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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and item happening in berkeley where police respond to shooting at parker street san pablo avenue. early reports are three people injured about 7:30 tonight.
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two victims in critical condition. police are asking people to avoid this area because it is an active investigation. we'll have updates tonight on 7 news at 11:00 and get breaking news alert any time just activate push alert on the free news app. good evening. >> other top stories tonight. man who was arrested and charged with the shooting at twin peak over the wean has a long rap sheet. >> thinks the newly released mug shot of the man. he's accused of shooting three people at twin peak sunday morning killing two of them. >> vic lee has more. >>reporter: he had the gun in his hand and pointed itñkx straight at robert. >> you heard jessica and robert tell us yesterday about their horrific experience early sunday morning at twin peaks. how armedov 51 man car jacked te suv after shotting three people here. today the two fresno tourists were asked to identify÷ richard contreras. suspected gunman who they saw the gunman up,w close
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and personal. >>reporter: we locked eye when he turned around and pointed the gun at me. >> last tonight heavily armed spa swat officers descended on san pablo avenue richmond after officers who had staked out a home. spotted contreras outside. they later searched the house but did not find the gun. they didqn however recover the suv. this isn't the first time contreras accused of stealing a vehicle. in september 2014 he smashed a stolen car into an ac transit bus. the puss slammed into a house ruptured a gas loin and injured at least 11 people. contreras pleaded guilty to stealing that car. and to leaving the scene of an injury accident. for that he got one 84 in jail. but got 112 days credit for time served.- this was his mug shot then. february last year. court records reveal that the court dismissed a murder charge against him. he pleaded instead to first degree robbery. but he only serve add portion of his two year jail time.
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police are still trying to figure out a motive. gang related. personal dispute maybe. whatever. some one today left this memorial here at twin peaks. some one who may know more. vic lee, abc 7 news. 5xuug turn to the weather nd sky 7 hd flew overi the bay today capturin/dáuu'ning viewm of ocean?0 beaches as well as te golden gate bridgez andt the sn francisco sky line!hi-look at ta is here with more on this warmwe weather that is nice drew bé changing. >>reporter: it's needed changes tomorrow. cooler temperatures an:ñ)ain on the way but today a slew of record were broken. look at this from sfo airport, oakland airport breakingng rec d record. san jose topping out at 80 degrees beating old record of 78 set back in 19 30. move it field upon the ray is a leapzu s new record in the mid 70's to mid 80's. still out there right now.
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it is wellpo above normal. 69 in oakland. 67 in san ,/áq. 65 at san francisco. 66 in napa and mild 62 in livermore. what we have is high clouds. we are dry at the moment but storm approaching and move in over the next 24 hours. this is a two on the scale. moderate storm coming tomorrow and about quarter inch to 3 quarters of an inch of rape in most years but also we are likely tracking breezy conditions with wednesday gust nearing 50 miles per hour. we go hour by hour future weather show you the rain moving in where you life and full accu-weather forecast. >> thank you so muchq@. fbi agents investigating last year terror attack san bernardino having such a hard time accessing the shooter fochlt apple has been ordered to help. apple must give the agent soft which are loaded on to the phone to.+ bypass security. apple phones are programmed to delete data if too many failed password attempt. he and his wife malik killed 14
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people at holiday party in december. they targeted the workplace. >> surrounded by the salute of his brother in blue the body of richmond police officer gus vegas was solemnly transported today. he will be laid to rest on friday two days after suspected killer. man who called him dad faces first court appearance for the crime. melanie woodrow his new details about the suspect past that you will hear only on abc 7 news. >> vr already survivede whatof family members say was one of px family came together fairfield. vehicle carrying officer vegas's body to sky view memorialf lawn in vallejo. it was almost like that protection still that we from just going from fairfield to vallejo and that's how my dadni was. >>reporter: seen here with her dad gussays he was the family's protector. no sacrifice was too great when it ka im to providing for them. >> e-8 fish stick and
