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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it's 59 degrees here in san francisco. and 62 in mountain view. and 55 in half moon bay. sutro tower is shaking a bit. >>. gunshots in the park in san francisco. and how bad steph curry's and napa and novato, 63. knee injury is and when he can return to the playoffs. 64 in concord and livermore, you i'm spencer christian. the chance of rain is can see from our camera here at increasing. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> even the kids that didn't abc7, that leaves are blowing in know him well were very, very sad. just a heart breaking the breeze. winds diminish overnight. experience. the son of a çmheriff's we have a big warm up coming our way. here is the storm impact scale deputyóokhe diedçóç over the w. what happened before he!u÷u.wt we have learned. >> i was with him at the çmri one is slight and five, severe. today. he was pleased at the outcome. the approaching system with a and so, he's focusedok on gett back. as soon as he can. >> fingers crossed, hope returns slight chance of some thunder.
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for warriors fans. we learnedçok steph curry's kn here is the forecast animation injury will not keep him out of starting 5:00 wednesday morning. the playoffs forçclp long, goo we'll see wet spots to our north. it wi be cloudy and dry and a news. >> it's the momentbgh wexd watcn horror on sunday, just before half time in game four in a line of showers so it's going to series against the rockets. we'll have more in just a be wet as the commute winds moment. nice to see a little bit of down. we'll see areas of light rain and showers, which could mean encouraging news. >> yes. >> a shooting in san francisco some wet spots so we project park. gunshots fired at orange park and weç are live withç the rainfall totals about three details.ñit( huths in san francisco. lyanne? >> reporter: south san francisco police are stilla5 looking for that shooter. we'reñr going to give you am about 38/100ths in concord. description in just a moment. and overnight, clear skies and andko let's showyjyou?c?yñ from police believe [dpted withñi an tomorrow, we'll see hazy
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argument and a fight and now,ñi sunshine and highs from near 60s from the ground, you can see police taking away evidence in1 bags. they sévrvi]zv the suspect shot on the coast. we've got quite a warming trend coming our way. two men. both victims were taken to the friday, look for highs to move into low to mid-80s. by saturday, mid to upper 80s, hospital. a streetñip vendorko told me hd the shots. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. sunday, above 90 degrees in two guys hit the ground. spots. here is the accu-weather forecast. >> the subject is described to be an adult male, 57, weighing and high temperatures hovering around 90 degrees and low 70s on 150 pounds. and last seen running westbound the coast. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, gone by not forgotten. >> next at 6:00 the surging through orange park. sales of princ >> and police here are looking for that suspect. there are a number of after school programs÷ú around here.
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orange park swimming pool is mere by. and boys and girls club andxdé÷ we're able to confirm a hool school andñi elementary were on secure campus mode, meaning their doors are closed andok yo can't come in and walk out of the school. police tell me the kids were never in çdanger.çót( >> it's been breezy along the coastline. that is closed from lincoln road to slope boulevard. and no indication on when the road will ÷úreopen.3wt(÷úe1 crews had theirxd hands full,u! clearing trees and other messes
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caused by gusty ñiwinds. showing you some calm-looking water in the bay. spencer christian is here with a look. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and powerful gusts and lookingv:zvç,0 at peak wi some rather strong gusts inymitr 22. nimation. gusts taper off and we'll be left with breezy conditions
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along the coast andfáqw3ççr" s inlnm.xd÷ú policee1 arrested a nanny accused of hitting and shaking a babyq in danville. they say the parents caught the 23-year-old abusing the child on a video camera set upç at the sei. taken to the hospital. after a drowning deathzvqi] og0h school athlete. he drowned in a swimming pool over the weekend underñiñi ♪ [ music ] circumstances that are under p >> the music of prince is investigation. laura anthony is9 live in selling like it's 1999. martinez with the latest. 2.3 million prince songs were >> . >> reporter: this death hit the contra costa sheriff's sold in following his death department very hard along with the students here at alhambra high school. it's way too close to home. thursday. san francisco's castro theater will host two screenings of >>çó and.w7v "purple rain". the cause of prince's death is
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still unclear. the body showed no signs of >> the classmates were mourningd violence and there were no suggestions of suicide. state parks officials are andre paria. trying to decide what to do with a boy known for a heart. >> ú&smy a very good football a gray whale carcass that washed player and everybodynof likedzv. very funny. ashore at san onofre state >> just broughtçó light into th beach. the searchers believe the. room andççok joy everywhere. they'll sayym÷ú class won't be same without him. he made uszvfn laugh. >> the whale is not skinny. >> he played football and there is no entanglement marks. wrestled. he's the son of two deputies. there are no lacerations. >> biologists say it's not here, he's shown with his uncommon to see dead gray whales brother. he was found unresponsive in washing ashore. this pool. sheriffs would not confirm especially as theymigrate social mediareports came after a party at the home that may have involved alcohol. north. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00 why in the meantime, the martinez school district sent a crisis you won't see much of a team to alhambraçó high.s7 difference there.
