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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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let's get comfortable with our food again. 7 news goes inside the forty-niner locker room to hear what kaepernick team mates think of the quarterback stand for civil rights. good evening thanks for joining us. >> all of this stems from what kaepernick did not do during friday night's game. >> he didn't stand for the national anthem. it's the second time he's done that since the pre-season started. >> kaepernick says he's showing support for people who are oppressed. a aprotest sparked national controversy.
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>> carolyn has the z.yk,ujuk. >>reporter: team mates talk football and free speech in the locker room today. responding to the forty-niner quarterback's decision to not stand during the national anthem. kaepernick explained yesterday he's protesting racism and police brutality. >> that's something that needs to change. >>reporter: his team seems to respect his right to free speech. >> definitely is racism in the country. needs to be addressed. >>reporter: but 30's condemnation former forty-niner head coach harbaugh now at the university of michigan. >> ty don't respect the motivation or the action. >>reporter: san francisco police officer union sent a letter to the president of the 49ers and the nfl commissioner. we will not standby while he attacks police officers in this country. with statement such as people are on paid leave while people of color are killed.
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it's not the first time after lets used the celebrity to spark a national debate. track stars smith and carlos raised their fist during the national anthem at the 1968 olympics. smith is now 72 years old and applauds kaepernick activism. >> the truth live and he's only telling what has happened tivrjs of grant whose fatal shooting by bart police sparked national outrage expects kaepernick decision to gain momentum as part of the black lives matter movement. >> yes i believe by him taking that stand he would also encourage others to begin to stand with him. >>reporter: or in this case to sit. >> i'll continue to sit i'll continue to stand with the people. >> both alameda county sheriff's office and the san francisco police union invited kaepernick to visit their training facility to get a firsthand look at what it takes to be a law enforcements officer. in the newsroom, 7 news.
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and your opinion counts t.our poll live on twitter right now we are asking if you agree with kaepernick decision. people who responded are split so far. follow us on our web site and cast your vote. kaepernick actually talk about the issue for 18 minutes yesterday to hear him in his own words watch the entire interview on our web site or news app. donald trump is in san m te'o county tonight for private fundraiser. sky 7 overhead when he arrived at the woodside home where tonight's event being held. fundraiser being hosted by saul fox ceo of private equity firm. trump campaign tight lipped about the event but it's expected to be a small gathering. the trump needs financial boost from well healed california donor. >> he has out raised him in silicon valley by 1 had you say
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to 1. so trump needs money to counter her ads and to counter her campaign tell. like it or not he has to raise it and that's why he's in california this week. >>reporter: second fundraiser planned for napa valley today was cancelled. mean time hillary clinton is scheduled for fundraiser in pensacola, florida today. she reportedly raced millions yesterday fundraisers in long island and the ham tons. in californialess week she raised 17 million dollars in just three days poll shows clinton lead over trump is shrinking. poll released today finds clinton with 7 point lead. clinton was leading by 13 points remember at the beginning of this month. amist think it's a sipe of her post convention bounce wearing off a bit. caught in the act. inmate tried but failed to escape from the correctional facility in milpitas. >> santa clara county sheriff's deputy noticed the inmate on
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video as he was climb ago fenc fence. >>reporter: the we have a look at the video. this screen shot from surveillance video inside elm wood correctional facility show inmate failed attempt at freedom. christopher the scene in the mug shot just arrested friday for petty theft. misdemeanor. sunday he tried to break free. he climbed a 25 foot fence leaving the san today stuck in the wiring. but he fell instead. got hurt. and got caught. deputy saw it as it was happening on security camera facing the prichlt he started on one of the buildings. went on the interior perimeter fence then he got to here he went across the power lines over to these fences and he fell between the two fences. >>reporter: santa clara county sheriff's smith has been a big advocate for more surveillance in jail following accusations of excessive force involving guards. she even bought some camera with her own money. this camera in particular was recently installed as part of
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the jail reforms. >> we pushed really hard for camera and early this year we got new camera. much better resolution. and i think the camera are what prevented this escape. >>reporter: what make this is story even more bizarre? he was scheduled to be released in one week and could have been sent home as early as today t.the instead he was arraigned for the attempted escape and will serve even more time behind bars. in milpitas, abc 7 news. 25-year-old man remains hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked in san francisco park. police say the victim was being chased by a group of 8 to continue other men around 6 sunday afternoon. the sunday evening rather. the man fell at the intersection of 18th and church street. that's where the group began punching and kicking him. he was also stabbed in the upper torso. morgan hill police detail finding two armed robbers these guys. police release these sketches today. men wanted for robbery friday
