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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 20, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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dry tomorrow, wet this weekend. what's happening with weather you live right now. >> i team confronts a zoo director with accusations from employees that she lied to them after a baby gorilla guyed there. >> you'll see how a drunk driving suspect was treated in jail. >> and live reaction to the president's executive order on immigration. looks like he's in for a fight. >> take a look out your window.
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here is what we're seeing. a camera across the street diminishing returns from the second wave the rain. good evening, though. >> we'll get back to the weather. first, an emotional presentation by the director of the san francisco zoo on a death of a baby gorilla two weeks ago. >> she answered questions but the zoo keeper believes the director is throwing her under the bus. >> the report on the death only on abc7 news. >> i spoke to a source close to the keeper they all believe they let the investigation play out before placing blame for what happened. >> they showed a picture of
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little kabebeh, rejected by her mother the zoo keeper tried to lock her into her sleeping quarters for the night, the baby gorilla got caught behind a hydraulic door and died. >> it is an understatement to say the worst night of my career is the night we lost kabebeeh forever. >> peterson released several sensitive documents. the instructions posted at the switch, keep your hand on the stop button and sent an e mail to the commissioner and general manager that concludes it appears from our investigation that the keeper did not follow the protocols in place. several sources tell me they promised they would n come to conclusions about fault until
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the investigation is complete. >> i made no public comment and the investigation is ongoing. >> zoo is responding to public documents. >> i think any communication around who was at fault is premature. >> you had warnings that doors were an issue. why didn't you take action? years before? >> first, i don't know of any incident involving door five. but we're -- >> four? >> four, excuse me.
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but we're getting all of the -- >> last week, i team showed you a log from january, 200 when the gorilla's brother got hand caught indoor four. several zoo keepers were frank, on the record, they believe it's time for tanya peterson to go before she makes poor decisions about safety at the zoo. >> as for weather, we got a healthy second dose of rainfall today many of our storms do, this swept across the nornl bay first. here is a good down pour in today in downtown san francisco. here is a shot from shores of lake merit.
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you can see that sun just speaking out. >> we're tracking still more rain. a wet evening out there now. pressing into locations in the south bay around half moon bay, we have some stronger showers just off shore that will be pushing east over the next hour. and a strong line puts us into motion. this line continues to sag south. so what can we expect? from now until 9:00 scattered down pours not out of the question. but that would be few and far
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bee between. bigger story is that we're tracking another one for the weekend details and timing on storm three when i have the full accu-weather forecast. >> where is the line after deputies reportedly daysed a man in a jail cell while cameras were rolling. >> next month, the jury will see this video and be asked to make a verdict. >> i was on my stomach, face down in handcuffs. what more can someone do?
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>> he was taseked 23 times in 20 minutes. >> he's taking out barbs and fighting them. >> the sheriff says he he was found drunk on new year's day night. he says he had not been driving, someone crashed and left the scene. that is only part of the case the da says this video proves he was resisting arrest. >> they submitted this as evidence. and that this survived is cometical. >> the defense attorney long criticized the sheriff's department for overuse of force. iet was inept and brutal and
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inexcusable. >> he claims his hands have permanent nerve damage and beat him in the face. >> injuries he left here with are the injuries he inflicted upon himself while out drinking and driving. the injuries to his face are from his car accident. >> i tried everything i could to stay alive. >> the case goes to trial december 11th. if the defense attorney has his way, a sheriff's department defend fending it's own actions as well. >> pge and fined $1 million today, levied over the judge shopping by e mail after the
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pipeline explosion >> share shoulders will be required to pay $400 million of the increase and also ordered to limit it's back channel communication was members of the public utilities commission. >> president obama outlined steps he will take tomorrow, making nearly 5 million undocumented people status. also, so called dreamers people who came here as children, and are now in school, or in the military. so far, only those under 31 have been eligible but now, dreamers of all ages can stay the president ordered an enforcement crack down on criminals and gang members and people ordered out of the country in the past year. addressing the nation tonight, the president said the system is broken and mass deportation would be contrary to our
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character. >> we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. whether our forebearers were strangers that crossed atlantic, pacific or rio grand, we're here only because the country welcomed them in and taught them to be american is something more than what we look like, our last names are or how we worship. >> swift reaction from republicans to the plan tote, john boehner tweeting the president says he's acting on his own, but that is not how our democracy works and from governor rick perry, i'm stepping up border security for texas. sign up to show support he gives a link to a petition. there are estimated 500,000 undocumented immigrants living in the bay area. and david louie was at an immigration watch party. >> many welcomed what the president outlined. a few already is benefitting
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from the deferral program for students her father is undocumented. >> he hasn't been able to get a job. it's been difficult for my family financially. >> do you think your father will qualify? >> yes. >> however, some were disappointed. >> he did do a couple good things this time we do need more action. >> half a million students applied for deferred status but the age limit was 31. now that, is removed making undocument immigrants eligible. immigration attorney victor castro says he knows students who lost motivation to get degrees when they had no protection. >> the santa clara university community law center is one of several organizations that helped these so called dreamer as ply for deferred status.
