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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 7, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, live doppler 7 is tracking the storm bringing rain and cold and snow. >> here is a live look outside from our roof camera, expect slick roads for your morning commute. >> the storm is moving through. check it out, we were in emoryvillas showers came down. you will need the umbrella and rain coat if you go out tonight. >> wet roads on highway 101, this is the first of several systems that will bring rain to the bay area over the next week. >> it's going to be a rough road tomorrow morning for the commute.
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live doppler 7 showing you the rain easing up in intensity, but it will pick up tomorrow morning. let's show you where it is raining right now in the east bay. oakland, alameda, mccarthur boulevard, east third avenue, san matteo, san carlos, you are getting wet roads and the santa cruz mountains getting rain. as you go in to san francisco, scattered showers in the north bay. light around santa rosa. the next system coming on the storm impact scale is a two. moderate in strength. minor urban flooding is possible as we are looking at moderate rain tomorrow morning and windy near the coast. detailed look at the timeline hour by hour coming up. >> in the sierra, the plows are out and the snow is coming down. this camera on i-80 shows a big
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rig. and a reminder, you can track the storms on live doppler 7 with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts to get breaking updates as they happen. >> tonight, crews have finished the search for victims at the ghost ship warehouse where 36 people lost their lives. but it may be sometime before you understand what happened that night. >> the atf said it could take weeks for it to release the final report on the cause of the deadliest fire in oakland's history. at a news conference late this around, the department of planning and building said that none of the inspectors had entered the warehouse in 30 years. >> we are live in oakland with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a surprising announcement about the city inspections here at the ghost ship warehouse, a building that is still off limits tonight for fire inspectors finding a cause
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of the fire is the new mission. >> our records did not show an inspector had been inside the building in 30 years. >> reporter: that stunning announcement from the director of planning and building saying that the interior of the ghost ship warehouse had not been checked in three decades, but they did check the property outside just last month for complaints of garbage piling up. the mayor is not playing the blame game. >> we will not scapegoat city employees in the wake of this disaster. >> reporter: the mayor announcing the creation of a task force. with national fire protection officials, to help oakland develop new regulations for the safety of its buildings. >> smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, stronger emergency exit requirements. >> reporter: many thing -- many things that the ghost ship fire did not have. they are still looking for the cause of the inferno, and a
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fridge is a possible problem. >> it has not been determined to be the cause of the fire. >> reporter: every detail of what happened here will be looked at. >> families want answers, they need answers. they want to know where their loved one was when they perished. >> reporter: meanwhile, a memorial continues to grow. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> two more victims were identified today. jason mccarty was from oakland, the 35-year-old was a san francisco art institute graduate and a sound engineer. wolfgang renner recorded keyboard music. he was said to be charming, talented and a little crazy, endeeringly. we have another story. >> hail mary full of grace, the lord is with thee.
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>> reporter: prayers broke through the cold and rainy night. 22-year-old alex vega and his girlfriend of five years were among the 36 people killed in the oakland fire. >> sure they were going to get married and do the whole spiel, you know, and i could not wait for little baby alexs to rung around. >> reporter: his brother expressed the heart ache overwhelming both families. >> he was an amazing friend, she had such a beautiful heart and soul and she cared about everyone and everyone adored her and she was the most amazing person i had the pleasure to know. >> as the crowd here grew people spilled on the small street in san bruno and at some point they parked cars at either end of the house to block the street. those that knew the couple were not surprised by the turn out. >> he was the type of guy that brightened your day, even if he was feeling bad.