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afternoon at money transfer service with tell him on monterey road. one man had a gun apparently. two got money from the cash register and got away in a red sedan possibly mid 2000 toyota camry with tinted window. uc davis medical center in sacramento start america first state funded research center to learn more about gun violence. taxpayers will spend 5 million dollars to look at way to prevent shootings. veteran emergency room doctor will lead the 5 84 project involving every campus in the uc city. elected officials and police were also take part. the former stanford swimmer brock turner finishing what cost last week in jail. judge percy gave turnary 6 month sentence for sexually assaulting unconscious woman. the sentence drew natural outrage and petition to recall the judge who recently announced he's moving from criminal to civil court. turner served about half his time and eligible for release on friday. window wash who are fell 11
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stories from a san francisco high-rise two years ago you may recall is alive and now suing the owner of the buildings. perez was working at the top of the be on montgomery street when he fell 120 feet landing on a car. somehow survived. tom he suffered brain injuries and fractured pelvis. the lawsuit accuses first communication of if he goes for having an improper roof railing around the building. 10,000 dollar reward being offered tonight for information about the shooting death of three sea otter. all three male washed ashore between the harbor and the beach between august 12 and 19. federal law protects them as threatened species. killing one is punishable by 100,000 dollar fine and jail time. family martinez look for help tonight to locate three racing motorcycles truck and trailer all stolen over the wean t.don shared these photo
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with us. somebody stole the ford f 350 pick up from the front of the news martinez franklin county. thief made off with a trailer between 11 saturday night and 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. that trailer kinked his three racing motorcycles. he tills the bike were spotted near port a cost take yesterda yesterday. hayward police chief placed on administrative leave. city mapger confirms to us chief diane stirts on leave until they finish a person el investigation. the city didn't comment furthe further. stewart has been with the hayward force since 2011 and first woman to lead the department. city says captain the koehler will be the acting chief. happeninga now. san francisco police commission meeting tonight asking citizens what they expect from their next police chief. the currently serves as interim chief of the sf pd taking command in may, after mayor lee
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asked for his rest iing naichlingts row signed after serious of suspect were shot and killed by his officers. men time oakland mayor today took a big step to find a new police chief. >> community will play a big role in selecting oakland next police chief. >> laura look noose why the search for new chief is just starting now he. >> we need all oaklander to articulate their expectation. >>reporter: surrounded by young people. oakland mayor shaft announce the start of the public phase in the hiring of the city next police chief. >> community engagement is critical for us to succeed in attracting the right st reform minded leader for this police department. >>reporter: it's a campaign that includes glossy new flier and series of public forum to get community input especially from young people. >> we need fair. if you see one fought doing right and say something to
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them. take care of the community. >> young people behind me with the future of this city. >>reporter: this is two months after this one to. root out what is clearly a toxic, macho culture. >>reporter: when visibly angry shaft announced yet another chief being relieved of his duties in the wick of six and racist text scan day. i think the mayor gets an a plus for public relations. press conference and expert delivery. >>reporter: today oakland police officers association president barry donlin wondered why it's taking so long to hire a new chief. >> it's very, very frustrating. once again another press coverage. let's have a chief of police. fine the chief of police. we are all waist. >>reporter: city is to post them in the next two week and hire a new chief at the start of the new year. this is 7 news. san jose city council vote
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tomorrow on drairing a public safety emergency because of under staffed police force. san jose police chief garcia tells our meetia partner at the mercury news the department will not have enough officers to patrol the city next month. emergency declaration would let the chief override the police union contract to get them on street patrol. >> more ahead at 9:00. doing the math, how california 33 billion dollar project could cost two or three times that afternoon. >> bart transforming the station into retail hot spots. tell you about its plan to make shopping and commuting. >> did you know there are clouds around in the as the son went down. let you know ncaa if there's more than clouds. let you know ncaa if there's more than clouds. heading into tomorrow. >> panic at lax. police explain what caused moments o >> panic at lax. police explain what caused
