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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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greatyou'll find a $20 sleighful of savings this tuesday through thursday at kohl's. plus, everyone gets kohl's cash. find your yes. kohl's. is. >> rain coming down hard tonight in san mateo. >> new storm pushing through as the evening commute was getting under way. we had street flooding and road closure in napa. traffic is just getting back to normal now. good
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evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma dates let's get started with the weather news. >> it continues to pour in some years but as you can see on live doppler 7hd the main body of the storm has pushed well to our east and south. some location are seeing relatively calm weather conditions at the moment. but there are still downpour especially in the south bay. downer monterey smooth. castroville up to san juan about 2, this area of intensely stormy weather. all moving eastward. we had a severe thunderstorm warning for this area. monteray bay and just expired 2 minutes ago. nonetheless though i just saw a lightning strike indicating on the radar image near morgan that's all moving out moving eastward toward the hill country. flood advicefully effect for the area around monteray bay from watsonville down to salinas and over towards monterey bay. farther north up in the peninsula
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nearest bay and south bay you see the activist winding down there now most of the heavy steady rape east of san jose out into the higher terrain and north bay. we have some offshore near the coast line marin couldn't manufacturing down towards the golden gate right now. most of the accu-weather coming down from our north west at the moment. watching the movement. flood advisory in effect for portion of marin napa sonoma county until 11:30 tonight. on we go with the forecast, rainfall total last 12 hours. over inch in several location in just 12 hours. total continue to agree as rain continues to fall. dan. >> okay spencer thanks very much. we check back in a little later on. well as we often find this time of year the rain hit the north bay first. wayne has more on how tiburon is feeling with all of this water. >> they do not need any more rain in tiburon at this hour. we are on to have of tiburon
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down below the view through the rain we could see the golden gate bridge. not any more. let's begin with video from sky 7 shot earlier this afternoon. tiburon public works describes it as small slide. still washed down into a pool. appears to be unstable. hence the tarp and owner who wanted nothing to do with expecting with reporters. he was just a little bit busy and fairly muddy and they had more than the fill down in tiburon proper as well. l this was the result of almost 2 inches of rain that fell yesterday. the area around town hall flooded due to clogged correct and drain bad news inside a local nail salon. what a mess. out came the pump and out came the good is a mare tan. good news helped cleaning up and a lieutenant to clean up as well. >> about 6 inches in the nail salon. >> it's sad. it's really sad for the owners. any time this happens but you can fix it. you can get past it. just
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takes time. dry out a little bit. >> and we should add that what you see down there is not a seasonal occurrence. it's fairly rare. last time that area flooded 40 years ago. in in tiburon abc 7 news. >> county officials declare state of emergency today. they claim last week storm caused more than 1 million dollars in damage to lo officials say the declaration may help the county get state federal aid. access to popular marin trillion head parking lot is closed tonight. mud slide blocking tennessee valley road about a quarter of a mile east of the trail head in the golden gate national recreation area. marin county maintenance the road and says it's closed for at least 48 hours. >> there was the city downpour tonight in the south bay as well. look terrain in san jose this evening. just one reason san jose is off to the wettest season in decade. biggest
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reservoir still less than 40 percent of capacity so still despite the rain kuwait a bit of work there to good. >> rain caused some flight delay at sfo tonight. average delay has been about an hour and affects almost 90 percent of all flights. no delay at oakland or san jose. >> red cross shelter is now open on the peninsula for residents who had to leave their homes because of floodin flooding. shelter opened at the college of san mateo gym about 50 people staying there tonight. some are displace from flooded mobile home park in redwood city and belmont. many also come from south san francisco neighborhood hit hard by the rain. various agency are at the shelter to help people get back on their feet. >> if we work closely with our partner and the county to make arpingment to go back. >> red cross also providing flood victims with special kit with rag sponge and glove to clear out the dirty floodwater from the homes.
