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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 8, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight a new round of pice violence in the east bay. >> leave him alone. >> tonight what this man's treatment justifies. a cornertore stabbing of a suspect. did they let the wrong one go? >> and a warning out are we ready for what could be the most powerful storm to hit where you live in several years? >> tonight we're monitoring developments in two breaking news events here. you can sethe growing group of protestors clogging berkeley
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streets to donstrate against police violence across the country. >> here is what is holding up traffic in thehouj bay, a woman threatening to jump over an overpass that forced a closure of one of the south bay's freeways for three hours now. >> some 500 or more profitestors moved their nhtly demonstrations from oakland to stres of berkeley. and here, you can see what happen there last night, late window smashing and looting during the march. right now, sky 7 is live over downtown berkeley. you can see demonstrators in the streets. that is dwight treat and they're tieing up traffic. you can see them marching. >> when i left this location and
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headed south, over the last two nights here, it appears police have tried a couple dferent tactics the first night, they stayed close and moved in last night, appeared it was hands off. they were a ways away fr demonstrators. in both cases it appeared neither wked well. >> what we mean by any means necessary is tactics to win. >> the protest leader says he d not engage in destroying property but one organizer of the mars, he won't condemn it or discourage it. >> it's a political question. it's a question of powerand it's a movement can't get justice in the courts it's going to get justice inhe streets. >> it was a destructive weekend in berkeley. two nights of demonsations left a dozen businesses with damage, mosy broken windows. the berkeley mayor has seen
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enough. >> it turned violent in a way that we havet seen here for a long, long time. over the weekend over 16 stores were trashed. >> he promised a review of the actions. last night, police saying well back and there was yet more vandalism in e area. this young man was arrested and he says he saw others vandalizing other businesses. >> what do you think to people that are tired of the vandalism? >> basically with e vandalism we have no real control.
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there are people that are coming to do vandalism. that is not who we are. >> a demonstration is just beginning. we know another is plaed tomorrow night and there is a notice they're planning to shut wn the council meeting and calling for mayor bates to resign. he told us he has no plans to comply. >> let's go back to sky7. sergio, what do you see at this point? >> i've been walkin in the area of the demonsttors.
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there are a dozen businesses damaged. last night there was a dozen or so. this is surprising for businesses. some workers and oers say they're sympathetito the cause, but there is a big disconnect with violence, with the vandalism. so they're trying to line them up, hoping these protests will rein calm and peaceful. i can tell you this evening, there were way more than a dozen businesses that decided to close down early in anticipation tonight. and probably planning the same for tomorrow as well. >> thank you very much. we're going to come back do you during this hour.
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thanks very much. now abc news is devoting a week of programming to report on race and justice in america. watch for coverage o night line and on wednesday, george stephanopoulos will moderate a live town hall session on facebook. >> now, to breaking news in san jose. interstate 680 has been shut down at both dirtions in allen rock avenue more than three hours now. >> this is because of a person threatening to jump. police say they had no alternative b to shut down the freeway. >> it's backing up traffic for miles. and some unfortunate souls have been stuck there all three hours. no word on what the person is telling keeps clinging to the outside portion of the fence, refusing to come
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down. we're going to keep you posted on developments within this newscast at onur web site. >> a university of oregon fan was caught on video during a scuffle with security officers friday night. police say he was drunk and assaulted one of the guards. >> friday night at pack 12 championships oregon ducks against arizona wildcats. inside, it gets wilder. an oregon fan gets into an altercation with a security guard, an off duty poce officer the person shooting starts rolling when the guard is trying to arrest him.
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there is one trying to bring him town. after a struggle, he is forced to the ground d put into handcuffs. >> it accelerated so fast. >> this is what you see othe video. what you didn't see is what started the altercation. police say he was exing during half time they say he got into an argument with a guest serces staffer and he appeared drunk. >> he usedprofanity and officers were forced on the scene and he won't listen to the officers. >>he police department says the officers used force and say
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lieden is strong, standing 511 and weighs 240 pounds. liedens charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. >> the murder of a 13-year-old boy stunned a neighborhood. now, the public defender is questioning what happened that day. leanne? >> the public defender is saying they have t wrong kid and we is the video to prove it. as they're about to release this video, the district attorney tries to block it for fear it would taint the investigation. now, after a hearing, a judge decided it was okay to release the video you're abt to see.
