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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 16, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> next at 6:00 latest band of rain makes its way through the bay area >> preparing for protestors in the berkeley city council meeting and what demonstrators want to see >> san francisco's by the for the summer olympics. why local officials think we have the inside track. and... >> half of what we can see is unknown to science >> steps taken to bring rare fish back to the surface. rain arrived again.
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look at that. drivers dealing with a foot commute and high winds. >> in san francisco, heavy clouds covered the skyline, an indication of the stormy night we've had ahead. good evening. >> live doppler 7 hd shows a size of the storm still moving into the bay area. >> in tiburon, it hit again. >> it's coming down harder now in san mateo. heavy rain slowed traffic to a crawl, rain clogged storm drains >> also tonight strong winds making for huge waves on the coast. >> and we do have have live team coverage. spencer? it is pouring out there.
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hard to find where it is not pouring. look at the line of storms reaching through the city of san francisco. let's take you down closer from sunset district over to bay view and embarcadero, across the bay bridge into emeryville and over to berkeley. a wider path of storms reaching south ward and southwest from castro valley and hayward across the bay down to woodside down to tescadero. there are waves of stormy weather moving towards the coastline rather furiously. a flood advisory in effect for the bay area now until 8:30 this evening and part of the south, a flood advisory until 9:15 for watsonville and into monterey. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00. we'll see the storms moving east
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by 11:00 or so, we'll be left with pockets of showers and rainfall. that will be the pattern into tomorrow morning. right now the evening commute is a slow, phone shally hazardous one. >> we know the evening commute is rough in the bay area. here is what happens when you thrown in rain. we have a look look from golden gate bridge cam. wayne? >> hello there. welcome to hills of tiburon. maybe you can see through the rain it's been more obscure. we can see the golden gate bridge. let's begin with this video. sky seven shot this afternoon, described as a small slide
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the owner was just a little bit busy and muddy, and they had more than their fill down there as well. listen to this. that is the result of almost two inches of rain that fell the area flooded due to a clogged creek and drain, meaning bad news in a local area. >> about six inches in the nail salon. it's sad you know? any time this happens you can fix it. you can get past it. and this just takes time. >> we're having a little bit of a challenge because of the werng. we'll get back to him in just a moment. >> residents had to leave their homes because of flooding.
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the shelter opened, about 50 people are staying there tonight. some are displaced from mobile home parks and various agencies are at the shelter to help people get back on their feet >> we have a service center here. we go with our partners and county. this is to make this so it could go back. >> they are providing special kits to clear out dirty water from their homes. >> snow was falling this morning, exactly what is needed down there. visibility was poor. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. you can see what is showingup on live doppler 7 hd any time.
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>> one week after it was delayed in a series of destructive protests, the city council is going ahead with a meeting knows hundreds of demonstrators will likely show up as well. laura anthony has the latest. >> good evening. thank you for coming out. >> as the berkeley city council started inside, crowds gathered outside. many anxious to get movements on task. . >> i do feel the message is getting lost. we're talking about the killing of black men and struck tralized racism not being addressed. >> the mayor told us he has no plans to oblige the call for him to resign. >> this is from a group occupy oakland. i don't know why they should be here that i should resign.
