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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 8, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, more rain is on the way as we take a live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera, get ready for a soggy weekend all across the bay area. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. showers falling across the bay area tonight. >> steady rain all morning and well into the afternoon, that made the commute messy for drivers but did create a picture perfect opportunity for photographers. there was a rainbow in campbell. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the next round of rain with live doppler 7. >> we'll be seeing more rainbows like that and as you look at live doppler 7, it was a lot quieter than it was earlier today. we take you into where we're still seeing drippy conditions. isolated showers. right around the western
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addition, chinatown, light returns in the east bay, chestnut street, broadway. and as we head into the south bay, around mt. hamilton, a few showers showing up. so rainfall totals like this. san jose .06. over an inch in san francisco. san rafael, an inch and a third. picked up about a half an inch in livermore, oakland .7. these are running rain totals. here's a preview of your morning commute. it is going it be a murky ride. so your morning commute planner, bad if you're driving. fog and showers. murky for the ferry ride and slippery if you're walking. this storm, this system i should call it, through friday evening is a light one, scattered light showers. less than a quarter inch with areas of low visibility. we'll take a look at your hour-by-hour timeline not just for tomorrow but your weekend storm as well coming right up. >> all right, thank ju, sandhya. remind track the storms on live dopple 7 any time with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push aletses to get breaking news updates as they happen. breaking news from the north bay late tonight, santa rosa
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police announced the arrest of a transient for the kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl inside a trader joe's grocery story. katie utehs is live. >> reporter: a witness told police the woman said something along the lines is, she is mine, and grabbed the young girl and took off to the parking lot. santa rosa police arrested 41-year-old tina szczepanek on a kidnapping charge. around 10:45 this morning she entered the trader joe's on santa rosa avenue. a 4-year-old shopping with her mother went to return a kid's shopping cart while her mother checked out. that's when police say szczepanek grabbed the child saying "she is mine" and walked out of the store. the mother chased aftr her. >> so i'm glad somebody was there to stop her. i just couldn't imagine how that feel if that happened. >> especially because of the neighborhood. i feel like, i mean, like, there's so many people around and it's so busy, like, i mean,
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dominic, i mean, for instance, every single weekend we go in there and shop and, like, i'm okay with him going, you know, at least a little bit in front of me, not really thinking anything's going to happen. and, i mean, even though the carts are by the door, you don't really think anything like that is going to happen. >> reporter: police say she made it about 30 feet and put the girl down when the mother yelled at her. officers arrested her in the parking lot. police say the woman is a transient from lake county. live in santa rosa, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> thank you, katie. new pat 11:00, police at san jose state university arrested one of the suspects in a sexual battery case. officers caught this man after they say he followed a woman into the student union on monday afternoon. they say he's an sjsu student and that he may have committed other sexual attacks. police are looking for suspects in four other sexual attacks on campus dating back to october. all the victims are students.
