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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> developing now at 11:00, a woman's torso discovered in a suitcase. the head, arms and legs missing. tonight east bay police are back at the scene searching for clues. good evening. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz is off. police found the dismembered body on sunday south of the eastern end of the dunbar ton bridge. it is a grizzly scene. lisa amin gulezian is live in fremont with the latest. lisa? >> hi, dan. the scene is four miles away. it is through that road that behind me. still a lot of unanswered questions including the woman's identity as well as how she ended up all the way out there. a number of police cars were on the scene.
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the coroner was also called in. fremont police searched for more body parts after fishermen found a woman's torso. investigators searched bushes, branches and the water for clues. sources tell abc7 the original 9-1-1 call on sunday was for a body in a suitcase. >> surprised. surprised they would pick up the suitcase and look at it. >> the coroner's office confirmed an autopsy was done on a torso. they would not say what the female torso was in, but we know the body was missing a head, arms and legs. >> it is scary. this is crazy. i used to think it is quiet and a nice road for the commute. >> investigators don't know if the body was dumped in the area or if it was floated here. they $don't know how long it was in the water. ly is uh-huh mean gulezian, abc7 news.
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now look at these photos. that could be the key to capturing the uber driver accused of assault at mineta san jose airport. he confronted the driver about speeding and taking pictures of the license plate when the driver got out of the car. that driver reported yelled at him and grabbed his shirt and pushed him. he took off when his passenger arrived. new at 11:00, someone is poisoning animals. sheriff investigators say someone deliberately placed poison biscuits in a pasture. a horse and a dog died. >> these are my kids and they mean the world to me. >> this was leslie webb's last ride on her horse named cowboy. were poisoned by the biscuits that were left in the pasture. >> for them to put three piles out for three horse, yes they know something about horses. >> the uc davis lab confirmed
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someone laced the biscuits with oleander, a toxic plant that damages the organs. both died the day after thisy were poisoned. this is cowboy shortly before being put down. leslie has another horse who is still alive. oscar here was also poisoned, but he is recovering. the vet says there won't be any permanent damage to his liver orchid knee. threeal paw -- three alpaca and a dog has died. but this is the only intentional poisoning case. >> a lot of us like to give them carrots and apples and pet them and whatever it is. it has eliminated that for fear that they may think that we are some highway harming -- somehow harming our animals. >> investigators say they are keying in on a person of interest. in saw noy ma county -- in
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sonoma county, alan wang, abc7 news. >> and now to the race for president another win for donald trump who already has a strong lead for the republican presidential nomination. with 22% of the votes counted, trump got half of the vote. marco rubio, 25% and ted cruz with 21%. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live in reno where there were long lines to vote today. laura? >> that's right, dan. with so much turmoil there was some concern that we might not have results tonight. they did come in fairly quickly. donald trump gave his victory speech in las vegas followed by ted cruz. >> and tomorrow you will be hearing, you know, if they could just take the other candidates and add them up they keep forgetting that when people drop out we are getting a lot of votes. >> the undeniable reality that the first four states have
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shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> a through t. anybody a through t? >> reporter: the lines were long, out the door and down the sidewalk as nevada republicans turned out in force to participate in the state's caucus. >> there is a long line here. >> and it is totally worth it. it is not snowing or raining. >> a little hectic. it is to the that organized. long lines, but it is good. >> perhaps not so good is allegations of some caucus wearers. a failure to check id's and failure to vote in some locations. meantime, two of the three top candidates were working the crowds. donald trump made a surprise
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visit to this caucus location in las vegas. >> thank you, sir. >> while ted cruz stopped by a high school to lobby for last-minute support. amid it all there was no lack of enthusiasm. >> i'm glad there is a lot of people. there is more than the democrat caucus the other day that makes me happy. >> it looks like marco rubio has finished second. he has moved on to michigan and looking ahead to super tuesday next tuesday when they will hold their primaries. laura anthony, abc7 news. privacy advocates came out to support apple in the standoff with the federal government. abc7 news was at union square for this rally. abc7 news was in palo alto where another rally took place, 50 in all nationwide. they want apple to write code to unlock the phone of the san bernadino attacker faruk.
