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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and that breaking news is in vallejo where police now say the kidnapping of a woman from mere island never happened. this is denise huskins spotted this morning in huntington beach. >> it all began monday when they are boyfriend told police she had been abducted and that the kidnappers demanded a ransom. vallejo police launched a massive search involving 40 detectives, more than 100 other support personnel. >> but now police say huskins
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has hired an attorney and they cannot reach her or anyone from her family. police say if evidence indicates they commit a criminal act the vallejo police department will request state or federal charges. >> we do expect to hear more from vallejo police at 9:30. we will bring that to you live. >> our reporting continues on twit why. followus @abc7newsbayarea. we will have more over on channel 7. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and aim ama daetz. our other top story san jose honors a fallen officer. dozens saluting tonight as family members escort the body of san jose officer michael johnson to a funeral home in los gatos. >> what we've learned is that the courageous work of officers there may have saved other lives. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo says the death of police officer michael johnson has led to the city's darkest hour. >> flags are at half staff at the state capital and at the police station and city hall in
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san jose. >> officer johnson, a san jose native, was the first to lose his life in the line of duty for the department since 2001. we'll have more on that in a moment. but let's talk more about officer michael johnson himself. he was a 14-year veteran. he came into contact with a lot of people over his years on the force. and we talked to many of them today who are now in morning, both in his work life and personal life. here's abc 7 news reporter david louie. >> reporter: there are stories behind all these flowers people are leaving in memory of mike johnson. his long-time friend frank santiago saw a side of him when they trained off and on for 13 years at a south san jose judo academy. johnson was a black belt in judo and jiu-jitsu. >> just a normal guy. biggest heart that you can imagine. you know it's very sad that he's gone. >> reporter: santiago was worried for his friend when he learned of the shooting on senter road. >> i texted him. i said hey, you okay, bro? and never got a response. and you know i was hoping this
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morning i would see something, but i never got that text. >> reporter: johnson was relatively new to the force when sergeant paul kelly was his supervisor. kelly is now the president of the san jose police officers association. >> through the years i saw mike continue to grow, and in the field working in patrol he did everything that a supervisor would want. >> reporter: casey helcon came to show her respects. she knew officer johnson through her work in a victim protection program in san jose. >> he was incredibly professional and helpful and he will be missed. >> reporter: even officers who didn't know johnson brought flowers. now a captain in san leandro ed tracy knows the pain. when he worked at oakland police when four officers were killed. >> back in 2009 when those four officers were killed they were under my command. so this hits home. >> i was proud of him. i told him that time and time again. you know, because of what he
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did. you know, he died what he loved doing. you know his job. >> reporter: san jose police are working with the family on funeral arrangements. in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >> our abc 7 news i team has been dig into the background of the man who killed officer johnson. 57-year-old scott dunham. and found some interesting facts. dunham worked from 1998 till 2012 as a grounds gardener and construction laborer at foothill de anza community college. the vice-chancellor for business services at foothill says dunham resigned for retirement purposes. in 1996 he was arrested for domestic violence. his wife reported he had choked and hit her in their home. she told officers dunham had an alcohol problem and that he gets angry and violent after drinking. meantime, the family of officer johnson released this statement -- "we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers we have received from the community both near and far. we love you mike, our husband,
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son, brother, uncle, and hero." our coverage continues with abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen with more on how last night's chaotic chain of events unfold p. the. >> reporter: residents are searching for answers after the unthinkable. >> what could he have possibly been going through that would make him do something so abrupt? >> how do you go from being a nice person to a killer? jose police are looking into those questions after 57-year-old scott dunham opened fire on officers who came to his apartment unit for a welfare check, resulting in the death of 38-year-old officer michael johnson. >> our officers are obviously crying grieving. they will do so for quite some time. >> reporter: the shooting happened at around 6:45 last night. officers fired back, not knowing if they had hit dunham. neighbor debra travaskas lives just two units down. she heard the gunshots and the aftermath. >> sirens on all sides of the house. and looked down the street and
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there must have been 20 police cars blocking off this road. >> reporter: using a robotic camera, police found dunham dead on his balcony nearly nine hours later. those who live at this apartment complex still trying to make sense of it all. >> kind of makes you think like no one's really safe. like that's your apartment and there's someone with a gun there. like just makes you wonder like what really goes down. >> reporter: shocked that one of their neighbors could do something so horrific. >> it just breaks my heart to hear that you know this happened the way it did happen. >> reporter: those in nearby units are cleaning up after officers used their homes to keep them safe. tonight these unlit candles remain on the sidewalk out front. a tribute to an officer taken way too soon. >> all in all, i'm here, the neighbors are here everyone except the officer and the gunman. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen abc 7 news. >> several civic leaders have offered their condolences to
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officer johnson's family and colleagues. san francisco mayor ed lee spoke about how this tragedy highlights the dangers every police officer faces. >> this is the kind of danger that police officers say they might have to expect when they arrive to a scene that was a call for help. and upon that arrival the officer was shot. he was just troogying to do his job. we hope this never happens. that's what our officers have to be prepared for whenever they encounter incidences. and hopefully this never happens again. >> many people placed tributes to officer johnson at a memorial that has grown throughout the day outside san jose police headquarters. the mourners included a woman who leads a group that helps the victims of crime. >> we called him -- he w. we called sjpd and officer johnson responded and he was incredibly professional and helpful and he will be missed. his calm demeanor and warm presence definitely stood out. >> today's tributes to officer johnson included artwork created by children.
