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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> more than two dozen family start an entirely new life. for them this is day one. >> such in credible loss. question about his what went on in the warehouse. >> leave no stone unturned. tonight. searching for answers always the complex story continues to unravel. but first, where you live. >> doesn't make any sense. >> community begins to heal tonight.
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by saying goodbye. victims are still being recovered and identified and families still learning whether their loved ones are alive or dead. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas in for dan. >> i'm amma dates. the cause of the fire remains unanswered question. death toll stands at 36 and alameda county district attorney says this is a possible criminal investigation which could result in murder charges if the evidence warrants it. >> the oakland fire department released this image showing what it looks like inside the burned be. >> then this image taken with an infrared camera. red spots you see those are pieces of steel structure of the warehouse still hot from the intensifier. >> we begin our coverage with lillian who is live in oakland tonight with the latest. lillian? >>reporter: district attorney nancy o'malley went no detail about the investigation she's launched. there is a team working on the case led by an expert on land
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and property use. alameda county district attorney office looking into two things whether criminal liability associated with the warehouse fire and if so, against whom. and at this point too early to say. >> the range of charges could be murder all the way tiny voluntary manslaughter and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges if the evidene presents that. >> the da office has interviewed several people already. city of oakland colonels be held liable for not enforcing building safety code. so far 36 people have been confirmed dead. of those 22 have been positively identified. family notification have gone beyond the u.s. to finland, korea and guatemala. >> at this time we can't locate any, any other deceased victims but we are prepared to remove them if the fire department and atf do locate them. at this time we are not anticipating any more huge numbers. >> the focus now is shoring up
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unstable wall that slowed recovery effort while on the other side of the building where the fire started crew sift through the rubble one bucket at a time. >> we feel at this point we are approximately 75 percent debris removal complete. >>reporter: now the power in the area has been turned off so that crews working with that crane are safe from power line lines. next news conference scheduled for 6:00 a.m. life in oakland, abc 7 news. thank you. candle light vigil now under way at lake merritt to honor the victims. take a look at picture tweeted from the vigil. father of fire victim spoke to the crowd short time ago we have complete update at 11 0:00 over on channel 7. 33 of the 36 fire victims have been identified. officials have notified 22 families to tell them they lost a loved one in friday's fire. youngest victim a 17-year-old boy has been identified as the
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11th grader attended the school of the arts in san francisco. lee ann spoke with one of his best friends. >>reporter: campus note for students musical was today understandably subdued. 17-year-old miguel was member of the school of the arts in san francisco. >> i knew he was going to a rain i didn't foe where it was. i didn't know. >>reporter: but also a student here knew. he and miguel were in the oakland warehouse last friday night. west had said there was total darkness but somehow he followed voices and made his way out of the building. >> right now i'm still almost in shock still. i'm just still trying to process what happened. feel like i haven' fully accepted it really and yes i don't know. glad to be with these guys like we are all dealing with it together.
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>>reporter: most students had heard over the weekend about the death. but it was here where they found the needed support. >> we got together as a class and talked about how we are going to be using art to come together and to help kids cope with this event through art. >>reporter: students here also began thinking of ways to honor his memory. >> yesterday sun i was able to go with some friends to oakland to where it happened. we left some candles. wrote some messages. i think that helped a lot. >> he was like glue that kind of held us together for the most part. he was really just he didn't want to hear us argue. didn't want to hear us bicker and be unhappy. >>reporter: extra counselors were called in. >> we have wellness staff that are here every day but we want to make sure that we call in additional support for crisis response. >>reporter: west said he was fortunate to have known miguel. >> he really was such a spur of the moment. if there's anybody who i wanted
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to have an adventure with it was definitely him sorry, far the 17-year-old is the youngest confirmed victim to have died in that fire. in san francisco, . family friends of some of the fire victims whose names made public by the city of oakland have been telling us about the vibrant lives they led. they include two who worked with young people in the community 35-year-old travis hough worked withiner city youth. 30-year-old sarah hoed talked at the charter school near mills college in east oakland. they were accomplished musician 22-year-old cash was part of muse consolidate duo named them are us too an brandon chase has been described by friends on facebook as talented musician. many who died had deep tie to the uc berkeley community. 24-year-old david klein a dprad of cal and so was 26-year-old neck gomez hall recently began working at printing company in