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this teenager is accused of stabbing williams. behind him is his friend, wearing black pants and a sweat shirt with long sleeves the stills from a surveillance camera at this mcdonalds, taken september 2nd, just minutes before williams was stabbed. >> there is no question that they ve the wrong person. there is an innocent child locked up and accused of this heinouscrime. he says williams with a yellow circle ces out of the convenience store the two teens aroundaround.
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he says video shows the moment he stabbed williams. not the teen in custody. williams, stabs in the art runs but then collapses >> we're asking this be dismissed and we're hoping it happens sooner than later. >> the da says it has not charged the other teen because the investigation is ongoing. >> these cases are always ongoing. there is new information. and we have to be delibate and measured >> with these events the are investigating whether the teen was somehow involved in planning, and ordering, the abbing. >> still to come a big firin a
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los angeles construction site. we'll follow up on that >> and an animal rigs proposal that could keep the circus from comi to oakland tonight. >> aouple sends a watch to repair shop. it ends up going to switzeze
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♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection ats for around $329 a month. taking you live to sky 7 hd. an enormous crowd in berkeley
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tonight,moving through the streets. last night, protests became violent and lots of vandalism. there is concern that could happen again tonight. a number of urging those who got out of ontrol, vandals are helping they'll knock it off tonight but there is concern that it could getut of hand. >> there is no word what might have caused a massive fire along a los angeles freeway. flames shot 100 feet into the air, burning for almost 90 minutes before firefighters were able to get it underontrol the fire destroyed a seven story apartment complex and forced 101 and 110 freeways to close. wiows of three buildings were blown out.
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no one was injured in this blaze. you might remember the construction fire that happened in mission bay in march. damage estimated $40 million and a suontractor fined a thousand dollars for leaving hot welding tool at the work site the project is reemerging and we're live to show us progress >> ama it's difficult to see in the dark. moving day is still a long ways off. this isn't the first time workers have hammered nails into the wood frame. crews estimate the aartment building was 80% complete before aire destroyed months of hard work. investigators ruled it an
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accident. this shows the destruction. a wshger tells me there are is a building inspector that took these photos yesterday. inspector reports the frame is now restored, roofing near complete and water proofing will be applied soon. progress, yes, but doesn't help the furniture store across the street. it is empty, alienated by constrtion and closed to foot traffic. overhead, cranes crown mission bay. warriors arena is expected to eak ground soon. missio bay residents consider this an exciting growth spurt for the neighborhood. >> it's going to be a different area we move here four years ago. it was none of these. so it's going to be amazing. >> i hope more shops and
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restaurants i work here. and there is not stuff here >> if i'm going to go here to check out the rest of the city. new shops aren't expected to open until 2016. >> around the bay area, folks are preparing for substantial storm heading our way this week. this is a look at live doppler 7 hd. live tonight with the effts to keep problems at bay as best we can. >> these barricades going up, lots of rep rags to keep homes
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and businesses safe fromind and water. >> how many decorations do you have? >> the house has been legendary. he starts buding the display in august, but storms sometimes have been a grinch. he fears a new weather system won't be jolly. . >> i just hope you don't do anything for us. >> there running a race against time and mother nature. he is moving two den pine trees off this ll. >> the pine trees are dead or diseased. it's a bet the storm would have toppled them over the fence into homes. >> and five calls in eight days
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and if forecast holds winds it's going to be off the charts. >> fire chief is watching levels on the creek and will issue e mail warnings to residents about possible flooding. >> it's up to residents to be aware of the weather. understand that during stance there's is a chance of flooding >> this is a real big deal. mudslides and trees. >> candice payne is shoring up her restaurant, mama's royal cafe, with sandbags and a lot of hope. >> if we have three inches of water, we'll just have to get rid of the mud. >> this was the view from sky 7 last week. rains brought traffic to a stand still. barricades are up for more flooding is likely this week.
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the next winter storm on the way. in mill valley, abc7 news. >> now, patro offices this advice arcs void driving on outsideanes of the freeway. never drive into standing water. you just don't know how deep it. and replace your windshield wipers now. and whenever you're wipers are on, hold your headlights should be on as well. so make sure that that is the case. along with a list of supplies you'll need. it it is coming. we need the rain, of course. >> that is right. spencer? >> strong going to bring potentially damaging winds and
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mayb floodi winds as well. >> we're looking forward to the storm. >> there we go. >> it's all yours. >> 62 san jose and morgan hill. we have a live view for you that is currently 60 degrees in santa rosa. and looking back at a portion of the skyline these are the forecast features, major storm hits mid week.