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the death of officer johnson has affected so many people. more than 22,000 people are showing their support by sharing this badge from our abc 7 news facebook page. and we will continue to cover that story. but we do have other news to get to tonight. at least one person was killed as tornadoes and severe storms swept through northeast oklahoma tonight. authorities called it extremely dangerous and life-threatening as it swept through eastern oklahoma. police in tulsa said at least 25 to 30 homes were destroyed when the twister hit. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma joins us with more. >> a pretty robust storm system that moved through the plains associated with a cold front and warm air. live doppler hd will take you there the past couple of hours through the sxafrn early evening hours you can see storms just erupting along that cold front. it has produced several tornadoes. take a look at this 37 at least nine tornadoes were reported causing that one fatality in a
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mobile home park. along with the twisters this cold front certainly producing a lot of hail. almost 150 reports of hail the size of golf balls to baseball size hail, creating damage across the plain states, even into this late evening hour. we'll take you back into the bay area. live doppler 7 hd showing you quite a different picture. very quiet up above, and we're tracking record warmth on the way and plenty of sunshine for your thursday. we'll take a look at your numbers. the full accuweather seven-day forecast when i see you in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. san francisco police have arrested two men accused of stealing a woman's car at gunpoint. sky 7 hd over the scene as the carjacking of the red jeep cherokee ended. it started near the daly city b.a.r.t. station. sfpd started chasing this guy around 1:30 p.m. after spotting the stolen vehicle in the bayview. one man got out and was arrested. the other was arrested after crashing into the fence at tollan street near evans avenue. we are glad to tell you the woman was not hurt. also the south bay authorities say a santa clara
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county deputy who felt his life was in danger fired at a driver who tried to run over him. deputies received a report of drug-related activity this morning on flaggert road off old piedmont road near san jose. the driver got away but deputies later found him at the hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and detained him. they also arrested the woman who was in a separate car at the scene. two women who were in separate cars at the scene. we have a lot more to bring you here on abc 7 news at 9:00 this wednesday night. up next, a tour of the san francisco police department's new $245 million command center. it is state of the art. also the happy ending to walnut creek's bunny caper. and warming up.
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breaking news. a tragedy where you live. >> a veteran officer killed in the line of duty. >> we mourn the loss of an officer. we take the full measures. >> for the stories that matter watch abc 7 morning news. two online fund-raising campaigns to help a martinez mother's family have raised more than $10,000 in the first 20 hours. relatives of lindsay combes are trying to raise money to pay for her funeral and for her 4-year-old daughter's education. lindsay died monday when a dump truck carrying gravel topped over and crushed her car in a freak accident. cal osha's investigation into what happened could take up to six months. police have arrested a
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yellow cab of silicon valley driver and his roommate on suspicion of kidnapping and raping an unconscious woman. officers say 29-year-old navjo singh picked up the woman who called for a ride after drinking in the los altos hills. the two apparently agreed to buy and drink alcohol together inside the taxi. the woman passed out and says she woke to singh sexually assaulting her. 30-year-old gervinder seko was inside the car. singh had picked her up while she was unconscious pb. witnesses say they saw a struggle then saw the two santa clara men throw her out of the taxi. the venerable hall of justice in san francisco is about to lose a big chunk of its tenants, namely the san francisco police department. packing up and leaving. the officers are moving from bryant and 7th street to a brand new headquarters in mission bay, an impressive facility. abc 7 news reporter vic lee got a tour. >> there's a lot of history here in this building. >> you bet there is. 50 years of history.
