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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center, this is the abc7 news. >> ♪ 2000 party over it's out of time ♪ remembering an iconic singer, songwriter and performer. fans across the the world are mourning the loss of prince. >> thousands singer's hometown of minneapolis for an impromptu dance party and landmarks are lit up in purple. >> here at home the bay area paying tribute. we have a live picture from san francisco city hall where the area is bathed in purple to honor prince's extraordinary achievements. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. prince was found dead in his minnesota home and tonight we are learning new details. >> the sheriff's office released a transcript of the 9-1-1 call made from the sing
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iser's compound. the unidentified male said, quote, paisley park, paisley park. dispatcher, okay that is in chanhasson. are you with the person who is -- >> the unidentified person said is yes, it is prince. dispatcher says yes. >> ray starts our team coverage. >> ♪ little red corvette >> a sudden shocking end to a life of rock royalty. prince just 57 found dead at his paisley park estate in suburban minneapolis. the local sheriff said deputies found the pop star unresponsive in an elevator on thursday. prince was hospitalized last week with flu-like symptoms after a performance in atlanta. >> ♪ purple rain >> i couldn't believe it. i didn't believe it. >> he's in my heart. it hurts me that he died.
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>> reporter: born prince rogers nelson he made himself a giant in the music world. the young prince soared to superstardom as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. >> purple rain, purple rain ♪ >> reporter: prince got so big he went from a household name to this, a symbol that tran send -- trans sended a money -- monicre. prince became famous as a camellia changing musical styles and changing his look with his restless original national dash original national tee. respects poured in. >> he is gone, but his music will live on forever. >> reporter: madonna posting this picture saying he changed the world, a true visionary. w45* a loss. what a loss. i am devastated. >> the medical examiner has prince's body and an autopsy scheduled for authority. authorities do not believe prince's death to be suspicious. in new york, abc7 news.
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>> abc7 news alyssa harrington continues our team coverage. >> she is live outside san francisco city hall with the colorful tribute to prince. alyssa? >> mayor ed lee says they are showering city hall in purple. people have come down with their boom boxes blasting music and dancing and other tributes are happening throughout the city. >> ♪ little red corvette >> reporter: "little red corvette" and other hits go through san francisco. a night show with drag shows and cabarets honor preens. prince. >> where are the icons ghog first david bowie and next prince. who will fill the big, huge shoes? prince was a musical genius. >> reporter: tributes continue through the city. purple drinks are on special. >> i am not usually one to shed tears for celebrities,
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but i have been going in and out of feeling the feels today. >> reporter: fans danced in front of city hall i illuminated in the signature color. sara alan went to prince's paisley park studio in august. >> the bike from "purple rain" is in the lobby. >> reporter: she is on the board of the black journalists association and he invited them to talk about the music industry and promote his new album. >> the best way i could describe it is being there is like an urban myth. he made sure nobody brought any phones. you couldn't bring any cameras. >> reporter: she has been a prince fan her whole life and like so many is honoring his memory through music. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> and prince fans will want to set their dvr's for tonight's edition of "nightline" it will air at 12:37 a.m. here on abc7. >> we posted this tribute to
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prince on our abc7 news facebook inning pa. share it on your news feed to express your sympathy. and turning to our weather, sandhya patel is tracking the storm that will soak the morning commute. she is here with live doppler 7hd. >> let's look at live doppler 7hd. so far the light showers have been confined to the north bay. santa rosa has picked up .03 of an inch. the main part of the system is still up off the northern california coast. on our storm impact scale we rate them one which is light to severe. we have been doing it all season long. incoming storm is a one. we are expecting most areas to be between a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. it will be breezy. your morning commute will be wet and breezy and the afternoon will include a slight chance of thunder. i will be back with the hour by hour forecast coming up. larry? >> thank you, sandhya. game 3 of the warriors' playoff series and this is a
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bizarre game that ended in bizarre fashion with a one-point loss to the dubs. we have live team coverage and we continue with shu. shu? okay, obviously shu can't hear us. we will bring you the highlights in a little bit. before we get to shu we will give you the fan reaction. everybody was stressed out watching this game. katie is live in alameda for us. katie? >> reporter: larry, heartbreak here at mcgee's in alameda. warrior fans left quickly after that loss. the last few seconds causing plenty of hearts to race.