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west berkeley. 35-year-old donna kellogg also a uc berkeley graduate native of chick o. and tonight the ungest -- yippingest victim so are if a is 17-year-old miguel who was a student at the school of the arts. now we tracked down derek alameda the man who ran the warehouse there and official say he didn't have the special permit needed for friday's party. he also criticized on line for this baseball post after the fire in which he didn't mention any victims. facebook profile deleted but talked to us briefly in oaklan oakland. >> the they are my children. my friends. my family. my future. what else do i have to say? >>reporter: since he didn't have a permit fire officials say criminal charges have a possible. cause of the fire was accidental, even if. >> deadly warehouse fir has
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many people calling for closer scrutiny of oakland warehouses said to be at least 200 of them throughout the city. carolyn found that has some artist worried about a crook down. >> oakland artist already grappling with being priced out for example these market rate condo are being built right in the middle of west oakland arts community. now some like photographer steve have knot another fear following the warehouse fire. >> i'm scared. scared because there could be a crack down. >>reporter: artist can't afford could be subject to code violation. his own building seems in good shape. once a warehouse for both manufacturers there are 26 live work units. nearby chuck runs the jingle town art studios. work space for artists. he believes most spots like his are following safety rules. >> all of the space owners
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landlords property manager that i know all do a really good job. >>reporter: cynthia elliott tells us that's the case at the studio where she lives. this sprawling complex used to be a foundry but now place for dozens of arrest tips. he wonders if there's a backlash following the warehouse fire. >> there will be knee jerk reaction. we need to close all these down. >>reporter: but this weekend mayor haft reiterated her support. oakland mayor shaft plans town vail a plan tomorrow to try to help keep artists here in oakland. >> i have been passionate about preserving and lifting up the incredible creative community. >>reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news. one north oakland art collector says it's playing by the rules and working with city hall. omni commons describes itself as collectively run safe space for artist also used for
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community events. in contrast to a lot of other ground space the group tries to strive with building and fire code. those at city hall were skeptical about the plans but tea lot of effort that has changed. we have much more ahead for you on this monday night. coming up. we hear new details about the inside of a building and how easily any one can become trapped. >> outpouring of support for the victims. one like this one outside oakland. >> sutro camera there is rain on the way this week. drew has the timing and w
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say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> three people face series of questions about what was going on in the warehouse and why it was chosen as the venue for the concert at party in oakland where the fire was. this woman leased to it artist collective by ghost ship collector. he then rented out part of the building to different people including many other artist who both work and lived inside the structure. party promoter john rented space inside the warehouse for friday concert. he also advertised the party on social media. investigators suspect many victims never had a chance to escape the flames and now a woman who describes herself as former friend of derek believes
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the warehouse was an accident waiting to happen. danielle described how dangerous the staircases were to abc news correspondent. >> the one in the back if you had been there only once you wouldn't even probably known it was there. and the one in the front the ricketty one you couldn't have more than two people on the staircase before it would uses fall down. >>reporter: really. >> oh, it was so like you stepped on it and it wiggled. you could not have multiple people on it at the same time. it wasn't stairs. no. i said that a bunch of times like using the word staircase is a stretch. okay. this is like you know swiss family robinson tremendous house staircase like it wasn't i have sen tree house was bet staircases. it was not it was not safe. >>reporter: she accuses him of setting up the operation in the low income neighborhood because less of a chance of people
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complaining about what was going on in the warehouse. >> sergio has been talking about expert about the dangers of living spaces like the oakland warehouse. he has more from oakland fire training center near the airport. >> first moment after the fire people who survive describe an inferno. some tried to get others outside. >> i was pulling him out. larger gentleman and flames were huge. >>reporter: john david is a scientist. he describes how quickly a smoke filled room can be deadly even if people are in a familiar place. >> they end up making a wrong turn in houses they lived in for a long time instead of turning to the left to good out the door they turn to the right and end up in a dead end close he it and die. >>reporter: this warehouse is describe as labyrinth of shared living performance space. all materials in. carpet. wood. glue. paint for art project. deadly combination in
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enclosure of gas in the room go to the ceiling then start filling the ceiling up tivrjts survivor bob showed us how the clothes melted in the fire. ghost ship ceiling collapsed. he says city across the bay area should learn some lessons on code enforcements and those who live work and play in spaces like this also node to take their own safety seriousl seriously. >> make sure there are exits. yes it's cool to have this labyrinth and the spooky corners and stuff but i want to make sure icap get out. >>reporter: if someplace doesn't look safe, leave. sergio, abc 7 news. our colleague anchor dan ashley spent several hours near the fire scene today and spoke with young man who came to pay his respects to the victims.
