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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we have live team coverage with reporters at the scene and the hospital where some people are recovering. we'll begin with abc 7 news reporter lifer whe reporter live where it happened. >> reporter: this block of stockton street, the 800 block is closed. that tow truck arrived a couple of minutes ago. unfortunately, it's obscuring our view of the bus shelter and the car that's wedged in it. we're told that they are not going to open the street until they remove that entire bus shelter and all the three cars here on the street. tom was one of many, many
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witnesses to this accident on stockton street near clay at the height of the lunch hour. 12:45 in the afternoon, the gray toyota crash into a bus shelter. >> the vehicle veered an hit another vehicle and hit the structure. this is security camera video. >> reporter: the car side wi swieded a parked mercedes. he's lucky he wasn't hit. >> i saw the car coming. i said that's it.
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end of my day. he helped load one of the injured into an ambulance. >> there were a lot of individuals on the ground. there's blood all over the sidewalk. police were interviewing this person after it happened. total of ten people were hurt in this crash. five suffered serious injuries. >> reporter: we just got an update from the hospital. they were a total of four women.
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one man brought here. they ranged in age fro the mid-30s on up to their mid-80s. a spokesperson said all five are in serious condition. the victims are still being analyzed for signs of internal injuries. tests are pending. they are all in a lot of pain but the good news the vital signs are stable making it likely they will survive. >> there's some fractures. there may be internal injuries but fractures for sure we're seeing. >> reporter: so, it's likely they're going to recover but some serious injuries here. all five listed in serious condition. again, we have four women, one man here at sf general trying to recover from this horrible accident this afternoon.
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>> we sense out breaking news alerts shortly after this happened. a massive fire burned more than 200 cars this morning. the fire broke out about 2:00 this morning. you can see it just going. it's sent intense flames and thick black smoke into the air. the county issued a shelter in place for nearby neighborhoods. richmond parkway was closed in both directions. crews fought the fire for about three hours before getting it under control. >> the cars burning up this morning with paint and gas tanks exploded. it was really shocking. >> the biggest challenge of the fire like this is smoke and the wind is the community. the vehicles are already dismantled. >> the multi-agency response including crews from the
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refinery. no one was injured and no one was burned. phillip said look how close the smoke is to nearby homes. we want to see what you see. add the hashtag abc 7 now to your pictures so we can find them and feature them. today marks two weeks since tragedy struck oakland. fire broke out at the ghost ship warehouse in the fruitville district. the fire has prompted fears of e vision among the people who live in buildings like this across the city. dozens gathered for a community meeting with city officials. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: fed up and afraid.
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dozens of oakland residents voice their concern about widespread evictions. >> reporter: 36 people were killed. >> the reaction from city and property managers has been so swift. >> reporter: representatives from legal service groups including eviction defense center attended. >> we don't have any protectio for the clients we serve. it's like being in court with both hands tied behind your back. >> we can draft a policy. the legal folk s have to review it. that takes time. >> we don't have times. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the oakland mayor's office writes this administration is committed to working with residents, landlords, safety experts and the diverse array of community members most impacted
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by the regional affordability crisis. people agree it's not just artists impacted. >> it takes this sad situation to address it. it's been happening to us for years. >> i had to sleep in my car because i can't afford a studio. >> reporter: he hosted the meeting in response to numerous inquiries his office received about tenant's rights after the fire. >> abc 7 news has learned that ghost ship founder has retained the services of famed san francisco attorney tony serra. the office would say they are working with him in a pre-charge capacity. he's defended a number of high profile clients including huey newton, hells angels. set up is under way for the second annual glow sword battle that will denate for relief
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funds. this is video of last year's battle. tonight's event begins at 8:00 at spark social sf. also tonight there's a music fund-raiser for the salt lick art collective. the warehouse is in jackson and square. last week the owner raised safety concerns about the building. artists were angered by the criticism. the two groups have met and are working together. the restaurant is hosting tonight's fund-raiser. construction on a long awaited suicide barrier of the golden gate bridge will begin next year. loved ones packed today's bridgeport meeting to show their support for the suicide net. the board awarded a contract to an oakland firm to do the job. it will take three years to complete. before the vote family members addressed the board urging them not to delay the project any further. >> security guard reached out
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and tried to grab but only got the backpack as my son was dropping the backpack as he went over. security people are good but they're not a net. we need a net. it will extend 20 feet out over the water. uber self-driving vehicles are still on san francisco streets even though the state calls them illegal. the city is demanding they be removed. tonight another demand. a letter was sent asking uber to adhere to california law and immediately remove the self-driving vehicles from the roadways until uber replies with all regulations. uber said it's been testing the vehicles for a month without complaints and will not adhere to state regulations for autonomous vehicles. they said they require active
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human control. >> there's not been a clear description of when a vehicle goes from not autonomous to autonomo autonomous. >> video shows an uber self-piloted vehicle running a red light in san francisco. uber said it was human error and the driver has been suspended. coming up, an extraordinarily high and historic penthouse purchase. i'm spencer christian. it's going to be cold overnight. just a moment i'll show you where freeze warnings and frost advisories are in effect. a huge bang, crash. >> it's the day after the storm. we'll take a look at the damage and the impact all that rain had on the bay area.
