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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 7, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> no illegal drug. no alcoho alcohol. and note to loved ones as to why he took his own life. the investigation in the death of comedian robin williams. good evening. >> tonight new details from the corper's report. what they found in the system and the
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demons he was struggling with in the day before the suicide. ron reports. e-the coroner final investigative report says robin williams did not have any illegal trucks or alcohol in his system when he took his own life. 63-year-old comedian found dead in his home in tiburon last august 11. the cause of death as fix agencies. death by hanging. the report relessed tonight says williams wife susan wept to sleep first. but he was still awake. he was having a hard time sleeping. and was restless due to parkinson's and anxiety issues. and what it called a recent increase in paranoia. earlier that same evening he reportedly placed wrist watch in a sock and gave them the name could have had as he reportedly worried about the watch and wanted to keep them safe. on cheer ferry where williams was found the next morning were closed bolts of pro prescription drug anti-depressant found in his body. report final conclusion that robin williams one of america most beloved actor
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comedian committed suicide. ron clay born, abc news new york. >> police had to pull a suspect from a canal in antioch today. the cocoa times reports he crashed the vehicle and started swiping an ax at people on a trail. we were above earlier this evening when this happene happened. as an officer pepper spray the man with a weapon in his hand. fell back in the cocoa canal. officers threw him a listen then pulled him to shore. they quickly dringd him up the bank away from the water. man restraepd and taken away in an ambulance. police not sure what caused the crash or why the man started threatening people open the trail with that ax. >> challenger conceded closely fought race long time south bay congressman honda tonight. thank supporters at xan head quarter they are morning. he ladies by a little more than 4000 votes. union leders and elected officials supported honda while con relied on the backing of silicon valley tech
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leaders. >> today i have a message for those right wng millionaire and bill near. you can not buy grass roots. you can not buy this year and not by fix year. this many. >> when con spoke to reporters this evening he conceded defea defeat. >> at time when it is easy to be cynical about politicings i am inspired by the passion that both campaigns have shown. in this very unique district. >>reporter: well still no winner in the rest for san jose mayor. riccardo leaves cortez but only about 3500 votes. in the mean tim santa clara couldn't election official wants supervisors to look into why it took so long to count the vote. did the sudden departure of the couldn't top tech guru have neglect to do with that. lee quit his 11 116,000 dollar a year job after almost 20 years with the couldn't on monday. election officials say lee sudden
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departure had nothing to do with the slow vote count. >> work on new manufacturable bear i can't remember started on the golden gate bridge. lanes closed at various times starting tonight through 8:00 a.m. sun. workers made moderate if i kition to the drainage pavement before the barrier installation. installation of the median barrier will rear up to 52 hours which will require the bridge closure january tenth and 11th. officials believe the barrier will make head on collision on the bridge a they think of the past. >> pg&e craw open the scene for as listening as it takes to fix a natural gas leak that paralyze part of downtown san jose today. real mess. construction crew hit a 4 inch gas main with backhoe at mark and santa clear street sending giant cloud of natural gas into the air for hours. firefighters estimate they evacuated about 2500 people who work nearby. that forced several office buildings and other nearby businesses to close. some office workers even put on masks. >> well after i got the gas
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mask from my co-workers basically the fir department quick hi rae responded. told everybody to stay back fight pretty hi volume of natural gas that can seek ignition source to our goal and job is to rye to prevent from it happening and present vice president anybody from getting hurt. >> which they did. to great effect. ferts check the air inside neighboring buildings looking for any pockets of natural gas that could ignite. pg&e says may take couple hours mr. to replace the pwreingen gas line. >> delegation from san antonio is if the bay area today to meet with the oakland raiders owner about moving the team to texas. the team won't say where the meeting took place or confirm that it actually happened. low pressure a anthony has more from the team headquarters. >> in town. >> yes. >> fantastic. >> they are group of leaders from san antonio, texas. former raider receiver brandt says oakland fans may not like it. but raider owner davis
