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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 10, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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sawz. >> developing news tonight. dramatic video shows 4-year-old boy being lifted up a cliff at bodega basement he was walking with his family on a trail when he fell off the side. coast guard sent ship and chopper to the rescue. spotted more than 200 feet down poor guy. so dark the chopper couldn't reach him. crew used ropes to climb down the cliff face and reach him that way. he was conscious and crying so that's good news.
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they w air lift him out but the conditions just too dangerous for the chopper to land so he was taken in an ambulance by ground to santa rosa a memorial hospital. the chief says he has broken bones and called his injuries traumatic. so keep your fingers crossed update on the young man progress. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. amma on assignment. after more than two months of investigating the district attorney office today decided it just does no the have enough evidence to prosecute ray mcdonald arrested in august after pregnant fiance reported she was the victim of domestic violence. tonight we now know the rest of that story. 7 news reporter vic lee. >> we have determined there is insufficient evidence to file charges against ray mcdonald. >> 49er defensive end ray mcdonald is off the hook. mcdonald issued this statement today saying in part i cooperated fully with their investigation from beginning to end. i am relieved that the da
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office has rightfully decided not to file charges. steven clark is a defense attorney and legal analyst. >> they couldn't prove the case in court. not necessarily because it didn't happen. but because it wasn't trayable. >> mcdonald was arrested in the early morning hours of august 31 at his home in san jose. his birthday party was winding down. just before 3:00 a.m. his pregnant fiance called 911. district attorney memo about has the call. mcdonald fiance called jane doe. hello i'd like to press for a domestic violence. my fiance he's trying to pull me out of the house. he's drunk. i think he's calling the cops. he he's trying to get me out. the police and da investigation show that mcdonald fiance initiated the physical contact. mcdonald fiance said she only pushed hit. he told police she hit him numerous times. the visible injury resulted when he grabbed her by the neck. in the end prosecutors called it
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match upal combat. >> minor injury consistent with restraint and struggle. >> prosecutor had a problem case. fiance refused to cooperate after her initial police interview. more obstacle. >> because of conflicting accounts the look of verifiable eyewitnesses, and the look of cooperation by jane doe we can not proof that a crime occurre occurred. >> then there was this. abc 7 news reported earlier that mcdonald called the police sergeant just before his fiance called 911. sergeant pritchard who also works security for the 9 terse went to mcdonald home before officers responding to the 911 call got there. he was on duty and in uniform. it turns out he was also there twice earlier that night. the 49 hers connected mcdonald to pritchard because mcdonald was worried that other female friend of his were causing trouble at the party. pritchard presence at the home further complicated the da's
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investigation. coach harbaugh said he wanted his players to always exhibit g conduct. >> we want to have that. we haven't had that we want to get there. >>reporter: well there are many possible conflict of interest issues here. police department is investigating sergeant pritchard to see if he did anything wrong by going to mcdonald's home that night. department has also ordered its officers not to machine light as security for the niners untilt reviews the secondary work policy with regard to conflict of interest. internal affairs also investigating 2 top police officials to see if they violated duty manual by accepting free forty-niner game tickets. so even though there were no charges pressed still a lot of fall out to be dealt w.vic lee abc 7 news. >> organizations fateing domestic violence are outraged at the niner allow mcdonald to play during the investigation. among those who wanted him side lined is san francisco supervisor london breed.