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it's like means the world to me. >> a special party with some special players. still to come the golden state warriors visit with kids in san francisco's bay view neighborhood.
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a castro valley investigation into murder and arson. the victim has been identified as 59-year-old andrea st. john. alameda deputies say she was killed and her house was set on fire. deputies have made no arrests and have not announced a motive for the crime. utah authorities have arrested 38-year-old miguel rodriguez on suspicion of shooting and killing a man last month in san jose's capital park. that's where police responded to
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shots fired on november 3rd. they found two men suffering from gun shout wounds. one was den on the scene. the other suffered nonlife threatening injuries. arrest details are not been released. one of the most expensive condo sales in san francisco history happened this week for a ritzy property. it's sold for $13 million. that's the largest amount paid for a condo in the city. it's billed as a highest and largest condo in northern california. >> the buyer is someone who lives in the building. that's very drilled down into the exploration of the solutions for the problems are.
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he's convinced the building will have a promising future. >> he must be. he spent all that money. two bedrooms, a chef's kitchen and two parking spaces. the city of richmond is encouraging homeowners to turn unused space into housing rentals. the city is loosening requirements like added parking spaces and separating utilities. they hope empty nesters will take advantage of this new law. richmond is one of the first cities in california to take advantage of a new state law allowing so-called accessory units. the city hopes it can add up to
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10,000 new housing units in the city. onto storm watch and what a difference day makes. this is what it looked like today at heavenly mountain resort from lake tahoe tv. the weather is cold but clear. wayne. >> reporter: well they got a lot of rain in marin county as you said. that's interesting. according to the marin municipal water district they got five and a half inches yesterday. that adds 10% to the reservoirs in just two days. all that water had to gsomewher. it trickled down river, streams.
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if we scored floods like horseshoes, they would not have been a winner this morning. >> we dodged a bullet. >> reporter: that's shelly chadwick putting stock back on the floor today removing storm gauge and breathing sigh of relief. watch it rise till the warning siren sounded at 12 feet. >> between 2 and 4:00 we had rain rates of two to three inch a an hour. >> reporter: they got a lot of wind. >> huge bang, crash. sparks. >> reporter: this is what alison wilkes heard and saw. crushed by a falling oak. falling oaks are more common than you might think.
