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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 2, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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sz. >> we haven't seen it like this in more than 2 and a half year years. downpour. wind and right now thunder and lightning moving into the bay area. good evening everybody. dan has the night off. >> i'm amma. 7 news weather anchor spencer is tracking the lightning and joins us with live doppler 7hd. >> finally the rainfall. we need it and waiting for and now
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we get the extra bonus and that is lightning strike look at this. the long line of lightning strike offshore. lining up and moving towards the coast line of the north ba bay. so far we have no reports of the lightning strike actually hitting land areas. but we have seen hundreds of lightning strike offshore. in fact just the last 30 minutes or so we have seen about 130 strikes and a little bit earlier we had over 200 strike within half hour period so we are watching approaching storms in case they happen to move overland. rainfall total toda today. we have 3 locations that have had record rainfall for this date exploratorium 1.5 56 inches. 1.15 and san jose all new record rainfall total for this date. 1.16. look at the even distribution rainfall around the bay area. we don't have very many location that is received under an inch of rainfall today and morris on the way. i give you a look at
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when and where that will fall in just a few minutes. >> all right thank you so much spencer. 7 news reporter wayne spent the day in the north bay where people deal with down tremendous and flooded lots all day long. >> if things we take for granted. tree in our yard for instance until they fall any way. >> well it so you knowed like it was minor earthquake the the vibration in the house. >> that's michael collins of sap are fellas tonight gave way to morning he found the source of that shaking in the front yard. an oak. >> i thought oh, no. >>reporter: tree master warn we'll have more of this head as the winter wears on. did you expect this to happen day. yes we were geared up ready for some mayhem. >>reporter: is it over. >> no. if big one is coming tomorrow. >>reporter: big ones were relative today. manzanita park in mill valley big ones are predictable.
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>> every time it rains a lot and there is high tide. >>reporter: this is what happens when tide converge with heavy rains and this lot owned by the state run by cal-trans patrol by the chp served by the golden gate bridge transportation district and sworn at routinely by mill valley residents. bob his seen this chain of events too many times to count. >> once is it business a foot deep there's problems with the cars getting through. they get sucked in with the water then stall out and block the driveway and buses get delayed and passengers get upset. >>reporter: so let's finance wish something to rejoice abou about. cascade fall ins mill valley which had been mostly dry. >> dry enough for my dog couldn't swim any more. >>reporter: different story. dog could have chosen to go swilling but wisely decided against it. too much water. what a nasty problem. even for a dog. >> for people wondering about how the reservoir are doing marin county they are at 94 percent of average storage now
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that is 65 percent capacity. so we still have a way to go. in san anselmo, abc 7 news. >> and the odd are tomorrow commute will be another mess from the east bay in san francisco this morning salute nightmare. drivers going from walnut creek to do you want san francisco spent almost an hour and a half in the car for some commute earth's making their way to the planes from the east bay it took even longer than. that the problem was flooding on highway 101 south bound near paul avenue. the area is prone to problems. cal-trans says litter is to blame. the problem also worst at the start of the rainy season. >> roads dangerous this mornin morning. chp dealt with 400 accident calls between 2 and 10:00 a.m. that's 4 times the normal number. reminder from the chp california drivers are required by law to have our headlights on any time windshield wipers operating
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continuously in. san francisco the storm shut down cable car service for much of the day. crew clean mud debris off the track. bus shuttle were used along the routes. cable car service did resume just before 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. the downpour caused problems all across the city. lee ann with more now. >> following strong winds and rain the city had to take care of about 15 fallen tree and branches. if this fallen monterey cypress being cut down by a crew from the department of recreation and park. the tree have a shallow root system making them it's year to top nell a remember to. this one measures between 40 and 50 fee feet. crew from the department of public work in san francisco were clearing fallen trees all around the city. >> this is about average. nothing that is out of the ordinary. we have regular staff on duty. we are lacking at bringing in staff on over time in case the wind and rain pick up and get agent bit worse two. cars were damaged at guerrero and 23rd when a limb frb this ficus tree snapped.
