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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>>. zika virus is in northern california. new details. what makes this part of the capitol toxic to people working inside? >> is this a green light? it's the absence of a yellow light. >> impact the federal decision could have on the people who see google's self driving cars as hive-changing technology. president obama is on his way to california, expected to arrive in less than two hours, the trip could have more meaning than ever before. good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm aum ra dates. >> i'm dan ashley. california's primary coming so
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that our votes rarely help decide the nominees. >> this year, it could be different. we're live with chris nguyen on more with the trip. >> reporter: good evening, political analysts say it could be a while before nominations are finalized. the president will be here for a fund-raiser tomorrow. this, behind me is one of the roads leading up to the host of one of those events. the police department has already set up signs alerting neighbors they cannot park on this street for much of tomorrow. >> it's back to the bay area for the commander in chief. the president visited dozens of times during his terms in office, but tomorrow, it will be about raising money. >> your high tech folks are willing to give a lot of money to the democratic national committee. >> reporter and abc7 news analyst carla marinucci says
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california's primary votes can matter this year. >> the more the $38 million in california will have a say on the republican side. >> reporter: david wills is looking ahead. >> i think things are different. i think people are concerned about their whole family and the money they make and how far that money will go to support families. >> reporter: this g.o.p. candidate for u.s. senate says the longer the season goes, the better for california. >> on the issueses that are important, it will be helpful to have candidates. whether republicans or democrats spending time here in california and learning those issues. >> reporter: president obama will attend a afternoon fund-raiser to pay down the cost
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of 2012 reelection campaign. prices range from $250 to $25,000 a ticket. the dnc expects 450 people to attend. president obama is due to alive in southern california tonight. health officials confirm the first case of the zika virus. the patient traveled to an infected country. >> sometimes, a fever, a rash after traveling to one of those countries. that is when it was acquired. officials told a congressional committee have linked zika to the birth defect
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mikocephaly. >> right now, most important thing for americans to know is this. if you're pregnant, we recommend you not go to a place where zika is spreading. if you're pregnant and live in an area where it is spreading do everything to protect yourself against mosquito bites. the number of confirmed zika cases in the u.s. stand at 66. he says the cdc is working to get more information about the virus, which is spread by mosquitos. the former owner of a north bay slaughter house was sentenced to a year in prison for a tainted beef scheme. he ran the rancho feeding slaughter house in petaluma, admitting to selling meat from condemned and uninspected cattle. the slaughter house is now under new ownership.
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a police chase from east oakland and to emeryville, with the driver being arrested in berkeley. sky 7 hd was in the area as deputies and officers took the driver into custody, peacefully. police say the man drove into six cars, including two police cars. one woman was hurt. tonight, san francisco's police chief will present a draft proposal to arm police with tasers but the police officers' association unexpectedly introduced it's own proposal. this issue resurfaced following the deadly shooting of mario woods by police officers in the bay view neighborhood. is this politics as usual? >> reporter: it seems to. the union is telling everybody if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right and it's
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going to cost a lot of money. now, protestors are at about six demanding tasers be used. >> the chief is ready to make them push for tasers but the surprise was a proposal regarding members. the first of the union's conditions is to arm every officer with tasers as soon as possible. >> we want those officers first to be trained in crisis intervention and want radio cars to have an automatic external defibrilator available. >> reporter: on the other hand it's believed the police officer is proposing to train a few at a time. arming everyone of them in a short period will cost an enormous amount of money. >> it will take training and a lot of money to train officers but it needs to be done, now.