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battle over the cost of the rail system in california came to san francisco today. critic say the price tag could be up to 100 billion dollars. supporters disagreement here's sergio with the debate over the controversial project. >>reporter: most bay area commuters are not shy with their opinions of california
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high speed rail. >> i'm always pro getting high speed rail because it takes cars off the freeway. >> i think it's worth building. i'm just not sure how much revenue it can bill to cover the actual 64 billion. >>reporter: 64 billion dollars. according to the chairman of the state high speed rail authority that's how much it will cost to connect san francisco to los angeles. >> if you buy a car today it can have a sticker price but if you finance it, it is a different price over the life of the car. what we are doing is 64 billion dollar number includes all of the inflation fishingts republic cap chair of this field hearing raise concerns about the final price tag and offered different range of cost. >> the we are now somewhere between 68 and 100 billion dollar level. >>reporter: there are already 7 construction sites in california central valley in progress. one member of congress wondered if construction will stop since
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the financing isn't in hand. tom there is a reply. >> when we built the interstate highway system we didn't know how we would get the money to finish it. but if you wait, you never build anything. >>reporter: first leg of the route linking the bay area to the potential valley should be open for business in nine years that's anticipated to spirit the the these sources. san francisco mayor lee in sacramento today to take a look at the next generation of muni light rail vehicle. mayor tweeted this picture with the new car which are being built at the manufacturing plant in sacramento muni bought 215 cars. largest orders of light rail vehicle. vehicle hit the streets next year. talking about transportation by the end of the year bart riders could soon see more stores at some of the system busiest space.
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according to the media partner at the bay area news group stores such as these listed here t-could be doing business from pop up shops located at bart station. agency partner with a third party defender to the station. some open as early as december. >> time to turn to our weather on this monday. >> sandhya is here the. >>reporter: hi there. we are just going to load up here. i didn't realize we were coming up so fast. >> you have lots to do. >>reporter: a lot happening here. let's check out live doppler 7hd. and will notice quite a bit of cloud cover over the bay area with the exception of the inland east bay and parts of the south bay but i show you where the clouds are coming from. all if association with a hurricane. so you will notice the mid high level clouds coming in today gave us a beautiful sun z.we
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are tracking hurricane madeline cat choir 3 hurricane where it is getting some of the cloud cover, clouds fromlcñ here. category 4 out in the open pacific both hurricane headed towards hawaii but fought until this weekend. the one we keep an eye on is madeline. it will weak he be to 1. already under watches and warnings and should be increasing over the next couple days. we may pick up some of the moisture tomorrow so between midnight tonight and tomorrow dry is spobl in the north bay make you aware of it. from the em have irill camera we look across the bay with san francisco to oakland mountain view sanl jose half moon bay 59 degrees and live look from the sutro towercam. notice a little bit of fog here over san francisco but not a lot mid 60's, napa 61 still pretty warm
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in cop cord. 67 in livermore. 63 and here's a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. high base over here so we call it partly cloudy breezy through tuesday. slight chance of thunder north bay and once again not expected to be accompanied by rain. it is to be dry lightning. below average temperature continuing into september. tomorrow morning starts out pretty cloudy. low 50's to skichlts really quite comfortable when you get going here's the hour by hour forecast. a little bit breezy tonight. later on tonight like it has been all day today. breezys will continue at 5:00 a.m. commute time. clouds will be around and then as we head towards the afternoon the clouds will partways but weil we'll still see the breezy conditions forth afternoon hours. not terribly strong. gusty winds primarily over the higher terrain. so for tuesday go with another mild day in the south bay and 77 in sunnyvale on the peninsula temperatures in the low to mid 70's from san mateo
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to redwood city. another breezy one. daly city 61. downtown san francisco 66. these temperatures not where you should be for this time of year but i haven't herd too many complaints. here's a look at the east bay. 72 oakland. 76 fremont. inland areas a little bit warmer. 87 in antioch. 85 san jose. 86 livermore. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast slight chance for maybe thunder storm or two in the north bay. low 60's to upper 80's. temperatures going down on the accu-weather 7 day forecast for midweek time period. through the end of the work week coastal high in the low 60's. temperatures will start to come up just in time for the hotel way weekend not until labor da day. >> yes. >> coming up next jean wilder and his. >> coming up next jean wilder and his. >> two influential .