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>> snow falling for hours in the sierra starting early this morning. here's what it looked like at blue canyon. traffic still getting through on 80 but visibility poor after 7 inches of snow expected tonight with wind gust up to 45 miles per hour. >> as for the drought it's not over. national weather service says it will be years before we return to average water level west spell below ground. this video from the united states drought monitor shows how conditions have worsen over the past three years. also today napa says 11 trillion gallon needed to remen issue critical river basin and reservoir exploratorium supervisor weigh in today on the police shooting death in ferguson and new york. and city police officers are fuming exploratorium supervisor john avila put up rest logs call for more jute any officer involved somewhatings. she praised the police for showing restraint. but the police officer association is outrage that the measure even mentions
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the department. >> there has been a lot of work across the country to raise this as an issue of our broken and racially bias a justice and police system. i want make sure we notice in san francisco that we are diagnose something about it on our end. >> he's simply fanning the flames and jumping on the band wagon of what may have occurred and decision that is were made on the other side of the country. >> resolution says san francisco is not immune to tension between community and police. avila wants the justice department to review all local policing practice and yawn form standard for community involve l. >> san jose city council met behind closed doors for several hours and sources tell us the city manager future was part of the agenda today. meeting came after last week the motion of deputy city man jevrment made more than 200,000 dollars a year. he now hold an entry
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level park department job making 64,000 dollars a year. city manager contract expires in july. new mayor and 5 new council members take office next year and could launch a search for new city manager. >> going for the gold. we will need to it afford the olympic at the renal bid is accepted. 7 news reporter has more from redwood city where bay area olympic hopeful made a pitch today to try to land the game. >> u.s. olympic committee said the 4 bidding city are strong contender. final decision made some time next month. >> we screws concluded it was really good time for us to throw our hat in the ring agai again. >> last time an american city hosted the summer olympic was in 1996 in atlanta. >> there is a feeling among the members that that the games have been away from the united states for a long time. >> the mayor of 4 competing
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city here to make the pitch to the u.s. olympic. the group representing san francisco was taken in a shuttle bus to nearby electronic art. where the chairman of the u.s. olympic committee lawrence post ask as the company executive chairman. each city had one hour to present and answer questions. >> i have a gut but i don't have a gut on this. it's the kind of thing where i'm sure all the presentations were excellent and did the best we coy. they think they have advantage over other city because of the newer venue. new levi stadium, at&t park and plan to build a 300 50 million dollar temporary stadium near candlestick park for the opening and closing ceremony. as well as track and field events exploratorium has unsuccessfully made a bid for the summer olympic in 3 previous occasions. olympic swimmer and crib the most experienced member of the san francisco contingency.
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>> it was very clear looking for a partner. that will work together with the local with the bid committee to bring the olympic games home to the u.s. we think we would be a great choice. >> the international olympic committee will vote in 2017 to select the host situation. in redwood city, 7 news. >> we have a lot more for you coming up on this tuesday nigh night. as we continue the ominous new threat aim at movie theaters across the country. fbi is saying as soapy hacking scandal rises. >> local police officer shopping until they drop. all for a very good cause. >> and we track the rain tonight. smenser back with the forecast and latest look at live doppler 7hd
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female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money.
