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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 12, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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good evening i'm dan ashle ashley. >> i'm amma dates we are going to begin with frantic effort in oakland where firefighters are trying to rescue a worker trapped in a trench that caved in. >> it has been going on for hours. it's happening on this map on 21 uingt avenue on east 23rd street not far from high land hospital. >> 7 news reporter alan wong is on the phone. he's at the scene and what can
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you tell us about the situation right now? >>reporter: well, amma, this has been going on for almost nine hours and crowd of neighbors have been anxiously waiting for the victim's head to pop out of the trench but so far no luck. oakland firefighters have been trying to rescue the man buried up to his waist in a trench that collapsed around him about 12:30 this afternoon. the victim identified as 4 41-year-old man worked for star rooter and plumbing and he was trying to get a sewer lean on east 23rd home to the main sewage pipe under the street. but the main sewage pipe was buried so deep they had to dig a long narrow trench 13 feet down. fire official tells us the built from plywood to hold back the wall of that trench. now the soil has consistency of sand which is making it very difficult to hold back. that's why they are using a street clean tore vacuum the dirt out of the trench while
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they dig. now at this point rescue workers are concerned about the victim's circulation because all of that pressure from the dirt is squeezing his lower extreme. >> temperature dropping out here so he's probably getting cold down there. which is why rescue workers are anxious to free him from this trench. again it's still going on out here almost nine hours after that trench collapse. >> we understand it's very tricky and that the sand the nature of the soil is very difficult. but it's hard toy manual that it could take nine hours to free him when they had him free and clear basically from the waist up. can you give us some idea of exactly why they captain screws pull him out at this point. >>reporter: that's the question we have been all been asking but these people have been so busy trying to get him out. what we can only assume is that each time they try to remove the dirt it keeps collapsing back around him. so what they have is they have
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a set of pulley and ropes one attached to him. they have as you can see there's a yellow rope and blue rope. those are attached to a pulley above on the fire engine crane up there and holding two of the rescue workers down there trying to help him. now once we see firefighters begin to gather around that orange rope, that's when we believe they are goingn to hoist the victim@6t of the hole. but do it. but apparently&y item just/ been really difficultu< and the groud isy collapsing aroundb him. >> alanf, t=i know it's goingt.n for nine hoursl8. no n'mjuáp)iy indication anything ó is imminet but do y$h$ave any sense that,c they are even close at this point6nfv this poor %nr is stuck for nines for all of the factors you53 mentioned become ago lifee 1% very least causing permanent damage.
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>>reporter: exactly dan. you know about half an hour ago we talked to firefighters. gather around the orange rope wept back down in the hole. started digging some more.8t also seeing cutting piece of wood. almos> awful he has been stuck so long. other top story tonight it's beginning to rain in the north bay once again. >> yes. this is the first of the series of storms. let's switch now to sandhya
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live doppler 7hd. >>reporter: yes. we are seeing light rain falling right now in the north bay. wednesday are picking up. let me show you live doppler 7hd and i'll take you in closer to where the moisture is situated not all is reaching the ground but as i take you into the santa rosa area street level radar south santa rosa north point parkway we are seeing some very light returns. trace amount sov@ far. 100 inch in ukiah and eureka more moderate rain is falling. right now when you look at the win it is pecking up gusting to 23 out of the south. san carlos seeing the wind gus gust. san francisco. shakey camera from the sutro tower as we see the winds increasing. rating storm this winter from one to 5. on our storm impact scale this one coming in is a two. moderate strength storm. tonight through tomorrow morning half inch to inch of rain for the wet east location locations. wind gust 35 to 40 miles an hour and here's a look at the time line where basically looking terrain spreading overnight tonight with an
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increase in the wind. hour by hour time line taking in to the messy morning commute and beyond is coming right up. i have all the details. dan. >> okay sandhya thanks very much. for the moment the raiders are staying put. >> nfl owner allow the ram to move to los angeles and the chargers will have one year to decide if they will also move there. >> for more on all of this the decision and raiders response we are joined by larry. not a huge surprise they are not moving but certainly a relief. >> it's temporary relieve at least from the raid perspective. agony for ram fans and forth chargers you don't know what is going to happen at least not a this moment but the ram move to l.a. gives the chargers a chance to move to l.a. and leaves the raiders back in oakland for the momentment when the day began the nfl relocation committee supported raiders and chargers in joint stadium in carson. but that deal was scrapped in favor of stan's plan to build
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in inglewood so the ram leave st. louis. play in the l.a. coliseum until the new stadium done projected for 2019. chargers can join the ram in inglewood giving san diego one more 84 to try to get a new stadium built down there if the to good to l.a. éa then z>e÷ well, we initzlly were trying to9n get something done n oakland)q. pan out. . there's$ an option.áz  to be thevv second team, that÷ goes to the raiders to be thn the mean time7 we look forqu a
