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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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ve up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a pile of children's clothing sits in the street where two young boys are struck while walking to school. good evening. i'm dan ashley. i'm ama daetz. a 30-year-old san francisco woman was driving drunk when she
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plowed into the kids. they had crossed the street at buchanan and bay streets. >> police are out in force on bay street near buchanan handing out speeding tickets to drivers. many say this stretch is a freeway. >> cars going 40 and 50 miles an hour on this 25 miles an hour zone. >> this morning, this spot the scene of a terrible crash. the woman is led away in handcuffs. she was later charged with dui. she slammed her volkswagen suv into two 12-year-old boys crossing bay street on their way to school. >> what we're looking at here is children lawfully in a crosswalk and were struck as they were crossing the street. >> police say the impact launched the boys into the air. their backpacks, clothes and shoes left scattered in the street. authorities say this box truck was stopped in the right lane to let the boys cross. but the suv driver didn't slow down. >> they were struck as she passed the truck on the left
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side. >> the boys are expected to survive, recovering from their serious injuries at san francisco general. their families by their side. >> i felt horrible about it. >> neighbors are sounding off about the tragedy. everyonee spoke with agrees. cars drive too fast. >> i too have two little boys and i constantly have to worry about their safety, particularly in the morning when these cars are speeding off to work. >> everyone knows it's a dangerous intersection. the police know and they've been trying their best but they're short-handed. >> the boys were walking to marina middle school. counselors are available to students who wants to talk about the accident. some parents say they won't take any chances with their kids walking to school. >> i drop off and i pick up because there's a lot of things going on around here. >> we tried to reach someone at the woman's home for comment but no one answered. in san francisco, cornell bernard, 7 news. a crime spree on the
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university of california merced campus. the suspect was shot to death by police. the university is in the san joaquin valley. here's reporter laura anthony on the scene. >> they heard a commotion in the classroom across the hallway. then they heard screaming. >> reporter: john price's son is a construction worker workthe u heard what he thought was a fight and ran into a classroom. >> the guy came out of the classroom and lunged at him. byron ended up going down on his back. he got stabbed. but he was able to kick the guy in the head. >> somebody walked into the classroom saying we all have to leave. >> students at uc merced tell us they didn't hear anything but knew something was wrong when they were told to leave in the middle of class. >> as we were exiting, i looked around the corner and saw there was someone laying on the floor. all the police were kind much blocking everything off. >> the stabbing started inside the cobb building in library and moved outside.
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some students told us they saw the suspect. it was confirmed he was a student. >> he had a shirt with the hoodie up and it could cover his face. >> the suspect carried a black backpack. he was shot by a campus police officer on the skullers bridge which cuts through the middle of campus. >> we saw the police trying to resuscitate him and bring him back. >> if that officer wasn't in the place he was, i believe there would have been more victims. >> dorothy leland has a message for parents. >> the person who caused this event will no longer be able to cause an eye vent like this in the future. their children are safe here. >> reporter: saying it's an active crime scene, officials canceled classes for tomorrow as well. they're expected to resume on friday. as for the injured, they're described as nonlife-threatening injuries. everyone is expected to recover. in merced, laura anthony, abc 7
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news. flights were halted for a time in san diego today after a standoff on the ground not far from the airport. a man armed with a high-powered rifle was holed up in a building. it started out after a woman called police because she suspected her ex-boyfriend was in her condo. the neighborhood was shut down. two schools put on lock doub as swat officers flooded the area. >> shots fired. barricaded suspect. >> rounds came out from a room or a bathroom in the apartment through a door. nearly hitting the officers. we're talking within inches of hitting the officers. >> all rounds going off. we need -- to get out here safely. >> the faa ordered a full ground stop there with the shooter hunkered down less than a mile from the approach of one of the runways. five hours after the standoff began, police say the suspect was taken into custody. no one was hurt. well, it is still obviously very early in the flu season but the virus has taken its first