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applesauce the last 10 years. >>reporter: they watched as the family draped coffin carried> that's what brings me peace uq5e"$rj.g that, knowing where and knowing that he will never leave. >>reporter: she says her family is praying for suspect robert vega who they consider family. >> this was very special relationship to us. >>reporter: today police turn county district attorney's office. by our office right now and we will file all appropriate charges. >>reporter: according to military records robert vega served in the army from 2004 to 2009. deployxed to kuwait in 2005 and iraq in 2006. while the fairfield neighbors said he suffered with ptsd related issues. officer vegas family says they are focused on forgiveness. >> we have to love like god
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loves. >>reporter: in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> pittsburgh police department is mourning the loss of fallen officer who died suddenly last tonight after chasing a shoplifter.# officer apparently died of heart attack at sunny valley mall where he worked a second job. the officer was with the he would often spend hic%v own fact7n last fall when he foundt out a young boy had apply station stolenwa he bought him a new one in time for christmas. processionpn seen as his body ws taken to funeral home in pittsburgh. there's]8 the procession. x] represatives from the center for disease control are in the bay area to help figure out why there have been so many teens suicide near palo alto. since 2009ç] 10 stud5ás have committedç+ suicide.h some alongç railroad track that's 5/x times the national average. palo alto school district asks the cdc to investigate what is
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going on. >> care about all of our students we want them to be well. we want them to do well.ñ3 we want to be able to know what we can do to prevent any future incidents. >> cdc experts already collecting data on teenager suicide around palo alto. spend the next two week conducting interview and holding community meetings to make their recommendations. >> well tonight "nightline"loo "nightline"looks at efforts in the community and at gun high school to combat teen suicide. hear from former students and principal among others. "nightline"airs at 12:37 right after abc 7 news and "jimmy kimmel live"over on channel 7. >> concert come back in paris tonight to the california ban that was playing the night of the deadly terror attacked returned to the city of light. we were there. >>reporter: it was an emotional return to paris tonight for the eagles of death metal. three months after some 90 people were killed at their
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show at the theater the band played to sold outhouse. outside the famous concert hall row of tight security and streets blocked off. some did stay away. the wound and the nerves still raw. fwlu were free ticket for survivors of the attack as well as therapist at the ready in case of panic. but it was a different venue this time. and no direct references were made to that deadly night. though the significance was lost on no one. tell. >> let's take a moment to remember. >>reporter: for the eagles of death metal and many it was a moment to remember and try to moment to remember and try to move on ♪like for marine burger who gave her november concert text to a friend who was killed. wish he was here in steady of me but i felt so happy to be in the room surrounded by people. >>reporter: the panned said they wanted to come back to par
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is to finish the concert. they did that and more tonight. moment of closure for them and for so many here. abc news, paris. we have much more ahead for you this tuesday night. couple. what the president said today about the person he will nominate to replace supreme court justice scalia. >> trying to salvage a season. new push to help crab fishermen that some say could be very risky. >> we don't want to scit up and have somebody get sick. >> drew will be right back with a forecast. see where the incoming storm falls on the storm impact scale. >> and check this out. news viewer powell from san francisco sent thus picture of the beautiful sky over twin peak and kr one september thus image of the light house in sausalito. sausalito. love to see your picture as
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president promised once again today he would nominate a candidate to replace supreme court justice scalia despite having less than a year left as president. can not do. jonathan has more from washington. >>reporter: it will be in the great hall of the supreme court where anthony scalia's body lie in repose friday. public viewing not far from that chair now cloaked in
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black. he used for this is 30 years as a justice. today in california president obama paid tribute scalia as supreme court giant. bualso made it clear he's intend to nominate somebody. to present them to the american people. to present them to the senate. d=i expect them to hold hearing. i expect there to be a vote. >>reporter: republicansep reman dug n.insistsing the next president should name scalia's replace many. president today pointed out there is press tense for the senate confirming a justice during a president final year in office. president reagan nominee anthony kennedy confirmed in february 1988. but kennedy case unusual one. vacancy came the previous year in july 1987 when justice lewis powell resign. reagan first nominated bork who the senate rejected after long bitter debate. reagan then nominated the less controversial kennedy in november) 1987. senate confirmed him three months later 97-sear.
