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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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crews trying to shore up a popular beach trail on the peninsula that is slipping into the ocean. an emotional show of support from those on the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. >> and waiting in line for hamilton tickets in san francisco. we'll see if there are any still available. >> very expensive. you've got to do what you've got to do. >> contractors working against the clock and elements as they try to save a washed-out coastal path in pacifica. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm kristin zee. >> i'm larry beil.
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we begin way series of storms approaching the bay area. >> we have a look at what weather preps and timing of the stor storms. >> abc7 news is live where work began. >> cruise pulled trucks away i counted about 7 or 8 trucks full, but the trail is closed because this is only going to be a base. a uj pumping rig was brought here to fix a portion of the sea wall. from sky 7 you can see the lower section of the wall without sand or rocks on the base. >> we're going to plug that area
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and fill it up. >> the drainage pipe broke. >> is it going to reopen? >> of course. >> preparation stirred a bit of excitement and concern. workers began installing a chain link fence and two men repelled to take a look at how much of the washed out. one resident said he was concerned for their safety. >> the concern there is that you don't go by yourself. and a section of land slid. >> the fire department asked about the action plan and moved on. a coast guard environmental team was here to make sure no
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contaminants. >> because this is closed, they had to walk all the way back again. in pacifica, abc7 news. >> heavy rain is days away. cornell bernard is live with a look. cornell? >> . >> reporter: nobody taking chances. check this out. caltrans built a wall behind it's facility. this goes on about 100 feet ant tonight. people are getting ready. >> we have jumper cables so i'm set. >> eric gritter is getting ready for whatever mother nature dishes out. the parking lot flooded before. he took this picture in 2014.
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>> i worry about whether or not i can get home or not. >> king tides heading for the bay area. >> it's time to really be on full alert. >> ernie hubbard is getting ready for a rain. >> not only is he battening down the hatches he's having his house owe boat line secured needs adjustment. the house starts going crazy. >> this week, the tides are high. two years ago a winter storm and king tides collided. parts of highway 101 got flooded out owe. michael st. john is monitoring the weather. >> we have tide over seven feet wednesday.
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on thursday we've got a 6.9 tide. from experience, we know it can makeup for that. >> the sheriff is sending these weather alerts. drivers, be careful, it will be stormy. >> so let's get to it. when is the rain going to arrive? spencer christian is tracking two storms. spencer? >> you can see clouds are increasing and you can see clouds will be thick tomorrow morning. clouds continue to thicken and we see light showers developing that pattern continues into wednesday morning. a storm of light intensity,
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mainly a north bay storm across the north bay. sprinkles elsewhere, but a stronger storm is coming in on thursday. and that ranks two, and will intensify from thursday morning into thursday evening and will be a strong storm. i'll tell what you to owe expect in just minutes. >> reminder, you can track approaching storms be sure to enable the push alerts. >> just moments ago, first responders at the scene of oakland's deadly fire paid tribute to 36 lives lost to smoke and flames. an emotional moment.
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>> we're here at the warehouse. a memorial has been growing all day. there was a short service to honor those who lost their lives here. oakland fire and police departments, emts, red cross volunteers, all sharing in the grief. the fire claimed 36 lives, most young artists. those who come here include some who lived in the building and narrowry escaped and families.
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day sims is a teacher and was a student in the jazz piano class. >> photographer betty davis knew of the ghostship and now, she's creating a record of what is left in the wake for a documentary she is making about oakland. >> to look and see ravage taking place. and just knowing that people actually lived in there. and what appalls me it seems the city or people who were in charge of oakland didn't seem to care.
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>> that is the perception but not at all. atf is holding a press conference and we hope to get confirmation of reports the fire may have been started by an overloaded electrical system. we're hoping to get an update from the city of oakland both fire and building departments about how much involvement they have had with the warehouse before the fire. in oakland, abc7 news. >> thank you. investigators are looking for an arsonist that targeted a school this weekend. a fire sunday morning at concord's highland school the principle credited the fire department. a crash occurred on country
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club drive. the impact pinned a driver in the minivan. firefighters spent 30 minutes trying to extricate the people from the scene. >> a san francisco man faces a number of charges including rape. he is accused of running an online escort service. the 43-year-old david carasco goes by the name joey noble, facing nine charges, some involving a child. in addition to rape he's been charged with sodomy, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. >> he did use several web sites so it's possible that there are other people involved. but we don't know the extent until victims come forward.
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a man in a wheelchair was killed today on an oakland street at 5:30 this morning. the driver says he was heading to pick up a passenger when he spotted the 56-year-old man on the street with a chair next to him. mrooshgs police arrested a 23-year-old from san jose. investigators say he hit a man in an intersection just after 3:00 saturday morning. the victim was a 44th fatality of 2015.
