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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 31, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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s. >> breaking news at international airport in san jose with a breach of security. the police there say the incident happened at 5:00 o'clock near the cargo are of the airport. >> woman trespasser spotted by ups employee. police arrived arrested her and then took her off to jail. they don't know the woman's motive and not releasing a name at this time. >> reporting does continue rate now on twitter. follow us at this web site and of course more on abc 7 nuts at 11:00 on channel 7. good evening. >> other top story is the stz death to the oil for type.
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multi-billionaire and gety cop firming tonight the death of son andrew at his home in the hollywood hills. los angeles police were called to gety compound bat 2:15 this afternoon. now at this point they don't know the cause of death. detectives with the lapd robbery homicide division are handling the case because of the high profile nature. police say woman present at the time of the death was taken in for questioning by police. police spokesman says she's cooperating with the investigation. >> we are conducting this as undetermined death investigation and as we would any routine investigation we found and individual that is deceased unknown cause at this point in time. >> court records show he saw it restraining order gains would. grandson of oil barren gety truchingt. raise entered san francisco. his father gordon is worth roughly 2.1 billion dollars. latest e-mail september to
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the chronicle said police do not deserve to be targeted even if they make mistakes. fbi police investigators have not commented on the alleged e-mails. now we actually have new details about the vallejo woman who claims she was kidnapped. police say it was all a hoax. however the attorney for denise claims he's received an e-mail from her kidnapers which include a threat against police if he doesn't 7 an apology. backed off from the threat in a new e-mail tonight but they insist it is not a hoax. cornell has more. >> police claim the dispains of denise was nothing but a hoax. but her attorney claims he's got proof his client is not a liar and that her kidnap remembers still on the loose. >> i have come to 7 a 15 passenger single spaced e-mail from kidnapers e-douglas calls the e million a stunning manifesto that he says was sent to the san francisco chronicle.
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after he turned up safe last wed. 2 days after her boy friend aaron quinn said she was ab duck from their home. >> they talked extensively about how they prepared for it. what weapons to use. >>reporter: went tell us how he got the e-mail or show us the contents. in it the group call themselves college educated career criminals compared themselves to the crew from "ocean's 11". if group claims kidnapped her for ransom as dry run to kidnap other high prosecute file people in the future. but they admit she was the wrong target. >> they felt terribly when they discovered it was her. but yet since this was a training mission they decided to carry it out regardless. >> according to the e-mail they felt so badly let her off in the home up to of huntington beach group won't identify themselves but feel the need to defend she and her boy friend by klems by pwloys made it up envelope fact it gave police
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spokesman park until noon did to apologies to her or else we may be the direct agent of harm but it will be made crystal clear the vallejo police and you mr. park had every opportunity to stop it. so far no comment or apology from police. >> what kidnapers do. that doesn't sound right. >> neighbors don't know what to believe. >> what is the relevant truth? so. >> you are laughing. >> well i said it seems like it's bizarre. >>reporter: douglas is a san francisco attorney who has represented other high pro fail clients. including former pleasanton assembly woman in shoplifting grace 2011 n.vallejo, abc 7 news. >> latest e-mail backtracking from the threat was september to the chronicle and those alleged kidnapers of the police don't deserve to be targeteden if they make mistake. fbi police investigators have not commented on those e-mails. >> all right. the winds kicked
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up in the bay area today as you probably notice. let's go to our web site about to see how long this blustery weather will last. zapped why beautiful outside but windy. >> yes indeed. blue sky but breezy to windy out there this afternoon and as we head to tomorrow we keep the wind going right now gust to go 29 at santa rosa 25 in half machine bay. sfo 22 but dialed way back from earlier. look at leif picture still a little gusty over the hilltop. mount tam wind peek gust 45 miles an hour. 50 miles an hour wind gust her and about 39 at fort fun stochbility you look at live doppler 7hd the wind is precisely what has cleared out the clouds that we had this morning and it is going to remain clear tonight. that's all changing. i'll be back with a look at the shower chance coming up right up. >> thank you sandhya. >> fire season has arrived. the fair broke out in southern california this afternoon near
