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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. tonight, criminal charges that made alden smith a former 49er. is the niners image losing it's luster? and the follow up an a lightning strike. we'll follow up on what happened in this neighborhood. and a follow up to a photographer that took pictures and money but didn't deliver the photographs. and inside of the outside lands music festival. you won't have to pay $400 to enjoy it. here is linebacker alden smith leaving jail this morning after his overnight arrest. hours later he was out of a job. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. the 49ers released alden smith
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today following his fifth arrest. he's just 25 years old. here is his mug shot taken last night as he was booked on charges of dui, hit and run and vandalism. abc7 news broke the news on twitter of the arrest as he left the santa chaira county jail this morning. smith told reporters it was time for his side of the story to come out. >> i need to speak and i want everybody to understand this wasn't a dui. it could have been handled differently. and i al a. poll jiez for how it played out. as far as this being concerned it will work out. >> police say smith hit another vehicle twice in a secure parking garage in his apartment complex on moreland way. sports and entertainment web sites claim the car belongs to collin kaperin this case and the two had been feuding because they were involved with the same
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woman. the 49ers issued a statement saying quote, this organization helped alden fight his issues and our support for him will continue. >> this is just the latest in a long list in a stat that no team wants to have, most players arrested. what is this doing to the team's once-stellar image? melanie? >> reporter: dr. michelle clear says the 49ers have been playing well, despite troubles on the field and says people are likely to watch for all kinds of reasons, including these developments. since 2012, the 49ers are leading in player arrests. alden smith's making up nearly half of those. >> when there is numerous episodes of this behavior that it is important to take a step back, and get it figured out. >> reporter: dr. michelle clear
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is an elite performance coach. she work was athletes and others in the spotlight. >> i think one of the way that's probably comes out some of the pressures is drinking, partying. >> reporter: ray mcdonald and others have faced other dui charges. dr. clear says there is a sense of entitlement. >> it's okay i work hard and play hard. i should be able to have and do these things. >> reporter: she says she hears accountability. >> he won't be playing football for the san francisco 49ers he will be supported and helped. and he will not have to walk this path alone. that comes from ownership and down. >> reporter: 49ers head coach suggesting smith could emerge stronger. >> in terms of him playing football again i sure hope so. i think he can. i want him to. >> if he gets help comes back,
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strong and dealt with the issues that have come up with him, i think chances are good he'll get an opportunity to play. >> reporter: an opportunity she says it could get his life on track and impact others positively as well. when asked whether or not a precedent had been set by previous incidents or will be set by this one, the 49ers coach said they try to be consistent in what is a gray area and try to look at how to help each player individually. melanie, thank you. >> abc7 sports director larry beil is here. and niners are just a week from the first preseason game. >> it's bad timing all the way around. think about what the team has been through in the past year. jim harbaugh leaves, okay? frank gore leaves. you have two linebackers who retire. you have a $1 billion stadium
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which you cannot build grass in. >> more problems with that. >> and your arguably best defensive player kicked off the team. it's a disaster and got to be a huge blow for the niners. as troubled as alden smith is off the field, he's a great player on the field. that is why he has had chance after chance and may have chance was other teams. most of us look and see a young, talented guy and think after four arrests you'd get the message. if you look at the police report, in every incident, alcohol seems to be a factor here. you think about what is on the line $10 million, not going to get that. maybe $100 million if able to play well and stay out of trouble. all of that is gone. out the window. suspended nine games last year. nfl may suspend him again depending on the details in this case. alden has god-given ability few
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people on the planet have or ever have and is throwing it away. just can't control himself. it is such a waste of talent and potential. it's beyond sad. and you can see that reflected in the coach, who was emotionally distraught today because he worked with alden smith every day. it's got to tear him up and the team as well. the timing could not be worse. we'll have more coming up in sports. but sad. >> yes. hopefully he can turn it around for himself. thanks larry. another problem facing the 9ers the facade at levis stadium has gotten so bad they had to cancel a practice today, the turf has given way creating large divots. they've reported the problem a
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year ago and super bowl will be played near february. the team is practicing next door which is closed to the public. the family of an asiana crash victim that was run over during the aftermath dropped their lawsuit against the city and county today. she wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the plane covered in firefighting home foem and run over twice by responding crews. san francisco city attorney says the decision vindicates firefighters efforts during the crash. firefighters lifted evacuations for most of the 13,000 forced out of their homes by the rocky fire burning north of san francisco. those living in the spring valley area were allowed back this morning after reopened highway 16 and 20.