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a woman and newborn are recovering after she gave birth overnight. the temperature below 50 degrees. >> coming up we've got the buzz about the hottest ticket in town. google making a deal with huba. the offer the island nation actual hi refused. >> you like it? >> never hurts to compliment
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abc7 confirming a report that first appeared on that league officials met with the lott group.
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on market street, tickets went on sale today for "hamilton". only tickets left are starting at $525. >> some people arrived yesterday to buy tickets that went on sale today. >> did you sleep in the car? >> everybody slept here last night. this seemed a better shot to see the tony-award winning musical.
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to vice president elect mike pence. >> when pence didn't care, that raised a ticket price. >> tickets going for $100 to $524 into the thousands on the secondary market. hamilton is the story of alexander hamilton, told through hip-hop music with diverse actors. san francisco chronicle theater critic says that is what has made this a phenomenon. >> the way that the musical taps
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into a new demographic. the san francisco symphony is striking a note for equality, announcing it's cancelled two tour concerts in north carolina because of the tar heel state's hb 2 law overturning protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. musicians decision follows similar declarations by officials and institutions. google today signed a deal with the cuban government to provide faster internet service. saying it will speed up access to you tube and g mail. cuba has some of the restricted internet in the hemisphere. police went to a san
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francisco school today to deliver holiday cheer. abc 7 news was there as the police chief and others played the role of santa's helpers giving away 350 toys. >> there are people to pitch in and help out and you can see folks doing wonderful work in the community. >> police able to raise $3,000 including outer sunset merchant association for more holiday give aways planned incoming days. >> those kids are smart. they could have read to me. i'm going to read the weather to
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you. looking over san francisco bay. 53 here in san francisco. low 50s in oakland and mountain view and 46 in half moon bay. this is a spectacular view from our camera here over san francisco on this partly cloudy evening. light rain into early wednesday and a stronger storm arriving on thursday. let's deal with tomorrow's conditions first. will be cloudy and developing
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storm, here is a light rain, producing a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain wednesday with isolated sprinkles elsewhere. here is the forecast animation confined to the north bay throughout the bay and you can see the area of stronger developing storm moving in. producing periods of heavy rainfall and strong down pours with maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain. that is what is going to be pounding the north bay sweeching
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south ward. gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour in some local locations but later in the day, winds continuing to owe gust thursday. so it's going to be rain storm and a wind storm and rainfall totals we project will range from an inch to inch and a half. here is the accu-weather forecast. light showers tomorrow, and a storm on wednesday and skies bringing us sunny conditions. >> one local transit agency says
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the answer is yes. the answer is yes. that story
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. new accusations in that wells fargo account scandal. that story tops our bay area business watch. employees appeared to have signed up customers for a low cost life insurance policy without knowledge or permission.
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lessa reached a deal incust owners in norway will get under $8,000. cheryl sandberg will be attending president-elect donald trump's gathering of tech industry leaders. >> beauty is blasting the state agency for ahowing many uber and
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lift drivers compared with 1800 taxi cabs. muni would like to see more regulations to handle those services. a controversial additive in the south bay. >> coming up, a move that is a big win in silicon valley. >> could a pill help
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san jose is no longer the largest city in the nation without fluoride in the drinking water. the natural mineral is in the water supply of 230,000 people in east san jose and santa
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teresa. parts of campbell and loss gatos were involved. >> nine out of 20 teeth have cavitys. >> when i see that, you know, i could be prevented. >> the state of oral health for low income children is abysmal. we can do treatment and more treatment and oral health education. but that is not enough. >> the board voted for fluoride after hearing opposition. >> the board listened and heard all sides of the issue over many years and maintained their
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policies. >> starting today, fluoride is flowing into the water at the water treatment plant. 200,000 customers are affected but you won't notice a difference in taste because it is so diluted. >> optimal amount is 0.7 parts per million. >> police are blaming the storm for one deadly traffic accident. a man was found dead after he went out to shovel snow.
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>> some flights never took off. and # reports 300 cancellations. >> republicans called for an investigation into possible cyber attacks standing at odds with president-elect donald trump today, he said he condemned foreign hacking and reminded colleagues russians are not the friends of americans.
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cameras capture former hewlett-packard chief executive carly fiorina arriving in new york city, reporting donald trump is considering fiorina for director of national intelligence. after meeting with him, she called trump, quote, a champion. >> the family of former new orleans saints player will smith is thanking the prosecution and jury after the man accused of killing smith was convicted of manslaughter. in june, police say heys bumped smith's car and the prosecution said it was road rage execution. >> we're grateful they realized what the trum was.
