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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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show down in wisconsin. first debate since bernie sanders trounced hillary clinton in new hampshire. good evening. >> both candidates are now looking to nevada and south carolina. the question tonight after her big loss after admitting she has a lot of work to do with young voters would clinton change the game plan. >> that's key. we have the story.
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>>reporter: still smarting from her double digit defeat in new hampshire hillary clinton had a new hard line against the man who beat her. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. do i not expect from some one running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is madam secretary that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >>reporter: clinton now hoping out from minorities. >> african americans who face discrimination. in the job market. education. housing. and the criminal justice syste system. >>reporter: sanders hit her again on the finances. >> secretary of clinton super pac as i understand it receives 25 million dollars last reporting period, 15 million dollars from wall street.
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why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it this. they want to throw money around. >>reporter: donald trump rode his victory into louisiana as the campaign trail winds south. >> ears your next president donald trump. >>reporter: he made this bold boast in south carolina. >> if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire all of these characters are going to give it up. we are going to run the table. >>reporter: some of those characters have other ideas. >> you want an entertain interchief. >> negotiating hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >>reporter: the republican presidential candidates face off again in a south carolina debate saturday night. abc news, washington. 7 news has obtained autopsy results from the san francisco police shooting death of mario woods. woods had 20 gunshot wounds and another probable graze wound to
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the face. 26-year-old hit in the head, arms, shoulder leg several times in the back. medical examiner office also found woods had meth, marijuana and two types of anti-depressant in his system. john burris represents the family. >> how could you shoot some one that many times in the back when that person wasn't fronting you and couldn't see washington they had done. >>reporter: u.s. justice department is investigating the san francisco police department actions in the shooting. december 2nd shooting has touched off protests and outrage around the san francisco community. in a statement late da today the sf pd says this the at the present time is committed to thorough review of the shooting and this report is important come point of all three ongoing independent investigation. richmond police officer was shot and killed inhis vallejo home this morning. accused killer its some one he apparently knew very well. officer gus vegas was a 15 year veteran of the richmond police department.
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police believe the incident stems from domestic incident involving his grown daughter, young grandson and the boy's father the suspect. robert vega. the shooting happened at officer's home in glen cove neighborhood. suspect is from fairfield. laura has more. >>reporter: as the coroner removed the gurney carrying the body of gus vega officers stood side by side saluting. paying tribute to the veteran officer gunned down in his own home. >> suspect was the father of gus's 6-year-old grand son. >>reporter: happened just after 4:30 this morning in vallejo glen cove neighborhood. domestic incident involving his grown daughter, young grandson and the boy's father robert vague a.richmond police captain new gus well e.probably trying to stabilize the situation. probably trying to be a immediate 8tor and protect his daughter and also just evenly
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the situation peacefully e-the boy and suspect were located short time later in fairfield where late today police could be seen from sky 7 hd going in and out with what appears to be evidence bags. the 30-year-old vega was 2011 graduate of the napa valley police academy. the same academy vegas graduated from in 19 90. >> vegas wife sandra also injured during the incident after jumping from an upstairs window. he always had a good word for me. >>reporter: rob told us he heard 4 shots but didn't realize they were from his neighbor apartments home until later. >> i was kind of tore up. just not feeling like i'm a great dad. and he prayd with me. gave me a hug. >> gus was a very likable, always please apartment, false a good mood. this is a huge blow for us. it's a tough loss. >>reporter: it's a loss kindly felt by the officers who escorted gus vegas from his
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home for the last time. in vallejo, laura anthony abc 7 news. family friend says officer vegas's wife sandra dra who jumped from second story window has been released from the hospital after being treated for bruises and fractures. as the story unfold dad we provided continuing coverage both on air and on line. incident updates were posted to both our facebook page and on twitter at 7 news bay area. in the middle of all of the grief and chaos surrounding the officer's death richmond police officers are investigating a shooting at popular shopping area. we were at the hilltop mall where police say an argument spilled out from a shoe store into the parking lot. two groups of people were fighting. one group shot at the other. no one was hit or hurt. one man though barely avoided getting hit by a bullet that went right through his windshield. >> the other guy was very luck lucky. if he had deducted down he would have met his maker today. >>reporter: that man's carcass