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life in california. someone from santa clara county. public health officials will only say the person was between the ages of 18 and 65. very vague obviously and faced a high risk of complications because of a preexisting medical condition. flu dangers increase for people who suffer from asthma, diabetes, heart disease. or a weakened immune system. doctors say a flu shot can save lives. >> it appears that this year's flu vaccine will end up being a good match to the flu. which means if you get it, you'll be more likely to be protected from getting flu. >> another tip for fighting the flu, wash your hands frequently. sacramento police have made an arrest in the attack of air force hero spencer stone. officers arrested james tran of elk grove this morning during a traffic stoep. he's facing attempted homicide charges. stone was stabbed three times on october 8th. he's out of the hospital and recently was promoted to staff sergeant. stone is fortunate he's able to
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walk away from two life-threatening attacks in a matter of months. >> i'm walking away with just some scars and a clean bill of health. i can't be much happier than i am right now. >> stone and two other friends stopped a terrorist attack on a train in france in late august. faculty members at the california state university system voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike. >> i will strike. i will. >> more than 94% of csu faculty approved a measure giving union leaders the power to call a strike. the faculty union and the csu system have been locked in a prolonged labor dispute. faculty members demanded a 5% raise. the state offered 2%. the willingness from members to strike could give csu employees a powerful bargaining chip in negotiations. >> well, maybe a 94.4% strike vote will get their attention.
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>> i just absolutely disagree with the point that i don't care about faculty or support them. i understand the role of faculty. >> a strike could happen in the spring if the union rejects the administration's last best contract offer. more than 500 nurses plan to strike tomorrow at marin general hospital in gren bray. their union, the california nurses association accuses the hospital of understaffing some departments. they've received the highest possible grades for patient safety from a national group the hospital says. more news on this wednesday night. >> i blacked out for a minute and a half. >> two siblings are telling us about an unprovoked beating at great america. also, an abandoned puppy. tonight police are looking for this little guy's owner. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with the weather. >> clear skies out there tonight. clear skies allowing temperatures to cool off rapidly
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for one of the coolest nights we've seen so far this season. the growing pains in oakland. a neighborhood says a school's expansive plan will shrink their
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tackled me. punched me in the face. >> two adults claim they were attacked at a bay area amusement park. they're telling their story only to abc 7 news. it was supposed to be a fun halloween night for a brother and sister at great america in santa clara. they say they were attacked when they objected to people jumping in line. tonight, some are questioning whether the amusement park did enough after this incident. the victims are talking only to abc 7 news reporter david louie. >> 24-year-old quiche a johnson and her 21-year-old brother michael were standing in line at a scary halloween maze saturday night. they spoke up when a group of five cut in line ahead of them. their objection was met with cussing and shoving. then the situation seemed to calm down. >> there was no more complication. the next thing being, i got punched when i wasn't looking. he punched me in the side of the head and knocked me out, first punch. i didn't expect that at all. >> you blacked out for a second?
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>> yes for about a minute and a half. >> two women in the group then turned on the sister. >> they dragged me down, tackled me, punched me in the face. dragged me on the floorment one was kicking me. the other was -- one was holding my hand, the other punching my face over and over nonstop. >> photos taken by the johnsons, you'll see only on abc 7 news, document the beating she took. she had to be treated at a nearby hospital. the other shows the broken blood vessels in michael's eye. the family is unhappy that the great america didn't interview witnesses to help identify the attackers. >> they didn't want to infringe on the enjoyment of the other people and didn't ask any questions. >> they're hoping someone there saturday night will provide police with photos or video of the incident. great america is checking if it has any video. it issued this statement. "we're working with the police department to assist in the investigation". >> it's currently assigned to an investigator in the investigation he is department. we're trying to develop leads.
