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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. we are on the verge of doing something that is really unprecedented. >> donald trump speaks in costa mesa outside protestors gather facing off supporters. outside the event at the orange county fairgrounds going on right now. you can see a heavy police presence there. you can see officers on
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horseback there. a lot of people appear to be just walking in the roadway there. good evening thanks for joining us. >> the trump event is just one sign that the candidates for president are turning their attention in earnest now to california and the treasure trove of delegates. >> they could prove to be the margin needed to secure the nomination in both parties. jjt offices in california >> in oakland tonight mayor shaft joined hillary clinton supporters to open campaign office at 14th street and took a shot at donald trump. >> how much at stake. american not afford to play a starring role in a really scary reality tv show. >> bernie sanders will open an office in rock ridge on saturday. >> california republican party convention will begin tomorrow at the hyatt regionen situation in burling game. all the major g.o.p. presidential candidates 30. out on the campaign trail former speaker of the house boehner unleashed a torrent of
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criticism of ted cruz. >> here's a recording of the remark and truz response. >> listen as former house speaker boehner tells stanford university students what he really thinks of senator ted cruz. >> how about ted cruz? >> louis ter in the flesh. i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bleep. >> and it didn't end there. >> donald trump is our nominee. ted cruz is our nominee i'll not vote for him. over my dead body. >>reporter: cruz firing right back. >> truth of the matter is i don't know the man. i have met john boehner twor or three times in my life. >> calling them part of the same political establishment. >> he allowed his inner trump
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to come out. john boehner described donald trump as his texting and gol golfing buddy in. indiana trump solange slamming cruz hoping to win here and lock in the nomination. >> let's go lying ted. he's one lying -- advertise one dishonest guy. >>reporter: trump calling in the reinforcement. bobby knight the man who led the hoosier to victory known for coaching skills and controversyc,$(l 3 knight saying he would take trump on his team any day. >> that man that was just up here a moment ago i'll tell you i would bleep play for me. >>reporter: talking to voters here today it was actually ted cruz who repeatedly brought up john boehner's comments over and over again. clearly trying to send the message that he is the anti-establishment candidate ahead of next week's vote. abc news indiana. now here's where the estimated delegate count stands
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at the moment. democratic side hillary clinton is about 217 short of clinching the nomination. win in california would put her over the to. as republicans donald trump has anyone 96 delegates. if he took all of the delegates in california he would still be 69 short. but the republicans delegates proportion at meaning trump may have to share some with cruz. >> there was a big raid this morning on home in san jose which was being run police say as gambling deny. apparently no secret to neighbors in the area here. vic hascthe latest. >> san jose s.w.a.t. team threw flash bang as they converge on the house. took numerous people in custod custody. and large bags of what appeared to be cash. neighbors we spoke to said this was not the first time. >> year ago house was busted. for drugs and gambling. they cleaned it out. and few weeks later they were
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back in business. >>reporter: this neighbor who >> busted two people in my back yard. and other people i don't know if they came over our fence or not. >>reporter: she took cell phone images of the two arrest. this one the female suspect and thistw man both taken into custody. neighbor told us those who ran yard. >> i think a lot of dice. poker chips. we had poker chips and dice all over the back yard. >>reporter: police willñx say s that it was a peaceful ending. they are interviewing a lot of people right now. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we have learned the identity of the apple employee found dead at the company cupertino campus. santa clara county coroner identified him aesd ward mack of santa clara. officials say he took his own life inside a conference room yesterday. gun found nearby. neighbors are in disbelief tonight over the arrest of two brothers accused of killing
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their parents. police in tracey took 22-year-old the young man into custodyt1 yesterday. his 17-year-old brother was also arrested in san jose. they were found dead on sunday in their san jose home. >> killed by outsider, any one outside not related to you is bad already. like somebody kill you live but kill by your own kid. >>reporter: tomorrow friends will fwat at local mosque to reflect and remember the two victims devoted members of the muslim faith. >> san josed high school sports coach under arrest accused of having inappropriate relationship with 15-year-old boy. 21-year-old lock winn of san jose charged with annoying or molesting a child. witch was assistant badminton coach at san jose high school. police say winn was date ago student at the school. search under way for this missing man 87-year-old jose last seen at home in hayward yesterday at dinner time.
