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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 5, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center. this is a about c news. >> a local flight attendant stabbed to death and police say her boyfriend, the person she brough home to meet her parents is the one whodid it. >> tonight you will hear from the victim's sister. good eveng. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. 53-year-old joseph carr is charged with the murder of 43-year-old kelly turner. >> alyssa harrington is live at oakland international airport with new and disturbing details. >>an and ama, she was a southwest flight attendant and her boyfriend lived in oaand working as an artist and sculpt for and now he is in jail facingurder charges for allegedly stabbing her death after a fight on halloween. >> the beautiful smile when she walked ito a room she lit
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up the room with her smile. >> it was supposed to be an exciting trip for kelly turner, a southwest flight attendt from alameda and her boyfriend, joseph carr. the couple traveled to austin, texas, turner's hometown so she could introduce him to her family. instead she ended up dead. police s carr stabbed her to death. the wounds on his neck in h mug shot are self-inflicted. >> she alws saw somethg good in every person. >>urner was killed early saturday morning on halloween weekend. long-tim friends are devastated wishing they picked up on sis that something was wrong. >> i was taking her things she left at her friend's house and putting them that her mother's car and she broke out into tears saying i can' believe i am never going to see my daughter again. >> police say the couple got into a fight after returning home from a beer.
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53-year-old carr then allegedly stabbed turner. she was a scultptor in emeryville and he somemes posted picture of knives and swords he made on his facebook page. carr's bail is $2 million. abc7 news. a security guard was css in the cross fire today during a shooting in front of the starbucks. it happened in antioch on a stet. alan wang spoke to the curity guard who fired back. >> we were called to the trespass list at the starbucks. >> lyndsay gdon was about to confront the two people when a man on a bike began firing at them from a nearby bus stop. gordon was in the middle. >> he pointed itoward me and again i exchanged -- i fired one shot and i don't know how many he fired. i took a round in the arm. >> the slug traveled up his arm and lodged itself in his back.
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gordon spoke to us from the hospit where he is in stable condition. the 41-year-old owner of diablo valley security company went across the street and arrested the shoote police believe he was associated with the same people who exchang gunfire on sunday. a woman and her dog were wounded whenhey were caught in the cross fire there on the corner about a hundred yards away from today's incident. >> she was stooped there sitting down and the dog was lying on the pavement. he figured out the dog got caug up in the sooting also. >> gordon says there was another shooting at the same starbucks last month. >> they don't scare me and they won't scare me away. it is what i do. >> hesays he will be back on-the-job as soon ahe is ready. in antioch, alan wang, abc7 news. and breang news tonight. san francisco police are on the scene of a shooting on alabama street near 23rd. according to initial reports as many a four people may
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have been shot. this is a live look. you can see all of the police officers there. no word on theinjuries of those who were struck. stay with abc7 news and for the latest on this breaking story and follow on abc7 news bay area. a problem with the new bay bridge is worse than first thght. it holds the eastern tow down and it shows more than a fourth may not be protected from corrosion from sea water. some may be missing grout. all of the rs will be inspected. cal trans blames the contract worker saying they made a mistake. american bridge floor tells cal trans they will do the inspections and pay to fix the problem if necessary. the national park service is considering incasing the fee from $ to $10 and those under 16 could get in for free. the park service is taking comment onhis proposal. the money would be used for park enhancements and the last fee increase was in 2011 by $2
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to ma up for state budget cuts. the race for mayor is too close to call in san jose. he is leading with 51% of the vote to santa clara county supervisor dave cortezi's 49%. he is not conceding until all of the absentee ballots are counted. an official winner may not be declared for several more days. >> libby schapp is the winner. caplan conceded this evening and mayor quan will hold a joint news conference to discuss the transition of office. acro the bay, san franciscoett voters overwhelming ly passed a minimum wage increase by 28 workers will make $15 an hour. that's the highest in the nation. and tonight that decision is getting mixed reviews. here iseporter katie to
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explain. >> crystal fernandez works three jobs and shares a two-bed5078 apartment -- two-bedroom apart meant with three people. her bo is against it. >> it is going to be costly to everybod the consumer and the business owners. >> dn the street the co-founder voted in favor of the wage hike. >> we are so busy with the day-to-day making chocolate for the holidays that i wouldn't say we real thought too deeply with how it would affect us i a few years. >> with the passage of prop j it will increase a dollar every year until 2018 when it hits $15n hour. >> we will go out of business and way are worried about that. >> those against the wage ke say it could backfire on workers leading to more mpetition for fewer hours an jobs. >> you are going to have to
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cut back. businesses the wayhings are and with the represents and the hundreds of permits and licenses nst in business, it is not a business friendly city anymore. >> it will get bettero it is a good time to try. >> they passed a minimum wage increase. something paid from $9 to $12.25. abc7 new we are kicking off the abc7 thanksgiving food drive. this month abc7 and our parent company, disne will give $75,000 to local feeding america food banks, but they still need me help. research shows one in six of our friends and neighbors in the bay area goes huny every month. tomorrow abc7'sponsor christian will be live in san jose at th second harvest food bank. hope you will join us and give where you live. you don't even have to leave the house. to make a donation text the word feed to 80077.
