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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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whitening toothpastes i think dentists don't like to recommend to their patients with sensitivity because they may be more abrasive. sensodyne true white is low abrasive. it will treat sensitivity first and foremost, but also whiten the patient's teeth. ♪ the next storm is just offshore. you can see it here on doppler and there is concern in the sierra where heavy rape is threatening to push some streams and rivers over their bank. good evening thanks for joining us tonight. >> first showers are due within just a few hours from now. >> heats check in withdrew and
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live doppler 7hd. >> this is a strong storm than the series of showers we saw earlier today. we see the temporary lull in the activist over. next storm is approaching the region already started to see some light sprinkles south of the golden gate. a little closer on live doppler 7hd south san francisco around san mateo o. milpitas. just some light showers at this hour. steadyiest of the rain and this area north of santa rosa. wider view show you the cold front just beginning to move on shore and we'll bring a lot of rain to parts of california. look at rainfall estimate especially near the sierra. areas of 3 to 6 inches plus means there could be some flooding issues to our east. here locally we see downpour early in the morning. light showers just around the midnight hour then we first in the north by and sink south bringing morning did you know pour along the cold front. rest of the saturday and show you what the next 48 hours have in store in the forecast. thanks drew very much.
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one week ago 36 people lost their lives when flames broke out inside the warehouse in oakland. >> tonight investigators are bringing in a state of the art technology to pin pinto exactly what spark the fire. leslie has details from today's atf briefing. >> electrical engineers have conclusively ruled out the refrigerator as source of ignition. the frig was in the area of origin but it's not the cause of the fire. atf mapping team setting up camera in the warehouse to produce not a 3d image but detailed diagram of items in ghost ship. process that is expected to take 2 to three days. >> you can peer in the garage door size opening of the blac blacken ghost ship warehouse and see the skeleton of a flight of stairs filled with tangle of charred debris. at the ways base there is a massive elaborate wood carving almost like a mast head. there are damage propane tank
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and fire extinguisher and cart filled with burned belongings. this father traveled here from utah to take pictures of where his 34-year-old son edmond die died. >> what is tougher is i'll never see him again and just come see where he died and where he came to what i believe thought that he was going to have a good time. >>reporter: the really hard to see people like this. >>reporter: other distraught family members overcome with emotion when they saw the warehouse like the family of 35-year-old filmmaker alex who leaves behind twin daughters, chaplain on hand to comfort them. meanwhile investigators with with theal immediate county da office canvas neighbors to collect video from their surveillance camera. people bring flowers and photo as they try to condemn plate thee norm ty of the loss. at ghost ship in oakland, i'm lesie abc 7 news. >> now one of the tools atf
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agents used to after the fire was put out -- once it was put out is a thermal imaging camera to determine the origin of the fire and therefore the cause. vic lee has the story. >> ghost ship fire moved quickly. fursly. flames so intensity wasn't long before the roof and second floor collapsed. he's a world renowned expert in the analysis and investigation of fires and explosions. >> there's a collapse of the roof. a lieutenant of the 3 dimensional because more or less 2 dimensional. >>reporter: aftermath the fire investigation becomes even more challenging. >> charring. melting of objects. electrical activity or look there of. >>reporter: among the evidence. most important clue. >> they are looking for indicator to tell them how intense the fire was. which direction it was moving. that helps them try to fine the origin. >>reporter: that's when atf
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and other investigators use tools like this one. thermal imaging camera. >> picks up signals of heat and you can use that to map out an area and see which areas are still warm as opposed to areas stlas gone cold tickets mission is to look for the origin of the fire. then look for the cause. here's what regular images look like. the this is red because it's filled with hot coffee. face and hands are red because of the warm blood nrochlt in a fire the camera picks up heat and places you can't see. >> for instance if there's fir started inside a wall and the wall are warm you may know that you need to remove the sheet rock to look into the area with camera like that. >>reporter: so anything that is warm or hot is emitting energy in the infrared spectru spectrum. can't see witness a naked eye but you can with a thermal imaging camera. vic lee, abc 7
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news. >> three friends of the fire youngest victim visited the growing memorial. 17-year-old dre's death shock his high school classmates at school of the arts in san francisco. one friend first met him about 5 years ago. >> had he such a humble and generous attributes within him and i just i just i still can't believe that some one as good as him just passed on. >>reporter: friends also describe him as being talented singer who belonged to boys choir. miguel lived in dublin. took bart every day to attend classes in san francisco. and after that tragedy last friday message tonight from oakland resident on how to throw a safe party even if it's in an unconventional place. >> eric has more. >>reporter: video runs 4 and a half minutes and it covers the basics.
