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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 26, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight at 6:00, a day after another major hack attack, we're learning why sony was it again. why retailers expect today to be the second busiest shopping day of the year. >> demonstrators were out lead to go frustration. we'll show you what happened during the protests today. how all the recent rain is causing trouble for a popular recycling program. live, this is abc 7 news. another major hack. two popular gaming platforms knocked off line. one, sony playstation. >> the second major breach of
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sony. it caused the interview to be pulled from major movie theaters. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. a.m. a dates has the night off. moviegoers are flocking to see this movie, kwt the interview. dan, the box office here in berkeley tells me that they have had brisk ticket sales for the interview and that continues today. the people are already lined up for the 7:15 showing of the film. unfortunately, for playstation gamers, many of them are still online 24 hours after this hack. >> the day after christmas, some gamers showed up bright and early to exchange gifts. but a few couldn't even try their games out because x-box and playstation were knocked off line christmas day. >> hackers got on the playstation network and hacked it. it wasn't available the whole day. >> x-box is nearly back to
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normal but sony playstation remains spotty. there's lots of questions about the service on the twitter feed and responding to the questions. our engineers are continuing to resolve the network issues users are experiencing. thank you for your patience. >> some gamers moved on. >> we went outside and played. then we got on our phones. >> a group calling itself the lizard squad has claimed responsibility for the gaming hack. microsoft and sony have not acknowledged they were victims of a cyber attack. for movie fans, it was the main reason why some showed up at limited screenings of the interview. >> are you one of those people, it's a patriotic duty to see it? >> kind of. in a way. i just felt like we needed to see it. >> his daughter had a different opinion. >> it's your patriotic duty to see a stupid film? >> customers lined up for the second day in a row.
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"the interview" made over a million dollars nation wild. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. the stars of the interview walked in on crowds watching the film an christmas day. it was a big surprise for moviegoers. they passed out t-shirts to fans. star and writer seth rogan was thrilled that the movie made it on to the big screen. a peaceful protest took place in san francisco's union square has shoppers tried to enjoy post holiday sales. the small group of protesters wanted to remind everyone of the serious conversation happening nationwide following several high-profile killings of african-americans by white police officers. many shoppers felt like the demonstration was ill-timed. >> this is the time for it. christmas should be sacred. >> there's a genocide happening in this country. doesn't feel right to celebrate christmas when there's so many black mothers and fathers that don't have their kids with them for christmas this year. >> the peaceful rally did not
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last belong. it was a different story in oakland as crews spent today cleaning up after a christmas night protest took a destructive turn. a small group of demonstrators broke away from the protest and shattered windows, set a dumpster on fire and trashed the city's christmas tree in the square. mayor-elect live i schaaf is furio furious. she said holding a protest to deny oakland police a day off on christmas represents a new low. she said she plans to hold the protesters accountable. on the peninsula, a scare for homeowners. a dead deer in hillsborough. apparently killed by a big cat. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is in san mateo county with the story. >> neighbors in hillsborough say they usually see a lot of deer roaming around here. whenever there's deer, there may be mountain lions. this latest case, the dead deer and the carcass of the deer was found in the bushes behind that
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metal gate there. the theory is, if it was a mountain lion, it jumped on to the roof and on to a tree and surprised the deer. in the roo recent past there have been other sightings in the bay area. a mountain lion trapped under a car in mountain view. this one jumping on a car. another hiin hiding in a tree wg for deer. now a possible attack in hillsborough. this one happened at 12:30 morning. >> we're a little nervous to put it mildly. heather chapman and her husband were sleeping. their bedroom window faces the yard. >> we heard a large thump on our roof. never dreaming that it could be a mountain lion. >> we heard a loud screechy scream, high pitched screech scream very shattering. it was that loud. >> it was a mauling of sorts. we could hear that something was