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they say it could put the privacy of all customers at risk. new at 11:00, a contraception controversy. parents squared off with the city over whether to provide condoms to middle school students. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with the vote that just happened a short time ago. cornell? >> reporter: yes, dan. the vote was unanimous to give middle schoolers access to condoms if they want them. many parents fiercely opposed saying it sends the wrong message. >> we have to find concept to go on a -- we have to find consent to go on a field trip. >> they blasted the san francisco school board for its proposal to give middle schoolers access to condoms. >> we are talking 11 and 14 years old and they are not ready for it. i don't think this is appropriate. >> condoms at school sends the wrong message. >> you get a free lunch for the low income family.
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if you need it you get a free condom. >> it is only after a consultation with the school nurse. they say recent surveys show 5% of middle schoolers are sexually active. >> of that 5% only 50% are accessing condoms. we need to reach those other students. every life is important for us. >> state law would allow students to get a condom confidently without parents' permission. one teacher believes many teens are growing up fast thanks to social media. >> we don't see the 6 liesed -- sexualized images our kids are exposed to and they are exposed every day. i think giving condoms is a pre ven preventative measure. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. abc7 news at 11:00, a test drive turns deadly in southern california. the bay area man who should have never been behind the wheel. and freezing away migraines.
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this needle could be the cure for people suffering from the terrible, debilitating headaches. and a robot revolution. a tech giant takes the wraps off the new machine and it is unlike anything ever built. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. unseasonably warm by winter's standards, and we have changes coming. >> thank you very much. first here is a look at jimmy kimmle live after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> sharing is caring and so i am sharing it with you because i care. >> now i am -- my head was >> now i am -- my head was leonardo dicaprio.
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you are looking live at the bay bridge from our emeryville
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camera where there has been a multi car crash. it is blocking four lanes of the westbound direction just past the toll plaza. no serious injuries have been reported. get breaking news updates anytime on twitter at abc7 news bay area. a union city man is accused tonight of killing a car dealership employee during a test drive. it happened in san bernadino county. the red corvette was speeding when it slammed into a tree killing the car max employee. he is also accused of driving under the influence of drugs. he was injured in the accident. we are moving on. for many people suffering from intense migraine headaches any relief can be life changing. now a treatment is blocking the pain by literally freezing it away. eric thomas explained how it works. >> whether it is driving her kids on vacation to lego land or just helping them with homework, keisha is worried that a migraine headache could devastate their plans.
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>> it is terrible. i get nauseous. >> after years of powerful medications she is turning to the director of acute pain service at stanford health care. he is hoping to freeze the pain away with a device which works by forcing nitrous oxide into a needle-shaped tube. the frozen ice ball on the tip is being produced by the cold. >> it is frozen water. >> instead of reducing inflammation, it gives a targeted burst of cold so intense it deadens the nerves that contribute to the migraines. >> we know these guys are involved in the head pain and maintaining it because patients do get better when we do these nerve blocks. >> first he uses an ultrasound to probe the nerves and map the pain response.
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with the targets mapped, he will apply the -- they will kill the nerve endings. patients feel a slight burning sensation when they touch the nerve. >> when you feel that that is a great sign and after about 20 seconds, the pain usually starts to get better. >> doctors say several methods including botox injections can be used to block nerve pain, but the results are all temporary. only lasting as long as it takes for the nerves to regenerate. he believes the cold or the chryo therapy will offer longer relief. >> at this point we have seen six weeks of the lower end. some of the patients are four months without pain. >> several months worth of relief from her do debilitating migraines will be life changing for her family. >> i just want to enjoy my kids without pain. talking at the table and not having to worry about that
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mommy has a headache. >> eric thomas, abc7 news. >> it was developed in the bay area by a company called myo science. it was being applied to knee and joint pain. you may have noticed, but hover boards have quietly disappeared from amazon's website. doing a search gives you hover board accessories. the consumer product safety commission ruled any hover boards saved without a safety review posed an imminent hazard because of fire danger. toys r and have also removed them. let's turn your attention now to the weather as we hit midweek. it looks like 70s as well. it is pretty warm. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it is almost as if we fast-forward to spring already. the sun is going down at 5:57. this is a beautiful sunset. the high level clouds made for
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the colorful sunset. this is something you will be seeing more of the next couple days because we will just be seeing high clouds. there are only a few clouds left on live doppler 7hdful fog is not going to be a problem for your morning commute. look at the temperatures for today. it was warm. it was warmer than average. low 70s from napa to santa rosa. san jose, livermore, 67 in half moon bay. we missed the record in a few cities today. tomorrow we'll be getting close. mid40s in napa, novato, half moon bay, san ramon. you know you are headed toward a cool morning from the bay bridge looking beautiful. mild to warm the next two days. cooling begins on friday and there is a chance of north bay sprinkles. before we get to that near the record in terms of temperatures for san jose the next two days.
