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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 1, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> sf. >> bracing for the storm. business owners aren't taking any chances protecting the store from heavy rain and possible flooding as the third and strongest system moves closer. >> good evening. dan has the night off. we are in a lull right now but that's going to change in a big way. here's a live look from our exploratorium camera. pretty clear out there tonight. we have team coverage. we begin with meteorologist sand why about tracking the storm her now live with doppler. >> the storm will soak the bay area and whip up the wind. let me show it to you from the perspective here. we start to see some moyingtd off the coast line here and check out what is happening not too far away from
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the coast here. we are seeing some lightning strikes. these lightning strikes are still just over 100 miles away and as we pull out here i show you what is very interesting here. check out the moisture tap. water vapor imagery and quite a bit of moisture here. sub tropical moisture in southern california. area of low pressure pull some of the moisture up into the bay area and when you take a look at our cold front hear some of the storm risk for tuesday and wednesday minor urban flooding wind damp damage power outage and thunderstorms moderate or medium possibility of all of these. up to 5 inches of rain for our bay area mountains. we are not going to get rid of the storm very quickly. back with a look at the details on the timing of this system coming up amma. >> thank you sandhya. >> many in the north bay are watching the weather tonight and preparing for possible flooding during the next storm system. cornell is live in mill valley where they are very
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concerned nitd. cornell? >> concerned and a little worried tonight too amma. sand bag seem to be the best defense against possible flooding here on miller avenue. most businesses have them ready in fact check this out. the sand bag even using being used to advertise a shoe sale at this store. no question about it. the next storm is on the way. >> the sign is getting the attention of drivers on east blythe dale avenue in mill valley. friendly warning from the city to prepare for the next storm. many are taking the advice. >> how are you getting ready for the rain? >> sand bags. >>reporter: brian kim isn't taking chance also. he is stocking up on all the sand bag he can get to cover every door of his restaurant on miller avenue. >> we don't want water in my business so definitely we are very worried. >> tomorrow will be more on storm watch. >>reporter: amanda has her sand bag. she owns the 2:00
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a.m. club flooding happened too many times to mention. here's what it looked like out in front of the bar last february. high water all around. and this was 1945. flooding at the same spot. miller avenue. >> this grate backing up and bar flooding. we have to get the sand bag out and make sure it doesn't come inside. >> mill valley fire kept issued alert to residents in low lying area to get ready. >> watch the weather and if you notice we have had heavy rain for more than an hour or 2. and we would probably do a renotification but might be time to move the car to high ground. >> rain coat. rain pant and one poncho but majority of these guys get sold out real quick. >>reporter: richard and the ace hardware expect a run on rain gear and tarp. insurance from the storm just in case. in marin county abc 7 news. >> hardware store won't be the only business moving because of the storm. tree cutting
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services are preparing for what could be a very busy week. alan taking us to walnut creek where preventive work being done. >> pg&e craw were out trimming tree today before more rain and wind moves in. but it's hard to detbingt which tree fall in a storm. >> we see that where a tree will fall over and it looks fine up top but completely rotten down pwloychlt the large oak tree knocked out power to 71 customers after it fell on a car and stopped traffic here. in sonoma count the tree toppled over blocking this year near occidental and broken limbs are expected. the tree could absorb so much rain water that the weaken branches could snap the >> it's the water inside the wood itself. it will make a cut on a limit will spray out like a sprinkle. >> may not take wind to blow
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down the tree. tree cutting services are preparing for what could be a busy week in the east bay this is abc 7 news. >> dangerous ficus tree were his trimmed in san francisco ahead of the storm. they are top heavy and weak and do damage when they fall. yesterday one crushed a cab at oak and broderick. last month the ficus fell on man in the mission district. today public work issued an order to make it easier for residents to replace them. city leaders are considering a long-term solution to help cover the cost. >> don't forget to watch the abc 7 morning news starting at 4:30. we have a look at the forecast and traffic reporter will be keeping an eye on the commute. we'll report weather update throughout the day here on twitter and abc 7 news bay area. >> take a look at this. sky 7 hd shows officers trying to keep protestors away from friday tree lighting ceremony in union square. what you captain see from the air it's how protestors later attacked