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>> now i'm on immigration radar screen. will they come after me? what are the possibilities versus i can work and don't have to look over my shoulder. my family for three years doesn't have to be worried about pulled apart. >> they will have to weigh the decision as it may be spring before the service will be ready to handle april politics there is a possibility of lawsuits and opposition from republicans >> i think this is a welcoming message for more illegal aliens to the come to the united states. >> silicon valley tech companies got some good news today. the president's executive order will make it easier to hang on to graduate students who have completed advanced degrees in schools such as berkeley to stay in the valley and work for companies rather than have to go back to their homes overseas.
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>> still ahe'd here tonight, a uc showdown. university of california approved five years of increases. >> bay area makes another by the to host summer olympics. >> how to make money with the new smart phone economy. new smart phone economy. >> we'll ♪ ♪
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demonstrators are protesting a 23% uc increase. take a look at video. activists continued to block the main entrance >> students assembled to protest the vote. others have taken over the building promising to stay until regents reversed a decision. students said they felt they weren't being heard. uc president napolitano continued using her mobile device. a few minutes later the regents voted and approved the hike every year for five years,
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outraging many in the audience. >> i think students are being heard. who is not hearing them is the governor. >> funding increases coming from proposition 30 aren't enough. >> we care about preserving the activity in the university of california. governor brown said the money would not be guaranteed. now, some are wondering if that could backfire in sacramento. >> i'm confident he'll commit himself to looking for additional resources with strings attached you can't just provide money for the status quo.
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>> the speaker vowed to look for more funding. the former speaker said uc acted prematurely. >> this should give us a sense of optimism of what is possible. >> at uc berkeley, abc7 news >> the associated press reports the next america's cup is moving to bermuda. by tradition the last winner gets to choose the location. san francisco lost $11 million in the process. and we may be losing the america's cup we're putting in a
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by the for the olympics again. >> this area in brisbane could become the site of a $350 million pop up olympic stadium, holding opening and closing ceremonies of the 2024 summer games. competitors are los angeles, boston and washington, d.c. san francisco has by the three times before. but last, an attempt by gavin newsom for 2016 games. this time. folk yugs is on a regional push. it's estimated it will cost $4.5 billion to host.
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>> for residents and taxpayers they want me to make sure i kept a good eye on financing of this. >> it was supposed to generate a billion dollars in regional activitiest, but cost the city $11 million. john abalos is a critic of this one, too. >> i think it's important we make hur to put plans forward to put on plans that are successful, going to have benefits for communities. not seeing a trickle that comes down and a big corporate give away. >> there are hurdles before this barren spot can host world class
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athletes. if the san francisco bay area is chosen, it would have to be an international field. >> all right. we've got nice rain today. >> yes. nothing makes a meteorologist happier. >> we'll get a break tomorrow, guys. >> from san francisco south, we're in wet weather, zooming into street level now. there rain working through downtown san francisco. some heavier down pours now.