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>> training would occur on days off. the commission rejected the use of tasers twice before, but following the mario woods shooting, the mayor and police chief are asking that officers be allowed to carry tasers. many are speaking out against them, saying when an officer is threatened police are trained to use guns. >> to be able to save lives that are in danger, they'd, their training is to use guns. not tasers. >> the commission is not expected to vote tonight. in san francisco, abc7 news. researchers at stanford university launched a massive project to determine if there is bias in the criminal justice system. they'll create a data base from cities and towns across the country and use it to determine
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whether police discriminate against people and the hope is to create software that departments can use. a report card on silicon valley's economy offers good news and bad. fast job growth are noz not solving problems of high housing costs and bad traffic. david louie is live with the story tonight. david? >> the incomes and jobs have bounced back, is there a bill to attack these problems which, if ignored could hurt the valley long term? >> traffic is crazy, man. >> yes. we know. 64,000 jobs were added last year but the outlook is cloudy because of a slow down in the last quarter of 2015, including
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number of ipos when start ups go public. >> there are evaluations investors are starting to feel are probably hoo too high and investors have become far more cautious, this is translating into something that could turn out to be a down turn. >> with average incomes rising to $122,000 a new study worries the gap between high wage and low wage earners is growing. the average person senses it, too. >> there are people that are underpaid. i think the gap between the wealthy and the middle class or the left band is growing, has grown significantly. >> another problem is the availability of newly constructed homes and the job market is changing.
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warehousing and storage was outpacing biotech by 3%, leading job declines were i.t.repairs and nonprofits. so there is room for optimism, but recognition some issues need to be addressed. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. and new at 6:00, california leads the nation and hits a record high number of jobs in the solar industry. 75,000 people work in that industry, representing a 38% increase over the past year according to the solar foundation. the majority are in installation, followed by sales and distribution. a final plan to remove the old bay bridge could be finalized tomorrow. a little while ago, cal tra transannounctrans transa announced there will be 13 smaller implosions and in
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between implosions, engineers will repeat last week's process of lowering sections of the bridge on to waiting barges. twitter lost active users and the company will likely lose value tomorrow. twitter's quarterly earnings came out after the trading day finished today and showed a decline. the company disappointed investors with results that came in below expectations. twitter gained $0.58 and the dow dropped nearly 100 points, nasdaq gaining 14 points. this is a live picture from new jersey. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas ship returned to port after a ride to sea. this ship sailed into hurricane force winds over the weekend, causing violent moments on board. 4500 passengers were asked to
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stay in rooms for hours the captain says he doesn't for see the storm being too sielt. the national transportation safety board is deciding whether to investigate the decision. a tear down of super bowl city should be finished tomorrow night. >> tonight we're getting a sense of the impact the nfl had on the bay area, who showed up for events and who stayed away from the city because of them. i'm spencer christian. we'll have a cooling trend coming our way and there may be rain in the seven-day forecast. spencer, what a nice day on the monterey peninsula. we'll catch up with celebrities we'll catch up with celebrities at the pebbl
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signs of the ssh are slowly going away. workers began taking down the signs on buildings near san francisco's embarcadero center and some streets may reopen as early as tomorrow afternoon. san francisco and the host committee gave out a lot of projections before the big event. >> they did. tonight we have answers and kristin zee is here to see whether reality met with expectations. >> organizers say 1.1 million people advise yited events, including super bowl city and nfl experience, ten ps higher than 1 million projected but did that influence translate into a boost for businesses? i grabbed my cell phone and went looking for answers. businesses say the super bowl
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was a touchdown. roadside burgers did great as this pedi cab driver, today, he was happy, gave me a ride just to chat and kill time. >> so it's slower now? >> it's back to regular february which i would say. it's the slower time of the year, yeah. >> reporter: but businesses that rely on regulars are harder to find, and we're talking about lunch trucks on front street. >> i think it's harder to see the ferry building. >> the city announced the streets shut down and will likely reopen on thursday night and muni resuming on monday. >> back to the way it was, thank you very much. a follow up on on a story we
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taught you last week. a man turned his good fortune into a good deed. he discovered tickets last week in san francisco. someone just left them. he called police and searched for the rightful owner. no one came forward, he posted a message on his facebook page saying he'd give the tickets to someone who would give a scholarship to a student. >> for a check for $8500 i'll give you tickets to the super bowl. >> this was a blessing. now, it's going to a great cause. >> guy anthony and his wife bought the tickets, it was his birthday and one he won't forget. the obama administration's goal to replace cal train's
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aging diesel engines. new electric trains will reduce air pollution up to 96 president. the 2017 budget has to be approved by congress. new at 6:00, for the first time in more than six months, export volume increased. import volumes jumped 75% in january, west coast sports were in the middle of a labor dispute that slowed traffic. a berkeley based company just won a prize and $1 million in the united arab emirates robotics for good competition. this is a pediatric extoskeleton. the found hers hope to develop suits to help children with