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>> people look to these teams to provide leadership and i look to this team to provide better leadership in addressing this issue. and in this particular case at this time wasn't what i thought it should have been. >>reporter: in september the board of supervisor unanimously called for the 49 investigators keep mcdonald from playing until the out come of the investigation. that did not happen. now the nfl says mcdonald teammate smith is officially reinstated and can return to the 49ers active roster. smith has been under a nip game suspension for personal conduct and substance abuse violations after pleading no contest to driving under the influence and possessing weapons that are illegal in california. entered to forfeiting half of his million dollar salary smith must pay back the signing bonus of more than 1 million dollars. well l politic we have new mayor of san jose. councilman riccardo received a phone call from opponent cortez tonight
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congratulating him on his victory. latest results show riccardo within surmountainable lead at this point. now has lead of more than 3600 votes over cortez. cortez issued a statement thanking supporters and says his campaign accomplished one of the goals in bringing san jose together. mayor elect riccardo had this to say about his opponent. >> we congratulate each other on hard fought race. and i look forward to working with him in his role leadership on the board of supervisors. i know he ran a very if tough campaign. i nye would be formidable 0pochbility he has long record of leadership and i look forward to working with him in the come years. >> riccardo takes office january 1st replacing termed out mayor reid. >> police car crash sent officer to the hospital late this afternoon. happened at air base parkway in heath drive. you can see patrol car is severely damaged. the first respond hers to cut off the doors in order to reach him.
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officer has major injuries. 18,000 kaiser permanente nurses throughout northern california planning 2 day strike starting tomorrow. they are concerned about what they claim is kaiser look of preparation for fighting ebola and overload of obama care patients under the affordable care act. strike will affect 21 hospital and 35 clinic. kaiser opened an ebola unit in oakland last week and plans to remain open during the strike. elective procedures though have been rescheduled in most cases. a lot of accusations and consternation flying around uc berkeley after student from different uc tv was found dead inside an off campus fraternity house over the weekend. 2 20-year-old if boy had attended a party there saturday night. just the latest incident along uc berkeley troubled fraternity row. if laura anthony. >> something went wrong at party and party all over the
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campus. >>reporter: darsy tiller is a property manager for the fraternity where 20-year-old student was found dead due to past alcohol hazing issue they have not been recognized since with 2010 but the national organization in new york still supports it. >> over all house item a great house. they are a bunch of good guys. i don't think there's any issue there with character. >>reporter: he was not a member of the fraternity. he was an engineering student at uc davis but like hundreds of others he did attend the big party here saturday night. he was found face down in upstairs room sunday at noon. >> it wouldn't uncommon for that to be a practice at large party at fraternity alcohol was consumed we'll look at those factors. >>reporter: the death her comes on the heel of series of sexual assault cushion involving several other berkeley fraternity. >> we found the limp body passed out students lugged out of frat house.
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>>reporter: at f we have revealed there have been number reduce reports of binge drinking around campus. uc spokesperson told tuesday our hearts go out to the family of this young man. as this is an active investigation premature to speculate about what may have happened in the tragic situation. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> after months of inching toward a rural community in hawaii destructive flow of lava from the volcano now wiped out a home. new video showing the home in flames that's what you are watching here. molten rock started pouring over the house early this afternoon. it took less than an hour to completely destroy the building. homeowner lives here on the main land and he was hoping to get to his home to see what was left. half is a now 4 80 feet from a central road that lead through downtown continues to advance. >> more to get to tonight on this monday tonight for you. we follow-up on the death of
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baby guerrilla at the san francisco zoo. world renowned expert called in to investigate. >> also. polar plunge. snow and sleet turning road into ice skating rink in parts of the country. spencer here with the weather. >> give you a look at the polar plunge on the national map and close-up look what's coming our way in the bay area this week a building weather forecast in a few moments. >> national football league open the door to bay area business and who hopes to cash in on super bowl
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staff and zoo goers sad after young guerrilla at san francisco zoo. they have hired renoupd guerrilla expert to investigate exactly what happened. sz sergio with what we know so far. >> psychologist terri l maple has been hired to investigate this case. we talked to him by phone from florida. >> it has a mechanism on it that is there to be operated in an mchbility the door can be stopped t.and in this case it was not stopped in time to save this little guerrilla. >> he was accidentally killed friday when zoo keepers were moving the primate into their night quarters. maple says she was carried that the nighten closure by her grandmother.