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>> just get involved. it is a great effort. something is brewing in theast bay. next on abc7 news, millions are pouring in and people all over the wod are drinking it up. why everyone isbuzzing about the big booze boom. >> plus back home safe. the woman dragged to her car kidnapped found alive. how police were able to track her down. >> and police say this world famous rock star was planning some dirty deeds. the charges he faces tonight. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a warm day all around, but it can't lastforever. what areas are cooling off tomorrow? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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th man accused of kidnapping a woman in philadelphia may have a history of sexually assaulting women. that according to police. investigators today located her near baltimo. surveillce cameras captured her abduction on suny. police arrested delvin barnes who faces attempted murder charges in another case. philadelphia police tweeted this pictu of investitors with her family. th used tips from the public and atm records to find barnes. a worldamous heavy metal rocker is accuse of trying to have two men killed. philudd is the drummer for ac/dc. officers raided the musician's home on the north island of new zealand after getting a tip and he isacing charges of meth and marijuana. the judge suppressed the names. it is over flowing with
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innovation and not just technology. as jonathon bloom found out with the local economy now on the rebound, some folks have been pouring their extra cash into another industry in the east bay. >> it is that time of year when grapes are crushed and pressed into the beginnings of wine. >> it is hsh and bitter. >> they run this ple. >> owner, wine maker, accountant, jitor. >> something you might find in napa and sonoma. >> we actually think that being in a city and being in that food scene give us an edge. >> with a fo-lift it was inspired by the urban legends. >> it is nonpro -- nontraditional wine country. >> despite every appearance of
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beg the next big thing, making wine in the city actually isn't a new idea. in fact, it is a very old idea. >> this is really the old school way ofaking wine up until prohibition about 85%f wine was made here in theast bay for the entire state of california. >> the reason was simple. hauling grapes into the city and bottles are toughso they make the wine where the customers are. >> we truly reflect the diversity that is oakland. >> it doesn't end with wine. >> in berkeley the rare barrel makes one inned could of beer, the sour kind. >> the best way to describe sour beer if you haven't had it is to forget what you think you know about beer. >> ad and barreled for about a year it is another unconventional piece of the east bay's beverage renaissance. >> it looks more like a winery than a brew -- brewery. >> the sour br is made with the sameacteria cultures as sourdough bread.