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cerebral palsy. >> wonderful. >> yes. and now, turning to weather. >> may as well enjoy spring in winter. >> that is what it is. we tied one record today. now, we're getting into more seasonal territory. we have partly cloudy skies at the moment, and we have rough surf coming back again. we've been dealing with these conditions most of the last several weeks now. so saturday, wave rights will be rising. and maybe beach erosion. and mavericks xet tags takes mace on friday with partly sunny
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skies and highs around noon on friday. taking a look at the camera along the bay bridge, cooler the next few days but still temperatures above average for this time of the year. and that warming continues into next week. now, a big ridge of high pressure dominating our weather picture last several days has been a bit slow to shift eastward. and temperatures won't drop dramatically but will feel a cool down. so some high clouds into tomorrow, and that will drop temperatures a couple degrees but not a lot. 50 degrees in oakland and
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tomorrow, hazy sunshine, temperatures in most locations, mid to upper 60s on the coast. and tomorrow, the beginning of the at&t pro am. looks like a great day for golf. a little bit of a cool down on saturday. and temperatures bouncing back sunday, mid-70s around the bay on valentine's day and clouds increase wednesday, temperatures dropping off sharply. wednesday is our next best chance of rain. and our box of chocolate will be
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melting. >> what makes the annex hazardous to our health and how much to replace it. >> abc7 news sports director larry beil will report live from the nba all star game this weekend. golden state warriors stars steph curry, and draymond green will be there, obviously. you can follow his updates on twitter at larry beil abc7. stay with us, more still to come. ♪
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tracking a marijuana plant from where it was grown to sold, has two points, it allows consumers to stay safe. >> we want to make sure proper taxes have been collected on the product and, that it came from the places that were correctly licensed in order to be in business. >> today, california's board of equalization continued it's series of meetings intended to volume medical marijuana policies in the state. a law gives state agencies until 2018 to develop regulations on the cultivation, distribution,
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sale and taxation in california. >> part of the california state capitol building could be demolished because it contains toxic materials. >> the materials need to be removed, like lead, asbestos, mold. >> the capitol annex was finished in 1952, the eastern wing of the current building. the proposed budget includes using $1.5 billion to replace the annex and other office buildings in need of renovation. the legislature still has to approve the plan. >> still ahead, the news and huey lewis. >> who else mike shumann found down there today at pebble beach. >> takes a minute, maybe two minutes. >> a $10,000 theft in san francisco. details could link the thieves to other crimes. another look in new jersey.
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passengers from the cruise ship disembark. they survived a severe storm along the cruise.
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more than $10,000 worth of merchandise stolen in union square just before closing last night at the ferragamo store. >> police are looking for ten thieves. >> reporter: brazen thieves walked into luxury store salvatore ferragamo, grabbing $10,000 worth of merchandise. >> they did use force to stop one employee trying to do the right thing and prevent them from leaving. >> sfpd says it's similar to others targeting high end stores. they're sometimes known as rainbow girls or rainbow crew. police aren't sure if they're the same individuals. >> it's the style, which is going to a department store when they're open, grab the high ticket items and run out.
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>> $10,000 for me would be half of my stock. >> christina owns top shelf store, nearby. >> these crimes occur so quickly. by the time it goes to dispatch and to us, they're long gone. investigators say the thieves are between 18-25 years old, and they have left the area in a silver suv. there is surveillance video but sfpd isn't sharing it yet. >> we want to make sure we can do our due diligence and make sure we can identify who these criminals are. >> investigators say it's possible whoever is responsible is also responsible for other crimes. in san francisco, abc7 news. only on abc7 news, daly city leaders are considering a
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proposal to save $750,000 a year, it's opposed by officers who say it would put public safety at risk. dispatchers agree. >> they come into the center, we know them, the way they talk, we know the codes and it saves us a lot of time if we can shorthand words on radio. >> rank and file officers signed a petition against the move saying the dispatchers do a lot of work for officers on the side. the city will take up the proposal in two weeks. happening now, president obama is in air force one approaching california landing at moffett federal air field shortly. >> reporter: air force one could arrive by 7:00 p.m., the start of a very brief bay area visit for the president. mr. obama is coming from illinois, where he left around 3:00 p.m. our time, his visit is
7:33 pm
purely to raise money for the democrats so there will be no public appearances during his 18-hour stay. as soon as he arrives he will be heading to a hotel and spending the night, then, tomorrow he has two events. as our chris nguyen reported there will be a fund-raiser for the democratic senator yil campaign committee in palo alto and another for the dnc, taking place at the atherton home of former state controller steve wesley. that event will include 450 supporters who contributed up to $25,000 so it's scheduled to be a short but lucrative trip. he's scheduled to leave here for los angeles tomorrow at 2:15 p.m. despite el nino winter, california is still in a drought. the drought in marin county exists perhaps in name only.
