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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 21, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is kgo news. >> good evening. the king tide is here and in belmont pipes are set up to help reduce flooding. in the north bay, it has already begun. abc 7 news reporter has details. >> sometimes it's entertaining, but most of the time it is frustrating. >> reporter: heidi charles says after 18 years of living in a houseboat has lost its charm.
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this was her parking lot this morning. >> you live on a houseboat, you expect this kind of lifestyle. but after a while it gets frustrating. we have to wade off the dock. so everybody wears waders. repo >> reporter: getting to mill valley was challenging when king tide caused flooding. the shoreline highway was shut down after it vanished under water. you a few bikers brave enough to plow through. trevor got to work but couldn't get home. >> looks like it is closed off but i think can i go north on the freeway. so that's going to be my move. >>. >> reporter: luckily he made it through. the holiday inn express parking lot was flooded. worker dante ocoa, doing his job getting packages delivered. >> were you sure the truck would go through? >> i have to be very careful. >> reporter: welder andy alan cut off from his job site so he put on rubber boots and hauled
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his welding tank through the water on a wagon. >> been paint need a corner. so i just got get to work and this is how i'm doing it. >> reporter: king tides are a phenomenal caused by a gravitational pull by the sun and moon. it may increase over the next 50 years. pilot aaron singer is trying to keep high tides out of his sea office. but water pumps are working as fast as they can. they've be doughty for weeks when storms flooded parts of highway 101 in early december. sky 7 hd was overhead. >> we got three pumps all over the place, sandbags everywhere. sandbags on the airplanes. you name it. >> reporter: all this water, just a preview. the biggest tides of the season are expected in january. in mill valley, cornel bernard, abc 7 news. >> drew has more on the king tide. drew? >> katie, we will see the flooding over the next couple of
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days. a coastal flood advisory in effect that started this morning and will go until 3:00 tuesday afternoon. so really the next 36 hours for that localized flooding. not only along our shoreline but also around the bay. and all those areas you see shaded. so sea water once again could come on the roadways and trails along the immediate waterways. let's look at the next high tide, specifically around san francisco monday morning in about four hours. at 12:00, 11:00 a.m., oakland will see their next high tide. the second occurs late monday morning around 11:00 a.m. in both san francisco and oakland. as winter arrives today, it will feel like anything but. katie? >> interesting. thanks, drew. in san jose, firefighters rescued man after a gazebo collapsed under the weight of a fallen tree. it happens on confer court just after 1:00 this afternoon. rescuers say the man was trying to chop up the downed tree. it had fallen during a recent
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storm. the man injured his hands and suffered some cuts and scrapes as well. he is now recovering at a hospital. >> the deaths of two new york police officers is generating an outpouring of mourning across the city and tonight police are piecing together the moments leading up to the killings. abc news reporter cecilia vega in new york with more. >> reporter: on the sunday before christmas, new yorkers stand together on a cold night mourning the death of two police officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu. the mother of one of the slain officer quietly praying next to a sea of flowers and candles marking the place where they died. a scene of chaos and shock a day earlier. the two officers were sitting in their marked patrol car in
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brooke lindh when ismaaiyl brinsley walked up to the officers and shot them both h at point blank range. he went to the subway station, passengers there dropping to the ground in fear. police say brinsley shot mself in the head after that. earlier under the day, he shot his girlfriend in the stomach and posted this on instagram traveling on a bus to brooklyn. i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours but i take two of theirs. there was a post around the same time brinsley started talking to two men on a brooklyn street. >> he asked them for their gang affiliation. he asked them to follow them on instagram and then said watch what i'm going to do. >> reporter: each officers left a wife and family. officer ramos had two children. officer liu was married just two weeks ago.