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needs to explore his options. >> our fans need new stapled deserve northbound to oakland the but the raiders want new stadium so we have to wait and see. >> raiders won't confirm the meeting in the bay year but former mayor has. the team lead says coliseum end at the end of this season. los angeles also mentioned as possible option for the raider raiders. >> obviously the raiders tried going to l.a. before. they chose to kilometer back to oakland. >> oakland mayor elect shaft says she is committed to con convenienceing dave is to city her. >> it's for to us sell oakland and convince that i am this is the place for the raiders. for the a. i'm committed doing that. although i have been very clear that i will not put public money into stadium construction. >> but some former raiders think the owner needs to did what is best for his team. here or elsewhere. >> because we didn't care where they play. play on the moon and we'll be flight with him as
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raider faechbilitys i think mark has emotional desire to want to did the same to stay here at the end of the day it is a business decision to be made. >> one possible scenario welcome back for the raid investigators temporarily move to sun antone y.if oakland or los angeles could construct a new stadium. in alameda, low pressure a anthony abc 7 news. >> this week santa clara couldn't became the first jurisdiction in the western u.s. to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. county supervisor pass the been on tuesday. it affects just 18 retailers in unincorporated parts of the county. federal law has banned flavored cigarettes since 2009 but doesn't take into account other tobacco products like cigar and cigarette. advocate say the flavored product sdaind for kid. >> screws because it has cherry flavor or moreen klaipd smoke because smoking is still smoking. flavor it sivls paechlingt kind of just over cast the whole tobacco flavor.
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>> situation gr association of america says some cigar plans include fruit jaws nuts and spaces and should not be included in the ban. >> more ahead open this friday night. up next. brick through in the fight against cybercrime. arrest of san francisco man is just the tip of the ice berg. >> also winter is still away off but 63 soap here. tonight the first ski area in california to open up the runs. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> look at tomorrow. >> i'll have the forecast. >> thanks and speaks station astronauts show you whether a blob of water looks leak from the in. really interesting experiment
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afternoon nobody knew why. they thought they were buying the threes that was in the driveway. >> honestly i really thought they were buying the car. >> but they were there to arrest the man they have charged with starting a spend off version of the notorious silk road web site. site which the government shut down last year. silk road 2.0also operated on the tour network. dark net which is home toil legal marketplaces trading in drugs. guns. child porn. even hit men for hire. master mind of the original silk road was rossal pwrichlt he even used the sued name dread pirate robber as in princess bride. government says the arrest of him was only the 10 of the ice berg. much bigger global police operation closed 400 web sites on the tour net work. beside u.s. it involves 16 you're pen countries. which resulted in 17 arrests. u.s. attorney says it represents break through for fighting
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cybercrime. professor mark green burg of the golden gate university i p law center disagrees. >> this is for law enforcement kind of like 19 century law he forcement with 21 century crime. >>reporter: others say too much money to be made to stopt illegal internet marketplaces. >> as long as there is a demand for elicit drug there will be somebody willing to sell them on the internet. people willing to by they will on the internet e-now blake waved extradition in san francisco federal court yesterday. since the case orman natured with u.s. attorney in new york he will be taken there to face charges. have been le, 7 news. >> mystery in los gatos still unsolved tonight. police trying to figure out how injured man ended up at the front door of the home on drake bay avenue. homeowner called 911 around 1 this morning after he says he found the 3 34-year-old stranger on his door step. injured man taken to the hospital. condition is not known. nor has police said
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how he was injured. >> well just announced today shuttle trains like this one will start running between the coliseum bart station and oakland airport on november 22. just in time for thanks giving week and travel. bart plans to operate the trains every 5 minutes in peek period mpd through 40. will cost you 8.15 to ride to and from do you want oakland. 10.05 to and from downtown san francisco. cable driven trains will be repolicing the current air bart subtle bus. >> ski season arrived today. without a lot of snow. just 14 inches at boreal mountain resort. last weaned the rest man made. still that didn't dampen the expert of skiers and boarders waiting for the day since last spring. patrick has more. >> good day to be out here. loving the snow. can't wait for the season to come. >>reporter: 50th time if boreal celebrating opening day.