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by the time we got there the city was ready to turn this branch in mulch. another branch fell on the cable car line near bush street. >> not every day you see a tree in the middle of the powell strichlt bus cars drive aroyptd police waited until one machine craw came to rae move it. >> the tree have been dropping branch for awhile already. >> many over grown and top heavy. they are in need of pruning. >> unfortunately we are on a cycle of every 10 to 12 years. optimal 3 to 5 years and it's a funding issue. >> years of cuts have reduced the amount of funding needed to properly maintain these trees. rebecca sinclair moved here recently from michigan and was surprised by all the rain. >> we have wild weather over there too. we don't have to worry about snow here in. san francisco lee ann abc 7 news. >> rape reeked havoc on east bay roadway as well. driver in lafayette lost control on the slick road this morning and
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crashed that a traffic signal on mount diablo boulevard and traffic lights fell over knocking out power to the intersection and turning night a 4-way stop during the morning rush hour. >> it was murder. usually takes me 20 minutes to get some to lafayette and it took me 50 minutes. >> fallen leaves also blocking storm drain officials warn expect to see more street flooding later this week. >> see is what showing up on live doppler 7hd any time with the 7 news weather app. it is 43 on a el app store or google play. more information at 7 slash app. >> well all that rain here is turning to snow in the sierra. cause for celebration for tahoe area ski resorts. some early flurry at mountain resort early today but our camera up on the mountain more than 8,000 feet elevation tahoe had mostly rain down at like level. check out ski resort up highway 80 along the north shore. it's at about 7200 feet that was rate at the
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snow line all afternoon so they had this wet mix of rain and snow depending on where boarder and skiers were on the mountain. >> there is enough for 6 runs to be open if resort says it kind of likes the wet snow rate now. >> this really helps. we have open mostly on snow making but nothing like natural snow to build excitement. the the moisture cop at the present time in the snow is a benefit this tile of year. allow for really solid base. it's great it's great. we went autopsy couple times last year so i think we'll come up more this year. >> boreal and other ski resort expect to open more runs after this storm finishes dumping even more snow overnight and even into thursday. >> bizarre crash on golden gate bridge landed car on the sidewalk early today. 2 22-year-old daniel of san francisco driving south when he wedged his blue mustang in the area marked for pedestrians. he wasn't seriously injured but he created a problem that bridge workers hadn't seen before. >> it's good the golden gate
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bridge crew like puzzle because the driver gave them a challenge this morning figuring out how to extract from wedge on the sidewalk but they have done that now. the crew has removed the vehicle from where it was stuck. >> bridge workers stopped traffic in both direction and lifted the car off the sidewalk and over the guard rail. crash engineers will review to see if anything can be done to stop this from happening again. at the has been arrested for driving under the influence. how bizarre. how bizarre. >> yes . >> beating on camera. video police put out hoping someone will lead them to those who did it. >> also. the disturbing discovery at local business. worker found inside time capsule that has police investigating. >> and we continue to watch for lightning strikes tonight. >> and we continue to watch for lightnhere's some news you may find surprising.
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from his injuries. this is surveillance video of the november 23rd attack. the one man kick 67-year-old man as he slept in front of the business on sutter street. the crutches were next to him. surveillance video also shows the 3 men moments before the attack as they smoke in front of the proper gallery. the men attacked the victim twice and left him to die. >> essentially just encounter him then assault him more than once. savage the only word that describes this. it's brutal savage assault. more than just punch or kick. it wept on for quite a while. >> 3 men may have taken bart or immune toy attend an event in the area. they are asking anyone with information to call the police anonymous tip line. >> we lerp more tonight about the protestors and infill traytors arrested during oakland demonstration last week that turned violent. the laura has the story. >> we are serious about holding the people accountable
