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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> live. this is abc 7 news. too close for comfort. people are told to evacuate as the fire is in the hills over the lake tonight. good evening thanks for joining us. >> that fire started at about 4:30 this evening. it's burning near the napa and yolo county line to the east of
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lake. >> sky 7 hd was up over the fire. you see all the smoke there. state fire officials say it's now burned about 600 acres. that's double the size that has burned at 6:00 o'clock. >> safety crew evacuated the canyon creek resort campground. also highway 128 is closed]ñ at the dam. campers at the resort ordered to leave immediately but no word of any one being hurt that the point. ground video show fire crew battle the flames-!. we'll continue to update the story on 7 news at 11:00 over 'lon channel 7 and we'll hear if there are any changes. >> sandhya is actually checking on the weather conditions in the area and has that for us. >> yes. let's look at live doppler 7hd >> yes. let's look at live doppler 7hd and made it into the area where the fire is burning. take a look at the imagery as radar imagery of the smoke plume near the fire from a short time ago. conditions near the fire line 76 degrees so temperature has m/t(ed.
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relative humidity has increased 40 percent winds are really non-issue right now. light. about a mile an hour. here's a look at the wind tren trend. 14 miles an hour out of the west into 10:00 p.m. expected to drop-off and then increase again tomorrow afternoon. here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. you see some of the smoke layer as we look from our east bay hills camera. of that fire. i'll be back with complete look at the 7 day forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. today we learned illegal campfire started what is now the 43,000 acre fire in monterey county. 2000 homes still at risk of burning down. >> i'm not panicked. but i know things can happen and change quickly. >> 27 homes have already been destroyedal with 11 other buildings. one person has died. fire now 18 percent contained. some evacuation orders have been lifted. >> and investigation is under way into an early morning bus
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crash that left 5 people dead and injured 16 others in merced counties. passengers trapped in the wreckage after the charter bus crashed in a sign pole. perhaps you have seen the about ick today. it's incredible. nearly split bus in half. the bus from mexico to washington state. crash happened about 3:30 am along highway 99 south of livingston. 100 miles from oakland. driver has not been able to tell0 the chp what happened because he was pretty badly hurt. today we have been looking into the bus company and the dj+zer safety record. melanieau has that part of our coverage. >> mario was driving this now sheered open bus. injury so great he hasn't been able to tell investigators what happened. grand-daughter is heart broken. >> he was very careful because he wanted to come home and see us. >>reporter: safety administration web site highlights problems with the and drivers including vasquez.
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february fifth, 2015 was operate ago vehicle on suspended license that was suspended for a safety related or unknown reason. vast ked was charged february the following month.i the last two number of vehicle and drivgt xr exceedséí national averages:r. vehicle violations/r]g highligt braku: problems including no ol brake warning devicege. also r insubstance of non-worki. ol brake warning devicege. the welded or missing steering system components. driver violations highlight problems with multiple driver logbook
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california public utility in 2014 ó. it was denied for failing to insurance.3t however a busmr can operate in california without being regulated by california>t if the route ends outside the state. that w!hc the case in this crash. bus was headed to washington state. in the newsroom, melanie, abc 7 news. new tonight. deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. u.s. district court judge issued the order late today. hours after u.s. attorney office made the request and just four days after jury deliberation started in the criminal case against utility company. pg&e now faces a 6 million dollar fine if convicted. idn't explain the reasoning behind the request for the lower. man in jail without bail g'e0dear of a police officer. investigators believe marcus
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moss shot at oakland police sergeant clark. she was not wounded. arrest warrant shows the gun firearm malfunction that may have saved her life. clark was trapped in her patrol suv following an unrelated july 23rd.the shots rang out police think moss may have been inspired by recent anti-police sentiment. >> neighbors in east bay community are on alert tonight while police investigate alleged sexual assault at the neighborhood pooluj. life guard sunday.bú police say he touched the teenager and tried toe remove her shorts. they don't believe he's from the neighborhood. >> he got in as folks were leaving. he came into the gate because the gate is locked with a key and you have to have identification to get into the area. >> homeowner association says it has alerted everyone in the community by e-mail. surveillance video will help
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identify the men. >> two men accused of selling young dance,j5é students to look th. r)forming1sp)t center staff feeling= after learning these of secret'náu7lyún selling the students undressxkig back stage at theñ vacaville theaternup >> when i put!m on a show there is)/ noó parent oróx no dad no n back&n stageif. we are checking at the d6cr. checked.c out like there is & á#etty >> it all startedpi with a> we startedófrking with the dance ub medially to9o attempt
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to ident1fáhr'dividuals in thxu contact with theqááp)ents. >> men%x worked as technical1d personnel and)o mr. is say they rafters[o. >> could be civillitigation to follow a criminal case. >> two suspectsça were arrested for possession of child pornography. that charge is from a prior investigation that turns up the video from the theater. is a land 0county(t?yyiktyqç!7w considerúmwo charges.né in vacaville president board of supervisors to as] john thon explais the response he received was >> a lot toéh see at fisherman wharf but if u yo down you might see this the dirt. the bottles. it's not a nice situation in san francisco. >> moved one visitor from texas to write this letter1?.
