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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 5, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight the bay air wra dodges a big wet bullet. find out what happened to the storm that was supposed to leave us soaked. fallout from a chokehold victim. how far will police go to subdue a suspect. the flight of the orion space capsule. the highway bypass that continues to drain millions from the budget, the story you will see only on abc 7 news. you are taking a live look at a picture of, well, a storm that hasn't lived up to its
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potential. it has been spotty. some of you are getting hit hard. good evening. >> if you were in santa rosa or san jose, you robly got wet. in fact, for the first time in two years it rained in the bay area for seven days in a row. >> mostly green, not as much yellow or red downpours as we expected. >> guys, the heaviest and steadiest of the showers is well north of the region, closer to the area of low pressure. we are tracking downpours, specifically in the east bay right now. they are about to get hit with soaking showers. as we track the heaviest and steadiest within the cell, four minutes getting into concord, 13 in pittsburgh and 20 by collinsville. as we move to the south, we are tracking downpours. this line is moving to the north at 15 miles per hour.
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expect to see moderate showers. it's causing travel delays, specifically at sso. oakland and san jose are not reporting travel delays. what you can expect as you go throughout the each, scattered downpours from now until 8:00. after midnight, another round of rain. the details on that round of rain with a full 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. we continue our live team storm watch coverage. let's begin with you in mill valley where it rained off and on today. >> reporter: we are along northbound 101. the rain has slowed down what's already a slow rush hour commute. the roads have been slick since it started raining here early afternoon. wipers are back on, at least they have been for part of the
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day. the intermittent rain didn't stop people from enjoying their daily walks. the winter family says things look different compared to just a week ago. >> it's much more beautiful than it was before, because it's greener. it's fun to enjoy all the landscape changes. >> reporter: the rain started falling in the north bay early afternoon. rain drops started appearing just before 1:00 p.m. by midafternoon, it picked up in spots. motorists along 580 experienced moderate rainfall. no one is complaining. >> bring on more. we need it. we want to end the drought. >> reporter: so far so good. last we checked, no serious collisions on 101 and surrounding streets, only a few minor accidents. >> thank you. people are already soaked used a break in the rain to get ready for round two.
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>> reporter: you don't normally see sandbags here, but this has not been your ordinary rainstorm. joe runs this christmas tree lot. the recent storms knocked out his phone service. without a phone line, he can't process any credit cards. >> we are taking cash and/or checks. yeah. it really is a bummer. it has affected business, absolutely. >> reporter: these rainstorms have also kept customers away. >> we have been doing this lot for eight years. this is the heaviest rain we have seen in that time period. >> reporter: it was a sad sight for many businesses. furniture and other goods damaged by heavy flooding, sandbags weren't enough to stop the waters from coming in. this morning, it was cleanup time before the next rain. this area is known for having a
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poor drainage system. this hardware store nearly ran out of umbrellas. this morning, people took advantage of the break in the weather to buy rain related items, including rain boots. >> we had them in stock since wove been dry for the last couple of years, it was nice to move the merchandise. >> reporter: last friday the holiday ice rink saw hundreds of police and demonstrators in the area. that kept families away. >> luckily, the businesses around us and the police had a good presence and they kept us insulated from most of the problems. >> reporter: hopefully, rain won't keep people away. we have had rain on and off, more off than on. that has been a good thing, because it has allowed residents and merchants in the area to do the necessary cleanup and prepare for the next one. >> make hay while the sunshines
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or while it stops pouring. some folks got an early morning wake-up call when lightning hit the tree and knocked out power. the tree is already kindling. this picture of a full rainbow spanning a wet street. we appreciate that. you can e-mail us your weather pictures and videos. one more note on this. use live hd to track the rain where you live with the abc 7 weather app. san francisco police chief says there's no room in his department for a dishonest officer. the chief was reacting to a federal jury's conviction of two veteran san francisco police officers for stealing money, drugs and other items from suspects in criminal cases. the officers in that security video from a hotel face up to 20 years in federal prison.