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plus. a bay area start up is deputy superintendent was his putting a spin on principal. >> very nice young man from a nice family. and this is just a tragedysnnb challenge. q= determine the exact cause of death. ca:óqb a lot of headacheñ(siñv morning for commuters and businesses. take a look at this bus stop iná top buy everything, 8éw6hcj% knew.
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melt. and[wvzomqw3e1xd is not safe to >>$ fi the result of ó9uwmyxdu! >>. state lawmakers want the governor to changecñ hisspmñ buo amilies.ç the moneymlyjyme1t(7q would % homeless people off the streets and have funds set asidep for californiaym farmerççóxdt( wor. >> isfá÷ú an attempt to address tow3 our state.xdfñ
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>> the could have willq announc aymññi revised version in qmay. >> air u!bnbw3g0÷ may face a th dollar fine per day if a host fails to register a rentalhtt( it's the little things in life that make me smile. listing with the ñicity. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures vic? make and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >>÷ú 75% of active air b and b hosts are unregistered. >> that is what thezv superviso want to fix. city law requires all air bnb hosts to register listings with the city. the supervisors say it's not
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happening. and that some 6,000 listings today marks one year since a remain unregistered. many have been takenv: off the 7.2 earthquake struck nepal. and most of them still are homeless. rental detriment their thousands of homes have yet to be rebuilt. >> that is right. legislation w[5 abc7 news reportser sergio and similar platforms to verify quintana is in the newsroom with to the city theib3 hosts are a look back. registering. if not, they'll face penalties >> that massive tumbler jolted up to $1,000 per day, per the country, and now, it's a lesson for people who survived listing. and those who studied seismic >> it will force an activity. accountability that has local buildings collapsed and people streamed into the streets in fear, this fremont resident was laws for years. >> air bnb says the legal there. >> people were running down the air bnb will simp"fálly the stairs and it helps you prepare, mentally. so you have a plan of attack. process. theñr two supervisors believe t >> he didn't know, but he bill will survive a little
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survived a massive earthquake. challenge but david green says >> it shook very large parts of the country. not only the city, but that isi] not that clear. surrounding areas. >> 8,000 people were killed and 21,000 injured. aid groups swooped in to help. bring you here, a but the nepal government rare sight washed up along the struggled to manage the california coastline. @sts take pictures what aftermath. scientists say they can learn from the death of a whale. there are countless temporary >> what california voters need to know to make sure they don't end up with a ballot that housing. some people are reverting to doesn'tç include the candidate unsafe building methods because they want to vote for. they just want a roof over their theç gadget that may revolutionize the action camera heads. >> i did see buildings being rebuilt in the old fashion. brick by brick. >> reporter: almost immediately after the quake, government ministers were asking tourists to return. this frequent traveller hopes to
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go back soon. >> people should go and support the tourism. >> right now, there are no travel advisories to nepal. for those of you not planning a trip to nepal, there are several local organizations that work there to provide aid, . an oakland police officer was reportedry drunk last december, trying to go into the wrong house. the house belonged to orga cortez, her husband and their children. she says he kicked the door, grabbed her husband. >> today, the city of cleveland announced it has reached a $6 million settlement filed in the
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case of tamir rice. he was playing with a pellet gun and an officer shot and killed him two seconds after opening the cruiser door. today, a man claims he was paid to keep quiet about sexual abuse by former house speaker dennis hastert filed a lawsuit claiming he was not paid enough. he says he received less than $2 million. i'm terrible at golf. investigators say hastert paid he is. people say i'm getting better. people to cover up alleged sex abuse of boys while he was a no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf high schoolteacher. for as long as i can. two against one is the he's just happier when he's playing. strategy for presidential but he's terrible. candidates, ted cruz and john for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, kasich are teeming -- teaming try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you.