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>> when is the last time you saw something like this? >> two weeks ago. >> reporter: let's move eight mile west to where karen alter spent this day trying to wring out her life and dry out her artistic career. >> i asked when i moved in if it flooded here and i was told no. >> reporter: now she knows better. this is the aftermath flooding its banks. forest knolls got hit hard and fast. >> i came from the city. i don't know the country. i'm learning every step of the way. >> reporter: every soggy step. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the rain has left. the chill has arrived. rapidly falling temperatures it is really getting cold already. 24 hour temperature change shows it is 11 degrees cooler in
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navaro now. 10 degree cooler in mountain view. 14 degrees cooler in livermore. most locations are 8 to 9 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. this is the view from our kgo roof top camera. currently 50 here in san francisco. 51 across the bay in oakland. 50 at san jose. this is the view from emoryville camera. temperatures are in the 40s now. traffic is flowing freely. these are our forecast features. we'll have much colder mornings through monday. it will be bright, brisk and dry. a slight chance of showers on thursday. let's take a look at the overnight cold. a freeze warning is in effect from midnight to 8:00 a.m. for our inland communities. it will be dangerously cold with temperatures dropping into the upper 20s the low 30s. good night to protect pet, pipes
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and plants. not easy to say. frost advisory in effect for the same time period. locations right around the bay. those locations will see low temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 30s right around the bay. we'll see upper 20s in santa rosa. low of 33 expected at concord. 51 or 52 around the bay and inland areas. not much of a wide range of highs there. temperatures will start to rise around tuesday. that may be the warmest day of week with high temperatures up
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to 60 or 62 degrees inland and near the bay. interesting. rising temperatures as winter arrives. >> mother nature likes to play little jokes on us to keep us on our shtoes. see who
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going to san francisco 35. forward kevin durant. >> reporter: for these kids in the bay vie, the holidays came early. they shot hoops, played games and made lasting memories with members of the team. sdp they win all the games. >> is this the best gift every to see them? >> yeah. it was exciting. on a real game they are short. when you see them in person, they're tall. >> it's bigger than basketball. just want to give them some positive reenforcement that anything is possible and just have fun and enjoy your youth while you can. it goes by like that.
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>> this means the world to me. i wouldn't miss it. the kids weren't the only ones having a jolly old time. >> i'm just a coach. i'm interviewing. >> reporter: can't argue with a team that's spreading a little cheer. >> is that the coolest thing? >> it's the coolest thing. fewer than ten days remain for christmas. >> see just how much package thieves have gotten away with in santa clara until they were caught. after the rain the sun comes out and so do the scientists from the u.s. geological survey. i have what they are looking for and why ahead on abc 7 news.
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next, find out what record the latest star wars film has already set right at the st
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thieves got away with gifts, but they didn't get away from detectives in santa clara county. >> six suspects have been arrested accused of a string of package thefts. >> we paid for it. we bought it. it's something for our family. you took it. >> reporter: she learned violated when she learned disney tickets were stolen from her mail. it was the full disney package. it was hotel vouchers. >> reporter: they are part of a christmas gift for her families. she's won of dozens of victims. santa clara sheriff deputies arrested six people tied to a string of package thefts. that perpetrator was caught with packages in tow in the neighborhood. >> when he realized it was a law
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enforcement officer behind him and attempt to throw packages out the window to avoid being caught. >> reporter: there photo shows gifts ripped off from a u.p.s. storage facility. this man and another person broke in. then took thousands of dollars worth of property. a residential surveillance camera helped deputies nap neez two suspects. it captured the license plate on their vehicle too. both of them are accused of taking packages of children's books and clothing. if you're expecting a package and you know you're not going to be home, law enforcement officials advice having it delivered to your neighbor's house or offices. she warned her neighbors. >> hopefully it will prevent someone else from getting their package stolen. >> reporter: they're determined not to let crooks ruin
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christmas. the san francisco district attorney officer is not dropping charges against a suspect. the suspect is the man seen in this video, 22-year-old michael smith. he became uncooperative and physically resisted officers when trying to detain him after an armed robbery report back in july. yesterday a jury acquitted smith of four counts of battery on a poli officer. jurors were unable to reach a verdict on three other counts of battery on an officer and resisting arrest because the d.a. is not dropping those charges, smith may face a second trial. the deadline to enroll in health insurance through covered california has been extended again. californ californians have until the end of monday to sign up for insurance coverage that starts january 1st. >> people think i'll get around to it. the danger is you don't get around to it. going into january without health insurance you're rolling the dice and getting a $200,000 bill because you go to a
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hospital and you can't pay for it. >> 90% of californians have health care, which is a record high. there will be a rate increase on average about 13%. we are still on storm watch because of the impact of yesterday's level three storm. this is a time lapse video. it turns out heavy rain is the best time for the u.s. geological survey to adjust the sensitive equipment that monitors creek levels. it's also a golden opportunity for science. >> reporter: when a rainstorm has creeks looking like this, the u.s. geological survey brings out strange objects that look like this. >> is this a torpedo? >> that's a definite no. it's referred to as a sounding weight. >> reporter: it's lowered into the water. >> it makes contact in this chamber so it makes a physical sound. >> reporter: it's a measurement
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process from days gone by. >> 20 revolutions in 40 seconds. >> reporter: using equipment fr from yester year isn't something they do for fun. they need the measurements to be consistent. s >> we try to use the same instruments over and over again. >> reporter: they also chart the depth of creek. >> the river channel is much flashier than 100 years ago. >> reporter: developments had >> you can go into the sampling chamber. the lid closed and we're ready to grab a sample. >> reporter: it's the perfect time to see what else is flowing in the streams.