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>> someone opened fire on officer charles conduct when he was responding on to a call. conduct was the father of five children. he had been an officer in florida for 17 years. before that, he spent five years as a member of the new york city police department. police say a 13-year-old boy saved his little sister from a kidnapping. it happened in lancaster near los angeles. the children were playing in the front yard on saturday when a man came up and grabbed the 4-year-old girl. police say when he started walking away with her, the 13-year-old boy sprang into action. >> the 13-year-old brother of the 4-year-old grabbed the arm of our suspect and that the point he dropped the child and was definitely quick on his feet. he was very responsible for his family app and obviously his loved one, his 4-year-old sister. at this point, he is our you hero for today. >> neighbors flag down a deputy who was patrolling the area, told him what happened, and he
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found the suspect. tonight that suspect is in jill on kidnapping charges. >> members of fremont's afghan and muslim communities are sharing a simple message tonight. stop the violence. >> they are addressing that message towards terror groups like isis, which have taken thousands of innocent lives across the middle east and elsewhere. >> being detroit in syria, christians being killed in syria, muslims across the globe, it is not under the flag of islam. under the banner of islam. they are a minority acting trying to represent islam but they have absolutely nothing with the faith. >> fremont is home to one of america's largest afghan community. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the new theme park here in the u.s. that has nothing do with mickey mouse. all about machine guns. the safe guards put in place to help keep visitors and neighbors
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safe. plus a look at last-minute options for shopping just four days before christmas. and a cloud city on venus? nasa hopes so. details of t
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a new theme park in central florida, just six miles from disney world has neighbors concerned about safety. machine gun america opened yesterday. it allows anyone as young as 14 to fire. they say the walls are the same materials and standards used by the fbi. children 13 and older can shoot if accompanied by a parent. safety officers accompany all visitors. the park features a variety of themed areas from zombies to westerns. nasa hopes to some day man
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missions to venus. the space agency is developing a fleet of solar powered aircraft. the hope is to build a hub to call home and allow scientists to use the shift to skpleer the planet outer atmosphere. the surface, of course, far too hot and the inner atmosphere has too much lightning and sulfuric rain. they are hoping to learn more about the greenhouse effect and learn more about how the earth is changing. there will be a robot to explore the atmosphere and a crew of astronauts could settle in the clouds. for now, there's in time line for when this would happen. but nasa believes it would be easier to explore venus than mars. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a look at your christmas forecast. >> i'm collin, you won't believe the run by marshawn lynch tonight. yeah, you will. nearing an end, his team
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wants it
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if you're still looking for stocking stuffers or presents under the tree, you have a few days left to make it happen. amazon and wal-mart on-line have rush delivery, but it will cost you more. amazon also features same-day delivery for most bay area cities. though inventory will be limited. if you're shipping a gift yourself you have until tuesday to use priority mail express services. same for ups and fedex. again, it will cost you. you can always hit up those good old brick and mortar stores. target, jc penney, macy's, kohl's and more have extended hours tore last-minute shoppers.
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some are even own 24 hours. i'm done, personally. >> i'm not done. >> you're going to be one of those guyes. >> yes. and if you still have shopping to do, the next couple of days will be great. >> weatherwise? >> shopping weather. leading up to christmas eve. but christmas eve itself, we have to talk about changes. live doppler 7 hd, showing you a quiet night. no precipitation as a sweep goes around the bay area. taking you outside, life shot from the camera, showing you a quiet but a breezy evening we have. a nice mild south wind now from 10 to say 15 miles per hour. got our highs into the 6 os across the board. look at highs today. 69 was the high. 65 in san francisco. 62 in fremont. 63 in san jose. concord with a high of 69 degrees. these numbers are 6 to 8 degrees above normal for this time of year. temperatures are on the mile side. nevada at 63 degrees as of 9:00.
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59 in san francisco. 58 in fremont. currently in 59 in antioch. san mateo currently 63 degrees. high pressure right off the coast. it is bringing us a nice south breeze over the next couple of days. that means temperatures some 10 degrees above normal. the rain in portland and seattle, well north of the area. we are tracking a dry start for the winter season. forecast into the future we go. tomorrow morning, there may be a few areas of fog. otherwise, that will quickly burn off. by monday afternoon, total sunshine across the region. we will duplicate that forecast once again on tuesday. tuesday, an cloud in the sky. lots of sunshine and temperatures still on the mild side. once again some 10 degrees above normal. fast forward into wednesday. christmas eve. there is a chance of a little bit of drizzle. i think the best shot really in our region is in the north bay around santa rosa and ukiah, light in nature. it is the opposite story on the east coast. if you are taking to the skies
