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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 12, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news tonight in oakland. protesters are angry over an officer-involved shooting and glocked traffic on 980 in the past hour. traffic was at a stand still for 10 minutes when chp officers arrived and protesters moved to the street blocking an off-ramp at 27th street. >> at one point protesters set fire to a trashcan in the street near 8th and clay. you can see it there. later people were trying to rip down a chain link fence. >> it has been a mess. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. it is in response to the fatal shooting at martin luther king and close to 980. >> alan wang is live in oakland with the latest on the story. alan? >> and ama and dan, police say the officers involved were
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wearing body cameras when this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. there was a lot of police and helicopter activity and police -- and people were trying to get a glimpse of the hot pursuit that started on the eastside of town and ended here in west oakland. oakland police chased the armed robbery suspect from this intersection at 27th and mlk. the driver crashed into a car and jumped out and ran while carrying this loaded handgun. he tried to carjack a vehicle and then ran off before three officers opened fire on him. police say he did not fire his weapon at them. >> the firearm is a 9 millimeter that was stolen. >> and it was found on him? >> it was found next to him at the scene. >> one officer found a trauma kit to help the wounded suspect who died at the hospital. >> after the suspect was shot they immediately activated the
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kit. the kit o help with gunshot wounds so the officers did activate this kit prior to medical personnel responding and transporting the suspect to a local hospital. >> lolia drake says it happened in front of her social club and many senior citizen friends were stuck inside. >> i would have been scared because i could have been out there too. >> police say the dead suspect is a 24-year-old man from oakland whose vehicle is connected to a july 27th armed robbery. all three officers who shot him were wearing body cameras that were activated. this was the department's third officer involved shooting that ended in the death of a suspect. alan wang, abc7 abc7 news. a starbucks was damaged at clay streets. we will continue to monitor the protests. right now you can follow us at abc7 news bay area. a notorious criminal is dead tonight and investigators
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are trying to figure out who killed him during a prison riot. 71-year-old hugo was one of the infamous six quintin six involved in an escape actempt from san quintin that left two people dead including two guards. he was stabbed to death at the new folsom state prison near sacramento. about 70 inmates were involved. officers used pepper spray and warning shots in an effort to stop the fighting. they are still not saying what started it. one man is under arrest charged with assault and the armed robbery of a local tv news crew in san francisco. the goi in custody is a known gang member. cornell bernard is in the newsroom. cornell, police are looking for others too. >> michael jones was driving the get a you what i car involved in the robbery and assault of several tv news crews. two other suspects have not been caught. >> this robbery targeted the media.
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>> it was brazen. the news crews covering the death on pier14 found themselves in the in i had del of the holdup. >> there was a suspect holding a mask. two news cameras were stolen and a photographer was pistol whipped. a crew nearby was unharmed. evidence including this magazine clip left at the scene helped police track down the 23-year-old driver of the bmw get away car. >> knowing the registered owner, michael jones, to be a san francisco gang member whose gang has been engaging in -- or we believe engaging in robberies, burglaries and other crimes in san francisco and across the bay as well. >> they say jones has a long wrap sheet. two other suspects are at large. >> we are still working with our partners across the bay and oakland. we can see if we can come up
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with the other two suspects. we are confident we can. >> the stolen cameras have not been recovered. the investigation continues. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. the jerusalem fire is getting larger. itit has now consumed 20,000 acres and it is 16% contained. the good news is it is burning away from homes. the fire has moved up to the edge of an area blackened by the nearby rocky fire. that fire is 95% contained tonight. police and the f.a.a. are looking for a drone that nearly flew into a medical helicopter in fresno today. the pilot had to make a special turn to avoid the area near the fresno international airport. the chopper was headed to the hospital with a patient on board. the drone just missed it flying 20 feet under the blades. >> people need to remember that we are in the air as well. it is not a toy they are
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flying around. it would create a cat -- catastrophic situation. >> the patient made it safely to the hospital. they haven't been able to locate it. a 17-year-old teenager has been arrested in connection with a string of home invasions. the most recent involved a young girl who was sexually assaulted police say. the teenager turned himself into police after these surveillance photos were released. he is connected to at least five home invasions all involving female victims. he may be linked to a string of seven other burglaries in alameda's west end. a former fremont elementary school teacher has been arrested 14 years after being charged with child molestation. the fbi took him into custody in los angeles. abc7 news reporter katie has more. katie? >> fremont police investigated him in july of 200 1 and a
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month later he was charged with multiple counts of child molestation. he took off for mexico and at some point moved to los angeles. >> these pictures were posted on the northern california most wanted website. it was a tip from a citizen that lead to his capture. >> he was living a low profile life, but he was off the grid and using a false identity. and really him being caught is a result of a vigilant citizen who thought something wasn't right and called in a tip. >> he what a mentor employed at two schools. it is not clear at which school it took place. but the fbi said it happened during summer school with boys 10 years old.