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home-.[w st. louis is@3u if our4% interest. >>8 san diegobh had the6l team t nowñs. >> what if they leave would t]u go to san francisco. >> i'll not if and/or but but we'll think about what we are doing here in the near future. >> would you stay in oakland. >> yes@4 we would. >> san antonio even a possibility. >> america the world is a possibility for the raider nation. >> that was laura anthony who was trying to tighten the vice on mark davis not giving up any other cities that were really explaining his intentions at this point but oakland dodged a huge bullet with today's decision. perhaps it's only a stay of execution. they gave leverage now to get stadium built in the respective city. leaves l.a. as possible destination in partnership with the ram now up to oakland mayor shaft to come up with a deal that will satisfy the raiders in the next year. also the a's by the way who
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want to build a baseball only facility in oakland at the coliseum because they share the facility right now. it's good news for raider fans. for now what mark davis really wants is he wants land. he wants all the land i think 120 acres or something like that in the coliseum area that exists right now then the question is where do you put the egg in the a downtown stadium who is paying for this he wants the whole thing. >> yes the whole thing. right. really we know that they are here for another year. >> maybe oakland bought a lottery ticket that would pay for it. >> that would do it. president obamajf took on his critic&g in his seventh)q andl state of teo union address tonight. andjé he didn't shy ay from addressing the candidateét seekinbng(t to fòow8/@ç him. we are in washington top with more. >> the president of the united states. [applause]. >>reporter: making his way up
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the house chamber aisles for last state of the unit address president obamanq called for moñ civility in politics. can we make our politicsj what is best in us and not what is worse? ryan the president focus his message on the future sake the country must figure out how to adjust to changing economy. to tackle climate change and to fight terrorism. >> if this congress is serious about winning this war and want to send a message to our troopsq and the worldt, authorize the use of military force against isil. take a vote. >>reporter: but republicans challenge the president. >> the president's record has often fallen far short of his soaring words. >>reporter: g.o.p. response from south carolina governor healy also included a swipe at donald trip. it can be tempt to go follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation.
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>>reporter: it was among the points of agreement that president also referencing the heated rhetoric in the campaign for his successor. >> we need to reject any politic, any politic that targets people because of race or religion. this is not a matter of political correctness. >>reporter: president joke >>reporter: presideabbecause tl to get back to iowa.tomorrow her with stops in nebraska and louisiana. on capitol hill, abc news. we have much more ahead fora you on this tuesday night. coming up. new details on decade old case case. why police are areing the case of fremont teen who disappeared in 19 82. >> youth soccer club hoping to keepl) using the field during te úpáu(erbowl justbá got its act what the judge decided. >> sandhya will be right back with the rainy fo
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harnesses on him. we'll keep you updated on our sites. >> more than 3 decades. >> after the disappearance of 14-year-old fremont boy the case is now back open. detectives need your help to solve it. iimx1-qgiqdawtv. >>reporter: for neighbors here a mystery that remaebs unsolve unsolved. >> you wonder did something bad happen to#ç him. it makes you start thinking all over. >>reporter: sharlene recalls 1982 when her neighbor, 1 14-year-old daniel naylor allegedly ran away from home family member. she was among those who searched for daniel in the months that followed. >> every time we thought we had something, you know, it didn't pan out. >>reporter: authorities in folsom thought they had spotted daniel but dna test showed the man they found was nothing more than a look alike. >> if he came forward and said i'm okay. that would be really great. it would allow to us close this case. however, we don't have that. 'h fremont police sy
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they reopened the case last summer after an investigators noticed inconsistency#x in the original report. >> we started looking at it and right away we started thinking to ourselves something just doesn't seem right here. >>reporter: gb two week ago thy execute add search winter to dig up the back yard of daniels's childhood home now own the by another relative. search came up empty. neighbors are glad to see something is being done after all these years. >> everybody wants an answer. some people think he was kille killed. and some people think that he just ran away. >>reporter: in the mean time, detectives hope that any one with the slightest bit of information will step forward help abc 7 news. it is still a mystery. bart policev andal immediate county coroner having a tough time identifying a bart passenger shot to death aboard a train. that man died after another man opened fire when the train arrived at the west oakland station saturday evening. shooter took off running and bart police are still looking
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for him and the murder weapon. in oakland firefighters uncover suspected meth lab inside the jack london inn on embarcadero hazardous materials were there after firefighters reported fire early this afternoon. 3 hotel employee we know to the hospital. complained of headaches. man found inside the room was also rush to the hospital. judge has cited with the nfl in a youth soccer legal battle over the soccer field ins santa clara. we were overhead where the league is building a media center for soup well 50 taking place next door at levi stadiu stadium. they wanted a judge to issue an injunction to brock the nsl. the earthquake offered to let the prayers use practice field and by stadium instead. we have a lot of rainy days ahead. i show you live doppler 7hd and we'll talk about where it is raining at this home.