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they were using the highway as the fire breaks. the fire destroyed 43 homes, burned 69,000 acres. it's now 45% contained. a few homes and roads are still off limits as firefighters work to put out hot spots. a red flag fire warning for the bay area was lifted today but not until after a spectacular overnight lightning show. we got about a thousand strikes. it's at virtually every corner of the region. . >> i was afraid for my daughter. >> reporter: michael ruiz heard what he thought was a explosion. >> the neighbors told us to look behind us. >> reporter: residents on taylor street saw this. a redwood tree, imploded. neighbors say it caught fire.
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this video shows flashes of light in the skies of the south bay. i've never seen anything like this in san jose. >> reporter: cat power live as cross the street. >> i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: branchs were scattered all over the ground. a piece of the tree fell on this duplex. nobody was hurt. deputy chief john justice of the santa chaira fire department says despite no major fires reported as a result of the lightning, the season is far from over. a word of caution. clean your gutters on a regular basis and give your home 100 feet of defensible space. >> when you put combustibles near your house, it's looking for other things to burn. >> reporter: fire officials asking residents to help with fire prevention however they can. chris nguyen, abc7 news. we received incredible lightning photos from our abc7
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news viewers. our thanks for this one on instagram. you can post your photos and video was hashtag abc 7 now so we can share your pictures as well. a red light may have saved two drivers from injuries this morning. take a look at the skies of this tree. it crashed at second and battery streets at 7:15 a.m. neither vehicle was damaged. it's getting loud at golden gate park. outsidelands music festival is under way so get ready to work. wayne freedman is enjoying the sights and sounds. >> reporter: this concert has been going on for eight years and 800 bands. how many of you can guess five bands who had return gigs at the
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outside lands concert? we'll tell you in one minute and 15 seconds. golden gate park may be the center of a music universe now. a status with a expiration date of three days. >> i look forward to this all year. >> reporter: more than christmas? >> yes. >> reporter: with 210,000 people coming turns golden gate park into a city within a city. they began arriving this morning. >> the parking situation is why i got here early. >> reporter: outside lands has endured growing pains but if the pains still exist, they did not show today in perfect weather. especially in the vip tent. tickets $300 a day. wood stok this is not. >> i love food. that is why we're here. isn't it? >> reporter: sure, that and the big attraction tomorrow night. >> i'm here for elton. >> reporter: among surprises
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leon bridges who packed the green. the concert ceo says in the festival's history he's never seen a crowd this big, this early. >> it's amazing. people will tell you who they want to see. so when you do like a surprise, people have a big crowd. this is an enormous crowd. >> reporter: in a weekend that will be defined by them. and you're looking at the crowd coming in tonight here to see mumford and sons. the question is, with this love shot they've had eight years of concerts and 500 bands. and five have had return gigs. they're tom petty das empire of the sun, and this year's the black keys they began as an opener and they're closing tomorrow night. live at golden gate park, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> good trivia and a good time, thank you, sir. still ahead, outspoken
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teleevangelist. >> and what they found as water levels continue dropping to historic lows. storms are going to return to typical patterns for the weekend and what that looks like in just a moment. and later tonight we have rockets on our docket. a high school scien ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase
