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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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clouds moving in over the roof top tonight as wave of april showers approaches the bay and here's what it looks like right now. you can see the cloud covering the sky over the exploratorium actually that's@z from the camera at pier 15 looking at the transamerica building in san francisco. good evening i'm kristin. dan dan and amma are off. let's start with sandhya and
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live doppler 7hd what do wevrq e see. >> we are looking at clouds and fog. take a look for yourself and i'll talk about where the systemfoár so it's"÷ pretty gray outside. obviously with the cloud cover and the fog coming in. southern california seeing some light rain right now. there's a system uses off the coast that is sending up some moisture. that's the system that brings us to our storm impact scale. we have been ranking our system all season. one light 5 severe the system coming in for friday saturday is a one. light one. most get between quarter to half inch. there is a potential for isolated thunder look at the time line. tomorrow morning starts out gray. tomorrow afternoon we start to see the clouds thicken by 2:00 p.m. isolated showers begin to develop in the south bay. and move northward by 3:00 p.m. as we head towards the evening rush. notice a little pop of red there could be some thunder and those showers will be increasing as we head towards the friday evening get away. i'll be back with the rest of the hour by hour forecast so that includes your weekend to let you know if the showers
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will continue. >> see you shortly thanks. east bay dental assistant under arrest tonight accused of molesting a young girl while she was sedated and recording the whole thing on his cell phone. police believe there may be as many as 50 victims. here's laura anthony with the story. >>reporter: it's disturbing. you already have it's already hard enough to bring a child to the dentist. >> concord police say they have one young victim but believe there are many more. little girls age 6 to 12. molested while they were alone in the care of dental assistant at the clinic here in concord. crimes police say the suspect recorded with the cell phone. >> in those video would it show a young girl laying there and him pulling down their pants. videotaping the vaginal area and touching them. >>reporter: 24-year-old man sits in the martinez jail on 8 million dollars basement he was
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arrested for abusing one, eight-year-old girl. but police believe there are many more victims based on evidence seized from the antioch home. >> one of the pieces of evidence seized was a cell phone with severaljm video of young girls. >>reporter: he worked at the concord clinic for about a yea year. typically a dental assistant would monitor a child where nitrous oxide was used. gas doesn't put the child to sleep. make them more comfortable less anxious during a procedure. officials at the clinic read a prepared statement. >> we at that time safety of the patients very seriously and fully cooperating with the officials who are investigating this matter. for the prove serve our patients and all concerned we can't comment further. >>reporter: the clinic is asking patients with question to contact them directly. anybody who believes they mayt l concord police. in concord laura anthony abc 7 news. san francisco district attorney is investigating the fatal police shooting of a homeless man this morning.
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it happened as shot well and 19th street. conflicting reports on what really happened. vic lee has more. >>1÷ man shot here on theñ block ofi shot well by officers t)jt to a call from homeless outreach tee. man with a knife. >> the knife had a 10 to 12 inch blade. >> police say they shot bean bag at the man but that he kept charging. chief greg sur says two officers one of them a sergeant fired. >> we have it appears 4 extended casings from the bean bag. gun. 7 casings. >> 7 bullet casings. man was rushed to the hospital mortally wounded. >> all he did was play with a soccer ball. >> steffani and john knew the man as jose. they were outside the tent about 10 yards away when officers arrived. they say they saw everything. >> the knife was up on the hip the whole time.