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who did damage to the city of oakland. >> oakland mayor elect says those who damage property during recent protest will be made to pay for it. one way or another. >> the city is considering civil charges. that would be recovering money damages for the vandalism done in oakland last week. >> 3 nights of demonstration downtown oakland left tens of thousands of dollars in damage especially to local businesses. while oakland police arrested 170 demonstrators only 4 have been charged with felonies. >> i believe the account is that of 9 people who were supposed to be arraigned on felony in superior court in oakland yesterday 5 were not charged at all. charges against him we will fight. >> jeff represents one man charged with a felony. shawn with second agree commercial burglary of a smartd and final story. i it this issue here is not some lost bottle from
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3.2 billion dollar corporation smart and final but really about why thousands of people across the country were shutting down freeway. were protesting in the street. >> we encourage anyone who wants to kilometer to the city of oakland and participate in frame of speech and peaceful demonstration. we discourage anyone participating in criminal activity. >> police situation the investigation is just beginning. as they tip to review officer body camera and other video sources n.oakland, n.oakland, abc 7 news. >> oakland police investigate the discovery of uh-hum an skull found inside a time capsule. the skull was recovered at pacific panel near oakland international airport. employee found the sealed wood ep box cleaning up in the production area last week. the owner estimates the box had been at the business about 15 years. the skull is being turned over to the alameda county coroner office to see if app identity and cause of death can be
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determined. >> hit-and-run drivers could see description license plate number display on freeway sign under proposed new law. behind the amber alert signs. lots ang assemblyman mike has introduced a bill that wohl allow police to share details on hit-and-run drivers with the chp. who would display the information on freeway signs near the crashes. governor brown veto the same bill in september saying it might overwhelm the amber alert system which uses the same freeway signs but he says the system would only be activated for someone killed or severely injured. law enforcement agency say hit-and-run accidents the most difficult to solve. >> first time since 2006 californians have increased the use of gasoline to state board of equalization report today drivers purchase 14 and a half bill gallon in the last fiscal year. up almost 1% from the previous year and more gas use than any other state. california also driving more miles this year.
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analyst say it's a sign the economy is improving and it's because of cheaper gas prices. right now the average gallon of gas is down more than 50 cents from a year ago. >> wow! >> well wherever people are driving let's hope they are driving slowly. >> carefully. >> the roads are very slick tonight. >> they are indeed. ponding. local flooding in the roadway please be careful. more rain is on the way. haven't had enough. never enough. >> true. >> hears fv live doppler 7hd. rainfall and lane of thunderstorms right offshore with hundreds of light anything strike occurring just the last couple hours and all seems to be aiming directly towards the koes coast line of the lower part of the north bay right around marin county. we have extensive rain over much of the north bay. light moderate most location but we see pockets of heavy rainfall as well and certainly could be heavy rain accompanying the thunderstorms if they ever make it on far all the activity tell of lightning
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strike offshore. here we are with current wind conditions. pretty calm in most locations but there aren't gusty spots along the coast line including half moon bay with 26 miles per hour wind gust at this moment. for the season today l our rainfall total are looking pretty good. we are at or above the normal rainfall level at this point in the season and virtually all parts of the bay area right now. 114 percent of normal at sf o. 125 percent of normal counsel at san jose. beautiful view of partly to mostly cloudy skies over the bay from our exploratorium camera and forecast feature are these. waves of showers and thundershowers over nature and tomorrow. locally heavy did you know pour are like i and this unsettled pat he were will continue that next we can. hears satellite radar composite image and see the next wave of active weather moving in our direction closing in the coast line and that is the one bringing us current rainfall and threat of thunderstorms and there's additional threat of more thunderstorms farther offshore
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that may follow overnight and tomorrow. so lets start the forecast animation at 10:00 o'clock tonight at which point we expect to see some 80's of locally heavy rain up in the north bay and some lighter rain in other parts of the bay area then overnight we see the rain move farther inland by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour wide spread rainfall moderate to heavy. with some local heavy downpour and no doubt messy morning commute. then after that we see the more scattered areas of rain during the midmorning late morning hours and still some locally heavy downpour just about any point during the day tomorrow including the afternoon and that the evening so not only will the morning commute likely slowed down by rainfall but the afternoon evening is likely to be problematic as well. that will continue early thursday morning 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night we are projecting rainfall total possibly up to three inches in the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains. half inch lower el vision that is pretty good soaking of rain