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?lñcci as hispanic bald with brown eyes standing 5 foot 5 weighing 142 pound. last seen wearing a straw hat, gray sweater, vest black shirt and pants. he suffers from medical condition and may be the disoriented. call police if you see him. >> she's on full paid leave. the president reportedly asked her to step down. she refused. so she's been put on leave while investigators determine if she violated any uc rules with her business dealings. she held board position2n with the university and director of text book publishing company while leading uc davis. also was paid nearly 200,000 dollars to consulting firm to have negative stories about the 2011 pepper spray incident and their concerns aboutup the jobçs pay and promotion receivd at uc davis by members of her family. her leave lasts for at least 90 days.
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much more ahead for you on coming up. no. 1 pick of the nfl drachltqr uc berkeley quarterback headed. >> getting class could take longer for cal students. they are being housed 10 miles from campus. >> sandhya has our weather. >> yes. take your plans outside this weekend i'll show you why it's going to be so warm coming.÷ >> san francisco teen whose breakthrough research could lead to heart attack pill. lead to heart attack pill. 7 news
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>> first pick in the 2016 nfl draft los angeles ram select jared goth. >> eruption of cheers it this from the cal bears football team. cal quarterback was selected first in the nfl draft tonight. he's headed to the l.a. ram. sports director larry has more on the draft coming up in sports and government will be on kimmel livefçeáju at 11:35 on abc 7 over on channel 7. >> that's exciting. more football news raiders owner davis announced today he's willing to move the team to las vegas. davis delivered the in us to  board. he pledged 500 million dollars toward a newxó 1.3 billion dollr raider stadium in sin city.
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300 million would come from the team and 200 million from nfl stadium fund. he made announcement alongside soccer superstar beckham to show how proposed stadium could be used for other sports. >> if this panel recommends the requested funding legislature passes it and the nfl approving the resulting deal the raiders plan to contribute half billion dollars to this project. >> davis has say he want the team to stay in oakland but note there is has been no progress on plan for new stadium there. bay area housing crisis just hit home for some uc berkeley students when they found out that home could be a lot farther than they thought. housing isn't guaranteed for university of california students both new and continuing students can request housing. some just received an e-mail asking if they would accept accommodation at mills college in oakland 10 miles from campu campus. we have the story. >>reporter: millions college in oakland has stunning campus at one time all the students
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lived here with you now they have extra housing. >> so we have a sizable commuter population and that gives us the opportunity to try and work with others to meet some of their needs. >>reporter: including uc géjyycjs>j/kl9çy has a housing crunch. all started with an offer made by legislators to uc regent. uc would get 25 million in additional state funds if they agree to take in more in state students. system wide 10,000 moreover three years. all have to be instate freshmen or transfers. >> it does bring up the problem >>reporter: this residence hall at mills could soon be available to 50 female uc berkeley students. cal also talking to holy name university in oakland. shuttle service would be provided for students. while there is still no )8 agreement uc berkeley students received an e-mail asking if they would be interested. >> considering we are in a is a good option for people if they can't find a place to
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live. >>reporter: still most people think it's too far. >> i couldn't do that. walk to campus. not going to bring a car or anything and taking a bus these days too much of a pain. >>reporter: uc president came up2p with the student housing initiative which would add 14,000 new bed system wide by 2020. >> we have to be very creative so on the short-term that could be putting three students in a room that may have housed two students. >>reporter: initiative also calls for accelerating any development already in the planning phase at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. sonoma county confirming the first case of the zika virus. public health officials say resident tested positive after being bit he be by mosquitos in central america. it can cause severe birth defect including abnormally small head. there noise risk to the public from the virus in the bay area. bay area researchers have made a breakthrough that they call the holy grail. they believe it could be used
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to treat heart disease and even heart attacks all by regenerating the heart itself. >> the dream has been frustrating. unlike other organ in the body heart don't contain enough stem cell to help them regenerate but what if a drug could change that. >> this is exactly the holy grail we have been working on for the last decade major breakthrough he an his team at san francisco glad stone institute say they have identified a cocktail of molecules that can prompt human skin cell into becoming living beating heart cells. and is what more, when they implanted them into a damaged mouse heart they bolstered the existing heart muscle. >> we were able to show improve heart function after the heart attack actually. >> cells just like heart muscle cells. >>reporter: concept was pioneered in part by this man who direct stem cell research