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spring valley in san bernardino county. pretty much have a handle open it. pretty strong winds fan the flames when the fair was at the peek. couple of ranch homes were threat end. so far 50 acre fire has destroyed vehicle, couple of shed, as well as some fencing. >> twe 23-year-old woman hit and killed by a consider at north bay intersection that has seen tragedy before. it happened at six this morning at parkway and marin street in vallejo 5 years ago. 9-year-old boy was killed while crossing the very same street. on the story tonight tiffany. >> facebook show her as thick hair dark brown beauty. the graduate was so much more says her ramp mate. >> she was nice. quiet. >>reporter: early this morning she grabbed her running shoe and setoff for the waterfront. emergency vehicle arrived soon after. >> i seep the commotion. at any time know it was her. >>reporter: police say a sedan
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hit the 23-year-old. impact september her body flying like she had wings. when norton realized her friend was gone she lost it. >> all of a sudden i hear the screaming. >> she was awesome. >>reporter: now norton is on a mission. >> we need a light near traffic light right there. because we already lost 2 people. first was then-year-old boy. >>reporter: in 2010 isaac stepped into the parkway crosswalk. he too was fatally hit. >> we thought after that maybe they would have done something then. they didn't do nothing. >>reporter: today the neighborhood mourn, many also want to see the city make changes to the busy intersection. >> something needs to change not only in the intersection here but throughout throughout the area in vallejo. >>reporter: pretty dangerous. i stopped taking my kids to the waterfront because, you know, waterfront because, you know sometimes the cars won't even stop. >> when you no more people. >>reporter: phone calls to the
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city not returned. the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with police. but this doesn't make it any easier on the loved ones. she was taken too soon. tiffany wilson abc 7 news vallejo. >> san brown 0mayor turning up the heat on the california public utility commission as the agency decides what to do with historic faint against deadly pipeline explosion against pg&e. we were outside the cpuc office when san bruno mayor called on the regularly mayor called on the regularlytor to create an independent monitor to oversee the utility. beth pg&e and the p uc are under investigation for illegal communication following the 2010 explosion. >>ing in in the proposed fines penalty that would oversee the relationship ongoing between utility and regularlytor. we don't want business as usual just because they pay a hefty fine. >> pg&e dispawts the need for
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independent monitor. it says the money should be used to upgrade pipe lines. >> people know we have been making investment up griding pipeline. automate pipeline. automating valve and really making our system more pre-addictive and prosecute active. >> they face one.6 billion dollar finance. faa prood it would be used for paper license safety. >> come up. backlash for independent i don't know a. bay area businesses line up against religious freedom law. plus what local lawmakers are asking you to do. also. where you can charge your electric car. tonight bay area apartment opens get an offer that may be too good to pass up. >> 7 news meteorologist has your forecast coming up. you can see it
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a. >> there is more backlash against indiana religious freedom law. this as the state governor is call for a fix in indiana. but may not be enough to ease critic who say the law discriminates against the gay community. local reaction tonight from 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> it's fundamentally im morale and bigoted law that classify lgbt citizen as second citizen. >> scott weiner wants the board to go on record condemning indiana new law. that create he can say would allow individuals and businesses to deny service to less bean and gay. indiana governor denies
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that. but today called for affection to the law. >> clearly there has been misunderstanding. and confusion. >>reporter: but only a repeal of the law will satisfy critic. until then weiner call on city departments to avoid new business contracts. and discontinue current ones if possible with company headquartered in indiana administrators naomi kelly has already started reviewing the roster. >> look like primarily medical supply and few transportation supply. >>reporter: business denouns indiana exploratorium icon levi and gap call for repeal of indiana measure. any other that would turn back the clock on equality and foster a culture oven tolerance. other ceo including apple tim cook and bark ben of sales force say the company will boycott the hoosier state. sales force