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hit by a bullet as well but in the mall tell. nobody arrested. police have a vague description of two men accused in the shoot jooing state department of public health has lifted the been on dungeness crab fishing for most of california but the fishermen say they can't go back to work just yet. public health officials were cleared. most recent test show levels of acid in the crab are practically non-existent but the fisher men still have to wait forever state fish and gym to give its okay which could happen next week. the state closed crab season back in december because of unsafe levels of acid in the crab and today at the capitol fishery manager and state officials met to figure out how to sal vandal the livelihood. >> many of us are struggling to pay boat loans. mortgages. rent. insurance and all the other cost running a business. some are struggling just to feed their families. those who still have some money are now spending down their life savings. >>reporter: governor brown says the situation is an economic disaster and seeking
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federal disaster declaration. here's good news if a you are a fan the raiders still the oakland raiders next season. tonight they have agreed to play in the coliseum for 2016 still throws no begin tee the team will be there beyond that. here's vic lee. >> today is like giving birth to a baby and what i mean by that is it's a new beginning. >>reporter: the raiders and alameda county joint powers authority agreed in principal on the deal year lease at the coliseum with two, one year options. rent goes up 3 and half million the first year within credit mental increase the second and third years. despite the entries the owner said season ticket prices wouldn't go up. >> so in oakland there will be a two 25 dollar ticket, season ticket for games in the third deck one of the greatest value in sports. >>reporter: money time both parties promise to look for way to stay permanently in oakland.
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for now the raiders stay here. speculation is whether they will move later. >> my heart is here. in oakland. if we can get something done that's what i'm trying to do. >>reporter: nfl commissioner goodell said the money to help build a new stadium in oakland but the city will have to come up with the rest of the money. one option is to build two new stayed uments on the coliseum property. one for the a's and the other for the raiders. but davis says the a's better hurry. >> they node to commit asa p so that we can go ahead and design and take down the coliseum. provide all the infrastructure that is necessary to build two brand new stayed numbers oakland. >>reporter: san diego. san antonio. las vegas. have been mentioned as possible new homes for the raiders. vehicle lee, 7 news. san francisco traffic is finally getting back to nvrment embarcadero finally reopened tonight. traffic was moving smoothly as you can see here after being
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closed for more than two weeks. regular muni service starts tomorrow morning. superbowl banner is still draped on the ferry building. but it's one of the few remaining signs of superbowl 50. take a look at video from early today. workers clearing out remaining barrier. see the big stages already gone at this point. street vendor pushed out weeks ago, they got to return today. sichlingt i had to borrow money. our livelihood. cost us thousands office dollars. >>reporter: artist were told to sell elsewhere but they say sales were minimal at other places like fisherman's wharf and union square. they were hoping the city commend saits them for the lost income. some said they makes a much as 400 dollars a day near the ferry be. newly released numbers show california drought is improvin improving. recent rain helps but a lot more could be done. next on 7 news at 9:00 simple changes that could happen right under our feet to capture more rainfall. also top surfer around the world con verbaling on the bay
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area. look at tomorrow's maverick surf competition and how you can watch it even if you can't get near the water. drew is with the weather. >>reporter: we track the surf for you tomorrow but also tracking soaring temperatures into the holiday weekend before we have a chance of our next storm to bring beneficial rain. details in the accu-weather forecast. and major scientific discovery. being compared to the moment gallon leo used a telescope to look at the planets. what scientist found in space. really amazing. >> 7 news at 9:00 right back. stay h
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many people count on el nino enhanced storms this winter to put a big dent in the drought. >> u.s. data shows a shift really in the state's conditio condition. this is the latest map released just today. the dark red color represents the highest stage called exceptional drought. it covers 38 percent of our state. it's bad but that is lower amount than in the past year. >>reporter: recovering from the drought isn't just about more rain falling. one group of bay area researchers says the key is what we do to take advantage of it. it. >> eric has that story. >> the bushes pepper the sidewalk on the innerer unset.