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>> berkeley has seen violent protests in recent weeks. after thanksgiving, a dozen downtown businesses were damaged. the police department says 13 officers were hurt over four nights, releasing photos to two of them. now, some leaders are ready to move on. in a way that restores the previous message. >> you can't get anything done. we need to communicate with officials to get our point across and get participation in. >> san francisco supervisors
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weighed in on police shooting deaths and police officers are fuming. calling for more scrutiny, he praises san francisco police for showing restraint during mars, but police officer association is outraged that the measure even mentions their department. >> there is work to raise our police system. i want to make sure we're doing something about it. >> he is fanning flames and jumping on the band wagon of decisions made on the other side of the country. >> avalos wants the justice department to review standards
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for community involvement. >> the da office suggested filing a misdemeanor charge of annoying or molesting a child under age 18 because the statute of limitations had passed the accuse met the detective ten days ago, claiming he forced her to perform a sex act when she was 15. >> ready for the summer olympics? just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 why officials think the area has a built in advantage. >> also here, the local cops shopping until they drop for a good cause. plus... >> are
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bay area is going for the gold and we're going to need it. abc7 news joins us live from redwood city tonight with bay area olympic hopefuls made a pitch today to try to land those games. >> one for the gold i like that. the cities are los angeles, washington, d.c. and boston. according to the olympic committee, all strong
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contenders. this final decision will be made next month. >> concluded it's a good time to throw our hat in the ring again. >> last time an american city host theed was in 1996 in atlanta >> interest there is a feeling that the games have been away from the united states for a long time. >> the group represefrancisco we bus to electronic arts the chairman of the u.s. olympic committee acts as the executive chairman. . >> i have a guide, i don't have a guide. i share presentations and we do
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the best we could. >> san francisco thinks it has an advantage because of the venues. including a plan to build a stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies. as well as track and field events. olympic swimmer is a experienced partner and we'll work to bring the games home to the united states. and we think we would be a great choice. >> in redwood city, abc7 news. >> san jose city council met behind closed doors for several
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hours and sources tell abc7 news city manager's future was part of the agenda. this after the demotion of alex gerza. he now holds an enti level job making $64,000 a year. a new mayor will take office next year and could launch a search for a new city manager. >> police officers have around the bay area are getting into the christmas spirit. deputies from the sheriff's department went shopping today and helping kids by toys clothes and other items >> some proceeds are donated. some officers add in funds to make sure that the child is
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assigned to us. >> members of the police department spent the day bagging groceries at this whole foods store. whole foods will donate 5% of the revenue to police activities league. >> concord police officers are donating to the salvation army following a theft. someone broke into this box, stealing food, clothing and toys. the agency expects to provide for this holiday season. >> the bay area is off to a good start, starting to make a dent in the drought. and nowhere is this more evident than in the south bay. great news but the biggest reservoirs are still less than 40% so there is still a long way
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to go. >> this is really coming down hard. >> it's causing some problems and a few trees down. you can see how wide spread this heavy rainfall is. let's take a look at that reaching from emeryville and oakland south of berkeley continuing north and east. then north we've got a powerful cell moving towards american canyon. looking at the peninsula, wide spread areas. this is the pattern towards the coastline and beyond. now we're looking at winds
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picking up as well. 21 miles per hour. 33 in half moon bay. looking at the skyline, these are the features, we'll see stormy conditions easing up just a bit giving way to scattered showers tomorrow, then, a weaker storm friday. we'll see widely scattered showers the pavement will be wet. and then later in the morning we'll see a pattern of scattered showers continuing foremost of the day tomorrow. may see more activity late afternoon, early evening, and
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winds down. look for 6 to 10 inches of new snow. and satellite shows this next system not quite a storm. 5:00 friday morning we'll see a third storm arriving in the later hours. rain will be falling on saturated soil. tomorrow, scattered showers, high temperatures into mid too upper 50s.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. scattered showers tomorrow, maybe a lingering shower or two into thursday morning. most of thursday should be dry. a dry weekend awaits us. then, monday, tuesday, milder. we'll see areas of fog developing. we're getting much-needed rainfall. >> just ahead, we're going to take a look at teen rebellion. >> it
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the government's survey of drug use shows marijuana leveling off and shows teenagers are abusing fewer prescription drugs drinking less booze and smoking less cigarettes, however, revealing many children tried e cigarettes. researchers say it's part of a two-decade long trend. a legal victory for april. a jury rejected a class action lawsuit against the tech giant the case dates back nearly a decade apple faced accusations of freezing out competition when
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introducing the ipod music players. antipiracy software preventing music from being down loaded by competitors from apple's i tunes store. the plaintiffs plan to appeal the loss. >> u.s. stocks ended the day lower after an early rally fizzled. the dow closed at 17068 points s and p fell 16. amma son is extending free shipping to friday, assuring packages will reach their destinations in time. toys are us is ready for the last minute rush. the company plans to stay open
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for 39 state hours on christmas eve. and t-mobile plans to let customers roll over data. most of the 50 million customers will be eligible. >> lg getting ready to unveil a new tv that they say will provide the best picture possible for less money. it will show off in las vegas next month. it uses crystals to create more accurate colors and has 4 k resolutions. lg says it will go on sale next year. a big day for green day.