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>> it has been 14 years. >> when the task force found him in l.a. there was a short foot chase and struggle. he will be driven by bus to alameda county sometime this week to face charges. in fremont, abc7 news. new at 11:00, a prominent alzheimer researcher is wanted for evictions in san francisco. abc news was at a rally held on the corner of stockton and lombard streets. the owner inherited the building and invoked the ellis act to evict tenants. that was in 2013. the tenants started fighting the evictions and now just two remain. a third tenant passed away in march. the protesters say the battle for her home was too much. >> it is a close knit community that is being destroyed. it is worth fighting for. a mediation hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. the trial is expected to begin
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next week. a blast so big it was seen from space. next on abc7 news, the latest on the deadly explosion in china. why executives where the blast took place are in custody tonight. and it is like a giant playpen with a purpose. why millions of balls were dumped into this southern california reservoir. >> and a big show in the night sky. your best chance to see the best meteor shower of the year. >> i am news meteorologist sandhya patel. i will let you know where the best viewing will be and i will tell you about the return of the summer sizzle. of the summer sizzle. details on that.
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protesters are facing off with police in oakland as we
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speak. they are investigating an officer involved shooting. right now they are gathered near the scene of the shooting. there is a line of police standing by. an hour ago people dropped traffic on 980 near 27th street for 10 m for updates follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. hours after a series of huge deadly explosions in china, heavy smoke is still filling the air. at least 44 people were killed in the blast at a hazardous materials warehouse. 400 people are injured and 32 in critical condition. at least 11 firefighters have been killed in rescue operations, and according to published reports some executives where the bust happened have been taken into custody. bob has a look at the blast. >> the mushroom cloud is eating up the night sky. the horror beginning before 11:00 p.m. a fire at a warehouse storing
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hazardous materials. within 15 minutes the firefighters respond, but the worse is yet to come. 11:30 p.m. two explosions and one after the other. miles away people watched from their windows. second later the force of the blast sweeping them off their feet. scientists say it packed the power of 21 tons of tnt and could be felt more than six miles away. this man captured on surveillance video moments before it caves in. in the streets days inn residents using blankets to cover their mouths and clutching their children. as of tonight first responders canvased neighborhoods looking for signs of life. >> they were so powerful that the weather satellites were able to see them from space. on the ground everyone within miles from the disaster is being evacuated just in case the danger is not over.