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here. but his method requires geneticq÷ manipulation to create the cell. this team believes the chemical method could lead to targeted therapy for damaged hearts. potentially including a regeneratingn4 heart patch or even a heart attack pill to reverse the damage. >> we are thrilled to move this to the next step. ultimately having the impact on the patient is what we look for. >>reporter: researchers believe they could be ready for limited human trials in two to five years. perhaps ushering in a new era very encouraging. glad stone team has also used similar technique to produce neurostem chem occupying the possibility of treating brain disease like parkinson's or always hichlts one of the largest source of drink water for san francisco and many others leaving in the bay arean is not going awayg÷. judge dismissed lawsuit todayigz that would require the draining nmdrq)e.valws of the1 reservoir it provides drinkingc water tomi
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2.6 million people around the bay area. oakland group called restore it claiming the reservoir violatesñ the statezq constitution by repairing theñ of the river here. legal under federal law÷/!c which#÷ trumped state law. >> all right[. onz to the weekend weatherc! forecasttp and heat. . with how warm yesr÷. really warm8j. actually near 90ú>)qqs as wep) head to sundayú so tkay we got a little preview of what isnç to come th we bump up the temperaturur as we hit the weekend. tomorrow we are not expecting whole lot of change. here's a lookla at live doppler 7hd and we do have some patchy fog right along the coast line right now half moon bay reporting low visibility so be careful during the morning commute. temperatures if the 50's. 60's. live look from the sutro tower cam are and san francisco does mild and breezy again tomorrow we look at much warmer weather this weekend with gusty wind
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developing over the hills on saturday but it's going to be a warm wind. first think tomorrow morning you will have the patches of fog between half moon bay and santa cruz coast line. look at temperatures in the mid 40's to the low 50's when you get going. north bay clear sky along with the inland east bay. here's what will happen 5:00 a.m. we have the fog near the coast and patches near the east bay. then as we head towards 8:00 a.m. we still hang on to the fog but the latter part of the morning will feature sunshine. fog layer will shrink and high clouds at times filtering the sun for friday afternoon. here's what the temperatures will look like in the south bay i 69 gilroy. low 70's for santa clara, los gatos. 69 sunnyvale. 70 in mount view. 67 redwood city. 66 in san mateo o. half moon bay it's still breezy. i know i get complaints on social media about the wind. it has been tough. i realize that but this is a windy time of year spring fall tend to be windy so we have to deal with
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it at least for a few more days then sunday the winds will actually decrease so it should be a better day. 59 daly city. 64 downtown san francisco. nothing but mix of sun high clouds in the forth bay calistoga sonoma napa santa rosa all in the mid 70's. 69 in san rafael. 71 vallejo. in the east bay hayward newark, oakland all in the upper 60's. head inland and you are up in the mid 70's for pleasanton, livermore, 80 in antioch. 76 fairfield, 74 walnut creek. now we are going to be watching the winds on saturday they are going to switch directions more out of the north. it is going to get gusty especially over the higher terrain. wind advisory may get issued for the hill as we head to saturday afternoon and evening. 3:00 p.m. even at the coast line we see gust to 40 miles an hour. 6:00 p.m. still going to be pretty gusty especially near the coast 48 at point arena you notice and that's the exact wind direction that will bump up the temperatures so warmer weather for your saturday
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temperatures primary in the 70's and 80's by sunday. 10 to 15 above afternoon. you foy the temperatures coming up close to 90 in the warmest spot. 70's at the beaches. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast will feature some mild weather tomorrow low 60's to low 80's. up for saturday upper 70's mid 80's and sunday warmest day of the next 7 days low 70's to upper 80's slowly drop the temperatures down as we head towards next week and slight chance between wednesday night:n and thursday am m and danáw we may see a few showers slight chance right now. >> thank you sandhya. >> still to come at 9:00. new security for your phone. could soon be able to unlock it using only your voice. >> how could weed killer wind up in a glass of cabernet. wine industry demand more testing but laboratory found a chemical in california wine. it's i-team investigation you will see only on 7 news at 1
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>> and this is a live picture of breaking news out of costa mesa in southern california where donald trump just spoke to a big crowd and now look at this crowd in the street. group of protestors gather on the streets outside of the orange county fairground. they have been ordered to disburse by police but as you can see many of them are revving to leave. just milling into the streets around the cars. it's dark. you can see quite a few people out there. a lot of police as well on horseback and trying to get them the get out of the area. we'll tip to monitor this. get the latest follow us on twitter 0at this web site. >> palo alto tracking software on smart phone help police catch 4 men accused of stealing delivery truck filled with new clothing. police say the ramirez,