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there is a chancef thunderstorms. we have dry conditions and a growing and building storm. let's start our forecast animation at 7:00 wednesday evening. storm moves in pour fully and by 5:00 thursday morning we'll see stormy conditions across most of the northern half of the viewing area. d that will give you a forecast through thursda evening. and overnight thursday into friday, rain continues and winds down friday night. that is 1 to 3 inches in lower
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elations. sk of flooding, high winds are going to accompany the storm. gusting up to 40-60 miles per hour. and we expect elevated surf to 4:00 a.m friday. in the sierra, ok for 2 to 3 feet of snow. low to mid-50s, highs tomorrow only into mid, pretty mild, mid to upper 60s here ithe accu-weather forecast. storms arriving wednesday night, continuing throughout the day thursday. continuing into friday, winds down by friday and we have a dry
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weekd.en >> yes. certainly. >> thank you. >> and intense. before this storm hits down load abc7 news weather app. and it is free. >> coming up next, sounds of a jazz legend. >> it's great. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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a richmond homeowner could face charges for shooting a suspected burglar over the weekend. he was shot when the homeowner says he caught him sfaeling things saturda evening. he hs been cooperative and wasn't arrested but police have been interviewing other witnesses. >> workers have been rushing to plug up a 20 foot crater before the powerful storm arrives here on wednesday the hole opened up during last week's rain storm, caused when a water main ruptured. this morning, workers still
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repling parts of the water main. >> don't blame global warming for a drought. a report says green house gases should increase the amount of rain we get this winter in californ. >> downtown berkeley bart station has justclosed. >> yes. >> the margin for protestors gets too close for comfort. >> next we're going to find out if it's remained peaceful. >> also a tour of the british royals a busy first day of the trip aross the pond. >> if there is science in your blood this story for y. a lab where you can
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>> right now, live coverage of protests happening in berkeley. nightly demonstrations moved fr oakland to now this week to berkeley. there are considerable problems last night. and there are hundreds gathered
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there tonight. sergio what's happening. >> the crowd has got to berkeley police headquarters. this is a massive crowd. you can see the picture, there are a few hundred in this group. this is larger than two nights we've seen so far. this group will make their way here to the police department they're met by a line of police officers and saturday night a berkeley police officer tried to disheercent the crowd and it
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didn't go well. we're going to see this one right now. so far, it's just a group of people shouting at the police department. they're making their demands and trying to make the statement about violence against people of color by the police. so this is so far been peaceful. >> thank you very much. and we'll continue to cover this on air and online. >> britain's duke and duchess are in the middle of a stop in new york city. prince william went to washington, d.c. for a meeting denouncing the rapid growth of illegal animal porchingnimal the world and announced a task force to address the problem. >> today i make a plea for your support. i am determined not to let the
7:35 pm
world's children grow up in a plan writ with our most endangered species have been wiped out. >> his wife spent part of the day with students in harlem the royal couple this evening is attending a reception with hillary and chelsea clinton and then head to aasketball game tomorrow they'll visit the september 11th memorial. >> the oakland city council may think twice for using hull hooks on elephan the authority estimates it could cost $1.4 million in revenu because the company that promoting ringling brothers circus is threatening to pu other shows out of the area, if that happens food service workers will loseoney and
7:36 pm
benefits. >> every event matters because you're not talking about a 9:00 to 5:00 job. you take whatever work you can gechlt >> bull hooks are used to stab and pull elephants during training and performances >> the bay area is home to some of the leading bio research companies in the country. there is a growing interest in community labs. this is bio curious a laboratory set up for people to talk about science. >> we're trying to make a discovery.
7:37 pm
>> the lab opened in 2011 with $35,000 raised on kick starter. since then, it's grown thanks to companies that have donated more equipment. >> we started in a garage. and it was just an idea. >> each biotech member pays $100 per month to use the equipment and resources there are two dozen places around the world. >> idea if you're a scientist and you get an amazing idea, you have to negotiate with the university or company to take that idea and work with it.
7:38 pm
>> maria chavez has been with the company since the beginning one of the people coming to experiment. >> we've had through retirees getting involved. people who are phds. people with no experience say i want to learn. . >> i moved here not knowing anyone. >> people are doing fascinating stuff with this. for me, it's excitement of discovery. >> safety is a top prrity at the lab. and the lab doesn't allow research that could be harmful to humans. >> the surprise is that yes, we can create amazing things by
7:39 pm
bringing together amateurs and experts. >> that is remarkable. >> yes. >> coming up next, the latest thing in wearable technology. tonight tting this on display.