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32unce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better.. thousands are coming to see megaminister joel osteen for what is being billed as a night of hope. >> reporter: he is a rock star in the world of christian
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leaders and tomorrow night, at&t will be packed with followers of joel osteen to hear his message of faith on what is being called a special night of hope. >> i know sometimes people say you're just getting peoples' hopes up. you can't have faith if you don't have hope. >> he's a megaminister with a megafollowing. you may have seen him on tv sunday mornings. >> it's exciting to see the seats and production happening. >> now, joel osteen is bringing his message to at&t. san francisco was no scheduling mistake. >> we like to go outside of the bible belt. because that is where the message resonates with people. >> god doesn't want us to be in the same place as we are next year, right now. >> he says the message he delivers is not overly religious but more inspirational. >> if you help somebody forgive or let go of the past or to see
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this day as a gift i believe that is what i hope to do. >> osteen opposes gay marriage but says everyone is welcome at the free event. >> i am not here to bash anyone. >> what is the largest venue you've brought a message to? >> yankee stadium. >> reporter: osteen's net worth is estimated by google to be about $40 million. . >> i don't take a salary for the ministry ministry. i've been blessed off my book sales and things. >> reporter: he says connecting with fans connects his spirit. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a demolition crew has begun tearing down the san clemente dam in carmel valley. the nearly 100 year old
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structure was build in 1912. the project to restore the river will cost $83 million, most covered by monterey county water users. your brown lawn is one indication that the california drought is serious. so are the pictures we're about to share with you. tim daily reports from the nearly empty lake east of stockton. >> reporter: if the paris ferry bridge looks like it's seen better days it's because its the old bridge buried under hundreds of feet of water. >> it's scary. we used to play and boat here. you can't boat here any longer. so hopefully, it will fill up in the next couple years. >> reporter: the lake is so low, the bridge is back, not usable, and that is new paris ferry in the distance, much higher
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because the lake is usually higher. >> we're getting all of the rain and snow you can want how high is the lake in those years? >> 300 feet higher. >> so that line up there? you see trees, then rocks? >> yes. >> will ray is here owe get a look at objects reappearing. yesterday, they would have seen a stolen vehicle from 2008 being pulled from the lake. >> kind of depressing. kind of you know but cool that the bridge is popping back up. >> it's more of a stream than lake, but that doesn't stop kids from playing in the water. it's been 25 years since it was this low and after a few years it was full we assume that will happen again. >> you try to see a bright side. >> reporter: for now the fish
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are long gone to the patches that aren't this low. tim daily abc7 news. >> that is so bad. >> it's hard to watch. >> well, checking on the weather, spencer? >> well weekend is looking good. outside lands a great weekend to be outside. we have sunny skies, clouds lurking off shore. it's still stormy in the central sierra around lake tahoe. storms are more intense earlier today in the afternoon hours, they're winding down a bit now, but still active. back to the bay area, a live view this is westward from our emeryville camera it's 72 across the bay and oakland. mountain view and san jose 76. 73 morgan hill and 66 in half moon bay. here is the view at golden gate bridge. 72 degrees now in napa. 73 santa rosa and novato.