9:15 pm
"dirty harry" was filmed at the hall of justice, starring clint eastwood as inspector callahan. so was "streets of san francisco," the 1970s tv police series. but the hall of justice is a tired old building. >> it's time to go, and i empathize with those that are not getting to go. >> reporter: the sfpd is moving its headquarters to this new state-of-the-art public safety building in mission bay. the sixth-floor, $243 million facility has been built to withstand the big quake. its backup power can last four days. there's an emergency operations center which can be activated within minutes. on friday night the police station will move here from the hall of justice. and there's a brand new 38-bed fire station. rather than rolling doors its doors fold off which are more likely to work after a big quake. to the dismay of many the courts and the district attorney's office will be left behind at the old hall of justice.
9:16 pm
>> this building is not only compromised in terms of an oerthquake. it's compromised in terms of a fire. >> reporter: d.a. george gascon also points to leak pipes water from drinking fountains with a green hue, a rodent problem with mice chewing up the files. and by the way there was a power outage yesterday at the old hall. an omen perhaps that it's time to move here. vic lee, abc 7 news. jury deliberations are now under way in san jose in the sex discrimination lawsuit against a silicon valley venture capital firm. a jury of six men and six women is discussing ellen pao's $16 million lawsuit against kleiner perkins caulfield and byers. she used to be a junior partner there. she claims the firm discriminates against women and failed to promote her after she complained. the company says that pao wasn't promoted because she lacked the qualifications and expertise. a happy ending tonight to the bunny caper in walnut creek. all three of the animals have
9:17 pm
been returned to the valle verde children's center and appear happy to be together. two of the rabbits were returned yesterday. the third was brought back last night. the thieves left a letter acknowledging it was a bad idea. security video captured a group of teenage boys and girls taking those rabbits. fortunately, they're all back safely. >> all right. let's talk about the weather forecast. warming up soon. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here with the latest. hi, drew. >> at least for one day, guys. then we'll go back down to a bit more normal weather pattern over the weekend. heat head our way and more sunshine for your thursday. live doppler 7 hd right now is going to shoi a quiet night out there tonight. we'll talk about how high we got in terms of afternoon highs. lots of sunshine. 70 degrees in san francisco 76 in oakland, 80 in antioch 80s more widespread on your thursdays. high pressure really turns on that heat pum. and cranks in that heat thursday afternoon. out there right now temperaturewise we're at 6 0 in oakland, 61 hayward, 57
9:18 pm
currently in san francisco, 63 in san carlos, and right now san jose coming in with a pretty comfortable temperature of 600 degrees. we'll take you live outside our rooftop camera giving you the flavor of the night. plenty of stars up above. that will set the stage for lots of sun tomorrow morning. record highs possible on thursday in a few locations. this record heat only sticking around for one day. by friday we'll start to see an onshore wind kick in. that will cool off many locations right along the coast. and then on saturday everyone begins to cool off across the region. so to take you to pacific satellite, here's what we're dealing with a front well to the west. lots of cloud cover. what we're dealing with lots of sunshine. a big ridge of high pressure about to go over tomorrow. temperatures will peak for your thursday. high pressure slowly weakens as you get into the weekend. in terms of future temperatures for your thursday. some records are possible. take a look at this. san jose the forecasted high tomorrow right around 84 85 degrees. that would be a new record.