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>> abc 7 news. a viewer e-mailed to abc 7 news. if you see news where you live, take a photo or video. if you have a tip, e-mail to or contact us on facebook or twitter. take a look at this slid yoe which clearly shows a man police are looking for. he casually walks to the counter of this liquor store with his items and then pulls out a handgun and demands money. information leading to a suspect may be eligible for a cash reward. if you recognize this man, call san jose police. police are looking for whoever left this injured chihuahua in a dumpster on the santa rosa junior college campus last tuesday. college employees found the dog. both front legs were broken. the chihuahua was taken to the animal services center for medical attention.
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he doesn't have a microchip or i.d. tag. some neighbors will challenge a school in oakland seeking permission to increase rollment. the school got the green light from the city to add more students. not until 2021. doesn't want to wait that long. lyanne melendez has the story. >> this is a daily occurrence outside the head royce school in oakland. cars and buses trying to navigate their way down lincoln avenue. >> it's management of students, parents, drivers, transportation. sort of just getting out of hand. >> donna eagan lives nearby and has seen the noise and congestion from her neighborhood get worse. >> been located in this canyon for more than a century. they own the land. slowly but surely the school has grown and in 2006. city hall gave them permission to increase en rolment up to 906 students by 2021.
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they currently have 875. there's a kindergarten tuition fee of more than $23,000 a year and $34,000 for high school. the school doesn't want to wait until 2021 to increase enrollment. >> so we are seeking right now just an acceleration of what has already been approved by the planning commission. >> the school has tried to appease neighbors by asking parents to carpool and abide by the big ten traffic rules, including never parking in the neighborhood. in fact, the teachers have their own parking lot. still, neighbors are asking city hall to come up with a plan to require bus ridership. what happens on a bus ridership is that the kids -- a certain percentage of the kids are required to come and leave by bus. as opposed to single occupancy cars descending on the neighborhood. >> neighbors are concerned because the school purchased additional land across the street. head royce will not say what
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they plan to eventually do with it. ? oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast as we pass midweek. it's absolutely gorgeous. >> like a perfect fall day out there. >> clear skies tonight. going to get chilly. the coolest night we've seen this season. 30s in the north bay. you need to bundle up first thing out the door thursday morning. live doppler 7 hd. the clear skies allow any heat we attain this afternoon to quickly escape. we're talking about a frost advisory. this is monterrey and san bernardino county. this begins in the morning where temperatures here for the first time of the season we'll get into the 30s. they'll protect the plants and bring in the pets. live from the east bay hills camera, gray visibility a clear night out there. temperaturewise, oakland at 50. 52 moup tan view. half moon bay in the mid to upper 40s at this hour. across the bay, the camera showing an equally delightful
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picture. san francisco all lit up. in the 40s north bay. 45 and 40 respectively, napa. fairfield 47. livermore, 48 degrees. the forecast calls for a mainly clear chilly start in the morning tomorrow or dry through saturday, then rain likely sunday evening into monday morning. temperaturewise, you saw the numbers. 40s and 50s much as you step out the door tomorrow morning, you need that jacket. the wider picture shows satellite and radar combined. high pressure, this is why we're clear now. high clouds streaming in for your thursday. a mainly sunny day. this front right here will rise on sunday. future weather, we'll fast forward and jump into the weekend. increasing clouds throughout the day. by sunday, a chance of light showers first thing. really the main event comes late sunday night into monday morning. by monday morning, the monday morning rush once again will feature rain showers. we know how much that messed up
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the commute last monday. might want to pack patience again. it's out of here by monday afternoon. overnight, into the 30s for the north bay. mainly a lot of 40s scattered around. if you're on the water, you'll stay into the low 50s first thing tomorrow morning. highs for your thursday starting with the south bay. 66 san jose. rebound to 67. 66 in morgan hill. 68 cupertino. 67 palo alto. 66 menlo park. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 64. 60 for daley city. after the chilly start in the 30s, the upper 60s. 66 petaluma. 68 santa rosa. 66 for sausalito into the east bay. union city, 66 hercules and 67 fremont. inland a similar story. 68 with 67 antioch. but 66 for san ramon. there's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the sunshine continues on friday into saturday. early morning fog to sunshine.