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79 fairfield and livermore. and here is the view from atop mount tam. these forecastfeatures, partly to mostly cloudy overnight. mild to warm this weekend. and a little bit cooler next week. here is our satellite and radar image showing that movement that brought us unstable weather we had yesterday. it's leaving california now, and taking it's unstable weather with it. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening notice coastal low clouds continuing to sweep along the bay area and into tomorrow, taking us back to our more-typical summer time pattern with a sea breeze and warm weather inland. for the week ahead, highs around average level of san jose next couple days, dropping off below average for a few days into the middle of the week and climbing up again to warmer levels. tonight, we'll see low temperatures around 60 degrees
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with a little bit of coastal low clouds and tomorrow, south bay, nice and warm. highs in low to mid-80s. 70 and mild in the peninsula. upper 70s there. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees tomorrow north bay nice and mild on the coast. mid-60s. low to mid-80s inland valleys. east bay highs oakland reaching about 74 degrees. 79 castro valley and fremont. 90 in antioch. 92 in brentwood. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a mild to warm weekend, temperatures dropping off a few degrees inland and around the bay. monday and tuesday bouncing up to low 90s inland wednesday then, upper 80s to 90 thursday and friday which is a seasonal range of highs for this time of the year. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up next, a new sign of
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the times. >> yes. the yahoo bill board mak
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thousands of people have been evacuate add head of a major typhoon about to make land fall in taiwan with wind gusts up to 160 miles per hour. the mility is on alert, rushing people to safety. at least three people were swept away, a woman and her 8-year-old daughter were rescued. the girl's twin sister sadly
7:26 pm
still missing. after 40 years of incarceration, the second of the kidnappers is now a free man. the 53-year-old was released in san luis obispo on parole. he was accused of kidnapping school children on a bus and holding them for ransom. well yahoo's iconic bill board along the san francisco sky way is back, greeting drivers heading eastbound on interstate 80 on sixth street once again. the new advertisement for the third largest search engine in the u.s. is in the same place it was for ten years before coming down in 2012. it's celebrating it's 20th anniversary and says it wanted to reconnect with one of its most-recognizable marketing initiatives and bay area
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commuters. coming up next a surprise verdict in colorado. >> we the jury do not have a unanimous sentencing verdict on this count. >> the jury can't agree on the death penalty in the aurora movie massacre trial. >> you don't touch me. you don't touch me. >> faced with a lawsuit over pulling a service weapon in this viral video, a north bay police officer decides to lawyer up. >> michael finney here from channel 7. >> and seven on your side confronts a photographer tha
7:28 pm
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convicted colorado movie theater gunman james holmes will spend his life in prison. the jury couldn't unanimously reach a verdict for the death penalty today. that means he gets life in prison without the possibility of parole. the families don't agree with the sentence they say they accept it. >> our loved ones are gone. nothing can bring it back. the decision that was made is not one i would make but it was
7:31 pm
a decision that was made. tomorrow, something my mother said every day, before we put aj in the ground was there it is. dave. sun comes up every day. well tomorrow, the sun is going to come up. >> wow. several aurora police officers burst into tears when the verdict was read. the video that went viral on you tube created by a man who recorded his tenth interaction with a local police officer who drew his gun. now, don mccombis filed a legal claim against the city. >> what have i done? answer me. what i have done? >> i think don is courageous for having filmed it. >> the attorney for the man who shot this video tells abc7 news his client didn't deserve the treatment. >> you have a gun out and you're
7:32 pm
trying to intimidate me. this is going all over you tube. >> in no way should an officer with no reasonable cause pull out a firearm. >> he is filing a claim claiming intentional emotional distress. it happened as mccombis was loading his boat outside of his home. . >> i don't have a weapon on me. . >> i don't know that. >> the attorney released a statement, quote, he is confident an independent fair, and impartial investigation will find his actions were well within both the law and departmental policy and he will be exonerated of wrong daying. >> have a nice day, i will put it on you tube. >> i don't care. >> rodriguez has been placed on leave and the city announced
7:33 pm
it's launching an independent investigation. the debt is settled after last night's debate and there were two clear winners donald trump and carly fiorina. trump was the center of attention, ad he got cheers and boos and today he claimed he was pissed on by moderator megyn kelly. another candidate is beginning to make waves. >> carly fiorina because she's the most logical will be on the next stage. >> fiorina didn't make the cut for the prime time debate, but there have been more google searches for her thanany other candidate. a follow up on a photographer who took pictures of a youth league team but never delivered those photos. >> michael finney has been
7:34 pm
looking for this photographer for months. you found him? >> yes. i reported on this guy in april after my report aired we heard p other consumers but i never caught up with the photographer until now. the vacaville christian junior falcons and parents wanted to remember these moments. >> we had a photographer come out and take pictures and cash our checks and take our money, and didn't produce pictures. >> his name was clyde jones. he stopped returning phone calls and didn't return mine, either. so i went looking for him. he wasn't at the business address on the website or last known personal address, either. i heard from others who said they were taken in by clyde too. among them amy wilkerson.