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>> middle of the afternoon. you felt compelled to kilometer down and see this for yourself. >> yes because i'm a 98th of oakland. i have been here all my life. the haven't had anything like this happen since 1989 and i used to work in this area. not far down the street at the school and a lot of guy there is were my age. lost friend. lost their lives there. so i want to come down and see it. not necessarily be trying to be here for information. uses to show condolence tips. said prayers since i have been here. >> dan will be live on the scene coming up on 7 news at >> dan will be live on the scene coming up on 7 news at 11:00 >> turn our attention to the weather notch cooler out there and some rain on the way. >> yes. we track cool air moving if
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really the next 36 hours. series of storms behind that bring some rainfall lasting into the later part of the wee week. satellite showing you it's a dry picture but overhead we still have a good vail of cloud cover. wiwith us for the majority o ofe day today and will be with us once again tomorrow. this is a quiet picture out there but on wednesday we track return of wet weather. so will look dramatically different. forecast has in store the chilly start tomorrow morning. there's the chance weak front moves through. possible sprinkle in pre-dawn years. nothing wide spread. behind the front it allows the air to filter and possibility of frost wednesday morning and turns into a rainy active pattern starting wednesday evening potentially lasting into sunday. currently in concord holding at 52 in san francisco. 51 right now san jose.
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cool 43 in fairfield livermore currently sitting at temperature of 47 degrees. overnight tonight we have the clouds from above a little bit of fog developing. chilly and santa rosa napa dropping to the 30's. about 44 concord. 41 fremont. 47 over tonight san francisco. 47 san jose oakland dropping to 46 degrees. hour by hour we good on tuesday planner chance of isolated sprinkle. you don't need umbrella it's before the sun gets up the threat is there. by noon time the afternoon. a lot of cloud cover limited sunshine it's a cool afternoon temperature temperature opening topping out in the mid low 50' 50's. even cooler air settles in on wednesday. wednesday morning especially we track a frosty morning. near freezing temperatures inland. patch of fringt likely to develop. just good idea to protect your pets and cover this plant. saystive to the cold this time of the year. future weather hour by hour take you into wednesday afternoon. this is when the written first best to into the north bay.
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light system on the storm impact scale. into the evening hours we inform. light moderate rain does become wide spread and looks like it will continue for the majority of the overnight period first thing into thursday. as we get in thursday it gets more energize and we see some town pour develop so we upgrade the system thursday to a two. moderate storm on the impact scale. shade of dark green over the region is a indication of downpour to develop and that will just add to the rape total over the next couple of days. potential rainfall from wednesday into friday with this route of rain. heart of the bay area likely to see 1 to 2 inches more to that where the showers linger and could see well 2 inches of rai rain. more than three inches of rip here and because of that rain shadow. what that means the south bay likely to see less than an inch
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after the system wraps up. cold start wednesday with evening rain. wide spread rain on thursday with the downpour. showers on friday. brief brick on saturday. more wet weather returns sunday no monday. >> thanks drew. coming up from friends to strangers. fox reaching out to help the people of oakland that story 7 fox reaching out to help the people of oakland that story 7 news at 9:00 continues
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those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out... get together and shop small. >> 30 day after the fire people still going to the site to pay their respect. many dropped off flowers cards and candle. people left message of con doleen and hope. some from the area large latino community but others from nearby citys to leave a note. >> hug for the family as well.
9:25 pm
to have strength to get through this. >> we have all been to coun countless parties like that. spaces like that. which are part of what make oakland what it is and i mean it could have been any of us. >>reporter: the fence on the boulevard is one of several memorial around the perimeter of the fire scene. two different on line fundraising campaign bring in money to help family of the fire victim. one effort here already shattered two goals. 100,000 dollars to start. now surpassed 3 37,000 dollars. organizers working closely with the mayor office and the american red cross. another fund benefit matching donation from the 50,000 dollar per team from here. they raised 301,000 dollars. see it there on the screen. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. scene of heart break after deadly inferno in oakland.