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>> michael produced and directed the video after hearing about the ghost ship fire. it's aimed at event planners. >> we want them to have a tool kit to throw party as safely as possible. >>reporter: it was described as fire wait to go happen. so the producers wanted to take us someplace doing it right. >> at that point the only thing you can see any more are exit signs at the floor level. >>reporter: dan owner of the residential and community gathering space radiance showed us the lighted exit sign at floor and ceiling level and smoke alarm and fire extinguisher and sprinkler system and unblocked exit. cost quarter million dollars all toychlingt a lieutenant of the things done are not high dollar but they are part of the planning process. >>reporter: alarm aren't expensive and cleanig debris from a doorway doesn't cost anything. producers hope the improvement will help save lives and reaction to the ghost ship fire doesn't trigger a wave of convictions. >> i don't think eviction is
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are the answer. i don't think so seeing artist go out on the street is way want to see come out of this. >>reporter: he would prefer negotiations between landlord, city officials and tenants aimed at creating safer housing. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. a lot of people want to do something positive in the wake of the tragedy. weekend at the annual art sale and we were in oakland today as part of working on pieces and set up glass wear. variac and sculpture, the creation of local artist and if art isn't on the holiday gift list maybe santa knows a new bike. >> provides lots of opportunities to come and learn about what we do art communicate is all about and exploring way to support the can community in the aftermath of the tragedy. >> look at this. jewelry created by oakland middle school students who take
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classes at the cruise bell. the holiday sale runs saturday and sunday. another way to help fire victims and families. we were at the fox theatre in oakland where tickets for benefit concert next wednesday went on sale today. the rock group prime is one of the headliners. celebrity pitching in to help the victims of the oakland fire. chelsea donated 5000 dollars this week to the you care page. other donor include these listed here. between this page and another hosted by the oakland a's raiders and warriors, more than 1 million dollars has been raised. amazing how people respond. >> much more ahead on this friday night. water main break shut down major intersection in san francisco. >> also billionaire puts his money where his mouth is. millions he hopes this raise to solve one of the by area bi biggest problems. >> keep the umbrella close at hand. drew has the full forecast for
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>> repair work wrapped up late tonight on broken water main in san francisco but drivers face delay for at least a few more hours. public work crew work all day at fourth and hour. pipe dates back to the 1800.
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lee ann has the story. >> this was the scene at 3:00 o'clock this morning when emergency crew arrived. water from a broken water main quickly flooded nearby garages and loading docks. >> very little if any damage to any of the properties. there was some flooding spill annual in couple other garages in the area. >>reporter: new moscone underground station is part of the central subway project. it too got flooded. but construction there is still going on. while there was reduction if water pressure service to people would live and work here was never interrupted. the water from the 12 inch pipe was rerouted. still this restaurant decided to row main closed. huge hole in the old pipe dating back to 1895 was discovered. crews work quickly to replace the section. right above it is a much larger 30 inch distribution line. >> we do have aching infrastructure throughout the city. areas where it is more
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significant because the city has been here longer. >>reporter: pg&e crew also there to top water out of 3 underground vault. already the expansion project of the moscone center affecting traffic. today event made things a lot worse for drivers. several city blocks were affected. drivers known to stay away from the area during a big event like the dream force conference but today they were caught off guard. you. >> they had a water main break. >> from us stating. i have been off work for awhile and i'm stuck in traffic. >>reporter: city has a program to replace the aging pipe. 15 miles every year. >> that was lee ann reporting. san jose university police arrested cite and release add man in connection with a string of sexual battery on campus. 19-year-old david cohn taken into custody suspicion of committing sexual battery on female student in the student union monday. he may be responsible for multiple unreported battery.