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announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. live doppler 7hd. >> now to the urgent new threat to movie theaters from the same hacker who took on sony. group is warning people to stay away from theater showing the interview. and they say they
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will attack audience who show up to see the comedy about north korea leader. homeland security leader says no evidence that a threat actually exist. it's credible. more now from cecelia vega. >> the most menacing message so are if a. threat invoking 9/11 warning of attack at theaters planning to show the interview. it is the first piece of christmas gift promised by the group calling itself guard i don't know of peace. latest on line taunt saying we recommend you to keep yourself distant if your house is nearby you better leaf. >> we take the threats very seriously and we will take extra precaution during the holidays at theaters. >> sony not commenting on the threat or its plans for the christmas day release of the comedy about north korea. but today the stars of the interview james frvrng 0and seth rogan abruptly cancelled the press tour in the wake of the warning. fbi is investigating. department of homeland security says at this time there is no credible
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intelligence to indicate an active plot against movie theaters within the united states. and now the first lawsuit from the fall out. 2 former sony employees filing a federal class action suit claiming sony failed to protect confidential information calling it an epic nature mayor much better suited to a cinema thriller than to real life. >> this attack is massive and it's significant. >> it has been an almost daily embarrassment for sony and some of hollywood biggest stars. social security numbers. salary. personal e-mail all made public. brad pitt leading the backlash telling "access hollywood live". >> conversation on e-mail or person should be private. >> hacker also release another file today reportedly the entire e-mail account of sony ceo. group says today attack mark the beginning of the christmas gift. abc news los angeles. police officers from all over the bay area are getting in the christmas spirit. deputy from the cocoa sheriff's
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department went shopping today at richmond wal-mart store. they were helping kids from low income family by toys clothes and other gifts for the relatives. 18 kids took part in the shopping spree. >> some of the proceeds are donated. some of the officers add open funds to make sure that the child sign with us and family have special gift to open christmas morning. >> officers in san m te'o also doing good deeds members of the police department spent the day bagging grocery at the whole foods store donate 5 percent of the day revenue to the police activity league. >> such a is in thing for them to do. concord police officers are donating 1,000 dollars to the local salvation army following a theft last week. someone broke in the storage box last thursday stealing food clothing toys other groups have stepped up as well to help local family. the agency expects to provide gifts and have had for around 4000 people in concord this holiday season. terrific outreach.
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>> another storm. >> really coming down. >> second storm in two day. powerful one. we have more to follow. let's get right to parts of the bay area. pouring in someplace. heaviest rain you can see is moving eastward now towards the central valley but the south bay still some remnant from the early storm activity beginning to come did you know right around san jose but east of morgan hill you can see some pretty heavy downpour and we look up north rate along the coast of the north bay we have little pockets of showers and cells developing there acouple running down towards the golden gate toward the san mateo couldn't coast line. coming out of the north west at the moment. pattern of the circulation. temperature readings right now generally in the upper 40's to low 50's all across the bay area. here's view from the roof top camera looking back at part of the sky line of the financial district of san francisco as we look at our forecast feature we'll see stormy conditions easing up a
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bit overnight. scattered showers are likely late tonight and tomorrow. we see a weaker storm by the third one of the week arriving on friday. satellite forecast animation rather starting 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning show an area of scattered showers covering the bay area so it won't be wet in all locations at the beginning of the morning rush but pavement will probably be wet from all the rain we have had so scattered showers early morning hours up to about nip am pretty much the same pattern later in the day. scattered showers but late in the afternoon early evening we see more organized rainfall emerging. that will be right around 6:00 o'clock pass through quickly but it will produce period of wet weather 11:00 o'clock or so more scattered showers beginning to brick up as we get into thursday. meanwhile sierra winter weather advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. we expect 6 to continue inches of new snow above 4,000 feet. wind out of the south gusting 30 miles per hour travel delay and chain requirement are
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likely under those conditions. back to our satellite image you can see storm no. 2 passing through right now behind that a little impulse not quite a storm. that's how we label it. but storm no. 3 will be moving in at the end of the week to bring us yet another bout of rainfall. forecast animation at 1:00 o'clock friday morning during the overnight hours mostly cloudy then later in the morning about 5:00 a.m. or so at the beginning of the morning commute. we see more wide spread area of heavier steadier written fall. through the golden gate through san francisco over to the east bay. later in the morning hours 10:00 o'clock or so we see breaking up into just pockets of showers and late moderate rain before it starts to wind down. overnight look for mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers tonight. low temperature mid upper 40's. tomorrow we see the same pattern. cloudy skies. few brick of sunshine her and ther there. scattered showers. high pressure mainly in the upper 50's to near 60. here's
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accu-weather 7 day forecast. lingering shower or 2 early thursday morning partial clearing. another rainstorm on friday and dry weekend. mainly dry monday and tuesday as well as you get milder but we see some fog developing in some of our valley on monday and tuesday. which is not an unfamiliar pattern this time of the year. >> apparently we have a trillion gallon of water we need. >> that's a lot. >> we need more. >> thank you very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. official inductee into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> bill cosby accused by more than 12 women.