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ukiah reporting some very light rain. we have showers right around santa rosa and i take you in a little bit closer here along the coast line we are seeing light returns from highway 1 and positive diego a bay and street level showing you that it is with to put few sprinkles. temperatures in the 50's and 60's really mild for most of you except 49 in brentwood. cloud cover there south wind is keeping it mild and there is a shakey camera from our east bay hills. we have good visible. rain wind spread overnight tonight. messy cute tomorrow morning and wet pattern into next week. this storm is a two. moderate. between two and message rain is expected. with the heaviest in the north bay. gust 35 to 40 miles an hour and a.p:÷vtp >ok with the wingl and burial pecking(zt% stronger asb6 the night goes onó
9:19 pm
system comes on board.ké thesx rest seeingdf you in 3:00 a.m.k don't be surprisedty if the wind wicks you up or hear the pitter patter of rain drop.b= start of the real rush hour.m fire you you have wet roadway:ñ still going and of course the wipers on full speed so it is going to be a bit difficult driving around. things'[ ease up a little bit showers around for 7:00 a.m. 8:00 o'clock when you might take your kids to school. it is going to be wet out ther there. noon time just scattered showers sunny break we see a few showers still going in at 5:00 p.m. 10:00 o'clock still notice a few more showers tomorrow rain totals will be about half inch to an inchkn and the wettest north by locations but you will notice san francisco almost half inch than quarter in an afternoon in
9:20 pm
livermore. winds will increase 43 at point raes. flex at half moon bay. 11:00 o'clock tonight we see the winds going into the morning or hopefully you are sleeping at this but at 5:00 a.m. still looking at over 30 miles per hour wind in some spots. they do ease up a bit at 8:00 a.m. still breezy. still wet you know how it goes it's a morning rushing and the it's going to be a she going commute. wednesday 1:00 a.m. to thursday midnight 6 to 12 inches expected about 5000 feet. highest peak could see 18 inches of snow with this syste system. you can see what some of these areas are going to pick up over the next 24 hours as far as tomorrow morning is concerned it is going to be a sloppy morning commute. plan accordingly you will need the extra time. to low 50's in the afternoon. scattered showers sunbreak temperatures run lower than today. low 50's around lake port.
9:21 pm
down towards the south bay and upper 50's. low 60's around on our storm impact scale its one storm after another. tonight from tomorrow 1 for thursday afternoon rain. friday it's going to be in between systems so we have light rain around. saturday a one. wet day sunday at night a chance of rain into martin luther king jr. that looks like stronger winds lingering into tuesday and dan. >> okay here we go. thanks. up next on 7 news at 9:00. oakland kicks off birthday festivities. >> we are here to celebrate this man famous. >> one ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands
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. frightening and disgusting moments for petaluma security
9:25 pm
guard after she fell into an 8 foot pit full of chicken waste. it happened at the processor on indicator lane. she was making her rounds when she fell through a grate covering. below was a slew of chicken parts and fooes feces. quickly started to sink in the stuff if you can imagine. she called 911 before ditching the phone and holding on with both hand. firefighters arrived minutes later and pulled her out. >> call it vein or just plane crazy but fugitive in ohio certainly has a lot of attitud attitude. drunk driving suspect skipped his court appearance so police release add mug shot of him to get help tracking him down. well, the he hated the mug shot so much he sent police another photo of himself sitting in a car with sunglasses on. it included a note significant here's a better photo. that one is horrible t.either way he was arrested this morning. >> probably got a new mug shot taken. 7 news was in oakland today where there was a very special birthday celebration for author and local boy jack london.