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here is why. they're going into the rock and roll hall of fame. they got in. candidates are eligible 25 years after the release of the first album. green day's debut came out in 1989. others that made the cut include stevy ray vaughn, joan jett and the black hearts, bij withers as well as rocker lou reed. ringo starr will be given the award for musical excellence. the group will be inducted next april. >> just ahead, 141 people killed in a school, nearly all children. >> a group allegedly behind a sony pictures hacking attack is threatening to do if a new seth rogin movie is released. >> why scientists are taking
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pakistan's prime minister says it's government will step up after a deadly attack in a school. 130 children between 12-16 did not survive. the taliban claimed responsibility calling it revenge for the pakistani military's operation against islamic militants many children of service members attend that school. taliban militants are calling the slaughter un-islamic. >> this act of terror angers and shakes all people of conscience we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. >> pakistani military say the six were on a suicide mission
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and had ammunition and smies to last for days. >> the world watched and reacted in horror, a north bay nonprofit decided to take action. how you can help rebuild the school. >> a tall hi ban raid against students, an attack on humanity. >> my family and i are heart broken. >> my heart is broken as a mother. >> heidi founded a nonprofit roots of peace she and her team enter conflict zones removing land mines, building schools and encouraging agricultural advancement. >> i believe peace through education is the way forward. >> she considers it a day of mourning and a day requiring action. ten years ago with abc7 cheryl jennings, roots of peace raised 60 million pennies to build schools in afghanistan.
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now, she wants to renew the fund-raiser, this time, to rebuild the public army school. >> join me to rebuild this beautiful school so the children feel the world is behind them. >> they killed children. so brutal. this is not islam. at all. those people are not muslim. they're not muslim at all. >> he served as an interpreter and now works for roots of peace. he knows no one can bring back the lives lost, but believes with education, future attacks can be avoided. >> the key for stopping terror is education. it's economy. we have to build economy. we have to give people educated. >> if you'd like to contribute to the fund we have a link on our web site abc7 you can also spread the message of the campaign using hash tag
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children deserve peace on twitter. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> an outpouring of emotion of today in australia following red daedly deadly attack in sydney. a growing memorial outside of a cafe where a gunman killed two hostages that 16 hour siege ended when police stormed the cafe. identified describe him as a self pro claimed muslim cleric with a violent history. he was expected in being the accessory in the murder of his wife. authorities in pennsylvania say the iraq war veteran expected of killing his ex-wife and five other relatives committed suicide in the woods near his suburban philadelphia home. police found the body this afternoon about a half mile from his home. the discovery came amid an intense manhunt after prosecutors say the 35-year-old
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went on rampage. the neighbors say they're relieved he can't harm anyone else. >> hackers are now making threats about september 11th style attacks in movie theaters. homeland security officials say there is no indication it is a credible threat. there is an effort with the fbi to beef up security at the manhattan premier on thursday. >> nasa is going hundreds of millions of dollars into the red on a test tower that will never be used. according to the washington post, nasa wrapped up construction on the a 3 test ban in mississippi over the summer. the rocket program it was designed for was scrubbed in
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2010. it cost $349 million to build and $700,000 per year to maintain. it won't be used for anything. >> well, if you ever joked your neighbor's lights are bright enough to be seen if space, turns out you're right. nasa is showing what it has learned from watching those twinkling lights from above the earth. there are super deluxe ones >> nasa can see these from space. >> they can? >> no way. >> way. >> what you're seeing here is christmas lights from space. >> up the street, nasa showed
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images from a satellite. >> this is a big honking satellite. we're talking like this. >> and on it, a camera that can see through clouds all boiled down to this. you can see who keeps lights on late. united states grows brighter no matter where you are. >> they found something different here in the bay area. you associate big lighting with big homes, here, brightest lights under the packed city of san francisco. >> we have a big window. >> researchers say the architecture lends itself to christmas lights. green is spots that were brighter in december than the rest of the year. other cities like l.a., it's
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thickest in the suburbs >> l.e.d.lights are more energy efficient. >> the next satellite could tell the difference the point is seeing how these events affect the way we use energy. >> so we can detect the greening of our nation. >> it's about time to begin last minute shopping rush. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we, ama? >> why you might want to resist
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>> you might be spending a lot of time at the mall. >> you may be tempted to purchase something for yourself. >> holidays are about giving to others and ourselves come on. sales are designed to lure you in. reist the urge to splurge on your self, you can save if you're willing to wait just a
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couple weeks. is a familiar site. stores packed with shoppers combing isles, looking for deals. potential impulse buys surround you. >> i try to wait. if you want something would be nice to have this is hard to resist temptation. >> they identified savings ta are greater after christmas. >> number one thing you should avoid buying is clothing. 45% of all of the deals after christmas sales were for clothing. >> last year, deals included 50% already marked down prices.