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democrat contract say with 11 month left in obama presidency plenty of time to confirm a justice. president obama was asked if people should assume he will nominate a moderate replace scalia. somebody has support from republican president said that we should make no assumption on who he will nominate except somebody well qualified. jonathan karl, abc news the white house. california attorney general harris spelled out her next career moves and they do not include being a u.s. supreme court justice. today harris campaigned in san jose for her u.s. senate run. democrat contract met supporters from the service international employee union. some political analyst have suggested that sheree place justice scalia who died over the weekend. >> i have no intention of running or putting my name in. i don't have a desire to do that. i want to be the united states senator fromj california. >> harris also criticized republican intentions to block
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president obama nominee to the high court during an election year. harris says americans deserve to have a quote fully staffed supreme court. >> town of danville considering whether to ban or regulate short-term rental like those listed on air bnb. residents complained about a home in the neighborhood here. it was bought out of foreclosure and turned into a series of rooms to rent. neighbors city leaders are concerned about safety with so many people coming and going. >> no side block. no street lights. kid actually play in the streets. they walk to and from school in the street and there's traffic going in and out at high speed. on neighborhood compatibility and making sure that we maintain the integrity of our residential neighborhood. >> danville said would it track short-term rental by monitoring ads and investigating complaint on case by case basis. california fishermen have been waiting for months to get back to work for the commercial crabbing season as you know but now the season is finally on
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the horizon many are upset with the way fish game is handling potential opening. here's miss harrington. >>69 fishermen at pillar point harbor prepare the boat stacked with crab trap. now the commercial crabbing season might finally begin e.during a good season that empty fish hole would be full of crab. but item been on hold since november. the department of fish and game is considering opening the area south of point reyes where sport fishermen are already allowed. >> i'm torn. i want to go fishing but i don't know if it's the right move for the whole industry. >> you probably can start pulling things out. >>reporter: the marketing association want to wait until all california crab are clean of toxin and open the whole fishery at once. >> don't want to scit up and have somebody get second from a crab that my greats into this open area. >>reporter: concerned partial opening is risky and will crowd certain port. >> people also very concerned about that crab north of point reyes tested dirty on the last
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techlts only 12 to friend miles away from where they are proposing we do open so the buyers are really concerned about being able to sell the crab. >> others like steve is eager to get back to work. >> i think it's in a beautiful opportunity for both the fishermen that still operate at this time of year and the public to get a taste of the crab. >> decision on the opening is expected in the next day or tw two. at pillar point harbor abc 7 news. >> all right. time to turn to the forecast. >> yes. and heat heat heat changing. drew is here. >> nice to have the warm weather. >> we have rain. >> reality check here we go. feel cooler and wetter around here by the afternoon and evening. >> right now we show you the cloud thickening right now. all ahead of the storm system and the rain is about 12 to 18 hours away. out there right now ahead of
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the storm system we are mild as can be. 69 currently in oakland. 67 san jose. we are at 64 currently in concord. san francisco sitting at 65 and bit cooler right along the coast. half moon bay checking in with the temperature of 55 degrees. overnight tonight we have the cloud overhead so it trs a lieutenant of the heat right at the surface. overnight low pretty mild for this time of the year. most spots in the mid low 50's. it's not going to hav4, that record warmth for third dayma in we go only in thefh upper 50's and/ into the mid 60's. thisad is where we should be for february. ájjp!out in this ([$pr) comes with some wet weatherdp. so stormt impact scale we waitg our storms all seasonñ& long 1 o 5. 1 light. 5 most severe. gives you bet idea what to expect with each storm and one coming tomorrow is a two. moderate storm on our storm impact scale. we are expecting quarter to 3 quarters inch of rain in most areas and also some gusty winds that could get very close to 50 miles per hour. so future weather shows you as you go hour by hour watch the time stamp and morning hours