9:26 pm
balloons. party hat adorn the statue of the author who substance bearing his names in 1876. 1 40 years ago he grew newspaper oakland spending considerable time on the waterfront including at the first and last chance saloon which is still open great grand-daughter on hand for today's festivities. >> legacy is i'm proud of. legacy of being rue main. of loving people. having faith in people and terms the brotherhood of man. >>reporter: oakland plans a series of event in the come month to hover london who died 1 a classic call of the wild and white fang. >> update on the breaks news in oakland where they work hours to free a man trapped in a trench. u.s. naval vessels with and what the iran are saying. >> young american murdered in
9:27 pm
>> young american murdered in
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and we want to keep you updated on the breaking news. the effort to free a man tra trapped in a trench. we are live over the scene. this is in east oakland. independent contractor was working on a sewer line when the trench around him collapsed. this was at about 12:30 this afternoon. he's been stuck this entire time. we are told he fell about 10 feet and is trapped with dirt up to his knees. just minutes ago we saw a firefighters being pulled up from the trench. the contractor9 though was still trapped and of course is getting late. he has beenñi in there for hour. temperatures dropping and now rain is moving in that's not going to help the situation in terms of the dirt ó$su" around hip. we will continue to update you
9:31 pm
the latest on the rescue at 11:00 on channel 7 and come wac immediately if it e happens during the hour. >> two u.s. yt naval vessels and nearly a dozen sailors held by iran. cnn reported they are expecting released in an hour and a half. they were persian in the gulf when picked up. martha has the story. >> tonight those 10 sailors remain in the hand of the iranian. revolutionary gave according to i trying to move the snooping. two small navy vessels with the sailorsmb on board were transpitting between experienced a mechanic can pro prop. with both then possibly drifting into iranian territorial water near force
9:32 pm
island. according to issues the ashuns have begin that the sailors will be able to continue the journey once the sunrises. this is reaching out to i ran can youther part to regular. incidents with iran have exacerbated tensionmm in the already tense persian gulf region last month as the aircraft carrier was entering the gulf iran i don't know live fire east cushion just 1500 yards away. of the summer u.s. officials claim iranian targeted u.s. ships and helicopters with laser devices in 2007 i ran early morning process to reless them claiming they entered their territorial water. >> of course realizes with iran have improved because of the
9:33 pm
historytor is deal but in till the sailors relessed on their way tension remains. there is trouble on the campaign trail for hillary clinton tonight. new numbers show that bernie sanders pulled ahead in iowa and in the hawk eye state another battle brewing between the hopeful, trump and cruise all this less than 3 week away from the iowa caucuses. lauren lisa has details. >>reporter: on the campaign trail hilary clinton with reality check. >> we are getting into that period before the caucus that i kind of call the let's get real period. >>reporter: 20 days until the caucus in awe what you proud front returner to new poll senator sanders has a slight lead in iowa for the first tim time. >> somebody thatf the inevitabe candidate for the nomination
9:34 pm
may not be so inevitable today another clinton making her way among we have and sanders will disang also republican hopeful cruz facing off against protestors2not once. sir would are you? >>reporter: but twice. this is not your stage. >>reporter: cruz lagged far behind donald trump in new they are n.a dead heat in iowa where truck campaigned today. >> i love iowa. >>reporter: trump sending a work to rivalh) on television 2 of the next g.o.p. prime time debate thursday saying if any one attack it's first los angeles. >> syrian man with tie to the islamic state is believed to be responsible for deadly attack in turkey.
9:35 pm
it appears at least 9 of those killed were german citizens. another 15 people were hurt. mexico attorney general is office between them el chapo guzman and shawn pen and k;'# castillo and she brokered a meeting between now this biopi biopic. penn interview with gust man on saturday after he was cop the expert say there's the ground to pass growth unless money]i or gifts6 changedoé police. >>b policei,dwm who call an amn woman in nraerns, l.a. pev new from her final hour. >> the president cuetors in the of saying she could have been strangled to death with a thin cord or chain but who killed 35-year-old ashley olson. her friend discovered her body. they had a fight days earlier.