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also new at 11:00 frrks t, h bay, a teacher at santa teresa high school arrested accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. 32-year-old trudy hill teaches english. students, parents and school officials are reacting. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo live at san jose headquarters with the details. >> reporter: trudy hill surrendered to detectives today, posted bail and was released. charged with two felonies. police say sex crimed s es she committed against a student. >> surprised me. >> reporter: news that english teacher trudy hill had been arrested quickly made its way around santa teresa high school and the community. >> terrible, terrible, terrible. that is, can't even send our kids to high school and have to worry about the teachers. >> reporter: police say hill engaged in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student between august and november. they say she used her position of authority to exploit him. >> i was very blind sided by this allegation and very
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disappointed that it happened in one of our schools. >> reporter: the superintendent of the east side union high school district says hill has been with the district for nine years and at santa teresa high school for about three. >> it's an unfortunate situation but it's a situation that we will continue to learn from, grow from and continue to provide the best possible safest environment for all of our students. >> reporter: connie's niece is a student at the high school. >> guess the thing that bothers me most, it doesn't seem like there seems to be consequences especially for female teachers, it's kind of like a double d standard compared to a male teacher. >> reporter: hill has been placed on leave pending a criminal investigation. san jose police say no other alleged victims have been identified at this time. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. let's turn now to the tragedy in oakland. today the city officially declared a state of emergency. six days after the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> that makes oakland eligible for state and federal relief funds. atf investigators have requested a forensic mapping team as they
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try to pinpoint the cause of the flames. >> and new tonight we're getting a look inside ghost ship after the fire. this is a photo abc 7 obtained from photographer david buto, he tells us he took the picture from inside the warehouse on saturday after the fire. you can see the damage left behind. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard picks up our coverage live at 31st and international. cornell? >> reporter: ama, dan, we have a new perspective of the ghost ship fire scene tonight after barricades have come down. this is the front of the building. the atf says rain will not deter investigators from finding a cause. meantime, one man came to the fire scene tonight to honor the victims. >> i'm just here to show my respect. >> reporter: he traveled far to pay respects to 36 victims of the ghost ship fire. he was shot six times during the orlando nightclub shooting massacre. he knows the tragedies are different, but the support he received was a god send. >> i was very overwhelmed but in a good way with love and now
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it's my turn to do the same. >> reporter: on friday, special forensic mapping teams from the atf will create 3-d imaging from inside the ghost ship warehouse to find a cause. >> no evidence that they have found that it was intentionally set to indicate arson, so then they do a systemic approach of what else could have caused the fire. >> there i was a little bit of fire and we put it out. >> reporter: this man who did not want his face on camera did odd jobs at the ghost ship warehouse. he told us there was an upstairs kitchen fire just last thursday. he warned the founder things were too dangerous inside. >> i tell him, you know, you need to, you know, secure this place good, not think people going to get hurt. >> reporter: as for fire inspections, abc 7 news learned regular inspections as required by law were not done at the ghost ship for at least a decade. >> i don't have an answer to that. that's what we have to look to find out what happened, what was missed. >> reporter: finding a cause to the tragic fire could take weeks. in oakland, cornell barnard.
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today we learned officially jennifer mendiola died. the 35-year-old lived in oakland and was known as alana cane. she was a student at uc merced. her family says they were told she died without suffering from smoke inhalation. her boyfriend, micah also died in the fire and also identified today, joey matlock known to his friends as joey casio, described as a philosopher of electronic music. friends say he was the gentlest of all people. he was 36 years old. a woman who lost her boyfriend in the fire is using the power of love to getis incr. on sunday, saya tomioka posted on facebook looking for a picture of her boyfriend, griffin maden, a treasured memory from a trip to times square and late last night, the photographer responded to her heartfelt plea. he posted the picture to her facebook page writing, "miracles
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happen." our sister station in new york caught up with him tonight. >> i remember their faces because they looked so adorable. photograph rry in general is a time machine. it's a very sad moment. i hope she'll keep this photograph as a memory. >> a facebook post, tomioka says this photo helped bring a glimpse of your life back into my life. griffin maden was 22 years old. remember, show your support, so many people have to the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on facebook. you'll find it on our page coming up here, still on abc 7 news at 1 1:1:00 from space t the senate and back to space. tonight the bay area is paying tribute to the incredible life and legacy of astronaut john glenn. also ahead -- >> it has been a long journey to get here. really been a dream come true. >> 17 hours in the operating room, the serious surgery at
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stanford to separate conjoined twins. and live doppler 7 is tracking showers across the bay area. meteorologist
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new at 11:00, flames shot out of a home in san jose tonight. this fire started about 6:00 on turnbury place in the vista park neighborhood. two brothers and their elderly parents got out safely thank goodness. one of them was treated for smoke inhalation. sky 7 was over a five-car crash that caused major delays in the south bay tonight. all lanes of northbound 87 at san jose were shut down at almaden expressway about 6:30 tonight. four were injured. the highway re-opened around 7:00 tonight. there's this, spilled chicken parts fouled up the commute on the peninsula.