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then sunday will feature the showers late in the day. going into monday morning again as well. and tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of sunshine out there. we know how the commute was this monday. you might want to prepare again tonight. >> still to come here tonht on abc 7 news at 9:00, a missing crow missing no longer. >> you'll hear from the woman who sparted marley in her backyard. what made her call animal control. abc 7 weather
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someone calling the world's greatest cat painting done in san francisco has sold for nearly a million dollars.
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the work of art commissioned an 1891 by san francisco millionaire kate birds all johnson is of her 42 favorite cats t survived the earthquakes and fire. featured at a world's fair and sent on a tour around the country. an anonymous cat lover shelled out the winning $826,000 bid this week at a sotheby's auction. a beloved crow is back home tonight. it's all thanks to a san jose woman. shirley jones told ans 7 news she noticed wird in her backyard. she called animal control yesterday and the bird turned out to be marley the black crow who was bird napped more than a week ago from the wildlife center of silicon valley. >> i'm glad we were able to help get him back home. didn't save a human but we saved a crow, marley. >> extra security measures have been put in place at the wildlife center. the center says marley lost some weight and was dehydrated. but otherwise is expected to be
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okay. good news. >> yeah. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up, the passenger jet that broke apart in the sky. new intelligence suggests a bomb may have brought it down. >> also the trump campaign answering questions tonight after a tweet goes out showing jeb bush with a sombrero and swastika. the help wanted sign goes out at nasa. what it takes to become an astronaut. stay right here.
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good evening again. we begin this half hour with the midair catastrophe over egypt. >> russian passenger jet broke apart and killed all 224 people
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on board. authorities are saying it was more likely a bomb than mechanical failure. >> britain is halting some flights to egypt. reporter brian ross has more. >> counterterrorism officials tonight say new intelligence makes them believe it was more likely that a bomb, not a mechanical issue brought down the russian jetliner seen in this video taken moments after the crash. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> officials in egypt say investigators are looking for evidence that passengers in the back of the plane may have had injuries from an explosion, including shrapnel in their bodies as an indication where a bomb might have been hidden. alex marquardt of abc news is in cairo. >> officials have been dwoik hit back about any talk of terrorism. the foreign minister calling it premature and catastrophic for egyptian tourism. the analysis of the black boxes has begun here, but the joyce
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recorder was damaged and investigators say a lot more work is needed. >> reporter: an isis connected group operating in the sinai desert said it was responsible. a claim initially disputed by u.s. officials. now the group has become the prime suspect and today it posted a second claim of responsibility. the russian flight left saturday from the sharm el sheikh airport in egypt where today all flights to and from britain were suspended after british officials told abc news they found lax security there. >> they have been working extremely hard to develop explosives that can be smuggled on to an airplane undetected. >> as officials have demonstrated, small amounts of explosives can cause catastrophic damage to an airplane fuselage. >> in milliseconds it would breek apart. >> passenger planes have long been and remain a prime target of terrorists. a bomb brought down pan am
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flight 103 in 1988 killing 270 people. al qaeda has since tried unsuccessfully with bombs hidden in underwear, a shoe and printer cartridges. >> for u.s. authorities, the concern is whether terrorists developed a new kind of ex ples sif that cannot be detected by standard security procedurs. what they call the nightmare scenario. brian ross abc news new york. bombshell findings into the death of an illinois police lieutenant who was found shot to death on duty. they're looking into the death of poli lieutenant joe gliniewicz. they say his death was a carefully staged suicide. the veteran lieutenant had been embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the police explorer's program for youth. he radioed in that he was chasing three suspects, then shot himself twice with his own gun. >> this was the first time as a law enforcement officer in my career that i have felt ashamed
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by the acts of another police officer. >> investigators say gliniewicz used the embezzled money on adult website memberships, airline tickets and mortgage payments. uber driver is now suing a former taco bell executive accused of attacking him in the car. police charged benjamin golden with assault and battery for in. the civil lawsuit asks for damages in excess of $25,000. he told golden to get out of car because he was too drunk to give directions. he apologized for the incidents and is extremely remorseful for what he did. the race for the white house starting with donald trump. he officially filed for primary in new hampshire today while having to answer for this controversial retweet. it takes aim at jeb bush with an image of a sombrero and a swastika. there are new calls tonight for trump to be pulled from his hosting duties. tom llamas is on the campaign