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latest on the investigation. >> also. from musician to inspiring artist what we know about the oakland fire victims. >> how the community of oakland app the doors to support first row responders working around app the doors to support first row responders working around the clock
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dozens of people join candle light vigil in san francisco harvey milk plaza to remember the victims of the fire in oakland. leaders of san francisco transgender community organized the evening tribute and fear the victims and survivors include many members of the transcommunity. >> welcome back. investigators have contacted nearly 2 dozen family whose
9:30 pm
loved ones were killed if the fire. >> today 3 pulled 3 more bodies from the wreckage reaching a total of 36. crew put the search at the front of the building on hold did after they discovered a structural issue. they hope to solve the problem and continue with the recovery tonight. they have another quarter of the warehouse to search. >> da says it's too early to speculate if some one will be charged but says if it does happen the charges could range from involuntary manslaughter to murder. next official briefing is set for tomorrow morning. we have new details of the conditions from inside the roo room. neal has more from oakland. >> tonight the death toll rising. investigators searching for the college of oakland deadliest fire in history. >> fire went up really, really, really quickly. >> it was 11 friday night when the call came n.warehouse engulfed in flames. packed with a late tonight party in this converted artist colony known as the ghost ship. >> seemed like great thing like
9:31 pm
this orange wall of fire. it was, i don't know, it felt like seeing a monster. >>reporter: firefighters just a block away there within 3 minutes were already too late. firefighters tell us they believe it started on the first floor in back. but the building was a tinder box. only two exits in all 10 thousandths square feet. people living in mobile homes in the first floor. most of the victims were on the second there are for concert. tonight these new image show the staircase made of wood pallet leading to the front door with virtually no way out. >> couldn't have more than two people on the scary case before it would just fall down. it was not only dangerous about you it was disgusting. >>reporter: officials now conduct a criminal investigation of mounting evidence the place fell through the crack. had a long history of violations including people living there illegally. controversial alleged founder
9:32 pm
ofthe so-called ghost ship under microscope speaking to kgo. >> they are my friends my family my love my future. these all i have to say. >>reporter: tonight the long list of those 36 lost. heart breaking montage of lives cut short. we found this woman in agony wait to go hear about a loved one. >> can you just call any of us if you are around something happened we don't care we just want to know if you are alive or not. >>reporter: district attorney now looking at possible criminal charges here ranging from involuntary manslaughter all the way up to homicide depending on what they find and what is to be thorough investigation. oakland, california. we know 3 of the 36 people who died in the fire are uc berkeley students. jonathan bloom visited cal campus to learn more. >>reporter: in quiet basement on the ber ci campus studio at
9:33 pm
the center of community deeply affected by the deadly fire in oakland. three of those missing after the fires volunteer here including chelsea the dj who had a weekly radio show here on thursday. she was scheduled to perform at the party where the fire broke out an hasn't posted on line since then. also missing is griffin madden uc student who the daily california says was another volunteer and worked across the way at performance. he was there with a friend david klein. klein didn't make it out alive according to letter from his brother who recently graduated from berkeley with double major in computer science. two other members of the community here are also now known to be among those killed if the fire. there are more students missin missing. daily california an tells us these girls are roommates and both remain unaccounted for. >> university is not commenting on the search for those missing referring all authority to the
9:34 pm
local authorities. chancellor did write a letter to students offering condolence and counseling. at uc berkeley 7 news. mourners have shared many of this and visited the scene of the fire. dan met one woman who came with her daughter hoping to express their sorrow for the families who lost loved ones. >> karen wanted you here today. >> i heard about the tragedy on the news saturday so i have been following it so we decided to come to get a firsthand look at everything. >>reporter: you felt compelled to come see this first hand. >> yes. i felt compelled and sorry and compassionate for the families an loss of loved ones. >> you are a parent and we see young people that was happening friday night. just having fun listening to music. we can relate. >> yes. my daughter was in that
9:35 pm
situation and i'll be worried sick too so i understand how they fellas a parent. >>reporter: you can see dan reporting again from the news at 11 news power shut off for about 20 homes and businesses near the scene of the deadly fire. they should get the electricity back by some time tomorrow morning. this planned outage is to protect recovery teams to safely move some large equipment. melanie tells us more. >>reporter: as crew work to carefully recover victims bodies to preserve critical evidence they said it would be necessary to turn power off to nearby homes and businesses. officials say the power outage could begin as early as noon and expected to last up to 12 hours. the reason why is they have a very large crane that needs to come in to the area to continue the work that needs to be done. >>reporter: oakland police spokesperson saying as many as 50 to 500 customers could be impacted. >> absolutely imperative we
9:36 pm
take care of our community during the power outages. >> neighborhood coordinator will go door to door. somebody came to speak with her at this bakery. >> if you have to be like that just got to understand that. >> this h1n1. >> we have to close early the. >> director at the health care center said nobody was buying but they are always prepared with back up generators. crew cutting power where needed to do the difficult work necessary to recover loved ones and what led to their death. in oakland, abc 7 news. business and community organizations in the fruitvale district doing what they can to help out during the tragedy. many group locked first respon responders and offered to help. the town days open the doors to first row responders and news crew working long hours at the