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in peril. >> i screamed back. i knew it was a wild animal. >> it was apparently a mountain lion. on the front yard, it's dinner. the carcass of a doe. >> it had been attacked. it was presenting with injuries consistent with a predator attack. >> the backyard faces the san mateo river. its thick foliage is inviting to deer. this is their habitat and now their predators too. neighbors were nervous today, especially those with kids. >> we'll definitely be careful. they're not going to get outside in the backyard without one of us out there. >> ellison did not see the mountain lion for the dead deer. >> i saw rudolph. >> vick lee, abc 7 news. got a good laugh out of vic lee. a code blue advisory in effect in sonoma county because temperatures are expected to drop below 38 degrees. a code blue is in effect when
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the windchill reduces the effective temperature below 38 degrees or when rainfall makes it hard for homeless people to stay dry. the advisory also prompts homeless shelters to expand beds and open warming facilities. abc 7 news meteorologist is here with a look at where it's going to get especially chilly tonight. serious stuff. this is some of the coldest air all season. it moves in thanks to a north wind. live doppler 7 hd, we're not tracking any moisture. what we are tracking is the cold temperatures. here is that frost advisory that goes into effect early tomorrow morning. it covers fairfield and the city of vallejo until account a.m. tomorrow morning. it will fall to 38 degrees. to the south, colder temperatures. a freeze warning in effect begins at midnight. you see areas shaded in the purple color. temperatures getting to 32 degrees or even lower than that. when i come back, i'll let you know how high we rebound tomorrow after the chilly start with the full accuweather
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seven-day forecast. dan? thanks very much. >> a section of a road in san rafael is open again. lines along the portion of lucas valley road. repairs were wrapped up today and the road reopened about 1:00 this afternoon. all recent rain is creating a problem for a popular post holiday recycling program in the bay area. for years, leftover christmas trees from lots have been brought to a few east bay lakes and recycled as reef for fish. this is video of the underwater reef. it's been around for more than a decade. but this year, there's too much water. nick smith has a look at the program and the problem. >> what you're going to see is cory lakes, the most full it's been. >> this is is the view from the sky. it created a perfect environment for habitat.
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now lakes and reservoirs regained much of what they lost. believe it or not, it has a lot to do with christmas. >> what we do is use unsold christmas trees that get donated to the parks and we create reeves out of the trees. >> joe sullivan is the acting fishery manager for the park. we're in his playground or office, however you choose to look at it. old christmas trees are a gift for fish and the ecosystem. these pictures are from previous reef buildouts. this year, mother nature but the brakes on the holiday tradition. >> this year the water level is already so high, we didn't need to put in reefs. there was very little room for them. >> today was a perfect day of fishing and reefs put in place over the years are a big reason why. >> it's over reeves that were created years ago. >> the fish are biting, but it hasn't always been the case. donation of more than a thousand trees by vendors was repurposed
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as a reef. this underwater video shows how the fish quickly took residence among the newly installed trees. as long as they aren't forced to go home -- for this 5-year-old, today is a lesson in patience. >> he likes fishing. he says let's go fishing. let's go and try it out. >> the tree reef is good for the environment and popular with fishermen. while we were here an osprey got in on the act catching a rainbow trout on the first try. tree reefs giving every in the ecosystem what it needs. nick smith, abc 7 news. police uncovered a pot growing operation in san francisco today. they responded to a trespassing call on an unoccupied building early this afternoon. inside, they found about 300 plants. the grow lights were plugged
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into an illegal power supply too. police have not made any arrests. wash your hands in san francisco. the department of public health says a significant increase in shigella cases. the gastrointestinal illness caused by shigella bacteria is highly contagious and spreads quickly. officials say keeping your hands washed is the best defense. >> always a good idea. still to come, big crowds at the malls. why retailers say it's one of their biggest days. plus, the warning from police. how what you throw out is just as tempting for thieves as what's left at your front door. >> the year-round giving spirit. two bay area teens are showing
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well, if you didn't like something out of the tree yesterday, today is the day of many happy returns. there were lots of long lines at malls around the area. this is the second busiest shopping day of the year. retailers are expecting $65 billion worth of returns and exchanges today. >> exchanging things i bought online. >> wrong sizes? >> wrong sizes. >> you have to get extra goodies. you're extra good. you have to get extra stuff. >> good deals? >> yeah. i got a pair of boots and i got some sheets. they're going to be nice. >> the number one present under the tree this year, giflt cards. $32 billion worth. with today's big discounts, your money will go further too.