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trail. >> donald trump is still the best show in town. >> to me, it feels like a historic day. >> sling for selfies as he officially files to be on the primary ballot. >> this may be a very, very important signature. or maybe not so important. >> but behind the scenes, his campaign dealing with a pr nightmare after trump retweeted this tweet. adios jeb. aka jose. the tweet included these i am annals, the bush family next to a swastika and jeb in a mariachi outfit. trump prodded himself on his skills. >> i do my own tweets, 90%. >> today his campaign insists they did not see the accompanying image. the it further infuriates hispanic groups. protesting outside the "saturday night live" studios trump host this is week. >> because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and
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total loser. >> carson saying he won't watch him and that hosting snl is not for him. >> i think the presidency is a very serious thing. i don't like making light of it like that. >> trump and carson will meet again next week at the next republican debate and tomorrow will find out who else is on the main stage. new polls show governor chris christie and mike huckabee may not make the cut. tom llamas, abc news. jeb bush is delivering a hopeful -- >> gop presidential candidate jeb bush said today he will not drop out of the presidential race before the iowa us caucuses despite falling poll numbers. jeb bush is plummeting and rubio climbing. you may think twice before you drink your next soda. they followed the drink habits of swedish men over 12 years. those who drank two sweetened beverages a day had a 23% higher
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risk of experiencing heart failure. there's a connectio between soda and heart disease and strokes. no study looked at heart failure. apple is planning another campus that could dwarf the cupertino spaceship under construction. the proposed campus covers 86 acres next to orchard parkway in guadalupe parkway. apple signed a lease on part of the acreage last month. what the company plans to do with it is still unknown. one rumored possibility is for an electric car manufacturing plant. if you think your current iphone screen is too big for your taste, you might have a chance to get a smaller one next year. apple insider reports an iphone with a 4-inch screen could debut along the expected iphone 7. it would be similar to the 5s. soon, you can pick up some vinyl along with the pesticide-free veggies at whole foods next month. the grocery chain will start selling records in oakland. it has been in stock at a number of stores in the l.a. area.
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oakland is the only bay area location for knew that will sell lps. >> remember toes those? >> a moment of zen at work. the new work space that makes
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closing search plants in the united states including a manacturing facility in san leandro. this is a view of the plant from sky 7 hd. thees come after kraft and heinz merged this past summer. 130 jobs will be lost in san leandro. a second location in orange county is also closing. you know, most people sit at a desk.
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but standing desks have become the rage in offices around the country. now a new kind of desk is offeri a third option. as reporter jonathan bloom found out, they're building them here in the bay area. >> this is your desk, the messest one of all? >> yes. >> we visit a lot of startups. they have one thing in common. the desks and the people who never leave them. >> they're code for 15 hours straight and lay down and sleep. >> desks that remind you to stand up, time sitting. time standing. calories burned. >> what we're about to show roberts is something different. >> four programmable buttons. >> it's the at work station. you can use it to stand, sit or -- >> do i lay back fully is. >> yeah. >> cool. >> they call this mode zero g. >> sometimes it's good to stand, sometimes it's good to sit. sometimes it's good to recline. the key is to have the body in
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constant comfort. >> atlantic work is a bay area company manufacturing locally. >> you have your choice. you can choose your desk, your seat back. >> they've received over 600 inquiries about ordering the $3900 work station. >> would gu to work in this thing? >> totally. can we get 500 for the building. >> changing the position you work in. if they catch on, they could change the layouts of entire offices. >> could work like this all day. >> management at the galvanized co-working space is thinking it over. >> the vision of co-working is breaking down the waffles a walls of a cubicle. computers typically obey the laws of gravity. >> whether you're macs, pc. >> you'll be more productive as long as you're not too comfortable. >> probably see everyone in this position taking a nap. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. want to be a part of the first mission to mars?