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no other information on him was released. one of the two men escaped from santa clara county jail thanksgiving day was sentenced today. campbell seen here in the arraignment was given 16 months from the jail escape which combined with his previous crimes including armed home invasions brought his sentence to 49 years. man escaped with campbell chavez had his plea hearing continued until next month. santa clara county announced will 3.6 million dollars to settle an excessive claim filed by the family of tyree mentally ill was allegedly beat tone death last year by regard at the santa clara county jail. officers have been charged with murder. 85 percent of the settlement will good to his 7-year-old daughter. think about this for a minute. there are more than 1,000 homeless families living in san francisco right now. but famous bay area ceo wants
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to find them all homes with just in a few years. >> cornell shows us how team effort under way to help. >> so i was in it from. >> life tough for martinez and 5-year-old son trying to find permanent housing in pricey san francisco. >> there were times where it was just really was hard but i had to keep smile on my face keep it going. >>reporter: help is on the wa way. >> now is your time to come forward and to get every child in san francisco into a home. >>reporter: sales force ceo and philanthropist challenging others to match his 10 million dollar donation. to make family homelessness a thing of the past. >> you can see that there are zip code in san francisco that really could be destinations for kid of sbing says and zip code destination of failure. want to make sure every child in san tran has the same equal opportunity. >>reporter: he was surprised to learn about 1800 homeless
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children attend san francisco public schools. he's teaming up with the city with heading home campaign. 30 million dollar partnership with hamilton families. an organization already providing housing assist tachbilitys money could help additional 800 families find homes you. >> we figure out the rent they can afford in two years and today and provide them a subsidy to close the gap. >>reporter: program is working. 95 percent of family don't return to homelessness t.senior just got permanent housing through the program. >> i wanted to have a sheos for my son in our own home. >> other parts is more difficult when you are dealing with adults with drug abuse, criminal history. >>reporter: the goal to eliminate family homelessness by 2019. in san francisco, cornell bernard 7 news. >> time to turn to our weather did www. drew. >> we are tracking our fix!nex round of rain and with this next round we get decent downpo in the pre-dawn hour
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moderate system moving through. tracking it all and the action is winding back up. we go in tighter head to the south bay. we see milpitas. the fremont light returns at this hour. light green you see on the screen as we head north couple light showers moving on shore in the north bay. light rain around mill valley north of novato. heaviest rain around santa rosa, guerneville and all this will slowly sink to the south along with more energy that brings heavy downpour in the overnight hour. san rafael camera dotted with drops and that's how it looks first thing tomorrow morning. early on saturday you want the rain gear. other thing to notice it's mild out there. look at these numbers. nice south wind and combination of cloud cover overhead keeping us on the rather warm side. numbers you see right now. these are the afternoon high this time of the year. 61 currently in san francisco.
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59 oakland and fairfield 54 degrees. overnight tonight won't fall too far from the current readings. hold in the 50's with the next round of rain moving through. so stormy packet scale this storm is a two. moderate storm. the system we had today was a one. late storm. this one coming saturday moderate especially in the morning with the downpour lighter showers in the afternoon. urban area anywhere from quarter to inch of rainfall in our coastal hills. we could see as much as three inches of rain out of the city. future weather hor by hour watching the downpour in the north bay verl tomorrow morning by 7:00 o'clock. the front is beginning to move through the heart of the bay area between san francisco vallejo approaching oakland antioch with the downpour and hoof in the south bay by 10:00 o'clock in the morning. that may expect heaviest of the rain to move in to san jose. afternoon. notice the activity really winds down after the initial line of downpour and it looks like we squeak out dry evening although rather cloudy. late night hours on saturday.
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do not feature any rainfall. the high on saturday. do notice they are in the 60's. very similar to today. 62 oakland. same fremont. 63 san jose. 60 san francisco. 61 santa rosa. 62 the high in antioch. dramatically different day on sunday. it's brighter and much cooler by noon partly cloudy. by 4:00 o'clock we see decent amount of sunshine but high only in the mid to upper 50's. but good news if at the niners game completely dry. lots of sunshine. kick off temperature 58 degrees by the fourth quarter bright but brisk with a cold temperature of 54 in the south bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast she you the rain in the north. two on the storm pin scale tapering in the early afternoo afternoon. nice finish to the wean. cloud increase on monday. two rainy day tuesday an wednesday perhaps break thursday and then another round of coming on friday. very good thanks. up next. we explain the deal to keep the raiders in oakland. >> but will the nfl buy into i
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it. >> but will the nfl buy into i it. stay with us more to
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smoo details now coming out about the land deal being put together to try to keep the raiders in oakland. group headed by hall of famer lot lays out funding for 1.3 billion dollar stadium on the coliseum property. highlights. 400 million dollars from the lot group. 500 million dollars from the nfl and raiders. 200 million if infrastructure improvement funded by revenue bonds. also sets aside land for a's stadium if needed. council machine reid says the deal is the best city and county have ever put together to keep the raiders in town. advisor for former oakland mayor harris agrees.
