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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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and our famous fresh-baked breadsticks the 2 for $25 tuscan dinner at oli garden, we're all family here. breatick lovers your new favorite lunch is here. new breadstick bun sandwiches. live from the kgo-tv broaast center this is abc7 news. >> it may not have seemed like much, but today's rain was record breaking. >> and the wild wet weather may have been welcomeo many but it wasn't without a few problems. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. let's take a live look from the exploratorium camera. we quickly dried out after the storm that went through. >> sanda patel is here with just how much rain we got today. it was not too bad. >> not at all. this day will go down in the record books for several cities. more rain today compared to january. january is one of our wettest months. we didn't get anything. as we look at live ppler 7hd
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the rain is long gone and the recordsor today sfo had a new record for the day at .260. san rafael .17. some other areas antioch is picking up a third in concord. san francisco 1100. 1700 in san rael and .05 in ben lomand. tomorrow you will see fo and big changes to follow. detas coming up. the rain-soaked roads play a role on this crash on 280. sk 7hd shows you this red sv that flipped over on its side. u can see the major back up headed into the city as a result. and now here is a look at the upside to those rain drops in san mat. enough fell to create large puddles of water and coat the plants and flowers. >> and in san francisco everywhere you went you saw people adding hood des or
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clutching their umbreas. the rain was enough to ke people duck for cover. >> you can see what is going on onhe apple app store or google play. >> today today's rain was a welcome thirst quencher, but it is not going t make much of a dent in the drought. alan wang is live where some fos have found a way to water their grass and not get in trouble. >> it is hardernd harder to keep it looking good. that's how a lot ofpeople are getting around the drought restrictions. a wave of showers that rolled through the bay area gave homeowners a break from wateringheir lawns today. >> it wasn't much of a rain, not too much. we have to keep it going keep getting water. >> the problem is most water authorities like the san ramon services district are
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enforcing mandatory cutbacks. >> first ofall the policy is you can only water two days a week. that's the statewide policy. and you cannot water within 48 hours of rain. with drinking water. >> an averagef 500 people a day have been visiting the recycled water fill station in police pleasanton. >> i figure i better use this water to take care of everything else. >> i has some mile-per-hour rails in it and nitrates in it. you dot have to fertilize. >> it is available to anyone even if you are not a local custom. you can use as much as you want and it is free. >> my water bill a couple months ago was $166. i dropped it to 87. i just got the bill. >> in the past three months the number of recycled water users here has doubled. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. a 2-year-olgirl is recovering tonight at children's hospitaloakland after being bitten by a rattlesnake. it happened in her backyard in pittsburgh and as a reminder
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to everyone that this is the time of year whenyou can expect to see more snakes ad the drought is not helping. katie is live with the story. katie? >> in a rural area like this you cacertainly expect to find rattlesnakes. they may be in a rock formation and one tip to keep the snakes out and get them off the ground. the old sang holds true it is more afraid of you than you are of it. >> david alan owns got snakes. he does consultations almost year-round. checking properties for snakes like this one-year-old rattlesnake. alan says rtlesnake bites are very rare and almost never deadly. >> they are fearful snakes. they are fearful animals. they would rather avoid people at all costs. so generally if you do come across the rattlesnake the snake will turn around and tr to get away.