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>> amazing. first day on snow. what more can you ask for. >>reporter: there isn't much snow but there is enough to open up one run. very busy one. >> not too bad. expect it. >> betterp nothing, right. >> super rad on here. post on instagram. these how i got up here. >> chair lift is packed. steady stream of borders and skiers getting in run after run. >> out here sense 9:00 a.m. we had quite the lien this morning and probably out here until 9 p. >> you have no idea i'm so happy as soon as i put my first fat open the snow it was like christmas opening up the favorite gift. >> 10 inches of snow fell during last weekend storm in a couple dozen huge snow gun leak this did the rest of the work. to build up enough business to open this run next to the castle peak chair lift. >> bunch of snow. awesome feature. better than last yea
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year. >> may seem a little irresponsible to use world trade center to make snow during the drought. boreal capture snow melt in the like in the spring puts it right back on the mountain in the fall. >> recycle. we work very closely with the state and a little bit of imagine i think. >> magic happens when the humidity and temperature are close together. that's when snow making most efficient. how it works that doesn't matter so much to the shredder as long as there's something white up on the mountain. >> i can't put tonight word. i'm so like it's awesome. i love it. >> for now this run will be open every day from 9 to 9 when the weather changes to awill you for more snow both man made from the sky more runs opening as soon as possible. at boreal mountain resort. patrick walker abc 7 news. >> any luck the dirt won't be there too much longer. won't need the jacket. >> i was going to say winter coat. >> daytime temperature out there right now. still pretty mild. temperatures drop pretty sharply. once it gets dark
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need to bundle up. here this what he said here's live doppler 7hd we have mostly clear 60 across most of the bay year. even along parts of the coast lean but still the area of fog dense in some spots. mainly south of the golden gate right now as a matter of fact. you can see that by looking at our current visibility reading readings. only 4 miles visibility at half machine bay where the fog is rather dense. look at all the locations away from the coast. most at normal level 10 miles with exception of oakland which has a little bit of patchy fog there. 5 mile advice nibility oak land. west ward across the bay under mainly clear sky. 57 oakland. move it field san jose. 60 morgan hill. as we look at sfo a little bit of fog off in the distance not very much snow. not so much as early in the ching. temperatures rang between 53 and 55 from santa rosa to napa to petaluma an
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fairfield. 59 in livermore. live view golden gate where earlier in the evening we had kuwait a bit of going and now pretty much gone. sky clear there forecast feature we see area of fog tonight. could be dmens few spots. warmer day ahead this wean and chance of rain finally after midweek next week. fog cast overnight show the fog pulling away from the coast line tomorrow early morning we have mainly clear sky along the coast just if you patches of fog here and there. dense in some spots but not wide spread. overnight we see low pressure generally in the low mid 50's cooler in our inland valley low drop that the 40's. tomorrow lots of sunshine. but before we get there let's look at a satellite image. the reason we have sunshine big ridge of high pressure brings us the warm weekend and sharp contrast we have the cold winter storm powerful extra tropical storm just beginning to push into the behring sea one of the lowest central pressure readings in the bearing see. 9 27 milliba millibar. winds gusting
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between 90 and 100 miles per hour. picking up 45 to 50 foot waves over the i lugs islands. so we keep monitoring the movement of that storm. meanwhile back in the bay area. sunny warm tomorrow south by high in the upper 70's to low 80's. mid upper 70's on the peninsula. and low 70's on the coast. downtown san francisco high of 72. 70 in the sun set district. north bay upper 70's about 70 in the coast. up to 80 inland at santa rosa and sonoma. over east bay high in the mid upper 70's as well. 76 in oakland. 78 fremont and the inland east bay nice and warm by november standards as well. upper 70's about 80 at concord antioch livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast after one weekend we have a mild monday but temperatures will drop few degrees. fairly nice day on tuesday which is veterans day t.then cloudy skies wednesday thursday friday and chance of rain thursday friday hard to say right now just how much rain we get. looking like a light written system but any way rain system is welcome.