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didn't have no knife in his hand when officers was around him. >> he saw bean bag hitting jose first. >> going in circle. that's when the sergeant put his gun out and opened fire. >> couple says the knife was tucked in the belt. >> he fell and that's when the knife fell out. hit the ground. >>reporter: the irony of the shooting is that it came a day after police commissioners met to discuss arming officers with taser. vic lee, 7 news. gas leak along this avenue in campbe@1 caused four hours of traffic grid lock during this evening commute. construction crew hit two inch gap line this afternoon near highway 17 leading to the street being closed. leak was first reported just before 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. this was the scene from sky 7 hd. campbell police say pg&e crew got here quickly but took them
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about an hour and a half to pin point the location of the leak. two businesses in the area had to be evacuated including a fast-food restaurant and gas station. all lanes on camden reopen before 6:00 o'clock. bizarre end to wild chase in southern california. two burglary suspect led police through the streets of los angeles that included a brief pause for the drivers to do some do nuts. the chase went over several freeways and through the hollywood area this afternoon. driver even waved and yelled at people near the hollywood walk of fame. spike strip deployed but thatnl didn't end it. tmz van tried to cut off the driver at one point. towards the end of the chase suspect pulled over in a neighborhood and were actually greeted by people giving them handshakes and hugs. took selfie before they were taken into custody. california highway patrol motorcycle officer in intensive care after intentionally hit by a driver along interstate 80 in
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sacramento this afternoon. officers chase the driver 50 miles to fairfield where he was taken into custody. investigators say the driver hit the officer using a stolen construction firm truck back up for fallen officer arrived quickly. >> office nearby this location within a mile may be two miles so we were all able to respond very quickly. this actually happened in the center of the area in north sacramento. >> highway patrol believes motorcycle officer pulled up behind the idle truck on the shoulder of the freeway thinking it was disabled when he was run over at least once. san francisco supervisor are trying to beef up the controversial sanctuary city law currently bans city police and sheriff's deputy from holding most undocumented immigrants for federal immigration officials. but some city hall leaders say that's not enough. 7 news anchor eric thomas has the story. >> ordinance made it out of committee this afternoon. now heads to the full beard of supervisors.
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supporters say it would have made a difference in the case of pedro figueroa. undocumented immigrant picked up by ice apparently on police tip when he showed up to get his stolen car. he spoke through an interpreter. >> the fact that i asked for help and instead i was harmed by the police is something that is really, really hard for me to shaishtion it probably would not have made a difference if the killing of kate steinly shot by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported 5 times. became a national issue when donald trump picked up on it on one of the anti-immigration rants. >> trumped up hysteria on national level that affected people in san francisco. >>reporter: the reason the boil not have kept lopez sanchez from firing the shot that killed kate steinly is in the measure first sentence. it says quote it prohibits daneing individuals on the basis of a federal civil immigration daryn unless that individual has been convicted of a violent felony in the seven years prior. sanchez did not have a history
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of violence and the 7 year standard is the only one police can use. >> we want one clear standard for when we will allow local law enforcement to talk with ice, federal immigration officials. >>reporter: he says not putting a fire wall between local police and the feds feeds mistrust between cops and immigrant community but the republican activist and immigration specialist says the city should keep its nose out of immigration. >> we don't need the city of san francisco to dictate what the federal government should be doing or not doing. we need the city to be doing what they were elected for. repairing the outrageous streets and fixing the problem the community nishtiondz at city hall, abc 7 news. >> uc berkeley coach accused of sexually harass ago reporter has resigned. he was assistant basketball coach here and he was pauling appealing the firing from the university after an investigation found he tried to lure the female reporter up to his apartment and sent her
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sexual text messages for month. the attorney says he will drop the appeal and release a statement tomorrow. faculty and administrators in the cal state university system have reached a deal to avoid a strike for now both sides plan to announce attentive agreement tomorrow morning. faculty planning 5 day walk out at all 23 campuses next week over a pay dispute. they wanted a 5 percent raise. csu offered just two percent during the temporary agreement there won't be a strike while the two side negotiate a permanent contract. next on 7 news at 9:00. some calling it a revolution. >> dramatically change how we provide food to our students. >> that big change comes courtesy of this dirt lot. find out how next. also san francisco giants fans stream into at&t park. there's nothing like the sites and sounds of a home opener. and sounds of a home opener.
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perfect day for. that sandhya is tracking the rain with live doppler 7hd. she has the full forecast she has the full forecast coming lowe's oanyone can haveee a beautiful garden.
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finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy. now get perennials, 3 for $10, at lowe's.