7:34 pm
six of seven reservoirs are considered at capacity. the one that is not is at 95%. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: marin county has a reputation for big homes and wealth but in a drought year... there is a different definition. not money, but liquid gold thanks to the mount tamalpais wat watershed. kristin manages that water shed. it's a rosie picture compare toed the rest of california. >> if the rest of california was at 98% would we still be at a state of drought? >> no. >> so this is unique? >> yes. >> this year, marin has a third layer of riches. that is gregory andrew as he spotted and counted of 500 coho that returned to the creek this year, this is due to storms that arrived early, allowing
7:35 pm
coho to swim upstream. for fish, it's been a perfect el nino. >> i have said the salmon population is stable, but tenuous. i'm not changing that. >> a tenuous population, having a good year. google gets to move forward with itself driving car program. >> how life changing this can be for some bay area people, including one who is google's first test driver. plus... >> all sorts of life style descriptions i was probably spending $100 to $200 per month. >> michael finney shows how to >> michael finney shows how to get rid of those reco
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ends presidents day at sleep train. tonight, tesla says it's model 3 will be revealed on march 31st. production launched in 2017. tesla confirmed it will be offered for around $35,000
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before tax breaks. the auto maker says it will come in both sedan and crossover suv. >> today, the federal government redefined what it means to be a driver. the decision is important to this man, passenger one, a blind man, the first person chosen to give google's self driving car a test drive. jonathan bloom explains why. >> reporter: for steve, traveling across town requires planning. he lives two miles from the nearest bus stop. when the family is at work, he relies on the paratransit. >> i have to make arrangements for those rides a day before. >> reporter: that is why a right he took three years ago was magical. he sat in the driver's seat. >> the vehicle is the driver. >> california rules saw autonomuos cars still need a
7:40 pm
licensed driver. >> if it's required, it means i cannot go any place in that vehicle without someone accompanying me. >> reporter: and slow down the brakes for the next project, cars without regular controls. but now, federal regulators made ay clarification. the driver doesn't have to be human. >> is this a green light? >> i think it's the absence of a yellow light. >> robotic cars still have to have mirrors. >> they were unnecessary for me. >> if california follows the federal government's lead, it means people like steve could have more independence. >> anyone who spends five minutes in that traffic will realize that the danger is the human. personally i can't wait for the robots to start driving. >> in san jose, jonathan bloom,
7:41 pm
abc7 news. >> soon, probably. a new program will provide foreign language offered in san francisco schools. the board approved the program for elementary students who plan to attend a middle school that offers mannedarin classs. >> coming up, the cost of zombie contracts. >> the tool to make those bills stop. and passengers continue to disembark from the anthem of the seas cruise ship after sailing into a storm with hurricane-force winds on monday. you're taking a look at the scene now. the national transportation safety boa
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one of the holiest periods for christians began today, abc news was there as worshipers lined up to have ashes put on their foreheads in the form of a cross. >> consumer news, how many subscriptions do you have tied to your credit card? 1, 2? are you sure? >> the horror of zombie contracts plays out. >> yes. just like in the movies, these are zombies. credit card debt that just don't die. robert signed up for a gym and wanted to stop but the payments kept coming out of his credit card account. >> and i told her, and they said
7:46 pm
nobody can answer the phone, however, i can take your name, and number down somebody will call you later. never did. >> robert sent two registered letters to cancel the payments but the money kept coming out until 7 on your side started asking questions. >> by far, gyms are the hardest. >> thomas smyth is the ceo of trim, a company that scours your accounts and cancels accounts. >> the gym will not cancel with a phone call or e-mail. you have to send them a letter. >> suzy is from san francisco and used trim. it saved her a small fortune. >> everything is times 12 if you're thinking about it from an annual expense perspective. >> how much were you spend something. >> it's embarrassing to say.
