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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 14, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a celebration tonight. high school graduates finally receive their diplomas months after finishing school, but it took a defiant school board to make that happen. good evening. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz has the night off. despite not passing the exit exam seniors got their diplomas. school officials decided to ignore the state and let those kids move on with their lives. katie is live at the board of education to explain the district's controversial decision here. katie? >> dan, the students got caught in a bureaucratic blunder. those are the cerdz of camela harris and to some it meant not starting college in the fall. but officials said they would not sit back and let that
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happen. >> my country is for rich people. >> he is from guatemala. he didn't speak any english when he enrolled at san francisco international high school. >> they are still learning english. >> he met all of the requirements needed to graduate, but he didn't pass the california exit exam by five points. he should have had the chance to retake it, but the state canceled the july offering because lawmakers are considering no longer requiring the test at all. >> for students to be told that you jumped through all of the hoops and have done everything to graduate except not taking a test the state is no longer offering is mystifying. >> many were left without a diploma and accepted to college and seen the offers rescinded. that's why the board decided to defy state law and give them their diploma. >> we have to look at our
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families and students and say we are so sorry and wish we could change it but. tonight we are looking at our students and families and saying this is for you. jay it is to show my family and siblings they can do what you want to do. >> he starts at san francisco state in the fall. the bill that would eliminate the requirement is still meeting through the legislature. in san francisco, abc7 news. a stunning scandal tonight. nine people including three chp officers are in jail accused in a murder plot. cory kaufman of turlock disappeared three years ago. hunters found his body a year later in the forest. investigators released booking photos for five of the suspects. frank carson is a prominent attorney in modesto accused of orchestrating kaufman's murder because he believed kaufman stole antiques from his property. walter wells, a former chp officer and robert woody are suspected -- suspected it of
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the murder itself. the chp fired wells. two brothers who own a liquor store are accused of helping. other chp officers are accused of obstructing the investigation and are on temporary leave. >> it is not what we stand for, and it is so far beyond what any organization stands for. >> carson's wife and stepdaughter are also facing charges. all of the accused are expected in court on tuesday. investigators at yosemite national park are trying to find out what caused a tree limb to break off killing two children. it happened around 5:00 this morning at the popular upper pines campground. the limb came off a black oak tree and fell about 30 feet on to a tent where those kids were sleeping and sadly they were crushed. >> heard a loud crash, a loud boom. almost sounded like a gunshot when it came down. i heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs and i knew something was wrong. >> these people did nothing wrong.
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they were at an established camp site. >> it makes me feel sad for a family and sad for the situation. there is nothing they can do about it. >> it is just a tragic accident. the camp site reminutes open this weekend. another popular camp site will be closed next week to get rid of fleas caring the plague. the plague is carried by rodents and spread by fleas. last month a child got sick from the disease at yosemite and had to be hospitalized. an abc7 viewer's dash cam caught a serious crash on interstate 80 in emeryville. watch this now. an suv tried to change lanes when a motorcyclist slammed into it and then careened into the median. watch again. it is terrifying. the 59-year-old biker from oakland was not seriously hurt we are glad to tell you. the chp says it is a good idea to look twice at the motorcycles before switching lanes in traffic. scary. all lanes on the bay
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bridge are open after two vehicles crashed. one burst into flames as you can see here. it happened after 9:00 p.m. westbound on i-80 near the toll plaza in oakland. chp officers closed down four lanes to traffic as they cleared the same. the scene. minor injuries were reported. nothing serious. the man oak planned police shot has been identified. his name is gnaw -- nathaniel wilkes. at a vigil tonight people demanded more information from police. >> at the corner of 27th street and martin luther king way it was a subdued gathering. among them the girlfriend and infant daughter of nate wilkes. >> he said this is what happened. we have to speak for our brother. we come together to speak for our brother. >> jasmine marshall is the
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sister and she acknowledges she was not a saint, but didn't deserve to be shot. >> you cannot tell me that this man would do anything to jeprodize his life. maybe his freedom. yeah. i don't know what the circumstances were, but he didn't deserve to die, period. >> according to police, they were forced to open fire. the armed robbery suspect lead them on a chase, crashed and tried to carjack someone else and then pointed a gun at them. about 150 people are here tonight and organizers say they are holding the space. they don't believe wilkes aimed the gun at officers and they are hoping to raise money to pay for an independent autopsy. they say black people are treated differently. >> it is shoot first and interrogate and investigate later. that's not acceptable. >> tonight's event was peaceful and ended at sunset. abc7 news. new details tonight.