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he wants the two officers who are suspended without pay fired. >> these officers have not only bow trayed the public trust but the trust of the honest hard working men and women of this proud department who work so hard every day to keep this city safe. >> the attorney for one officer says his compliant up to this point has had a stellar career. >> he has been shot at. people have tried to run him over. he has been stabbed. he has been a heroic combatant for the citizens of san francisco. i'm just sorry that it has come to this. >> the 3-year federal investigation showed avid yo shows police in hotels was released by the public defender's office. around the country, demonstrators are taking to the streets tonight protesting the police chokehold death of a suspect in new york. hundreds of people are marching through the streets of miami right now. many of them made their way on to a highway bringing traffic to
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a halt. in boston, hundreds of protesters staged a die in in the street. others marched through the city temporarily shutting down part of the subway system and major bridge. in new york city, rain is not keeping the demonstrators at home. after setting off fire alarms in macy's, they marched to grand central station to make their point. tiffany wilson is live to look at the police chokehold policy in the bay area. >> reporter: there are no chokeholds allowed across california. but officers in oakland and san francisco can use the carotid restraint. they are very different. basically a chokehold affects the windpipe where the carotid affects the arteries. the police departments allow officers to use carotid restraint. the lieutenant hasn't tried one since his training at the academy. >> basically, it's viewed as a
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lethal force. >> reporter: this instructor works with local police officers. he considers any move involving someone's neck highly skilled, requiring careful training. >> you can put somebody out in a few seconds. >> reporter: we asked him to demonstrate a chokehold. >> a lot of pressure. i can continue downward and he's going to come with me down. >> reporter: and a carotid restraint which involves squeezing the arteries to restrict blood supply to the brain. >> this is the carotid. >> reporter: in under a second, i could feel the effect. >> not you will feel it. >> reporter: yeah. yeah. this student says a chokehold is much worse. >> you feel that touch against that windpipe area, it's really uncomfortable. >> reporter: in april, they captured this video of an officer taking down a fan at the giants' home opener. >> that could have knocked the kid flat out. >> reporter: in light of what
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happened in new york, the video is resurfacing. they issued a statement that reads, we do not use the check hold neck restraint. we use the carotid restraint. you can see the suspect's neck fits in the crook of the officer's elbow consistent with the carotid restraint. the video of garner's arrest show it across his neck. both moves can be dangerous. >> one can completely go into another one in no time. >> reporter: he showed us techniques how to get out of both holds. his best advice, deescalate the situation before it ever gets to that point. live in oakland, tiffany wilson. police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck that ran over a man last night. happened on highway 35 just before midnight. 77-year-old jose rozell was
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crossing when he was struck by a large pickup truck. witnesses say the driver stopped briefly and then fled the scene going south on highway 35. he died at the scene. the truck may have had front end on windshield damage. it could be a ford or chef low lay with a ladder rack. police are investigating a fatal accident involving a man in his 70s and a rental truck. we shot is this video. he stepped off the curb around 11:30 a.m. he was hit and killed in the crosswalk when the truck turned a left off of montgomery boulevard. the driver of the truck is cooperating with authorities. still ahead tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, big game this weekend as you you what the raiders are doing to ensure rivalry with the 49 ers remains respectful. we will follow up on the mudslide in southern california. we will see them digging out. an eye on the remnants of
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the storm that all but passed us by. remember pearl harbor tonight. two bay area sailors who were thrust into the greatest
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it's a huge weekend for bay area football fans. for the first time in yrs the raiders and 9ers will play each other. officials are glad fans will be ere but are telling you to leave your hostility at home. laura anthony is live with the sty tonight.
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>> reporter: oakland city officials and police do not want any replays of the fights that were involved in the last time these two teams met three years ago. in fact, they are telling fans to leave the aggression on the field. >> iould say represent the team well. >> reporter: words of wisdom from an exraider player who is asking both oakland and 49 er fans for calm this weekend. this is exactly what oakland city leaders and police hope to avoid this sunday, a repeat of the violence in the stands that plagued th last meeting in 2011. the rivalry games were canceled after the 20 contest was marched by two shootings, two assaults and numerous fist fights. >> i talk to the dtor. how are you doing? and it's aspirited rivalry.