9:36 pm
but he says he has an alibi. understoodx0 the signs of 61 he feel. not is the where she was seen alive. the phone 0which foam is show the inside of a nrerps bar. olson left here around three or foñ am early friday morning. ten minutes from her apartment where her body was difficult covered. >> whoever did this to help i help to they get to brings that of northern american. amanda knocks found guilty of dig british meredith this murder is handle by the same detective who initially ran the investigation in the case. which was heavily criticized but tonight also friends family are her. >> next challenge for space x
9:37 pm
is this weekend when the company tries to land a rocket up on follow 3 failed attempts. landing rocket up right is crucial to setting the cost of space travel since the rocket can be reused. sky over florida will be very busy this year. space x planned about 20 one man rocket launch permission international state unit. we have 12 machines frome1 the came in saint including mit government satellite. >> that's remarkable. >> stolen of take at dan this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch,
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suspected thief caught onwú video with someone el's luggage at the airport has passengers the incident comes as tens of ÷táuáp'ds are expected to fly to the bay area for superbowl 50. here's david louie. >> the feeling of being violated. somebody has my clothes and my personal items. >>reporter: graphic artist is still feeling uneasy after her luling annual was stolen from baggage claim at san jose airport. her bags arrived 4 hours ahead of her because of missed flight connection. there they are in photo sitting next to the carrousel. police tell her the man seen here is the suspect who took them. >> pull them off to the side and set them inside the building acknowledge office but apparently not this time e-now she's filling out forms seeking compensation from united air liens.
9:42 pm
this list from just one bag totals 2500 dollars. compensation is capped at 3500 dollars for domestic fl)lf@ñtúi per passenger. it's about half that for international flights. jamie can't remember any one ever checking her baggage claim tag. >> they give it to me but i keep it but i don't think any one looks at it. >> what goodies it. >> you are right. scary. >>reporter: veronica wants to warn fellow passengers especially with the crowds flying in for the superbowl. >> passengers need to be aware that this is a problem in san jose. and that they need to get to the baggage claim as quickly as possible and if they do miss their flight to have somebody pick up their bags. >>reporter: people do get separated from their bags. one time kelly moore bag got to san diego two hours before she did. unit the has returned 50,000 losttó bag to passengers this pastiñ year. it said it works closely with airports on security but can'tç' discuss details. in san jose, david louie 7 new news.
9:43 pm
into the middle seat open the flight and wish could you swap with somebody else there's an app for. that this will allow passengers to offer up the prime seat for a price. other passengers can use the app to search their flights and see what is available. app will take care of the credit card transaction. the creators believe it's useful for people who want to help pay for the ticket and don't mind giving up a window seat or sitting next to a crying baby. >> the worst when stuck in the back. coming up next& at 9. we check in with sandhya on the series of storms coming)ñ in. >> power ball fever is getting hotter than ever. hotter than ever. new jackpot up for grabs.
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sewer.z line.i(% sky 7 hd live over the scene in east oakland. it's gone on for hours. on the line when the trench collapsedud on him this afternoon. we are told he fell aboutlk 10 feet and is trapped in dirt up to his knees. he's alert and talking to emergency crew but again thinks going on for then hours. cold. rain is coming. fought good. they need to get him out. make sure to bring you the latest at 11 over on channel 7. all right. moving open to the power ball jackpot which is come up tonight. it's reached the montrust level of 1.5 billion dollars. the payment after taxes of 5 61 million dollars is larger than 5 other jackpot in u.s. lottery history. kind of shot you have to win. lindsay breakdown the odd. >> power ball jack pot now so
9:48 pm
big in beverly hills one of america wealthiest neighborhood even the rich are trying to get richer. >> housekeeper they come an buy a couple hundred for their boss like today this morning two girls come and buy 400 dollars for the boss. >>reporter: wealthy have sor÷ stiff competition tonight6ó. with the restuof us leaning up in droves/í. last year alone americans spent more than 67 billion dollars on lottery tickets. that's about spend more on lottery tickets than sports tickets, books video gaels, music moviel combine.n[ 1m in two ncaa million odd of winning that's putting the nameñ of every american into a bowl. bowl much larger than this one and still somehow managing to pull out your own name. lindsay davis abc news new yor york. >> could happen. >> yes. >> use the 7 fuss app to typhoon out the power ball number the instant they are picked. unable push alert to get those instant notifications. 1.5 billion that's
9:49 pm
staggering. >> it is. all right let's talk about the weather. more storms coming in. >> that's right. sandhya has the latest for us. >> yes. take ag5 lock at this live doppler 7hd we see santa rosa area seeing very light showers up towards winds or highway 101 and as we take you in and around petaluma and rohnert park and old redwood highway we are seeing light rain as well. the intensity and stinson peach and likely seeing pockets of moderate rain as the night goes on and going 52 the morning commute. a lot of grown on the screen here across the rest of the bay area. mostly moisture up in the cloud but don't be surprised if you see a few sprinkle. heavy rain will come in later on tonight. snow in the mountains. 36 tahoe. 42 yosemite heading to los angeles 65 degrees tomorrow and as you look at the bay area high pressure we are in the mid 50's to the low 60's for most of you scattered showers for your wednesday. rain fall intensity for santa rosa, will pick up you notice
9:50 pm
here in the wee hours of the morning and then you take a look at the january calendar. rain chances. it's a very wet next couple of weeks. we keep the rain chances in the forecast beyond the accu-weather 7 day forecast. the chances extended forecast can change as you know. the 7 day forecast two on the storm impact scale on wednesday and saturday we add another system in for sunday. stay tune. >>"l all right we will.iú >> thank you. jr all right. let's talk a little bit more about the big raiders decision. >> larry has the latest. >> a lot of wheelingif and dealing going on. big time lottery. to use mark davis own deal raiders came in third in a 3 team race. not going to l.a. for now. not going to l.a. for now. black hole relocating any time
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. our breaking news from oakland where a frantic rescue effort continues to save a man trapped in a trench. ongoing as we speak a live update from the scene.