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>> if you corner a snake it will get scared and scared equals dangerous. keep your distance. easy visitor an older child or an adult to follow. in pittsburgh it was a 2-year-old girl who was bitten in her backyard the the little girl's grandfather tells us she is doing okay. alan received at least 15 calls from the same neighborhood. he says you should expect to see more snakes right now. not only are they waking up, they're thirsty and water is scarce. >> they start poufing down toward where -- start moving down where we ve because we irrigate our lawns and have ponds. >> though the harmless gopher snake looks like a rattlesnake. but rattlesnakes have cat-like eyes and diamond-shaped heads. half of his calls are mistaken identity. abc7 news. novato police arrested a man accused of setting four electric cars on fire at a chevy dealership this week. 46-year-old john alan bixler
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is charged with arson. he is accused of causing more th $100,000 damage to four volts. he is picking up what loo like a piece of wire. they are accuseof robbing a han and stealing a car. then they ran ay. police eventually caut them all. they used a loud speaker to tell neighbors to stay in their home as they used a k-9 catch the last suspect. >> part of the announcements given is a chance for that suspect to surrender him or herself at the time ad then ample time is given the commands are repeated again. when there is no response you can use the police k-9. in danville there is a
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$6500 reward to help find who vandalized the memorial. extensive graffiti was found in oak hill par vandals used black and red spray paint to deface the areas around the morial as you can see. the site is dedicated to honoring all men and women who serve our country. >> police call it one of the biggest firear seizures in recent memory. a bomb making kit, grenade and 5,000 rounds of ammunition, all in one home in south san francisco. officers arrested two men accused of selling the weapons on the street. the men arealso suspected it in a string of robberies in san francisco. hayward police busted what they call a potfactory with around $15 million worth of marijuana growing. this is a look in the 44,000 square footwear house on diablo street in hayward. 44,000 square feet. can you imagine? authorities arrested three men last week charnelling them with with -- charnelling them with felony marijuana cultivation and sales. they are looking foreman
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who stole another man's identity. he opened a credit card account in an elderly woman's name and thensed the card at one of the homeepot stores in san jose. settling the score. coming up next he has been courtside for more than 50 years. thedvice this long-time rriors score keeper has to help get the dubs back on track tomorrow nig. >> and taking a break. the one place warri fans made the trek to cleveland can get away. bottoms up. until now only humans are knn for this. what this chimp is doing. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe wh copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenan treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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well, by this time tomorrow night we will know if the hours the warriors spent
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tied loong at film of a tough game three loss paid of on. down two games to one in the series steph curry and company are facing a st win game four tomorrow night. when asked todayurry said the entire team has to be more aggressive. for more than a half century one man has knn the score of the warriors. he has seen it al from center cower. they have opinions on how to stage a come back. cornell has more on the story. >> he has seeone nba championsh and he wants another one this year. he would like to see all of the bay area bathed in blue like coit tower. he is hoping for a win tomorrow. you may not know his name but his face is courtside for years. this official score keeper ver misses a game. >> helayed college hoops at
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duke before getting hir by the warriors. back in the day heused box scores to record the action by rick berry and other players by hand. today record keeping is done by computer but he records it old school as a back up. >> if there is a snafu with the computer and they go down, the gameoes thought stop. >> hard to believe he started working for th dubs in 1963, rock before the nickname existed -- long before the nickname existed. >> i go back to wilt and was certainly there during the 74-75 championship season. >> he hopes 2015 will be another championship year for the dubs, but says they need to energize to stage a come back in the finals. >> t warrior success i think mainly stems from the fac they are an uptempo team. >> he has lotsf momentos like this gold watch he has never worn.
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>> it has gotten more professional. >> they broth love the game and this record keeper has no plans to retire. abc7 news. besideshe cavaliers cleveland is best known for rock and roll hall of fame. the bay area has been attracting a lot of warriors fans this week. laura anthony i in cleveland with the later. >> it is a place one can see some of the biggest artifacts from the biggest names, the creators of rock and roll. everything from elvis' gold suit to michael's glistening glove. and there is an exhibit devoted to the bay area complex. contributions tonot just music, but the american culture in the le 60s. >> we have material fm
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quicksilver messenger service. big brother in the holding company with janice joplin. the jefferson airplane that was later jefferson star ship. >> the whole pshedelic movement is in san francisco. it all comes out of there. >> as teenagers they longed for whatwas happening in san francisco. >> i was entering high school and i wa completely taken with rock and roll. this was the epicenter in america. our parents wouldn't let u go out there. no way. >> paul stayedome, but richard took a different path. one at landed him in the bay area in 1968. >>amming in the garage. it was everything you see on these films. it was there. >> richard said the me was an experience that changed him foreve >> i never came back. >> laura anthony, abc7 news