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is. tonight actor again wilder remembered for his wit, his warmth and comedy performance that fans say are simply unforgettable. note ♪ in a world of pure imaginationism the film thaten deared wild tore many across generation is willy wonka and the chocolate fact trip. the nephew said the actor writer died yesterday in connecticut from complication of alzheimer's disease. he was 83. wilder appeared in movies for more than 30 years including this film breakthrough came in 1968 in the medical brooks comedy the producer. facebook finder and pet had face-to-face meeting. they visited the pope pl at the
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vet can. it appears to be i hope formal with the chat takes place at the restaurant about how immune indication technology could help fight poverty. he gave the pope of an aircraft $.78 book home will expand indevelop country. much more ahead. paining at world busiest airport. police explain what caused a massive evacuation that yelled are we alone. who can answer that question. we'll explain. big reason to smile. we'll explain. big reason to smile. ast
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the words of shots fired cause panic of course for a time at one of the world busiest airports. >> last night false alarm at los angeles international airport led to major evacuation of several terminals. >> the we are at lax with what brought the busy airport to virtual standstill. >>reporter: sunday night at lax police first responding to reports of man dressed in black wearing a mask and carrying a sword. officers quickly surround the man ordering him to the ground. at the next terminal. reports of gunfire. tichlt police with guns drawn the searching the airport while hundreds of passengers race outside. some past security check points. panic spreading quickly through social media. ground stop ordered for all fly. all of a sudden a flood of people saying there's a shooter. >>reporter: matt was at the airport. >> everywhere people having to
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hoof to it get where they are going even out of this airport. pretty chaotic here. pretty scary here. >>reporter: tell josh tweeting i have my kids and ran for dear life. security consultant gomez says you can't take any chances. >> either run hide or fight so if you can't run away, you are in an area where you are closed off then you have to hide swlishtion in the end it was a false alarm. the street performer in the costume released. he later spoke with k abc concealing his identity. >> i get police around me not even think about what i was wearing. >>reporter: just latest panic triggered by false alarm. two week ago at the airport passengers ran to the street after hearing loud bang that many mistook for 51 shots. in los angeles abc news. san francisco international airport closing monitoring the false alarm incident at both lax and jfk. >> we really want to understand
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more about what happened both at lax and jfk. want to ensure we have the right procedures in place. that's why we want to learn from the two airports in terms of what worked and did not work. >> sfo spokesman inform details on protocol but said the airplane was cell equipped to respond to emergency situation. high profile split of aide separating from her husband weiner after reports that he was sexting again. cecelia now with how the scandal is fueling new attacks from donald trump hillary clinton closest aide is splitting from disgraced husband. announcement just hours after a new york tabloid reported anthony weiner was sexting again. at the time wife saying after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. it was the third time in 5 years weiner made embarrassing
9:33 pm
headlines. >> i'm here today to again apologize. >>reporter: in 2011 he resigned from congress after accidentally tweeting allude photo of himself. >> i make this apology to my neighbors and constituent but particularly to my wife. >>reporter: two yourself later ease run for new york city mayor. >> let me reiterate to my wife how sorry i am. >>reporter: by his side as more women came forward with sexting allegations. i loved him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. behind the scenes cringe worthy moments. >> do we have the room for a second. >>reporter: all laid out in documentary. >> still in a recent profile aberdeen praised her husband being a full time dad to their son jordan. today the "new york post"reported that in 2015 weiner seconded a woman with
9:34 pm
his by his side. spwe keeper to the woman in charge. her number one person hooum a is married to anthony weiner. who is a sleaze ball and pervert. >>reporter: donald trump today turning the marriage into an attack. >> she's nird a guy that is uncontrolled, uncontrollable. he's a sick person and you know she has access to classified information. >>reporter: trump adding who knows what weiner learned and who he told. l now campaign controversy for trump too. former kkk leader do you recollect put out robo call in louisiana where he runs for the u.s. senate there your hono honoring voters to run for him and trump. it was a response downsing david duke very different reaction from theless time.less year trump came under fire for not deannouncing duke fast