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employee we talked with proud of the move. >> i think it's a good idea. we support our company and support gay right. >> supervisor weiners discouraging all san francisco from traveling to indiana. in san francisco, carolyn tyler the abc 7 news. >> to help with the drought to san francisco bar are offering discount to customers who order the drinks neat. if these bars will give customers a dollar off if they order a drink without ice t.the owner estimates more than 60 percent of hard liquor drink are shake and stirred or on the rock. >> we are not trying to solve the drought problem with ice cube. it's about raising awhich are aareness. instead of having the tequila on the rock have it straight. shoot it back and get on with it. >> glass of water are still welcome but if you order one make sure you finish it. >> just don't waste it. this
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story has doll with have and have not with electric cars. have homeowner with charging station. not are apartment dwellers at the mercy of the lapped lord. david louie has more now from san jose open campaign to empower rent tivrments nothing beats charming your car while shopping or worker but at tonight they are at disadvantage. they don't have a charging station like installed. >> it would make it easier and more common that people would go ahead and get electric car. >>reporter: the company with 150 charging stations across the state is trying to install 10,000 of them in apartment complex apartment complexes. this one at the 360 residence in downtown san jose turned in major selling point for tenants major selling point for tenants. >> rate now we have 7 out of 10 charging stations already activated in use. they cover the wiring cost for apartment complex apartment complexes from now until the end of may worth 30 until
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the end of may worth 30,000 dollars. this removes a major hurdle beautiful they need to install 10 of them to meet future demand. >> when buildings are doing construction and enabling the building for electric the vehicle charge they think about the future. they are doing the an array of 10 base that are pre-wired rather than one charger that meets the needs today. >>reporter: this allow tenant to have own charging station at cost of 40 dollars per month and electricity used. still could be road pwlochblingt david met a man whose complex doesn't want a charge doesn't want a charging station. >> can't charge it at the xlechblingts they won't allow it. >> homeowner association won't allow it. >> the company will hold 2 event in san jose open april 18 and 19 to sean up tenants then businessed on demand the company will nosht with building manager n.san jose abc 7 news. >> governor brown is headed to the sierra tomorrow for firsthand look at this year's snow pack reading. now the snow pack is usually at peak on
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april first this year number could be a record low as of monday the water content was at just 6 perfect of its normal level. last year april first reading was the lowest on record at 25%. >> that's really frightening. >> it is. 6 percent. pretty bad. >> nasa report said we may have a year or 2 of water left. >> not good. >> sand why has a look at the week ahead if we get any actual rain. >> there's chance and it's not until sunday but we have an opportunity for seeing some wet weather. let me show you live doppler 7hd and we'll talk about what's ahead. sky are clear across entire bay area thanks to those winds. look at the temperatures right now. whipped holding temperatures up whipped holding temperatures up. most areas in the 50's and if you 60's showing up inland. now that the wind is dropping off the temperatures are really going to fall. from our east bay hills camera still some shakey spot as we will continue to see gusty conditions in spots clear cool morning sunny
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breezy tomorrow afternoon and it is calmer and milder for the your thursday and your friday. this morning we have some cloud cover. cold front came through. whipped kicked up and that's the cool on shore winds that actually scoured out those clouds this morning. this afternoon it has been pretty blustery out there. temperatures in the mid 50's to the mid 70's for your high as we head towards your wednesday you will see what's going to happen. so we start animation at 11:00 p.m. still 30 to 35 miles an hour wind gust to tomorrow morning. they start to drop off a little bit. still breezy for your morning commute and then for the afternoon we call it breezy except for point ray wles it's a little bit stronger. 30 miles an hour wind gust but not near what we had in store today. here's what is going happen as we fast forward to the upcoming weekend now. good friday we look at just some cloud cover as we head towards saturday clouds increase and by sunday we are lacking at chance of some rain showers object