9:25 pm
>> nfl has wanted to see the city of oakland as the will and initiative to complete big project. that's what it has seen. that is what is to be celebrated. more importantly to do it without placing a burden on the taxpayer. >>reporter: the city council and alameda county board of supervisors will vote on the material sheet on tuesday and if approved it will be presented to nfl owners the fix day. raid versus no comment on any of this tonight. holiday spirit was even more festive today around san francisco union square. >> sure was. everyone heard the familiar sound of bells ringing as salvation army held the red kettle event. >> miss california was there asking for donation and our morning salvation army expects to raise 1 million dollars for the programs this hotel difficult season. >> the money you give in a christmas kettle helps us to give a meal to a child, to give housing to a family, more visits to senior or after
9:26 pm
school care. >>reporter: sue hall and former reporter don sanchez took part. salvation army looking for volunteer bell ringer's. also donate on line. next at 9:00. new cia reporting -- report tying the russian to an american hacking incident. >> that's right. also the president-elect back on the road. message he delivered at a rally tonight. >> also. the warning more every shopper tonight. holiday e-mail you could the soon get about a delivery. we tell you the one letter to look out for. >> trash collector for outer space. grab 100 million piece
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>> we begin this half hour with president-elect trump back on the road tonight thank the people who helped him, helped put him over the top in the election. >> he is putting together his new administration and named another official tonight. here's chuck. >>reporter: before campaign crowd he continues tran is tour in michigan. >> thank you to the incredible people of michigan. incredible. >>reporter: trump announcing ceo of dow chemical will head his manufacturing council. >> not a red tape country but red carpet country for american businesses. >>reporter: trump introduced his nominee to be education secretary. >> just between us let me sheriff this. it's time to make education great again in this country.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: also appearing with trump mcdaniel michigan state chair woman and romney's niece touted to be trump choice to head the republican national committee. mean while former new york city mayor rudolph guiliani has taken himself out of the running for trump secretary of state. >> i saw that he so many good candidates available there was no reason to complicate his life any more. >>reporter: exxon mobile ceo is the latest in im to be floated as possible secretary of state the the. earlier the president-elect was in louisiana hoping his victory lap will rub off on republican senate candidate with very democratic name. >> tomorrow we need you to good to the polls and send john kennedy to the u s senate. >> there is run off election for undecided senate seat. abc news new york. >> tonight post is reporting that the cism a concluded that russia intervened in the election to help donald trump win the president situation. report says that that
9:32 pm
intelligence agency identified individuals with connections to the russian government. those individual provided wikileak with thousands of hacked e-mail from the democratic national committee and others. cia told senator it's quite clear electing trump was russia quol. the report is asked to be declassified. the president asked for a deep dive review for the hacking attempt and the report completed before he leaves office. >> investigation by world anti-doping agency says russia corrupted the 2012 and 2014 olympic on unprecedented scale. in new 150 page report agency says russia with government support orchestrated the doping program that involved or benefited 1,000 athletes in 30 sports. >> for years international sports competition have unknowingly been hijacked by the russians. athletes playing on uneven
9:33 pm
field. it's time it stops. >>reporter: investigators say urine example provided by female hockey flares had male dna. there were dozens of russian athlete barred from the rio olympic. >> prosecutors in the south carolina church mass shooting trial release video today of the accused killer dillon roof at the scene. video from camera at the church in charleston rltion south carolina shows roof arriving with bag around his waist. another clip showing him leaving. first peering out from behind the door then walking out with the weapon in his hand. prosecutors released audio recording of what they say is roof's confession. roof can be heard saying quote i went to that church in charleston and i did it. then he laughed. now for an important warning as millions of americans shop for the holiday holidays. if you have your gifts delivered to you, be aware of message that could cost you. lindsay has more.
9:34 pm
>> tonight as millions of orders are bufed up and sent on their way, warning for all of us shopping on line. criminals are sending fake e-mails disguised as delivery notice from amazon. fedex. ups. attempting to steal your credit card details or even take over your computer. take this legit looking fedex e-mail. warning you the amazon order is delayed. what pop up look just like the real amazon sign in page but fill out the fake one and you give the cyberthieves access to your account and credit card information you have stored. >> would i if i saw that would absolutely think it was from fedex. >> security experts say it's always safst never to click on a link embedded in an e-mail. >> go to the actual shipping web site. put in the traffic -- tracking number and see what it isism another tip. look closely at that url.