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then unexpectedly darted through a closing hydraulic door and was civrnltd as i understand it they have tested the system. they have tested it. and they know that the system is working. it was no mechanical failure. >> there were flowers primate came over to a woman who created a small memorial inside in honor of 16 month old gril a.another woman says she wonders how this could have happened. >> any of us who have had kid know 16 month old requires constant vigilance. the guerrilla can't understand i'm quite sure mechanical doors and what not. >> the mayor ed lee is looking forward to full investigation. he says zoo staff are likely devastated about what happened. >> i'm sure everybody at the zoo is sad. they would never wish this to happen. >> dr. maple says these kind of accidents are rare and the system here at the zoo has worked well for the last 30 years. he will be trying to figure out if it was a procedural problem that caused
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this accident. he's already started his investigation by phone and e-mail from florida and will be arriving here next week to continue in person. >> the zoo just released new details about what happened friday. they actually say that once he was pronounced by zoo vet actually brought the body back out to the guerrilla habitat so the other guerrilla could examine and get closure. at the san francisco zoo i'm sergio, abc 7 news. >> superbowl 50 coming to the bay area in just more than a year. fans already getting excited and so are many businesses. expecting a hefty boost economically. today the nfl and superbowl host committee made history by including 2 groups previously shut out of these contracts. carolyn has the story. >>reporter: it's historic. for the first time lgbt own company like merchandise marke marketer able to bid on business contracts for the superbowl.
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>> i think it's about time. >> once again san francisco and the bay area is leading again on this incredibly important issue and so we are exited about this announcement today. >>reporter: superbowl 50 will be played at levi stadium in santa clara but the host company is planning several days of events leading up to the game throughout the bay area. they need party planner production company and everything in between. pall pend gaingt heads up the nation first lgbt chamber of commerce. >> like invited to the dance. we all have to compete once we get to the dance but it's all about actually the one-on-one interaction. >> you start changing the the dialogue. you start bringing in all kind of perspective that you didn't have before. >>reporter: at past superbowl the nfl reached out to minority and women owned businesses as part of the program called business connect. now in addition to lgbt companies it's also a brick through for disabled veterans like hg tran.
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nfl superbowl program is expanding to include them as well. if tran own as building engineering firm was severely injured when ied exploded during his tour in iraq. he says the new effort is about opening the doors. >> if we are there to compete that's what veterans are. they don't like a free and out. want to be able to work for what they earn. >> business connect is open to certified business in the then county san francisco bay area. we have a link on our web site. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> about snow and sleet fell across central northern minnesota tonight. police report at least 100 crashes 4 involving police cars. this involves 20 cars. many areas in the state and in wisconsin the received from 6 to 12 inches of snow. minnesota department of transportation telling drivers to stay off the road because of heavy blowing
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snow. snowplow work but in places they are having trouble keeping up because it is just that intense. >> experience is following is what happening in that part of the country. of course our bay area weather very different. >> let's start with what is happening with the blast of winter weather in the central part of the u.s. as early as you wivrl see. we have a line of snow fall actually reaching from minneapolis through owe him had and wichita and denver and we close in here you can see well just i was going to show you the plunge. get to that later. later in the program show you how massive an area the u.s. that arctic blast is going to cover by the end of the week. right now back to live doppler 7 hd in the bay area. low clouds fog at the coast move locally in the by and inland. visibility is beginning to drop in some location from his the normal 10 miles to 9 males across the bay and oakland. 8 miles in hayward. fog gets thicker and
9:19 pm
more wide spread we see visibility readings many other location as well. live view from the camera lacking back at bit of sky line. few cloud in the background. currently 57 degree ins san francisco. oakland 56. field fwechlt 56 san jose. 55 morgan hill and a half moon bay 57 degrees. how about this view lovely from our emeryville camera west ward across the ba bay. outline of few clouds there but not quite so wide spread or dense overnight. we have mid 50's just about everywhere. santa rosa napa no have the 0fairfield up 50's actually fairfield concord and livermore and we look at traffic moving smoothly across the golden gate with almost no evidence of low clouds there at the moment. these are forecast feature we see fog and some drizzle in the early morning hours. rain is likely wednesday evening that thursday morning then dry pattern end of the week into the weekend. the this is our fog cast overnight. seat fog more wide spread inland and little area pocket of spotty drizzle develop as