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>> get things going at least. >> i hope soil. thank you spencer. >> region strition got under way today for annual charity drive if san jose. family camped out overnight to get a spot in line for the annual sacred heart food box toy give await a minute organize rs say tech industry becoming low income family face higher represent and other expenses while paycheck stay the same. >> family that come if for food are actually working. they have full-time job more than one full-time job but the numbers don't add up. >> hard for the family. thank god we have a job. fight sacred heart doing the give away for 50 years. this year they hope to give away 4000 thanksgiving food boxes. 3200 christmas food boxes and more than 16,000 toys. >> this the is a good opportunity for us to the urge you to give where you live. join 7 and help feed the hungry this holiday season. text the word feed to 8 007 7 to make a
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donation to the bay area food bank. >> take as second super easy. >> still ahead at 9:00. sweet reunion in the south bay. >> still ahead at 9:00. sweet reunion in the south bay. >> how oh chris, did you remember to pay the dog sitter? oh, i knew i forgot something. i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. it takes two seconds,
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>> although many veters said they were disappointed in the economy at the ballot becomes on tuesday the october numbers are in and the job market seems actually fairly healthy. labor department today said unemployment rate has now fallen to 5.8%. that's lowest in more than 6 years. for 9 straight months now employers have added more than 200,000 jobs. longest such stretch in almost 2 decades. >> emotional reunion for san francisco woman whose dig was
9:25 pm
stolen months ago and found in a dumpster over the wean. williams says she's over jived to have kaley her long time assistant dog back home. somebody took 8-year-old kaley from williams car in august. dog was found saturday in a dumpster open san francisco tenderloin district with broken rib and head injury. >> she's in the hospital for some time. spca did a wonderful job taking care of her and l the animal control thank good for them. >>reporter: app mall control workers think kaley had a micro chip help them get the dog hom home. if you know whether happened give them a call. >> poor kaley but back home. >> mr. news. coming up neck. the plan to send 100 mr. troops to iraq. mission with take them receipt in areas controlled by isis. >> also. flower that is being blamed for man miss stare us death. it's possible but can
9:26 pm
investigators paragraph it? >> this rate here is the rest praytor. >> behind the scenes of biocapement center. bay area hospital does show and tell. biocapement center. bay area hospital does show and tell. >> but is it ready ♪ ♪
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>> white house says it's sending 1500 more troops to iraq up until now the troops have been in the relatively safe areas of baghdad. >> administration insist they will not be in combat role but sent to areas where isis has very strong presence. >> chuck has more. >> we are not going to put people about in harm's way
9:30 pm
unnecessarily. >>reporter: with that assurance the pentagon announce plans to send up to 1500 additional u.s. troops to iraq. with more than double the number of u.s. forces there. pentagon says president obama has authorized new deployment in response to request from iraqi government which is fat fateing for its life against the bloody offensive by the insurgent army known as isis. president obama has vowed to send no more u.s. combat troops to iraq. pentagon says the ad until forces will act as advisors and trainers only. >> no reintroduction of u.s. troops in combat role in iraq. >>reporter: u.s. forces now in iraq in the relatively safe areas of baghdad. new troops september to much more dangerous years. where isis is a far bigger threat. while the white house insist this is not so-called mission creep. it was june that the president first announced that 300 troops would be going only to protect embassy personnel baghdad. that the grew to escape00
9:31 pm
troops to advice and train. then in august the u.s. launch air streak in iraq. then ex paned them to syria. now these 1500 additional trainers. friday the white house said there's no ceiling and no limits on how many more troops might be sent. new force can not be deployed unless congress aparagraphs necessary funds. chuck, abc news new york. >> president obama says it's time to put party politic aside and do what is right for the american people. president sat down with congressional leaders for the first time since tuesday midterm elect. president says republican take over of the senate shows americans are frustrated with grid lock and want washington to get things done. >> the one thing that i have committed to both speaker boehner and leader mcconnell is that i am not going to judge ideas businessed on whether they are democratic or republican. i'm going to be judging them based on whether or not they work. >>reporter: economy an isis
9:32 pm
were discussed but reports say immigration took up the bulk of two hour meeting in particular whether president can act unilaterally on the issue. >> more executive action are taken that would make it difficult if for us to always work together. >> president has the authority to act by executive order on immigration. it is the law but it's also the presence of other president. >>reporter: no firm agreement came out of the building the lawmakers did not leave empty handed. each given a 6 pack of white house beer to take home to commemorate the occasion. >> president obama will nominate u.s. attorney lynch to replace holder as attorney general. limp has served as the top pros cawtor for the eastern district of new york in both clinton and obama administrations. she's known to have a good realizeship withhold who are announced intention to resign in september f.confirmed lynch become the first minority woman to serve as attorney general. formal announcement made tomorrow.