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easter. look at the table here it's really tenth of an inch or less. not much. but it comes if during morning midday hours and may affect the easter egg hunt or service keep it in mind. tomorrow morning would i bond he el up if you were you. low 40's and 50's still breezy then we head towards the afternoon hours temperatures will be very close to today's level south bay 70 san jose cupertino 63 santa cruz open the peninsula looking at 70 palo alto 69 in redwood city occasional high clouds 58 breezy cool in pacific cavity daly city 59 degrees. downtown san francisco score and the wind going at times especially along the coast line here. bodega 5858 degrees escape. vallejo. east bay blue sky breezy conditions 68 oakland 69 castro valley. inland spot mild closer to where you should be this time of year. running
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so much more than normal. 72 in livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast milder afternoon as the wind dial back thursday and friday. we will notice the cool down over the weekend with chance of showers on easter and then slight chance on tuesday as well. that'sen can you remember can you remembering. at least we have tupts of seeing some written hopefully again. >> thank you. >> still to come at 9:00. new plan for transporting visitors l ka tarazi. >> san francisco neighborhood
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>> gate way for one of san francisco most popular tourist attraction may be moving. that has some folks in one neighborhood very upset. national park service held a meeting tonight to get in put on where they should put the alcatraz ferry terminal. operates out of pier 33 out of
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embarcadero national park service is considering moving the ferry terminal if it can't reach a lease agreement with the port of san francisco. alternative irt mason on land owned by the park service. but neighbors fear influx of two million visitors. >> we simply do not have the infrastructure around fort mason marina district along russian hill to support the activity. >> national park service acknowledges traffic would be an issue but it wants a long term home for the alcatraz for ri e.transportation impact. the fort is not served by public transportation. would require shuttle bus to bring visitors in. >> the park service wants bigger the ferry service. >> hnss of people mark caesar day by moving through san francisco. we were there as the marchers reach the civic center accompanied by several
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supervisor. the beard passed a measure to support the quantityed farm worker in 25 year struggle to unionize workers at brown farming. fruit producer in the central valley. >> the they used every legal effort they can to really prosecute long im me men tition of this contract. >> new they dispute that claim. farming company does and statement to abc 7 news accuses union of waiting 20 years to negotiate a contract and since then workers voted to decertify the u.s. w. administrative law judge will decide on the dispute in the coming months. >> another half hour at then coming up next. new details on the german wings crash. what may have been discovered in the wreckage. >> rolling stones announce summer concert tour and step into the middle of relimb us freedom controversy. >> dramatic drop in stroke case also. medical expert have medical reason for. that how to avoid one
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you. >> 2 major development tonight in the case of that jet that crashed in the alps. fit the airline now acknowledging it knew the young co-pilot medical history. also tonight there are reports there could be video from in the plane capturing the final moments. alex has more. >>reporter: retrieved from the rubble of the shattered plane. harrowing 15 second video reportedly found in the final moments of german wings plate navy 25. investigators won't confirm but 2 european news organization say they have watched it. editor-in-chief of paris match telling us it's the worst video he has ever seen. this on the day of a bomb shell admission from the air lane. they now reveal they knew the co-pilot once suffered a serious depress i have episode but hired him any way. he
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joined intensive pilot training school in 2008. the very next year he tack a leaf of absence. the airline today revealing that when he returned he e mailed them medical records documenting his depression but allowed to resume training some in the united states. in 2013 l he financially achieved his life long dream of become ago pilot. >> somewhere someone allowed this pilot to continue on in his training even in spite of what had he told them. quite surprising. >>reporter: as investigators dig into his life they have discovered this before he was a pilot he was treated for suicide tend situation. even after he threw passenger jet he was exempted from work including one he never submitted for the day of the crash. >> but up until now the ceo defen the decision to let him fly saying he was fit in all areas 100 percent. >> even today the company ep