9:20 pm
well. wet commute in some spots tomorrow morning. better which to put it there could be some wet spots morning commute. bear that in mine. overnight low generally in the low 50's but some location in the inland cell drop to mid upper 40's then tomorrow we will see clouds continuing to move in front of this cold front moving in our direction. rain maker beginning wednesday evening. forecast animation starting 5:00 o'clock wednesday afternoon. rain way up north in the afternoon hours but by 9:00 o'clock wednesday nature manufacturing did you know through the north bay past the golden gate by 11 alaska at night. rain more wide spread. develop overnight hours thursday morning and wind down in time for the morning commute leaving us with about 4 tenth to 8 tenths of an inch of rip in the higher elevation. maybe up to an inch and 110 vts to 4/10s in lower el vision. tomorrow high pressure generally in the mid 60's all around the bay area. if it's cooler we see high there only in the upper 50's let's look at
9:21 pm
the 7 day forecast. >> we have week of active and unsettled weather rain comes in wednesday night into thursday. dry out friday saturday relatively mild but rain is likely again on at least a chance to get on sunday and monday. this is good news. see a little pattern like that of chances of rain every couple days. pretty good we need it. >> absolutely. 70's here. look what happens in men society. >> tonight high pressure someplaces in the single digit. if montana other places if 8 or 9 degrees. >> it's early. >> very early. >> still to come at 9:00. woman miraculous surviving it's incredible. how long she went without a pulse before comi for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time.
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>> look at muvrm kin the dog a lot of attention on line today. her owner roth dressed her up like a bear you cap see. and posted this video of it walking toward her. cindy posted instructs on how to make the costume for your dog. only took her 15 minutes. many on line say he looks like a "star wars"ew o k. certainly 30's some resemblance there and making a new "star wars" so maybe it can get a job. >> florida mother home with the newborn following what some are calling an active divine providence. amazing story. this is 40-year-old ruby with her baby girl. both are healthy but ruby nearly died during a c-section in september when her heart stopped and she went without a pulse for 45 minutes. doctors were about to call the time of death when
9:26 pm
ruby heart started pwaetding again. during the grave minihad he saw spiritual being who she believed was her fathe father. she suffered no serious brain damage. doctors say they have no explanation at all. for her survival. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. only on 7 news. escape from isis. this woman describes atrocity she witnessed and one wish she has for her family future. >> also battle for cell of the internet. it's a fight to pit some of silicon valley biggest company against each other. >> and the new evidence connecting added sugar and chronic diseases. local researchers say it's the strongest link they have seen yet. stay right hear another strongest link they have seen yet. stay right hear another half hour of 7 news
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>> good evening once again. she escaped from the grips of isis terrorist in the middle east and tonight she's plead to go make the united states her permanent home. the woman shared her story with david louie an incredible story and enter have you you will see only onbc 7 news. >> this young woman has so much to lose. masking her face and changing her name. the expecting mother is among the millions facing persecution in iraq at the hand of militant. she's been visiting relevant i was in california and asked for asylum to escape the fear that isis has created. >> they have abducted young women, killed the husbands and are selling women as slaves.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: she is seeking asool um on religious ground with the help of the non-profit group mother against murder. >> i want to be able to sleep and not worry about when they will be coming inside to kill me. >>reporter: however her husband remince at risk in irac. isis stripped them of money valuable including her wedding ring and she worries deeply about him. >> if i wish i could turn around and see him behind me. >>reporter: she is not alone living in fear. bay area relimb us leaders stepping in to help. >> so i think we have to stand together peace loving muslim who care about christian neighbors and enter until community. >> in her case is the ultimate humanitarian case so someone being percent caughted for their belief. >>reporter: so they pray even more isis. >> the mr. people we save it send a message to isis that they are valuable and they are not disposable. because we are trying to create a community of
9:32 pm
kinship in which we stop disposing humanity. >>reporter: u.s. receiving nearly 11,000 asylum application year and 3 67 were approved for iraqi. >> if there ising in impossible with god. with god. she will learn if she's granted asoil no. 2 weeks. >> if there are conflicting reports tonight about the fate of isis leader her. iraq minister of defense says he was hit in an air striking on friday nature but the interior ministry says he was wounded saturday and in a different city. coalition force could not confirm either report but u.s. and iraqi forces did conduct air strike on friday saturday we know that. >> now to china and the apec summit. beijing rolling out red carpet for world leaders. president obama getting in the spirit with traditional silk robe. white house correspondent jim avila on the extraordinary preparation behind the scenes.