9:33 pm
>> in the battle against ebola tonight kaiser permanent says it's ready. 7 news has more from new facility where they up veiled new technique in oak land. >> what you see here today is critical care unit fully dedicated to ebola care. >>reporter: if you are among the 1 in 3 bay area resident with kaiser health care this is where you will go if you contract ebola. >> on the sixth floor of the oak land hospital kaiser equipped select group of doctors and nurses to provide ongoing care for people with the deadly virus. >> specific team of care providers have that type of specialize training just like we have for cardiac care or critical care staff in the unit spend hours in training playing out scenario using medical dumpy. nurses say they volunteered for the task. >> really important to take customer of every part that comes through the door no. matter what they have. no matter what kind of condition.
9:34 pm
take care of these patient or any kind of patient. >>reporter: not every nurse likes kaiser approach. >> we are asking to have the equipment the optimal personal protection equipment hazmat suit. power respiratory for all furs e.california nurse association which is now in contract negotiations was kaiser says it's just the latest place where they want case tore give them more tall than training. >> we are actual will i about to good on striking at kaiser next tuesday and we are going on strike because of that bigger context. not having the resource. >> we are very disappointed that the union has put our nurse ins that position. >> kaiser told reporter they are following best practice to keep ebola from spreading. >> our commitment is to assure we little the number of facilities taking care of ebola patient's. >> they added all kaiser nurse equipped to screen for ebola and isolate a patient if necessary. once that happens they are transported here for ongoing treatment or to similar
9:35 pm
facility in south sacramento. in oakland abc 7 news. >> after hours of research father believes his son died after brushing up against the poisonous plant. plant known as morning hood or wolf vein handled without gloves flower can in severe cases cut presidential situations of the heart among other ailments. l they collapsed at english estate where he work as card inter. couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. the plenty exist on the property but may be difficult to proof if that's the cause of the death. talks ennis not detec detectable after 24 hours. >> diverse group of rocker hoping the music can help deliver you remember interest aid to palestinian an in gaza. to unite all is the first album of enter until music icon produced by project peace on earth and free-for-all fridays 26 rock luminary including peter gabrielle. system of down front man surge tank and
9:36 pm
stewart cope listened of the police. copeland says the project is not about stabbing blame. it's about aid. >> aid without commentary. it's not shout out. not a shout. it's aid. they need help. get some help going to them and separate the aide from the argument about who is to blame. >> album producer say the proceeds with ill go to certainly cal and counseling teams who work with survivors and medical supplies as well. >> still to come. proud moment for all of us here at abc 7 news. >> you sea carolyn tyler how honored for her distinguish career. honored for her distinguish careera remote that lives on your phone.