7:16 pm
i don't expect any problems. >> i just hope that we don't have any incidents. >> reporter: this man and his family traveled from richmond, virginia, to make in the meeting between his be loved raiders and the 49ers. somebody next to you in red 49ers gear, you going easy on them. >> i will be louder, that's all. number one raider fan. >> reporter: this man is a raider fan. welcomes more security. >> it's a battle, but we don' need violence. >> reporter: sunday's is the first regular season game between the twoteams since 2010. san fransco hasn't played in oakland since 2002. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a judge puts an end to a long fight with a silin valley billionaire over hi decision to block acce to a beach. the court ordered the man to immediately open the gate blocking the road leading to
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martins beach. he closed access to the beach after purchasing the property in 2008. the court found the effort to block public access in violation of the california coastal act. the late steve jobs spent his life developing tech innovation. today it allows them to hear him testify more than three years after his death. attorneys ayed a video of jobs ing questioned in a deposition part of a class action lawsuit against apple apple faces accusations of trying to squash its competition by using anti piracy software. that only allowed music purchase via i tunes to be used i tunes. he gave th testimony six months before he died. back to the weather. southern california is drying out from mudslides and flooding after a day of record breaking rain the. more on cleanup. >> reporter: residents are drying out, a day after a flash flood swept through eir
7:18 pm
neighborhood. in this home, furniture is pulled away from soggy walls and fans are on full blast. joe points to how high the water came in his father-in-law's house. >> the damage is five to six inches of water on the drywall. all that has to come out due to the mill due. >> reporter: he helped to salvage what he can from inside the home. outside, muddy lawn chairs are getting a good rinse. nearby piles of wet carpet sit beside ruined belongings. they have no flood insurance. >> the water got so high in the garage that it got into the drier, filled it up. it got into the car. lled her car up. i removed drywall here. you can see from -- it's wet inside the wall. >> reporter: the problem is stopped up drains lik this one. >> it has been a mess. the city says they won't do nothing because it's not the
7:19 pm
city's fault. it's not county's fault. >> reporter: the retaining wall cracked under pressure. mike recved some damage to his property but considers himself lucky. >> lucky comparedo her. just my garage got hit. i've got it set up so it doesn't go in the house. >> reporter: res dentss are hoping the federal government will assist them with a cleanup of not only their streets but their homes as well. many say they do not have flood insuranc >> we did see rain today. >> we did. more is coming. spenceis off. drew is here with the forecast. >> we have spotty downpours out there. if you have evening plans, the umbrella in the east ba there's hit or miss downpours across the bay area. press in locally in the east bay right now. one lone downpr is north of union city. it mes to the north. a larger downpour is developing
7:20 pm
as we push north. around conco, yellow indicating more moderate showers pressing through. we will time this out for you. it's moving to the north slowly. in two minutes, downpours here and eight minutes collinsville, you will see downpours as well. that's the trend this evening. see the hit or miss downprs throughout the next couple of hours. ahead of the front, we have a mild south wind. look at temperures outside. widespread 60s, very mild air. 64 in mountain view. 62 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. concord where e rain is falling, it's 65 degrees. satellite and radar, we are tracking the cold front approaching from the west. you will notice the heavier and steadier showers closer to the low pressure in northern california. we a getting showers throughout the evening. we will time it out for you as we go throughout friday. by 9:00, you notice there are some dry ots. but there are scattered showers out there, very light in nature. we will have the showers with us into the overnight hours.
7:21 pm
early saturday morning, 2:00 a.m., another line tries t push through. some of that was could be pockets of downpours. this will move out first thing saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, we will dry out and see sunshine. as he wod fast forward into sunday, that all important game where the 49er are taking on the raiders. it will be dry the first half of sunday and into sunday afternoon. mild with sunshine and temperatures in the low 60 as we advance into sunday evening, once again another round of showers moves in. by 9:00 sunday evening, light showers moving through the bay area. we will see a brief break in the rain midweek -- or mid weekend. we will see a couple inches in the sierras, a few inches above 8,0 feet, not a huge issue there. back here in the bay area, overnight lows with that south windahead of the front, we're not dropping far from the numbers out there right now. 57 the overnight low in san francisco. 54 for palo alto.
7:22 pm
highs for saturday, we will see showers early on saturday morning. we will dry out by the afternoon. 64 te high in san francisco, 65 in concord san jose, 66. fairfield, to 65 by the afternoon. here is the -day forecast. morning showerstomorrow, dry skies saturday afternoon. dry for the first half of sunday. then into the evening hours sunday, some scattered showers first thing monday morning. the only completely dry day we have on the 7-day is tuesday. it's mainly cloudy and then we will focus our attention wednesday night into thursday. i think that's our next chance to seesoaking showers, the ronger system. the weekend, not a washou by any means. >> when it rains, it pours. we were dry now we're in -- if you have been waiting to do anything outsi, you have one day to get it done. >> tuesday. >> i didn't get the lights up on the house. >> thanks, drew.