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tomorrow. mainly cloudy sky. perhaps light sprinkle around clover dale for much of the first half of wednesday look like the showers really are right along the coast and north bay by the afternoon the activity picks up a little bit and the the line right here this is the cold front that also bring in a line of stronger showers. by 7:00 o'clock it look to be right over the heart of the bay area. we are expecting there could be some downpour. that's what you are seeing by the pop of yellow and orange on future weather.t not out of the question too to have isolated thunderstorm within that line. by 8 or 9:00 o'clock much of the activist winding down in the north bay. really focusing the attention in the south bay around san jose later in the evening then by the midnight hour there could be a few isolated pop up showers behind the cold front and then a lingering shower possible for thursday but much of the activity will be winding down thursday morning. total rainfall quarter to 3 quarters of an in of rain as the system moves through but we will also see some very gusty winds as that front moves
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through so future tracker wind gust shows you as we go throughout the wednesday. notice the winds out of the south from 25 to 35 miles per hour and they could get very close to 50 miles per hour especially along wind advisory is in effect through wednesday morning and into the evening hours where the gusty winds have the biggest threat of creating local power outages. something we'll be tracking as the storm system moves through on your wednesday. here's accu-weather 7 day fore. rain wednesday moves in. most of the activity would i say between 4 and 9:00 o'clock wednesday evening is two on the stormy packet scale. lingering shower possible on thursday. otherwise a system scripps to the north bay shot on friday otherwise we warm-up over the wean with the next chance of rain coming one week from toda today. >> thanks very much drew. first new chance at life. now a new homecoming up the little sea otter found at carmel and now living in much cozy year dig. >> in honor of black history month we use our bay area
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instagram feed to sell brit the people who made a difference where you live. today we remember legendary oakland educator jackson and foster t.this 1973 photo was taken just 6 months before the s l.a. assassinated dr. foster the first black suchlt and 19 26 dr. jackson became oakland first african american teacher.g learn more on our 7 news bay area instagram feed. check that out but stay here check that out but stay here we'll continue in a moment
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stolen from the headquarters in concord. monument crisis center posted this picture of the ford f 350 on facebook. the white truck play as critical role in helping feed more than 50 people every year. the crisis center urges you to call police if you know anything about this stolen truck. >> sea otter found near death off carmel beach has a new home far away from the california coast. check out the bundle of cute needs. oh. the sweetness there female otter transport from monterey to chicago shed aquarium. otter 4 month old when she washed up starving off carmel after nursed back to health adopted by chicago aquarium. won't be alone there. this is the third sea otter taken to the shed aquarium after being rescued off california's coast. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. >> the politician are dishonest people. wow! >> we have the latest from the campaign trail just days out from the south carolina primar primary. >> also jeb bush tweet sparking
9:27 pm
a storm of controversy on twitter. >> and the new report linking popular and acid within crease in the risk for dimension 8. another half hour of 7 news at another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card,
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... develop unusual or... severe stomach pain... ...especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect... ... is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and ... your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain... ...and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. time is ticking down in the race for president. voters in south carolina and nevada have few more7v days to make their decision. >> we explain the candidates are targeting each=v other. >> we have come a long way here in south carolina. surprised people here. >>reporter: for republican and democrat contract it was back to their bases on the campaign trail.