9:33 pm
>> red carpet never seen before. chinese limo arrived carrying leaders from 21 pacific rim nation along neon led red carpet that lit up as the dignitary approach. president obama part of the show. donning a dark purple silk tunic. other world leaders including put i hope wearing similar outfit provided by the chinese that seemed more familiar to dance club than a world summit. putin and president obama met only briefly and did not discuss any of the serious issues dividing them. if traditional fireworks were not the only show. all in beijing treated to rare glimpse of blue sky and notoriously polluted capitol. government has been temporarily cleaning the air enticing government workers to leave town with paid sick day vacation shutting 800 surrounding factory and keeping
9:34 pm
off coal fume home heating across the city despite freezinging temperature at night. >> the president and chinese host have already finished one peace of business. u.s. and china will start grant a visa to each other citizen for up to continue years. visa currently valid for just one year. >> department of veteran affair will under go a ms i have restructuring following scandal that left more than 100,000 vets waiting for the health care. 35 people with the va will be fired initially and more than 1,000 could follow in the months to kilometer. department new secretary says he hopes to hire about 28,000 medical professionals to joy the agency hospital and clinic all around the country. >> this is going to be the largest reorganization of the department of veterans affairs since establishment. we call it my va that's what we want vet are tons think of it as. we want them to think of our department as embracing them. giving them a warm hug. >> reform are also expected to
9:35 pm
include con sol did iting wide range of function underhandful of region until office and creating a customer service bureau to help improve customer satisfaction at the new secretary refers to the va patient. >> president obama is sending very mostly clear message to the sec. keep the internet 43 and save net neutrality with no compromise. mr. obama says internet service priors and government should treaty all data on the internet equally. company like google would be banned from cutting deals with on line services like netflix amazon or you tube to move the content faster. republicans and the nation cable giants are deannouncing his position saying it will kill jobs. >> president also wants the internet reclassified as public utility under title 2 of the 1934 communication act. >> they should make it clear whether you use a computer phone or tablet internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a web sit
9:36 pm
site. the cable company can't decide which on line stores you can shop at or which streaming service you can use. and they can't let any company pay for priorities over its competitor competitors. >>reporter: now that is the president first definitive statement on the issue. now up to the federal communication commission to decide which is an independent agency. on to health news. how much how much sugar do you eat every day. new web site designed by scientist help answer that question. sugar crunches down information from 8,000 scientific papers on the impact of added sugar on our health. researchers attribute a drastic rise in obesity and chronic disease to the increasing amount of sugar we eat. many times without our knowledge. >> we have we haven't all lost our will power in think years. tomorrow thing we can point to that would be explaining this dramatic i hope crease in obesity and chronic disease is the change in the proportion of our diet. in added sugar.
9:37 pm
>>reporter: sugar includes more than 60 different names used to describe hidden sugar. researchers answer consumer question about sugar and their health. coming up. bay area filmmaker sets out to break the code. why aren't more women finding work in silicon cell? code. why aren't more women finding work in silicon cell? 7 news
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>> all right. to the tech industry right now. there are more jobs visible than qualified candidates. but even in good times half the population is being left behind. women still make up only a small percentage of the high tech job force. what will it take to create a better future for women in the computer world?