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in the streetsni made himb embarrass tsded to bekñ ab american. he sent >> please read the agendag÷ 8. here's the& response fro!ústaff. an s?q)ican then parking up the rock tree why donãyou way letter to the editor of whatever town6] you are fromúyp& the panty in an÷ bunch. he wrote adñ letter all right tñ the chronicle after readingl- io president breed apologizedxw investigatedhz andt; response ce from intern who is told no to the come back. those familiar with the procedure say intern are supposed to reply with potential solutions to a complaint. sign the name and forward the e-mail to the appropriate department. in this case san francisco public works. wdz reso complaints and req 9e)j' @ i( crew will be out there7y picking up the(w litter- the trash. pound enough depends onc who you ask. >> it's)clean for beingrh
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downtown and so manyw0 people here. nd the area.é >> supervisor says it's a battle of myth logical proportion. >> taking care of our streets is like this pushing the rockkpv up a hill in haiti. >> the supervisor is ready to makeé! ate grudge match overh÷ trash kaichbility would ijli lie to+÷ replace the trash can. >> the president d4dj$áuu to talk she av$tts there'ssxuju)háo be done. more trasl1p&ean up. "k(om abc 7 news . dog fellc through a hole in the sidewalk poor the holeó near jonesmé street seven feetab deechl at least1> 5 firefighters worked to rescueck amed tinyyo. owner says the 14-year-old dog down the hb tiny is now safe $ááy be gladwp to know. >> absolutelyyn. much more ahead.j for you on ths coming up. new water use numbers7ñ are out what theyn reveal about the]@
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conservation effortji.yóó& plus. >>+6 businesses right in line n the(u next fewi decade. . >>m risinguu water and rising quiñ settingíh claim at change.]ú >> getting the class they need to0>>[svbhñ%iñ⌜son why.
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jeans em. >> classes begin on august 17 here. by then) undergraduate should have a maximum of 16 units. in other words, 4 courses. this afternoon some students were still trying to enroll in classes. >> i have to sign up for a computer science course they fill up quite a bit. >>reporter: she has 15 units. under berkeley new enrollment.+ process requesting another 2punit cap inform longer allowe. >> i'm unable to add another course because my limit is 16 but i want to add another course so that i have like a full load so i try to figure out do i need to drop a class
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add the class. >> under the old enrollment system students could sign up for more than 16 units knowing they have to drop one of them. called holding a course. now they can't under the new system called cal central. >> they we know with the system because basically students wereen rolling in a bunch of class that is they weren't sure they would end up taking or not and so that made the waitlis process good slower. >> that used to make it harder for some students in a high demand course. >> nobody can hold on to the class while i'm either enrolled or not. so that's effectively. >> but the associated students of uc berkeley express the concern about the new process. >> so they are stuck only technically enrolled in maybe one or two classes. which cause as bunch of problems making them potentially not considered a full time student. >>reporter: that could affect the financial aid and not to mention any hopes of graduating on time. at uc berkeley lee ann, abc 7
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news. california an are conserving less water. numbers show we save 21 and a half percent this past june compared to more than 27 percent in june of 2015 when the state at the height of the severe drought. the state water resource control board expected conservation to dropdt after thy ease restriction. board says they still may put limit on some community with significant increases in water use. noah noaa administration is without a new report tonight confirming 2015 was the warmest year on record. and at sea level rise many are concerned about the affect it would have on those who live and work along the bay especially in silicon valley. here's chris. >> climate change is making our planet hotter and many residents worry about how it affects future generation. >> i don't know if people what to do exactly to make a difference to stop this.