7:35 pm
he took pictures for the dukes team and never delivered. >> i thought it's just us. and then, i saw your story. >> she also saw clyde. working at a local business. and that is where i caught up with him, too. >> hi michael finney here from channel 7. how are you? >> all right. >> very good. we've got a lot to talk about. we've got a lot of complaints about you and your photography. >> can we talk outside? >> happy to. >> so we head outside to talk. >> i understand. i've been homeless for a while. once i get back on my feet. >> seeing you on a computer couldn't you leteverybody get access to them? >> at work i can't do that. >> within hours of the visit amy received this text. just sent you a link to drop box
7:36 pm
and the long waited photos followed. no printed photos but customers are getting some digital picture that's can be down loaded. if clyde took your team's pictures and you didn't get what you paid for, i want you to let me know about it by going to abc7 look under the sections tab for 7 on your side. >> good work, michael. >> coming up next, serving healthy meals at schools. >> how congress may
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many school cafeterias in california are challenged when it comes to preparing fresh, healthy meals because their kitchens are outdated. >> but one congressman wants to change that. >> reporter: the 2010 help feed kids act demands all schools serve healthier meals to do that, districts had to upgrade some kitchens. >> serving tables, new floors new ovens hoods and warm boxes. >> reporter: most of the kitchen in bowman elementary has been modernized ensuring children
7:40 pm
have been given healthy meals, cooked on site. but the refrigeration system is out of date. >> when offering this variety this volume you need more space to store items to make it happen. >> reporter: it's inefficient and lacks space to store fruits vegetables and milk for a week. >> we don't have the infrastructure to support what the bills say we must do. >> reporter: the bill would participate in a program in order to make the upgrades. >> to get it up to par is what it needs to be for today's standards. >> reporter: mount eden high school kitchen dates back to 1960s. the giant refrigerator broke and is used to store dry goods.
7:41 pm
the school district serves 15,000 meals per day not easily achieved with some outdated kitchens. in hayward, abc7 news. here is how some east bay students started a school year today. >> this is rocket science. coming up.
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breaking news where a burning car is snarling the evening commute. look at the pictures. it's a bmw to the guadalupe park way. beneath flames you might be able to tell there is a crashed red car. look at this. no word on why the bmw caught fire. no one was seriously hurt. the fire is out and other cars are moving around it. you can't say high school science is not rocket science, the kids at one school are starting off the year by building rockets. as jonathan bloom explains they're learning science and more. >> reporter: if you blink you'll miss it. a tiny rocket blasting into the clouds. they're made out of notebook paper and powered by air. >> 3, 2, 1!
7:45 pm
>> they seem simple to build but tiny little errors you make in design or construction on paper rockets will have more impact on the performance than if you build a big heavy rocket. >> reporter: that is why they have help from the patriot jet team foundation. the teams get to test rockets in a wind tunnel. >> do you notice what it's doing? >> spinning. >> if you're sloppy it's not going to work well. >> reporter: they also learn physics in the process. >> that is the ratio you want to get. >> reporter: the students are finding these paper projects are teaching them teamwork. >> . >> reporter: and work together to find out what went wrong. >> instead of going up, it shook
7:46 pm
around. >> reporter: students measure the altitude and compete for a chance to visit the jet team school of aeronautics. but the kids at freedom high school do this every year they're making plans. >> i'm going to make it to 85 or 90 feet. >> reporter: they won't all work from nasa. . >> i was a engineer before and i learned problem solving skills that i apply in every aspect of my life. air bnb is trying to polish it's image today the rental housing website gave a $25,000 donation to the san francisco firefighters union toy program. it's one of the largest donations ever given to the campaign. air bnb says it's an effort to be a good neighbor. >> to be a tech company in san francisco that has to do with housing is a controversial place to be. so, we're certainly looking to clarify what air bnb is about.