9:19 pm
85 in livermore. 82 in fairfield. even around the bay upper 70s, 79 oakland 75 in san francisco. on on friday the onshore wind's going to kick in. you'll really notice the cool-off right along the coast. half moon bay into the 50s. even san francisco will drop into the 60s to round out the work and school week. overnight lows tonight. comfortable night. 50 in san rafael overnight. 50 downtown san francisco. 53 the overnight low in oakland and 52 is what we'll fall to in fremont. highs for your thirst, we'll take a tour starting in the south bay. san jose tomorrow high of 84 degrees. that would be a record. 83 san jose 85 los gatos. along the peninsula 80 redwood city 77 san mateo city 799 high in palo alto. 67 tomorrow a little bit of fog downtown san francisco, though, getting up to 74 very warm degrees on your thursday. 80 in santa rosa tomorrow. 75 the high in petaluma. bodega bay up to 64, 80 in calistoga 81 the high in napa
9:20 pm
under plenty of sunshine. in the east bay 78 in oakland, 77 san leandro, 79 union city, castro valley up to 80 degrees and then one final stop 82 in concord tomorrow 83 in antioch and brentwood getting up to a warm high of 84 degrees. your accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow records are possible for one day. then the cooling begins on friday along the coast. everyone feels it on saturday with a breeze kicking in. take a look at the extended forecast. 80s in inland spots and no sign of moisture the next seven days. >> it's march. >> and it's just march. let's prepare for a warm april then. >> thank you, drew. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00 a bus swallowed up and swept away. tough not seen this, stick around. incredible video you really have to see. >> and social media has gone crazy over michelle obama's tv appearance on a popular game show. is her r
9:21 pm
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a san francisco toy store that has brought joy to generations of kids is having to shut down because of rising rents. jeffrey's toys received an eviction notice. the store's occupied its location on market street for the past 13 years. but jeffrey's has served san francisco since 1970 after launching in the bay area 65 years ago. jeffrey's has been renting on a month-to-month basis since losing its lease about a year ago. >> and you know we don't have a location. we knew the day was going to come. we just never -- we thought we had a whole year. and then they used the 60-day notice on us. and there's no turning back on that. >> i'm going to miss them. this is where i get my weekly comic book. and it's my morning routine. >> the owner plans to look for another location once jeffrey's closes on market street. all right. we have some incredible video from northern brazil to share with you. passengers escaped after a bus got stuck in a sinkhole. everybody got out. moments later it was swallowed
9:25 pm
up and swept down a raging river. look at it. there it goes. fortunately, all the people on board were able to get away unharmed. heavy rain hit brazil yesterday. march tends to be the tail end of the country's rainy season. incredible, isn't it? >> yeah. spectacular video. well the first lady's alleged bad hair day is getting a lot of attention on social media. >> yeah, sure is. take a look at this. michelle obama during her appearance on "jeopardy" last night. many people posted wondering is she bald? >> yeah, some are wondering if the camera angle or lighting was to blame. as it turns out, she hadn't shaved her head and said her hair was just pulled back into a really tight bun. well, we are waiting for a news conference to begin in vallejo where police say a reported kidnapping never happened. also, continuing coverage of last night's fatal police shooting in san jose. hear the radio communication before shots were fired. and the americans who are among the passengers presumed dead in yesterday's plane crash in the french alps and a new
9:26 pm
report about what happened to one of the pilots before that plane went down. and from taliban custody to military custody? the trouble now face the american soldier who spent five years as
9:27 pm
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plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. good evening once again. we are awaiting a news conference with the vallejo police department regarding denise huskins the woman believed to have been kidnapped and held for ransom. that news conference could happen at any moment. >> tonight investigators say the claim was orchestrated and there was no kidnapping at all. now huskins and her family members have hired a lawyer and cannot be reached. >> now, the news conference was scheduled to begin right about now, 9:30. we don't know if that will in fact happen. but we're going to try to take it to you as soon as it does. but she was found at her home in huntington beach. and now authorities say this kidnapping never took place.
9:30 pm
it was initially reported some hours after she supposedly went missing that this was some sort of kidnapping for ransom, and now that is not apparently what happened at all. >> yeah, let's take a live look in at this news conference that's about to get under way. >> vallejo police department. >> let me know when you guys are ready. >> this is lieutenant -- >> we're ready. >> yeah, we're ready. exactly. they'll be starting momentarily. let's listen in. >> first, thank you for every -- i really appreciate everybody taking the opportunity to come out here on such short notice. so we appreciate that. first and foremost, before we go any further, i would like to offer an apology for us being so guarded with our investigative information. please understand that it is a necessary evil and our primary focus has always been the safety
9:31 pm
of the members of our community. so in this particular case we have to be guarded until we can assure that the victim was safe and sound. so over the last few days you've heard quite a bit of information from me through press releases and press conferences. most of it in bits and pieces. but today i'd like to go down kind of a laundry list of the facts in this case. so it's confirmed that mr. aaron quinn and ms. denise huskins are in a dating relationship. now, from this point forward i will not refer to them as the victim or witness. mr. quinn was the first to report that his girlfriend, ms. huskins, was forcibly taken from his home in the early morning hours of sunday by unknown strangers and at some point they made a ransom demand in the amount of $8,500.