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nasa announced it's hiring the next generation of astronauts. beginning next months, you can apply to be in the next training class for historic missions like the first trip to mars. the selection process is rigorous. when nasa last put out a call in 2011, is received more than 6100 and only selected eight. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, 43 days and counting to the new star wars movie. the new posters released today with one face conspicuously missing. abc 7 news is now available on news on. a new app that features live and on demand local newscasts for more than 100 tv stations in the u.s. the news on app is free and
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the university of hawaii is trying to figure out why the first satellite launched into space crashed back into earth after liftoff. they suspect the rocket failed. it was carrying 13 satellites when it changed course and plummeted back to earth. the satellites were designed to take images of earth to provide data on global warming. >> disney and lucas films unveiled a series of new posters for the upcoming star wars movie. eave one features a character from the film, like this one with harrison ford. others are holding their weapon the choice. but missing from the series is mark hamill's luke skywalker. j.j. abrams says it's no accident. we have to wait to see how. the force awakens hits theaters on december 18th. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> the plot thickens. for those who can't get enough star wars, there's a waffle maker that makes death star
9:47 pm
shaped waffles. how cool is that. although the death star is usually filled with storm troopers, you can fill yours with maple syrup. >> good one. christmas around the corner. time for one last check on the weather. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here. >> remember who loves waffles, guys. >> christmas gift there. live doppler 7 hd. a dry picture. if you like the cool weather we're having, looks like at least through mid month. temperatures are forecasted to be a little below normal for the western half of the country. the eastern half, on the contrary, warming up nicely through november 14th. take note of that. the wider picture shows tracking a cold front through the middle of the country. bit of a showery day. 82 new orleans. florida was warm. warm at 85. near record highs there. 70s along the coast. back to the west, you see a little bit of snow shower near great falls. otherwise quiet here in california. northern california, mainly cloudy. 63 sacramento.
9:48 pm
74 palm springs. notice tomorrow, a nice day. temperatures topping out in the 60s across the bay area. the seven-day forecast shows you we're quiet through saturday and our next chance of rain sunday night into monday morning. >> very good. >> waffles. >> got you thinking. >> thanks, drew. tennis star serena williams is telling abouter encounter with a phone thief in san francisco. she included a picture of herself. she was eating at a chinese restaurant when a guy grabbed her phone and took off. she leaped up, chased him off and asked if she accidentally took the wrong phone. her message to everyone, listen to your superhero voice. >> don't mess with serena. joe lakip told a magazine that his fiance slept with liar i o'brien the night they won the championship. he said he made a promise to
9:49 pm
himself that he would sleep with the trophy. as for what happened next, lakip said leave that to your imagination. they did say they had a lot of fun with it. >> this is a family show. >> larry is is here. changes things a little bit. that was mean. i know. >> you read something there, too. >> i happened to have -- oh, my goodness. mike shumann super bowl rings? >> no, it is not. >> nice. the warriors, they gave out rings tonight. they meet up with the arch-rival clippers. clippers. been quiet in t
9:50 pm
clippers. been quiet in t it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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coming up tonight at 11:00. city hall chaos. abc 7 news reporter allen wong tweeted this video from alameda as the debate over rent control turned into pandemonium.
9:53 pm
a live report coming up. threat of el nino has bay area homeowners making roof repairs. we'll find out about the sticker shock facing consumers. those stories and more at 11:00 on channel 7. >> having trouble lifting his right arm for some reason. >> this is nice. >> nice. >> little bling. >> this isn't nearly as big as the actual ring. >> the players' rings are like -- they're gargantuan. can't wear those things. just look at them. the warriors are defending nba champs. the clippers think they could have beaten golden state last year. in a battle of unbeatens. this little thing. ring night at oracle as the first 10,000 fans received replica championship rings. steph curry on his first shot of the night. couple of piggyback fouls.