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a greening project newly in full bloom. >> our neighbors organized the planting of the trees and flowers and make it feel like a neighborhood. >>reporter: but after years of drought these squares are more than an urban oasis is. they are a key to fighting california water crisis and taking full advantage of el nino oychlt we start to think about how to capture it and put it to you why. >>reporter: peter is researcher and co-founder of the pacific institute in oakland. in a 2014 study his group analyzed massive amounts of water that run down urban storm drains every winter. they estimate that the san francisco bay area and southern california together could capture more than half million acre feet, enough water to serve the city of los angeles for a year. they say the tools if not right under our noses are certainly right under our feet. >> we are trying to figure out how to turn our streets from waste water conduit into more green infrastructure. we call it green infrastructur infrastructure. >>reporter: he says a new
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generation of permeable pavement allow storm water to seep into the ground straight through sidewalk and driveway. home catchment system channel water to back yard cistern and some cityen stall huge version underneath ty park and there are opportunities above us as well. >> we could put green roofs on our office buildings. we are putting garden on our are that absorb the rainfall. >>reporter: back on the ground a number of bay area cities expanded funding for green street programs. lisa helped organize the sidewalk oasis is project on her block on the inner sunset. >> we got a grant to create the opportunity for planting areas in front of every house. >>reporter: creating a beautiful stretch of green belt while helping to fight the drought square foot by square foot. abc 7 news. >> find tips on urban greening look for a link on our web sit site. capturing the waves in san mateo county where the maverick surfing competition held starting tomorrow morning.
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it's on. 7 news reporter wayne has more on what we can expect. >>reporter: near pillar point and famous mavericks break this was a day without a lot of sur surfing or surfer. >> he was just sitting there didn't surf at all. >>reporter: where were those surfer. how about nearby hotel this morning talking about surfing tomorrowge event. it's a huge deal. >>reporter: that's a reference to the mavericks big wave surf contest. combination of long anticipation and short notice for 23 athletes given 48 hours to arrive from all four corner of the otherwise round world. lucky for zack. >> just past out hoping to get one. >>reporter: jeff clark first surfed the maverick brick in 19 sfichlt he spent today applying finishing touches to boards for some surfer who left cold turkey minus equipment just to get here in time. >> you can't even get a hotel room right now. they are booked. >>reporter: the surf contest is a kick starter for local businesses in this otherwise slow local season.
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the twist that it no longer allows spectators on the beach or the bluff above. there were 13 injuries in the 2010 tournament. they put an end to that. >> we are really discouraging anybody because we didn't want to talk to family about what happened to their loved one. >>reporter: expect no access to the beach or roads to the beach. if you want to watch the mavericks surf competition it's on the internet. it's also at the harbor bar where bobby brian is pouring. >> it is rather quiet but this is the calm before the storm. >>reporter: believe that. from pillar point, abc 7 news. different breed that does that. >> certainly is. all right. let's check on our forecast. >> drew is here and another lovely day should be night down there. >>reporter: it will be really nice. watch lots of sunshine. we'll see the waves increase. talk about the height in just a second. beautiful for valentine's day. end of the holiday weekend what we see is some high clouds spinning in across the region. temperature wise record tying high of 74.