9:32 pm
we also know that the statement that mr. quinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it and upon further investigation we were not able to substantiate any of the things that he was saying. now, let's move on to ms. huskins. from the time that her boyfriend reported her missing to the time yesterday, as a matter of fact when we learned from the "chronicle" that an e-mail was sent to one of the reporters with a voicemail attached to it, voice message attached to it indicating that the caller on that voicemail was ms. huskins. we had some concerns about her safety which is why we asked the "chronicle" not to report it until we could substantiate that
9:33 pm
information. we'd like to publicly thank the "chronicle" for cooperating with us and assisting us in the investigation and not releasing the information as we asked them to do. so thank you for that. moving on. we know that ms. huskins is also from the huntington beach area. on today's date at roughly 10:30 in the morning we received a call from the huntington beach police department indicating that they have located ms. huskins. a huntington beach police officer briefly spoke to ms. huskins. and all indications initially was that she would be cooperative with the investigation. through family members ms. huskins indicated that she would be happy to meet with our police detectives and provide us a full detailed statement on what had occurred so we could further this investigation. subsequently, the vallejo police
9:34 pm
department and the fbi made arrangements to have ms. huskins flown up to northern california in a jet. as of right now we have not heard from ms. huskins and we are no longer in contact with any of the family members. so over the course of the last few days if i could kind of put things in perspective we've had over 40 police detectives from the local, state, and federal levels and over 100 support personnel assisting in the investigation, working round the clock to help locate ms. huskins. that is a tremendous amount of resources that in my opinion was wasted. i can sit here and apologize for me -- for all of us being guarded with our information, but i can tell you in the grand scheme of things mr. quinn and ms. huskins have funneled
9:35 pm
valuable resources away from our community and have taken the focus away from the true victims of our community while instilling fear amongst our community members. so if anything, it is mr. quinn and ms. huskins that owes this community an apology. so at this point i've provided you with quite a bit of information. i will open it up to questions. >> what is yourere's mr. quinn right now? >> mr. quinn is free on his own at the moment. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> again we are take listen in here. the vallejo police department talking about the reported kidnapping with ransom which turned out not to be. he's saying that the victim no longer considered a victim at this point. she was found safe down in southern california down near huntington beach. >> her boyfriend no longer considered a witness. this entire case has turned on a
9:36 pm
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now get 10% off major appliances $399 and more at lowe's. tonight a memorial is growing outside san jose police headquarters. more than 24 hours after officer
9:39 pm
michael johnson was shot and killed. >> take a look at this show of support from people in san jose who lined downtown streets along with fire crews to honor officer johnson as a police procession moved his body from the medical examiner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. fire crews saluted while average citizens stood along the road waving american flags. johnson was a 14-year veteran officer and the first san jose officer killed in the line of duty. since 2001. >> and here is the hearse arriving at the los gatos funeral home. you can see officers and family members standing ready to move officer johnson's body from the hearse into the home. >> now, recordings of police radio conversations tell part of the story of last night's tragedy of how it went down exactly. >> yeah, the trouble began when concerned family members asked officers to check on scott dunham, a man with an apparent history of mental problems. >> about 20 minutes elapsed between the time officers received that call and when officer johnson was shot to death. >> 2664 senter.