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another reminder, live doppler 7 hd can help you track the weather where you live. download is free. >> come put them up at m house. nasa hits the bull's eye with the orion space capsule. >> the first big steps towards
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nasa's next generation spacecraft orion passed its first test flight with literally flying colors. >> the launch this morning, but the capsule was able to splash down intact in the pacific because of outstanding work by bay area space engineers. jonat from members of the nasa team. >> reporter: nasa engineers say it may be the first time they have gotten applause from reporters. the nearly flawless test flight even got one aerospace veteran a little choked up. >> we have now done something for the first time for our generation. >> reporter: the excitement echoed here. >> i was getting goose bumps and chills. i have been here since 1987 and just to have a flight test of this magnitude and this successful, it's hard to put into words how exciting that is. >> reporter: she had a lot riding on this mission, literally. her team helped design the heat
7:27 pm
shield that kept orion from burning up on reentry, a different shield than used on the shuttle designed for higher speed and higher temperatures. >> we want go to an asteroid first and then on to mars. the further you go out the faster you need to come back. >> reporter: notice the orion capsule looks nothing like the space shuttle, more like the old vehicles that put men on the moon. building this took a lesson in history. >> they haven't been made in 40 to 50 years. that technology was not available right now. we had to resurrect it. >>. >> reporter: a material needed to deal with the temperatures had to be reformulated with today's tougher environmental standards. with orion on earth, the team will examine the coat to see how it held up and if it could take hotter temperatures expected on the next flight. >> we are working on the next capsule. we are already forming metal parts, machines parts. >> reporter: that flight in 2018
7:28 pm
will be a second unmanned test mission. >> space travel is really difficult. it's not as easy as it looks in the movies. this first step for nasa to get back into human exploration. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> incredible. more for you tonight. the stunning retraction of a college gang rape story. editors begin to have doubts about the victim's story. we will show you what someone did to bill cosby's walk of fame star. detectives interview another possible victim. i will have the story of the highway bypass project draining millions more f
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an in-person meeting. we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. good evening. we will start with breaking news near santa cruz. there has been an earthquake just outside hollister. no reports of injuries or damage. of course, people feel one of this size. a 3.9 quake has been reported
7:32 pm
near hollister. our coverage twins on twitter. a stunner tonight for the university of virginia where it appears a woman who claims she was a gang rape victim may have made up part of her story. she gave a vivid description of the attack. campus fraternities were suspended. they never spoke to the suspects in the case. now there appear to be discrepancies in her account. in the space of new information, we have come to the conclusion that our trust in the victim was misplaced. los angeles blees detectives met with a woman who claims to be a sexual assault victim of bill cosby. they offer no further details. someone has vandalized his star on the hollywood walk of fame. you might be able to make out the world rapist squalled over it several times in the picture.
7:33 pm
more than a dozen women have accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. the hollywood chamber of commerce says critics should project their anger in some way other than vandalizing a california state landmark. a $200 million free way project is two years behind schedule and getting a lot more expensive. abc 7 news learned the cost is expected to go up. they will ask for millions more to pay for what is calls unforeseen issues. they are building a freeway bypass on highway 101. abc 7 news started investigating the bypass soon after the work began last year. the project is now about half finished. and it has not gone smoothly. they estimated it would cost $210 million. now officials are asking the state transportation commission for $65 million more.
7:34 pm
in most projects, they give a detailed break down on how they will spend extra money that they are requesting. but not in this case. in this instance, they are literally refusing to tell us exactly how your tax money is going to be spent. but take alook at the problems with the project and you will get some idea of how costs have escalated. from the start, there have been angry protests and lawsuits from environmental groups. >> you are threatening our community. >> erosion at the site sent pollution into a creek. they were charged with violating the u.s. clean water act. construction crews accidentally damaged or destroyed a known native american archaeological site that was supposed to be protected by law. local tribes say they have discovered 30 more potentially important indian sites. they accused them of not doing enough to find and protect their
7:35 pm
sacred history. >> you hired experts and they failed. >> the bypass is designed around highway 101 traffic in the middle of willis. the counsel of governments supports it. >> this is for the benefit of goods movement and the traveling public and for those people in the bay area who come up here on weekends or vacations. >> the project is huge, six miles long, running through habitat for threatens salmon and trout. it includes filling in more than 40 acres of federally protected wetlands. the impact is so severe, they are required to do the largest environmental mitigation in its history to compensate. they have had trouble meeting permit requirements. >> though bully, they delay, they drag their feet, they basically don't do what the agencies are asking them to do. >> they refuse to talk with abc 7 news on camera about the project. last year a spokesman disputed the charge.