9:54 pm
shawn livingston comes in. they don't miss a beat. festus ezeli. gets it up and down. mo speights. the lead was up to 17. ezeli, look at the hammer there. he puts it on the deck to clear space. l.a. fights back. chris paul, two of his 20 first-half points. blake griffin, clippers up 81-79. josh smith for a three. the clipper lead was at eight. warriors come back six minutes left as they head down to the wire in a close one. 98-95 clippers. knicks and cavaliers. derrick williams inside. without a party. lebron will show you how it's done. the steal. and the slam. then down the lane. lebron for 23. cavs win. they're 4-1. to the nfl and blaine gabbert
9:55 pm
will start for the 49ers sunday against atlanta. whether colin kaepernick ever starts again for the red and gold, very much in doubt at this point. abc 7 news mike shumann talked with the niners about where the team is heading. >> i made a decision to go with blaine gabbert this week. it was a tough decision with all those decisions are tough. that's the direction we need to go. jim tomsula made his decision. cleared it with the general manager and thinks it's beneficial for the team and colin kaepernick. >> i want colin to step back, breathe and look at things through a different lens. >> blaine gabbert is 5-22 in 27 career starts. he's not started a game since 2013. but he thinks that sitting back and watching has helped his game. >> all quarterbacks want to have long careers. there's going to be ups an downs, bumps in the road. at the same time, you got to keep pushing forward. you never know when the opportunity is going to be. >> is this a one-game audition for gabbert? >> no.
9:56 pm
i'm taking it the chance to go out there and just prove to this team what i can do. >> his teammates have been behind their new quarterback and they'll do what they can to help blaine be successful. >> what's gabbert bring to the table? >> from what i've seen here, he's comfortable in the offense. he's confident and can make every throw. working hard. even as of late see what he does. >> confident player. determined. good leader in the huddle. good commander this he's under center and calling the plays and making things happen. excited to see him work. >> how is colin kaepernick taking his demotion? >> colin has been great. i wouldn't expect him to be any other way. we have a great quarterback room. the dynamic between us is wonderful. it's going to continue to be that way. >> reporting in santa clara, mike shumann, abc 7 news sports. going from a 2-6 niner team
9:57 pm
to the undefeated bropg owes. as you can imagine, he's smiling these days. davis spent a decade in red and gold. he joined in the mike singletary era when things were bad. he's been a tagt target for the jim harbaugh niners. he can still make good plays but it became impossible to succeed given all of the 49ers woes. >> if you look at san francisco, look at the year when i started to drop off and what happened with the team? what happened with the team? >> they started to fall off. there were so many things going on, so much turmoil. >> not having success. chances are, i'm not going to have success. that's what it is. look at them now. they've only won two games. >> and a fun random moment from broncos practice today.
9:58 pm
this is linebacker von mail miller and loving being by himself. whip and nene. >> they play the colts on sunday. sdmiefrjts for years the raiders have been the dysfunctional team in the bay area. you compare them to the 49ers, like the franchise that has it together. carr one of the key building blocks. the franchise quarterback. got play makers like amari cooper and michael crabtree around him. the 4-3 raiders visit the steelers. it will tell us if the raiders are a playoff contender and carr loves the positive vibe around the silver and black. >> i can tell on this side of the bridge, there's always been that expectancy, everybody was waiting for it to burst. you can start to see that around town. you see it when you go out to eat and you start to see it at the gas station. you just see it, man. it's cool to be a part of it. >> you start to see is around time when violator comes up on you as you're getting gas.
9:59 pm
that's one of the fans. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota and just in the time i've been yapping, the warriors have taken the lead. 103-101. the clippers with about four minutes left. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we'll see you in one hour.
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