7:47 pm
but from gym memberships to clothing subscriptions, jewelry, all sorts of life style subscriptions i was probably spending between $100 to $200 a month. >> consumer action has a name for these. >> makes it more convenient but results in consumers having these zombie contracts they've forgotten about and wind up paying month after month and even year after year. >> he says it should be against the law for trial subscriptions to morph into automatic payments. and smyth says it's a moral issue. >> what is fair for consumers to be able to cancel as easily to sign up to one. >> what he says, trim will go through your card account, find zombies and cancel them for free. you can find a link on our website while there, you can see my
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reports online, go to, click on sections tab, select 7 on your side. >> sky 7 caught a glimpse of the falls flowing strong. >> we have had an encouraging start to the rainy season but we're certainly enjoying beautiful weather at the moment. >> that is right. spencer christian is live with what is ahead. >> no rain is falling over the bay area, tomorrow, it's going to be another mild, dry day. very warm down south, highs in mid to upper 80s from los angeles into palm springs. partly cloudy skies, breezy sunshine. high temperatures well above average from mid and upper 60s at the coast to low 70s near the bay and inland. and we'll use san francisco as a representative the high temperature trend over seven
7:49 pm
days. average highs 64 degrees and well above 61 next few days and next few days mid to upper 60s and low to mid-70s on sunday. and most locations an increase beginning on sunday. mid-70s to upper 70s for clouds to thicken wednesday and temperatures drop. >> thank you. >> okay. >> perfect weather to be playing golf. >> fantastic. yes. >> bill murray, is he playing this week? and who won the celebrity challenge? plus, i dare you to ask me anything. i'll answer your questions live on nudging is off limits. including whatpencer christian
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really does during commercial breaks. someone has to say. >> we're going there? >> we're going there? >>
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. good evening. we didn't know larry the cable guy plays golf until today. it's a sport that slightly resembles golf. abc7's mike shumann was hanging out with the stars today. >> yesterday, here at pebble beach we had 49ers and giants go at it. today, the celebrity shoot out and most of these celebrities not up to bar. today, mass appeal to the fans, comedians, actors, musicians, all taking part with high level golf and option. bill murray is a favorite. he's playing hurt today with a hand injury. >> irish people and northern
7:54 pm
european people get it. they close up your hand. >> you've got to be the longest tenured celebrity in this event. why do you get invited back? >> because i'm a cool guy. >> i don't know why. and i don't question it. >> the cool thing about full cameo when i shank one, i kick it out. nobody knows what is going on. >> he has issues playing in front of the cameras. >> the camera puts ten strokes on you. there you go. what are you going to do? >> there is always going to be golf here. >> looking good. >> we've got to keep our eyes
7:55 pm
open. >> it calm down to a $100,000 tip off. and kenny g won it all with this shot. the big story saturday is the jordan speith bobble head. >> yeah. you know, we're used to seeing them in other sports but not golf until now. 8,000 will be given away. some people think it looks like peyton manning. it does. >> somehow, i think it's better looking than me. >> no no i'll be okay. >> there is nothing that could support a bobble head. >> if my hair was longer it would be nice.
7:56 pm
>> what does that mean? >> where are we headed? >> there is nothing harder than playing a golf ball. it's more challenging than a golf ball. >> yes. it's pretty good, i think. >> steve young, always the voice of reason. >> where are we going? >> warriors playing funs in the final game and traveling road show signs and this is how the game began. hello sons, we're playing a game. steph from the corner. tyson chandler turning back the clock with authority.
7:57 pm
and we do need a "are you kidding me" play from steph. and about warriors leading in the second quarter. it's a great show, every night. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> this is a great play. that is incredible. >> 47 and 4. it's remarkable. >> so it is. >> see how the machine used to make cotton candy is finding a new use in the lab. and a sex offender registry, a major announcement about it tonight. >> and tonight here is the line
7:58 pm
up. and american crime followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> followed by jimmy kimmel live. >> we appreciate your time as always. >> and we await the president arriving, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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