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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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breaking news. fire rips through a century-old church in the south bay. why it spread so fast. >> oakland received a dubious distinction. the most robberies in the u.s. but there are signs the city is changing. >> a generous gift helps the family of an east bay girl paralyzed by a stray bullet. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. a south bay church destroyed by fire. it spread moments after mass ended, and everyone met it out
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with not a moment to spare good evening. the holy cross parish is on jackson street, two blocks east of north tenth street. lillian kim is there live with the details. reporter: many of the surrounding streets are still blocked off. this is a major fire. four alarms that brought in 100 firefighters. the call came in richard 2:20 p.m. smartly after the holy cross parish churched finished up its 1:00 mass. no one was in the building. the flames spread fast. the church is made of heavy timber so crews couldn't get a handle on the flames and went into defensive mode and let the building burn. the church gutted by flames. the congress degree make is made up of 600 families, diverse congregation, mass is held inening lisch-spanish, and italian. parishioners have been going to this church for decades and are heartbroken.
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>> i made my first holy commonon mere, my kid were baptized here. >> what is it like seeing it like this? >> i hate to see it go down 40 years of my life, for my church. got to start all over again. >> we are still looking what happened, and hopefully nobody is going to get hurt and we can go forward with -- with the backing of our community. >> while the sanctuary was destroyed the rectory is and ano other -- so are other buildings. firefighters will be here for a while. only one firefighter has a minor injury. >> a new fbi report shows in
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2013, oakland topped the nation in robberies for the third year in a row. it appears crime is actually way down this year. cornell bernard is live from the east bay with details. reporter: you're right. the streets of oakland are getting a bit safer. last year that was not the case where an average of 14 robberies were happening every day. the new mayor of oakland calls it outrageous and has a plan to bring crime numbers down. christopher perryman is busy with clients at center stage salon on lake shore avenue inch recent years this business has been forced to take precautions. >> we lock the door. when it gets dark. >> because of brazen robberies happening at all hours during the day. so people are beginning to get bold, sort of -- running in and running out. >> this woman says she was robbed while shopping on grand avenue. >> i lost my wallet and phone
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and was quiet expensive. really set me back. >> fbi data shows robberies jumped to historic levels in oakland last year, more than 4900. the worst year for robberies in three decades. >> the crime numbers are completely unacceptable. >> oakland reside mayor elect says she is committed to hiring more police officers, doing more pro-active community-based policing. >> we want to not only make sure that oaklanders are confident that a cop will come when they call, but we want to create an environment where people make the decision to not commit crimes in the first place. >> people are out and about in droves. they're happy to be here. out on the streets. they're not scared to be out here. >> lake shore business improvement district director points to good news. this year, oakland robberies are down by 36% compared to 2013. police officials credit new community policing for the change.
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>> tends to send people scurrying when the real reality is we're getting a handle on the crime. >> oakland gets a bad rep, i do think. >> many are committed to oakland, but still want to see regular police officers assigned to shopping districts where crime can occur in oakland, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> here's how oakland compares to the bay area's two other big cities. oakland had more than 4900 robberies reported last year. san francisco had 4200. and san jose had just under 1100. new at 6:00, highway 29 north of calistoga just re-opened after a possible homocide. napa county deputies found a woman lying in the road at 4:45 this morning nearing the toll road. she had major injuries and was taken to the hospital where she died. it was initially considered a hit-and-run but investigators say homocide investigators are now involved. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing during a fight at a soccer game this
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afternoon. it happened around 1:30 at the crocker amazon playground. officers offend a victim with the stab wound to the side. a second person later arrived at the hospital with a slash wound to the neck. no word yet on what started the fight or if police have made any arrests. the family of an oakland girl who was shot and paralyzed received a generous gift toy. on may 16th she was playing outside her home when she was hit bay stray bullet. she has had a long road to recovery and her family has struggled to care for her. but today's gift will help. sergio quintana is live with this story. >> jacqueline, or jackie, has only been home for two weeks. her mom says she hopes she will one day be able to stand on her own two feet but realizes the long-term goal and the support they'll be getting from a new foundation will help.