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abc news, beijing. >> the explosion produced so much heat you can project it into space. >> an outpouring of support for former president jimmy carter who revealed he is fighting cancer. he recently learned the disease has spread throughout his body. he will undergo treatment. he is 90 years old and active in his post presidency years, very active in fact. mayor ed leigh tweeted this picture. president obama tweeted well wishes saying "jimmy, you are as resilient as they come. along with the rest of america, we are rooting for you." the city of los angeles has blackballed a reservoir to help save water. they dumped the last of 96 million blackballs into the los angeles reservoir in sylmar. they float on the surface
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blocking the sun's rays and preventing 300 million gallons of water. they will also prevent chemical reactions that can cause algae bloom. a big show in the skies tonight. the perseid meteor shower is expected to be spectacular. the moonless sky will offer a perfect backdrop. at peak time you should be able to see one shooting star a minute, so fairly active. the best time to catch it is 3:00 a.m. so you have plenty of time. the perseids continue through august 26th. cool. let's find out what the sky is looking like tonight. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> dan and ama, the best viewing is inland because as you take a look here, we do have low clouds around the coast and even parts of the bay. you will want to look northeast between now and dawn and you should get a spectacular view. this is why coastal seeing
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it. they are closing in over the north bay and parts of the east bay. temperatures at this hour in the 60s across the entire bay area. what is making it feel muggy is the ocean temperatures are in the low to mid60s and the wind is coming off the ocean. you will notice some of these spots in the 60s. when you get in the 60 to 69-degree range there, it is a bit humid. i had a tweet saying it is a bit humid out here. you are not imagining things. we will call it areas of low clouds overnight. mild to warm tomorrow. and it is heating up this upcoming weekend. there is an area of low pressure that is still spinning offshore and what it is going to do is finally lift out of here late tomorrow night. and when it does it is going to set the stage for some
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changes. beginning friday and through the weekend, the high pressure will be expanding over california and the summer sizzle will be returning for your upcoming weekend plans. tropical storm hill do has weakened the last couple days. it is packing winds of 45 miles an hour. it will pick up speed and continue westward. the biggest threat to the big island is a potential for flash flooding and mudslide as they are expecting heavy rain out of this. so a tropical storm watch and flash flood watch continues through saturday morning. if you are heading toward the hawaiian islands keep that in mind. surf is a concern through saturday. when you get going for work in the bay area you will notice low clouds and fog. mid50s to low 60s and for the afternoon it will be a nice day. warm inland, and cooler than today. tomorrow mid80s and along
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the coast cooler as well. 69 in half moon bay. we will hang on to low clouds. 75 in san mateo and 82 santa rosa. san jose, 80 degrees. a look at the seven-day forecast, friday is warmer and low 70s to low 90s. the temperatures sore over the weekend. the fog is gone and you can see the triple digits inland. warm there as well. the heat starts to ease a bit on monday and continues on tuesday and wednesday. ama and dan? >> thank you, sandhya. up nxt, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. >> the real life jaws that >> the real life jaws that scientists s
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>> the real life jaws that scientists s the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom. hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack, the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome.
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new video of an enormous white shark off the coast of
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mexico. somebody tell him he is a whale. footage was posted on-line two months ago, but now researchers are showing new video showing the shark swimming next to a steel cage. it is like from "jaws." they named him deep blue. they believe she is very pregnant. this could be the largest great white shark ever seen. >> wow. tom brady was in federal court today over deflategate, but a courtroom sketch of the quarterback has inspired hilarious means showing his sketch face photoshoped into everything. this shows brady as et and here is another one showing him as all of the cast members of the brady bunch. deflategate is turning into a thriller. it was done by jane rosenburg. she has been the court artist for years. >> he looks like the hulk before he gets mad.
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>> i don't know what jane has been drawing lately, but it is not the tom brady i know. chicago is pulling away in the wild card race thanks to the reckless abandon of anthony rizzo. for him that's not a tarp over
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good evening. maybe you remember nomo mania. the dodgers' sensati 90s. today he was the second man from japan to throw a no hitter in the american majors. the bottom of the 9th and picking it up in the 9th.
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not only was it his first no hitter, but the first complete game he has thrown in the bigs. the fourth pitcher to throw a no-no this year as the mariners win it. the kids were having all kinds of fun at at&t park. the giants and astros were making silly faces. not as much fun for chris these stone. score less until the 7th. deep 1-0stros. that's another solo bomb. the giants lose it 2-0. they will open the four-game series. four and a half back of the cubs for that second wild card. anthony on top of the tarp and the crowd to make the grab. absolutely fearless. the fans are in awe. game went to extra's and good night, game over, drive home safely. the cubs are winners in 10. the bluejays refuse to lose.
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here it comes. a three-run shot had him pitching well for the a's. 3-0 bluejays. it is the definition of smoked. it was a seven-run second and the game was pretty much over there. the jays take over in the al east with their 10th straight win. 49ers quarterback colin cap -- colin kaepernick that he had an alter location with aldon smith were not true and irresponsible. a few websites say kap and smith were at odds. kap said the whole story was a bogus media creation. >> for people that do report that and put that out there and jumped on that ban wagon just to get internet clicks and get attention to their website or reports.
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it is embarrassing that they do that. >> the nba 2015-2016 schedule was released. the warriors open up against the pellicans and raise the championship banner on the 27th. your christmas present is steph versus lebron. we will have that one on abc7. the warriors will be featured on national television 25 times and five here on abc7. abc7 sports brought to you by female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train


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