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enough. a. drug company facing a barrage of criticism for resisting the price of the epipen now says it will start selling a cheaper generic version. emergency allergy treatment dedicate but cost half the costs of the name brand investigation of might goer. company faces claims of price gouging since the list price for epipen cleared repeatedly. it's to be available in 6 week. 10,000 workers saying therouxed unpaid wages. the t they say chipotle made them work extra hours off the clout without pike them place. it's paid all and no mir jit science world buzzing fit about something very interesting
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reports of a radio blip from black particular space. might be a ping that somebody must be message from situations 7 news wine friedman on story. much ado on planet earth about a signal. not a ring but possible ping. phone has been ringing all day. just a blob of melted plastic stage. one like around the office it becomes klinding e tail on his mind and rest of the world does too after blip appeared on russian radio television year ago last month. start the off week, strong, disappears again. you would expect that from the signal, not tell communication just like our own son and constellation may be light
9:37 pm
years away. no cost particular turns that's right next door. >> we are talking about a message that left the star in 1920 and finally arrived in russia in 2015. >> he sends message as in receiving. question now has any one else heard the signal from hercules. answer is more likely to have been man made but they turn this array in that direction. >> whenever you see a signal that appears only once you have got to be incredibly skeptical. >> i have it i have it i'm patch it. >>reporter: concept played up by hollywood but certainly as glong as we wee see in the movie. more likely one order would stand out against the back ground of indicate okay. first detectable significant
9:38 pm
national earth might be something like this early television. >> they haven't picked up nothing yet for them to have picked it and sent back some criticism to us because that would take another 95 years. signal out there. they don't know we are here. >> so we are sorry depoint even as early imaginations run wild. 7 news. napa native astronaut first person to sequence dna in space. nasa posted of her with the he equipment aboard the national space station. could proving text long messes in space that was her goal on thursday riben fellow astronaut will participate in the second space walk in less than two week. among the installation of new hd camera to take pictures on
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apple fans all the waiting and speculation will end next wednesday when the tech giant unveils the latest i-phone and apple watches. you are looking at video from the last i-phone apple the last i-phone apple they sent out invitation to selected media members and others saying simply see you on the 7. analyst believe the latest i-phone is extremely similar to last year model but likely notice one big difference. new i-phone won't have a head phone jack and thinger two. 2018 winter olympic include as stop in san jose. u.s. figure skating championship will be held at
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the center next december and january of 2018. this east video from u.s. figure stating 2012 national championship also in san highway say. upcoming event is the final qualifying event before the election of the skating team and first time you and yibing. still to come here on 7 news at 9 oe. marathon is long enough right. >> find out why it was made marathon is long enough right. >> find out why it was made even lon
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the. a lot of the air bnb host renting out room short-term to help cover the mortgage but may hurt homeowners looking to refinance. "wall street journal"reports bank of america andrea fine 0rejecting some host to additional security when they
9:47 pm
rely to some advance. they are no lodger eligible for certain lungs. the might be let likely to hurt somebody no was mayor common clays. 26.2 miles. yesterday some athletes in santa rosa got more running then they bargain for. jonathan explains the mix up. why it makes such a difference. >> on the way to boston lenl lunch it to qualify never time in another race man norns one of the bigger cost tul qualify. ask the guy who came in first. >> i had a if run i guess. >> jordan so far ahead of the pack he was run by himself somewhere but something went wrong. >> they move turned out. e-all came up to this
9:48 pm
intersection. that's where they were supposed to take a left turn but sosh turned right. >> everyone just is the following the person in front of you. >> corlike the real stacy then get back on course. >> added extra mile to the race including this group. >> this was 303 im. >> athose who got lost pace rawner at the exact pay the had he would need to qualify too. so in this case it kept that group from veting the gawvd times through whip try was society. >> item dark at 6:00 a.m. hard to see the marker and cone maybe volunteers aren't in the right spot as rose goes down there has been drama. last year they had somebody try to
9:49 pm
