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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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out in force in san francisco. they are making sure a protest that turned violent doesn't flare up again. >> just an hour ago police and protesters were in a standoff at valencia and 20th and it turned confrontational. police started making arrests. during tonight's protest at least one officer was injured with a cut to the face when somebody threw a bottle at his car. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama-daetz. police lined up around macy's as they tried to smash windows. they already attacked the front glass at crate and barrel and battered in the windshield of a meter maid
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vehicle. they marched along market street toward the mission leaving behind more damage. in the mission district, a police line kept protesters from advancing. just a block away officers were face-to-face with protesters. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard was with them through it all and he joins us where it all began. cornell? >> that's right, ama. the protest began here at justin herman plaza and a short time later it was out of control. it has been a tense night for police and a really scary one for shoppers who were pretty much caught in the middle. several hundred protesterses marched down market street demanding justice in the case of michael brown. >> this is an issue for all of us. if there is no justice to be had there will be no peace. >> many take issue with black friday saying this is not the time for holiday shopping. >> mike brown's family will have a horrible holiday season
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this year and i feel very sorry for them. >> 20 minutes into the march things turned ugly. protesters took down this light post on stockton street. he was headed toward geary and union square. a line of police and riot gear prevented the demonstrators from getting into union square. sky 7hd shows the scale and the drama of the standoff. some protesters doubled back to powell street, but police were there too. glass bottles were thrown at officers and hotel manager was scared. >> you are thinking will thisy smash the windows of my hotel? >> definitely they are smashing and i am running. i am not staying here. i get why they are protesting, but it is not the right way to do it. >> they were smashing wean doughs at macy's and crate and
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barrel furniture store. this street cleaning truck was vandalized and all of its windows shattered. on market street police blocked the group from moving past fifth street. caught in the middle of it all, holiday shoppers like vanessa hernandez. >> it is time to spend money in san francisco. it is crazy. it is ridiculous. >> westfield closed early refusing to let more shoppers in after 7:30 p.m. the protest continued outside. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> here is one example of the damage in the mission district tonight. this picture is from baretta restaurant on valencia street. the diner who sent these photos say a group smashed windows as they walked by. nobody was hurt inside, but people inthere -- in there as you may expect were very scared. >> those who came out to union square did keep their demonstration peaceful. this is video taken by one of
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them. he had blue neon letters chanting all lives matter and hands up, don't shoot. >> the protest actually began in oakland hours earlier when a small group caused big disruptions on bart. they chained themselves together and into two different trains at the west oakland station. bart evacuated both trains and he stranded people on both sides of the bay. >> my ancestors had nothing. >> it took two hours for police to unchain and arrest the 14 protesters and get those trains moving again. >> meanwhile in ferguson, missouri protesters clashed with authorities tonight. officers in riot gear along with the national guard moved in to break up a crowd that refused to get out of a busy
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intersection. this happened across from the ferguson police department where demonstrators had been gathered for days. a different kind of protest at big box stores across the country. demonstrators rallied out said 1600 wal-mart stores nationwide including this one in mill pea disto protest low wages. employees and their supporters want to pay a minimum of $15 and give them consistent full time schedules. >> i am here the day after thanksgiving, the day where we give thanks for all of the things we have in our lives. i am aware that a lot of wal-mart workers can't afford the holiday dinner. and they are making the hard choices between being at home with their families this holiday season and working a few more extra hours to be able to afford those christmas presents coming up. wal-mart employs more people than any other retailer and fairs a competitive wage. >> we have some serious rain heading to the bay area.
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looking live now above san francisco from our exploratorium camera, we have already seen some drizzle and some showers in the city. abc7 news meteorologist drew touma tracking it on live doppler 7hd. >> and the showers have been spreading south throughout the evening and they are scatter ited in nature. live doppler 7hd and we are seeing a hit and miss with the light showers. we are tracking a cell with heavier showers moving east into fairfield. the city of san francisco right now is dealing with light drizzle. a move through the overnight period to show the showers will enhance again by 2:00 a.m. early saturday morning. we can see the pockets of heavier downpours working through tomorrow morning as you wake up. spotty drizzle throughout the bay area and that will be the theme for your saturday morning. overnight lows with the drizzle. we will see upper 40s in the north bay to the low 50s around san francisco. 49 for san jose. we have yet to see the heaviest of the rain. we will time it out with the full accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. guys? >> thank you, drew. >> black friday madness continues across the nation.