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>> the summer never gets too hot and the winter never gets too co. that's exactly where our barrels want to be. >> the result? >> acidic like a fine red wine and tart like a handful of strawberries. >> now they can barely keep it on t shelves. >> it is cool. it is a surprise. >> in alameda you will find more bottles and barrels, but these are for iskey, rum, vodka. it is at the old hangar that is now saint george spirits. >> beer will only last so long in the bottle once you have made it. we have made products tt could out live all of us. it is the best sh at immortality. >> the are best known for one, hangar 1. but sainteorge doesn't make hangar 1 vodka anymore. they are -- they sold it to a company moving in next door leaving room for brave new experiments. there are a lot of crazy things on the shelves. we have distilled crab,
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distilled seaweed. >> every so often something works. >> green chili. >> the latest product is green chil vodka. >> theirallets being much more educated. >> just the crazy idea. jonathon bloom, abc7ews. >> we just highlighted three ofhe east bay beverage makers, but there are dozens more. we compiled a li on our webse, >> it is fascinating. we are, making a milestone at abc7 thanks to you. we now have more than 500,000 likes for our facebook page. thank you for liking us on social media and making us part of your day where you live. if you would like tosee our stories go to abc7 news. >> if we ar not going to get rain, we uh -- appreciate nice
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weather. >> it will change eventually. >> danand ama, expect two thumbs up for the weathe live doppler 7hd is showing clouds and the weather will be changing toward tomorrow. this was a treat in the sky. waxing gibbous and 99% full. we saw some high clos obscuring a little bit. no fog and obscuring the skies here. the temperatures right now in the low to mid60s. san francisco, oaand o mildest readings. 58 san jose and 57 morgan hill and half moon bay. low 50s petaluma and d50s for concord and our sfo camera, no clouds, but for the morninghours you will likely see low clouds there. partly cloudy morning and cool at the coast. we are looking at a mild to warm weekend. high pressure istill going
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to be the dominatingactor. high clouds will spill over th top of the high-pres system. we are not expecting rain. in fact,nother week without rain. today's hi temperatures were in the mid7 around the coast and all the way to the mid80s in places like lroy. oakland got up to 8 degrees. tomorrow you will notice some changes. as w head toward tomorrow afternoon a few degreesf cooling and lots of sunshine inland, but low cloudsalong the coastline for your thursday afternoon the week ahead as you look at the temperature trend, san francisco, today's high was well above averag coming in at 75. the next couplef days we will be right near rmal at 67. recovering over the wekend and then falling again early to middle part of next week. morning will start out on the cool side. you might want to dress in layers. mid40s to upper 50s. high clouds and low clouds to start off and then for the afternoon here is what it will look lke. 80 in gilroynd 76 san jose.
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75 in sunnyvale. mid70s palo alto and menlo, park. menlo park. your mperatures will be lower. 67 in downtownan francisco. north bay lingering clouds around bodega bay. vallejo 74. 71 oakland and 75 fremont. you will still need the sunscreen and the temperatures will be higher than they were today. 76 san ramon, fairfield. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will repeat torrow's weather on friday. then the temperatures go up on saturday, sunday and above average again, a lot like today. plenty of sun. temperatures trending lower and no rain. >> crazy though. the beginng of november and 80s over the weekend?
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>> it is unusually warm. what can i say, ama and dan? >> warriors are playing pretty ll so far. >> no parade plans just yet, right, larry? >> speaking of above average. if this was the playoffs the warriors what beat his team f four straight. that'sbout right after what the warriors did on the court tonight. this
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me?
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to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. brought to you by ebay. >> the warriors-clippers game is wt supposed to be an early season grudge match between rivals. this thing turne into a blowout. the warriors rn the clippers right out of the gym. at oracle. usually fine when steph curry is hitting 40 footers he
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drills the threend he is crafty. and then goes lefty off the glass. 28 points. curry hoded by chris paul and andrew bogit. a little thunder from down under. left after reinjuring a hamstring. jordan with ahority. warriors answer on a 14-2 run and curry with the one handed push. that's ridiculous. klay thompson in early foul trouble. green in strid and warriors up 23 atthe half. he hit four three's. he hit four three's and is lookg at somebody in the crowd . 121-104 and he gets his first technical foul. you are winni. in fact, you did win. lebron james and the cavs and
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salt lake city. it is my house. flocks lebron at one end and then sprints the other way. three seconds left and jazz going to hayward and go night, game over, drive home safely. jazz win 102-100. and what's up with the cavs with lebron off to a 1-3 start despite1 from lebron james? the 49ers, boy do they ha a pivotal game. can jim harbaugh fix everything wrong with his offense? that's next.
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>>so do the 49ers want to get back to running the
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foball, or do they want to throw it? if they decide they want to throit can they keep colin kaeperni upright long enough on sunday in new orleans to do that? ey are 4-4 and they have to win thi game to keep realistic playoff hopes alive. there were so many distractions right now. you have growing noise about jim harbau's future if things go south. it is really, ally important. they are allowed 14 sac in two weeks. flat out unacceptable. how about giving the ball to frank gore early and often? frank would like that. this is the offensive side of the ball. you are watching the film and it isnot us. it is not us, not us at all. >> ieel like we are having an average season. we are 4-4 and that's all that matters. >> it wille a panic mentality. when you do that, it is a free for al i have been in those situations. you get people screaming and
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pointing fingers. we stick together. >> they have got to get it together up front. abc7 sports brought to you by ebay. how about the warriors? >> that's incredible they were good last year. small sample size four games, but with steve kerr they looked scary good. this could be a lot of funo watch. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow yo joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at


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