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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 27, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> a somber mood tonight as hundreds gather to remember officer michael johnson who was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> and through tears the family of his killer apologized for what happened. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. michael johnson was shot and killed on tuesday night while responding to a call. >> janet is live at city hall with details on both vigils. janet? >> vets have people honoring him and paying respect across the city. a ceremony was held at city hall where officers lined up holding white roses and earlier this evening another ceremony along center road where officer johnson died. among those in the crowd to
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pay their respects was a suspect's family member. dozens of people turned out for a vigil to honor fallen officer michael johnson a few steps from where he was killed. the city's council members mayor and police chief were in attendance. they shared a few words. amber shook hands with officers. she is scott dunham's niece the man who shot and killed officer johnson. >> we do care and we are sorry. >> her uncle was funny and loving and he also struggled with mental illness and copd. on tuesday night he was on the verge of not only taking his life, but his wife's as well. >> my aunt does consider michael johnson her hero. it is a sad day. like i said we are mourning two people and not just one. >> wounds are still fresh. officers say it means so much to show solidarity at a time we need it most. >> it helps get through the
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process of grieving and coping with the loss of an officer. >> it shows everyone that officers are here to help us and to protect us. he did just that and gave his life for it. >> hundreds turned out for the second vigil of the night. the vigil was another reminder to thank those who serve every day. >> it is a little overwhelming in the sense that there are a lot of people out there that still do care about us. >> and donations have been pouring in for johnson's family. meanwhile, funeral preparations are underway for both johnson and dunham. abc7 news. >> the memorial service for officer johnson will beheld next thursday at 11:00 a.m. in san jose. we will provide live coverage of the service and we'll stream it on-line at today we found out communication equipment slowed to a crawl during the response to officer johnson's shooting. the department's mobile computer network was bogged
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down because of the increased communication. officers' outdated computers couldn't keep up forcing them to ditch the computers and forcing them to use radio instead. >> the radio systems can only allow one person to talk at once. when there are hundreds on the same radio channel certainl that is not a possibility. >> officers say it is an on going problem. it even happened again today. the department plans to replace the mobile computer network sometime this year. new at 11:00 a man is dead after being hit by a car in martinez. the crash happened before 8:30 tonight on morrell -- morello avenue. they are trying to figure out how that happened. the car ended up on the median. the driver is cooperating with police and not been cited. a landslide victory for the high-powered silicon valley capital venture firm that was sued for gender
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discrimination. the jury sided on all counts. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson joins us live with the jury's explanation and ellen's reaction. >> this case attracted international attention and now ellen powell says it is time to get back to her family, prendz and career. >> three years of preparation and five weeks of trial and two days of jury deliberations resulted in a resounding loss for ellen powell. she did not sound defeated when the verdict was read. >> i have told my stories and thousands have heard it. if i have helped to level the playing field for women and minorities in the venture capitals then the battle was worth it. >> this all four counts they found that the ferm did not discriminate orie tall yit -- or retaliate against powell. >> it never referred -- it never occurred to me that a
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careful and attentive jury would find discrimination orie -- or retaliation and i am glad to be proven right about that. >> he sided with kleiner perkins. >> with the one key piece of evidence what was that? >> there was not one key piece. there were a number of pieces. >> powell did well as chief of staff, but the reviews documented weakness as an investor. juror two thought there was retaliation and voted in favor of pou. >> both jurors say they deliberated carefully and never considered the broader implications of the case. >> i think the 12 of us did the best job we could. >> their duty is done, but that doesn't mean the debate is over. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. the broader impact of the ellen powell case will be felt
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for years to come. >> the door is wide open. ellen powell should be cheepedded for -- commended for that. now the companies will think twice about leaving their eeo policy in a desk drawer. >> felicia medina specializes in discrimination cases. she says it will set a precedent involving their rights. powell took to twitter after the decision came down. she posted a resons over nine tweets. the first thing simply thank you, world. she went on to write "hopefully my case will inspire the venture capital industry to level the playing field for everyone including women and minorities. although she lost her case, many are taking to media to thank powell for shining a light on the issue. thousands of tweets have been posted in the past few hours. the beating of a homeless man caught on video had the homeless and their advocates
