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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 26, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> we are all in a state of shock here. you can her people behind us in the news room crying. >> it is the day i lost the love of my life. >> a deadly shooting in virginia as cameras rolled. a president arer and photograph -- a reporter and photographer and third woman injured. the killer is a man who grew up in the bay area. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. he was known on air as bryce williams. he grew up in vallejo where his family still lives. we will have more on him in a moment. first his victims, alisof parker, a morning news reporter and adam ward, a photographer at wdbj, the station where the gunman last worked until he was fired in 2013. >> outside that tv station tonight, a tribute.
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both beginning new chapters. ward was engaged to a worker and today was his fiancee's last day at work and the couple was moving to north carolina. , paer dated an -- parker dated an anchor at the station and says the two just moved in together. >> i told her that losing someone you loved as a spouse or as a significant other would be so difficult to have to bear, and yet that's what i have to bear right now. >> adam was a goal setter. whether it was play willing -- playing for the salem high school football team or going to virginia tech or his career he had goals and he achieved them. >> co-workers watched as the murders aired live. >> we are all in a state of shock here. you can hear people be iepped us in the newsroom crying. >> vicky gardener, the woman parker was interest -- interviewing at the time was seriously injured. the gunman had a history of anger over race issues in
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the workplace. they describe flan pho began as a -- flanagan about a disgruntled employee. he called the reporters racism, an accusation their boss says is false. in a suicide note he expresses admiration for mass murderers and said what triggered today's violence was the racism of the charl ton church shooting. what sent me over the top was the copy of hooting and my hollow point bullets have the victims' names on them. we go now to vallejo, his hometown. >> dan this is where he lived with his family. neighbors say his father, vestor flanagan, senior sits in that chair and acts as the neighborhood watch captain. we haven't seen him at all. the family is obviously devastated by the national attention. >> to his friends and family in the bay area, vester flanagan was an out going student and named to the 1991 homecoming court at skyline
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high school in oakland. and now he is accused of shooting and killing a reporter and cameraman on live tv and turning the gun on himself. >> in high school we never saw anything like that. he was a happy, positive person and everybody loved him. >> flanagan was also a tv reporter who went by the name of bryce williams. he worked with the victims at wdbj-tv in roanoke, virginia until he was fired in 2013. his boss called him an angry man who had to be escorted out of the station. in a suicide note sent to abc news, flanagan wrote why "i have been a human powder keg for awhile and waiting to go boom." >> i don't believe it. that's all i can say. i am in shock right now. >> virgil barker has known him since flanagan was a child growing up in this home in oakland. >> he was well spoken. he was very polite. educated. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the family of alison parker and
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adam ward. >> he moved to this home in vallejo and went to san francisco state and worked at kpix as an intern and part-time writer before moving to the east coast. flanagan's family is well respected in the neighborhood. alan wang, abc7 news. >> and you can offer condolences by sharing this badge on social media. you can find it on our abc7 news facebook page. and also making news tonight, a fierce fire in the south bay has left several businesses in ruins. it happened on white oak lane when police say a driver ran into a gas meter and started the fire. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live if santa clara with the details. cornell? >> ama, the fire is out tonight, but the damage is done. pg&e capped the ruptured gas meter a short time ago, but the strip mall is a total loss. tonight police looking for a hit-and-run driver, possibly a female. the car may have been caught with a cell phone camera.
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this instagram video september to abc7 news was shot moments after the fire began. it shows a woman running near a white car dangerously close to the flames. seconds later the car leaves the parking lot droifg away. a short time later sky 7hd was over the fire as it quickly engulfed the small strip mall taking five long-time businesses with it. carlos ramirez was inside the laundromat. >> i was washing my clothes, but i heard somebody say fire. >> firefighters say the cause of the fire is clear. >> apparently a vehicle hit the gas meter and then left the scene. >> santa clara police are looking for a hit-and-run driver and a car similar to this one seen leaving the scene. a white two-door honda accord. >> a white car. that's it. >> a white car was driving away? >> yes. >> the hidalgo family narrowly escaped the restaurant they
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owned for 15 years. they managed to take the cash register with them and everything else is gone. >> it is horrible. it is depressing. it is a lot of years of hard work. >> remarkably there were two injuries including a firefighter treated for de high -- dehydration. police are asking anyone with information about the hit-and-run to call them. cornell bernard, abc7 news. a grand jury has indicted the former and current san francisco 49er players in connection with an incident that happened nine months ago. ray mcdonald is facing charges that he raped an intoxicated person while ahmad brookes is facing misdemeanor sexual battery charges. melanie woodrow is outside the jail with more on the story. >> dan, he self-surrendered and released on $100,000 bail. according to the d.a.'s office, brooks is expected to self-sur surrender the next several days. he could do so at the jail or sheriff's headquarters.