9:25 pm
gonzalez and lopez took the truck last thursday from the sanford shopping center. tens of thousands of dollars in clothes headed for germ plasm stores was on board. delivery truck employee left the phone inside the truck allowing police to track it to coffee shop where officers say they found the men unloading the clothes into a van. police by the way are still looking for a fifth man who ran away. one of the men who brought you appleen haven't add method for unlocking i-phone by talking to it. technology was revealed in apple patent application. would eliminate the need for separate security step and allow users to be identified by voice at the same time they are telling the device to perform a task. technology invented by oakland engineer. no word from apple if or when it might come to market. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9 is next. coming up. may man who walk noose tale vision station carrying a bomb. s.w.a.t. team move n.we have details next. also the prince investigation. investigators drill into a
9:26 pm
vault at his compound. what they have already found there. >> baby bird in jeopardy falling out of trees and no one there to catch them. bay area effort now to help them. >> another half hour of 7 news
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>> man who made remark about the government caused a tense stand off at tv station today. >> swat teams rushed in and found a man in a costume making threats claiming he had a bomb but it was stuffed with candy bar. >> pierre says mr. is are trying to figure out his motivation. >> the terror starting at 1:20 p.m. man enters the lobby of the baltimore fox affiliate claiming he has a bomb. comes face-to-face with
9:30 pm
security guard jay here. >> what did the device look like. >> wires. wires. two circuit board leading to other gray areas on his body that could potentially be he had a metal detonator in his left hand and that's why i couldn't determine if it was fake or real. >> witness say the 25-year-old suspect dressed in animal jump suit is rambling about the government and black hole saying while he doesn't want to hurt anybody he's lady to die. >> he had a flashlight with him he wanted to air. >> employee evacuating the station while the security guard keeps the suspect calm for about 30 minute if the lobby. >> man walking out man walking out. >> just past 3:00 p.m. the s.w.a.t. team approaches the suspect. now outside. >> first shot rings out. suspect continues to walk forward. then second shot.
9:31 pm
and a third. the fourth one bringing him down. >> we heard several explosions. boom boom boom then he went down. >> he is still alive but not cooperating. >> right now he's still poses a significant public safety threat. >> robot attempting to disarm him and by 5:00 p.m. word the suspect is being moved from the scene by ambulance. authorities say tonight he's in the hospital in serious but stable condition. >> just revealed after all the hours of fear the wires covering the bomb they were hiding candy bars. mr. is say it looked like the real thing and they could take no chances. tonight they are still investigating looking for a motive. pierre thomas abc news baltimore. >> facebook takes security serious will i especially when it comes to ceo zuckerberg n.a file yesterday the company revealed it spent 16 million dollars the past 5 years on planes, personnel and equipment keeping zuckerberg safe. that includes the guard when
9:32 pm
he's out for a run like this one in china. comparison oracle paid 1.5 million dollars to secure ellofson home in 2015. amazon payed 1.6 million for amazon payed 1.6 million for jeff's >> law enforcement officials say investigators now looking into whether prince died from a drug over dose. and whether doctor was pre-describing him drug ins the weeks before his death. also tonight the big mystery surrounding a vault in the superstar compound. prosecute i hope so was the only one who knew the combination. here's eva. >>reporter: tonight prince secret vault of unpublished songs pried open. abc minneapolis affiliate reporting the company that was given temporary authority to manage prince estate had to drill it open. prince the only one with the code. >> one day some one will release them. i don't know that i'll get to release them. >>reporter: glimpse inside the park including a section in the
9:33 pm
basement marked tape vault b 9. this as law enforcement sources now tell us prescription drug were his found in prince's possession after his death and the dea contacted. no word on the cause. toxicology result still weeks away. friends say took the toll. >> we know he's had issues with his hips. if you look back in the days of purple rain when he was jumping down off risers it damaged parts of his body. >>reporter: his friend and colleagues saying there's so much music in the vault they can release an album a year for the next century. minnesota news. caitlyn jenner taking donald trump on his offer. trump said that the transgender reality tv star could use any bathroom she wanted at trump tower in manhattan and that's what she d.she posted this video on her facebook page shows her passing the men room and entering the woman's 0room. at the end of the video jenner comes out of the leads room and says thank you donald.