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protesting on the streets of berkeley. abc7 news alan wang explains how two city ambassadors hired to help the homeless ended up abusing 24e78 instead. instead. >> they claim this video reveals the routine harassment and physical abuse by the berkeley ambassadors. >> if there is a conflict and the ambassador reports this person assaulted me they are leakily to believe the ambassador and be arrested for assault. >> they were arrested for assault, but after this video emerged, am -- ambassador jeffrey bailey was fired and his partner was suspended. one problem is the lack of housing are to the homeless. this man says he has been on a waiting list for two years. >> they expect us to magically disappear when we wait, and they attack and assault us when we have no where to go. >> business owners are pressuring the city to stop the homeless from chasing away their business. >> it is tough to run a business here. >> but this business owner
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says the ambassadors are not the answer. >> that's what happens when you have people who are not trained to be out there to maintain order. >> the ambassadors involved have not been charged. alan wang abc7 news. >> a tough break for fans of the annual maf i can ares surf -- mavericks surf competition. it is off. mother nature would not cooperate during the three-month window that started on january 1st when the competition is on surfing legends from around the world gather off the coast of half moon bay for waves 40, 50 60 feet tall. better luck next year. >> too bad. coming up next on abc7 news. >> you saved my life and i am so grateful. >> why amanda knox is so grateful and relieved tonight. >> and passed out in the passing lane. what the chp officer found when he bashed in the window.
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>> why this local high school student was punished for a prom proposal. >> i am sandhya patel. a little fog to start off your weekend, but will the sun shine through for your activities?
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today the highest court in italy overturned the murder conviction of amanda knox. the decision ends the on going court saga for the u.s. citizen accused of killing her roommate. >> i am incredibly grateful for what has happened for the justice i received. meredith was my friend and she deserved so much in this life. i'm the lucky one. >> knox has been found guilty of murder twice. each time it was overturned. this though is the final decision of the case because italy's supreme court did not order another trial.
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>> and liftoff. the year in space starts now. >> with that a history making mission is underway tonight. a russian and american took off from kazakstan to spend nearly a year in space. the hatch opened and scott kelly and a russian entered into spaes. check that out. there -- it is aimed at finding out how the human body holds up in space to prepare for a future journey to mars. >> back on earth some wild pictures to share. chp had to smash through a window to save a woman passed out in her car on a san diego freeway. watch. so when the officer approached her and taped on the window the car started moving as you can see. after breaking the glass the officer reached through and yelled at her to hit the brakes. she finally woke up and stopped the car.
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inside officers found a bottle of booze and yes she was arrested. people from all 50 states and 40 countries around the world are in the south bay this weekend for the biggest event in pro wrestling wrestle mania. 70,000 fans are expected to pack levi stadium. they bath erred at the san jose -- they gathered at the san jose convention center. they will spend big bucks at the event. wwe says wrestle mania generated more than $140 million for teens' economy last year. >> ever since i was a little kid i watched wrestle mania. we didn't know if it would come back. >> several ledge ends are in town. hulk hogan was in town to promote wrestle mania 31. >> fun. well, things have probably changed since you were in high school. inviting someone to the prom
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now a days involves more than just asking a question. one of those so-called promposals landed someone this trouble. cornell bernard caught up with the student cowboy on horseback. >> there is always some horsing around at school but never like this. many at mill -- mill -- milpidas high. >> i couldn't believe it. >> gonzalez barrowed a friend's horse and sad belled up on -- saddled up on campus to ask cat cat -- catalina hernandez if she would ride to the prom with him. >> what did she say sph. >> yes. >> he just wanted to make it memorable, but the school's principal was not amused. too dangerous. >> i don't think it is dangerous. knowing i have the confidence to do it, i know i can handle my horse. >> miguel is no stranger to horses. his family trains race horses on this ranch.
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>> despite this, he was success success -- he was suspended for two days. >> i knew i would get in trouble, but i didn't know what it would be. >> he called it too harsh. >> if that was me i would do it again. connection him out of school kick him out of school. he only has one life to live. >> he says he should have asked permission, but wanted a big surprise. >> it is a store to be remembered and talk about for the rest of my life. i will tell my kids and they will tell their kids that i showed up on a horse. >> others have gone big with theirpromposals too. >> will you go to prom with sara? say yes. >> they reconsidered and canceled miguel's suspension erasing it from his record. yes he can go to the prom, but he will just drive a car. >> are you bringing a horse anytime soon? >> i don't think so. >> a lesson learned. miguel's prom night is may 16th. abc7 fuse.