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>> big day for green day. >> fight the trio from berkeley into the rock and roll hall of fame. first year of eligibility for the bandment they go in. candidate are eligible 25 years after the release of the first album. green day album in 1989. others made the cut will joan green day include the late steve vaughn and jet and the black heart and bill withers and rocker lieu reid and the blues ban. ring 0given the award for excellence. less of the band mate to seventh honor. >> researcher with the monteray bay aquarium research instant stawt has come up with unusual name for unusual snail. snail is found in deep hot acid environment around hydro-thermal ventsd. they look a little like rock star with mohawk don't they.
9:25 pm
leather studded jacket. they decided to name this after joe the lead singer guitarist with the clash. johnson says they both 35 in extreme environment. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. pakistan vow following today brutal attack by taliban gunmen. 141 people killed at school nearly all of them children. >> severe turbulence send craw and passengers flying on american airlines flight. you hear from those on board about the panic and the prayers. >> why nasa scientist take interest in your holiday light display even if it isn't quite as elaborate as some of the others. >> stay here. another half others. >> stay here. another half hour of
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sz. >> this act of terror angers and shakes all people of conscious and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. >> pakistani military official says the 6 attackers were on suicide mission and had ammunition and supply to last for days. >> as the world watched and reacted in horror a north bay
9:30 pm
non-profit that works in conflict region decided to take action. 7 news reporter tiffany wilson explains how you can help roots of peace rebuild the school. >> taliban raid against students attack on humanity shared by peace prize whipper and forth by mother alike. >> my family and i are heart broken. >> we were heart broken as a mother. >> non-profit roots of peace she and the team conflict zone ra round the world removing land mine building school and encouraging agriculture advancement the. >> i believe peace through education is the way forward for future generations to thrive. >> she considers today not just a day of mourning but a day requiring action. 10 years ago with 7 news anchor cheryl jennings roots of peace raise 50 million penny to build schools in afghanistan now he wants to renew the fund raise they are time to rebuild the public army school that was attacked.
9:31 pm
>> join me as we rebuild the beautiful school. so that the children feel the world is behind them. >> witness the brutality of the taliban firsthand. >> they kill children it's brutal. this is not islam. this is not it at all. the people do it they are not muslim. they are not muslim at all. >> he served as interpreter for u.s. armed forces in afghanistan. now he works for rather of peace. he know knobs can bring back the lives lost but he believes with education future attacks can be avoided. >> the key for stopping terror is education. economy. we have to build economy. i have to get people educated. >> if you would like to contribute school rebuilding fund we have set autopsy link on our web site 7 you can also spread the message of the campaign by using hash-tag children deserve peace on twitter. in the newsroom, tiffany wilson abc 7 news.