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>> let's see what we've got. >> reporter: this is old technology. >> this is at one time in its life it was a milk bottle. >> reporter: while you hay not drink what's in it, the fish will. >> this will flow into the east bay. we want to know what's going into the bay there. road closures to yosemite national park were lifted this morning. yesterday's stormy conditions made it too treacherous. this weekend the park service is eager for big crowds. >> we do our best to keep the roads open throughout the year. we don't anticipate having any tire chain restrictions for this coming weekend. >> the system dumped heavy snow in the sierra at the 9,000 foot mark. 35 inches of fresh powder felt. when storms hits you can track them with the abc 7 news app.
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we have live doppler 7 on the app. you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your . the latest star wars movie is already a record setter. >> may the force be with us. >> last night was the biggest thursday night opening for a movie this entire year with $29 million in ticket sales. abc 7 is supporting toys for tots toy drive in cooperation with rogue one and the nissan rogue. donate a new unwrapped toy at a nissan dealer to make the holiday brighter for children everywhere. >> nice thing to do. it's been exactly 38 days since the election. that means we're at the deadline to finalize all the votes in california. >> ne,xt find out how many of us cast ballots and whether we set a record. when is the last time you took advantage of a price match
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today he held his final scheduled prez conference of the year. it focused on the russian hack and how it affected the presidential election. >> president oeb vowed retaliation. >> it's also important for us to do that in a thoughtful, methodical way. some of it we do publicly. some of it we will do in way they know but not everybody will. >> president oeb stopped just short of naming russian president vladmir putin. the november election in california was record breaking. there were more than 14 million ballots cast beating the 2008 election. turn out was the highest in eight years. more than 75% of registered voters went to the polls. marin county had the highest voter turn out.
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89%. california secretary of state says there's no evidence of voter fraud in california depiet accusations from president-elect donald trump. >> we take voter fraud seriously from anybody. >> the certified the vote today. hillary clinton won the state taking over 4.2 million more votes than trump. students from oakland's international community school marched in the name of unity. they carried signs saying stop the hate and mexican lives matter. they posted the pictures on their facebook page. 7 on your side shows you an easy way to take advantage of a money saving tool that most o
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you've likely seen the price match guarantees of many retailers but when is the last time you have taken advantage of it? >> michael finney is here with a better way. >> we all say we're going to do it but it's such a hassle.