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>>reporter: she spent the day with family at the park in menlo park. she says more must be done globally to help protect the environment. >> i can not picture this like nature so i can not exist i can not have balance if nature doesn't exist around me. >>reporter: locally bay area voters recently pat passed a region wide 12 dollar per parcel tax raising 5 million dollars over the next 20 years. the money will go toward bayen handment and help habitat restoration that is good news for company such as6f facebook and google. researchers say those properties currently sit in the flood zone. >> there's home and businesses right in line in the next few decades for flooding events. >>reporter: dr. cordarrow climate change specialist at the san jose university. >> restoring the wet land help mitigate some of that increase in sea level that happens temporarily during winter time e-while some may question the validity of the science behind climate change others won't sit
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it out on the side line. >> a lot of things changing and we have to adapt to those changes. they affect us directly and indirectly. >>reporter: in silicon vaey abc 7 ins. >> time to turn to our weather and really we won't see much rain now. >> no that's true. but at least it has been cool and the wind not too bad. sandhya is here with the lates latest. >> absolutely right. live doppler 7hd you notice that we have the fog around. it is right near the coast line and we have been watching the smoke from the fire near big sur. continuing to drift up. obviously the monterey bay impacted by it but most headed into the central valley. some made it into the parts of the south bay. also seeing the smoke from the cold fire at the napa yolo county border. this is time lapse from the east bay hills camera and you will notice the smoke layer there. right now our camera at pier 15 showing awe foggy view surrounding coit tower. that's what the morning commute
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will look like. 55 if san francisco. 60 in oakland. mid 60's around mountain view. san jose 67 pretty mildtill half moon bay 55 degrees. fog primarily at the coast for the morning commute from kgo are camera. getting pretty good vantage point looking towards the bay bridge visibility is good here. 59 in santa rosa. low 60's in nap a.but still warm. fairfield concord livermore all in the 70's. here's how heavy the fog is right now golden gate bridge and this is why we are looking at the low visibility with areas of dense fog overnight tonight. sunny mild warm tomorrow with cooler than normal conditions. thursday through saturday tomorrow morning when you get going you notice the fog is not as wide spread as it was this morning. we have some mist and drizzle along the coast line. temperatures start out in the low to upper 50's across the region and you will notice as you look at the hour by hour forecast the fog is really limited tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. but white is sitting is going to be pretty thick so right near the coast line at the golden gate richmond oakland at
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7:00 a.m. and then we head into the afternoon and this time around i think most of the fog will be clearing and entire bay area except for a few patches rate near the coast line. here's a look at the high for wednesday south bay. hazy sky still due to the smoke from the fire in the south bay in particular. 82 san jose. 80 santa clara. 87 in los gatos. 79 in sunnyvale. mid 80's around gilroy. just a beautiful day on the about instant la. 74 in san mateo o. 77 redwood city. los altos 78 degrees. coastal year in the low 60's. daly city 61 degrees. downtown san francisco 64 and north bay you look at stein in nap a.84 santa rosa. 74 in san rafael. vallejo 76 degrees and east bay 70 in oak land. 73 hayward. 77 free moninland spots nice warm one but not too hot. sun screen weather for you 92 in livermore. 90 fairfield. 87 san ramone. 93 in antioch. look at the ax accu-weather 7 day forecast go with the wide
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range of temperatures for the wed. low 60's to low 90's. don't get too used to it because much cooler weather is entering the picture. thursday through saturday we are only looking at 84 for our warmest inland valley. low 60's at the coast line and then we bump up the temperature second half of the wean a little bit warmer going into early next week. >> very good. thanks so much. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. is this a west of time. >> new report on just how if he is this a west of time. >> new report on just how if he can activ
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>> flossing your teeth one of the most universally recommended health habit but new question about how effective it really is.