9:37 pm
fire sites. >> any one would needs coffee. a break. bathroom. we are very close. this opportunity for to us say we are here. this is what community is. >> foundation wants to make sure the tragedy doesn't get repeated. working on flier to inform residents about the hook up. >> wherever you are you will find this on a page listed here. >> coming up. series of smash and grab >> coming up. series of smash and grab robbery at apple
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find out how american express cards and services >> east palo alto police arrested a man for the measure democrats and republicans of 2-year-old girl who died at a hospital more than a week ago. man was identified by police as 24-year-old man who was the mother's live in boy friend. 2-year-old death was originally
9:41 pm
ruled suspicious but after an autopsy on the victim found she died because of foul play. police began investigating. they say the life inboy friend was responsible for her death. he's not the father of the child. palo alto police hope the arrest of suspect in brazen robbery will lead to more people captured. detectives think that might be linked to similar break-ins to other break-ins around the bay area. >> apple was taking no chances today. security guards stood in front of the store on university avenue. white wooden board covered the hole in the thick glass window through which the thieves entered. suv that was used to ram the window sat in the police garag garage. this is what it looked like yesterday. it happened just after 4 in the morning. burglars crashed the rented car through the window. creating a hole big enough for them to crawl through. force of the crash december able the vehicl vehicle. police say 8 to continue people
9:42 pm
began ripping electronic and i-phone froms december play table like the burglars did during this heist at the san francisco apple store earlier this month. when palo alto police responded they found another car nearby. >> officers looking at second car that was abandoned in annualy way about a block away that had new i phones and lap tops strewn all bit. >> they also found 4 of the suspected burglars. these two. ferguson and white. and two juveniles. since october there have been numerous heists at apple stores around the bay area. 3 in san francisco. several. and couple on the peninsula as well as this one in cort may dare each case the rob interin. grabbed what they could and ran off. yesterday burglary may be linked to the others even though the m o was different. >> many of the others happened throughout the bay area have been while the stores are open. and basically shop lifts.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: palo alto police tell us san francisco police and other law enforcement agency have been in contact with them. apple didn't respond to our inquires. 7 news. amazon testing the supermarket of the future with new brick and mortar show in seattle. they test a grocery store that work without check out buy. the video is the great. they charge them through the a.snoom one possible cause of the fire. >> woman who used to live in the warehouse that burned. what she saw that could have the warehouse that burned. what she saw that could have caused the fire
9:44 pm
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i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib
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from leaving me at a we hear the cause of the fire at the ghost ship warehouse may be electrical >> some residents allege they were getting electricity that was stolen from pg&e. michael is looking into the danger of the illegal hook up and has this warning. >>reporter: shelly mack lived in the ghost ship warehouse for 5 months starting in october 2 2014. she called it a hell hole. death trap. mack remembers electricity con at that particular timely going out. >> you turned on a heater and the electricity everybody electricity went off. so it was continually overloaded. >>reporter: had he says everyone lived at ghost ship knew where the electricity was coming from. >> they all knew it was illegal hook up. illegal hook up. has been illegal don't get bill for it. >>reporter: if that's true experts say this was an accident waiting to happen. electric consolidate union representative told us unlicensed electrician would not have the knowledge needed
9:48 pm
to control the flow of electricity. san francisco fire department spokesperson told 7 on your side it's easy to overload an electrcal system under such circumstances. splicing in an electrical system compromises safety. resident who lost 8 friend in the fire is upset this could have been prevented. >> something stupid careless for this to happen is just beyond me map because i mean this could have happened long time ago but it didn't. >> map only gave his name as oz there were other parts. >> 20 yourself 20 plus years. and yes we partied in the unsafe warehouse we got away with so much crap. >>reporter: san francisco fire department told us it doesn't get a lot of incidents involving illegal electrical hook up but also says it wouldn't likely know unless
9:49 pm
some one reported it. covering tragic oakland fire continues on our web site we tip the send alert throughout the app when enthusiastic information is released. >> time for one last check of the weather withdrew. >> we track the chance of rain moving in late wednesday but before then cooler air descend across the region. tonight though we see couple t-falling to the 40's in most spot around the bay area. oakland. free month. san jose. san francisco. san jose. patchy frog first thing tomorrow very similar sky like today. cloud cover. sun here and there. temperatures chilly. mid 50's. into wed we track return of some rain first in the north bay. light system on the storm impact scale and you can see throughout the evening rain does become rather intense in spots. the thursday morning as well
9:50 pm
and then the storm intensifies even more. upgrade to two. moderate system thursday evening dark green you see on the screen. that is more heavy rain we have to anticipate. something we track the next couple days with you future tracker rainfall total does look like the bay area and two inches of rain. north bay. santa cruz soaked 2 to three inches perhaps more than that but the mountains with rain shadow dumping the moisture on the mountains. rain total a little bit less than a quarter and 3 quarters inch of rain. the forecast. we are tracking the wet weather after cold start on wednesday morning. heaviest on thursday then another system arrives sunday into monday. >> you are busy. >> we'll be busy. yes. >> thanks. about to celebrate her second birthday. >> small spotted pig that help calm traveler in sfo.