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while over in the sierra winter storm warning is in effect until 4 a.m. thursday we expect 12 to 18 inches of snow. snow level pretty hay right new two to 3 feet of snow in the higher peak. chain restriction likely of course. pack to the bay area overnight tonight along with storms we expect low pressure to be mainly in the mid 50's tomorrow. more rain likely. maybe some thunderstorms high in the low to mid 60's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers linger in thursday morning then a little bit of a brick partial clearing from friday through the weekend into early next week we still have active unceltsed pattern with chances of written throughout the 5 or sox day period. >> expense are stay with us while doing the forecast we got some video in of 3 lightning striking that were captured on tape you can see them here this 40's our emeryville camp are and you can see the sky lighting up in the background here. looking out west ward you mention there was a line of thunderstorms that was out over the pacific not made land
9:21 pm
fall. >> just offshore. the flashes we are seeing appear to be from storms just offshore. near the coast lean but perhaps not yet over listened area. if they were over the land area it would be over san francisco or around the golden gate or lower marin county and would have gotten reports from people in the areas affected. yes those strikings are so close now that likelihood of the storm moving on shore tills pretty high. >> we'll be checking back with you shortly thank you. >> for sure. >> coming. repelling off the side of the tall building in the rain. to wrist money and awareness for kids. >> next at 9. we take you to >> next at 9. we take you to san jose where dozens
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>> look at this video we just captured as part of the storm watch. talking about the thunderstorms right off the coast and we caught some light anything from our emeryville camera. few strike there and spencer said getting close to shore. keeping a close eye and keep you posted when it gets here. >> real life super hero brave the rain and 26 stories to help children fight drug and alcohol addiction. nearly 100 people scaled down from the roof top of the san jose marriott after slight rain delay this afternoon for the shatter proof challenge. organizers hope the event will raise awareness and help bridge the gap between funding and resources for children battling addiction. >> change the dialogue. this is a disease. it's not morale character. it's not bad choice. this is a chronic brain disease. needs to be treated as such. >> this is second year for the shatter paragraph challenge in san jose. 1.5 million dollars
9:26 pm
raised since last year event. >> is in job. >> another half hour of 7 news >> another half hour of 7 news at 9 moments away . >> all right larry sea right now. huge line, large batch of thunderstorms right offshore. of course we see flashes of rain right now from land and pretty soon the storms may be moving on land so i have the accu-weather forecast update on the storm in just a moment. >> also. the power outages clogged drains and one really bad commute. what some people were up against today. >> and the new lawsuit against bill cosby. woman who is taking her accusations for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now.
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. >> if we have been watching a band of thunderstorms and now they are just coming in to our view. you can see them here on our emeryville camera looking wet tonight. >> we begin this half hour of news with more lightning and rain expected tomorrow. spencer is here with live doppler 7 hd. striking are where we want them offshore. >> sure you are right larry. look at that band of thunderstorms. so far this band is playing some music we have had hundreds of strikes offshore in the last hour or so but they seem to be difficult miniissuing in number right now. maybe not so much in intensity. the close-up look here at the coast of marin county where we get some heavy downpour and pretty strong cell. no report of lightning strike overland area yet. rainfall intense in some areas in the strike getting closer an closer to
9:31 pm
land that is the pattern right now moving up to the golden gate and lower marin county. meanwhile we can measure the number of strike in the last 30 minutes and 30 minute period here. you see only 70 in the last 30 minute period but earlier in the newscast we had over 100 in 30 minute stretch so seem to be increasing in number at the moment. maybe not in intensity. rainfall today the 3 locations san francisco moffitt field san jose set new record for written fall toll on this date and these total are going to increase as more written coming tonight in the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you so much spencer. >> break on morning commute in several areas. commuters dealt with this on 280 in million pwre. commute also really bad for those coming in from the east bay. here's from the east bay. here's sergio