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federal government is now saying there is little evidence flossing prevents gum disease or calf. >> associated press did a review of 25 studies and found they were weak and unreliable. american dental association still maintenance that flossing does remove plaque and most dentist still urge patients to floss to avoid gum disease. >> new jersey man had enough of the pokemon go craze. he filed a lawsuit in federal court in california against the maker of pokemon go. he says strangers began lingering outside his home after the popularhéuu)gq# lasts 9óto get into the back yard placingbuirtual pokemon without$ property owner permission$y. >> interesting. >>ñd all right comingaf up next. the resti for the white house.he president obama says something+p unheard of int modern >> what donald trumpow said aftr eart. (tures three >med
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this is 7 news. we begin this half hour with new development in the race for the white house. today the president called donald trump unfit to be president. >> trump continued his hostile attacks against the parents of a muslim soldier who died in iraq. we are on the campaign trail. >>reporter: tonight donald trump who never saw combat, never served in the military now has a purple heart. >> you know something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me and he
9:30 pm
handedr[ me his purple heart. >>reporter: but trump then saying this i said man that's like these like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >>reporter: the moment now shine ago spotlight on trump own military record. republican nominee once touting his time in military school. saying quote i always thought i was in the military. but trump never made to it a battle field. during vietnam 4 college deferment and then a fifth one e.i had a minor medical defe deferment for bone spur of the foot which was minor. >>reporter: still today rare admission. >> i have regretted not serving in many ways. >>reporter: it comes as trump is still tangling with the muslim family of a fallen u.s. soldier. >> you have sacrificedéáuú! no.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: trumpéñ hitting ba6 sacrifices..ñ i work very, very hard.ce i have created-thousands and5y thousands of jobs. tens of": thousands of jobs!ú.d built great structures. i havewdone, i have had[z i haveí tonéá a lot. i think they arevk sacrifice. >>reporte2xk today eric trump asked if hisg father should apologize to the kaichbility i think he hmh by in terms of the one question whether you have made a a zaccharyu foist i think my father has. ultimate sacrifice. >> trump adding this.pi this is something honestly blowing a hugely out of proportion. >> about you it was donald trump who kept tweeting about the kahn 4 days after the convention appearance.xn and today no regret. >> i don't regret anything. i said nice things about the son and i feel that very strongly but of course i was hit very hard from the stage
9:32 pm
40. >> that iraqi war veteran who gave trump the purple hear heart. >> 100 percent i'm behind him. owe veteran behind him. >> but today presidery#obama putting pressure on republican to denouns the nominee. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has saidñ is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >>reporter: also today in a scripted moment on the trail trump interrupted by a crying baby. >> don't worry ab ut the baby i love babies i love babies. i hear the baby crying i like it. i like it. >> the mom is running around like don't worry bit. >>reporter: but then just one minute later. >> actually i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. >> i think you believe me i love having a baby crying while
9:33 pm
i'm speaking. that's okay. >> this is abc news washington. >> hillary clinton didn't campaign today. she attended a friend funeral. running mate senator cain rallied in florida. state president obama won in both 2008 and 2012. >> 3 officials from the democratic national committee resigned today including ceo amy daisy. former chairman schultz has already stepped down following the e-mail scandal that appeared to show the party favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders. others also left their job. >> robbery caught on camera and look like a scene right out of a movie. you will see clayton has the video and the story of really what was a terrifying ordeal. >> the first sign anything is wrong at this houston convenience store. ear splitting gunshot into the ceiling. employee dive for safety in a small room as gunman storms over the counter.
9:34 pm
>> we hear the gunshot i mean they just jumped into the booth and locked the door. >> quickly lock the door to the check cashing booth protecting themselves hyped bullet proof $eh&gglass with all the money inside. 3 gunmen tried desperately to get in banging on the door riddling the place with8$ bulle. >> people outside assume we are dead. because they heard so many shots fired. >> in the back one customer gets a shotgun pointed at his head. offers up the wallet and the gunman leaves him alone. gunman tries to get into the from the shotgun and few kickkó but the dooãholds. shooting everywhere. suv. nobody inside was hurt., >> somebody trying to get easy money. >> somebody trying to get easy money. insteadf that'sí what wee did over herel >>reporter: would be robber still on the loose.ío
9:35 pm
clayton san del abc news denver. squirttátvju)q)s against gun,c violence start add ct ain lastqñ year to demand apple get rid of it. changeii apply to the to existingw- character includig female after let and minoritjq  minorities. >>z 7 news was in san leandro today as workers put the fishingñtouch on the wnteractive music exhibit for residents and visitors to enjoy. users sit in a rocking chair that triggerw6rrsq for musical experience. installation creates arch way where the people can walk and enjoy the music. project part of city ongoing effort to reviolatesize the . >> one of the things we wanta to the key part of t>aráháhat it >>;s city worked with the exploratorium for two yourself to develop ar< project.