9:35 pm
the f is a secure site. abc news. the star of this show silicon valley, miller was arrested this morning after uber driver says miller slapped him. los angeles police didn't reveal any details about what led to the incident. but tmz reported that miller and the driver got into an argument about president-elect trump. miller was no fan of trump and called him a bad man and lunatic on 20th interjuly. skin comes just two days before he is said to host the critic dress awards in santa monica came. 60 years of space exploration left behind a lot of junk in spouter -- outer space. there is a new effort to clean it up. >> all systems are ready. st japan launch cargo ship today which means stark in japanese. it contains a space junk collector. nasa animation shows estimated
9:36 pm
100 million pieces of old satellite and pieces of rocket going back to 1957 just float around the earth. scientist say the junk could pose a threat to future space exploration and eventually enter the atmosphere and there is no risk of it crashing down to earth. the picture from the japanese aerospace exploration agency show as giant tether made of stainless steel and aluminum. it will use electronic magnet to pull the junk out of orbit. >> pretty wild. coming up next at 9:00. while we are talking things space like, maybe the force be with all of them. >> team treated for leumia as child giving back to those who >> team treated for leumia as child giving back to those who need it
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find out how american express cards and services >> today a escape-year-old
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cancer survivor returned to children hospital in stanford university. >> we show how he's helping other young people battling the same disease. few unlikely character showed up to the children's hospital. this guy in darth vadar gear and the storm trooper who made it happen. ryan was diagnosed with leukemia at 6 months old. his cancer is in remission. and this is the second year he and the "star wars"team delivered gifts and bag to children battling cancer. >> kids can't be part of the promotion so let's bring "star wars"to the kids. >>reporter: he's a big "star wars"fan himself he considers this a cool way to connect with other kids dealing with the same disease. >> stories they share with us. share with me and they are joyful and they survivor.
9:41 pm
>> join our team. >> 12-year-old justin parker is battling leukemia, too. >> it has been hard. just going through. >>reporter: the family remembers the time when their son was in the hospital bed fighting cancer. so thinks their way of paying all the support they received forward. >> put things in perspective and these are true heroes. >> how are you feeling now. >> it's hot. love that. >> pretty hot inside the storm trooper costume. >> seeing all the patients jo joyful and happy. >>reporter: a little discomfort but worth the payof payoff. in palo alto, abc 7 news. kids across the country i look forward to the newest "star wars"out next week and tonight you can catch the cast of "star wars"rogue 1 on "jimmy kimmel live"beginning at 11:35 after news at 11:00 on channel
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7. all right. drew is tracking a new storm and has update for us. >> plus why give a gift off the shelf when you can make one yourself? jonathan shows you how you can learn to do it for free. jonathan shows you how you can learn to do it for free. stay with
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>> all right. drew has latest on our weather drew. >> yes. over my shoulder actively tracking our next storm we have the brief break earlier this evening and now the wet weather is picking up once again. a little bit of a tour. over the past 15 minutes light sprinkle that is crossing the bay rate now. about to approach oakland into san leandro. a little bit of shower activity moving into the east bay over the next 30 minute. right now the steadiest of lighter showers at sears point,
9:46 pm
sonoma a, win wood san rafael steady front to the south and clover dale, geyserville healdsburg and wet weather that you see wider picture the shield of green in northern california will sink south and do so in the early morning hours of our saturday. so you notice out there right now it's still really mild. a lot of 60's on the board. once the front moves through the morning the numbers will d dr. matly drop. the scale is two. moderate storm. difference between this storm and the ones we had this week we have some heavy downpour moving through early tomorrow morning. so future weather hour by hour for showing you the front by 4:00 o'clock into the north bay. still around mostly clear lake north of santa rosa then sink to the south around san francisco. livermore. then we manufacture in the south bay at 10:00 o'clock in the morning through san jose. dramatically dave day on the way in the 7 day forecast. sunday bright. it's dry.