9:32 pm
5 80 head nag san francisco was back up for most of the day. that continued over the bay bridge. morning commuters on highway 24 were gum newspaper traffic with drive time stretching into an hour and a half because of flooding in san francisco in berkeley power out ang in delaware and fourth street created a little bit of a rain rush you the only police on the black that stayed !pen at the diner here. >> so l there were whole bunch of guy in line with apron on from the other restaurants who couldn't work and needed coffee and must have fins and things like that. >> kitchen kept ongoing turning out home fry and flap jack. power rae stored after hour and a half. the combination of written and leaves clogged up storm drains causing some corn tore flood but all the residents we talked to welcome the showers. >> if come on we need more of this. it's not inhaven't. everything is fine. the it's warm. i like it. one berkeley resident the pwraw
9:33 pm
autopsy cup of tea and stood in the rain to take it in. >> i got up at 6 raining since then really. just like this. kind of slow. but it's nice. >>reporter: rain and some wind did snap a few tree limb but according toal mead county but according toal mead county public work crew l. >> if the rain continue to be nice slow and steady like they have been over the last couple days they simply want more. in emeryville 7 news. crew on mud slide watch in several southern california communities that have been ravage by recent build fire. have been asian order is now in effect in camarillo springs 50 miles north of los angeles. heavy rain is bringing debris close to homes residents there have been through all this before. >> get the family out get the dog out. grab computer pictures like in the fire you know. >>reporter: residents of silverado canyon in orange
9:34 pm
county are worried about the same thing. officials there issued a voluntary evacuation notice for 60 homes interan area that burned over the summer and has been the site of past mud slides. >> southern california woman has sued bill cosby claiming the comedian molested her in 1974 when she was 15 years old. pl she claims cosby took her to the playboy mansion in los angeles after several drinks sexually assaulted her. woman claims she suffered severe emotional distress and that she discovered impact on her in the past three years. allowed her to file the lawsuit under california law. e-mail message sent to cosby attorney was not immediately returned. >> later are slowly coming back on in detroit after major cable failure caused parts of the city to good dark today. lights flicker they wept out around 10:30 this morning how it looked in detroit criminal when the power went out. outage prompted schools to send stunts home early and there were evacuation throughout
9:35 pm
downtown detroit. power grid not upgraded in decades is the issue. changes are coming says the mayor. >> l many years in the process of building a 200 million dollar system to serve these customers you because the d pd system was so far gone it just could not be salvaged. >> electricity is new back on for nearly half of the customers served by detroit public lighting department. the outage is another black eye for the city which is fully emerging from the largest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. >> president obama is expected to nominate ashton carter as secretary of defense to replace hagel. never served in uniform but if including senator mccai mccain. previously served as deputy defense secretary under president obama but resigned a year ago. its unlikely he warm front faced strong opposition in senate confirmation hearings if nominated.
9:36 pm
>> pentagon confirms that iran fighter jet are attacking isis positions in ernie rack. this essentially means iran and u.s. are fighting against the same enemy. they are using american fighter jets like this one purchased during the time of the shah. pentagon is aware of the strike but there noise coordination between the 2 nations and none is needed. >> liver mir police want high school senior to stop playing the game here. teens buy in to get the name of another senior they want to assassinate using mock weapon. game continues until only one person is left and that person wins the cash prize. livermore police say the game can be dangerous since they get calls from people who think they see someone with a real weapon. look at this picture where one girl attempted to get away from her assassin in the vehicle. she lost cell and crashed in a house. >> we continue to track the wave of thunderstorms tonight spencer will tell us exactly where they head receipt now and
9:37 pm
then this. >> help you find him if this. >> they are not human. if you have ever had trouble getting help at one of the big box stores. this might be the solution. bay area store where she works ahead. >> 3, 2, 1. >> pwaiper counting down at the national christmas tree litton thursday outside the white house. 7 news tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand, or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help.