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situations when he boarded the fatal flight he was medically qualified to fly. >> in switzerland tonight negotiations with eye run over its nuclear program have now been extended. secretary of state john kerry who has been leading the talk have planned to leave today but will remain until at least tomorrow. united states and 5 other country set today as deadline for reaching an outline for an agreement. there is just enough progress to extend the deadline but the white house says no deal better than a bad deal. >> now back to indiana and the backlash over religious freedom law. critic argue it open the door to discrimination against game. tonight the governor who once stood his ground is telling us it is time for change. here's sfv more. >> tonight indiana governor now saying he's asking for a fix. after days of protest and anger over the controversial new
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indiana law. >> critic say simply a ever can for businesses to turn away gay and lesbian. >> george, look we are not going to change the law. >>reporter: pressure building after indiana governor appeared on abc this week. >> do you think it should be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gay or lesbian? >> george the. >> yes or inform question. >> come on. hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. >> tonight the governor saying time to amend the law. >> it would be helpful to move legislation this week that make it mostly clear this law does not give business a right to deny services to anyone. >> saying no is it legal to discriminate against gay and lesbian what do you say now. >> i don't support that or anyone also. >> so no. >> no. >> tonight the white house weighing in saying the law as written is not fair. after chorus of high profile critic
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the ncaa weighing in on the eve of the final 4. reacting to word of a possible fix. >> proof in the pudding we have to wait and see what really transpires. >> critic say a fix doesn't go far enough. they want it repealed. meanwhile in arkansas the legislature there just passed a similar religious freedom bill now up to the governor to sign it into law. >> abc news indianapolis. >> arkansas lawmakers approve similar legislation despite testifying create situation. republican governor said would he seep the bill into law. spokesman says the governor will reless a public statement announce announcing his final decision tomorrow morning. he said there would be no public signing ceremony. >> at the indianapolis motor speedway officials unveil the race car. the rolling stones would play there july 4th as part of 2 month tour. band made no mention of indiana freedom law or boycott now organized. mick jagger had a
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statement saying we look forward to being back in north america playing stadium this summer. only west coast performance by the way is in san diego. that's on may 24th. >> officials in turkey investigating what caused power out am. blackout left 3 quairts of the country without electricity causing travel chaos in mainly city. traffic lights out. subway davrjt airports closed. is prime minister says the outage most likely caused by transmission line problems but he's not ruling out terrorism. >> we have wild scene in fairfax county virginia this morning with one very determined suspect trying to get away from police. in the silver truck a woman wanted for credit card theft and forgery and other crime. she donees traffic with fleet of patrol car on her trail. she makes a few moves to get around it. but they clip the back of the truck and sent her spinning. uses when it look like they have got her she expense awane
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and take off. here she's stopped but won't get out of the truck. so officers broke the window and finally took her into custody. >> internet do mane registrar go daddy to good public tomorrow. sources close to the deal say the i p o priced at 20 dollars per share raise 4 40 million dollars for the company. go daddy nope for known for superbowl ads. pulled an ad about puppy in january this drew criticism for up safe transport of an medical and the bad. >> from mexico to the bay area and beyond people are remembering selena who died 20 years ago today. she was the first artist to be on the album twinning of you you. selena live. singer was shot
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and killed by the president of heavier fan club. just twe years old. government says there has been dramatic decline in the number of people being treated for stroke in hospital emergency rooms. new u.s. center for disease control er visit for streak did he klaipd 35 percent for adults in 201 and current method are working. more people taking and there is better car with mri and ct scan. >> what lord lord if you have a dog or
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>> landlord can be tough on tenant. >> they want to make sure things go well and for long period of time and demand a lot of information. many want more