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oakland sitting at 62 degree reading mark two above the normal daytime high this time of the year. mild air over us right now. 57 in san francisco. 61 san jose. 53 in fairfield and livermore mild at this hour at 56 degrees so we'll take you outside this thursday evening. live look from sutro tower with high cloud spilling in west to east an i don't think it's out of the forecast tomorrow morning we will wake up to a few areas of patchy morning fo fog. bigger weather story we turn warmer heading to valentine's day and this is the big story. i think for a lot of us. rain. chance of returning next week. day planner tomorrow item dry from start to fish. partly cloudy with areas of fog early on in the morning by the afternoon it's mixture of sunshine and high cloud out there and it's going to be another mild day for february once again. mid 60's along the coast but most locations are going to top out in the low 70's by tomorrow afternoon. we continue to have the high surf advisory in effect until saturday evening at 8:00 o'clock. current wave height from nine feet at monterey bay to 12 feet
9:20 pm
at half moon bay. we are predicting as well as as high as 13 feet possible and of course that means dangerous rip current over the next 36 hours. if you are headed to pillar point tomorrow we expect the breakers to be from 20 to 30 feet high and comfortable conditions for observers. lower 60's under a mixture of sunshine and cloud. second round of pebble beach lock at this really nice. mixture of sunshine and cloud by 11:00 o'clock at 63 degrees by two okay it's rather mild out there with temperature of 65 degrees. look at the week ahead for san francisco really tells the weather story for the bay area. above normal through the weekend and by monday and tuesday and mid low 70's. we could be some record being broken here once again early next week and then temperatures tank because cooler air rise with the next chance of rain. jump ahead into wednesday afternoon evening this is our chance of rain in about a week. right now it's look luster but could be a better indication
9:21 pm
that our pattern is finally changing for the wetter as we head into the second half of february. overnight tonight mixture of stars clouds out there mild 52 in san francisco. 50 oakland. 48 san jose. drop to 50 in richmond. tomorrow another mild february day. dry lots of sunshine. 69 oakland. 66 san francisco. 70 the high in san jose. 71 the high in nap a.accu-weather 7 day forecast shows you some high clouds after morning fog tomorrow a little cooler as we head into saturday especially in our inland spots but lovely on sunday and warm on valentine's day. warmer potentially record setting on monday and tuesday. there's the chance of rain on wednesday and then partly cloudy as we head into thursday. looking beautiful over the weekend. >> steady as she goes. >> exactly. >> thanks. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. milestone today in the construction of what will be the bay area's tallest
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president obama brief visit to the bay area is over. he met with supporters at moffitt field this afternoon. even took some time to pose for pictures with a couple of little ones like that cute fella. from there up the stairs to air force one. a final wave and off to los angeles. work on san francisco tallest building reached a milestone today. only we were there when workers installed the first massive steel beam that support the exterior of the 61 sales force tower. they were made in europe and assembled in asia but crew here did the heavy lifting today bolting the column to the building foundation. >> each foot of the column weighs 1,000 pounds. that's the heaviest manufactured piece of steel made anywhere in the world. >>reporter: when finished in 2018 the sales force tower will soar more than 1,000 feet tal tallest in the west coast.
9:26 pm
window washer who fell 11 stories in san francisco in november of 2014 should not be alive. perez somehow survived that astonishing fall. see his exclusive interview with lee ann tonight on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. her report is really quite powerful. yes it is. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. >> we had to deal with too many bigot and too much, the level of ignorance was unbelievable. >>reporter: one word but more than one meaning. eye catching way this oakland salon is changing its name. >> also caught on camera. moment prosecutors say irs agent accepts a bribe from the owner of medical marijuana sho shop. >> kanye west offered millions for his new record by a man who want it all for himself. >> another half hour of 7 news >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up nex
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it's the name of the egyptian goddess of beauty but say the name isis and it's probably what people think of first. >> that's why this beauty salon is going through a name change. >> process gets a lot of attention. katie has the details. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and so is the meaning of a name. >> what terror group names themselves after a female to begin with? and godess. like isis would move into our neighborhood. >>reporter: the name isis is now associated with ugliness. no longer the egyptian goddess of beauty or an oakland salon. >> we had to deal with too many bigot. too much the level of ignorance was just unbelievable. >>reporter: people walking down broadway are stopping to snap pictures of this sign.