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teen birth rate in the united states has reached all time low. over all the birth rate for teens age 15 to 19 declined 41 percent between 2006 and 2014. u.s. center for disease control and pre-essential says it was mostly driven by dramatic decline among black and hispanic teen. it promotes promotion and effective use of birth control and many teens are delaying the start of sexual activity. baby birds are falling out of the trees and neglects in the urban heart of downtown oakland and now the rescue has begun. laura has the story you see only on 7 news. >>reporter: it's nesting season in downtown oakland for the bird high in the trees here. but with young bird arrive here each spring there is danger lurking below. >> they get run over by cars. >>reporter: that's why the golden gate audubon society teamed with the oakland zoo to come to the aid of those who can't make it here. >> really just trying to help
9:35 pm
manage having urban wild life in our city. because the problem is it's natural for some bird to fall out of the nest but what is not natural is they are hitting hard concrete. they can't get back up in the trees because they are pruned so tall. >>reporter: team from the oakland zoo is the first to respond once volunteers spot a bird in distress. >> some of them are hurt from the fall so they will take a look to see if they need immediate attention or need to be held. if they need to be fed but ideally we get them right to the rescue center. this guy 40's oakland. actually had a fractured wing. >>reporter: at fairfield international bird rescue center the animals are assessed for injuries and over all condition. >> whole side is all really bruised. hard falling out of trees landing on concrete. so we have seen some broken wings. we have had a couple leg jersey. couple bill fracture veterinarian has had to pin. >>reporter: once the birds well enough and deemed ready to fly and fend for themselves theory leased into the wild. far from the streets of a busy
9:36 pm
city. in fairfield, abc 7 news. only abc 7 news has look at the multi-million dollar changes both inside and outside the san francisco museum of modern aivrment we share our sneak peek with you at 9 continues to stay with us for
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chaotic you not completely out of control scene. this is outside the donald trump rally@v in orange county. >> hundreds of protestors spilled on to the streets in costa mesa blocking cars tryingo to leave the rally. police out in force in riot gearm . protestors just jumped on police car and another person was seen hitting a prius. unclear if any arrest have been made.
9:40 pm
it is intense but not out of control certainly not at least at this point but we'll continue to follow it for you as you look live from the pictures outside trump rally in costa mesa. in two week bay area landmark will reopen for the first time in years. we got an exclusive look at what visitors will see once they are in the new san francisco museum of modern art. inside the san francisco museum of modern art, work under way on cultural destination. outside work is finally complete on the 305 million dollar, 20 story 2 35,000 square foot addition. >> new sf moment has grown tremendously. probably nearly triple the former we are one of the largest museum anywhere in the world. >>reporter: museum open entered 1935 in civic center and built new building in 1995. >> remarkably in 20 short years we out grew that building. >>reporter: the check haslec
9:41 pm
grown in popularity and size. exploding from 12,000 pees to roughly 32,000 works of art. collection includes 1100 work from fishers co-founder of the gap. >> they had a very deep affection for this museum and so it was just a natural thing in the end that the we have this partnership with the museum to bring all the works in the fisher collection to the museum for everyone in san francisco and everyone that comes to the museum to see. >>reporter: fisher collection is so big only a quarter of it will be on display when the museum opens on may 14. museum has been closed since 2013 opening day is already sold out. new be is expected to be as big of an attraction as the art. expansion was designed by renowned architect firm here. >> we engage them because the company seemed to have the ability not only to create great space for art but also great welcoming, warm, en gameing space for people as well. >>reporter: visitors to the
9:42 pm
museum will see the difference. massive staircase replaces the old one. 40,000 square feet on the ground floor open to the public free of charge. that is as much space as it had prior to the museum expansion. massive living wall will help tie the into the outside. gallery spaces will be grand as well. each of the 7 floors is bathe in the natural light. stories designed to mimic san francisco maritime climate. >> wake up in the morning and bright and sunny then in the afternoon item foggy then it turns sunny depend and so the cloud are swishling around. fog is moving in and out. sun is popping up. we wanted to take advantage of that so the under las vegas on the exterior facade capture the light and cast unusual shadow. >>reporter: creating a new landmark for san francisco that is truly a work of hart in itself. i hope you will join me for very special tour of the new museum. catch the the new view open modern here next friday at 6:30.