9:54 pm
>> south bay deputy finds himself on the other side of the law. drive through disturbance leading to his arrest7t. >> those stories and more come >> those stories and more come up at 11 over on channel 7 >> a lot hanging in the balance for the raiders and fans. >> a little tense today. larry is here high level stuff going on. >> a lot of people in l.a. thrilled. there's agony in st. louis for people that loft team for 21 years. see it gone. charger fans don't know what to think right now but nfl football will return to los angeles future home of the rai raiders still remains murky of billionaire brass knuckle and owner choose between loyalty and money. you want to guess which way they went. old guard owners like bob and jerry they wanted to6ññ.k protet dean who owns the chargersu!. they have owned it for decade. wanted to make sure he didn't iced out of los angeles.dn't $u$e carson plantv this morning. the other side with stan who
9:55 pm
owns the raméé and they prefer the inglewood plan looked like better!ñ financial deal on pape. davis doesn't have financial clout nor the healthy of the old guard owner so he was along for the ride in the whole thin thing. sdeing the ram would move to l.a. chargers have the option to join them in 2016 and if the chargers do not move then the raiders they can go to inglewood and partner up with the ram down there. >> this is not a whip for the raiders today but at the same time i'm really happy for stan and the ram going to inglewood. want to congratulate the mayor of inglewood, mayor butts good friend of mine and we'll see where the raider nation ends up here. we'll be working really hard to find us a home. for our fan and everything else, don't feel bad. we'll get it right. >> one year reprieve and you presume they will sten the coliseum lease and back in
9:56 pm
oakland for another season. shark suddenly gotten hot. scored 12 in the last 2 games and good times going in winnipeg. alex the start. he played well. first period here takes a shot off the mask. 22 saves on 23 shot. score less game under 5 to pla play. miss happened. here comes chris and short handed goal. 1 nothing san jose later in the speed he's denied but joe thornton following up. knocks it in. to the third and it's a two man advantage for team seal. lights the light. all star with 22 of the secretary would empty the it would seal it for the sharks won straight 3. warriors they are in the midst of 5 games and 6 night and there is at least some discussion about resting green
9:57 pm
listed as questionable in tomorrow night's game on injured his playuhíó on the sed stay in the green. he's played in all 39 games this season. curry says the warrior staff is constantly monitoring minutes in a long regular season. >> probably going to be a case by taste basis. they have already asked how i felt about it and input on by body and where i'm at and i'll be playing i'm sure conversation with other guys. i know for the most parta> baseballs! world loss today n and off the field. hall of famer passed awayñ& at
9:58 pm
able knicksfr at had home in houston. he ving one of the first ever jr' american plp interest great mainly league baseball and served as many players including the great will ncaa nerves. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks larry. >> we do have one last update now on the rescue that is going on in oak land to free a man trapped in a 10 foot surline was over the scene in east oakland. he felt and he's@2 alert and talking to emergency crew with you again it's been over nine hours since he's been down there and getting colder. rain is moving in. and they were concerned at some point that the weight and pressure from the dirt around the at that time moving very, veryhm we'll continue to follow this story over on channel 7 and always on 20's.
9:59 pm
that's it for us now thanks for >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in an hour. >> news continues facebook with our abc 7 news app. have a great evening. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. >> goodbye for now
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