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>> there is a big surge in deals forfeitness gear in january, but they start ramping up in mid january. >> second best time to buy is after christmas. that is when new models are introduced. the same goes for home furnishings >> that is when older furniture goes on clearance. owe those who wait reap savings of 50% or more. . >> i don't do black friday. goi after christmas. many are taking advantage of
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decorations and wrappings. have you been to cvs? show up in the morning. to see my reports go to abc7 then select seven on your side. >> yes. yes. >> thank you >> sure. >> just ahead
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>> bay area scientists are studying living treasures. >> divers traveled to the philippines to explore an area known as twilight zone. some of the creatures are on display. >> we show you the incredible efforts to get them here alive.
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>> it's the band of association that is not as deep as studied with submersibles. bart shepherd is director of the steinhart aquarium, sharing this video of the exploration. they have a huge exhibit in san francisco. a lot of the coral was grown here. the team is doing research. >> half is unknown to science >> biggest challenge with that depth is getting there, getting
7:48 pm
back. >> that takes care of the people, but what about the fish? >> fish have the similar problems they get the bends. >> one method to get them alive is poking holes in swim bladders with a needle. >> my goal is 100% survival. >> the staff invented it's own decompression shame ber for fish. >> we can stick it inside of the main body here. >> divers collect the fish in a jar. >> the oxygen tank is held in
7:49 pm
this aquarium using inflatable kiddie pools until it is time for the trek to golden gate park. this is a fairy basslet. one of a dozen species brought to the bay area. you can see the coral that grows in the deep water. >> maybe moving into cooler waters is an option for them. >> it is being done p a part believed to be the most diverse in earth the academy is working to increase protections for this fragile eco sits system.
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>> it's still pounding with heavy rainfall. moderate rains just heavy down pours. and there is likely to be more flooding. there is a flood advisory until 8:30 this evening and for this area until 9:00 p.m . 9:15 p.m . so tomorrow look for scattered showers after heavy rains.
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high temperatures mid to upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. showers lingering into thursday morning and then partial clearing. and we'll have a dry weekend. >> some warriors to talk about tonight. >> yes. trying to extend a winning streak but they have bigger concerns. much bigger.
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good evening, warriors have short and long term concerns. andrew boget could have runners knee. sitting out and this is a game that warriors really needed his presence.
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steph with a miss. back the other way, warriors get one. memphis starts on a 20-0 run. up, under, using a lefty. curry knocks down a three. and kings looking for a new head coach. mullen working for the kings after his playing career. also working for golden state as their general manager. the owner fired michael malone
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yesterday. collin kaeper in this case is on "sports illustrated" magazine for the wrong reasons. what happened to the niners? latest from niners latest linebacker to get hurt. and desmond bishop spent six years with the pack. and knew what you're i'll do something i love. so i don't have complaints. >> the geents continue searching for a third baseman and a left
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fielder their old left fielder joining the marlins. manic named the beast has big news for the giants. in the year he was hurt a lot. kind of shaky in the out field. dodgers don't fear the beard. they're just going to preach for them in 2015. giants closer owed nine and a half million dollars. on christmas, he is bubba
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clause. >> watson no stranger to videos. he's made them in the past. this time joining forces with his rapper friend sizzle. it does have a nice beat to it. >> join us tonight at 9:00 severe turbulence, passengering talking about the panic of the crew at 9:00 >> then, at 11:00 theaters plan on showing a controversial film tonight. tonight steps they're taking to make movie goers safe. >> we appreciate your time. >> from the entire news
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