9:32 pm
>> we go next to frightening american airlines flight from zole, south korea. flight hits severe turbulence not long after take off sending crew members and passengers flying about the cane. 1 dozen people injured. clayton. >> flight attendant just begun serving meals when severe turbulence suddenly sent food passengers and crew flying. >> like a little bump then really big one where all of my drink went up and hit the ceiling. >> american airlines flight with two 40 passengers and 15 crew was on its way from zole south korea to dallas but when the shaking started off the coast of japan the pilots turned for tokyo. passengers say luggage lap top broken glass plates and anyone not buckle in went airborne. >> people screaming praying babies were crying. i have flown millions of miles worst i have ever seen. >> paramedic met the plane to treat the injured. 4
9:33 pm
passengers and one flit attendant were taken to a hospital. >> severe turbulence like this injuries an average of 37 people every year. force can be so strong passengers heads have been known to break through panel in the cabin. >> one passenger we talked to believe that flight attendant was injured when she hit her head on the ceiling of the cabin in the meantime american airlines says all of the passengers who are well enough to travel should be able t tofully home wednesday. clayton san del abc news denver. >> scary. well hacker discovered security flaw in delta airlines electronic boarding pass system. intern with the web site buzz feed says all she had to do was change a number in the web address of her boarding pass and she got someone else's boarding pass. still have to get past tsa. using false i.d. against the law but exposed security issue. delta says the internet team have already fixed it. >> in los angeles prosecutors
9:34 pm
decline to file any charges against bill cosby after woman claim the comedian molested her in 1974. da office rejected filing misdemeanor charge of annoying or molest ago child under the able of 18 because the statute of limitation had expired. accuser judy met with detectives 10 days ago after she filed a civil suit against cosby. claiming he forced her to perform sex act on him when she was 15. cosby attorney says hough attempted to ex tort 250,000 dollars from the comedian before she sued. >> another bush is considering making a run for the white house. jeb bush says he's forming annex employer torm committee for possible presidential campaign in 20 escape. following in the foot steps of both his dad and big brother. former florida governor made announcement this morning on twitter and facebook saying he made the decision after meeting with his family over thanksgiving. bush recently spoke about the need for transparency. >> one of the things i'm going do as i go through the process
9:35 pm
is release all my e-mails and write an e book. which has been kind of fun to go back and to think about this. >>reporter: jeb bush is the first republican candidate to make announcement. >> nasa goes hundreds of millions of dollars in the red on test power that will never be used. according to the "washington post"nasa wrapped up construction on the a 3 test stand in mississippi over the summer despite knowing the rocket president obama it was designed forgot scrubbed in 2010. just as soon as the work was done nasa shut the tower down. logic came from congress which ordered nasa to finish the tower in matter what. structure cost 3 49 million dollars to build and cost additional 700,000 dollars per year to maintain. that's your money. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. another nasa story. >> why scientist are taking an another nasa story. >> why scientist are taking an interest in
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>> legal victory for apple in federal court today. oakland jury rejected 1 billion dollar class action lawsuit against the cupertino base tech giant. legal case dates back nearly a decade. apple face accusations of freezing out the competition when it introduced the i-pod music players. apple anti-pyer at software presented users from down loading the apple i tune store. the defense feature add videotape deposition from late ceo steve jobs. the plaintiff planned to appeal today loss. >> if you have joked around the neighbor spas lights so bright they can be seen from space. you are right. nasa took the stage in san francisco to show what it has learned by watching
9:40 pm
the twinkle later from millions above the earth. john at at any has the story. >> at coal hardware the christmas lights flying off the shelf. >> we sell out a lot of the basic lights. almost on a daily basis. >> and then there are the super deluxe ones. >> sprays you to know that nasa can see these from space. >> they can? >> yes. >> no way. >> way. >> washington you are seeing hear is christmas lights. from space. >> it was just up the street at the moscone i center where nasa presented the findings to the american geo-of course union. image taken with satellite that orbit the earth from north pole to south. >> big honking satellite. a minivan size. >> on it a camera take that sea through clouds every nature at the same time it circle the globe and takes pictures. >> huge effort. took 3 years with data. >> boil down to this. in the middle east you can see which city observe ramadan with the later on late. united states brighter at christmas time no matter where you are.