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for a few fleeting seconds there was hope, but it was thought to be. >> my blood pressure was all over the place. i thought we had it. >> my stomach was in knots the whole time. >> i am feeling really sad and depressed. i am still feeling good because curry didn't play. >> steph curry, the key to fan optimism. most agree if the team won without him they can win with him. >> he will be back on sunday. >> at the alameda theater, even though fans had to suffer through a loss they were treated to the championship trophy. >> i thought it was a replica. i'm like, it is not real. it is real. >> it is once in a lifetime ordeal, so i am happy and took my flick and i get to show off now. >> at least one good memory from game three. in alameda, abc7 news. >> abc7 is the only place you can watch the warriors, rockets in game four of the
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western conference playoff. tipoff is sunday at 12:30 and then after that join shu and yours truly and then after the game shu will be live with the post game interviews. we will be joined by the exwarrior and espn's mark spears. >> abc7 news at 11:00 does continue. cal's sex assault scandal is widening. a prominent member of the campus community is accused of brushing off one student's claim. and the sink ising feeling. the gaping hole that is swallowing a bay area maybe tonight. >> fire in the hole! fire in the hole! >> and the bomb scare at a bay area police department. >> first here is a look at what is coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc news at 11:00. >> thank you, larry and ama. here is a glimpse at the future tonight. >> we didn't even throw kisses. there are just kisses in the universe. they say that in life,
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oakland, all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, a broken sewer line caused a gigantic sinkhole in san francisco's presidio heights neighborhood. take a look at that. neighbors complained of a depression forming along sacramento street between lyon and baker. public works crews threw asphalt on it and the weight caused the street to cave in. repairs will begin tomorrow morning. >> fire in the hole. fire in the hole! >> the bomb squad safely detonated a pipe bomb this around. abc7 news was outside the santa clara police station as a bomb robot carefully moved a
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cylinder with wires out of one end. police found it in a drug suspect's backpack. it was the size of a pen or marker. a crew coach is under investigation accused of failing to report a sexual assault claim against one of his rowers. the mercury news reports he not only ignored the female student's complaint, but told her, quote, you are no angel anyway. he hired an outside investigator to look at this incident. teddy denies the allegations. and we have new details in a missing 2-year-old girl's mother the victim of a homicide. investigators showed off this rare piece of evidence. that board was used to cover the body of nicole fitz which was found buried in mcclaren park on april 1st. her 2 and a half -- 2 and a half-year-old daughter ariana remains missing. police will launch a body
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camera program. minorities met with police to discuss concerns which allows officers to manually turn the cameras on and off in certain circumstances. even though the police chief promises officerses will follow the rules and guidelines, some community members say they simply don't trust police. >> having a baby is concerning because my baby is of color and we want to make sure these body cameras will hold the authorities accountable. >> roughly a thousand san jose police officers with i will wear the body cameras starting in july. new tonight uber has agreed to pay $100 million to settle a a class action lawsuit over the employment status of driverses. the settlement announced will allow uber to keep classifying drivers as independent contractors. the drivers challenged the policy arguing they were employees of the san francisco-based company. a judge has to sign off on the deal which applies only to drivers in california and massachusetts.