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some of those officers leaving at least one of them bloody and possibly permanent innocently disfigured. about lee ann has the story. >> san francisco police showed us some of the items confiscated friday night including some stolen did he vase from his a radio shack store. 4 people were booked for assaulting an officer, possession of stolen goods and for outstanding warrants. but most of the 79 people detained received only citations. thinks the video that has gone viral. 2 officers being struck by an a frame during friday night violent protest. in all 5 were injured that night. police release this photo of one of the officers badly injured. >> wept out on friday night is not fears amendment activity. it's criminal conduct by a fringe element that seems time bed themselves in unlawful first amendment activity and acts out past that and we will not have that here in san francisco this. >>reporter: morning some
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business ins downtown san francisco were assessing the damage. this jewelry store on o'farrell street forced to close early after protestors mad over the ferguson decision broke several windows. >> they want come in. they scare the people. >>reporter: hundreds took coverage behind police liens at union square. police manage to push activist back to market street. from there they headed to the mission district. there several stores and bank were his vandalize. the owner of west bay glass company has been busy replacing windows. >> it is a the lo of 0job on saturday morning and sunday. sunday we were hit. we did the board up first and came today and replace the glaishtion the exchange sell secondhand electronic. they too suffer damage. >> not really helping the protest at all. it's more like hurting our businesses and setting back the community. >>reporter: despite the people detained no one arrested for vandalism. fight looters have
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been charged with burglary after violent protest in oakland one week ago tonight. undercover officers said they saw the men force their way into the smart and time store then leave with stolen liquor. the suspect appeared in court late today. they all have criminal records 2 of them have felony convictions. >> santa clara county sheriff launched operation second chance and allow people with certain miss did he mean or traffic warrant to turn themselves in and avoid going to jail. people can surrender police or sheriff station in santa clara county through the end of the month. >> police believe they caught the suspect who pulled off a robbery and kidnapping on thanksgiving morning. detective say the 3 armed men con front add couple enjoying the view at this turn out along grizzly peak boulevard. victim have no cash so one of the robbers got in the car and forced them to drive to atm to take out money. police think the suspect might be linked to
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other local crimes. >> witness helps police corral suspected car they have in los angeles after a wild chase. driver weaving through traffic and eventually crashed the stolen car. he got out and ran across oncoming traffic hauling skate board seconds later he tried to ride it but that failed. the driver of a truck saw police running and pwloxd the suspect in right there officers quickly placed the man under arrest. >> wish come true for local father paralyze in tragic accident. next on 7 news the unforgettable journey of just a few blocks. and the community that rallied around him. >> plus wounded veteran service animal not allowed on local flight. why the airline banned the dog from boarding. >> would you play a prank on a police department? how the pink flamingo made whole lot of gr my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that
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i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to >> disabled veteran who helped council veterans is irate. after he wasn't allowed to bring the service dog on flight at san jose airport. yesterday morning retired army sergeant bond tried to board a u.s. airway flight to hawaii with the dog boomer. u.s. airway employee said they couldn't board because he didn't have proof boomer had been vaccinated against rabies. boomer helps retired sergeant with every day activity but he has a bigger role helping other veterans returning from over seas. the pair was headed to a veterans retreat and boomer skills now won't be available to them. >> i got them to be able to help breakdown the barrier with vets that were having a lot of
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issues and needing help. he's the biggest part of our team. he always succeeds. we don't have that now. >>reporter: bond took later flight. father drove to san jose to pick up boomer. u.s. airway apologized saying he should have been correctly informed about the rabies paperwork before he tried to board. >> machine would became paralyze over the summer in tragic accident is back home from the hospital. as we are told the father of 2 took his kids to school today with the entire neighborhood behind him. >> half dozen people outside my door. >> this was a walk he will never forget. ever since the final dabs spinal cord injury to walk his 2 kids to school like he used to every day. >> all i was doing was walking my kids to school. but it was one of those circumstances that ordinary became extraordinary. >>reporter: neighbors along the route join in on the walk holding signs along the way.
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chris wife was overwhelmed. >> it was amazing i didn't expect to see this many people. whole community. teachers. parents. friends. the kid. >> many in the tight knit community were there. the moment chris got hurt. vacationing when chris dove in shallow water. accident left him paralyze from the waist down. >> i remember the sky up above. and i remember thinking i'm in trouble. i can't move. >> since then the neighbors have been pitching in to help chris and family. delivering meals doing the laundry and raising money. they say it will cost 200,000 dollars a year for in-home care. friends are determined to make sure chris gets the care he needs. >> in circumstances like this people go through different stages of grave from the very beginning. chris wanted to sur75 second chance to him. don't come across this that kooipingd kind of strength. that kind of fine intera community.