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wouldn't it be nice if you could earn a little money while shopping? a new app makes it possible. shopping these days is more fun. she's found a no stress way of finding the best prices for the items she wants. >> it's a great way to get money back without thinking about it. >> reporter: she uses the app and website automatically scans your receipts and helps you cash in on price match guarantees. >> they are able to keep tabs on when any of the prices do change. >> reporter: the terms vary for different retailers. banana republic will give you a one time price adjustment if the price goes down within 14 days of your order. best buy will match competitor prices only during the return and exchange period which for most items is 15 days. confusing, no worries. they keep track of all that for
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you. >> we save well into the millions of dollars. >> reporter: that's the 26-year-old founder. in less than 18 months his company has been acquired by capital one bank. >> i think we surprised a lot of people when we first came out and had this much traction. >> reporter: it will file the price match guarantee claim for you. that's something kathryn has never done for herself. now all she has to do is enjoy her new found money which is returned to her via her credit card or through the mail. >> i think i've saided over $50 ju in the past couple of months. >> it only works for online purchases. it has plans to expand. users are charged a 2% fee for any money refunded. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is up monday through friday from 10:00
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a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> thank you so much, michael. nice to see the sun. we need this break to dry out after yesterday. >> let eets che's check in with now. >> here is live doppler 7. you can see we have clear skies and a cold air mass has settled in and continues to do so. we have a freeze warning in effect for virtually all of our inland communities and frost advisory for coastal and bay shore communities from midnight to 8:00 a.m. temperatures will plummet tonight. lows will be in the upper 20s at napa. here is the seven-day forecast. sunny days ahead through monday but very, very cold mornings. a few clouds coming to the sky and the sky picture on tuesday
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and wednesday. wednesday marks the beginning of winter. it arrives at 2:44 a.m. it will be the mildest day of the week. >> why not. we have sports. what you got going on? >> larry's off tonight. >> larry said needed day off to buy your christmas gifts. >> oh. >> not. >> wow. >> coming up in sports warriors show
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the warrior can prover their league best record of 24-24. sharing the basketball has not been a problem for golden state especially last night against the knicks. the warriors finished with 41 assists on 45 baskets. mcgee benefitted the most scoring 17 points in 16 minutes. several off alley-oop passes. >> it's definitely a positive thing being able to finish plays. it's positive for them to be looking for me especially to
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people passing it to me or prolific scorers. that's crazy they are so willing to pass the ball. >> that's the beauty of our team. no one cares about the numbers. we move the ball. whoever is open shoot the ball. we have two guys and get their shot any time. it's nice. it's always moving. it's fun to play. i'm sure it's fun to watch. >> tonight in montreal sharks rookie team made his nhl debut. his team got a few laughs by letting him take the ice by himself. going to the net, the 20-year-old gets the rebound and scores his first nhl goal on his first nhl shot. the sharks led 3-0 after 1. he would take a seat in the
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second. the raiders can clench a playoff spot for the first time since their 2002 super bowl season. they can do it on the field where they lost that super bowl, san diego. oakland is coming off a disappointing thursday night loss to kansas city. completing just 17 of 41 passes for 117 yards. he won't blame the weather or his dislocated right pinkie for his off night. >> it was his execution. it was literally inches. there's a bunch of plays i think about that we always hit and for whatever reason, there's sometimes a good feet and the route was good. sometimes that happens in practice and you never want it to happen again. to be honest it was just execution. when the niners play the falcons
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this sunday they will be without veteran wide receiver tori smith. he went up for this pass and suffered a concussion. he was knocked out. smith says he can only remember the play call and being very emotional coming offer the field. >> i was crying there and crying in here about how frustrated i was. i don't remember anything. as long as i'm feeling better -- >> head coach steve sarkisan has been hired. kiffen left to become head coach at florida. that's sports for now. back to you dan and chrkristen.
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>> any firings? >> no. i think kiffen wanted to go somewhere where he could be a big fish in smaller pond for now. >> all right. thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. a hacker is getting into your child's smart toys. what all parents need to know. bicircumstanycle safety adv raise concerns about uber's self-driving cars. coming up tonight, it's last man standing followed by dr. ken. at 9:00, shark tank. at 10:00 it's 20/20 followed by abc news 7 news at 11. tonight's guests are actors ryan gosling and t.j. miller.
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you can donate a new unwrapped toy at a nissan dealer to make the holiday brighter for children everywhere. finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. what took them so long. after decades the people decided to install a sue site net to stop jumpers from ending their lives. it's a point of pride and tourist attraction. for 1500 people and counting it had an attraction of a different kind. the bridge is painful reminder of a loss as inexplicable as devastating. we can't put up nets on every bridge after someone jumps but we have known since the 50s that the golden gate bridge is a lure
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for dozens of troubled souls every year for whom the 260 foot drop to the bay water below offers tragic relief. it's taken too long to get to this point. just as it took too long to install the movable median barrier on the same bridge to prevent head on carashes. it will take three years to put into place. i always appreciate hearing from you. let me know what you think on twitter and facebook. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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