9:31 pm
isis. we are changing our name for obvious reasons. it's funny but was prompted by serious safety concerns. >> at first we didn't want to change it because it has been the name for so long but there was kind of threats of people coming in and people just being really rude walking by and making phone calls. >> would i not let our employee be subjected to anybody's ignorance at all. >>reporter: 10 years after opening they posted this banner promising the name change. with the help of the neighbors hamilton broadway signs. >> wonderful neighbor. great asset to the community. >>reporter: people talk about the clever banner the spa has good luck into good branding. >> it was funny. i thought it was hilarious for obvious reason it's pretty funny. >>reporter: the new name is place of paradise or heaven. somewhere you won't find isis fighters. new signs are expected in the coming weeks. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> u.s. russia and other world powers have agreed to cease fire in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry made announcement late
9:32 pm
today. saying it will include the delivery of immediate aid to the nation. wouldn't apply to any terrorist organization operaitng syria as united nation says at least 250,000 people have died in 12 million have been displaced because of the conflict in syria. >> asian stock market fall sharply lower in friday tradin trading. japan was off more than 5 percent. korea stock market down more than 8%. follow a wild day here at home on wall street. dow on roller coaster ride again at one point it plummeted more than 400 points then leveled out somewhat closing down about 255 points. investors spooked by plunging bank stock in europe and further slide in oil prices. stock in oakland base pandora shot up 10% today on news the music streaming service may be for sale. "new york times"reports man dora in preliminary talk with morgan stanley to scope out potential buyers. pandora stock has plummeted past few month leaving 60
9:33 pm
percent of the valley since october. the company fourth quarter earnings out today slightly missed estimates. pandora looking to move beyond internet radio in to on demand streaming. >> tesla also missed the fourth quarter estimates but investors didn't blink. palo alto company says it expects to be profitable this year and produce 50 or more vehicles than last year. tesla has two luxury models right now an florida ns to introduce a 35 -- the car is very strong. irs agent who was caught in a sting is now on trial for allegedly soliciting bribes and there's a video that appears to show him promising to make a business product go away. we have more. >> this is the moment prosecutors say an irs agent accepts 15,000 dollars in bribe money. captured by an fbi hidden camera. that is now former irs agent paul meeting last year with the
9:34 pm
owner of this seattle medical marijuana shop being audited. he allegedly told the owner his leniency during the audit saved the business more than 1 million dollars. >> there's no money here. we are never going to see the money. >>reporter: in exchange paul wants owner ryan to pay up 2 20,000 dollars. but he goes to the fbi. a sting secretly rerds the first meeting at coffee shop. >> i think we'll be okay. >> i'm 99.99 percent sure we are good. >>reporter: the attorneys claim the 20 grand was not a bribe. but was payment for a job to perform accounting services. right after this meeting hurly is busted. pleaded not guilty. the the the the the past pass. went to prison for 15 years. clayton denver. uber wants to pay 28 and half million dollars to settle two class action lawsuit over the ride sharing company so-called safety feed. san
9:35 pm
francisco base company wants to settle the lawsuit claims uber never should have called the service fee a safe ride fee. suit says that's because false marketing of uber safety record uber will now change the name of that fee charged to all passengers to booking fee. if you look or took an uber ride in the last three years you get about 82 cent refund. >> kanye west releasing new album tonight. appeared at this fashion event in new york tonight before the record released pharmaceutical executive martin scel offered to buy the album for 10 million dollars and keep it all for himself. last week he refused to answer questions at congressional hearing about hiking the price of a life saving drug by 4000 percent. he's also awaiting a possible federal trial on fraud charges. well california coastal commission, the agency that make sure you can access beaches just fired its executive director. >> more than 1,000 people
9:36 pm
showed up at the meeting to show support for him so is this about personnel or politics. that's ahead on 7 news at 9:00. remind they are abc 7 news sports director larry biel report live from the nba all star game in toronto this wean. golden state warrior stars will be there of course. larry live report air saturday sunday at 7 news and follow the updates on twitter at this web site. stay right here we'll be back announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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come here. >> firefighters to the rescue in sacramento.
9:40 pm
this is video of scared dog pulled out of a home engulfed in flames yesterday morning. crews wept inside the house looking for victims when they spotted this scared dog hiding in the back bedroom. they pulled her out and reunit reunited her with her owner who managed to escape the home earlier. president obama is set to designate three new national monument in california tomorrow. mohave trails, santa snow and castle monument national located in southern california. there is public land and double the amount of land already designated as national monument in the state. largest of the 3 is mohave trail national monument. check it out. the video was provided and it will cover this area. they credit senator feinstein for preserving the area for future generation. firing of the calf coastal commission raise question about his the future of the state public beaches.