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sky 7 was over highway 101 in san mateo where a big rig filled with poultry guts spilled its load. not appetizing, i know. the chp says the truck driver slammed on the brakes to avoid stopped traffic which then caused the spill. the chp tweeted this video showing caltrans bulldozers scraping up all the ground up meat. the northbound lanes for closed for about 45 minutes. some san francisco water customers have noticed a funny taste in their tap water this week. today the city's public utilities commission announced a harmless natural chemical didn't get flushed out at the treatment plant. the water is safe to drink. the problem came from the hetch hetchy reservoir in yosemite national park. they temporarily switched over to a reservoir on the peninsula. ed lee vetoed a proposal to impose stricter rules on short-term home rentals like airbnb, would have proposed a new 60 night a year limit on all short-term limits. current limit is 90 days.
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mayor believes it would drive more to host rentals illegally. the americans are remembering the life of a hero of the space age and great american, john glenn. the first american to orbit the earth. he went on to become a national political figure representing ohio in the senate. he wasn't done with the cosmos. returned to space at 77 aboard the space shuttle, the effects of it on aging. i was at cape canaveral covering that launch. it was remarkable. president obama awarded glenn the medal of freedom four years ago. tonight a science professor in the bay area is reflecting on the astronaut's legacy. >> that kind of bravery is just really wanting to do something that no one else had done before. and that only a few people have the skills to do. >> in his later years, glenn joked that science has yet to come up with a cure for the common birthday. he had 95 of them, by the way. well, at stanford, a team of 50 people successfully separated 2-year-old twin girls from the
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sacramento area. >> truly incredible. it took doctors 17 hours to operate on erika and eva sandoval. they were joined at the sternum, diaphragm and liver and shared most of their pelvic organs. >> the surgical team had to carefully map out the big operation. the girls' parents hopes the surgery will one day give them a normal life. >> i want to go chasing after one that way and then go chasing after the other. that was something that i do look forward to doing. >> the twins were born with an anatomically abnormal third leg. doctors removed the bones from that leg and used the skin and muscle during the operation. >> incredible. >> really is fascinating. >> certainly. >> wish them well. >> we certainly do. all right. well, we have a lot to talk about wlo wise these days. >> yeah, we've had some rain, we're going to have a good bit more. meteorologist sandhya patel here with that. >> it's going to impact part of your weekend. not a complete washout. sunday's going to be dry. yeah. let me show you live doppler 7.
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we'll take you in where we're seeing some moist weather. it's really light in terms of our returns. spotty showers right around the western part of san francisco. heading into pacific avenue. you'll notice there post street, union square area. and into parts of the east bay around grand avenue, light returns right now. as we widen the picture here, i do want to show you, it's this moist westerly flow that is continuing our shower activity and it's real spotty tonight. a little drizzly. just enough to where you need those wipers. look at our d points. this is how moist the air is between 50 and 59 degrees. it feels muggy in many parts of the bay area, are in that muggy feel. just think, we were freezing a couple days ago. now we're dealing with mugginess. we also have a lot of fog out there. visibility is low. concord, just over a mile, same thing with petaluma. watch out for your morning commute because it is not only going to be fog by but deal with slick streets. temperatures right now mid to upper 50s san francisco to san jose.
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sfo camera showing you some low clouds tomorrow morning, expect delays again at sfo because of the weather. low to mid 50s santa rosa, napa currently. 56 livermore. 46 fairfield. one other live picture from our south beach camera, we are looking toward the ballpark there. spotty showers and fog for your morning drive. we're looking at our next storm arriving early saturday. and more wet weather is in the forecast next week. which is a welcome sight. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the mid 50s. there will be a few showers around. just enough to slow your morning commute. for the afternoon, hang on to the umbrellas. it's not going do be umbrella weather everywhere. we will have scattered showers. mid 50s to the low 6 0s. storm impact scale comes in for saturday. it's a light system. a 1. the morning we are expecting brief downpours with gusts 25 to 35 miles an hour. and there will be some afternoon showers, but it is not going to be a wet day all day saturday. so your hour-by-hour forecast, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow you'll notice showers around. 5:00 a.m., damp roadways.