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>> maybe just take the wheel. >> it was creative. i give him that. our weekend is shaping up nicely. >> fantastic. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it will be beautiful for any outdoor plans this weekend. i will show you and explain why. live doppler 7hd right now looking at some fog around the coast and the bay. the fog and the on shore breezes responsible for this. look how much of a cool down we experienced. a 21-degree drop. it went from 80 to 59 and we didn't see any records today. when you look at yesterday's temperatures there were records compared to today. 15-degree temperature drop. 70 as opposed to 85. despite the fact that we had someing to captured a beautiful sunset. i won't take full credit. is that spectacular or what? the temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s. napa 49 degrees and as you
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look at a live picture from the sfo camera there will be a little bit of fog around during the morning hours. we will call it foggy tonight. sunny days this weekend and it will be a little warmer on sunday. pacific satellite picture showing you what will create a beautiful weekend. the cold front, it is a dry front and it will be responsible for mild to warm weather this weekend. here is what will happen. the fog we do have around tonight will get swept away cleared away by the dry front coming through. it is going to be sunny in all areas for your saturday plans. breezy though. when you head out if you go out for a jog or take the dog out for a walk you may notice the sea breeze. the difference will be brighter conditions tomorrow compared to today. tomorrow morning some fog around. mi to the low 50s. you will need to bundle up if you have early plans. for the afternoon, 78 degrees in morgan hill in the south bay and 77 san jose and 81 in gilroy. occasional high clouds.
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redwood city 78. you will need an extra layer because of the breeze. 63 daly city and 70 in downtown san francisco. north bay will be sunny 60s coast side and breezy. 78 in santa rosa and napa out toward the east bay 74 in oakland and union city. inland spots, warm with sunshine. 80 in fairfield, 79 in livermore and san ramon. larry tells me this is a real biggy vent. here is the rest of the forecast. it will be sunny at 3:30. 78 degrees if you are going to levi stadium. dropping to 68. so warm and then coming down. you will need the sunscreen. hang on all weekend long as you look at the seven-day forecast. a little warmer on sunday. the temperatures drop off as we head toward next week. mostly 60s and 70s. >> t
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>> in honor of march madness we present "jimmy kimmel live," prank madness.
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>> thanks, jimmy kimmle. >> jimmy has played a a lot of pranks. to cast your vote for the best viral prank of all time. >> get ready to laugh as you check out the sin sinister 16 and remember your vote counts. >> that will be great. >> elaborate. >> remember everybody ran that bus -- because it was like a viral video. >> i do it every night. >> what the warriors did in memphis was no prank. this was business and it was
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good evening. the one team the warriors had not beaten this season was memphis. they took care of that tonight. they made it look easy. they
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hammered the second best team in the west. the grind house where the griz were grounded to submission. then he gets swatted away by bar barbosa. this was smash brothers versus splash brothers. 28 points. steph curry, david leigh with authority. warriors up at the half. it is crazy talk people. the warriors tie a franchise record with a 59th win. ncaa tournament sweet 16 two seed gonzaga facing ucla and they had no answer. 18 points and 9 boards. 74-62 and utah trying to take down one seed duke and winslow
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is out for justice. he can also shoot a three or four for 21 points. finish with 10. guarding the guy with the ball help. don't let him dunking on you. two defenders retreated. all right well if you want i will. duke and gonzaga will face-off in the elite 8. other sweet 16 match ups louisville by 10 and michigan state, they continue their magical role. they oust oklahoma. stanford ran into one of the true power houses in women's college basketball. one seed notre dame and the oklahoma city regional and nobody was stoping lyndsay alan who tied her career high in the first half. she finished with 28. the fighting irish lead by 11 at the break. stanford would cut that down to four. she had 12 points but notre dame too much.
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a little touch and stanford goes down. 81-60 and notre dame to the elite 8. >> that's a good look, guys. chino hills and san ramon valley double over time game. he hits the three and then san ramon valley wins the d1 state title 79-71. they are partying at srv. >> oh yeah. >> all right. abc7 news continues on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> ou
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