9:41 pm
>> as john thon bloom explains, what some paint as a mainly political move is officially being called a private personnel matter. >> today in closed session the commission dismissed the executive director that motion passed by a vote of 7-5. >> man cleaning out his desk is charles less material. >> it has been a privilege to serve the commission as the executive director for the last 4 and a half years. >> the decision came after 8 hour public hearing. whole place was packed with what saved dr. lester saved the coast signs. >> frank was the first person appointed to the coastal commission formed in 1972. protects public access to california's beaches and has the final say on what is built there. >> we are seeing it right now in pacifica. buildings are dropped. >>reporter: he watched as speaker after speaker asked for lester to stay. >> dismissal of the executive director. >> people were stunned.
9:42 pm
incredulous. >> i can't belief what's going on here today. i am just appalled. >> environmentalist concluded it must be political. folks are looking to develop. looking at profit out there and he's been the person standing in their way. >>reporter: the commissioners tight lipped about the reason for the firing chris siting environmentalist and immediate are bridging politic into what they call a person el issue. >> what is not fair is to character isz us as a bunch of developer hacks. >>reporter: commissioner say it has more to do with ongoing disagreement about lester management style. beyond that. >> we have been sort of given a gag order. we have been muzzle. >>reporter: among the vote to dismiss lester all 4 of governor brown pointe. egger says the governor has a love hate relationship with the commission. >> governor said nothing but a bunch of thugs. >>reporter: we didn't hear back from the chairman and 2 development decline to comment. >> severe damage could be done on the coast and that's why we are all concerned.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> come up next on 7 news at 9:00. redefining the power walk. new technology that recharges batteries while you stroll. >> in honor of black history month we use our 7 news bay area instagram feed to celebrate the people making a difference where you live. today we recognize san jose's billy lgbt community center and name sake. billy dee frank the stage name for mr. price. learn more on our bay area learn more on our bay area instagram
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cal-trans will move forward with plans to remove pier. they received approval to spend 150 million dollars to remove
9:47 pm
the old eastern span. it removes the trust and blowing up the pooe asking money for the project now could save money down the line. >> when you think about going to the grocery store an you get one thing at a time versus when you go to, say, bulk shopping and it can be less expensive when do you that. >> plan is to remove two more pier this year. entire process will take about three years. researchers are redefining what it means to take a power walk. team at the university of wisconsin has developed a device that fits in a shoe and charges a battery as you strol stroll. it doesn't produce a lot of electricity but enough to power smart phone tablet, lap top, video show as man powering a flashlight with the device. researchers say it could be a solution for people on the go. charging your phone could be as simple as plugging it into your shoe. >> could you imagine. >> that's a really, really
9:48 pm
smart idea. >> i know it would be great. >> all right let's check on our weather with mavericks coming up tomorrow. >> we do good surfing good walking weather whatever your plans. >> in the weekend it's equally as nice an warming by sun and specialally into monday. mixture of high cloud and star stars. look at the nationwide map of weather for friday look at this. lake effect snow showers pushing into the northeast. 27 the high in new york. 24 in chicago. lowell one in fargo north dakota. back west warmer temperatures 88 in phoenix and warming up in california as well. 85 in l.a. tomorrow. so-cal 88. palm springs 70 the high in sacramento 56 very mild degrees in tahoe and warm in the bay area. mixture of sun clouds in the afternoon and patchy morning fog. 66 in san francisco. 70 the high in san jose. high of 69 in oak lnld. so the accu-weather 7 day forecast show you the high cloud mixture tomorrow by saturday and more clouds sunday valentine's day warming up records possible monday and
9:49 pm
tuesday. >> excellent thanks drew. >> sure. >> albert einstein was right. they gravitation wave rip nell space time first anticipated which einstein. the announcement is the climax of century of speculation. 50 years of trial and error and 25 -- collision of 2 black hole 1 billion light years await a minute observing gravitational wave we may be able to understand thought fundamental questions of how our world works. >> it is so fascinate about that is einstein figure that out 100 years ago and it took thus long to prove that. right as rain. >> that's why he's einstein. >> that's true. >> think about how difficult it must have been like 100 years to be in a room with us.