kouvrts but it was weather he back in old hometown wearing high school jersey. he got the qualifying time. >> i live north of boston my hometown marathon and issued sign up and do it. >> santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> happening now. burning man is under way. annual gathering of the unconventional and uninhibited started yesterday in black box city few hours from reno in the does earns expected to attend this year. vet having happened saturday night and huge effigy of man will be set on fire of course that's where the name burning man comes from. if he is on later day. fun sun and dust. >> yes dust. let's get one last check on our weather. >> no doubt it's here but we'll talk about cooler be normal conditions here in the bay yea
9:50 pm
year. here's a look at live doppler 7hd and you will see that we have some clouds around right now. high tuesday around the state hut the desert in san springs. 80 in tahoe. bay area high pressure it's mild to warm. mid 60's to the upper 80's. and a look at some of the micro climate for the peninsula. redwood city, we'll get you up to 62 in pacifica and the trend for how long. if i a few degree not back to normal until monday. alaska weather 7 day forecast will show you the dip in the temperatures wednesday thursday cooler than average. come right back up again into the long whom day weekend warm you up day weekend plans. how about 90 degrees. on monday. miss 60's. >> taze toasty but fought brut
9:51 pm
brute. >> taking a break from the heat and go to the coast. >> all right. some college football to talk about. >> yes. shoe has that. >> right around the corner. cal bears kick off the swon a win over hawaii down under and stanford host cans stay where last year heismann runner-up stanford host cans stay where last year heismann runner-up begins his run for t
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. despite all the attention being thrust on the 49ers the last few days by kaepernick head coach knows he has to put a team together for season opener on monday night football against the ram. wide receiver position the weak egg on the roster first three games. over the weekend slot receiver jeremy traded from the lions. spent 5 years with the jets catching 182 passes 9 touch downs. best year 201256 for 8 27 yard yards. before hooking up with the lions. the returned bouts. and offensive coordinator has these thoughts on his new
9:55 pm
edition. us some depth as slot receiver. played a lot of football in this league as a scott and gives us a returner and added depth we really need and i think he will be able to get caught up to speed fairly quickly. >> that's all i need. how much i can take stepping one date at a time like i said i'm excited about itment something i'm eager about it. so like most. >> all right. favorite cardinal remark seventh in the nation most pre-season poll and eye on last year runner-up crystal. cardinal host friday night season opener and ncaa rohrless year with 38 64 all purpose jars. 2019 rushing break barry sanders record he played nightly game last year he can play it. >> pierson has been locked in
9:56 pm
since about 10 minutes after the real school. that's just who he is. the there is no more anticipation than there would be any other then las vegas also i'm in calming to where he captain operate. he just want wait to play football again. >> trying to keep it simple. last year i went in with the same mind set and seemed to work out. things get evil system work. my goal is to just get as many yard touch downs as possible and speed limit good news about a news for the family today. older brother mack was cut by the raider. wide receiver out of duke will continue to make it in the nfl roster. he has game and gel get another shot somewhere.
9:57 pm
cardinals in st. louis. travel to houston take on the astros everything big intertexas. including the air. bottom two. two outs. gonzalez surround the ball to healey. can't get another instead of aging end up looking the bay at situation nye a walks june. springer with bases loaded and leaves with back injury. a's return the favor bases loaded in the fifth. the strike to end the inning. bottom of the sixth. little guy with big hit. go open to win big. 10 is final mainly of the year. a around and running down one of the 14 forehand winner running the first set. lobs it up for the winner.
9:58 pm
forehand win they are. in strats space first round in clam in three months after the french and will become done. mid september but time open has arrived early to get a bay area floor. racer and olympic gold midwestist come cooking with he says in oakland today. he has license for now. extra go fast. just to do the exact same thing we do all year. only focus on you only ex packet then you should have a good result. >> that's the sports report brought to you by toyota and again once again. >> all right. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. making news. first female police chief in hayward put in name now. >> individual that shows a man
9:59 pm
cracking coraggio on pat train. agency respond. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 o'clock. >> yes. over on channel 7. but for now thanks for joining us. >> he for all of us here, mike is well we appreciate your time >> he for all of us here, mike is well we appreciate your time hoe to see you again in an hou
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, an arsonist ignites a wildfire that quickly burns out of control. moore: it burned 62 square miles. announcer: within hours, 5 firefighters are dead. coombs: by the time they saw the flames, there was nowhere


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