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retailers got what they wanted this hool day season. master card says sales went up 5.5% since black friday. the day after thanksgiving from last year. some small businesses around san francisco's post street report higher sales. shoppers were feeling especially merry when it came to spending on women's clothes, jewelry and furniture. sales for electronics were flat. >> if santa bought you a piece of technology for christmas, there's a good chance he didn't stick around to help you get it up and running. as reporter jonathan bloom found out, that's what the day after christmas is for. >> if you came here for tech support, you're not alone. >> you're here for the geek squad. >> a line full of people who opened presents and found something wrong. >> some are clear-cut. >> the memory card went bad. >> others are fuzzy. >> sort of an outline. >> some are hard to describe.
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>> going to be complicated. >> and a few are disastrous. >> no mine craft on it? >> no mine craft. >> that's not acceptable? >> it helps to bring food. >> they knew we would get hungry, so they parked the truck outside. >> it may not help to state the obvious. >> this line is really long. >> a day after, the christmas spirit is alive and well. not everyone is here for a gift they got. some are here for help with gifts they've given. george park got this laptop for his little brother. >> i feeley gave it to him and get him a working computer. >> it's the giving spirit or just guilt. >> it's a present from her. >> you gave him a present that almost ruined his camera? >> pretty much. >> this guy is dead out of the box. >> bob cohen tried to give the speaker to his wife. he knows one thing. >> everything is getting more and more complicated. >> it's just harder to keep everything working. >> just imagine, this isn't the
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only line like this. >> this is my second stop. >> you might need an extra helping of the chicken wings. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a reminder. if you got a new smartphone over the holidays, abc 7 has a gift for you. download our app for free to get updates on breaking news, weather and sports. get information in your app store or at abc 7 a warning tonight from police departments around the bay area and the country in fact. make sure to break town all of your boxes when putting out the trash. >> look at that. ♪ ♪ video from the boca raton police department is cute but it gets to a deeper problem. police say leaving out boxes from expensive gifts, gives them an idea of what's in the house. break down the boxes and leave them inside your trash
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containers to protect yourself and your stuff. federal workers got a christmas gift from president obama. one that's costing taxpayers mms of dollars. an executive order by the president gave federal workers a day off so they could enjoy the four-day holiday. that meant the social security office was closed all day. the goodwill act is costing taxpayers more than $600 million. among the few who worked today, postal employees. our mail carrier out today. beautiful day to be outdoors no matter what you're doing as long as you brought a light jacket. >> we'll need heavier and heavier jackets. >> the coldest air and temperatures we're tracking all season. it's a sunny afternoon we enjoy over the weekend saturday and sunday. a little bit of sunshine. no rain tonight. this going around the region. not finding any moisture. that's going to be the same,
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guys, the next seven days. a rather dry pattern. a started off as a wet month might be ending as a dry one. >> looking at bouncing around a bit. a breeze out of the north from 10 to 15 miles per hour. adding to that cold factor, and allowing temperatures to drop into the 30 s. in a lot of spots tonight. the forecast calls for that patchy valley frost overnight. nothing widespread. but the threat is there. if you have vegetation outside, not a bad idea to cover it up or if you can, move it inside. we're tracking seasonably cool days this weekend. that storm door that was wide open for the first half of december, the second half will be shut. we're tracking a dry seven days on the forecast. 55 in san francisco. 49 in napa. 48 in fairfield. a cool 50 in hayward. los gatos a temperature of 45 degrees. satellite and radar, here's the setup we're tracking. a dome over us. clearing our skies up. dragging that north wind in.