7:36 pm
>> we are going to follow any requirements by our permitting agencies. >> that's what they said. in june, the department was so far behind in its environmental requirements, the u.s. army corps of engineers suspended the permit and shut down most of the work on the bypass. it took almost three weeks to broker a deal to get the job up and going again. and now there's the matter of that huge cost overrun. the bypass was planned for years as a four-lane free way. at this point, only two lanes are being built, even so, they appear likely to spend as much money as was originally planned for four lanes. although they will not give us a break down of what the extra money will be used for, abc 7 news has learned it does not include tens of millions needed to repair the environment. that means they will likely have to ask for a lot more money in the future. what will taxpayers get in return? documents estimate it will save drivers ten minutes during peak traffic times.
7:37 pm
60 miles up the road, another setback. after years of opposition, a plan to widen highway 101 through the redwoods of a state park has been rescinded. they hoped to straighten out curves to allow longer trucks to pass through. conservation groups claim the work would damage the roots s ancient trees. the project is under further environmental review in hopes of going forward. coming up next, remembering pearl harbor. >> the a get set for the season...
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73 years ago on sunday, sailors, soldiers and marines woke up to the sound of explosions and gunfire at pearl harbor. >> it ushered the u.s. into the second world war. >> eric thomas talks with two bay area men whose numbers are dwindling. >> yesterday, december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in
7:41 pm
infamy. >> reporter: on december 8, while the president was asking congress to declare war on japan, ships of america's powerful pacific fleet were still smoldering. just a day earlier, a surprise attack by japanese bombers and torpedo planes cut a corridor of discussion. richard johnson was a young sailor on board the uss san francisco getting ready for recreation. >> i look at the airplanes coming over and they are lined up and going slow. there's so many airplanes flying around in pearl harbor, it didn't mean much. >> reporter: they were headed for battleship row. johnson watched the bombs fall. they began smoking. one landed in the vault where shells and gunpowder were stored. a blast destroyed the ship and killed nearly 1,200 members of the crew.
7:42 pm
john tate was below deck on the cruise su s solution when her skipper decided to get out of pearl into deeper water where she could maneuver. they nearly ended up sailing to their doom. >> there was a submarine waiting for a ship. they fired two torpedos at us. there was a reef between us. the reef took the hit. >> reporter: on december 10, they sailed back into harbor to a scene of carnage. >> we just didn't think that the japanese would be that bold to come all that way. we thought we were impression nabl. >> reporter: after four years of battle, the victorious sailors, soldiers and marines sailed home with a firm conviction not to be caught unaware like that again. for their efforts, they would be labeled the greatest generation. that generation is disappearing. these men are in their 80s and 90s and there may be fewer than 2,000 pearl harbor veterans with us. with age comes frailty. but also wisdom and forgiveness. john tate and his family were
7:43 pm
stationed in japan for three years. >> when they found out that we were -- that i was at pearl harbor, it took them aback. we got along good with them. they're wonderful people. >> reporter: through the flames of war, they made lasting friendships and saw incredible sight and age is now doing what combat couldn't. but those who remain want us to remember a simple but overlooked truth, no one hates war more than the people who have to fight them. eric thomas, abc 7 news. just ahead tonight, the threat of landslides in neighborhoods where you live. >> how close
7:44 pm
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
a surge in hiring giving wall street a lift. at one point today the dow jones industrial average came within ten points of hitting the 18,000 mark. it settled for a gain of 58 points. enough to establish a new all-time high. google and yelp went down 2%.