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jackie and her mother, sylvia, met the leaders of the new organization at their oakland home this afternoon. they issued a $5,000 grant and will be assisting in other ways as well. almost immediately they began planning a replacement wheelchair ramp to make it easier for sylvia to get jackie out of the house. douglas, peggy, and jhonny stabbed the friends of alan stafford foundation, named in honor of peggy's brother who suffered a spinal injury at 15 years old help passed away three years ago but they hope to carry on his independent spirit by helping others dealing with severe spinal injuries. >> her story was remarkable, and so sad, and she needs help. that was our first impression, was that this is a that my brother put in front of to us say, hey, this is who you guys need to help right now. >> the jackie is the first recipient of the foundation's support. her physical therapy is going well. sylvia is hoping jackie will be
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returning to school in a couple months. since jackie is the first person this new foundation will be helping, they'll also be learning along the way. they're hoping to raise money moyer to help jackie and other future grant recipients. at 11:00 i'll tell you more about jackie's progress. abc7 news. >> see you at 11:00. thank you. looks like winter is coming to the bay area. here's a live look at our exploratorium cam. clouds have moved in above the san francisco bay and it's an indication of things to come. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma, more and a live look at live doppler 7hd. >> those clouds are thickening and then shortly thereafter a little rain will be falling from the clouds. we'll take a live look at live doppler 7hd. we are tracking rain off the coast but it's encountering dry air over the bay area so just evaporating before it pushes inland. here's the next system we are tracking, well to the west but
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moving to the east over the next 48 hours. tracking the forecast, we have some cool temperatures especially in the valley overnight tonight, some occasional sun on monday, then a first chance of rain comes mid-week. i say first chance because we have several chances. we'll have the accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. >> still ahead at 6:00, why federal drug officials were snooping around the 49ers' locker room today. scientist maize have come up with a brilliant way to make helmet-to-helmet hits in football safer. once considered trash, knew treasure. people are eager to get their hands on a video game considered so bad thousands of copies were buried
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>> federal drug agents made a surprise visit to the san francisco 49ers locker room today. it happened after the big win of the new york giants. acted visited six teams to look into claims of prescription drug abuse in the national football league. the 49ers were not specifically targeted. retired nfl players, including former 49ers jeremy newberry are suing the league, claiming medical staff members break the law to help players stay on the field after they get hurt. the tampa bay buccaneers were
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also investigated. >> concussions like this one that took denver broncos running back sanders another of the game today are one of the happen reality -- harsh realities. putting magnets in helmets could limit the amount of force a player feels. it would produce a repelling force. more testing is needed but scientists predict it could reduce the risk of concussion by 80%. up next at 6:00, a bay area toy drive that hopes to make a happy holiday for kids from any background, and could we see some soggy days ahead? meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> 49ers and raiders, a tale of two cities, neither one plenty, and why are the sharks crying? my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy. now that i have health insurance, i can take
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i was very happy to make my cofirst doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to the attar ray video game et is often referred to as the worst video game ever. when it first came out in 1982 sales were so poor atari had to bury thousands of copies in a landfill. this year 100 games were dug out and are now selling like crazy on ebay. some bids topped $1,500. the company that excavatedded the games has made $37,000 total. the games don't work but have become part of video game lorre and are seen as desirable
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checkables. >> a special holiday toy drive had families donating dolls that children of any race, gender or color would love. it's part of the ethnic doll drive. the goal is to help working families in the city provide toys for their kids. the focus was to connect dolls of color to reflect the diverse communities the firefighters serve. >> kids like dolls, period no matter what. if they see one that looks like them or what they might aspire to be, like maybe a barbie doll that is a den cyst, they think, i can do that, too. it's all good. >> organizers say starting the day after thanksgiving, 200 families come out every day until christmas to pick out toys for their kids. >> this month, abc7 and our parent company, disney, will give $75,000 to local feeding america food banks. but they still need more help. research shows one in six of our
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friends and neighbors here in the bay area go hungry every month. we hope you'll join us and give where you life. you don't even have to make the house. to donate $10, text "feed" to 80077. the ohio are comping and it's actually starting to feel a little bit like winter in the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> starting to get the cooler temperatures and the rainy season is upon us and we're seeing activity on live doppler 7hd right now. just a little rain off the coast. the problem is as it tries to push endland we have dry air over us, so any rain moving east gets evaporated. this is moistening up the air. we're dealing with partly to mostly cloudy skies overhead and that's keeping temperatures right now on the mild side. take a look at this. we're at 61 in san francisco.
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55 currently in oakland. 56 in san mateo. 58, mountain view. right now, san jose, a temperature around 58. satellite and radar, show you the high clouds have been streaming in throughout the day and will be with us overnight. we're tracking even mow cloud cover to the west. the shield of clouds is a cold front and that cold front will get over us tuesday night into wednesday morning and that's when our first chance of rain comes. time it out for you. monday morning and the afternoon, a lot of clouds over us, some breaks of sunshine here and there. clouds are going to dominate the sky tomorrow afternoon. then as we get into tuesday, approaching to from the west, tuesday morning, for the morning rush, we're dry. still dealing with clouds overhead. then by tuesday afternoon and even, 6:00, we report start to see the first bout of sprinkling, especially north bay. early wednesday, the heavier pockets of rain developing. these indications -- yellow and
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orange indicating heavy rain. then all spreads south. wednesday morning, the morning rush, we'll need the rain gear and a couple more minutes on the morning commute as the roads will be wet. how much rain are we expecting once the storm gets out wednesday afternoon? i think across the region, from .2 to .4 of an inch of rain. there are some indications you see with this green color that we could see more than that over half an inch of rain. where that sets up, have to keep an eye on that. and we'll fine tune the numbers as we get to tuesday evening and wednesday morning. so, overnight lows. talked about frosty conditions in the north bay. santa rosa, 39 overnight. 41, napa. 52, san francisco, 48, san mateo, san jose, 46 overnight. mostly cloudy skies. for monday, peeks of sunshine but mainly cloudy. 68, san rafael. 70, santa rosa. 66, san francisco.