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some shoppers are still swarming retail stores and trying to snag the best deals of the season. in someplaces the crowds have gotten aggressive. they have been fighting anyone for the savings. a woman report lea punched a man in the face fighting over a barbie doll at a los angeles area wal-mart. it was a doll selling for $5. shopping was less chaotic, but still busy. shoppers got to the premium outlets in livermore before sunrise today. in hayward, sky 7hd showing shoppers at the south land mall circling the mall looking for spaces. others decided, let's forget about parking. they reached for their phones. ibm digital analytics reports that on-line sales are up more than 8% this black friday and half of the sales were made on mobile devices. that's the most ever. how did brick and mortar stores bring in the shoppers today? abc7 news alan wang is live in concord with details.
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alan? >> larry, i spoke to some employees and they say they were told to emphasize customer service which is something you can't get on-line. there were a lot of buy one, get one free type deals. and it seems like the strategies are working. in the past 27 hours an estimated 30 to 40,000 customers shopped at sun valley mall in concord. >> yesterday was clearly stronger than last year on thanksgiving day. we don't have any numbers yet, but from the bags we see it looks like it will be strong. >> you know how they have all of the ads in the morning, come get the tv's all of that stuff is gone. >> the goal now is to keep the shoppers streaming through the doors. retailers are pulling out all of the stops. michelle turner bought a purse she didn't know she wanted until she entered the store. >> the sales associate said do you like this purse? if you pre buy it you can pick
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it up on wednesday and we will give you an additional 25% off and i said okay. >> the sun valley shopping center has the only frozen palace in the bay area. and santa claus is there too. >> we know pea have to be there when the shopper wants to shop. that's something we are prepared to do. >> the attractions and the deep discounts are designed to combat on-line shopping. if the customers ask for it, sun valley mall says it will open earlier next year on thanksgiving day. in concord, alan wang, abc7 news. >> still ahead on abc news at 11:00, for the first time we hear from two boys rescued after being buried under a huge mound of snow for hours. >> and the force awakens. fans get their first taste of disney's attempt to breathe new life into the beloved ç3ç3çççars" franchise.
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a snowplow accidentally buried two boys alive under a pile of snow. they were stuck there for several hours and survived thanks to an air pocket that was canvassing the area. the 9 and 11-year-old cousins had gone out to build snow forts. a police officer searching for the two spotted a shovel that was half buried in the snow and started digging and hit a boot. [inaudible]. >> the community rushed out to help dig the boys out. some of them were using their
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hands. both suffered from exposure to the cold, but both kids were otherwise okay. >> so fortunate. "star wars" fans have a new hope that the next trilogy of movies is here to rescue the franchise. fans showed up in full force to watch the jedis return to the big screen. if only for 88 seconds. abc7 news reporter nick watt tells us if this was the preview fans were looking for. >> lining up outside theaters across the country and not really for the main feature, but for this trailer. a glimpse of "star wars" "the force" awakens. >> you have not been on-line? >> i have not. >> you waited to see it on the big screen? >> i waited to see it on the big screen the way it is meant to be seen. >> it is 88 seconds long. there is no dialogue. >> the dark side. >> and on-line, one texas theater is playing it on a loop.
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>> my friends are so jealous for me getting to be here. >> this is the seventh "star wars" installment. the last brought to you by our parent company, walt disnay. so the exwing fighter looks the same. hans solo's space ship is back. >> we will see the millenium falcon again. >> the storm trooper uniforms are upgraded and the light sabre has been fixed. >> that can be a problem. >> the movie doesn't open until december of next year. this is only going to intensity. abc news, hollywood. >> speaking of space, 90,000 messages created by earth lings have arrived on mars. they transmitted the messages for the 50th anniversary of nasa's mariner 4. in 1964 the spacecraft captured the first ever pictures showing the surface of mars. the message took just 15
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minutes to reach mars. there was no one there to hear them, i hope. but the messages are being sent to congress as a reminder of the importance of space exploration. the program hopes to some day land astronauts on mars. christmas in the park kicked off in san jose. the celebrations started with the city's 35th annual tree lighting at plaza de cesar chavez park. holiday claus brought excitement and the band as well. >> a good night for a tree lighting because you want to get the tree lit before the rain comes this week end. >> our meteorologist is here with the latest. drew? >> the best weekend to put up the lights or christmas tree. we are tracking a cool and wet weekend on the way. live doppler 7hd and we will show you we are tracking what is light showers. a couple stops and the city of san francisco right now, light rain falling. we have picked up .03 of an inch and this is just the beginning of the several day