7:47 pm
jobs numbers are impressive. 321,000 new ones last month, largely due to holiday hiring. the unemployment rate remains at a six-year low of 5.8%. this will be the best year for new jobs since 1999. b.b. disclosed a data breach in which hackers may have been able to get the account number on your credit card. it happened over the 2 1/2 weeks before thanksgiving at their 200 stores around the country. as the bay area gets more rain, the risk of landslides may be growing. researchers are keeping a close eye on soil monitoring stations like this one. a latest measurements show the soil is two-thirds of the way towards saturation. two or three more storms like the one we got this week could cause a landslide. >> two-thirds of the landslides
7:48 pm
have happened in january and february. that is because we got storms like the one we just had that fill up the sponge, if you like, with moisture and then on comes the storm with the rainfall that can cause widespread land slides. >> we have had this drought for several years. during normal winters, we average a landslide every couple of years or so. isn't it ironic we have been waiting for rain? now we have it, we have problems. >> let's check on the latest on our weather situation. >> we're tracking showers that are pressing through the bay area. live doppler will show you hit or miss and scattered in nature, but still a couple downpours in the east bay. we notice just north of san romone and a heavier downpour through collinsville and even moving north into sacramento. that's the heaviest of the rape we see right now. as we move to the north bay,
7:49 pm
light showers. even into forest noles, you will dodge light showers as will much of the bay area. it's drier on the way for saturday. early morning sprinkles before noon and then after that, in the afternoon we dry out. we will get into the mid 60 by the afternoon across the region. the 7-day forecast shows you showers tomorrow, dry skies by the afternoon. then the reverse on sunday. dry for the first half of the day with evening showers moving in. lasting into monday morning then a stronger storm wednesday into thursday. >> more rain coming. we have a big football game coming this weekend. >> that's right. >> 9ers, raiders and to nobody's surprise, jim harbaugh is coming to the defense of his quarterback. quarterback. the head coach
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7:53 pm
mastered that art of saying nothing. he thinks it's fine. heading into sunday's game, the truth is he has more to worry about than questions from pesky reporters. veteran quarterbacks are more at ease dealing with the media. they know how to handle us. harbaugh says he's not being rude, he's just being kap. >> you don't know him. he's a determined person. he is very professional. he always stands up. he never dodges or deflects criticism. he takes accountability. and he is -- he is honest. he tells the truth. questions you were asking, he was -- he was telling the truth. >> in very short sentences. florida state the only unbeaten team many major college football. they were ranked number one. they have been drifting down. now to fourth as they head into the acc championship game tomorrow against georgia tech.
7:54 pm
12-0 but consistently fall behind in games and have to pull off dramatic comebacks. as a result, alabama, oregon and tcu have jumped over them. >> i don't know why they let anybody leapfrog florida state. to me, i think from a coaching standpoint, the bottom line is you try to win the games. >> our goal is national championship. bu but you have to be a division champion slp. going through our league, tough conference. >> enormous implications tomorrow. tcu facing iowa state. then at 5:00, number 4 floor sta florida state versus georgia tech. our special guest is the foster farms bowl. soccer star of the earthquakes was in oklahoma today visiting a
7:55 pm
native american school. he is part indian and his grandmother attended that school putting on a little exhibition with the ball. he had a message for the young students there. >> have someone believe that they can do it, they can move on, go to whatever level they want. they set goals and continue to work at those. >> tiger woods played his first competitive round of golf yesterday at the hero world challenge near his home. it did not go well. he finished five over. the 14-time major chaionship winner, tiger's second shot on the par 5 13, within four feet of the hole. would sink the putt for eagle and mixed in three birdies, including this one. his second st from 85 yards out on the par 4 14th, he would shoot a 2 under 70 for the day. he is 3 over for the tournament. 18th and what happens to be last place.
7:56 pm
a funny moment on the tour yesterday in south africa. he was approaching his ball on the fair way. look out. a baboon is on the course. he jumped out of the way. shot a nine under 63 for the day. the baboon simply playing through. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. updating the pack 12 championship game, oregon is leading arizona 6-0 early in the first quarter. rain not a factor at this point. thieves caught in the act. join us tonight at 9:00. watch as cameras tracks thieves. then at 11:00, seven straight days and more rain on the way. the rain is wrecking travel plans for hundreds of people. find out how wet your weekend will be. tonight, thoughts about what really matters. sunday is one of the great bay area matchups.
7:57 pm
the 49 ers play the raiders. neither team is having a stellar season. what's most on line is bragging rights. there's something else very important riding on the game, reputation and image. both tarnished shamefully the last time the teams met three seasons ago. two shootings, two assaults, nasty behavior and fights in the stands forced the preseason rivalry games to be canceled. the so-called fans bear the responsibility. who do they think they are? making it frightening for parents to take their kids to a football game. so do the teams in the nfl. everyone knows there's a serious drinking problem across the league. on game days gallons of beer sold at concession stands, gallons more guzzled by tailgaters who arrive hours before kickoff and start drinking. all of the emotion of a football game and all of that alcohol, of course, there will be problems. since when did sporting events become one big drunken frat party? it's time to knock it off, time
7:58 pm
to crack down for real. what really matters is that family fun should stay for families, not drunken idiots who ruin it for everyone else. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. coverage of breaking news does twin on twitter. >> we appreciate your time. we will see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a great evening, everyone. get set for the season...
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