9:31 pm
>> captain just show up at election time and say the right thing. and say that's enough. >>reporter: democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton balloting over the african american vote. while the republican focus on the second amendmentjs and the military. as presidenty% you cn talk a good game. every word is listened to. but if you don't have a military to back it up it's dangerous. >>reporter: bush tweeting this photo of gù)hhh name america. g.o.p. candidate lobbing retore cal grenade at one another. rubio taking on ted cruz. >> ted voted for paul bump it that reduced defense spending. ment i'll not do that when i'm president. >>reporter: cruz picking on trumped. >> when terrorist wage jihad on the united states of america the answer is not to tweet insults at them. >>reporter: donald trump taking?9 on everyone. including president obama who said this earlier. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be presiden president. and the reason is because i have a lot of fave in the
9:32 pm
american people. >> this man has done such a bad job he's set us back so far and for him to say that actually is a great compliment if you want to know the truth. >>reporter: and the biggest bomb drop from the campaign trail came from donald trump. who fanned the flames of conspiracy theory by suggesting that supreme court justice scalia's death may have been caused by foul play. >> today pope francis you you remembered mexico priest to fight injustice. in a country plagued by drug fuel violence and political corruption. thousands of pilgrim cheered when ra arrived for mass in the city hot bed for mexico drug trade. tomorrow francis scheduled to lead another mass for 200,000 people in juarez across the border from el paso, texas. >> regulator want blood bank to refuse donation from people who may have contracted the zika virus. people shouldn't donate blood if they travel to country where
9:33 pm
the virus is active in the last movement also don't want blood from people who have had sexual contact with someone is would in in a zika affected area in the last three week. fda hasn't found any case of zika entering the u.s. blood supply. the virus is transmitted through mosquitos. it has been linked to thousands of birth defect in latin america. >> new report link popular antacid with 44 percent increase in the risk of did dementia. causing a lot of concern and certainly a lot of questions. the dr. richard vesser has a reality check. >> tonight reaction to study that hits people where they hurt. heart burn. forecast what they fear. the possibility of dementia. >> basically my entire family take this is daily and very age 75 whofe took prescription risk of dementia it doesn't proof that the drugs!? were the
9:34 pm
afford to let heart burn get in the way. >> americans spend more than 10 billion dollars a year on the two main classesñ) of heart burn medicine. protein pump inhibitors and blockers. available by proceed prescription ones for most people just for a few months. >> that was dr. richard vesser reporting. only santa clara county takes advantage of a state law allowing the redistribution of prescription drugs. today we were in san jose for the grand0n)ening of the better health pharmacy accept and redistribute medication to people in need at no cost. >> there are a lot of patients even though they have insurance because the co-pay so high unable to pick up the medication. >>reporter: 2005 state law make it legal for counties to accept donations of unopened and unexpired drugs. the pharmacy doesn't hand out controlled substances like pain killers or certain anxiety or
9:35 pm
adhd medication. >> national movie theater chain under fire by mind customers for not allowing them to enjoy the movies. suit was filed in san francisco today. the david louie has the story. >> movie goers shelled out 11 billion dollars at the box office last year. not including money spent open popcorn candy and drink. >> we want to have the same experience the same escapeism the same the access to entertain many. >> hasn't happened at the amc theater he has patronize in san francisco and east bay. special audio description head set failed consistently for several years. leaving blank disappointed frustrated when he with tonight a movie with his soychbilitys i wasn't able to communicate with my boys zacchary and elliott about what was happening for the remainder of the film or afterward so much because i missed out on a great deal of the action in a film that is not exactly heavy on dialogue. >>reporter: amc promotes audio description technology on line and here's an example of what a
9:36 pm
blind person hears. >> 2 scientist stand before a flask of orange liquid. one trys to pour a test tube of green liquid in but it liquid doesn't move. >>reporter: class action filed against amc on benefit of 5 individual and 2 advocate group after attorney sent let investigators the theater chain urging it to get staff to maintain the equipment. >> amc the by and large has the technology numb of the theaters and need to go that extra mile national, to take those last steps to ensure that it is actually effectively provided to blind movie goers. >> we reached out to amc corporate offices but didn't receive a response n.santa clara, abc 7 news. 7 news viewers came through and accounted for injured baby horse named valentine. >> nearly 200 people provided more than enough money for the call to go to uc dave days for treatment. >> next. latest on the surprises discovered when they
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jeans. play by play of injured horse's trip to the vet was live tweeted by wayne friedman today. he traveled with valentine the colt to uc davis. here's wayne with new details on the horse's condition. >> valentine is a mellow and trusting colt. he's not jump by. he's not skittish. >> i have been around horses my whole life an not seen any horse this young pretty calm and easy going. >> you are okay. >>reporter: his arrival today at uc davis another day of uncertainty after an ordeal that has consumed half of the 7 day life for sarah this would
9:41 pm
be a day of hope. >> how much sleep have you had. >> main 5 or 6 in the last two days. >>reporter: valentine's day when they found him in a creek at the bottom of the ravine in fremont where he spent and endured two long nights with broken hip. how he got there no one knows. tz when valentine's stoyrt went public people reached out to help. in less than 24 hours they donated more than 16,000 dollars to pay for his medical care and recovery. >> one person donated 2 grand. but a lot of them smaller lump of 10 to $25 and every bit counts. >> early this afternoon x-ray reveal at least one break but inconclusive. later. >> this was important part in some of would need surgery. >>reporter: surprisingly good news from ct scan. second suspected break near  artery does notbreak near exist. there is no need for surgery. only one mystery remains.