9:51 pm
she was the first non-dog member of the wagon brigade part of the animal assistant therapy program. this video provided by the airport. she only shows up occasionally if you find yourself on a day she's around consider yourself fortunate. >> pretty cute. has a tail. >> she works. apparently knows tricks. >> not that shoe. >> i think i might be able to help. never know who lighten up on the warrior on any given night. 40 points in the first half. pacers only had 50. 40 points in the first half. pacers only had 50. 80 an
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9:55 pm
up. thompson with 17 in the first quarter. clay just getting started. starts knocking down 3 in the second quarter. curry jumping and down. third straight. curry so excited he ran into the tunnel. clay had 40 at the half. indiana has 50. thes to over his head to durant. oh, my. tonight belonged to thompson but this dream in the new career high stevt steals the pass. for 3. this is 57 points. even consider is impressed. finished with 60. further to do. that 142-106 the fichbility west brook doesn't miss the rant at all. he got 6 in a row in atlanta against the hawk. longest streak in the nba since
9:56 pm
7 back in 1939. he hadn't done it in a fact he was 102-99 that final. well giant blew 32 saves last year. 9th inning here against the cubs and ended san francisco play off round. today the giants signed closure mark who tried to turn the trade in the leg season. giants had 9 in september. top priority was adding a 3 beer closer and he fits the bill. he became a full time closer back in 2013. john saves 4-year-old deal for close to 62 million dollars. 31-year-old all time all star and hope to continue with the performance. he has a 5 game winning touch down in the fourth quarter or over time in 1 season. trailing in the second half o t
9:57 pm
this year. 13 touch downs. zero interception. dc did it again yesterday finding cooper in the fourth quarter. raiders up for good and if down to the bills. ies is nice. 2-10 record. biggest gym of the season is thursday night first police against afc the round chiefs. >> competition brings the best out of everybody. been like that all year. been there with each other and pushing each other so it's fun man. it's all competition. that's what make this is game so fun when item like that. best division in football so when we all get to go and play together you see no matter who is playing who it's always goo good. >> sunda in the snow niners had 6 yard. kaepernick one
9:58 pm
he said no decision on next sunday starter until later. but did explain why the vince after the third quarter. >> we needed a spark on offense and get something going. both teams played the same so i don't look as that as a excuse in terms of this. >>reporter: well monday night football a snoozer if a jets fan but after the colts and andrew love last game. came back with vengeance. here's his statistics. 3 of the passs to allen. tough to be a jets pan take on the 49ers. 41-10. tied for first in the afc south. this is 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. i had 60 points once. took 5 games. but i had 60 points. >> nice.
9:59 pm
>> okay. good to know. >> thanks. >> in the 10 again. coming up tonight at 11. we just receive official confirmation of 10 more jim's of victims from the oakland fire we bring it to you. >> hundreds pay tribute to the victims of the warehouse fire in oakland we are live with moving moments tonight vigil at lake merritt. >> i remember going up that staircase speckcly too not feeling safe at all. >> tonight only the i-team dan talks to woman who knows only the building that burned but also the landlord will you live there. 7 news at 11 oe over on channel 7. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> see you again at 11:00 over for watching. >> see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. the lifelong con game of the man calling himself clark rockefeller spins out of control with charges of kidnapping and murder. [gunshot]


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