attacking. >>hey're attacking and have to fithis thing quickly. collin kaepernick has been sacked 14 times inñi two gam. that is ridiculous. >> this is a sppy game. you know it's just not us. not us. >> i feel le we're 4 and 4. >> you know? >> had is a free for all. youet people screaming and inting fingers.
7:55 pm
>> in theend he decided his knees were not going to hold up. he's going to retire. niners gambled and hoping time and rehab would allow him to come in and play in the nfl. steve kerr knows about rivalries with the clippers. it's on, all right. this is become one of the most intense rivalry, good stuff. >> you have t protect your home
7:56 pm
cour so they know us well. and have to try to execute them. >> san jose playing 16 of 21 away shark ank. that is back on the road again for seven more games. like the saying whatoesn't kill you makesou stronger. >> if you can w that, it's a eat thing. and if you stay together you're going to have ups and downs.
7:57 pm
>> good ne is that they will have more home games. i would go to nner but i'm watching game pe. >> good plan. >> thank you very much >> join us tonight at 9:00 the woman may be the youngest ndidate to win in yesterday's election. >> d tnight a b buzz over e booze view >> cma awards, huge, really. stay with usor the news at 11:00. >> why not use watch abc tonight? and another reminder, thanksgiving food drive begins
7:58 pm
tomorrow. text the word feed to 80077. >> that is easy. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 110. >> have a good evening. female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends tuesday, veterans day. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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