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>> she was such an old soul and touched so many people's lives with a smile. she'd not ever not be smiling. >> her smiling beaming in the picture, she and alex together in life and in death. >> skyline community church in the oakland hills held a prayer vigil, the congregation has no direct link to those that died in the fire but said that the members share a deep concern for affordable housing and the lgbt issues. a benefit show to raise money for the fire victims and families drew quite a turnout tonight, people paid $10 to attend the club on martin luther king boulevard. the event was originally scheduled at an event in emoryville but was moved to accommodate the large crowd. >> we could not make it to the vigil monday night, and we wanted to be around people and
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listen to music and be with each other. >> all the proceeds will go to the oakland fire you caring campaign, that campaign has raised more than $509,000. you can share this badge on facebook, you will find it on our page. >> let's move on for the time being. a major break in the case of a pregnant more that was murdered seven months ago on a busy highway in pittsburgh. two people have been taken in to custody with the death of san francisco resident shanique marie. the mother of four died and the man in the car was injured. police say the shooters had followed the couple first and the incident was part of a gang related dispute in san francisco. tonight, swat officers found two of the suspects in antioch. they were arrested with gang
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enhancements but they are still looking for those two men. >> now, to a warning for san jose state students. police say a man in his 20s sexually battered a woman in a stairwell at duncan hall this afternoon. police are looking for this man as well, who is accused in a similar attack in the student union on monday afternoon, police say the two incidents do not appear to be connect. well, take a look at this scene at sfo this morning. cell phone video shows a man running on the tarmack, being chased by police. witnesses say he was passed out at the southwest ticket counter. he got up, ran away and jumped over a fence. he got tired and officers caught up with him. >> he got tackled and handcuffed and put in to black suv. >> a man went to the hospital for a mental evaluation.
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they are working to get a better radar detection system, avoiding similar situations in the future. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, what would you do if you walked out of your house and found a homeless encampment that is facing many residents and the change that was made when we started to ask questions. plus, a u.s. admiral takes on niners quarterback kaepernick at pearl harbor and gets cheers and a standing ovation. >> and we are tracking the storms hitting the bay
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abc 7 news is again joining
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forces with more than 70 other local news agencies for the san francisco homeless project. it's a plea for the city leaders to do something about homelessness in the area's most populated city. what do you do if you walk out of your house and find a homeless encampment, that is what many are grappling with. we took a closer look. >> for most of us, home life says a lot about the other life we lead outside. we feel safe, secure, but if you live in san francisco's mission district in south of market neighborhoods, you never take safe nor granted. that would be impossible for people with homelessness on their door steps. >> it's part of life around here right now. >> for greg and neighbors, a stroll through the neighborhood is a he minder of the difference between those who have and those who do not. >> i know they have no other alternatives. i don't like the smell. >> what is the smell like? >> well, it's urine. >> a lack of affordable housing leaves the most vulnerable
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around us with few options. a bit of fabric separates them. >> they are desperate and nowhere to go. >> if you hear anger, passion, and resignation in those voices, you are right, we want to help. >> we want help and solutions for people. at the same time, we don't want people camping right outside of our house. >> like many of his neighbors, greg has voiced his concerns about the encampments by using 3-1-1 the city's clearing house for complaints and the camps remain. an analysis of the city's own data showed 3,000 calls about the encampments in this last month. case in point, this encampment in garfield square. four months some spent complaining and 50 complaints in all. this case is described as closed
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or resolved and yet, here is this camp now. this is not an isolated incident. we followed up on other recent complaints. and the city described them as closed or resolved a direct contrast to what we found. the department of public works handles most 3-1-1 complaints. >> we don't clear the camps unless we were directed to. >> the first priority is to clear human waste and debris. they claim to respond to 95% of complaints in 48 hours. so why have frustrated residents like greg given up on 3-1-1? >> we understand people's frustration. >> after we started asking the city enlisted the power of words. dpw will now mark completed project as cleaned not completed or closed. >> we cannot compel people to move. >> he is with the san francisco department of homelessness and support of housing which is
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making progress in getting them off the streets. >> we try to figure out their needs and what type of options will work for them and stick. >> it's neither easy or quick. for those living next to it, is not the same as having the problem put away. >> there's an idea that you can put a tent up anywhere, at lst anywhere in this neighborhood, and there's no consequences. >> abc 7 news. on this, the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor, the commander got a standing ovation for calling out of the kneeling anthem movement by calling out kaepernick. >> the men and women that we honor day and those that served those years ago, never took a knee and never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem being played. >> thousands were there for today's event.