9:43 pm
coming up next. we have idea to help you plan your woon. >> yes. plus we have clear skies over the bay area tonight. the bay area tonight. sandhya is back with updat
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san francisco japan town is the oldest in the united states and this year the neighborhood and it founders will be honored as part of asian pacific american heritage month. >> they have done through a lot u)e we celebrate their life. >> mayor lee honored this year award recipient at city hall including the asian art museum celebrating the 55th anniversary. asian pacific american heritage month officially gets under way monday. with award ceremony. street festival planned for may 21. all right it is time for one last check on the weather now. >> sandhya is standing by with the latest on it. >> we warm it up for you in
9:47 pm
time for your weekend today it was already a little warmer and as we look at satellite radar live doppler 7hd you notice some patchy fog near the coast line here. some traveling will be pretty mild around the entire state except in tahoe 54 degrees. 60 monterey down south los angeles san diego 68. 88 in palm springs so warm day there. here in the bay area we hold your temperatures close to today's levels. breezy at the coast again. low 60's to low 80's. patches of fog may linger into the afternoon and we see some higher clouds for your friday. now take a look at the week ahead for santa rosa temperature trend pretty much shows you what is to come the warmest weather of the next 7 days will be over the weekend. afternoon high for santa rosa is 71. tomorrow a little bit above normal saturday sunday well above where you should be for this time of year. only to cool down as we head toward early next week. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast 88 is the warmest spot for sunday. temperatures go down after that
9:48 pm
and we may actually see some rain drops come down wednesday to thursday just a slight chance. >> okay thanks. >> all right it's time to start planning the weekend. >> never too early right. morning news anchor is checking out what's going on where you liveí÷. >> we partner with the local neighborhood team at hood line to help you plan your weekend. get1< out the raspberry beret saturday night because fans turn out to honor prince in san francisco. and you are invited. make you want tomp dance right. this event dubbed this thing called life. celebration of prince at the mezzanine. free if you rsv p. they accept donation at the door to be given to charity for crust d"uspúúif you have a 70's styler do. uráu'day in the castro.
9:49 pm
we all love oasjt(s book themfñ in the third independent book /rnre day.;< we stopped by the book smith staple in the upper haight for 40 years now. >>+ physical object to hold in your hand and that you can read over and over again just not on the internet. >>reporter: noon to 3 on saturday to see print making in action and make your own greeting card. mother's day is a week from sunday. if you wa÷" to inform to the events or rsv p head to our web site and link you up with headlines. hope you explore where you liv live. abc 7 news. ao a lot going on in sports time. larry has. that big day. >> 3 day of the draft day. one today. wig pick go. what a meet or rise for government. cal to topic in the draft. he grew up a niner fan. long time rival.
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coming up tonight 7 news at
9:53 pm
11:00 o'clock. happening right now. police in riot gear respond to donald trump orange county ral rally. latest from the unfolding situation on the ground. and weed killer in california wine. lab tested california wine and found the active ingredient in round up weed killer. dan has the investigation. >> be >> be on channel 7 what a great day for this young man. >> certainly. larry has the latest. >> pretty amazing go back a few years ago there were 2 quarterback at cal and it wasn't even a certainty that jared government would be the starting quarterback at cal. fighting with klein. rest is history. government started out 1 and 11 as freshman. nobody at that point could have predicted he would end up being the no. 1 pick in the entire draft. he heard his name called first by the commissioner. >> los angeles ram select jared government quarterback california.