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. oakland schools plan to make food healthier for students. today the district had a ground breaking ceremony for center that will change the way kids eat and how they think about
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the food they eat. education reporter lee ann take as closer look. >>reporter: hot meals given to oakland students are served in a car board tray and wrapped in plastic. >> the food is great. tastes sweet like honey bun but i'm okay with the food? a they want to do better. today they broke ground for a new centralize kitchen serving all schools. in addition there will be an instructional farm that instructional farm that students willd(ñ from. 25,000 meals a day are prepared at 2 sights now too small. >> you work with 50 cases of chicken at the same time you are cooking rice and the vegetables being prepared. >> foods are not as fresh. take the rice being cooked today thursday. it's placed on a tray with some chicken and broccoli and covered with plastic wrap. then served on monday. but now the new center will distribute only pre-cook the
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food. >> rise will be cooked at the school as opposed to pre-cooked and then brought over. >>reporter: that means they are fresh and healthy. >> stay strong. >>reporter: center will cost 40 million dollars. money that coombs from bond measure j which was passed in 2012. the district will receive a total of 4 70 million to upgrade its facilities. that includes improvement to all school kitchen so that they can successfully prepare the food sent to them by the new center which should be ready by late 2017. in oakland, 7 news. today was the giants home opener but it looked more like world series judging by the parking prices near at&t park. take a look. 7 news was a block away from the ballpark as parking attendant raise 100 dollar price even higher to wait for wait for this you wish. 120 dollars.
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look at that. many lost around at&t park charging in the triple figure as game time got closer. exorbitant price caught some fans off guard. >> usually i pay 20 i brought 20 today. i was a little bit surprised opening day i was told. that's hoycht is on opening day. >> fans to arrive super early or pre-payed for parking got the spot for a lot less. for those willing to walk a little bit parking was only, only 40 dollars. near the bay bridge. san francisco giants won the home opener this afternoon at at&t park. against the l.a. dodgers. they took a 4 nothing lead and gradually came back and then the nail in the coffin. >> line drive. >>reporter: grand slam. hunter pence grand slam in the pwop of the 8 put the game out of the donors reach.
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giants pound out 17 hits and 1 12-6 win t.great day to be at the ballpark as 7 news reporter# wayne experienced firsthand. >> on yet another opening day the what is true love. we might be following it here in the form as he juggle hot francisco sporting stage. in honor of bea it's the same all over again on giants opening day. >> i brought it early. >> she mows michlt could it come soon enough. >> who weather to play the game than the dodgers. gonzalez and johnson described this part of the relationship as uneasy food>> somewp women s. some women can't cook. mine is a dodgers faichbility i actually can cook. >> not that any one would want
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to risk going hungry today. >> garlic fry any one. >> you make friends influence people. >> exactly. would you like one. >> speaking generally we like this day from the crack of the bat to the tools of the trade. to all the stuff that even those who have seen thi=@"ozens of times say again on this a good mood.pp >> i read that article, too. >> always been that way. >> this is genuine. at at&t park. wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> you can show your giants pride by sharing this with your face book friends. it says not to fear. it's an even year. you know what it means right. get this graphic on our web site. >> today didn't wayne draw the long straw.
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weather perfect for the game. >> absolutely it was. not so hot like yesterday. so definitely a home run weather wise now it changes again. today was much cooler as you know kristin. 20-25 degrees across parts of the bay area. as we head to tomorrow we drop the temperatures some more and we bring in the possibility of few showers. live doppler 7hd right now tracking not only clouds up temperatures still veryf mild n not expecting to it cool téyn much tomorrow morning. live look from the golden gate bridge camera. visibility still good from this vantage point. scattered showers friday and sachlts isolated thunder possible and we are bringing in another chance of rain again next week. on our stormy packet scale it's a 1. light system for friday saturday. most areas between quarter tore half inch. there is certainly potential for isolated thunderstorms so here's the hour by hour time line tonight we have the clouds and fog heading into tomorrow morning. could see a little bit of spotty drizzle at 7:00 a.m.m.