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>> very special tribute today for one of our 7 news colleagu colleagues. anchor reporter carolyn tyler named vet run journalist of the year by the bay area black journalist association. >> carolyn has been working here at bc 7 since 1986. that's more than 28 years. >> i have seen television evolve from film to video tape to digital. i have been through as you saw many hair do is. i have been through tom bosses. many news formats. many schedules. many cities. one constant over all these years has been the tight knit community of black journalists. >>reporter: with just a wonderful ceremony today. during the distinguished career she won many award and with the 7 news team that won peabody and award for coverage of the earthquake. now even though we honor her today the career is
9:41 pm
not over right. you can see her most we can day reporting on 7 news and anchoring the 7 weekend sunday morning news as well. of. >> what a wonderful thing and person. >> on monday uc berkeley open the cal vet ran service center that serve as model for other 4 year university. >> center had been go to place for vet run while trying to earn a degree. >> 7 news reporter has the story. >> i feel like that's going to be the thick. >>reporter: those who served in the military find plenty of camaraderie at the cal vet ran service center. it is new. boxes have yet to be unpacked. the computer are still not hooked up. but on monday it will officially open as the headquarters of student veterans at cal. >> that's the main goal is to have as much service here in the center as possible. >>reporter: veteran benefit administration is in oakland. now representative will come here instead. students never really have to leave campus. there are close to 300 student
9:42 pm
veteran at uc berkeley. here they also get advice on what financial benefits they are entitled to. >> that's what made it possible for pe as single parent to spend time with my family and get my academic done without work or take out large number of loans. once they get admitted we work with them right from the point they are admitted to make sure they understand how to maximize the aide benefit and campus resource as well. >>reporter: center will have an outreach program to help community college students transfer to cal. these community colleges are essential to the center growth. city college of san francisco has had a veteran center for 2 years now. many there are now look to go cal to complete the education. tg donovan transferred here from the community college in san diego. >> at my community college we really got pumped up about the fact that there's spaces that places like cal for veterans
9:43 pm
and that you can continue education. >>reporter: here's they continue to make the transition back to civil i don't know life while taking advantage of the educational benefits they have earned. at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> he is known as one of the grit east guitarist of all tim time. >> just ahead rock lenl end carlos santana reflects on music. memory. the bay area and why it helped make him who he is. ps pass female announcer: through tuesday at sleep train save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice.
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>> santana has new memoir about
9:47 pm
his career from the 60's. >> we chatted with santana this week about the book called universal tone. >> can you explain what universal tone is. >> it's a frequency resonance vibration that emanate from people heart to rae mind other people heart that they are significant meaningful they can also create miracle and blessings. >>reporter: how did the bay area impact the trajectory of your life? >> look t-where does steve jobs come from. palo alto. hello. you know. i'm very blessed that i grew up in the bay area. bay area still is an explosion of consness. fight and creativity. he's collaborate with woodstock band and will release new album next spring. >>reporter: mean time universal tone is on sale now. >> probably a good read. one last time to update the forecast. >> spencer has the latest. >> here's a time lapse view this afternoon from our emer
9:48 pm
emeryville camera showing fog flowing in from the coast. out over the bayment didn't last long at least in that spot. you can see live doppler 7hd south of the golden gate down along half man bay area. golden gate northward we have a clear coast line and sky inland. state wide we have sunny conditions. high pressure really on the mild side up to about 70, 78 sacramento 80 yosemite fresno warm 86 in los angeles. here in the bay area it's mild to warm again tomorrow as well. we may see some 80's of fog near the coast. we also see patches of sunshine near the coast high range from low 70's at the coast to upper 70's inland. upper 70's around the bay issued say. upper 70's to about 80 inland. hears accu-weather 7 day forecast. nasty warm weekend coming our way just few degrees cooler on monday. tuesday. veterans day lovely day but cooler still then wednesday thursday friday partly cloudy chance of written on thursday friday not looking like a big rainstorm right now but could get more energetic.
9:49 pm
>> thanks. >> pretty cool. maybe you have seen video of astronauts playing with floating blob of water in space but how about a video shot from in the blob. this is new video by nasa space flit center. video last summer astronauts here operate a go pro camera inside a softball size blob of water. four there's something you don't see every day. strange place. let's turn to sports. larry is here. >> another strange place. >> we all thought it. how many of you remember the movie the blob. >> sure. >> classic. yrm what year that was long time ago. you weren't even born. >> she knows it. laughing.