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than that. >> including resume on a renter pet. even one of the a's pitcher hit a snag over the puppy. >> here's wayne. >>reporter: not only will you see stella you will hear about her and what she represents for rent for renter in san francisco. >> competition is tough. >>reporter: exhibit a this 3 bedroom loft in the south park district is 6900 dollars a month. and pet owners want it they must jump through hoops according to relevant estate agent zimmerman. >> i do often request a pet resume because the owner have to comply with the ccr of the building. >>reporter: it's a trend began after san francisco infamous dog mauling case. landlord feel a need to protect themselves with the market hotter than ever they can easily say no. the aaron was looking for a place was shawn of the oakland a's and of course stella. >> they wanted to know
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everything from her environment to food choices. just seemed very silly. >>reporter: so she padded resume with reference to stella degree from depaw university and how stella completed grades k through 9. >> ihink they wanted a little bit of creativity and it was a bad assumption obviously. we didn't get the apartment. >>reporter: so have a little sympathy maybe. it is not easy to be young and upwardly mobile with a pet. not for any rent with a pet. not for any renter. >> what is your reaction the. >> exception. bee grudging exception. >> still worried about stella put a muzzle on it. you are doing fine. >> she's on christian mingle she will find there are other places for stella out there. >> in san francisco wayne abc 7 news. >> the she is so cute. >> adorable. >> coming up next at 9:00. bay area city reach new sales tax
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milestone. >> find out how much it will cost
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>> not just a frank but sales tax in double digit tomorrow in 5 east bay counties. >> the char cool. >> when he showed up to buy the cary had no idea he was making it in under the wire. >> i'm trade in here today. whether there is tomorrow. >> sales tax goes up to
9:46 pm
continue percent. half cent hike from the county and quarter frer san leandro. approved by voters. >> double digit. >> when this happens not a had the of people are aware of it. >> when they get to the bargaining table that 3 quarter percent cap make a difference. >> that could be car payment for some folk. >> it may mean local leaders this will benefit car buyers to give them better road to drive on. >> pot hole first on the list for the half cent alameda county tax hike meant time proof congested freeway and put down payment on extending bart to livermore. >> san leandro will see the money. >> better fix the road that had the dip and stuff in it. >> worst street in town will see money first. >> city manager said it was big supporter of the county tax but needed to raise more money. >> buying fire truck fire engine. we'll be adding 3 police officers. >> public safety the priority for city where most of the sales tax paid by shopers who come here from elsewhere. >> really important that people continue to shop here but to
9:47 pm
shop is here they have to have safe streets good streets quality sign anl and services. >> tax also help the city library system including program for kids and of course patch even more potholes. >> did they really need the tax increase in order to did that. city county say yes but they have each appointed a citizen oversight committee to make sure the money is being well spent. tax hike remain in effect over the next 30 years n.san leandro, abc 7 news. >> researchers at uc davis say the effect of climate change on the world sea could be felt thousands of years from now. until now it was thought that marine ecosystem would only need hundreds of years to buns back. researchers made the conclusion after looking at sediment ri fossil from the california coast that date back 16,000 years. >> very old. >> one last check look at the weather. >> we have the latest. >> look at live doppler 7hd.
9:48 pm
sky clear. we'll remain clear but if you do some traveling showers thunderstorms in dallas 78 degrees sun will be shining back east 46 in new york. 68 fargo. out west showers over seattle portland 90 degree ins phoenix it's cooking. and the only heat you find around the state in palm springs. 93 there. 76 los angeles. 63 yosemite. 48 in tahoe and up north 56 in eureka with 61 breezy and sunny in monterey. it is breezy to windy day tomorrow but not as windy as it was today. as you look at the temperatures low 60's to the low 70's for your wednesday. accu-weather 7 day forecast those winds die down temperatures will come up. it's a little milder thursday and friday no extremes there cool off over the weekend and you may pull out umbrella on sunday as we are expecting showers again on tuesday. >> of course holiday. >> thanks sandhya. march almost over but the madness isn't quite yet. fight left
9:49 pm
out tournament this year so took it out on the tournament beating old dominion and semi randall now stands
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. it's happened again. breaking news. another security breach at local airport. we have the latest in a live report. >> plus things that go boom in the night. mysterious sound that has been scaring people for weeks in one local city. >> yes. those stories and more at 11:00 on channel 7 >> all right. she was in for larry. >> start with college hoops. cardinal not offered an invite to the post soap. took the i hope have it to the mit tournament. they are 1 win away with have i victory tonight at the garden. ran cal 11 points and all time winning scorer at stanford. take the man off the dribble. off the glass for 5ing in lead. brown