9:41 pm
tonight bay area filmmaker loo looks for the answer. amma has the story. >>reporter: in the fast moving world of computer science one equation just doesn't add up. the number of jobs for software engineer is rising. but percentage of women graduate with computer science degree is going down. the m written county filmmaker and mother robin reynolds says it makes no sense. >> there's an abundance of computer science jobs. lucrative. they are creative. you can work from home. you can work from the office. we couldn't figure out why more women weren't getting into the jobs. >> when robin own daughter dropped her computer science mainly the idea for documentary born. >> biggest hurdle is stair why tape. girls need to see themselves as programmers. >>reporter: it's called code. debugging the gender gap. >> absolutely think women can be just as great as men at programming. great things i can look the way i do wear lip
9:42 pm
stick and write as good code as you ivshtion film still in the edit room with the relief planned for early next year but the trailer already generating buzz in the tech industry. >> computer science is changing our well world. unfortunately it's a very undiverse field. it's actually quite seeing regaitd. this is gender and ethnicity issue. >>reporter: robin and her team interviewed people at many of the top tech companies and found this is not just a women issue. there is a serious supply and demand challenge. by the year 2020 universities will graduate 400,000 computer scientist but the u.s. department of labor predict we will actually need 1 million plus 400,000 by then. >> that's 1.4 million jobs unfilled in the usa. by the year 2020. >> so huge economic problem. >>reporter: competition for president obamaers is intense. if there were more women in the pipeline it could make a big
9:43 pm
difference. >> it's in the like women are better ate than men or vice versa but you get such a grit variety of perspective and talent when off balance team whether gender ethnicity or anything else. >> this is a high tech company that is always looking for qualified software engineers. they won't say how many women they have but they definitely want more. >>reporter: so do other company learn from history that diversity on design team for new product can be critical. documentary highlights a classic example. >> unfortunately the first round of air bag killed a lot of women and children. it turns out that the air bag were developed for the average speck of the engineer on the team. the engineers happen to all be white men. >>reporter: she believes the demand for software programmer could be a great equalizeer. >> these jobs are starting out 90,000 $a year and don't need to have a college degree. so if you know how to code and you can code a few different language then you can start working at 90,000 $a year
9:44 pm
doesn't matter what color the skin is washington the gender is. these are jobs that need to be filled. >> amma reporting. now demand for computer programmer launched a wave of coding boot camp. intensive program that get you ready for entry level job in soft which are engineering. now tonight on 7 news at 11:00 we take you to one of these camps just for women. we have link to the documentary and other computer science rae source on our web site t. >> check that out when you have the time. stay right here coming up next. 7 news at 9:00 spencer updates the forecast and artificial intelligence how soon robots might be able to and artificial intelligence how soon robots might be able to take over
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sf. >> rock group pink floyd has rocketed to the no. 1 spot on amazon top selling dim tell did you know load list. if ♪ if album is called the endless river and it's mostly a collection of instrumental out take from theless studio album released 20 years ago. bandleader david gilmore says somewhat of a tribute keyboar keyboardist richard writ who pass ad way in 2008 and it's called the last album. out with big finish it looks like. last check on the weather as spencer is here. >> start with live doppler 7hd look at the local conditions first where we see wide spread 80's of low cloud and fog beginning to push not only up against the coast-but beyond
9:49 pm
the coast and locally out over the bay and locally inland lets talk about the push of cold air down that the central part of the country. this blast you have no doubt heard about all over the news dropping high pressure in some location tomorrow in the northern mraips in parts of machine tan a that the single digit by the week end the chilly air down to the gulf coast frigid air down to mississippi cell and central plains and we see daytime high pressure in some locations in the northern plains and upper mississippi valley that will not get above sear o. it's very cold. men while back here in california tomorrow we have relatively mild day from top to bottom with high of 69 degrees at chick o. 70 at sacramento and yots might. 68 los angeles. 83 down in palm springs and bay area we have a lovely day although cooler best day look for cloud pressed up against the coast line much of the day. might even see spotty drizzle early morning hours. high range from 50's at the coast to mid 60's inland and here's accu-weather 7 difficult
9:50 pm
forecast. we get some rain moving in wednesday tonight into thursday. dry out friday saturday and slight chance of rain sunday monday. unsettled but tip consolidate for late fall if mid fall pattern. >> os ford university researchers is predicting row about the as smart as human within 25 years. nick outlined the findings in new become after polling the top 170 scientist in the feel. now he predicts there's a 10% chance 0robot have human level intelligence by 2022. 50% by if 2040 and 90 percent chance by 2075. human level machine intelligence by the way is defined as robot that can carry out most human profession at least as well as typical human. this is all we need. great news. >> i want to see. >> we'll be gone by then. >> if can't play sports.