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across from where the uss arizona sink. more than 2400 americans lost their lives that fateful day. some of those service members that survived the attack spent today on the uss hornet in alameda, some veterans and those on the island that day sat on stage and talked about their experiences. world war ii ship is now a museum. >> now a weather alert. >> hi there, life doppler 7 tracking rain and this is just the beginning of some back-to-back storms that will take you in to the weekend. here is a look at life doppler 7, we are seeing quite a bit of green on the screen, the intensity of the rain earlier. we did see brief downpours and it has eased up. south bay, cooper tino, sunnyvale taking you street level, you are seeing the wet road ways. on the peninsula, it is definitely wet. san francisco, seeing light showers around the sunset. bayview district and as we go in
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the north bay. santa rosa, starting to rain again after easing up a bit and also around the east bay, we are seeing moderate pockets of rain, between heyward, castro valley and heading in to the inland east bay, wet road ways around stone ridge and livermore and 580. santa rosa .47 of an inch. we have picked up rain and it has measured. a look at the morning commute, it will be bad if you are driving, wet and breezy. allow extra time, if you are taking the ferry a choppy ride. chain control is continuing in the sierra nevada. in tahoe, it has switched to rain as the snow levels are rising as this moist, mild storm is moving in. until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we have a winter weather advisory for the sierra, light snow down to 2500 feet.
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and expecting 3-6 inches above 5,000 feet. make sure you have chains. travel issues are possible as we look at slippery conditions. that is what you are looking at, your morning commute, it's a preview, and slower moving. mid to upper 40s for most of you. low 50s. mountain view, san jose, half moon bay. expect delays, the ceiling are low, it will be a wet one. mostly 40s, fairfield, 39 degrees and a life picture as our rain drops are on the roof, rainy and gusty, scattered showers thursday afternoon through friday evening and another storm now moving in on saturday. on the storm impact scale, tomorrow's system a two. moderate in strength. moderate rain in the morning, minor urban flooding and with the windy conditions near the coast, it will be tough driving. near 30 miles an hour overnight, and tomorrow morning's commute, we will be gusting near 30 and 25 at 7:00 a.m. we have the
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widespread rain. brief downpours around 5:00 a.m., you will need the rain coats and boots. 10:00 a.m., we will see the showers easing up a bit and scattered in nature for the afternoon and evening commute before another rain comes through. rain totals, ranging .2 in san jose to an inch in san francisco over that in benlomand and morning lows, upper 30s and 40s, breezy and wet. afternoon highs, milder, mid 50s to the low 60s. you can track it with downloading the abc 7 news app. storm impact 2 on the scale tomorrow. 1 for friday, saturday and tuesday. there will be a short break, it looks like sunday and
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toast t-- tonight the warri stepping up and pledging $75,000 of their own money to the oakland warehouse fire. >> we are devastated by the fire that claimed so many lives and effected so many others, on behalf of the golden state warriors organization, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and loved ones. >> they want to contribute through a special page on warriors website, you can find a link to it on
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abc 7 sports. brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening, it's supposed to be a big showdown. warriors and clippers meeting for the first time this season, if it was boxing, they would have stopped it. you go call a, stripping it away from mo speights. the ex-w, steph had 19 points and ties a career high with seven steals. a lot of smiles and laughing in this one. ingredient call a showing house. looking young again. dubs by 20. if not for jamaal crawford, the warriors would have won by 30. the 30 foot high bank not. clips got in seconds. winning seconds in the half. look out, draymond green with authority. third quarter, warriors toying with the clippers. five passes leading to a durant three. kd only 16 points, but he did not have to score. everyone else was. ball movement left the clips pa paralyzed. iguodala, another dunk. warriors open a five-game road
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trip with a resounding, 115-98 victory. the cal bears playing seton hall. rodriguez with the pirates with left hand thunder. no editing involved, back the other way. the hammer from bird, come get it, servicemen loving it. cal down three, one chance to tie, bird. just missed the bank shot at the buzzer. seton hall hangs on 60-27. after three great years, christian mccaffery has nothing left to prove making his decision known to enter the nfl draft. wild caf figures to be a late round draft pick. >> i had success in my career and after talking with my coach, my dad, a lot of other mentor this is in my life. i thought, i'm ready to go. after going over the pros and
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cons, it just really does make sense. sharks and senators, we know who is naughty and who is nice. that is for sure. sharksdown 2-1, four on four, burns with the wrister, ties it at two a piece on his 11th goal of the season. braun turns it over, costly. kelly beats martin jones. sens win 4-2. abc 7 sports brought to


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