9:40 pm
said he has a gun to his head. >> reporter: san jose police used the code 1051 to describe someone who's intoxicated. 1056 means suicidal. >> that's going to be scott dunham. >> reporter: and dunham's family told dispatchers this wasn't the first time he tried to kill himself. one officer then asked if any guns were registered to dunham. >> reporter: going on a welfare check. there are no guns registered now. >> but dispatchers warned officers about a history of mental problems. >> thinks that the dad might be bipolar. >> reporter: officers learned more about dunham when they arrived on the scene. officers kept a close eye on his
9:41 pm
apartment for several minutes. >> we have movement from the blinds in that apartment. >> male just came out onto the balcony. >> reporter: seconds later dunham opened fire. >> officer down. lincoln side officer down. >> officer down. officer down. control 8400. we have multiple shots. >> reporter: then one officer used the worst radio code of all, signifying a fatality. >> officer. 1055. >> bay area law enforcement agencies are posting condolences for officer johnson on social media. many of those messages feature a black badge with a black bar across it in memory of a fallen brother. up next we take you inside facebook's big developers conference. >> yeah, the new app getting all
9:42 pm
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a major development tonight in the crash of germanwings flight 9525 over the french alps. "the new york times" reports one of the two pilots was locked out of the flight deck and was not able to regain entry before the jet slammed into a mountain. a french government official tells the "times" audio from the cockpit voice recorder captured light knocking when the pilot tried re-entering but no one opened the door. the "times" also reports the audio then captures loud bangs as if someone is trying to break down the security-reinforced door. 150 people, 144 passengers and six crew, died yesterday when a dusseldorf-bound flight rapidly descended and crashed. among those presumed dead three americans and a school group from the german city of haltern. well facebook has taken over san francisco's fort mason for its biggest developers conference ever. but as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, the app getting all the attention on day one wasn't the facebook app
9:46 pm
at all. >> hey everyone. >> reporter: facebook's mark zuckerberg took the stage for an audience from all over including this guy from canada. >> ba. >> reporter: his app bit strips makes cartoons starring you. now there's bitmoji. >> it basically turns you into your own personal emoji. >> reporter: it has its own app but he's more excited about this. >> today we're introducing messenger platform. >> reporter: you know that app facebook forced you to download by removing chat from its regular app. >> i think now you can start to see why they did it. >> reporter: facebook's working with developers like ba to put their app inside their messenger. >> they're realizing that communication now is so much more than just text. >> reporter: besides bitmoji, there's jibjab. >> put your face in it your friend's face in it. >> reporter: making graphical greetings from within a conversation means a lot more people will do it. >> leaving a text conversation going somewhere else making something, coming back putting it in it doesn't compare. >> reporter: and look who else
9:47 pm
we found. yes, that's spice girl mel b. with a messenger app called ping tank. >> you take a picture, you can then blow it up. you can shower it with kisses you can put flowers on it. >> reporter: they're working with celebrities to add star power. >> justin bieber can walk out on your picture, sign your picture and walk off. >> reporter: the new face of messenger isn't all fun and games. facebook wants you to use it for everything. that includes interacting with businesses, even paying for things. >> i don't actually know anyone who likes calling businesses. think about how useful it would be if you could just message a business. >> reporter: facebook envisions one conversation that contains your receipt shipping updates, and lets you ask questions or return things. >> there maybe some people who are like i'm not sure i want to give facebook all this information. but if it's all in one place and i don't have to go looking around for three different e-mails -- >> reporter: and if customer service isn't getting the message you could send a bitmoji. in san francisco jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> i don't really want to talk to you, dan. i'll send you a message. let's update the weather
9:48 pm
forecast. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here with the latest. drew? >> we're talking about sunshine and record warmth on our thursday. live doppler 7 hd is going to stay quiet the next 24 hours. and nationwide weather kind of a tale of two coasts. the west coast nice and warm and clear but the east coast dealing with a lot of wet weather and some thunderstorms. the deep south stretching all the way up to new york city and boston. closer to home in the golden state plenty of sunshine. hot in southern california. 95 palm springs. 91 will a. 79 yosemite. 83 the high in sacramento. bay area weather tomorrow equally as warm. 70s around the bay. a few 80s, even some mid 80s in the south bay where san jose likely setting a new record high tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow the records are possible for one day. cooling begins along the coast on friday. everyone feels it on saturday and then we stay sunny and we stay mild through the extended forecast. >> all right. thank you so much, drew. well cincinnati bengals player devon still has some more amazing news about his daughter's battle with cancer. leah is officially in remission.