9:42 pm
who owns this colt. >> other things have come forward. we are just waiting for information to solidify. >> read between the lines. at uc davis wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. getting a company started isn't always the hardest part. >> sometimes it's harder to thrill keep it going. you will see where some local company went to get a busi
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. >> mega ship returns. benjamin franklin will return to the port of oakland next friday. it's the largest vessel to ever dock at u.s. port. this is the mega ship second trip to oakland for the first time it will dock in the port's middle harbor in the oakland east fewary. wow! >> look like something out of empire strikes back. >> nearly 3 dozen start up
9:46 pm
graduated today from a program that could help make them household names. >> as jonathan bloom found out each one out to convince big thing. sthot ♪in case the hip-hop video didn't explain it the mc spelled it out. >> they come up on the stage. give them your attention. present to you then you invest money in the company. >> thus began demo day latest class in program called 500 start ups. >> demo day is sortbh of like an almost graduate asian for the current accelerator batch. >>reporter: they give a speec speech. >> they make anything like the cool scarf. >>reporter: some sell to consumer or business and partner of 500 start up invest a little bit in all of this most probably not make it but we invest in that many because we feel like they are all great potential. who knows we sometimes were surprised. >>reporter: how could you not invest in puppy.
9:47 pm
>> you stuff treat in either side of the bone. >>reporter: sends monthly care package forth little canine. >> not a lot of people focus on the puppy hood. >>reporter: they are more than ideas. most already have customers and money coming in. they are here for chance to take it to the next level. last year 200,000 in revenue. first full year of business we more than trip neld size. smart mirror making its way in stores. >> so i would lucky a small and green. >>reporter: name is winner. i mile an hour oyvrment you manage to trademark this. >> we did. we have the trademark. >>reporter: it's like air bnb but represent the house to production company. >> one day of production but really the life long effect you get to see your home in a commercial. >> and news tip forever journalist. >> you could help me get a raise. >> exactly right. you could say i said so. >>reporter: this is 7 news. >> very cute. >> yes. time to check on our weather.
9:48 pm
>> drew is here. >> hi. dry right now but we track some rain moving in overnight and into first thing tomorrow morning. storm impact scale storms all winter long. moderate storm on the impact scale. 3 quarters inch of rain in most areas and gusty wind as we go hour by hour by 8:00 o'clock in the morning we see pop up showers mainly in the north bay we continue into the first half of our wednesday. the rain confined right along the coast. starts to move on shore by the afternoon 4:00 o'clock. going to be a wet afternoon evening commute. likely someáj heavy downpour developing in the evening hours lasting through 9:00 o'clock we could see isolated showers first thing thursday morning before the system pulled away. numbers winter storm warning in effect throughout thursday afternoon. this is nice and fresh>u powder. 1:t to 2 feet possible. 6000 feet. accu-weather 7 day forecast we have rain on the way tomorrowment cooler temperatures. scattered showers thursday then nice warming trend we head into the weekend.