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wait forth showers to come in from the south at 3:00 p.m. start to notice a little bit of green in the south bay. by 5:00 p.m. start to pick up some pockets of moderate maybe even isolated thunderstorm moderate rain and isolated thunderstorm around the evening rush hour and look what happens around dinner time. the showers begin to start to move northward and increase in coverage. 11:00 p.m. few showers also showingqo up in the north bay ad then saturday morning if you have early plans make sure the plans do include a rain coat because you will need it. heading towards saturday north bay. elsewhere scattered in nature. and it really still continues into 5:00 p.m. saturday so better day as far as doing out door activist sunday. rainfall total generally speaking quarter to half inch. but can't rule out some areas picking up more than that as we head towards saturday night. first thing tomorrow morning with all the cloud around. it's not going to be a chilly start but certainly going to be better sleeping weather than last night especially with$o no ac. temperatures along the coast
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and inland will be in the 50's. fog will be around. clouds around. may be a little due to the fog srìc@&h&hc visibility could be an issue tomorrow morning. 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon san jose. 69 los gatos. certainly best possibility of showers will be in the south bay. 69 gilroy. santa clara. evening goes on you will see the shower possibility moving northward. peninsula redwood city menlo park 60's. 67 san mateo o. 62 degrees sunset district as well. downtown san francisco 64 and you see plenty of cloud cover in theb north bay for your friday afternoon. 67 nap a.nov7.&. 66 san rafael. 3x yiát+u(áq.qlrk 67 along with inland areasmñ you will be arouy the upper 60'só except antiochii at 70 degrees.(r 69 livermore.ñ÷ 68 in concord0 68 in concord0 today's@p temperature in the 60's and 70's. antioch to 80 but not to. accu-weather 7 day forecast one on the scale for friday saturday slight chance of maybe
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a few sprinkle sunday morning but after that we go dry for a few days kristen then another opportunity for written comes in midweek so that's also a one on the storm impact scale wednesday thivrments always like to keep things interesting. >> we do. mix it up here. >> all right sounds good thank you. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. update on the chihuahua that shut down traffic on the bay shut down traffic on the bay br
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money trouble for san francisco base gap ink. clothing company dropped more than 4 percent during the trading day, the stock. down more than 13 percent in after hours trading. the company in charge of gap, banana republic and old navy show sales are slipping. the numbers are worse than analyst expected leading to the stock sell off. the heel of report that internet apparel says are
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out pacing sales at the brick and mortar retailers. the dogba that ran and ran and ran from officers across the bay bridge sunday. likely placed in a foster home. san francisco animal care control release this picture of punch today. experts there say foster home is the best place for punch to settle down and get more socia socializeed. settler will reassess him to determine what happens after. that 4-year-old is still not stressedíw from the commotion. remember. he ran so fast down the bay bridge chp officers had a hard time catching up to him. the battle for new york. ted cruz tries to recover from the comments about new york values. >> no business. >> talking about new york valu values. >> plus hillary clinton trying to win where she was once senator. what happened when she tried to get on a subway. >> also there's a lot at stake in the california primary including decision on who will
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represent the district that include as lot of silicon valley. >> plus roo man particular marriage proposal that got a little rocky. another half hour of 7 news at another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up
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we again this half hour with race for the white how'd. trump and cruz were in the big apple. and former mayor rudolph guiliani announced tonight vote for trump but not endorse him. mean time on democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a war of words. >>reporter: bernie sanders ongl the attack. >> i'm not going to get beat ep up or lied about. >>reporter: at news conference in philadelphia. sanders pointing to media
9:31 pm
articles claiming hillary clinton called him unqualified. statement she never actually made. jt that critique at her. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you are raising millions of dollars from wall street. >> i don't know why he is saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >>reporter: clinton trying to take the high road calling the comments silly before getting on the subway at yankees stadium. on the g.o.p. side trump had family at hand in long island hoping to deliver a victory at home. >> my father will make america great again. >>reporter: he hammered cruz for new york value he made back in january. >> i have this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face with hatred hatred of new york. >>reporter: cruz says his comments were referring to liberals. today he's hitting new york hard.