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rain event. moving toward the north, fairfield is getting light showers activity and near vacaville. and that will be the theme over the weekend. we will see heavier downpours, but there will be breaks over saturday and sunday. temperature wise 57 in san francisco and down to 56 in oakland and 57 in fremont. 53 in san jose. we are seeing the showers at 58 degrees. satellite and radar and the story we are tracking for the weekend, the cold front that is moving from the west and that is what is bringing us our first round of rain. we are tracking a second storm brewing in the pacific. this could be a stronger storm. this storm could move in tuesday into wednesday and bring us several inches of rain. it is time now for the weekend. saturday morning we are seeing a line of showers reinvigorate itself and bring heavier downpours. as you are waking up for your saturday we will see breaks in the rain. there will be spotty showers here and there. that's the theme for your saturday. it won't be raining then entire time, but there will be
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showers. by 6:00 light showers moving through and a second round of rain moves in. it reenergizes the of the cold front. we will see more widespread wet weather. how much are we talking over the weekend? generally the lower elevations. anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a quarter of rain. in the higher elevations we can see two and a half inches of rain. along with this cold front and the rain, it pick up our winds especially on sunday morning. by 11:00 a.m. we have wind gusts 27 miles per hour and 29 miles per hour and half moon bay, 19 miles per hour. while we are dealing with the wind and the rain, the sierras will be getting some snow. good news for the resorts out. there the winter weather advisory in affect until sunday anywhere up to a foot of snow above 6,000 feet. the heaviest of the snow will befalling tomorrow morning in the early morning hours. highs in the bay area with the scattered showers throughout the day, relatively cool. 59 for cloverdale. 61 is about what we will get to in san francisco. 63 for san jose.
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the high tomorrow for oakland is getting to about 61 degrees. the accu-weather forecast we will show you, periods of rain for your saturday. on and off throughout the day. then sunday the heaviest of the rain will come in the first half of the day. looks like sunday afternoon to the evening we had a break in the rain on monday. scattered showers, widely scattered. tuesday is when we will get our soaking showers. tuesday we could pick up anywhere from one to possibly three inches of rain which is great news. with the rain comes gusty winds. if you are traveling early next week, we could have issues. >> very stormy. >> thank you so much, drew. >> i'm in for dan. colin rush is in for me. i don't know who is in for josh. they traded another of their player whys. a storm coming in oakland. the heart and soul of the a's headed north. traded in the prime of his traded in the prime of his
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i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. you too can enjoy quality health coverage.
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to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to the trend continues in oakland. josh donaldson is the latest fan favorite traded by the a's general manager billy bean. he is now a toronto bluejay. the 28-year-old donaldson was an mvp candidate early last season. he had 29 homers and drove in 98 runs. the guy could flat out field his position. the majority of a's fans are fuming. he used it as a necessary move going forward. in exchange they get baretto and nolan and graveman and third base man brett lawrie who will replace donaldson immediately at third. steve kerr said he saved them. he said they don't win without them. curry is back in his hometown of charlotte. the playoff team last year is
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coming in -- into tonight's gape. one of his six assists. and now we play get to know your hornets. 22 years old and this will be the 28-year-old journey man and 20 off the bench for charlotte. most take over in the fourth. 16 straight and finished with a team high 27. just one attempt from the three-point range. the warriors win their eighth straight 106-101. they are 13-2. still to come, kevin hogan had never lost to ucla, so why start no
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an unfamiliar role for stanford in pasadena. a bruins win and they will be heading to next friday's championship game at levi stadium. a loss and arizona gets in. that's the number eight. troy aikman. accuracy in the past few weeks. 12 straight completions to start the game. 14 of 15 in the first half. 22 yards to pie cal rector. he evades pesher. pressure. two touch downs and last week's big win. it will not be denied. 28 h of 10 cardinals. unable to take advantage at the special teams unit. picked off by scwor dan
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richards and stanford dominates this one. the most complete of the year. they have now beaten ucla seven straight times. >> our best all ready a game. our guys really, really wanted this game. they played like it. there were no excuses. they went out and did it. >> he has ruled out of sunday's game in st. louis. the raiders' running back failed to pass his final concussion test this week. he suffered the concussion last thursday against the chiefs after rushing for 112 yards and two scores. cal's season finale tomorrow in berkeley against byu. it is going to be raining. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by ebay. cal is looking to finish 6-6 and get to bowl eligibility. they are playing their way into a bowl game. >> just for the record, no more tweets from young cassie.
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>> the account is now down. >> the gm's daughter tweeted she wasn't a big fan of the offensive coordinator. what did they call it? a teachable moment? >> trent is doing what he had to do. >> i would like to see if he had any thoughts about the josh donaldson trade. i'm sure they would be good. >> get yourself a new account. >> thanks. >> abc7 continues on-line and on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 5:00


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