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the grand jury's indictment stems from an incident at 49er ray mcdonald's san jose home. it was 2015 where the victim alleged sexual assault. but they say it took nine months to investigate. >> it seems like a longtime, but when it comes to cases of this nature it is not a long investigation. >> this week a grand jury indicted mcdonald for raping an intoxicated person. the d.a.'s office also charged the current 49er player brooks with sexual battery. the separate assault occurred the same night against the same victim approximately 30 to 45 minutes apart. mcdonald previously sued for defamation after she reported the incident to law enforcement. a suiter attorney gloria allred helped her get dismissed. >> she is courageous and looking for a just outcome in this case. >> the 49ers released him for
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a pattern of behavior. in a statement san francisco 49ers' general manager said we take any charge against a member of this organization seriously. we are in communication with the nfl. ahmed is returning home to california and will not participate in saturday's game. mcdonald no longer lives in the home where the incident took place, but neighbors are aware of the charges. >> good he got charged. if he did the crime he should get penalized for it. >> the jury indicted him for violating a domestic violence restraining order and is set to be arraigned september 25th. abc7 news. an animal boarder accused of abusing a dog in burlingame will be in court to face an animal cruelty charge. we warn you that you may find this video disturbing. the district attorney announced the charge against her today. a neighbor recorded her grabbing a dog by the neck and
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throwing it to the ground. you can see it right there. she is out on $10,000 bond. >> still to come, another whale washed up in the bay area. tonight the challenges facing the coast guard tonight in getting rid of. >> and a hero comes home. we'll hear from the sacramento student who helped save count less lives stoping a terror attack on a train. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. we have more hot weather coming up for the next few days. i'll let you know what's in store for the weekend. let's just say if you don't like the heat, you'll be a fan of this. >> thanks. >> and do you think your commute is bad? you're right of the how the bay area ranks when it comes to the daily drive. >> let's look at what is coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc news at 11:00. >> here is a quick preview of what we are up to tonight. >> it is close to where we are filming. hollywood boulevard. they have a lot of these. >> i am embarrassed now.
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>> vaw knee shaw, san ramon and san mateo. this is abc7 news. >> one of three american men who stopped a terrorist attack in france is enjoying the hometown hero treatment to fight. a crowd cheered anthony sadler in downtown sacramento. the mayor honored the 22-year-old for helping take down a gunman on a european train headed for paris. the sacramento state student thanked everyone for their support and he says it feels good to be home. >> i am just glad to be back here to see everybody.
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it is overwhelming. >> they were regular people five days ago. and now we are the focus of attention through what our son and his brave friends have done. >> the mayor gave him a special sacramento kings jersey with his name on it. when the other two return home they are planning to throw a parade if their honor. >> well deserved. another dead whale washed up in the bay area. it was found in alameda and the carcass is now wedged between pilings at one of the births. it is a mess. wean freedman explains the plan to remove it. >> it is something to see and something to smell and not what you expect coming into work. >> normally she deals with collecting rent and paying bills. today a new duty. figuring out what to do with this 36-foot long dead whale. >> who knows how long it well be here? our concern is the marina and we don't want it to be a
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navigational hazard. >> it is lodged in tightly and head buried in the peer and tail on the other side of the dock and the carcass is growing larger and more aromatic with every minute in the hot sun. >> how much bigger is it? >> about 15%. >> researchers from the marine mammal center showed up and could not identify the species, but took measurement and tissue samples. by then the carcass has become a buffet for hungry wildlife that seemed brazenly impatient at times. >> we have contacted several agencies. we called the coast guard who told us to call fish and game. we left messages with the california academy of sciences. >> the locals learned the coast guard will be by tonight to secure the carcass. they will devise a plan to dispose of it tomorrow. from alameda, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> the high fire danger and the drought brings a barbecue
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ban in the south bay. the ban is at foothills park in loss -- loss altos hills. smoking and wood burning are banned throughout the nature preserve. the park rangers say it will stay in affect until we get some rain. >> which may be a little while. at least we are getting a little more heat if you like that. >> sandhya patel has more the the next couple days. >> it will be on the hot side. and then we will start to notice a big drop in the temperatures. today just a lovely sunset from our emeryville camera. do you remember the high clouds that were filtering the sun. the clouds gave us a beautiful sunset tonight. we are expecting more high clouds which is what is showing up on live dop rear 7hd. this afternoon it was near 100 degrees in livermore and antioch and 96 in fairfield. these are some of our hottest spots.