9:32 pm
even touring and tasting at bakery in brooklyn. at new york town hall he says he's expecting to do better in the empire state than most predict. >> interesting thing has happened in the last couple of weeks. we have seen this race naturally turn. >>reporter: poll shows donald trump up more than 30 points in new york. he's even taking some time off the campaign trail and has no scheduled events until sunday. megan hughes abc news washington. but new associate press poll doesn't bode well for trump. 7 intern americans have unfavorable view of the billionaire. even losing support from his most loyal voting block white without a college education. 55 percent of them have a negative pen of trump. more than 60 percent of registered republican voters say they definitely would not vote for trump in the general election. california primary is two months away. among the race is a rematch in congressional race that covers
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much of silicon valley. while there are differences between incumbent honda and challenger rogue both share support for people who identify as transgender. david louie spoke today with both candidates. >> educators and advocate for the lgbtq community gather as congressman honda held a hearing on the treatment of transgender students. it has been an important issue for him after revealing last year his then 8-year-old grand-daughter melissa is transgender. he gear up for primary race to return to congress he sees school as critical to inclusion and accommodation. >> it's an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves, work with ourselves so that= we can model and behavior we want to see. >>reporter: democratic challenger rogue says he won't compromise when it comes to extend ago quality and respect to all given the diversity of the 17th district. >> people come from all different faith. all different back gruchbilityd
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all different sexual orientation and we need respec respect. we need understanding that's what builds america. that's what built silicon valley. >>reporter: june seventh primary rematch of two yourself ago when con tried to unseat honored a.congressional ethic vision still unresolved over staff involvement in the campaign may influence which candidate voters supportrc. here's bob. >> honda had too many black mark against him. >>reporter: what concerns you.ñ >> well, corruption. >>reporter: but not ann cross by. education is no. 1. the only way our district look forward and i believe mike honda has that in his soul. his very being he's looking out for kid. >> in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >>reporter: today lady gaga and vice president biden teamed up for an event in las vegas. jaq,v2? ♪.
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>>reporter: that's the pop co-wrote for documentary.x the hunting ground. about sexual assault on college campuses. both gaga and biden are part of president obama campaign called it's on us which aims to prevent college sexual assault. >> what is needed was to change the culture. of how women are treated in our . >>reporter: vice president biden will travel to colorado tomorrow with the it's on us tour /. brussels police release new video of the third suspect in last month bombing attack. man in the hat. tape shows the man moments after the airport bombing and the route he took as he left the area. authorities say he was with two suicide bombers at the airport possibly pushing a cart with a bomb that did not detonate. police say he ditched the white jacket and just fan shd -- vanished. tloo people died in the attack. >> sometimes romance can be a little rocky.
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first responders went to san luis obispo rescued a man after proposal wrong this morning. he climbed the rock after sun tries propose to his girlfriend using face time. apple video calling app. attempted to climb down himself but the got stuck. crews able to safely rescue him short time later. he was not seriously hurt. and happy ending to the story. man's girlfriend said yes. tesla motor says worldwide pre-orders for the new model 3 electric car hit 325,000. announcement from ceo musk comes exactly one week after he unveiled the car at event in los angeles. customers must put down refun refundable 1,000 dollar deposit to order the car which starts at 35,000 dollars. >> coming up. we go fishing for answers. very high tech search tool. climb aboard that's next on 7 climb aboard that's next on 7 news at 9
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more than a dozen major u.s. newspaper publisher sent a satisfies and desist order to a san francisco web browser developer. it's just a letter of course. the company call brave and web browser block the newspaper ads and replace them with ads sold by brave. newspaper group which include "the new york times"and wall street journal calls it blatantly illegal. in a statement brave says the newspaper have fundamentally misunderstood brave. it's far out in the ocean. most of the time. but this sunday very high tech ship open to the public at the explore you remember and today jonathan climbed aboard the shiney new vessel on a fish finding mission.