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>> smej was a first round draft pick and helped saints win the super bowl. a win in an effort to bring olympic games to los angeles. this is cost outpaces expectations it would provide $250 million to offset unexpected costs. l.a., paris and buddha pest are in the running to host the games. >> recreational use of marijuana may be legal now, but business leaders say workers may want to proceed with caution here. businesses still reserve the right to maintain a drug free
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work place. >> random drug testing is prohibited in california work places except following an accident. >> up next, healing hearts. >> there are people out there dying. >> the technique a group of researchers are using that could trick your heart cells into healing themselves. >> go ahead. take your best shot. advice on how to take photos advice on how to take photos like a pro
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a bay area team has made an advance many. >> every 34 seconds, someone in the united states will suffer a heart attack and hearts can not repair themselves. but a team is racing toward a new therapy.
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>> we feel a great sense of urgency because there are people out there dying and we don't have good solutions. >> the team helped pie yes near a way to turn scar tissue into living, beating heart muscle you can see here on the screen. >> now we have to refine so we can do it safely and people using cutting edge technology they made a break through. with high speed screening, the co-investigator says markers helped them spot the best candidates they created eight
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times as many heart muscle sales. >> for millions the promise of surviving in the future could be in a pill. >> researchers say the heart attack treatment could involve taking a drug, transplanting healthy cells. abc7 news was at st. mary's cathedral for celebration of our lady of guadalupe. 800 children saw a may of an
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apparition of the virgin mary and took part in singing and dancing. >> opening with dancing and music that might be similar on a larger scale in mexico. >> the event was organized by francis in the schools, a 5-year-old program providing outings for kids teaching them about respect and kindness. >> michael finney looks at what is hot in photography. >> you're on to me. what we're talking about here. these photos were all taken by san francisco chronicle photographer and captured using an iphone. >> it's great quality.
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and i use the iphone 6 which is good but 7 is incredible. >> saying picture quality is comparable. >> he says sales of compact cameras have fallen. >> that is becoming the prime feature. >> the best thing to do is get low. >> shooting up can make things feel more majestic. and shooting from an ain angle
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can give you more interesting back grounds. >> i'm looking not only for the fore ground but background. i want to have interesting things in the fore ground but also background. >> one of the draw backs are the limited ability to zoom in and out on a subject. and that is changing with apps like the hipstamatic. >> i have different lenses. they take different fafrs. >> there are also similar apps for android as well. if you have a complaint or question, i want to hear from you. i thought of you too as hipstamatics. i turn something black and white
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and people think it's artsy. >> if i take black and white it's an accident. >> thank you. >> here is a rescue that surprised first responders. >> they had a good story to share after
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firefighters braving an icy river to rescue a moose. it shows crews using sledge hammers to break the ice and creating a path for the moose. >> now, tonight, four palo alto city council members will ask peers to consider donating 50,000ses today help care for the city donkeys. they're a big attraction for
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families. the park needs money to cover expenses for the next five years. >> there is a donkey transition here but i'm going to take the high road. >> that is a first. >> that is a first, actually. yes. >> partly cloudy skies. clouds increasing into tomorrow. this is the view from sutro tower. and sow it's a cheer picture over the city. breezy conditions and a stronger storm arrives on thursday. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies with some light showers, and
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soaking rainfall, gusty wind. probably 75/100ths of rain. 2 to 4 inch as long the coast and hills. and over in the sierra, snowfall, there is a winter storm watch from thursday evening to friday morning. 8-16 inches perfect thursday morning to friday evening. sunny skies for the weekend. >> that is it. >> did you introduce yourself in sports? >> we can do that. think about this. today is december 12th.
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>> yes. >> 49ers haven't won since september 12th. >> oh. >> do we have to think about
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raiders have to digest a tough loss to the chiefs on thursday night football raiders got to focus and have three games to bounce back. they were the second fewest yards when attempting over 40 passes. raiders couldn't capital yiesz on opportunities. coach says there is no doubt carr is going to bounce back.
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>> for us, i would have liked to have seen us play more big boy ball. >> rams axed jeff fisher yesterday. fisher had a winning record in only six years. only question at this point is who are you firing? niners lost a record 12 in a row following a loss to a bad jets team. the only person who is save is
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joan in payroll. if you remember her jim tomsula days. when you do have positive signs he gets stuffed on fourth down. this team just cannot finish off opponents. coach says it shows these guys have not given up. >> these guys give you everything they have. that is what they did. you know?
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>> many of the many questions after placed on injured reserve so he is done season with a shoulder injury and ranks 28th amongst nfl tight ends with catches. dodgers agreed to a five year, $80 million contract. contrast that with the best closer ever who made $169 million in his career. >> warrers streak of 110 games was in jeopardy last night.
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>> i was telling mike brown it's impressive tolling to go that long. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and why some iphone owners are going to be frustrated if they're hoping to unwrap a new pair of head phones. >> the plea police are making tonight. >> look for breaking news on >> look for breaking news on twitter on (singsongy) hey, mandy!
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