9:49 pm
taking to instagram today, still says the 4-year-old fought like hell and kicked cancer's butt. leah has been battling fourth stage neuroblastoma. in his latest post still shares what an incredible day it's been for them as they get this news. he added that leah will still require more treatment to build up her immune system but he says he knows his little warrior will get through it. she's a tough cute kid. >> she is. that's great news. >> really fantastic. looks like it's going to work out. >> isn't that great? >> it is. it's good stuff. in sports tonight the a's they got new players all over the place. one guy in particular stands out. i really hope that ike davis hits 40 home runs
9:50 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 kidnapping hoax? that shocking anounsment just moments ago from vallejo police. we're going to have more on tonight's bizarre developments in a live report. and taking matters into their own tiny hands. now local kids are fighting to keep a beloved store open. be sure to join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:53 pm
sports. we've got some nfl to talk about. >> larry beal's here with the latest. >> the nfl's a year-round basis. whether it's relocation or rules changes, the nfl owners meetings wrapped up today in phoenix. they're tinkering around with extra point proposals. and we'll see what happens with that. meanwhile, a chance to hear from some of the head coaches. new niners head coach jim tomsula, he knows colin kaepernick has a lot of weight on his shoulders heading into the 2015 season. does kap really improve and become a more accurate passer or does he regress even further than last year? tomsula's a fan of kap working out this off-season with hall of fame quarterback kurt warner. >> it's not as much on the field as it is just a mental approach to the game. and the way it goes. and not that i have any problem with colin. colin does a great job. but you're talking about a hall of famer. you're talking about the best in the business. >> and he really likes the acquisition of reggie bush. he thinks that will really help them in the backfield. on to baseball. the a's are going to have a
9:54 pm
completely new look to their infield this season. all four positions changed. 28-year-old first baseman ike davis, he comes over in a trade from the pirates hoping to regain his form from 2012. he hit 32 homers with 90 rbis that year. abc 7's mike shumann has more on why the a's like ike. >> the a's infield makeover. all four positions are getting to know each other. >> that's what spring training's for. every year no matter what team you're on, there's going to be new faces and this is our time to really just get to know each other and put the work on the field and sweat and bleed. and by the time the season starts we should know each other pretty well. >> reporter: ike battled valley fever where fatigue is the worst side effect. he's over it now and looking forward to a new start. >> ike davis what do you bring to the table? >> defense for sure. i can hit some long homers. >> now you're bragging. >> i don't hit a lot of them the
9:55 pm
last couple years. but when i hit them they go pretty far. >> tell us something about yourself that oakland fans don't know or would like to know. >> i'm not really talented outside the baseball field. besides maybe just being nice. >> what do you do in your down time? >> go on fishing trips and stuff. but other than that i just kind of chill. >> you don't golf or anything? >> i suck at golf. >> really? >> i suck. it's the most frustrating sport. i think it's more frustrating than baseball. >> favorite tv show? >> "seinfeld" back in the day. >> well that's over. so now what? >> you can't just say that. >> i still watch the reruns too. >> i didn't say present. you said favorite tv show. >> well, ike has a sense of humor. needed to hang in the oakland clubhouse. and he hopes his run with the a's endures as long as "seinfeld." mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> how funny is ike davis? similar to drew. not really talented outside their work. >> oh! ouch. >> look at ike davis.
9:56 pm
hit a big bomb. >> i'm the master of the sneak attack. a's were down 9-4 but mark cannon with a two-run shot. 9-9 tie. i joke about drew. he's extremely talented. i have no idea. a new "forbes" report estimates the value of the san francisco giants has doubled in the past year up to $2 billion. the a's are near the bottom of the majors worth $725 million. but a new tv deal has all teams making gobs and gobs of cash. giants and rockies in talking stick, arizona. tim hudson has zeros on the board until troy tulowitzki, tulo, from the south bay takes him deep to left in the fourth. huddy goes six innings. three earned runs allowed. and colorado wins this game 5-2. here's a funny story. matt stainbrook. he's a 6'10" 270-pound center for the xavier basketball team getting ready to take on arizona in the sweet 16.
9:57 pm
when he's not driving the lane, stainbrook, he's driving for uber. >> it's a 2004 gold buick grande. i describe it as the most typical old person car you could have. it's big. it's boxy. it's very bland. tan inside. but it fits me in it and it fits some passengers in it. it's been kicking for i think 19 0,000 miles now. still good. >> cool story. i.t. quarter finals old dommin yob yob ion and murray state. the monarchs sent to madison square gardens. as time expires. 72-69 is your final. old dominion will get stanford in the semis next tuesday night. nba, lebron james and the cavs head to memphis. their biggest home loss of the year. king james with authority. 20 for lebron. kevin love goes for 22.
9:58 pm
ooping there. former st. mary's star matthew dellavedova nice little touch pass to kyrie irving to beat the clock. cleveland rolls 111-89. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> i feel like we should give drew equal time for rebuttal. >> one-trick pony there. >> oh, we're out of time. >> wow. >> unfortunate. >> thank you, larry. >> another show. >> thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time.
9:59 pm
so what'd you think of "inception"? what the hell was that? and here we go. if someone could go into your dreams then they should do something nice like make me stop dreaming of having sex with that neck tattoo guy at your bar. you dream about him? (chuckles) no. can you at least tell me if "titanic" guy was really with his kids at the end of the movie
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