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area it's a fancy shift. it's a floating submarine. one of my favorite ways to think of the ship. it was designed to be as quiet and stealth through the water as possible. >> the ship isn't hiding from enemy. item hiding from fish. >> anything that make noise creates a shadow is deemed a treadtor. able to sning on them and best opportunity that we#k2 can to count them. >> counting fish is the ship mission. sometimes with small instruments. >> look under microscope. determine how many egg and for what species there are. >> sometimes with big ones. >> do dropping things into the water. >> yes. hopefully bring as many things back. >> just like a submarine they use sonar. >> this is where i spend my time during the survey. >> biologist kevin can read the dot like a book. >> it tells researchers where to look but not where they will find there. that's where this comes in. >> when the sun goes down the net goes in the water. >> this is where the truck gets
9:42 pm
processed. >> looking for sardine, mackerel. >> weigh in. measure them. affect them to determine whether male or female to. unlock the mystery of dwindling population. >> seems to be no doubt this is way did you know and trying to figure out what the cause of that whether they are affects of over fishing whether it be affects of the environment. >> use washington they learn to set fishing limit protecting the fish and the mammal that eat them. >> important worki'i living at a >> important worki'i living at a up to abd monthám atx >> defaultnl hilton more like te marriotts÷/t. >> never mine the tennist÷ ball. >> fix$t time we had rough weather. chairs tipped over. >> based in san diego it travels the whole coast and the bay is right in the middle. >> so we hope this is the first of many stops. here in the exploratorium and san francisco. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. sandhya will be back to update us on the approaching rain. and printing robot. the creature that can
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practically crawl out of the 3d as you is. its
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researchers at mit have taken 3d print to go whole other level. team created a 6 legged row about the that can practically crawl out of the printer on its own. robot created together in a single step. no assembly required. after attaching a battery and motor it's ready to go. team calls it the fabrication functional machine. you got. that entire process takes 22 hours. now to the new "star wars"preview tonight,s. rogue one video has 7 million views. fans are combing through frame by frame for clue.
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one of them is a quick glimpse of dark figure. is it vadar? watch the entire clip on the face book page. one last check of the weather. let's go to sandhya things are cooling down. >> yes. temperatures went down and rain will be coming down as a matter of fact as we head to to. live doppler 7hd it's cloudy skies. rain coming in from southern california. the system off to southern california coast. it will continue to bring in some rain down there. 65 in los angeles. 65 yosemite. 57 in tahoe. monterey 64. eureka 61 degrees so here in u(ás as possible"'n the low 70's. s'st other areas in the 60's.h@ and there will beó the potenti for a few showers/ tomorroweo bay. we have to waits. until later if he bay year. it's notfx going to be wide spread rain>. it's scattereáin naturek. going to the giants dodgers game tomorrow night at at&t park it starts out cloudy. 59 degrees at 7:15 but by 10:00
9:48 pm
p.m. we are looking at chance of some showers in the temperature will be dropping to 57 degrees. as you take a look terrain chances friday saturday best shot of rain and then next week we have possibility of showers around wednesday and thursday. which brings to our accu-weather 7 day forecast friday saturday system it's one system. one on the storm impact scale wednesday system carrying over into thursday. also one on the stormy packet scale. do out door picture. kids have game. sunday probably the better day of the two kristen. in england. search on for missing stuck dog for out of1x this world experience. students help launch sam 15.5 miles up in the air. the dog was lifted up by helium balloon and gps tracker andví o pro camera so you think item safe but unfortunately on the way back down sam got separated from the rest of the equipment. so now the school is offering a
9:49 pm
reward. for the stuffed dog. safe return. but he will have stories to tell when he gets back. we have a way inhñ not computer. -- this is a penguin in england. 4 all together. born on easter sunday and named after few of the handlers favorite chips. each weighed in two and a half ounces. baby will stay with8!e parents for 8 weeks before they leave the necessary. they should be named steph, clay, andre. >> how many kids will be named after members of the team if they win. >> happens all the time. >> there is a lot of guys. a lot of clay out there. >> this is a big game. the question being how would the warriors react after two home losses and facing the big bad spurs tonight. steve a little intense as you can see right here. i don't like that marker. team responded
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long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi.