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here in the bay area, painting the picture nicely, gray skies and damp outside bigger storm will see areas of fog overnight and lingering into the morning. temperatures in the 50s all day. 58 hayward. here is that cold front sliding through. behind it just ice vat slated showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder well north. and that is some showers moving
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south. notice that front, scattered showers north heavier showers south. so this system is out of here. afternoon is dry and that is great news saturday afternoon. we can see a couple inches of snow. saturday, looks like a warmer storm around lake tahoe. tonight foggy conditions with 40s in the north bay. tomorrow, limited sunshine and a cool day. 51 the high in san francisco.
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63 oakland. accu-weather forecast shows rain saturday giving way to sunshine on saturday afternoon. sunday dry, then, entering a dry pattern. thanksgiving, we're dry, cloudy and seasonal into the 60s. coming up, final venue for abc7 food drive >> there is time to give where you live. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy. now that i have health insurance, i can take
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to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to redwood empire food bank serves 82,000 people who go hungry every month. half are children. >> we're asking you to give where you live and take part in the abc7 thanksgiving food drive. >> there is a lot going on. you can see volunteers behind me packaging food. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> we did the official presentation, i want to present you on behalf of abc7 this check for $15,000. >> this check will go a long way.
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we provide food for one of every six people in sonoma county. so $15,000 is $30,000 for thab neighbors in need >> thank you. >> you're welcome. it's been busy. how many do you have here? >> about 1500 coming through our doors in november, december, and january. >> we want to remind viewers you can donate and sex the word feed for a $ten donation. >> great work. thank you so much. >> there is more still to come here at 9:00. up next a blessing in disguise.
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an old scam, if you live in chinatown, you may be the next target. >> watch out if you're wearing a gold chain. >> and bulldog: bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale...
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police and the district attorney are warning about a new wave of blessing scams. thieves promising t off evil spirits. vic? >> this is a sis spikable crime. the victims are not wealthy women. >> these women are mostly on guard they've seen a reenactment showing how the scam works. thieves convince victims she's possessed by evil spirits but
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they can cure her but purifying her valuables the thieves switch bags the victim goes home, find valuables gone. >> in two cases over $100,000 was taken. >> more than 100 residents showed up to get brochures with numbers to call. a similar event happened years ago. >> we had 47 reported cases and $1 million property stolen here in san francisco. >> a gang of four chinese nationals were responsible for many they haves.
7:34 pm
$180,000 has been stolen so far. >> every couple years, the groups come over and try to make hay with this blessing thing. >> this suspect was arrested. two accomplices are still at large. 2500 bags were distributed today authorities hope this message works. >> the district attorney says he will be ex-indicted to san francisco. >> gold chain thefts are on the rise and police are warning
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those wearing them to be careful. two agencies are teeming up. a wave of crimes targeting south asian women. >> just walk safely to the grocery store or mail, or to do anything anymore. >> personnel dealt with 50 cases of women having gold jewelry snatched from around their necks. >> this is video of a similar incident last year in southern california. investigators are encouraging the community to report the
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crimes. suspects are described as black or hispanic men in early 20s with little information, officials are also working with a behindy and punjabi translator to spread the word. >> there >> many women will remain hyper vigilant. >> you just never know if you're there and you don't want to take a chance. >> anyone with information can call either department. >> in marin county today a very drunk driver was arrested by a park police officer. the driver had his foot on the break the car was running and blocking 2 left lanes
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a passenger was taken to the hospital. >> people in up state new york are getting blasted by another heavy round of snowfall. ten people are dead. and a storm could bring eight more feet of snow. you heard the governor beg people to stay off the roads >> good news is that the people of buffalo are rallying and working together. >> the game may be played elsewhere. >> you know it's bad when they can't play football in buffalo. >> all bay area ports closed after a worker died yesterday in
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the port of ben nichea. the 57-year-old long shoreman thomas hoover collapsed it's standard after a worker dies, letting the port conduct a safety review. >> when people die on the job it should be taken seriously. things need to be investigated and facts need to be put together. and everybody possible needs to be done. >> the ports will reopen tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning. >> did you know you can make money just by
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take a picture, then sell it. you can. >> token wall pays to you tryout new apps. you're given a list >> this is a list of offers with associated values >> the yellow pages, stub hub, kim kardashian. >> that is a popular one. >> folks are on the couch, watching tv, maybe making dinner. they just install apps and try them while focus is on tv. they do it at the same time. >> i've gotten 5 or 6 $five gift
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cards. >> i will find myself on the app store down loading then i see it on token wall. you get a little upset. >> another money earning app is scoop shot. or, you can get assignments. >> joselito is taking pictures and might sell one of them he made $ten selling a shot of his dog. >> all of a sudden one day, i get a notice saying one of your photos has been bought. i was happy about it.