9:49 pm
>> thanks. >> all right. well almost 25 million people watch the grammy an many of the same reaction. what happened during adele's performance. lindsay davis has the normally flawless singer explanation. >>reporter: even before she sang her first note something wasn't quite right. there was that jarring clangin clanging. then just as adele prepares to showz:f6 off her pipes. the mike drops out.'s she keeps sippinging. but slightly out of tune. ♪we know adele can nail it. even in a car with just the radio backing her up. ♪soon after the grammy performance she explain it in all a tweet. piano mike fell on the piano
9:50 pm
string tease what the guitar sound wasment made it sound out of tune. then added because of it though i'm treating myself to an in and out so maybe it was worth and out so maybe it was worth it nothing like a burger will make it all better. >>reporter: adele will likely make a comeback next year. best selling album 25 was released two months after this year grammy cutoff date meaning it could be a major contender at next year award. >> pretty good. on to sports. >> we have shoe in for larry tonight is the mike on. >> just making sure. >> not going to happen. bad example for the young players we have reaction from coaches and players and shark start off 5 game road trip in tampa with major thunder against the lightning
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are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. breaking news from berkeley. triple shooting on city street streets. police still on the scene. live report. >> more than a year after backing innovative cooler on
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kick starter thousands of people still waiting for the promised reward. michael finds out if the promise was up to the hype. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. channel 7. >> this sports >> i got hockey to talk about. >> we have all the sports. >> shark hit the road. 5 game trip. 9 days this is a real test as the season winds down stamina and trying to secure points away from the tank. first period event of zone breakdown and callahan. 1 nothing tampa. pretty good shot. shark back in the second. ortiz it up. drills it past bishop. take the lead. 5 little joe is 26 of the year. 2-1 san jose. 2 minute later. bad bounce. third goal of the year. minutes into the third. marlo the streaking. comes back in forehand and
9:55 pm
underbishop. charge with 19 road game 4-2 the final. warriors back to work friday in portland for a 6 game road trip toen the month of february. curry and company chasing the bull regular season record of 72 and 10. now earlier the season former warriors coach jackson talked about how curry style was bad for the game of basketball. meaning the kids now want to be like steph add shoot only three and not work on the fundamental of the fame like passing defense. foot work lay up and team work. i asked our local college coaches and three time nba champion what they thought of these statement about curry's game. >> he has become special. and i don't want anybody trying no shots right now. i think we have to work on our basic fundamental before we dwrd to that level. like development he has done a lot of hard work. things that look easy put a lot of time in over his career. to accomplish that. that means players in the world are capable of doing the things he's doing.
9:56 pm
the numbers he's putting up. percentages he's shooting. sometimes in life where you come along and celebrate them because you may not see this again for a long long time. >> blessed with a gift. i think he does a tremendous pip. so i think a lot of kids want to my great because the on thea person he is i don't know him personally what he brings to the table i think he's great for the game. >> i don't think we have seen a guysz like him throwing shots where he's throwing them. >> no it's special. i don't really, no one gets it. nobody understands it. l you see him do certain stuff and do you like how?ra how does doe that? and as fan of the game you enjoy seeing him play. as a father i have to tell my kids don't do what curry does. the okay. we have to build to. that so
9:57 pm
the he's an amazing player man. >>reporter: all right. former forty-niner coach harbaugh in up to recently for superbowl 50 and pro am. today got commitment from the younger brother quarterback dillon to play at michigan. dillon only a junior and high school at christian high in colorado and considered the second;n rank pro stop quarterback in the nation. he picked michigan over stanford and duke where two brothers attend wanting to create his own path. he also wanted to be coached by former nfl quarterback in harbaugh. this early commitment he can now help recruitt.ther players 58th running of the daytona 500 set for sunday at 1:00 p.m. retired as of 2015 season and no. 24 car taken over by chase elliott. had the pole position last year and 24 car is back up front this season. chase won the pole position this past sunday. father bill won the 500 twice. kid has pedigree. johnson had the sauce on the
9:58 pm
new teammate in the 24 car. >> i have seen the 24 car and track jeff wasn't in it that was weird but haven't had full competition again the 24 without jechlt i haven't experienced him yet. with all4 that said i notice chase will do amazing job and huge asset for the company but the difficult that was hired by jeff and grew up learning from him he's always been a mentor and there for me and certainly different without him. >> sports report brought to you by toyota and i thought it was interesting that the coaches and dwayne wade we are talking about curry i mean it's a lot of hard work. so that's what it takes. i coach them and they want to shoot three. don't want to do lay up. those kids out there took hard work to do that. fundamental there you go. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm amma. >> i'm dan ashley for drew and all of us we appreciate your time hope to see you at 9 and 11. >> we continue on line on
9:59 pm
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a british soldier escapes the horrors of war-torn afghanistan only to suffer a gruesome attack at home. loni: after they hit his body, they got out of the car and dragged his body into the middle of the street. announcer: police try to determine why the un


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