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coming up tonight at 11:00. dental assistant accused of molest ago sedated young patient. tonight bay area police are confirm tling could be more than 50 victims. latest on this investigation. plus the sonoma deputy confrontation caught on camera. thew÷ new body cam video just released tonight. join us for 7 news at 11:00 on join us for 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 larry here now withuu
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quoting warmer in animal house saying the warriors played like they were fat drunk and stupid 0governing l tch woping fpl waa yoing clench top seed in the west. all the attention of defense. thompson open and popovich explodes to yell at the guys. everybody is expense. miss the dunk without authority. hit the jumper there. warriors on a 14-o run early in the second quarter. throwing down. but the warriors upset kurr. friend point lead. turn over leads for 3 for green and then we see kurr here. there goes the marker. lead down to 8. warriors up 12 at the half and steph right to the basket fishing with the listened. parker tugging at the jersey and break 3 at 15 points in the third quarter now with 24 and steph hoping with the angry aussie andrew here. unstoppable play. break. it's an 18 point warrior lead after three. putting this they think away. right now with 3 and a half minutes left to play 109-93. warriors are going to take the no. 1 seed. two games left for the shark hosting the jets. battle two guys in front.
9:55 pm
dishing off. for the 37th oevt of the season. second period. left alone. and he beats andre for the 19th of the year. win beg would answer. he beats martin jones here. they tie it at 3 and right now tied 4-4 late in the third. home opener for the giants against the dodgers. l.a. came in not having allowed a single run this season. opening day festivities. always fun. especially when you see mays. jake starting labor through 5 ming. double here the dodgers build a 4 nothing lead. allowed 4 runs on 10 hits. the giants rally if the fifth after rbi ground out joe panic. triple in matt duffy. cuts the l.a. lead to 4-2. yanks one down the line.
9:56 pm
panic scores. gentleman's down a run. bottom 6. still fourth. base hit. giants offense so potent duffy and crawford both score. giants up 5-4. bottom 8 the big blow. hunter pence. high and deep and aloha means grand slam. 12-6 giants the final now 13 and 4 in at&t park home opener 7 mike wrapping it up for us among the sea gull. >> can't loose the home opener to the dodgers and giants rally for 17 hits. capped off with pence grand slam bottom 8. here's hunter after the game. >> took a lot of it back. obviously the grand slam was nice but these things don't happen with a lot of good bats in front of you. people on base. things turn around. that's why you play all 9 innings and good things will happen if you keep going. >> typical giants win for me. boy fought hard didn't look too
9:57 pm
good first half of the game really getting the crowd. energy in t and getting our guy some spirit and going. it was a lot of fun to be a part of it. >> great game good come back and entertaining game. it was loud out there. and just a fun game. >> at&t park. mike 7 sports. >> thank you. a's and white sox. good day for a little barbecue. tailgate. top 5 adam fouls one off kendall. fan in the retro-jersey beer in the left hand and bare hand in the right. doesn't make a drop. first of the year. 2 nothing white sox lead. bottom of the sixth burns grounder to information a brett. look at the play here as he lungs on the throw. nice stretch by him at first. a's fall 6-1 and drop 3 of the first 4. first round of the masters. picture perfect day unless you happen to be ernie els on the first hole. misses short bogey putt and
9:58 pm
then double and triple he would 6 putt the hole said the snake were in his head. he couldn't get this thing to do down. highest score he shot a nichbility finished 8 over respectable given the way he started out there. jordan spieth 6 under 6. lead after 18 holes since mick last in 1966. 2 shot lead. 4 under with paul and 3 under par here. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. so the warriors wehave a little over a minute to go i'll call ate victory. 7 news is projecting warriors will lead the spurs and they are up 18 points. they will be fine. so 70 and 9 3 games left. lock up the one seed and home court throughout the play offs and they get that far and 3 games left if they win all three they will have the record all time best at 73 and 9.
9:59 pm
>> t wolves the game long forgotten. it's one night. erase a lot of bad memory. >> all right thanks. >> i'm kristen. thanks so much for all of us here. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. have a good night and see you have a good night and see you at 11:00 over on channel 7. a+++rf5ññ
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