9:51 pm
>> if tale of 2 city. prosecute footll team breakdown the game yesterday. curry garner another award this early in the season. if second to hey john, check it out.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. new trend in theft. real sign of the times why crack are targeting local fire hydrant. no kidding. >> plus special report on the fast track to a career in high tech. for women only. local computer coding boot camp that is throwing out the stereo type about who wants to program. but is it right for you or someone you know. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. pass ps fight shoe is here and we all had our fingers crossed. if bank the friendshipers. >> this kind of game. >> really was. >> best win of the year for the niners yesterday in the big easy but it was anything but. for team supposedly falling
9:55 pm
apart at the seams inside and out total team effort but in the play add full 60 minutes. back to the bruising run game. but frank gore and carlos come begin for 144 yard and touch down a piece leading 21-10 at the half. once again offense disappeared in second half. kaepernick bailed them out on fourth down from own 22 here. 51 yard to michael crab tremendous tying the game with field goal and sending it to o t. defense if and drew brees fumble recovered by chris and phil kicked the game wish. ball coach thought the team showed true grit>> extremely prr players. >> proud of their execution and
9:56 pm
grity game. >> all right. reinforcement on the way. frainers get license backer smith back to practice this week after serving his 9 gym suspension for violating the personal contact pochlts conduct pochlts harbaugh is eligible to prosecute and play. defense and rank no. 2 in the league but how soon is he game ready. >> for it to move forward and in a fresh clean slate. that's whether i anticipate and look forward to it. exited to have him become on playing football. if with the team. that's i think that's where the hope excitement lies right now. >> i think all of us start to fell for the raiders as they fell yesterday with loss to the pwrvrping os. which they give up 5 td pass to manning and only 3 quarter of work. silver and black started off with a bang but yet learned how to finish a game. manning twice
9:57 pm
out in the game. leading to this pass to butler and a lead. mack and woodson missing tackle. kick start thing 35 unanswered points. game over. and got to learn how to finish. >> it's not easy when i say that. i mean for the players. i feel for them i told them last nature they deserve better and the result of that ball game yesterday. our fans deserve better our owner deserves better everybody deserves better. >> mark sanchez and eagle host newton panthers on monday night football. eagles on the point first quarter hansen and on the counter untouched. 8 minutes later. own 35. by the same 65 yards. for the touch down. also guy still has some wheels.
9:58 pm
scored on offense and defense fletcher picked off newton so sacked 9 times. 34 yards to pay dirt. the if 2 touch downs. sec weak in a row warriors guard won conference player of the week. curry ample 30 points. 7 assist. 6 rebound and team 3 gyms. also average league high 4.3 poin pointers and career for game. player of the month twice before. if last week. the if first up. american league rookie of the year award honor given to chicago white sox first baseman. the cub anbar ri bonds. hit 36 homers with 107 rbi. he received all 30 t-first place votes. over the national league pitcher grand the honor. finish the season strong ending the year with a 9 and 6 record. if giant second
9:59 pm
baseman panic. finished in sixth police. sports report brought to you by toyota and i think smith will play 15 or 20 play this week. i don't think he will play an entire game. still haven't been hit. do it in practice and he will get some time. good to see it bac back. fight that's our time we appreciate your time as always forum may, spencer, mike i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. it's terrific. works really well. check it out when you have a moment. grit nature see you again in an hour over on channel 7. grit nature see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now
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no lights. sweetie, you have been lying around this dark room for two weeks. i don't know what it's like to propose to someone and have them say no, but we've all had our hearts broken. i mean, when your dad and i split up, we were both crushed. it took me a year to bounce back. worst weekend of my life. what?


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