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it's a cool wind but also keeping us dry. take a look at the storm out well to our west. that's well to the north of us. thank the high pressure blocking any sort of rain moving in to a quiet pattern into the weekend. tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the morning, we have clear skies. plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures starting out in the 30s and into the 40s. throughout the afternoon, though, we'll see a little bit of high cloud cover moving through tomorrow evening. but plenty of sunshine on the way and temperatures seen bli cool in the mid to upper 50s. something cool is going to happen in the next 20 minutes. the international space station will be moving over the bay area. the clear skies we have will afford us a great view of it. it will be visible for five minutes. look to the northwest sky. you'll see what looks like a bright but fast-moving star dipping to the south and east. so head outside to check it out. we don't always get to see things due to the fog in the bay area. clear skies, 33 in santa rosa overnight. dropping to 44 in san francisco.
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38 in fremont. 38 in san jose. a cool 34 in concord. highs in the south bay, 57 in san jose. along the peninsula, 58 in redwood city. 55 pacifica. 56 in sunset district. 57 in downtown san francisco. north bay, high 56. get to go 56 bodega bay. in the east bay, 58. the high in oakland, 57. 58 union city. inland spots, 57 in pleasantopl. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you a frosty start tomorrow. sunny in the afternoon. monday, the pattern the same. cool but sunny in the afternoon tuesday. a few clouds. otherwise, you guys looking dry and seasonably cool. we'll welcome 2015 on the same note. welcome the 50s. >> new years resolution, i'm not going to complain about the
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cold. it's official. i announced it. >> we'll see how that goes. let's break this down. >> on the record. just ahead, when you've lost your right to sue, the agreements you've made that you might not be aware of.
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the annual california state -- kwanzaa is celebrated for seven days from december 26th to january 1st. kwanzaa or the first fruits of harvest focuses on the contributions of people of african an ses tri. 18 million americans take part in kwanzaa. think you have the right to sue about anything? think again. consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to look at whether you've lost your right to sue. michael finney has the story. >> when you buy a product or service, something goes terribly wrong, you may think, i can always sue. consumer reports warns that people often unwittingly give up the right to sue by submitting any dispute to binding arbitration. the used car he bought has left the garage hardly. there was an engine problem that the dealer first failed, then refused to fix. that made the car unsafe. the dealer also refused to
7:26 pm
return the original $10,000 payment. then he foumd, to his dismay, he had agreed to binding arbitration and could not sue. >> i didn't know what an arbitration agreement was. i was beside myself that we've lost our right to court. >> instead of being heard by a judge or jury, the dispute was sent to an arbitration firm selected by the car dealership. >> having the company select the arbitrator can be a conflict of interest. unfortunately, they can be typical. >> binding arbitration clauses are a more common requirement, including for big companies like microsoft, amazon, at&t and even services like you agree by signing a contract, clicking, i agree or just by using the product or service. >> companies say that binding arbitration can make it easier and less costly for both sides to settle disputes. they're concerned that giving up
7:27 pm
the right to sue can give up legal protection. >> he regrets the day he ever signed that contract. after a seven-year ordeal, the dealership was ordered by another arbitration firm to pay him $20,000 in damages. >> this is not going to happen to me again. i will go to dealer after dealer, do you have an arbitration agreement will be my first question. >> consumer reports says if you don't want to agree to it, cross it out and request a new agreement. if you have already signed, there might be an opt-out period. you have to check. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a sea of blue as police pay respects to one of the new york police officers killed in the line of duty last weekend. >> plus, the reunion between officers and the newborn baby they helped deliver he had yesterday. the christmas tree of the
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happening now, a wake for a new york city police officer killed in an ambush is just
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coming to an end. officers silently carried officer rafeal ramos -- >> ramos and wenjian liu both died last saturday. ramos' captain said he was one of the most dependable cops around. >> anything i needed. if i needed somebody to stay away, i would see ramos volunteering, ramos every time i needed something. >> his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. vice president joe biden expected to be there. police officers in bay area on high alert. seven people have been arrested for making threats against police officers. the heads of the police unions in san francisco, oakland and san jose published a letter online earlier this week warning
7:32 pm
that anti-police sentiment is threatening officers' safety. solemn ceremonies were held to mark the tenth anniversary tsunami. religious services were held across asia today. nearly quarter of a million people were killed in the tsunami, after the quake hit the indian ocean floor. in the nation's vice president joined other officials in placing flowers at a mass grave where thousands of unknown victims were buried. more than 170,000 people died in indonesia alone. for the first time, a woman blamed for a terrifying road rage incident caught on video is sharing her side of the story. two teenagers said she tried to run them off the road and they have cell phone video as evidence. the woman was arrested today, she talked from jail and reporter tom jensen has her response. >> she's pushing us off of road. yes, she's pushing us off the road.