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here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, some sun tomorrow, seasonal, then we track the rain first tuesday evening, overnight into early wednesday morning, we get a break in the rain on thursday, and then our next system arrives overnight thursday, into friday morning. i think friday morning's rain event could see a bit more moisture than we have this week, and then a third chance on saturday. so keep the rain gear handy, start needing is tuesday evening and then throughout the next seven days. >> sounds wonderful. over to shu now, and feel like you're being critical of the 49ers. >> me? well'll decide after this. the 49ers' offense is offensive. not championship caliber but the defense is. quarterback eli manning had six interceptions coming into the matchup today with the niners, he flew five today. 49ers got the ball first but frank gore fumbled. the first time this year. manning turns it into a touchdown.
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then the wholes come automatic for the g-men. other niners offense was anemic, other than gifting into field goal range. finally scored a touchdown in the third. 16-7. fourth quarter, giants down six. driving, aldon smith, back from suspension, with the pressure. pick number 0 four but the giants get the ball back. and chris borland gets the tip, first interception of the game. 49ers somehow come away with a 16-10 victory and improve to 6-4. >> tremendous win for us on the road. against a very good football team. i thought our team did what we had to do to get an important win, and those winds areuge right now. >> cardinals taking -- view stanton through few 206 yards, two tds, card 9-1 for the first
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time since 1948 with the victory. three-game lead over the 49ers and seahawks. raiders next opponent, kansas city chiefs, hosting seattle. charles, 159 yards rushing, two tds. kansas city with the victory. seahawkses, like the niners, now 6-4. broncos and rams. sean hill starting at quarterback. threw for 220 yards and a touchdown. been 15 games since pay ton manning failed to throw two or more td paces in a game. he had who interceptions. >> the raiders are so close to that first victory but can't get out of their own way. hosted by the chargers, and it was not a great start. raider fans have game but chargers trying to compete here. opening snap. communication mickart. derek carr wasn't expecting the snap. chargers recover. then rivers to floyd for the touchdown. 7-0 chargers. raiders defense played well.
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first round draft pick, first career sack. held the chargers to 13. seven seconds down, carr through for 172. need read touchdown. the hail mary, incomplete. raiders are 0-10 on the year. 13-6 the final but still competitive. >> texans and browns, watt the first defensive loinman since 1948. look at this catch. to store fritteds in -- td's in a game. he had five tackles and sack, recovered a fumble. houston wins 23-7. >> packers crucialing the eagles in green bay. aaron rodgers through since td passes last week, only manage three today in the lower toback uniforms. 53-20 the final. >> sharks and hurricane. troy gross gross neck was stellar. 16 saves in the first period alone. two on one, broken up.
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the fourth of the year and then grosenick did the rest, stopping all shot's faced most in franchise history. what debut for the rookie, his dad in tears and his sister is texting. nascar final race of the senna miami. four drivers remain in the chase for the cup, kevin harvick, joey logano, denny hamlin, and ryan newman. top finisher wins. logan know, trouble in the pits. he is out. three racers remain, eight laps to go, denny hamlin in the lean, but kevin harvick passes him and hangs on for the win. kevin harvick wins the 2014 nascar sprint culp championship. warriors and stanford hoops tonight. >> was i mean?
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join us tonight for abc7 on kofy tv 20. the surprising new number from the centers for disease control on how many high school and middle schoolers are lying up. then at 11:00, here on channel 7, airport deplays that have nothing to do with planes, details on the super shuttal shortage tonight at 11:00. fans of cult classic dumb and dumber waited 20 years for a sequel and helped take it to
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number one at the box office this weekend. i it wasn't just older fans who saw the him in, starring jim carey and jeff daniels. 43% of ticket buyers were under the age of five or not even born when the first movie debuted. i'm old. "dumb and dumber to" earned $38 million. last week's winner was second with 36 million, and helped our parent company, disney, top $4 billion at the box office this year. interstellar had another stellar week with 29 million. beyond the life, gone girl, round owl the top five. have a great night.
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