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napa self-storage has secured the funding to fix its earthquake damage building. it has been red tagged since the 6.0 earthquake last august. several hundred tenants should be able to reclaim their belongings in a couple of months. they donated some of the $167,000 making it safe to enter and get their possessions. san rafael police believe arson is to blame for a vegetation fire near north gate shopping mall. the fire broke out after 5:00 p.m. near north gate drive off highway 101. they captured firefighters trying to knockdown the flames through heavy smoke. witnesses saw a small group of juveniles running from that fire. it is a clear night above the bay area. tomorrow the heat moves in. drew has more with live doppler 7hd. you are talking triple digits? >> it was a mild end to the week. 76 in oakland and 79 in san jose.
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a warm 89 in santa rosa. you don't see any intense heat, but that is waiting in the wings. we will broaden out the picture. got to 117 in phoenix. 81 in l.a. thient in albuquerque. there is a big area of high pressure over the four corners. we will get a taste of heat over the weekend. we will see how hot it gets where you live with the full accu-weather forecast. >> thanks so much. firefighters are worried about hot and dry conditions as they work to contain the jerusalem fire. it burned 25,000 acres in lake and napa counties and destroyed four homes and forced dozens of evacuations since it started five days ago. the fire is 71% contained. firefighters will keep a watch out for spot fires that may pop up in the next few days. a bigger fire burning north of that one is now 100% contained. the so-called rocky fire has burned 70,000 acres and destroyed 100 structures, half homes.
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evacuation orders have been lifted, but firefighters want residents to stay on alert because of the soaring heat we will be talking about. stay with me. still to come on abc news at 11:00, a moment of joy during a long road to recovery for a woman severely injured in the berkeley balcony collapse. and one of the biggest stars in the world draws thousands to the concert and bay area. and it is not just young fans who were swooning. >> ♪ you're lost out there and all alone ♪ >> the giants are having fun on the field and giving a method to a television classic. and you can call her surrey the hero. how the iphone's artificial intelligence app may have saved a life. stay with us.
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the family of a woman severely injured in the berkeley balance con me collapse released a photo of her enjoying time in the bay ireland. she was smiling as her dad wheeled her across the golden gate bridge earlier this month. her father posted the photo on facebook including a thanks to the people in the bay area for their support. she spent two months in rehabilitation before she was able to return home. she broke her spinal cord and five ribs. wonderful picture. 13 people fell 40 feet to the ground when a balcony collapsed at a berkeley apartment complex in june. six people were killed. a tennessee teenager is crediting apple's siri with saving his life. 18-year-old sam ray was working beneath a nearly 5,000 pf -- 5,000-pound truck when it fell on top of him. he yelled for help, but no one
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was around. he was able to push up against the phone in his pocket and activated siri and called 9-1-1. >> my name is siri. >> after i realized that, wow, this is a useful thing. >> the greatest thing he did was say his address so we could get people there. >> he broke the seventh, eighth, nineth and tenth ribs which are lower ribs and he probably crshed his kidney. his kidney was torn and bruised. >> pretty smart though. a month after his traumatic experience, sam is expected to make a full recovery. tens of thousands of fans packed levi stadium for the first of two soldout taylor swift concerts. one of those fans, taylor swift's dad, scott, who took this picture with janet oh. janet, that was the hottest ticket in town. i'm sure it was fun. >> it was. and it was a pretty amazing
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show. it was a tough assignment, but somebody had to do it. i have to say my voice is hoarse from all of the yelling and screaming next to the tweens. it was a good night of family fun. you can see the fans leaving the stadium who are just as excited now as when they first got here. >> yes, it so excited. i have been dying for this day. >> it is a dream come true for taylor swift fans. >> i am shaking right now. i am like, i can't wait. >> more than 50,000 fans pack levi stadium for this moment. taylor swift performing songs from the album "1989" the year she was born. it brought together fans of all ages. >> taylor swift is so cute and entertainment and wholesome. it is refreshing. >> she's the best. >> reporter: swift fans say
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you can't help but love her. >> it says pizza has my back. she will keep me straight. >> i love how she puts it out there and doesn't care what the haters say. she is a great role model. >> all the more reason this dad says he doesn't mind every penny he spent for this unforgettable experience for his daughter and himself. >> there are three families and the dads, of course, we financed it. we are making payments. we took money out of the college fund to do this. >> for two nights, adoring fans welcome swift to santa clara. abc7 news. >> that is great fun. those dads hillary cover that -- will recover that money no question. drew is back with a full forecast. that looks like a great place to be. >> a perfect evening in santa clara. plenty of strs out there and the mild temperatures. clear skies on live doppler 7hd. a spectacular image and it lit up downtown san francisco.