7:33 pm
she's coming for us. put it in reverse. >> from the visiting room at the plaster county jail, 50-year-old deirdre roscoe told me she had no idea millions of people from around the world viewed the cell phone video of her truck ramming a small carnd forcing it off the street. she admits, she was trying to get the car to pull over. >> i'm not pulling over. >> the santa clara woman spent six days in jail after being arrested in the road rage case. she said vanessa glad yoe was texting while she was driving and nearly hit several cars on the interstate in the county that day. she told news 10 earlier this week that or osco was the one driving erratically. she claims the afternoon as was a blur but she -- she was accused in a separate hit and
7:34 pm
run incident and hurting because she hadn't taken her medicine for chronic pain. she blasted the two women during the or teal. she was trying to show her bail bondsman card and was telling her she was making a citizens arrest for reckless driving. tom jensen. the police officers who helped to deliver a christmas baby on a subway train yesterday reunited with the newborn boy and his parents. it happened in philadelphia. today the reunion took place in the comfort of a hospital room. yesterday the officers helped coach the woman through delivery before removing the umbilical cord from the boy's neck and placing him in his mother's arms. stocks posted modest gains in holiday trading. the s&p 500 rose 6 points. the nasdaq composite gained 33. it was a big holiday for amazon. the company gained more than 10
7:35 pm
million new members for the amazon prime program, including the streaming service. the company says mobile shopping is up nearly 60% of customers used a mobile device to make a purchase this season. >> delivery drivers have a busy few weeks coming. ups plans to handle 4 million holiday returns by january 11th. the company declared january 6th ups national returns day. the shipping giant expects people to send 800,000 unwanted gifts back to sellers that day alone. gas prices continue to tumble falling to the lowest level since 2009. the national average is now $2.32 a gallon. in missouri, gas is $1.99. in california, the average is $2.69. experts exct prices to level off by next month. san francisco officials want residents to adopt a new holiday tradition. recycling christmas trees. they held a demonstration in front of c morning to remind residents to put trees out on trash day.
7:36 pm
curbside pickup of trees begins january 2nd and continues for two weeks. last year, san francisco recycled 539 tons of christmas trees. much was turned into biofuel. >> we'll molt some of them and turn others into bioenergy and keep them out of landfill. this is about helping san francisco, helping bay area get closer to zero -- >> couple of things, remove the tree stand and take off all ornaments and tinsel. put it next to your garbage cans on trash day. >> cleaning up the needles is another holiday tradition. that could soon come to an an end. scientists are trying to find trees that hold on to needles. researchers are working to find top performing trees so the seeds can be used for future generations. beyond that, scientists are looking for jeannetgenetic mark good needle retention which
7:37 pm
could help breed better trees. first seedless watermelons. now this. >> the future is awesome. a popular bay area restaurant is closing its doors. the rich history of ming's restaurant and how it's changed customers' lives for years. are you going to be
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restaurants come and go. but when this restaurant clos closes -- >> that's a lot of meals over the years. david louie explains why it's a big deal for a lot of people here in the peninsula. >> he cooks only by patrons who have been regulars even longer. after 58 years, this palo alto institution is bowing to development. the large 500-seat restaurant will make way for a four-story hotel. ming will return as a restaurant inside the hotel, but that's two years from now ending a family tradition. >> we've done it every week since i was born pretty much.