9:41 pm
>> we see the christmas is really it's not just a religious holiday. also civil holiday. >> nasa look at city all over the u.s. and found something different here in the bay area. typically associate big lighting display with big suburban homes here bright east lights right in the packed city of san francisco. >> i think if you put them in the window. >> in the window. like the big bay window. researchers say the city unique architect lends itself to christmas lights on the difference map all the green bright interdecember than the rest of the year. in other cities like l.a. the green is thickest in the suburb. but speaking of green led lights more energy efficient. nasa next satellite could tell the difference between led and traditional lights. in fact the whole point to see how events like christmas affect the way we use energy or con sivrnlt and affect the graeng of our nation. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> up next. on 7 news. at 9 surprising moment lay awhich
9:42 pm
counter. >> announcement that shoppers before.
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>> heavy showers during the over nature hours through 5:00 >> heavy showers during the over nature hours through 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning >> federal officials have approved a new test to predict the risk of heart attack or disease. the company make the plaque test. measures biological marker for heart disease which is associated with the buildup of plaque in the artery that supply blood to the heart. test is especially effective for women particularly black women but it was approved for everyone. >> well as you know it is raining pretty hard m spots. that will continue for a little while longer.
9:46 pm
>> still another storm to come. spencer is here with the latest. spencer. >> look what is left of the big storm. see most of the intense activity push out in the central valley but we still have pockets of written fall manufacturing through the bay area right now and some locally heavy rain at that. up in the north bay we have wide area fairly wide area of rain up in parts of marin county up to lower sonoma county offshore we still have cells developing moving generally towards the golden gate down towards the peninsula. in fact the pattern of wind flow is down out of the north west so the system coming from that direction. we have pockets of precipitation during the overnight hours and into tomorrow. in fact state wide tomorrow pretty much the picture at least northern 2 thirds of the state will see scattered showers and snow will continue to follow over parts of the sierra in the bay area we see mainly khoyd skies tomorrow. few flashes of sunlight burning through and scattered showers. high pressure tomorrow mainly mid upper 50's to right around 60
9:47 pm
degrees and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. on thursday morning few lingering showers. will is he sun by thursday afternoon. third storm of the week comes in open friday. expect it dry and a little bit milder weekend. milder still on monday tuesday with 80's of fog developing early next week. >> gosh a bit of everything it seems. >> variety pack of weather. >> thanks spencer very much. >> you can track the weather where you live with live doppler 7hd by down loading the 7 news weather app go to our web site slash app or just get it for 43 from the apple app store or google play. >> it's so handy. tray it. those secret santa back at work this holiday season. they are got samaritan who show up at department store and pay for lay away items anonymous limit here's john. >> thousands office times a day clink clink clink gift that wants no thank in return which make it more perfect still. but just not quite on the scale of what happened here.
9:48 pm
wal-mart in pennsylvania where some literally secret santa has made it possible for this to happen. >> we have good samaritan come in today and paid off your lay away. >> yes some generous soul unknown slipped into wal-mart asking to pay off the remaining bills. 50,000 $worth of any one who had been buying christmas toy on lay away which is where you pay in installment over time. gift to mom who was just to give up getting her kid a bike this year. >> i feel like million pounds of pressure off my shoulders right now. this is the thing. lay awhich angel they are called in the business. dropping gift mona lot of places. 20,000 dollars is to are news bellingham, massachusetts. 19,000 in massachusetts. 63,000 dollars at wal-mart in like city, florida. so who is this secret santa. well that is still a secret. he wants to remain completely no must. wants to be known as santa b.
9:49 pm
>> whoever you are thanks for the inspiration. this is abc news washington. >> so sweet. >> i know it's nice to hear about that every year. >> all right. let's talk about more. >> larry has the latest sports. >> warriors streaking they were streaking any way. >> grizzly were traveling. mike conley step by step by step. count them. if. >> come on. >> to a win. blow (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event,
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subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. string of storm hitting the bay area far from over. big problem all the rain is causing for local businesses. >> plus violence threat against theet that's plan on showing a controversial film. drs. particular step sony is taking tonight to keep movie goers safe. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7 >> say it ain't so. >> i know we were hoping the warriors could keep on rolling.