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>> yes! >> no, don't let the joyful cheering fool you. this was during a training mission in germany and it is going terribly wrong not once, but three times. the army says three humvees sliped from the parachute rigs and plummeted hundreds of feet to the ground and the impact obviously dough stroyed the three vehicles. thankfully nobody was in the vehicles and so -- and nobody was hurt. time to turn to our weather and it will be a different story. >> here is sandhya patel with live doppler 7hd. >> ama and larry. tomorrow morning is one of those days you will want to leave home earlier to get the kids off to work and school. live doppler 7hd is showing you moisture is beginning to increase in the north bay. as we take you to street level radar around river road we are seeing light showers, but that will change as we head toward
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your morning commute. the temperatures right now are real mild with the south wind and cloud cover and 50s and 60s and here is a live look from our exploratorium camera at pier15. you can see the clouds gathering as we look toward the bay bridge. rain spreads during the morning drive. we are looking at afternoon showers and a chance of thunder. it is going to be partly cloudy this upcoming weekend. we bring in the storm impact scale. we have been rating storms in winter and spring from one to five. five is severe and one is light. so far most of the storms have been one's and two's, but we had a couple of three's, the strong storms. the one coming in tomorrow or the one now and into tomorrow is a light system. most areas will get between a quarter to three quarters of an inch. it is breezy and we are looking at the slight possibility of afternoon thunder. if the thunderstorms develop, you will see downpours during the afternoon hours. here is a look at the hour by hour time line. midnight, the few showers in the north bay. and then we head toward 4:00
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a.m. and light to moderate rain. watch what happens at 5:00 a.m. we start to see the shift in the san francisco area. 6:00 a.m. wet roadways from central bay to the santa cruz mountains. 7:00 a.m. it is moving in the south bay. and it doesn't end there. another wave of rain comes in and the intensity is still there. at 11:00 a.m. it is in the north bay and we head toward the lunch hour. make sure you have the rain gear because it will be wet across most of the bay area. 2:00 p.m. scattered showers and the scattered showers will continue. it is not as widespread for the friday evening get away and then it winds down at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. the rainfall totals, these have gone up. we are looking at most areas .20 to three quarters of an inch. some spots could get far less depending on the trajectory of the rain. this will turn to snow. winter weather advisory and it is late in the season. friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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if you are heading up there it will not only be windy, but you will see seven to 11 inches of snow at the highest peaks. with the snow level hovering near 6,000 it will be impacted by several inches of snow. make sure you give yourself plenty of time to head up to tahoe if you are going. temperatures on the mild side in the 50s, but it will be wet and breezy for your morning commute. as we head toward the afternoon hours, you are looking atattered showers and the temperatures are even cooler. the cooler continues into tomorrow. it will be one of the coolest days. upper 50s to upper 60s. 65 in santa rosa. 64 san rafael. out toward the inland east bay, 66 antioch and concord. 65 in livermore and 67 in san jose. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, friday's system is a one. saturday is dry. one computer model is hinting at showers. right now we are not putting it in. dry monday and tuesday.
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5* chance of rain coming in wednesday. one computer model is coming up dry. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the storm. larry and ama. >> still ahead, this east bay man breaks his silence. >> when it happens where you live jie. many of you are persisted. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> live in oakland. >> sfo. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> i said bruno, i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> i was trying to share what we've got in our back yord. >> choose the team that works for you. >> live in berkeley. >> choose abc7 news.
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one giant's fan dream and biggest nightmare played out in seconds at at&t park. he fielded a ball that was still in play for the giants. he inconstantly realized his mistake. she was understandably embarrassed. per the rules he was he jected from the -- he was ejected from the stadium. see the giants' big surprise for them at 11:35. they look like they are still together. >> the surprise will be tickets in the bleaches. you can't get anywhere close to a ball. a lot of people were expecting a warriors sweep even without steph curry. not so fast, my friend. the beard would have something to say about that. sports is next. >> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule.
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his ankle the warriors came out with low energy and low intensity. the rockets built a 17-point lead only to see the dubs make a late charge. they could have stolen this game. let's show you the two smartest dogs on the planet. they are really good. they were down 17 at one point. mo went for 22. they were down seven at the half. james harden gets the four-point play. another huge three and then staring down green. fear the beard. james harden with authority. he went for 35 points. with 14 seconds left though the dubs down one.
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the rockets' in bound pass is stolen. he played well off the bench. warriors up one a hardin comes back and they should have doubled him. he hits a jumper. warriors down one and last chance for the dubs and they don't even get a shot off. green with the turnover and gets it off his foot for his seventh turnover of the night. he had a miserable game. as did klay thompson. the rockets win it 97-96 is. the warriors still have a 2-1 series lead with game four on sunday here on abc7. >> i was awful the whole game. i care about the turnover, but i don't feel it cost us. i cost us the game. >> we have to play better as a team. whether steph is here or not, we should perform at a high level which we did for much of the game. we have to eliminate some of the mistakes we made.
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>> and steph should be back for game four on sunday. who is the best pitcher in the game? the answer is jake from the cubs who threw a no hitter. he threw a no-no against the reds and struck out sikh. he gets suarez for the final out here. 16-0 cubs the final. his second career no hitter. he didn't really have his best stuff. a's and yankees. young man that is a lot of cotton candy for one little dude. they call the curve ball uncle charlie. seventh inning and tied at two. chris davis and coco crisp. back to back jacks. he gave up a run. he gave up two in a flash. a's they sweep the yankees in new york 7-3 and they have now won five in a roa. how about the giants facing the d backs? the baby's cute. the highlights are not


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