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90 in san rafael. 86 san jose and 81 oakland and 70 in san francisco and 68 in half moon bay. certainly warmer today compared to yesterday. right now we are retaining the heat. 60s and 70s across the bay area. a beautiful view from the pier where the visibility is good. heat peeking tomorrow and much cooler this weekend with a slight possibility of a little drizzle saturday morning or a light shower basically from men mendocino. the hot air mass will go right over us. and then we will start to notice a change. on friday the temperatures back off a little bit. for the weekend it is a cooler pattern with this trough coming in. most will take the rain in the pacific northwest. the northern portion of our state, and we need it with the wildfires that will bring cooler air and cleaner air.
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for us in the bay area, i will take you in closer. it is not much to write home about. you may see damp spots in the wee hours on saturday morning around ukiah and cloverdale and maybe a little drizzle around a 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. it is gone by 8:00, 9:00. temperatures will take a nose-dive. the next few days, hotter than average. and then over the weekend this is where the nose-dive comes in mid to low 80s. it is well below normal for this time of year. if you don't like the hot weather you will be a happy camper. temperatures will start out on the mild side. inland areas low to mid50s. and then for your afternoon you can pretty much count on short sleeve weather, sunscreen a necessity. 96 in the south bay in gilroy and 92 san jose. 91 sunnyvale and 95 in los gatos and 91 redwood city, palo alto. 88 in san mateo.
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80 degrees in downtown san francisco. 70s here at the beaches. a good day to hit the beach. in the east bay, mid80s for hayward, oakland and inland spots fine 7 in fairfield and 100 degrees in brentwood. accu-weather seven-day forecast, triple digits tomorrow for the hottest spots. the temperatures do drop a little on friday. it really is a change in the air for the weekend when you are in the low to mid80s. cooler air and maybe a little damp spot here and there on saturday morning. we will keep you pretty much leveled off mid60s to mid80s next week. >> perfect. >> just ahead, a food fight
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if driving on the approach
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to the bay bridge has you pulling your hair out, now is a good reason. a texas a&m study found the bay bridge approach is the worst commute in the bay area. we didn't need to study for that. we knew it was bad. they rank third nationally in time wasted on the commute. try 78 hours a year per commuter. san jose ranks fifth with 67 hours lost every year. >> a different kind of gridlock. in spain 20,000 people turned out for the latest festival where people helped each other with tomatoes in the streets of valencia. 175 pounds of tomatoes were used this year in the hour long battle. the pumpkin spice trend has spread beyond starbucks. the thank youest m and m flavor pumpkin spice latte. fans can get their fix before fall sets in.
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>> something tells me there will be bags of these m&m's. >> it doesn't take much trust to go for chocolate. >> larry beil is off tonight. >> giants in desperate need of a win. the giants sent the ultimate the giants sent the ultimate competitor to the mound. the giants sent the ultimate competitor to the mound. the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom. hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack,
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the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> they needed a win in chicago to keep it going in the west. could they get it done? both out with nagging injuries. how much is a foul ball worth? that's $8.50 worth of garlic fries and this guy has a $10 cold one.
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he gets the ball and now he can drink the beer off his sleeve. the old hubby wife on the first one. lack of communication. a double to the pitcher. he would eventually score. chicago with two in the first. the giants' first batter of the game. headed toward the cove, but needed a few more feet. how good is he? posey learns to hit it where it ain't in the 6th. giants take the lead and wouldn't look back and are two and a halfback of the dodgers. a ace and m's -- a's and m's. it looked like the trend would continue when billy burns took him deep. one run is the average run. he has been great all year, but lit up early.
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four earned runs all season. oakland is unable to recover. felix gets his 15th win of the year. 8-2 the final. justin verlander, just one earned run in his last 29 innings pitched. down the left field line and as johnny mac would say, the chalk blew up. the complete game, one-hit shutout for verlander and detroit blanks l.a. unlike other joint nfl practices we have seen this season the 9ers and broncos are playing nice. at least they did today. the two teams will face-off in denver on saturday night. it is the first of two scrimmage-like practices. peyton manning can rip you apart if he has had a week to study film. that guy will get two looks at the 9er defense before the game. the raiders signing second round pick taylor mays today.
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he arrives in time to enjoy the new workout facility in alameda. like kids in a candy store. >> you go in the morning. you go right there. not only just that stuff and we have first class coaches and all of that, but you see the commitment our organization has in us and the belief we have i us. we are honoredd thankful for that. >> the raiders host arizona on sunday at the coliseum. if we got a new weight room in this place, nobody would be able to get in. it would be packed. >> that's right. especially with all of the chocolate. >> those m&m's. >> abc7 news continues on-line , twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next


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