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wearable technology is about to get more wearable. >> yes. a team premiering a show tonight that shows off the softer side of things. >> i do have mr. chime, samsung gear two. >> when making a fashion statement, elegant may not be the first word. >> i'm the wearable guy. i carry about 7 or 8 wearable devices >> how did a silicon valley
7:43 pm
engineer talkg about glamour, and yes, sex. this is a lot going on under my skirt. there is a computer chip brain. >> and measures her heart flutters. >> i can transform into a ball gown. >> showing off on the runway in beijing and a film at home, the dress is meant to prove a point. >> our goal to show the world that ye tech can be special. >> there is another side to this. those believe technology can help solve one of fashion's biggest problems >> the problem is over
7:44 pm
production. >> that is the where the clothing is smarter. >> if one pie does more you need less clothing. >> there could be outfits that charge your phone when sunny or keep you dry when it rains. >> a robotic coat. >> silicon valley is likel the venue for the next show. of course, you won't see bateman on the cat walk. >> i'm sweating now. >> in san francisco,abc7 news >> when we come back, a jazz milestone just ahead.
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this month marks the 50th anniversary of what is considered one of the greatest jazz work of all time. >> john coltrane's a hoff
7:48 pm
supreme. >> this is a man that is worthy of the kind of what we have for him. >> he is talking about the late jazz saxophonist john coltrane. he considered him a saint. i visited the church that bears coltrane's name. >> we're going to find and vote him. his life speaks to his sainthood. >> he ak nonled a spiritual awakening saying his album was an humble offering to god.
7:49 pm
>> his ea of living clean and doing right. desiring for a force for good. that is what you hear in the music. >> and indeed, people around the world come to the tiny church for the service. night the special mass moves to grace cathedral where a jam session will shake the walls. we're told the bishop here loves jazz. >> it's a unie take on a spiritl idea. >> the concert is free tonight. >> that is cool.
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>> it is. >> tomorrow, rain around eureka. mong south, it's becoming sunnier and milder in l.a. high of 77 degrees and sunny skies. here, we'll see clouds tomorrow, and high temperatures into a narrow rae. and storm coming mid week. stormy, rain continu and we get dry weather sunday we can see 3 to 6 inches of rain. over a day and a half, two days it's that big of a storm. >> we've got to prepare. >> you'rright. >> thank you. >> we've got lots to talk about
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in sports.
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♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection ats for around $329 a month.
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jim harbaugh declining to
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talk about his future with the 49ers and keel dealing with a chipped front tooth he says he got biting into a $o steak saturday night. the big issue is collin kaeperin this case, sacked five times raider quarterback derek carr throwing three td passes and sacked only once. and harbgh had this to say about hisquarterback. >> collin is our quarterback. a rough patch and things to improve and you ju keep
7:55 pm
looking at it. it's darkest before the dawn so is could be the finest minutes after our darkest hour. >> fans se to be turning on him, he a fan with a montana jersey merced, burning kap's jersey. dek carr is the toast of town. three td passes and ability to find the open man, sacked only once and leads to a drive keeping the offense off the field he's got a great upsideand you saw a great conast between the two. >> therere still mistakes but so much attention to detail w
7:56 pm
just did our job. a's fans are reeling and today, brandomoss was traded the 31-year-old dealt to cleveland today. and mossoming off hip surgery and you can bet the pitcher is out the door. madison bumgardener named player of the year with a ive-inning save in game seven. >> earlier today, steph curry
7:57 pm
took issue with coach lakeham. looking for a franchise record 8 straight road win. first with one of the team's 11 rst half fields off ck levne. and guides to the puck. and despiteonly shooting three of 15, they led by nine at the half, right now up 89-67 in the fourth. we'll have highlights coming up. finalists fo heisman trophy include amari cooper and melvin guard. you can go ahead and give that to mario. >> thank you. >> boy, it's interesting how tone is changing about kap >> it. it's going to be interesting to
7:58 pm
see how it unfolds. >> thank you. >> cancelled christmas? join utonight at 9:00, this controversial bill board went up and the reason for the message. >> then at 11:00 a break through for people battlingllness some don't think is real. how doctors are silencing the skeptics of chronic fatigue syndrome. >> and we'll keep an eye on protestors in berkeley. >> sky 7 has lots at berkeley police station. they're headed in the direction of the berkeley campus we don't know if that is their destination. >> we're on it. from all of us here, we apprecia your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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