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tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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r. >> we are on storm watch tonight and line of thunderstorms moving into the bay area right now. catching lightning from the emeryville camera cameraing out over the water. >> we have seen periodic
9:41 pm
lightning striking some located off the coast of marin. some near the golden gate bridge. this as we mention 40's our camera in emeryville and spencer joins us now at 1 point seemed like there were over 100 lightning striking off the coast line and maybe a little bit less right now but right now they are staying off the coast. >> they are so far larry we just found out the weather service issued significant weather advisory for marin county. coast line from marin county sonoma county i should say so that means this lean of thunderstorms band of storms moving generally in that direction could produce some rather turbulent weather in marin and/or sonoma county in the next hour you can see how the storms are stawngd offshore and obviously from the video show the lightning flashing in the sky from over on the east bay but so far no reports yet of lightning strike occurring overland areas but so close. look at this. see how close the storms are right now to marin county coast line likely some
9:42 pm
of these likely to move on shore in the next few minutes. this is the pattern moving up to the golden gate and points north of the golden gate to marin and sonoma county so we have significant weather coming our way and could be lightning striking and could be heavy downpour flash flooding all the things are possible with this kind of weather pattern. more in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. we 10 to keep an eye on the storm system and
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>> we wanted it it's here with a bang and flash apparently. a bang and flash apparently. >> plenty of flashes in fact. >> it's pretty rare to see a thunderstorm around the bay area but cluster of them. band of them is even rarer. here's
9:46 pm
live doppler 7hd and we show you theless hour the band of thunderstorms right offshore. threatening to move on shore right now. marin county where we have got some areas of heavy rainfall moving on shore at the moment and the strike are just offshore so certainly likely one or 2 strike could move on shore in the next few minutes. that is the direction of this system here's the looping rada radar. you can see it's all surge up to that area just north of the golden gate. heavy downpour and lightning strike and some possibility of some localize flooding as well with the heavy downpour. storm watch continues. lacking at the next wave of moisture coming on shore receipt now. our storm risk for remainder of tonight and tomorrow indicates that we have a high risk of thunderstorms that is obvious and medium or moderate risk of urban flooding. rock slides or mud slides and slight risk of wind damage but at the moment we have reports of strong winds
9:47 pm
accompanying the storms but they can increase very quickly at any time. additional three inches of written possible in the bay area mountains with this next storm that's on top of the rain we have already had. so for tomorrow we look at 80's of rain moderate to heavy at times. possibly more thunderstorms tomorrow. certainly showers high pressure only in the mid upper 60's tomorrow and then the accu-weather 7 day forecast look like this. may have showers lingering into thursday morning followed by partial clearing but friday right on through the wednesday in early next week we have an active period of unsettled weather which could produce some showers light rain just about any time so we don't expect an end sudden end to the wren fall. chances of reap remain with us through the weekend. >> all right thank you so much spencer. >> all right. around the holiday a lot of big box stores have greeters at the front entrance but only one has a greeter that happens to be a robot. >> january then took a trip to the san jose hardware store
9:48 pm
that the got the newest hire out of science fiction. >> hear at the store a shine new row about the is cruising the floor. if rolled up to offer you help finding the if thing. i'm lacking for tape. >> use the touch screen to tell it what kind of tape. if if it looks like science fiction. the that's because it is. what we do is promo typing where we give our marketing research trend data to writers. >>reporter: they came one this parent company lowe hired local start up to build the prototype and store cholesterol to the lab in case it need emergency brain surgery. >> we speent time total sea how the customer disand getting federal back >> customers enjoy the novelty. >> you are here. thank you so much. >>reporter: as long as it doesn't good too far. >> don't want to lose the human touch. >>reporter: but it's not meant
9:49 pm
to repolice human. >> we have an amazing source f.somebody speak the 5 language they don't know the real tim location of every single object if the story, another advantage is they didn't need to sleep. while the workers are necessary el all snug in their bed this roam the aisle filling the hea head. >> navigate overnight. so it learns if. >>reporter: soon they hope it will scan object in they d. then take to you find one that matches. speaking of matches. >> i'm lacking for a by friend. >>reporter: can't find the answer it will match you one someone with can. >> i didn't hear it laugh. >>reporter: abc 7 news. >> if i'll say this fairly confident which there will never be a day that a row about the replace as real live human sportscaster mike because they are irreplaceable. the.