7:41 pm
it's a standard family tradition. >> he's going to miss the signature chinese chicken salad. >> his dressing has a special kind much mustard which some taste of wasabi. that unique taste, i never seen it in the rest of the bay area. >> 49 people will lose their jobs. >> i'm going to retire after sunday. >> that's a big step. >> it's my turn. waiting for 40 years. >> ming's provided many immigrants with work. vincent lee has been at ming's for 29 years. >> they will take a rest. they will take a rest and when the restaurant reopens, i hope many of them will come back to work for me. >> martha dunn was a waitress 39 years ago to help pay her husband's way through stanford medical school. >> we had our wedding reception
7:42 pm
here. it's the first time they had done a wedding reception. i said would you be willing to do it? they said yeah, we'll give it a a try and it started a bunch of wedding receptions for them. >> this all ends on sunday until the ming's version 2.0 comes back in a couple of years. in palo alto, david louie, abc 7 news. stay here. just ahead, two bay area teenagers giving back.
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covering dailey city, dublin, los gatos and the bay area, this is abc 7 news. shopping and teenagers often go hand in hand. not all teenagers have huge closets, in fact some don't have closets at all. one high schooler is asking for clothing donations for underprivileged youth. alyssa harrington has more now on a unique charity. >> they sift through bags of clothing donated to their charity, one closet. lawyura started it while she wa in oakland, collecting gently
7:46 pm
used items. >> teens and foster, only have $200 for clothes a year. that was interesting to me. i definitely spend a lot more than that. even on shopping trips. >> the idea is for teens to clean out closets and give to other teens in need. laura passed the torch to riley when she left for college earlier this year. dozens of donations pack her parents' garage. >> it makes me happy to see people willing to give things to help others. >> she's collected over 40,000 garments helping more than 10,000 teenagers. >> it's a lot. i didn't think it would come this far. >> their moms have played a role in the nonprofit organization and are dedicated to their daughters' cause. >> i'm so proud of her. i see the big heart that she has. they're helping classmates. they're helping people within their own community. >> since riley took the reins, she teamed up with hyatt house,
7:47 pm
which is the main drop off site. >> the hyatt has seen loads like this come in once a week. but there's still plenty of need. >> a lot of people in need are a lot larger size thaz are harder to find. >> if you can help, visit abc p 7 where there's a link how to get involved. in pleasanton, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. if you plan to head out for new year's eve, b.a.r.t. is going to help you in the early morning hours. b.a.r.t. is extending service until 3:00 a.m. trains will run on a normal weekday evening service but then every 20 minutes after midnight. to ease crowding, they will skip the montgomery, embarcadero and west oakland station. if you're looking for something to do on new year's eve, check out abc 7 we have a list of shows and events, as well as more information on how to get to and from the celebrations safely. if you're headed out to the
7:48 pm
celebrations, you may not need an umbrella. >> no. warm coat, though, maybe. drew tuma back with an update on the chilly forecast. >> it's when you have rain on new years that dampens the plans. the next seven days are dry. not coming up with any moisture around the area. we are tracking cold temperatures. especially in solano county. an advisory in effect for vallejo and fairfield shaded in the grayish purple color. temperatures dropping to 38 degrees or slightly lower. bringing frost, patchy to those locations. high saturday, across the u.s., you do notice we have a cold front through much of the eastern half from chicago and new orleans. the east coast is dry. new york and boston topping out in the autos and the four corners, plenty of sunshine. salt lake to 31 degrees. lots of sunshine tomorrow. 41 in tahoe, a approximate in chico. cool temperatures in the bay
7:49 pm
area to start. a nice afternoon with a few thin clouds. 57 in san francisco. 57 in san jose. the seven-day forecast shows you bright and brueautiful on sunda. more of the same on tuesday. a few afternoon clouds. new year's eve, guys, is dry and looking cool. that will bring 2015 in on a dry note as well. that sunshine continues into next friday. okay? >> that's true. if you're traveling over the holidays, use our weather app to keep an eye on what's happening with live doppler 7 hd. before you start your trip home. the app is free and perfect for the new smartphones. more information at abc 7 up next, we want to talk 49ers and jim harbaugh. >> big stuff happening. >> couple of days left in his career in the bay area. the season finale on sunday. the jim harbaugh era is drawing to a
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the niners close out their season on sunday by hosting arizona. the cardinals can claim the division title if they beat san
7:53 pm
francisco and seattle loses to st. louis. because of injuries, arizona will be starting ryan lindley at quarterback. all but certain this will be jim harbaugh's last as head coach and also the final one in red gold for frank gore and justin smith. that possibility is not lost on harbaugh. >> this is a fan base that's appreciative. i know how they'll respond to guys like frank gore that you mentioned and all of our players, have a lot of fun coaching this ball team and want to win it. want our team to have the good feeling of winning. feel good about ourselves. >> the raiders will wrap up on sunday. oakland has not won on the road this year. justin tuck has been fined more than $22,000 for abusive language. tuck was not happy about being held late in the game.