9:36 pm
grand opening tomorrow. nú meter lights run along te east shore freeway as part of the smart corridor project at noon. turn off at 8:00 p.m. the let's started during the the camera caught drivers in emeryville blowing right by the red lights. goal is to use technology to vud# -- congestion inúw the bay area. itcw includes electronic signsdo tell drivers whichsc lanes are bestñ0 as they approach system fullyzw functionalje by labor day weekend. >>lu stay here with u!6 3 3 more to comexp >>lu stay here with u!6 3 3 more to comexp 9 safety culture4ñ deefficiency?]. aim atd/ mainly bay area refinery%r withhy more than a dozenn
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newh but several)x serious incidents over 5 year period.]? . laura anthony has details of the report. >> federal agency now says there was a deficient safety culture that led to 15 separate acid spill at the martinez refinery overaoocb-d 5 year pe. most serious incident happenedoe on februaryñ÷ 12, 2014.8 >> 2 workers burned at the and estimatedíñ 84,000 and estimatedíñ 84,000 poundsl of7 acid was releasedrin to the refinery poundsl of7 acid was releasedrin >>reporter: ku workers sufferedq first second degree burnsoh. happened againzh to two more0u workers a monthl later. >>el while the incidents>j may appear to be isolated events they are indicative of safety
9:41 pm
culture deefficiency at the martinez refifo)y. >>reporter: report includes kúe routinely exposed operator todi avoidable)÷ risk@. >áwritten statemkuu$ey said importance of continually importance of continually learning9 operation.%x safety of ourmeói- and.ñ inaccuracy in the casegq b resolve to learn fromqj the incidentzr. they didn't specifjs whatfw the1 consider inacracy in the incident. :b implemented$x a safetyea cule program. they have got the union involved in the safety culture program.v they meet with the employee on much important frequent basis. >> officials also told us they have updatedvu the sampling procedure here at the plant and they have improved the protective equipment andx4
9:42 pm
practices. abc 7 news. >> special significance of tonight national night out party if several bay area tonight national night out party if several bay area communitie
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>> hundreds gathering in neighborhoods across the bay area for national night out. wayne has more from oakland. >> in oakland tonight welcome signs. materialize block by block. >> that is for any and everyon everyone. >>reporter: for brenda and her neighbor the party sort of began yesterday with preparation for 40 or maybe 50 people. >> tonight is the dialogue. put down the shield. that's where the police as well
9:46 pm
as the neighbors where we can come together and just talk about and get to know each other. >>reporter: get to go know her include the bible or not table family picture on the metro atlantans el the president on the wall and mostly her kids. done neighbor day care for almost a quarter century. >> i don't forget a face and name. >>reporter: if you ask she will rattle off success stories of the kids with pride. but she also mourns the few sad cases dragged down by neighborhood circumstances. >> in my mind i have had maybe 5 that i know of that have gone to prison. >>reporter: 5. they were good kids. >> good kids. >>reporter: victims of stacked odds she says one reason they hope to see the oakland police here tonight e.our kids need to know the police is okay. we also want the police officers to see our children. >>reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news. >> comedy web site funny or die is closing the office on the peninsula.
9:47 pm
late last year a new ceo took over the company. today they announce its shutting down the office but will continue most operation in los angeles. laying off 37 employee mainly engineers working in app develop jooment jon stewart returning to tv in time for this year presidential electio election. stewart new show will appear on hbo some time in september maybe october. no name for the show yet but hbo says it's animated. parody of cable news network. 53-year-old comedian hasx has e largelyltq' out of public view >>xj one last lookw of the fog is thick along the coast line so for morning commute be careful out there around the state here's how? it looks. 64 monterey. lingering fog. 84 the tahoe. really have to head into the
9:48 pm
desert to get the triple digit around places in 40's no. typical low clouds fog giving way to sun and we have our share of the fog but notice how much of it uses completely burns off so you really look at sunny day. hazy sky in the south bay due to the fire in monterey county and weo could be seeing some haze right around the fairfield vacaville area. out towards discovery bay?s especially because of that fire still burning the cold fire st of the lake area.ld fire temperatures 64. san francisco 70 oakland. 74 in san rafael. mid 80's around santa rosa. 74 san mateo o. oakland 70. low 90's livermore anti-ing i don't care 82 in san jose. look at the temperature trend for san jose. right about where you need to be tomorrow but it cools below average. few day thursday through (jju off so nicedt day for thañ
9:49 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast much cooler thursday through saturday with only mid 80's and low 60's at the coast. weekend warms upn÷ for the secod halfdl. >> i like the low 80's. now to the para glider who survived 150 foot fall to the ground. >> this was unbelievable. dramatic video spinning out of control with the line tangled now talking about the split second decision to jump for his life. >> here's lindsey davis. >> damien leroy is no stranger to extreme sports. this new video shows just how fine the line is between thrill seeking and death defying. while para gliding over south florida beaches last month disaster struck. he starts to spin out of control. his line get tangled up and he can't undo them. only option to jump. more than 150 feet. >> he jumped he jumped,z into te man groves. >> he suffered a broken back.