7:47 pm
>> air bnb is encouraging hosts and guests to donate to the firefighters program and setting up collection bins for employees to drop off donations. the weekend is here and weather will be important. >> yes. outside lands spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> weather is looking great right now and it's the weekend. we've got sunny skies right now, no disturbances as we have had yesterday. other side of the pacific typhoon salvador made land fall as a category 3. a powerful storm with gusts up to 120 miles per hour. still, a dangerous storm as it makes its way towards the coast of china. so we'll keep watching that storm for you. back to the bay area, back to california, statewide tomorrow looking for warm conditions in chico, sacramento, fresno and yosemite. highs at or above 90 degrees. here in the bay area, we might
7:48 pm
top out at 90 but highs ranging from upper 60s to 70s around the bay and upper 80s inland. the weather for outside lands tomorrow, clouds in the morning but sunny mild into afternoon and evening hours. here is the accu-weather forecast. a warm weekend two weekend days that is. won't be that warm at night. cooling down across the bay area monday and tuesday. >> perfect, thank you spencer. 49ers making headlines again and not in the way of their choosing. >> we'll have more on aldon smith, and we'll
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good evening, as reported reportlier, aldon smith was cut by the 49ers after his fifth arrest. stunning news, made more stunning when you consider as of tuesday night, niners general manager was telling reporters smith was doing an outstanding job, personally and professionally and the team was discussing a contract extension for smith set to earn $10 million this season that is gone. no positives in this story. we'll say this. if you listen to the coach this morning you can see why the players love him. he genuinely cares about his guys, about aldon smith the player and person. he has been turning his life around. he is in the process of turning
7:52 pm
his life around. people stumble. some things are greater risk and things, but is he in that process of turning his life around. he is in that process. in terms of him playing football again, i sure hope so. >> he looked like a leader today. i don't know what caused aldon smith to do what he did but if the rumors of collin kaepernick are true it can cause problems for kap in the locker room. we shall see. first round pick amari koomer getting a lot of praise with 2,000 yard receiving seasons in college, receiving 31 touchdowns totea. he is smooth. nobody is more excited about this guy than quarterback derek carr. >> so explosive and good out of his brakes.
7:53 pm
that is where he's special. you know? he's learning how to play with his hands more. there is more press coverage in the nfl. you know? so the more he's growing and learning he's getting better you know? rapidly. >> extremely serious about football, about learning and getting on the same page with quarterbacks and derek. and learning how to be a pro. he's done a great job coming into camp, just going to work. giants putting mike linka on the field, a lot of orange shirts at wrigley field for this friday matinee. ryan vogelsong, bottom of the first, 1-0, cubs open the single, and brandon crawford a base hit, buster posy around third and beats a throw. so it's a 1-1 game.
7:54 pm
two men on in the fifth. kyle swarber, and dexter fowler boom, in the 8th. fowler is 11. chicago wins 7-3. three and a half back of the dodger who's are playing as we speak. second round of the wgc bridgestone in ohio. bump and run here. from 192 yards out on this final roll of the day. he would make birdie. six behind the leader jim furyk. back to back 66s for furyk. that is where he would finish. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> thank you larry.
7:55 pm
>> well join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, coming up new glasses designed to protect pilots from laser strikes. >> then, at 11:00 a man held up at gun point, with school about to start, what is being done to keep cal students safe. in prime time we have "shark tank" and "2020". >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. ten years ago today we lost a remarkable american. legendary anchor peter jennings succumbed to lung cancer in 2005. he was a canadian by birth and he was in many ways an american all along. first, an american success story. rising to the top of a very-demanding profession with only a 10th grade education. people don't know that.
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he was always self conscious being a high school drop out and worked hard wrest to be the smartest person in the room. he cared about the under dog and less fortunate donating time and money to help, never calling atension to it. 30 years ago i emulated peter jennings. i had a chance to work with him and it was inspiring and intimidating. no one was better. what matters is that those of us in this profession remember what he stood for we would all do well to continue to emulate peter jennings, let me know what you think. follow me on facebook on dan ashley abc7.
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>> thanks for joining us. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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