9:53 pm
>> if you thought they were going to win through december and january. >> we can dream can't women. they were doing so great. >> what happened? what happened? pi guess i shouldn't brick the news to you about santa clause either. santa clause. >> don't go there. >> i don't want to give it away kids. all right. it had to end some time and without andrew the warriors got hurt by the grizzly winning streak is over and bigger concern we know we see an drew on the court is rather unclear. may have cartilage irritation under the knee cam. mri tomorrow. jumper 93. not good. looks good. curry floater early on. would have matched up with mark to stop that. with authority. 24 for him. memphis started second quarter on a run. vince carter 3 straight 3. he's holder -- older than spencer.
9:54 pm
up and under with the left. 4 44-30 grid. war yrs down 14. rally behind thompson who had 22 then green to livingston here finish with the listened. use your left. warriors down two memphis take control. look at make. tack 3 steps. mocking the non-travel call. technical foul t.the tee up. 5 point after 10 second to go curry one of 10 from downtown. toney allen with the uncontested dunk to cap it. streak ends at 16. griz 105-9 105-98. thursday dangerous host oklahoma city. how about sacramento kings looking for new head coach. word is they would love the ex warrior star mullins take the job. he works for the kings as an advisor after his hall of fame playing career. remember he was golden
9:55 pm
state general man year for a few year. kings owner fired malone yesterday and wants mullin to run the team. he said to have reservation about jumping in a coaching job in mid season. thigh is the interim coach. >> kaepernick on the regional cover of this week "sports illustrated"for all the wrong reasons. what happened to the 49ers is the question on the cover. answer rather complicated. ranging from friction between the head coach and upper management along with injuries and certainly cap regression big part of it. niners signed former cal star head in bishop who grew newspaper hunter point. drafted by the packers in 07. played on super bowl winning team there. spent 6 years in green bay. with the cardinals who released him a couple weeks ago a.lot of community work and recognized for that work and now he's back home. >> i don't really know exactly what to expect. i just know you know i'm just doing
9:56 pm
something i love. literally my favorite team so if yv no complaints i'm just going to keep my head down work hard and do what i can. >> honors for stanford offensive tackle pete named winner of the morris trophy given to the top line man in the pack 12 conference. stone wall the pass rusher. goes 3 16 pound named by espn as first team all american. baseball news. while the giants continue searching for a third baseman and left fielder old left fielder just signed with minimum. morris joining the marlins. morris gets a two year deal worth total of 16 million dollars. man nicknamed the beast had some big hits for the giants in the post season like game winner game 7. 2 79 with 16 homers in the regular season for san francisco but most of those numbers production came very early on. he was hurt an awful lot.
9:57 pm
especially down the stretch. kind of shakey the out field. too pricey for the giants at this point. dodgers don't fear the beard. they just have to pay him to leave. dodgers designated wilson for signing won't pitch in 2015. still have to pay off the balance of the contract. former giants closer struggle in relief is going to l.a. and still owed 9.5 million dollars. 9.5 million to leave. i will leaf for half of that. i'm throwing it out there. rate now. >> take it. >> going put up somewhat up the ladder there. whatever happen happens. >> most of the year most of the time he goes by bubba watson. on december he's bubba clause. ♪ spichlt about in december
9:58 pm
bubba watson make video. he's done this with with fellow players like fowler and mayhem and he joined forces with a ra rapper by the name of fizzle i believe. bubba clause the single. very catchy. the 7 sports brought to you by toyot toyota. >> major motion picture. >> imagine back in the day like jack nicholas arnold palmer doing bubba clause. could you imagine that. >> here we go. >> we go out on it. >> thanks. >> thanks for watching. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. with spencer, larry and all of us here we appreciate your time. see you larry and all of us here we appreciate your time. see you again at 11:00 o'clock
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how great is it that we finally have a tv in the bedroom? what's the opposite of "great"? [ sighs ] you were right. he smells good. step off. so, what did you guys think of the 1985 classic "the breakfast club"?


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