9:50 pm
3 broken rib and punctured lung and miracle he's alive today. f the pair a medic and doctors and nurses and prayers and love from all around the world was just like another level. >> he says love is what saved him. lindsay davis abc news new york. b unbelievable. he's okay. all right time to turn to sports. >> always working without a net mr. larry. >> i would have hung in there on the glider a little longer. >> definitely. >> i take my chances with the motor. i don't know. >> good for him. bizarre night for the giants in phillies including ejection of a fan which almost never happens. up in the stands yelling and stuff. up in the stands yelling and stuff. plenty of baseball reject from
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. raining wildfire in napa count county. it's now grown to 1700 acres. we have live team coverage on the evacuation.
9:54 pm
fire fight and road closure now in place. >> pokemon turned violent for south bay man. investigation in san jose tonight. those stories and more at 11:00 tonight. those stories and more at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7 >> all right but there's baseball to be had tonight. >> baseball. a lot to talk about. larry is here. >> plenty of baseball and pent of home runs. the reason the giants were looking for pitching at the trade deadline. begin the month of august in philadelphia where the phillies invested one of the weakest offense in all of baseball. until tonight. this game all kind of crazy. home plate umpire eject a fan yelling all kinds of offensive stuff so he got the heave-ho. mad i someq got rocked. when 5 innings. gave up 8 runs. 3 run rock in the second. 6 nothing phillies. brandon crawford begins the come back in the fourth with a single up the minute. cuts the lead in half 6-3. next batter.
9:55 pm
that would be bell taking out the bell. this is going to the bleachers in right. 3 run jack. now 6-6 game and giants erase the deficit. now down 7-6. angel he has clout. two run homer. ì&hc&ichbilitys wouldn'tnaqedj úhkiu(v long. hunter in the game. we are tied. with a pair of 8s. bringing the new guy. will smith just acquired. save the day. or not. after allowing single off hernandez double off the right field wall. sergio enters and then allows smith runners to score and then oh, my. three run bomb courtesy of cameron rough. looks like he can bench press volkswagen. the giants lose andps they lose big bay final of 13-8. the a's in anaheim. still going strong down in
9:56 pm
anaheim here. he has a thunder 6. chris davis. that's the 27th of the year. a's with a lead. cocoa crisp. oh, yes. that's how far the ball was. 5-4 angels in the 9th. 49ers held;k the first practice in padres#e under new coach as advertise they run around at warp speed out there. quarterback competition between gavin and kaepernick gets mostñ of the attention this camp but unclear who is going to be on the receiving end%t for the guy. niners have a young group of receivers. leadershipt roll after baldwin led sign with the lion
9:57 pm
lions. first receiving td a year ago. >> really wide open. there's not a real besidetory let's find out who the other play maker are at the wide receiver position and you all will have an opportunity. who takes advantage of the opportunity >> work the tail off for the opportunity and younger guy. they have the my responsibility and push our group and we are already to go. >> i have been around players and they just show me a lot about just growing up on the football field and taking care of the people that take care of you. sharing the knowledge that was shared to me. >>reporter: warrior thompson is on team usa. getting tired of people questioning how the warriors will fit kevin durant into the offense. thompson telling the vertical quote i feel disrespected that people keep using the term
9:58 pm
sacrifice to describe me and describe us. we all want to see each other do well. he's not sabling ri fighting bleep. meanwhile former warrior turned maverick and team australia star is water proving his room in rio while team usa is staying on a luxury yacht. there was the image of himself assembling a shower curtain. many people have been critical 11 million dollars here i done do shower curtain. you never know who you meet in the olympic village. look at this gymnast. she's two feet shorter than david lee. he's 6 foot 8. i just look it up. she's four feet 9 inches tall. almost two feet difference. sports brought to you by toyota and remember the name simoneq (g gymnast. like the bouncey gymnast ever seen. upcoming olympic games in rio.
9:59 pm
probably right. impressive. thanks. >> all right we want to thank you for spending time with us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> see you in an hour on the news app. >> see you in an hour on the big[g 7.
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