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up. oh. nice shot. tomorrow, five states will vote new ensure enlive. always be you. for 172 delegates. all three republican candidates will be in california for the state g.o.p. convention, which begins on friday. a former oakland schoolteacher is suing the on the democrats' side, 25% school district after a noose was found in her work place. will be decided in tomorrow's she says she arrived÷ú in her primary. hillary clinton has 80% of the classroom to find a hangman's delegates. most have declared support for she says her immediateñi her, but not locked into any ailedútf take theçñrcv#y candidate until the convention. ailedútf take theçñrcvi serio bernie sanders saying he's accusing the school district of committed to staying in the harassment. >> now, warriors starçow3ym s race. when the race comes to california it's important to understand the difference between closed an open primary. curry and his knee injury. >> yes. a lot of nervous fans about this. california democrats have a wayneq freedmanuñpyo isw3 live. modified open primary. waq6!? meaning voters which registered this aok grade one sprain. without a preference can vote a typicalç athlete takes two weeks. he's an 80-100% after two weeks.
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and abc7 political reporter and that is a pretty good player, and yet, warriors fans explains. >> reporter: only republicans are worried. can vote on the republican side. if you're declined to state voter which one out of four in this state are, you have to usual.ñiv:v:÷d butçotjózç fans[myñymr8ñii/v reregister if you want to cast a ballot on the republican side. >>htóño i thinkç he'sf you have until may 23 to do right. >> it might have been difficult if you sawçzvxdymzv5-ñiñr thiw that. >> the deadline to register to vote or a party is may 23. it's the slip replayed÷ú millio you can request to vote by mail of bñu)sq:ñym ballot through the end of may. >>nof it looked like a çsprain# california's primary is scheduled for june 7th. he was able to get÷ú up quickly a new device going up and the fact that he came÷ú out against go pro and other action cameras. the thing that makes the rebel goodg# sign. dr. brian feely is a sports revolutionary. a formerly homeless veteran orthopedist. the greatfá grade one could be worse. >>g# it's the most minor type o sprain.
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>> today at warriors headquarters? >> i won't count them out. ñ manager speaking with reporters this koafternoon. figure two weeksu! before he returnsç to the playoffs.zv curryjf÷ had anc mri and willñr rest and therapy. rest and therapy. those two weeks, justa estimate.ym:oilp >> usually, elite athletes heal quicker. i don't have a track record. >> warriors fans, these just became much tougher. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. there is strong reaction on the news coming fromcóffpymq9d' but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. fans and the mvp]i @c4ñ tçzy[4 those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. w before.
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♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. sports center tweets the warriors are 3-2 playing with out curry scoring about ten points less in the games. odds makers are reacting as well, the spurs are now the new favorites to win. our viewer, chris, tweeted it will be difficult but there is
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hope, and quentin predicts it's going to be dramatic when steph comes back and they win it all. we hope so. >> here is a look at the series. game five, wednesday night and game six, necessary, back in houston friday night. game seven, if needed will be back next sunday, may 1. a flame powered by the sub is waiting for the wind to die down before making off from moffett field in mountain view. the solar impulse two arrived after a trans-pacific flight from hawaii. >> if you're wondering it's inside of that tent. surf boards, sky-diving. it's a second generation plane. the sports that made go pro cameras a household name. the first could only fly 24 now, a start up is going head to head by making a camera that stays right side up, when you
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hours after a time. >> the span approximating that are upside down. of a 747 jet. whether on a mountain or gaining a face full of snow, the camera stays up right when you don't. all to prove a plane can fly eric sanchez didn't mean to build a camera. without fuel and manage needs >> i bought a go pro and found a with solar power and batteries. million problems. however, the pilot says his >> he tried to build a case that mission is about another kind of swivels. >> partnered with 100 companies energy. >> about energy for human beings. becoming explorers. to fix 100 things that are wrong with the go pro. believe in your dreams, be >> they call those fighting words. inspired. leave uncertainties behind. sanchez gathered a team to build jump into the unknown. revel. it keeps it right side up when try what you love in life. you don't know which is up. the aircraft passed over the designing a camera from scratch golden gate saturday evening on a 62 and a half hour flight from takes patience. hawaii. the meteorologists determine these 3 d printers are cranking when the solar impulse 2 can out different parts. >> this is our latest kite take off. and they're talking now about boarding line out. there is nothing like it. friday, at dawn. a stuffed animal is visible in >> their on the tenth version. the cockpit, resembling the
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they've built 24 versions of the chief of the ground crew. camera. a few microns with mean staying >> it's like a meercat. on or falling off. always watching. you know? like the meercat. >> i love what they're doing. >> c net's sean says it may have and he's flying with me. an opening with the adrenaline >> it has a long journey ahead. crowd. >> go pro is weak right now, the at moffett field, david louie, little cube camera they tried to abc7 news. spell. >> one key is revel software. >> that is so cool. >> it is. >> what a fun odyssey. the sensors can tell when something exciting happens. >> spencer? competing with go pro is about >> it will continue to be gusty branding. >> it will take partnership with key athletes and guerrilla so that is good news. marketing. >> a guy in this video? we have clear skies and strong billionaire sir richard branson. breezes are blowing. for the third time this month, a new app has been introduced to help truckers save time. it was created in south san
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francisco and matches up drivers trying to off load containers with driver who's need empty containers. truckers with coordinate a swap. and. >> publishing company that owns usa today is willing to spend nearly $1 billion to buy it's rival. there tribune stock soared by 50%. well, first it was a storm and then, a pipe bursing. together they've caused mold inside of an army vet's home. >> how michael finney helped the
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tonight, we're looking at the bike share station from the east bay this, shows you where some of the new stations will be introduced in oakland.