9:53 pm
with 3 to make it 10 nothing. cardinal score the first 15 points of the gym and led after travis scores inside. here's the record bricking point for randall. free throw. now in the rear-view mirror. but that 21 point lead vanishes quickly. ross dunking. monarch in 60 half. take the first lady. 47 half. take the first lady. 47-46. laying it in. down the stretch. mostly clear out. floater almost hits the ceiling floater almost hits the ceiling. randall for 24 cardinal pull away for 67-60 victory. thursday night championship game? they will face the u or miami. took customer of temple in the early game. 7 point deficit. the the lay in and then gym tying 3 not going to happen. 60-57 hurricane win it. stanford thursday night at 6:00 o'clock. >> l renew the heated robbery tonight down at the staple
9:54 pm
center ending 4 game road trip for golden state. after facing portland memphis and milwaukee got you off to slow start. third state game here. start. to curry. griffin we know we can do this former dunk champion to the air. the flush champion to the air. the flush. second quarter cliff take a 17 point lead. griffin for former warrior barns concerns not too concerned. 3 and the foul. here comes golden state. check this out. few minutes later behind the back. over a fallen chris. curry friend at the half. we have a game. that is just sick have a game. that is just sick. tom son terrible in the first half. hits the first 5 shots of the third. st tie the game at 67. curry and thompson combined 41 points. at last check 91-88 in the fourth. we have the complete highlights coming up at 11 on abc 7.
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>> as much as we are all pulling for zito to make the roster after year off chances are slim that he will be wearing green and gold this season after today performance. barry one final start in cactus league action. show case other teams got lit up. mark helped take a lead in the 3rd inning. 3 run shot fifth of the spring. major problem for barry bottom of the third. solo shot to left. calhoun solo shot to rate then blast to dead center. cover entire out field there. zito 4 innings. gave up 8 hit. 3 home run. 7 earned runs. solid most of the spring but era jumps to 5.03 and a's win the game 13-10 and future with the a's very much up in the air. johnson rockie today big day. 3 rbi while tim pitches in. giants win. spring training ends with bay
9:56 pm
bridge series that begins thursday with a's and giants at at&t park. quarterback winston participate entered florida state pro day throwing passes for nearly an hour today in tallahassee easement showed off the new leaner body. arm strength. accuracy and stamina for coaches scouts gm 102 passes and most ready quarterback in the draft. claims he has grown up. tampa bay no. 1 over ally need a quarterback and make sense for the ticket sales a player from fsu. we know stop thinks teams should know he's new a full time quarterback. >> people didn't realize i have never been a quarterback year round. outfielder. you have to have a okay relieve. listening and smooth to the plate. now i'm full-time quarterback. i'm telling you florida state we work on a lot of foot work but off season i'm playing baseball when even else is working. first time being a quarterback year round and i'm looking feared to that for the rest of my life.
9:57 pm
>>reporter: that is a good point. now former raider quarterback signed one year deal for 3 million dollars with the ravens to compete for the back up job. brought in from are you stop with the raiders but beat out by car t.tlau 10 passes for oakland and getting another shot. the this is brought to you t.good for them to be back home. 8 games left get back home and then play offs began so it's interesting. >> exciting. >> thanks. >> another quick check on our weather with sandhya. we watch for the opportunity for showers you look at accu-weather 7 day forecast shower chance does not appear until easter and then another chance on tuesday. but we take it. >> you are talking just showers >> you are talking just showers. >> showers. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us this evening. i'm amma. >> sandhya and make and all of us here we appreciate your time as always. >> that's right. news continues on line and mobile
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device with our news app. >> see you in an hour on the big 7
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okay, big lou has called the meeting to order. thank you, my friend. mmm. okay, we need to talk about our vacation to the bahamas. can we talk about how we all spend every second together, so it's insane for us to also travel together? all in favor of grayson not being able to speak anymore? it passes. yeah, but -- zip it. okay we're leaving in three days. we need to decide whether we're gonna invite tom.
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