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we have clear skies across the bay. that will set the stage for a quick warm up on the way for saturday. tracking warm to hot days through the weekend and including monday as well. triple digit temperatures and with the increased warm temperatures and the dry wind bringing the warmth and there is an increase of fire danger through the weekend. it can start and spread. 71 mild degrees and 64 in san francisco. the same in mountain view. san jose 65 and san ramon at 63 degrees. live doppler 7hd showing this is the area of low pressure that brought us the comfortable temperatures for most of the week. that's moving out to the north and making a run for the border and getting replaced by the big dome of heat. high pressure is moving in from the east and spreading its warmth to california over the weekend. look at the future temperatures. it is a hot weekend for saturday. you notice a lot of interior portions of the bay area and the inland east bay, upper 90s flirting with triple digits. upper 70s to mid80.
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south bay in the 90s. sunday the peak of the heat you notice temperatures rise even a few more degrees. a warm up gradually over the next 48 hours. overnight tonight though, it is going to be mild with a bit of a breeze. mainly clier skies -- mainly clear skies. and highs for your saturday in our microclimate, plenty of sunshine as the sun gets up early in the morning. 91 in san jose. 95 los gatos. along the peninsula, even the coast is mild. 74 half moon bay. 90 redwood city. downtown san francisco, warm and 78. 74 in daly city. into the north bay, 95 santa rosa and 82 sausalito. 90 in vallejo. into the east bay,85 oakland and 90 in fremont. inland we are getting close to those triple digits. 99 prent and 98 antioch. if you are headed to at&t park for the nats taking on the
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giants, 7:05 first pitch. it is dwoing to be a nice night. temperatures around 73 degrees. temperatures are on the mild side around 68 degrees. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is hot and the heat arrives. it actually peaks the second half of the weekend. sunday is hotter than saturday. the heat eases. can't get rid of the triple digits completely. by tuesday and wednesday it is cooler and by thursday and friday we are holding steady, mild to warm. sunscreen and hydrate over the weekend. >> and get a fan. thanks. coming up next, the leader of the free world and the master of the three pointer look like they are best buds out there on the golf cour
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♪ evening tv
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>> get ready for a nostalgic-themed night at at&t park. the giants released a video remake spoofing the opening credits of "full house" on september 30th fans will get a snow globe that has the painted ladies, the abc sitcom made famous. steph curry road shotgun in a golf cart with the president at the wheel. they played 18 holes on martha's vineyard in massachusetts. just like on the basketball court steph has a pretty sweet golf stroke, but it is not clear who won today. there is the president taking a whack. president obama also hosted sign field -- seinfield creator larry david this week. his vacation comes to an end on august 23rd. >> and i bet the president has to drive. the secret service is not going to let anybody else drive the golf cart. >> cry won that thing. >> the president thought such a smooth swing. >> he is a one or two.
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matt cain had the one bad inning, but unfortunately the bats came to life. there was one pass. the only
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this abc7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. >> any win even if it is pre-season can be a stepping stone. that's what tonight's opener was with the rams. he hooked up three times in the first quarter. this would have been the fourth time, but johnson picks carr in the end zone. 43 yards passing. he hits holmes for the touchdown. six of eight and 59 yards passing. he is still slinging around a
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as the number three. the best third stringer in the league. 16 yards to butler. 10 of 11 and 104 yards. 18-3 the final. they have to be happy except for that pick. >> we had the miss communication down the red zone. we are happy it happened now. that's what the pre-season is for. we'll go back and clean that up. for years to come we'll fix that up. >> niners play in houston tomorrow night. sabercats hosting portland. three minutes later and san jose into the semis with a 55-28 blowout of the thunder. oakland lead 4-0 and then chris davis crushes the slider. o's take a 6-4 lead. a's with a two-out rally. burns will score and game is tied at six and on to extras.
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the second pitch, game over. baltimore wins it. the a's have lost four straight. don't test him with the weak cheese. a triple shy of the cycle. giants add four more in the second. hunter pence and he is gone after three innings. the shortest outing of the season. that's gone president matt cain is chasing the tift. the giants stay two and a halfback of l.a. the second round of the pga championship. eagle on-line and 9 under 63. ties the record for the lowest round in a major ever. he is four under five back. 567 to get to minus six. and now to john daley on the par 3 seventh. slices three balls into lake michigan and starts walking and then decides six iron and
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he goes double digits with a 10. matt jones and jason day tied at nine under. the third straight birdie on 13. storm moved in and 50 players will finish the second round tomorrow morning. the earthquakes beat the rapids 1-0. this sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> maybe he should have put the pants. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the new abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 5:00 female announcer: through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster.


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