9:50 pm
>> we have a harder time with much simpler cut. >> read the score. >> the berkeley got blown off the course. brown showed up and showed up angry. >>
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coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. 20 gunshot wounds. met proceed description drugs. the findings in adjust released autopsy report on the map killed by san francisco police. tonight we have reaction from city leaders. >> only on abc 7 news the window washer who fell 11 stories and survived tells us about the struggle he's still facing and what he recalls from that terrifying plunge. just look at the camera. uss just look at the camera. uss and moreover on channel 7 plenty of sports to go into. >> hoops big time. >> we have so many games
9:54 pm
tonight no. napping in the sports department. >> that's a change. >> you public tired. big night college basketball around the bay area. nobody bigger than the cal bears. killer bee brown and bird helping the bears crush the back 12 leaders from oregon. the cup cake and candle here and wishing a staffer happy birthday. very nice. brown with authority. browning attack mode all night. he's blossom so much in the freshman year against the duck tonight. cal up 18 in the first 9 minutes. brown with floater there and foul at 16. down low. dunking as well. 42-24 at the half. look at bird t.feel the burn. ps inspired thing. nobody is responding. bird had 24. unbeaten at home this year. 83-63. dan is writing e-mails. nobody is interested. stanford hosting oregon state. the glove. gary peyton in the house.
9:55 pm
the hurt his arm blocking the dunk. peyton comes back and after the rebound lay it in between two defender. at the half that is the young peyton flying through the air. right now 53-46 beaver in the second half. st. mary's pepperdine joe high off the window. tied at 30 at the half. second half herman with a 3. can really shoot up. up 7. pepperdine not going away. the floater there. right now the gaels at home and trailing. tier drop there. 67-63. usf hosting p yu. watson had 29. looks stretched or something there. nick 10 of 12 beyond the ark. lefty from hitting from all distance. had 37 as usf gave up 17 3's. they lose 114-89.
9:56 pm
to the ice. shark and flames look at this. sharknado that's a good look right there get some of those. flames 4 goals in the first period. very shakey early. sharks come back 2 in the second. 22 of the last 24 games. feeding marlo for 3. to the wild game in the tank right now. tied 5-5. in the third. round one of the pebble beach national playing spy glass and couldn't believe the huge gallery that was following the young women and all screaming justin justin justin. not for him. playing partner is justin timberlake that's why. great day for whale watching. off the coast of the monterey. talking about spy glass. up and down on tenth in the bunker there 6 under two back of the leader. we are not worthy.
9:57 pm
murray has a hand injury so weren't sure if he would be able to go but tied for 130 after that. world no. 1 jordan struggling with a short game today. sense the putt on 5 un. shot of the day. watson. 2 handicap. third shot on 18. for eagle and yes. some ceo play a lot of golf. nicely done. after the move to southern california was rebuffed the raiders will play the 20-16 season at the coliseum in oakland. least deal made official today with owner mark davis saying he's willing to share the current coliseum site with the a to build two new stadium. davis wanted 120 acre for himself and raiders had to pay for one staild um or two stadium whatever you want but doing it without public financing. very murky at this point. a's need to step up to the plate. >> what it will take to get
9:58 pm
something done on this site and in oakland at least on the coliseum site is forth a's to make a commitment to oakland and tell the people what they want to do. they have to tell these people here and these people here have to tell me what is going to had a. >> after a 48 and 4 start most of the warriors are off to the all star break but curry, green and thompson spending the weekend in chilly toronto. first time the warriors have had three all star teams in 40 years that's when barry, smith and wilke made the team in 197 1976. this is his first all star game appearance. he is relishing every second. >> i was watched the sins i was a kid i watched it. to play in the game my first all star game kobe last all star game it's special. >> i'll be there in toronto for all star weekend. high pressure saturday is year
9:59 pm
o. live report saturday sunday and on twitter at abc 7. larry biel abc 7. i don't know my own name who aim. mls announce the 2016 all star game -- [ laughing] the stadium the site of arrests until come into play. here's fred talking about it. >> arsenal gets here they will be very privileged to play the game because it's special. we don't experience it when we play in europe. if i look at the team at least when we play great team put all the florida is togetherth it's a great game. >> 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> l i forget my twitter handle. >> thanks larry. >> thanks for joining us. >> for drew and larry
10:00 pm
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