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and berkeley and emeryville. utilizing multiple bike return stations. bike share plans to increase the number from 700 to 7,000 over the next two years. a former homeless veteran faces live back on the streets after the city of oakland red tagged his home. >> this dilemma started when his home flooded and his apartment became invested with mold. >> bringing that stuff in here. >> rick shows us the infestation. the smell is noticeable. the army veteran says the odor has been there since the first rain of the year. >> so things got worse when this
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pipe burst. >> this is bike a water fall into his apartment. after the flading, the city declared the apartment uninhabitable. but rick refused to move. we contacted the housing director. >> we have found trust issues from time to time with our veterans. and just feeling let down by systems. >> the property manager black
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miemd management arranged for storage. >> i think people are starting to see the severity of the problem. >> the team is looking for permanent housing for rick. in this market, that isn't easy. the va says it takes a special landlord willing to help. >> we need people with heart. and who care. >> rick is thankful for the help received. if you're a landlord, interested in helping a veteran, e-mail me, we'll put you in touch with the va. and to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. >> thank you. >> sure. >> well, it was a beautiful day around the bay. take a look at the point reyes
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fish shop. >> share pictures online and you can see them on tv or on our website. that is very nice. >> so beautiful outside. sunny skies across the area. winds are still brisk. tomorrow, sunny skies and mild conditions. in los angeles, 85 inland. here in the bay area, winds tapering off tomorrow. and low to mid-70s inland. swe a warming trend later in the week. san jose with our temperature indicator. highs below average. and looking at high temperatures towards the weekend.
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and here is the accu-weather forecast. after showers wednesday, sunny skies into the end of the week. and sunday, mid-80s around the bay and low to mid-70s on the coast in april. >> pretty warm. >> yes. >> well, it could have been worse. >> it looks like it's going to be okay. >> we hope so. hopefully the team might go longer, coming up, houston may be down but not yet out.
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steph curry will likely miss the next two week was a mild sprain in the knee. he goes sliding on the court,
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leaving a wet spot that curry would slip on. as for the injury, he did not sound overly concerned. >> 10 years ago, they'd call it a knee sprain. taking aspirin and play. everything is more sophisticated now. and you can characterize it more specifically so i was with him at mri today. and so he's focused on getting back as soon as he can. >> most are thinking this series is all but over. but draymond green is well aware last season, rockets rallied and beat the clippers. >> this is a very talented ball
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club. so we've got to come out and take the game and bring energy to oracle. you know? we can't expect we're at home. they prove otherwise. >> the sharks are treading water and men in teal are trying to stay sharp by practicing tonight. you'd like to know so you can get dialled in. right? >> we're going good right now. and have done a good job. you know? and there is a rest up there. >> federal appeals court ruled
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tom brady must serve a four-game suspension for his role in deflate gate. and the whole incident began a year and a half ago when brady was accused of using under inflated footballs during this game. >> after losing two out of three in toronto, tigers ace was on his game. he strikes out josh reddick in the first. and this pitch deep to right. it's out of here 1-0, detroit. then, in the fifth, miggy does it again. and next batter homers off
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raymond, detroit has beaten oakland 7-3. mean time, giants are hosting tonight and madison bumgartner will be on the mound. so warriors will be without steph for a while. >> this ends it? >> this will probably end it. i think he'll move on. >> yes. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a smart mattress for suspicious spouses. and police say this is the neighborhood where a baby-sitter abused a young child.
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what tipped the parents off? >> here is tonight's line up. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening.
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