9:47 pm
then track more wet weather tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow will be showering by the evening we should get a dry night. >> thanks drew. google employees their annual gift is going to charity. the parent company alphabet donated 30 million dollars worth of support to schools. on behalf of the employee. in the past the company has given away phones, smart watches and lap top. google has 20,000 invoice employee in the valley. fore,000 world wide. >> holiday shopping in full swing but in san francisco there's one shop where you don't buy gifts. you actually make them. >> jonathan has a looken. >> in a little house up scale shops and fluffy white dog of union street holiday presents take shape. within minutes the hats an scarfs no sewing require. >> i think i'll try to make this for myself but if it looks
9:48 pm
really gi might give to it my friend or maybe my sister. >> everyone loves a gift that is made. it's so much more meaningful. >> that's why brit opened the holiday house. they put the annual remake conference to inspire creativity in women. >> come in here for 5 mince and leave with a great gift for friend or family members. >> everything is free including class that is routinely fill u p up. >> this is really super easy. >> on foil printing. decor is do it your sovl. mops we spray painted. >> color cut lettering out of home rests after joining tech shop few years ago. maker space where brit got her start. >> i was the only one mountain shop when i was there in the early days and i wanted to change that. >> that inspired the special recipe for craft project. no matter what you make all the project have something in common. all design not to intimidate
9:49 pm
because the most important ingredient any craft is confidence. >> half the battle. did you get them to succeed first time around they will try again. >>reporter: everything never a needle and threat t.melt a best friend heart. >> she was in l.a. couple years ago but her heart is always here. years ago but her heart is always here. >> in san francisco, 7 news >> sports department larry is back. >> all kind of stuff. >> yes. santa wornship. >> they clear out when i get hold of the lazer. i'm so sorry. stand back. giants new closer health nut. once went shim with sharks. giants new closer health nut. once went shim with sharks. batters in the 9th
9:50 pm
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>> good evening. giants spent 62 million dollars for the new closer today and hope mark is secure for bullpen that moved 32 saves last year. nip of those blown saves came in the month of september. critical. blown 10 in 3 full years of the closer and knew the giant needed help. knowledgeable kid begging them to sign madison the disguise it work. very, very very really watch the sign. wearing this the 47 saves years ago for the pirates and most saves of any major leaguer since he became a closer full-time in the middle 2013. he's fearless. swam with the shark in new zealand. staring down the 9th inning no big die. you can probably ask my wife this. stechl i tend to be a little
9:54 pm
bit more fearless in my every day life than probably the afternoon person. now that i have three kids it slowed down a little bit. >> one play that had people truly perplexed in last tonight raider loss to kc. fourth quarter pass could have been a touch down should have been a touch down. merely i hope complete pass. firing the wide open cooper who watches the ball just fall to the group. he lose in the light. the wind? one suggestion on twitter that the ball may have hit the spider cam cable above. nbc says this didn't happen. he's not sure what happened after the game. >> it kind of moved at the last mini. so that's why i might have stumbled because i was running in the right dreshtion and moved inside the last minute so i tried to tell tried to get it. >>reporter: smith met with nfl commissioner today. smith served 1 year suspension if the league substance abuse policy.
9:55 pm
smith hoping to be reinstated. raiders love to have im back in the play offs but that the point no time table on decisio decision. in effort to keep anybody on the roster who shows even the slightest potential 49ers have tight end mcdonald to 5 year 35 million dollar extension. 16 million is guaranteed. that is a lot of cash for guy with 24 catches this year and 4 touch downs but the niners at the point where they are paying for potential and hoping and praying on 11 game losing streak and presently open the road to no where. nba tonight. thunder rockets. west brook titles johnson. 7 straight triple double for okc. 27 points. 10 board 10 assist. only wilt chamberlain has longer streak. big dipper had 9 straight game games. he with 10 seconds left ross trying to be the hero.
9:56 pm
came up with zero. air ball rockets win 1 street down but another tips. sharks. i'm tonight facing the dog took the advice. tied for third place in the pacific division both with 31 points. these two teams don't like each other. san jose going at it with joseph gram. sharks down 2 nil in a flash and then late in the first the 1 timer. 12th of the year. more than 25 years then kevin cashing in. you see why i did it. tied at two. rips it through the screen in front of jones. hirs of the year in the final second shark put open the heat but jonathan came up big. sharks after very slow start end up losing by a score of 3-
9:57 pm
3-2. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. so inning to see mark new giants closer and he wears heart rate monitor. totally yes when he's on the mound he stretches his heart rate to sea be sure he cost this he monitors everything con than stantly get his blood home it's sigh ebbs dan. mine would be high. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. three south bay field guard beating inmate to death. now multi-million dollar settle many. where the money is going tonight. severe punishment facing university marching band tonight. jin us at 11:00 on channel 7. >> we pause for a few moments for what really matters to honor those lost last friday. dozens of people were doing
9:58 pm
what you money doing right now or preparing to do. heading out for a night with friend. wept to so-called ghost ship warehouse in oakland and here some music and fun. for 36 of them it was the last night of their lives. they should be with us still tonight. legal system will determine why they are not and who is reresponsible but for the motel we were never. >> that is is our report on this friday night. 36 people who lost their lives gone but never forgotten. >> thanks for watching see you gone but never forgotten. >> thanks for watching see you at 11:00 good
9:59 pm
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