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8:00 a.m. around the time you're taking the kids to school, don't send them without their umbrellas. they'll need those especially when they get out of school. for the evening rush, the evening getaway, showers will continue. steady, heavier rain arrives with that next storm friday night at 11:00 p.m. yellows indicating some moderate range. oranges heavier rain. 3:00 a.m., notice how widespread. 5:00 a.m. saturday, 7:00 a.m., still going, but the intensity does come down and by 10:00 a.m., the north bay is starting to get a break. as we head into the afternoon hours, this might be your thu opportunity to get out and get things done for your saturday afternoon/evening, perhaps you need to get to some shopping done or put your tree up or go get a tree. rainfall totals through saturday between now and saturday, topping almost an inch and a half in ben lomand. san francisco a third of an inch. oakland a quarter. could be seeing up to an inch of rain around napa and fairfield. travel to tahoe, snow above pass levels above 8,000 feet tomorrow and windy. rain and snow and gusty saturday. snow level still above pass
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levels. sunday we're looking at a chance of showers. speaking of 49ers host the jets. kickoff 59, dry, partly cloudy sunday. cooling down by the fourth quarter. accuweather seven-day forecast, 12 on t 1 on the storm impact scale. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 1s on the storm impact scale. download the news app, ama
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some underprivileged kids in san jose shopped for christmas presents today. abc 7 news was in san jose with law enforcement officers from 22 different agencies including the fbi. shop with a cop works with local law enforcement all through the year to give back to the community. 70 students from santee elementary and 38 others who suffered a hardship were giving
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a $150 gift card to check some items off their christmas list. >> that is great. that's win/win all around. the cops love it, so do the kids. all right. on to sports. didn't quite go the way we wanted tonight. >> not so much for the raiders. ⌞> no, no. bad night to have a bad night. as the raiders lose their grip on first place. they had chance after chance in k.c.c.c.
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good evening, not sure if it was the freezing cold, pinky, chiefs defense, all the above but derek carr was not himself in kansas city and the raiders have company atop the afc west. 22 degrees at kickoff. felt like 14. traffic and weather together on the 7s. i'm doing weather, sandhya.
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alex smith supposedly can't throw the deep ball. hits tyreek hill on the post, 36-yard touchdown. 7-3 k.c. hill is probably the fastest guy in the league. aloha. 21-3 chiefs. latavius murray, 22 carries, 103 yards. reaching for the goal line. raiders down 21-10. he's pumped. second half, t.j. kerry intercepts alex smith. deep in k.c. territory. field goal. next drive, khalil mack gets around the edge, forces his third fumble in the last three games. raiders recover. can't move again. try for a field goal. no, marquette king bobbled a snap, stuffed. stays 21-13. carr 17 of 41 for 117 yards escapes the sack. amari cooper's wide open. what happened there? just didn't go for the ball. lost it in the lights. we're not sure. but the chiefs hang on 21-13 tieing the raiders for first at
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10-3. k.c. holds the tiebreaker. >> i feel very responsible for that because i, you know, i was the leader of the offense and, you know, the team. i feel -- i feel sick to my stomach. you know, when we put something like that out there on film and, you know, it hurts. i can promise you that. i put too much time into this to go and do something like that. >> costly loss. stop two on the warriors' road trip. utah less than 24 hours after beating the clippers in l.a., the dubbs made quick work of the jazz. warriors caught a jazz team missing four starters and took a stranglehold on this game. in the first quarter, klay thompson with the spin-a-rama. steph curry, 14 of his 26 in the first quarter. foults it up and in. completing a 29-1 warriors run. yes, 29-1 they outscored them. scary moment late in the third. steph lands right on the left ankle of draymond green. draymond limped off but littate
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did return. joe ingles bringing utah back within five. 21 for ingles. who do you go to? give me a kevin durant with authority. 11 points for k.d. draymond, eight assists. finding the slim reaper inside. 106-99 the final. dubbs 20-3 now. at memphis on saturday. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. k.c. probably will lock up the division. division. that means you're did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet


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