9:54 pm
he's the face of the franchise.b new l.a. ram has to make the transition to& offensive grew up as niner fan and now star for the long time rival in los angeles. >> it was well worth the wait. honestly unbelievable moment once in a life time experience and can't really put in word right now. i'm very happy very excited to get on and move on with my professional career. >>reporter: so after government the eagle took winn out of north dakota set to. chargers picked bose from high state and fellow buckeye elliott and jag select ramsey to round out the top 5 followed by ravens picking stanley at sixth. 9 earth's seventh over all pick take a man that kelly knows quite well. oregon defensive line man buck intermassive man out of hawaii. he goes 6 foot 7. 2 91 pounds. he had 9 and a half sack last year. will1e we figure help bolster a niner defensive line
9:55 pm
that needs help. draft party at home in hawaii and thrilled to be reunited with his old college coach. >> it means a lot. especially he's new to the 49ers and everything this year and being the first pick that he selected this year draft his first year as head coach means a lot to me. means that he trusted me as a player on and off the field. >> we drafted 2 guys in the first round but still need to earn the playing time here. it's a merit our confidence new as starter based on demonstrating ability. >>reporter: yes. chip said two players. niners traded a second fourth and sixth round pick. sent them all to the chiefs for the 28th pick in round one to select sanford guard garnet. he is a physical nasty run blocker. he likes to hit people. fits in nicely with what chip kelly wants to do on offense. let's go to the 14th over all pick. raiders selected safety karl joseph out of west virginia.
9:56 pm
they have a huge need there obviously with retirement of charles woodson. big hitter but he comes off acl knee surgery says he will be ready for training camp. >> you could fell the intensity and passion and the way he plays. you can feel his tough nechltz he has aggressive mentality. he's versus. >> he can play. he plays all over the field. >> temperament he bridges and intensity he play was instinc instinctiveness he has those are things we covet so it should be a real competitive group. >>reporter: draft continues tomorrow and saturday. now to the hoops after fishing off the rocket last tonight. warrior few day of rest before start of round 2. could begin on sunday if portland eliminates the clippers tomorrow night with curry as no. 1 cheer leader on the bench last night warriors destroyed the rocket 114-81 wrapping up the series 4-1. thompson hit 7, 3's on his way to 27 point.
9:57 pm
steph like at times. first 4 games of round 2 and warriors want to stay afloat while stooev's knee gets bette better. >> every time he is around we get excited you have to respect him. you have to kindest heart you ever meet. humble guy so look up to him. >> trying to be supporter for us. frustrated by what is going on. wants to be out there and he can be by cheering. >>reporter: shark start the second round of the play offs at home against nashville. beat the duck if 7 games last night. well rested off for a week now. they didn't expect nashville to be fatigued. >> when you play every other day you get into a good routine of day off and bringing it the next night. we appreciated a rest. all season long rest has been big key for the team sought fact we could get, week of
9:58 pm
arrest and -- rest and recovered and refreshed it's good for the group. >> a's ending 4 game series against the tigers. martinez flies to left. martinez hold at third then when he sees the throw go to second bases heading home and he is safe. 3-1 detroit. sanchez struck out 9. mistake to vogt deep to right and gone for third of the year. down 4-2. second straight game the starting pitcher was chase. this time chris bassett. doesn't make it out of the fourth. a's started the road trip ending at 5 and 5 and tirtion the final and giants had the day off. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. one more draft note. because the broncos they traded up to take paxton lynch pig quarterback out of memphis which means that the broncos are no longer i wanted in kaepernick. elway said that's over. negotiations any deal that's
9:59 pm
finished so at this point no more suit or for cap are nick that we are aware of. he will remain a forty-niner. >> kelly wanted on the trip. cap wanted but that's where we are. >> okay. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to appreciate your time. hope to see new an hour
10:00 pm
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