7:54 pm
the bills scored a touchdown on the play. he let the officials now how he felt and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. >> i do think there's something to carrying momentum going into the off season. being able to win a football game on the road. doing something like that. we obviously have not been able to do it up to this point. >> at the heart of dallas bowl, louisiana tech used a couple of big plays to lead illinois. cody so pell hits a wide open -- he takes it down the sideline for a touchdown 80 yards. he scored twice today. the illini try to answer but reilly o'toole is picked off by woods. he brings it back the other way 69 yards. 35-18, la tech wins. 9-5 is how they finish the year. first quarter, scarlets
7:55 pm
knight quarterback nova hits patton in stride. he can walk into the end zone. josh hicks ran for 202 yards on 19 carries. nice blocking here. the knights led 23-0 at the half and cruise to a 40-21 victory. miami and south carolina tomorrow square off in the independence bowl on abc 7. that's live from shreveport at 12:30. don't forget, you can watch college football first final four on espn new year's day at 2:00. oregon plays florida state in the rose bowl. at 5:30, alabama takes on ohio state in the sugar bowl leading up to the national championship game january 12th on espn. thanks to former cal star, justin for seth, some of his teammates can watch the games on new high def tvs. as a way to say thanks, he bought his offensive linemen tvs for christmas. the ravens tweeted out a photo.
7:56 pm
check out what the o-linemen found under the tree. the total bill was about $9,000. >> wow. >> this sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. thanks for being number one at 6 and 11:00. ashley has given us a photo. >> when you say given us, i think you mean you. >> i'm a giver. >> waiting for your tv, right? >> thanks, rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. a six-month mission in outer space captured in six minutes. the spectacular images of earth from the international space station is now sharing with the world. then at 11:00, is the chance of a lifetime or a serious security risk? tonight the local woman at the center of a secret service backlash. the primetime lineup on abc
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7, they can all watch on their new tv's. last man standing at 8:00 followed by shark tank, 20/20 and abc news at 11:00. all abc viewing is on your smartphone, tablet or computer. download the watch abc app from your app store. a few thoughts about what really matters. perhaps you have seen the movie getting undeserved attention. the interview. some say it's terrible. what is really bad is the way sony and the major theater chains handled it and the theaters that dared to show it. they buckled. cow towed to the -- but the threats to attack theaters were credible in any way. after being blasted by everyone, including the president, they shifted with the prevailing wind and decided to show the film. don't be be fooled. sony was going to release this movie. the threat and the attention it created is the hollywood
7:58 pm
marketers dream come true. by deciding to release the film, sony didn't strike a blow for freedom of speech and artistic expression. it defended capitalism and its own interests. had this movie been shelved, who would be next? where would it stop? what really mat certificates corporations and all of us individuals refused to compromise our values. americans don't shy away from bullies. we stand up to them. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook, dan ashley abc 7. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm katie marzullo. i'm dan ashley, withdrew tuma. we'll see awe at 11:00. >> good night.
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