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average high is 63 degree. we will be in the mid70s and then the temperatures will start to slide. it is heading down as we head toward the weekend. in case you are going to the coast to enjoy the warm weather, word of caution. watch out for the waves. high surf advisory 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. you are looking at breakers up to 20 feet. yes those waves could sneak up on you. a dry february. this streak is going to continue. usually during el nino we see wetter weather. this has not been the case for february so far of this is one of our wettest months. look at the average rainfall for santa rosa. just over half a foot. so far we have had a fraction. .74 of an inch this month. san francisco under four and a half inches and only an inch so far. san jose received a third of an inch. you get three and a third of an inch. but there's hope. looks like a slight chance of a few showers on it will be cooler and we'll
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see a slight possibility friday afternoon around ukiah and cloverdale as we head toward the evening commute. then there is another slight possibility on sunday. not big storms. we may be closing out february on a dryer than normal note. temperatures first thing in the morning in the coolest inland valleys in the upper 30s. the rest of you 40s, 50s and then you are looking at 70 in san francisco and 71 san rafael. 74 san jose and 73 san mateo. 72 santa rosa. and 69 in half moon bay. warm again by winter's standards. the temperatures will go down and possibly a few drops on friday. and the weekend is a little cooler with another slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay on sunday, dan. that's about it for now. >> getting warm. thanks, sandhya very much. robots take the next step. this is wild. still ahead, the silicon
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valley tech giant reveals the next generation of t
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robots are taking the next step. engineers have introduced the atlas robot. it shows it can keep its balance and walk alongside a person and it can think on the fly readjusting to pick up a box or picking itself up off the floor. engineers hope it can be used for tasks similar to humans. it is owned by google x. i don't know anything about this field, but i know i wouldn't shove them on the ground like that. i wouldn't make them angry. >> that dude hit him with the pipe. we will see the guy turn around and wrap the pipe around him and walk him like a poodle. >> they turn on sky net.
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>> the thing is ready to enslave us almost right now. stop building these guys. i ask you can a robot do this? perhaps the shot of the year perhaps the shot of the year in
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by riverwalk casino. >> the giants players will tell you it is a treat to see willie mays in the clubhouse for spring training. it will be really cool if he stops calling him bernard. willie is so respected that nobody wants to tell him. he is not going to el it the say hey kid. whatever you call him he will be in center field. he seems to be okay with it.
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>> when that is your position and you are asked to play a different position i was surprised, but he is a great player and a great center feeler. at some point the team asked me to move and i will move. >> we will have a word together in private. we haven't done it yet to make sure we are on the same page. i think we are, but want to go ahead and iron some stuff out and i think we will be fine. >> five years ago today the warriors traded brandon wright and dan gedsreich. this is a deal no one would remember except the second round pick torched to -- turned 20 green. >> it was a big one for andrew boggit. >> it was one of those reasons for their success.
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>> i got to know the guys a little bit tonight. >> they are a great team. they are a great organization. they are very well coached. i can tell they love each other and they have fun out there. >> college hoops and rejected by matthew fisher. josh henderson grabs it and let's fly from 80. his chance to tie it is a five-point half time deficit. it is quite possibly the play of the year in college hoops winners 87-74. you can't hit like cespedes, but you can get yourself a sling shot. it has carbon fiber leather seats. i am not sure if it is a motorcycle that wants to be a car or vice-versa.
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the retail price is $68,000. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk raw -- river walk casino. >> it can be yours. >> if the price the price is right. abc7 news continues on-line, facebook, twitter, all of your devices. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. hope you/


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