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christmas eve, and it will take to the east coast, look at the system brewing from atlanta, d.c., new york, boston, even back into chicago, where there are snow showers. there will be travel delays in the skyets and those airport locations. back here at home, overnight lows, 54 in san jose. 53 in san jose i should say. santa rosa, 53 overnight low in fremont. and highs for monday when we see the warm temperatures again, 70 the high in fairfield. 65 in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. 67 in santa cruz and san jose with a high of 67 degrees. fog tomorrow morning. shines by the afternoon. mild, that mild air continuing into tuesday. wednesday for christmas eve, a couple changes heading our way. you see clouds increase in the afternoon and clans after sprinkle in the north bay. nothing widespread. good news is all out of here by thursday. christmas day itself is dry. featuring a piece of sunshine here and there. friday a cooler day but mainly
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sunny with a few clouds out there. and saturday and sunday, dry pattern continues. sunshine dominates and seasonable temperatures will be on the force. so over the next seven days, looking at major storms. a break in the rain after what's been a very soggy december. >> sounds like winter. >> yes. >> something is mixed up. >> thanks, drew. >> speaking of something mixed up, what's going on in football? >> the raiders winning. >> oh -- i mean, no. i'm like super fan in my raiders colors. under the bus.say it. >> that's what we do. >> tony sporano, playing for him but they aren't playing for a future. first quarter, airing it out here to rookie sammy watson. 42 yards. boxes out dj hayden for the
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touchdown. 7-0, bills. later, again, woodson, fourth intersechgception of the year. climbing the ladder there. stuck in the end zone. pride of san jose state for the touchdown. two touchdown passes today. four of five kicking. raiders led 19-10. first play of the forth quarter. here comes the bills. horton to scott. lead cut to two. then carr answers. 1-yard touchdown. silver and black hold for a win. they hold the bills from a play off contention. >> in this stadium, if you come here, you're going to get it. >> i can't say enough good things about this team. i really love the guys in that locker room. i think they are fighters. every time somebody counts them out, they bounce back. a sign of character. and they got it.
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>> we are changing at approach. even though it is not how we want it to be, we know if we keep fighting hard, we know it'll get there. so finishing out 3-0 at home, all those things are so important. >> you just heard from tony as well. niners coach, jim harbaugh, has been rumored to succeed him as raiders next coach. if reports are true, harbaugh could be running things in oakland or elsewhere in less than ten days. word on harbaugh will come swiftly at season's end p. this is not surprising at all. expecting the team to trade or fire him before the game in arizona. speaking of arizona, with the seahawks for title game. this is that game. russell wilson. second quarter. luke willson, not the actor, willston wilson again.
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hey, oakland, hey, berkeley, see this before? marshawn lynch going beast mode like the playoff game against the saints in '09. rashad johnson, take a seat. franchise record, 596 yards total offense. 35-6 the final. if the hawks beat the rams next sunday, they win the division and home field advantage throughout playoffs. playing for pride these days and pride can sometimes make grown men do this. hitting back with a football and let's get it on. full on blow. three players ejected. beckham junior, pretty good with his play. on the field. his 11 touchdown catch of the year goes for 80 yards. 148 for beckham. giants win by 10. tony romo's dream game with andrew luck. romo passes to aikman. getting it here in fourth
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touchdown pass in the game. 25 yards. cowboys lock up nfc east. destroy colts 42-7. louisville women play in the championship game last year, as cal found out today. pretty good this year, too. men's squad showing support for the ladies. gray at a team high 17 points, 10 boards np sarah hammond, counter with 18 of 9 of her own. hits the three there. cardinals, yeah, pretty good again. mariah transition on the inbound pass. four passes. one dribble. 70-57, louisville. after starting 7-0, cal lost three straight. san jose state and washington state, in pullman. brandon mitchell, one-handed dunk. get careless backboard turnover. the layups, josh hawk inson, 25, cougars roll 82-53. spartans now out 2 in 10.
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49ers offensive linemen have their annual dinner tonight. why and where? we will let you know at 11:00. >> drew and i had a gas. but we will keep it under wraps. >> thanks, collin. >> next on abc 7 news at 9:00, night at the museum (vo) nourished.
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rescued. protected. given new hope.
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during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, nearly a dozen people injured after a lightning strike at a buccaneers game. we will show you what happens. and the video that's gone viral. now one bay area neighborhood is booming tonight as people check this out. the star wars house. why it is all for a good cause tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. now you'll have that song stuck in your head. three big new debuts at the box office. only one could come out on top.
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third and final hobbit film. battle of the five armies debuted in first place. it earned $56 million this weekend. and has pulled in nearly $300 million in overseas ticket sales in two weeks. robin williams final film debuted second and final film will be an animated comedy. "annie" in third. exodus god and kings rounds out the top five. >> i haven't seen any of them. >> i'm sure her they're great. >> of course. thanks for watching and see you over on channel 7 at 11:00. have a good night.
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>> warning! please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. [buzzing] what the heck is that sound? oh! >> oh! "what went down." today, on "what went down," we jump from ramps, we jump from roofs, and we jump over trees... sorta. and later, this lady does this for some reason. whoo. i wonder how much she charges.


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