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>> the two teams are back in action for game four. abc7 is e only place you can see the warriors and the cavaliers. abc success coverage begins tomorrow at 5:30. >> and here is a closer look at tomorrow's schedule. we have abc7 news at 4:00 followed by "world news tonight" at 4:30. and then dubs on 7:00 the pre game show. and then abc'sive coverage of game four begins at 5:30. our specia edition of after the game will follow game four and 10:00 "jimmy kimmel live" game night followed by an hour longed decision of abc7 news starting at 10:30. basically not turn away. >> you do not want to miss anhing and you won't if you stay here. let's talk about the weird weather we had. it rained actually. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has the latest. >> dan and ama. it is unusual to have rain and this much in ne. once the rain was over we had
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a nice tropical sunset. a treat from our east bay hills camera. i hope you had a chance to check out our cameras. here it is. dew points are dropping tohe 50s. it is considered easant and we have low 60s around parts of the bay area the humidity will be long gone and the moisture will heading out of the picture. live doler 7hd is tracking moistu in the the form of fog along the coastline right now. the tempatures are still mild. mid50s to the upper 60s. as you look at a live picture from the sfo camera fog is back in the pictureand it pretty much feels better. hot conditions in land on friday and saturday. as we look at the satellite the low-pressure system came together with just enough moisture from tropical storm
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blain caw. it was once -- blanca and it was responsle for the moisture in the bay area. it is moving out tonight. once the low moves out the high pressure builds in and what we will be left with is the fog for the morning coute. right now the visibility is down to two and a half miles in half moon bay. youill have to be careful tomorrow morning. if you do drive across the areas there is fog that is thick in spots. it will start t shrink by the afternoon. it will pull away from some spots. the temperatures will be reboundingnd it will be warmer and not so humid. tomorrow morning low 50s to low 60s. i thk it is going to be a little less warm. the fog will be feeling cooler. 65 and foggy in half moon bay. 70 in san francisco. 78 in oakland. 80 in palo alto. 85 grees and you will see the low 90s around antioch. 87 in napa. 86 dries --degrees in santa
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rosa. need the shades. lots of sunshine for your thsday. the temperatures are rebounding and hopefully the war -- warriors re as well. a look at the seven-day forecast . hot inland on friday and saturday. along the coast 60s and mild with the fog around. our summer-like spread will continue toward the end of the weekend anthe beginning of next week. the temperatures wilback off. not so hot on sunday and monday ama and dan, hopefully you will like that of the. >> coming up next hey, every family fights but it doesn't mean you have to like it.
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well, humans' closest living relatives may have a inking habit. they say they can confirm for the first time that wild apes habitually drink booze. in this video wild chimps in begin thee are seen soaking up palm wine with leaves and squeezing it into their mouth. the palm wine afternoons 3 to -- averages 3 to 7% alcohol. >> look at this retrieverhat has a heart to match the golden coat. she can't manage to see her family fight. when they got foo a tug of war she tried to make peace in the most heart melting way imaginable. they having rayed up nearly -- racked up nearly 7,000 likes. >> how did they resolve that? let's talk about sports. it is a big game tomorrow.
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>> larry beil has the last. >> nobody gets to keep the ball. we know the impact he has had. he has been a pest. does dele
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good evening. matthew dela -- delavoda is driving them crazy. he came out of saint mary's and w not drafted by them but was passed by twice. he has so much fire and passion and seems to have sucked the quality out. he is quickly becoming a qult-like figure. the warriors need to image his energy.
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now more from cveland. >> the warriors trail two games to one as they look forward to game four at quickens loans arena. they know they need to come out with aense of urgency. >> we willcome out and play with more fire of the. >> are you an annong player? am i an annoying player? well i never played against myself. i think i would. what adjustments do the warriors needo make to win the series. let us know wh you think on the bay area twitter feed, facebook page or instagram accot. we have a bunch of funny reonses there. 61 games into the season and the a's finally had their first taste of pie tonight. the kind of pie served after a walkoff win. the a's a hosting the rangers. isn't it a school night ki?
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it is itch pitcher time. he flips the glove and then in the 6th it is going lefty and a swing and a miss. two shutout innings a's down 4-2 and they rally in the eighth. billy butler and we are tied at four. bottom of nine. ground ball and second base. with speed and coming home. good night, game over, drive ho safely. the a's get their first oh my goodness walkoffin of the year. and that is pie time in a big way as the a's snap a four-game slide. enjoy, josh reddick. sparky got a foul ball. no running up the stadium steps please buster posey off matt hary. brandon belt and th is apotaco. a two-run shot. he gave up three homers. justin maxwell launches the
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ball and picks up onrushheen -- on russian radar. tampa bay now. they made 17 saves and not this one. he backhander and that is the game winner. the blackhawks even the series at two games apiece. 2-1 your final score. i


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