9:50 pm
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>> coming up at eleven:00. local man vanishes without a trace. high tech tool his friends are using to try to find him. >> plus battling debilitating disease with diet. researchers say changing what you eat can reverse the effect of alzheimer's. >> those story and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on >> those story and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> all right time for sports e.larry her no more fooling around. they have to win. >> show of hand who think the nippers make the play off this year >> optimism. >> wow! 1 for 3. >> i hope so. >> 1 for 3. frank gore raised his happened saying this week the niners will make the play offs. right now they have a 4 and 4 record. numbers make it pretty much a must win game sunday in new orleans. here's the key stat. teams that start the season 4 and 5 make the
9:54 pm
play offs only 13 percent of the time. 5 and 4 teams make the post season 51 percent of the time. niners have the work cut out for them. on the road. probably without license bac backer willis and scooter they have to found some way to stop drew brees. >> short a guy but he plays as if he was in the pocket. has great pocket awareness. he distributes the ball well. not so many things he does wrong so which will engine defense to get turn overs e-expense her better pocket awareness he wouldn't have lost his phone tonight. another story. any way last year drew brees hit by brooks. refs called the foul for high hit and saints won the game 23-20. niners desperate. lost two in a row should have beat the ram. saints know they have to be at their best. >> we know the type of team that will come in here. be ready. be prepared and they are going to be give us their best and we have to make sure
9:55 pm
execution is at premium. we come in. we execute our game plan. play the type of game we can play. best chance to win. >> arizona cardinal best team in the nfl at 7 and 1 believe it or not. today they sign quarterback palm tore 3 year extension worth 50 million dollars. 34-year-old x-rayeder making nip million this year. free agent 12 and 2 last 14 games with the cardinals. raiders. things soed about for them. sports book n.e. vegas take better on the raiders going o and 16 and 53 of 54 betters put the money down on the silver and black going winless. raiders lost the last 14 games dating back to last year. on sunday they got to face manning. all tame touch down leader. broncos coming to town after just having been badly beaten himself in new england so they motivated rai raiders rookie car he's positive in matter what happen happens. he's looking forward to meeting the future hall of famer.
9:56 pm
>> at this point i try to beat him. that's my mind set and his mind set. he wants to beat us and we want to beat them. right new i'm just focused on us. really. focus on our team and make sure we do the things at practice we need to do. a lot of new players compared to last year and have kind of mid season coaching change sometimes allow for different things. not as familiar opponent as maybe some teams because some of the changes they made. >> fba. warriors meat the rockets. battle of unbeaten tomorrow night. warriors without lee for awhile. sat out first 3 gyms of the season with strand hamstring. played few minutes wednesday nature then reinjured the ham. mri today reevaluate entered two week. only 3 undefeated team left if the entire league. change after tomorrow night game in houston rockets off a we know against the spurs last night. still adjusting to if you coach and team mates.
9:57 pm
>> too early to be worried about that. try to continue to win games and continue to try to get better. i think we have good day and we have so much room to improve is scary. that's our focus try to improve each every day each every game. >> third undefeated team grizzly taking on the thunder minus this and 47 minutes and 7 second but jackson 3 gave okc first lady of the gym. lasted 15 seconds. conley 3 of 20. become on top new england-yip. final shot. down 2. going for the win. clang. memphis still undefeated. now 6 and o. 9 91-89. they play together i i have beening a rare assist. gave it up. anderson lebron dishing machine in this game. at last count beast irving for
9:58 pm
the 3 and right now it's one 02-92 cavs on the way to victory. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. phone how few games in everybody is up in arms because cleveland not playing well. lebron 30's play every game. take time. >> warriors hot root now. >> just so everybody is up to speed. station went to def con 4 tonight because spencer lost the cell phone. memo search parties. >> has been found at last. >> look of pocket awareness. >> you are right. >> phone is safe and sound. >> all that matters tonight. >> thank you so much for joins. >> for all of us here, larry all of us here we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel 7
9:59 pm
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i can't believe you're moving to chicago. i'm thinking about getting some chain and just locking you up to that pipe over there. i love you. i love you, too. (jules) ohh. that is the first time i've heard travis say, "i love you, too," without it being followed by, "now stop watching me sleep, mom." if you keep spying on your son, the karma gods will punish you.


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