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. happening now lightning on the bay area. we have team coverage on this powerful stor storm. >> plus thieves target toy for tot. heartless crime and how the community plans to bounce back. join us for 7 news at 1 the community plans to bounce back. join us for 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. city. she was here right now great finish. >> i tell you what. you are doing the news. sorry. were yours currently had the longest streak in the nba. 9 day winning 5 on the road. orlando hoping for magic on their own. curry and thompson questionable for tonight gym on the court. magic that jumped out early. victor pulls up knock did you know the 3. former hoosier
9:54 pm
star on fire. warriors warm-up later in the first. if he throw it down second quarter. up 2. barns wide open 3. nails it barns had 13 at the half. time running out in the half. dream on. give and go. 10 at the half. 22-10 in the third. in the fourth. the corner 3 orlando 5 point lead. 4 minutes left and never count them out. 2 seconds left. 9 98-97 the final. that's 10 in a row. golden state warriors. >> dancing at the tank tonight. late up the lamb first. shark even it in the second. find edward blasting for the equalizer. 15 seconds left. shark skate on. on the shot. clean it up there. that's the game winner. shark we know it
9:55 pm
2-1. >> to the nfl are the p-2 teams only played 12 times during the regular season with series tid at 6 wins appease battle at the bay tips sunday. hers a preview. >> both teams come off very disappointing loss was the head coaches dealing with a lot of off field chatter. if har but answer question on the future owner and gm yesterday but the players situation he's not affected. >> he has to be there. we still have 4 games left to pla play. if what are we going to do. can't be phased by. that still have a job. >> raiders off 52 nothing loss to the ram but can't have a pity party with the theners coming to town. >> we are all there. even is a part of the loss before. only thing kahn did is buckle up. good out there and get a little
9:56 pm
dirty. go out and fight on sunday. >> fight very uncomfortable press conference yesterday. coach manageed to look ahead to the raiders and rookie quarterback car. >> fine player. he's handled his business. sf fine job. >> both teams know this is a rare match up in the regular season and rivalry due to geography. this is a must whip for beth teams. >> the came to me and first thing he said to me let's get this one. >> we have to get helpful guy on the same page. pulling on the same string. doing the same they think. count on each other. >> college football if brady hope did after 4 seasons at the helm. fans after and the turning the president obama around. 11 and 2 in the first season. 20 and 18 the rest of the way. that won't get it at mesh. expect jim and john harbaugh names floated as replace many. my off rankings out did and without controvers
9:57 pm
controversy. should be cops. the top 2 stay the same alabama beating oregon and leap frog florida state no. 3 drops seminole down to 4 after escaping florida. remain undefeated. undefeated. make that clear. ohio state and baylor are 5 and 6. tune in saturday top 4 can change at 9:00 a.m. on 7 third rank tcu takes open iowa state. then at 5 florida state and georgia tech at championship and we wrap it up after the game and if it's at levi stayed up. this is 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. >> how about curry providing lightening of his own. >> they had the 3 straight 3 to tie the game and he came down with the game whipping. amazing. >> thank you. >> we have been watching the wave of thunderstorms moving in off the pacific in the past few hours. >> emeryville camera some of
9:58 pm
the first strike but these are just a few of the hundreds that is have hit offshore. 7 news weather anchor spencer christian back with us live one more time with live doppler 7h 7hd. >> okay. wave of thunderstorms good way of describing what we are seeing on live doppler. we see flashes of lightning. this is very rare. reaching way out to sea now just beginning to push up to the marin county coast lane so give you a closer look what's going on here. areas in the north bay that have been receiving heavy downpour steady moderate heavy rainfall for awhile now but we see the lightning striking closer and closer are to the coast line. i wouldn't be surprised if we get reports shortly of lightening striking overland areas so far most of the activity lightning has remained offshore but certainly the heavy rain is moving on shore and this has been the pattern of the movement of this large area of stormy weather moving inland just north of the golden gate heavy downpour of rain heavy flooding and the
9:59 pm
strike and we wait to see if the strike will move overlapped areas. meanwhile we have a significant weather advisory for marin and sonoma counties tonightit will be a tonight of stormy weather and continue that tomorrow. >> how long do you think the lightning striking might last. >>reporter: they could last late in the night and wee hours of the morning say perhaps after midnight. we didn't normally see light new england that late at nature because generally kind of instability would trigger thunderstorms like this is generated by the heating of the sun light in the to see this late at tonight is very unusual anywhere and especially here in the bay area. >> all right thank you so much spencer. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for watching. 7 news continues on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with the 7 news app. >> we have the latest open the weather and all the news coming up at 11 on channel 7. see you
10:00 pm
(chuckles) i can't believe we're in napa. oh. (voice breaks) i'm sorry. (chuckles) it's just... well, i feel like i'm meeting god. (sighs) (ellie) mm. mm-hmm. okay, guys. we've got one day to plan this wedding. can you whip up a cake? on it. i want to make an exact cake replica


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