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>>reporter: the community says they are in it for the long-haul. to be there for whatever extraordinary moment comes next. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> if would you like to help we have information on our web site. >> san francisco mark world aids day with the lighting of the world tree of hope. and special concert this evening. the past pass sfichlt beautifu beautiful. voice of the san francisco boys chorus fill the cathedral. cheryl jennings served as tonight mc. tree on display inside grace cathedral on knob hill through christmas. >> officer inside wear blue. pink flamingo on the front lawn helped raise green for low income kids in vallejo. the non-profit 2030 club if flocked the headquarters. donor pay to
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have them placed outside a home or business. one flocker won't disclose if this was an inside they were honored to ber red t d flocked. >> rain gave way to rainbow today. alan tweeted the picture of rainbow over the tunnel. sandhya is here with details on the next storm moving in and sandhya we both saw rainbow today. >> we did. very lucky. as we look at live doppler 7hd we are very fortunate to have a pretty good system come in to the bay area. the moisture is still off the coast line watching the cloud. the system is already tapping into enough sub tropical moisture and enough instability for lightning strike south west of the bay area so we are going to put in a chance of thunderstorms for the next couple of days. now rain fall deficit we still need just over an inch in some areas san francisco, oakland, livermore about an inch and a half. san jose 3700 up to
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ukiah over half inch of rain. the next storm coming in will leakly get rid of the deficit. catch us up to date for the season. that does not mean we are going to get rid of the drought as a matter of fact we need several good years before we can actually see the drought getting p.e. realized because in the right direction. temperature 50's, 60's, visibility is poor. dense fog in san jose right now. eighth of a mile visibility. half mile in santa rosa so thick fog there as well. tomorrow morning watch out during the commute this perspective from the tower cam are looking at san francisco showing you pretty good visibility wet windy tomorrow chance of thunderstorms and we are expecting this to become a winter storm for sierra pass that is mane snow will measure in feat at the highest elevations. this is the storm system this cold front tapping that sub tropical moisture flash flood watch going up for parts of southern california. they may see some flash flooding in the recent burn areas so they get dumped on we get periods of heavy rain with the system and it's not going to move out very quickly so we
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continue to see showers right on through thursday. tomorrow morning for the start of the commute spotty showers. this is the time line here. noon time some moderate to heavy rain begins to move in. 2:00 p.m. still years of heavy rain ahead of the cold front and really we have to wait until about 4 or 5:00 o'clock to start to see the rain taper. still for the evening rush you see wet road which out there. wednesday morning the area of low pressure socialed with the system comes in 5:00 a.m. pockets to moderate rainfall pwments heavy at times during the 8:00 a.m. hour. make sure you have the rain gear with yo you. 5:00 p.m. wednesday could be a slow moving rush hour and at 9 p.m. still seeing some heavier downpour wednesday night. now when you look terrain totals taking you right on up to wednesday nature we are looking at 3 to 5 inches for the north bay mountains. santa cruz mountains 2 to 4 and most of you at the lower elevation 3 quarters of an inch to inch and a half of rain. significant rain expected with this city. some gusty winds tomorrow morning a little breezy and then as we head
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toward the lte morning hours close to 40 miles an hour wind gust. especially along the coast and hills could income down power lines and trees so keep that in mine. sierra will see the snow. 2 to 3 feet at the higher peak 12 to 18 inches above 7,000 winter storm warning noon tuesday until 4 a.m. thursday expecting chain control but snow levels start out high and drop down to 7000 feet. speak offing dropping tomorrow morning. temperatures in the falling much. numbers in the 50's. make sure you have umbrella watch out for the thunderstorms cooler day tomorrow and windy one as well. mid 50's to mid 60's accu-weather 7 day forecast we keep the chance of thunder on wednesday and showers linger thursday. the new system on friday f.brings us chance of rain but that accu-weather 7 day forecast look more like winter. >> yes thank you sandhya. >> all right shoe has sports report tonight and. >> battle of the bay sunday raiders and 49ers. silver and black ready to rebound from the worst loss in 53 years. if
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soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. >> 49ers raiders match up sunday in the black hole and today jim harbaugh barely got a chance to talk about the silver and black in the weekly press conference. niners coming off a loss to seattle where they could generate no offense. but all the talk today was about ceo york tweet afterwards saying team play was unacceptable. he was asked if he talked with jed about the tweet. >> to me that's not that's not significant. if what is significant is we move on without excuse and get it righ right. make it right. do you want to be back here next year. >> what i want to do is attack this week and get it right.
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>> the artful dodger. meanwhile the raiders have hit rock bottom. shut out sunday by the ram 52-nothing. second worse lost in franchise histor history. 5 turn overs. defense couldn't stop anyone. mason ran wild. 168 total yards from scrimmage with 3 touch downs. unfortunately you can't wall 0in the pity and raiders put this loss behind them and moving on to the 49er 49ers. if. >> this of big rivalry game. everybody in this area has been waiting for this game for a long time. so i think it's the best thing that could have happened after loss like that is to have this type of game. >> monday night football jets hosting the dolphins in the east rutherford. jets on the board first. a little trickery and he turns the corner fly into the end zone 7 nothing new york. 2 minutes left. nail 26 yard field gel to give the
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dolphins a 3 upon the lead. late interception to seal the deal. 16-13 the final. keep the dolphins in the play off hunt. time time out before we check in on baseball hot stove is the giants with top line check in on baseball hot stove is the giants with top line pitcher. are thehe
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the. >> after the giants lost sandoval to the red sox through free agency whisper world champion would make a splash by sign ago big name pitcher. giants spoke with pitcher john lester this afternoon. he last pitched for the a's and giants not sure what they get from mat cain after surgery so they need a top line starter. they have the money since they didn't pay the panda but cubs and red sox also in the equation stay tune.
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meanwhile a's keep trading a way valuable piece of their team and opponent keep getting stronger. today the mariners and cruz agree to 4 year 57 million dollar contract. cruz led home runs last year with the orioles. 2013 suspended 50 games for violating drug agreement in connection with biogenesis scandal. your move billy bean. this sports report are brought to you by ebay. >> thank you so much. 7 news continues now on line twitter facebook all the mobile device with our news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow


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