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you know? i'm just a hobbiest. >> i posted links on our web site. go to abc7 and you can see my reports there. >> we look for the problems and explore solutions recall rourette. >> it's amazing. >> thank you. >> coming up, how you can give where you live. where you live. ♪ ♪
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an unexpected blessing for an east bay church today in hayward. a new lawn made of artificial turf to replace one stolen last
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week. in the end they went with the company that sold them the original lawn. the turf was given by a member of the congregation for new landscaping. >> looks fantastic. >> it does. >> san francisco marin food bank issued a call for cash and volunteers >> they expect to distribute a million pounds of food and need another thousand turkeys, still. >> we have abc 7 thanksgiving food drive underway. >> you can see volunteers hard at work. joining me now is robin mckenzie. >> we help in donations and we have bins, food bins, collecting
7:49 pm
that we'll take donations are from nebs in the communities. anyone can bring donated food in during holiday period. thank you, thank you to the credit union. >> that is great, thank you. >> there is rain. >> yes. some showers turned strong. some heavy down pours right now. there have been winds over 40 miles per hour.
7:50 pm
one more stop to the south bay, another cell around highway 1. move indoors if you see lightning. we're dry but will be mainly cloudy. so that dry day tomorrow. out by afternoon, then into a tranquil pattern. thanksgiving, dry, mainly cloudy. >> rain did come down, i know we need more. >> yes. yes. thank you. >> there is a game this weekend that is kind of a big deal. that is kind of a big deal. >> this year, cal wants p
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bobby evans did say today that evans indicating he thought sand joe value wanted to make a decision by thanksgiving. a team official said that is not the case, so, we wait. 49ers make a playoff push, the mystery is what is wrong with offense? 333 yards of offense, had to settle for just three field goals. defense solid. just ranks tenth in points
7:55 pm
allowed. >> we've got to produce more points wex know that. when looking at it, we just have had negative plays. and there is thanks that positive. >> niner defense will have their hands full trying to stop de-shawn jackson. after being released by eagles 49ers were reportedly sighing to sign him. >> it will be a great opportunity to do that.
7:56 pm
>> this could be the story of the night. raiders have not won a game in over a calendar year. this owe could be the night. two touchdowns one a scamper. right now, raiders are leading. with the city of buffalo getting buried in six feet of snow, the nfl announced the bills-jets game will go indoors. winning the big game, it would make the bears bowl eligible and show that program on the right
7:57 pm
track and he's impressed. >> no fear and he had experience with older guys. only the second year. >> they're going to be one of the better defenses played all year. so it's going to be a challenge for us. >> tune in to after the game saturday we'll be on after the game around 8:30. raiders could get game one tonight. >> yes. >> we'll see. >> thank you.
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>> join us tonight american dream out of reach. how homeownership has become more unaffordable. >> ebay checks and amazon checks but craig's list refuses. seven on sure side shows us how dangerous projects are still on the market. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm dan ashley from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> leaving you with know in female announcer: the mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train!
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