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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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tonight at 6:00, slick roads and frozen crops ahead as parts of the bay area are under a freeze warning. >> i heard screaming from the bathroom. >> neighbors and even firefighters left helpless as fire rips through a home. >> the democrat's last shot to keep donald j. trump out of the white house. a look at the electoral college and how it works in california. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. a freezing night ahead for parts of the bay area, making for dangerous conditions for drivers, familiarer -- farmers s and pets. >> many people woke up to frosted windshields this morning and had trouble driving because
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of slick roads. a live look now from the east bail hill -- east bay hills camera. >> we are almost used to this. we're dropping below 32 in a lot of spots overnight. the freeze warning means the coldest time period is between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. let's show you where the freeze warning is in effect. the purple shaded areas, including san jose, sunnyvale, pleasanton, san ramon, concord. sonoma, napa, all of these years will be chilly. overnight lows, napa, santa rosa, 25. dropping to 30 in san jose. 27 in livermore. we're almost going to break this
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cold snap, warmer air just around the corner. >> other news now. a woman is dead after a fire burned a townhouse in castro valley. started at 6:00 the morning right next door to a fire station. cornell bernard is live with the latest. >> reporter: we just learned the name of the victim is 51-year-old jacquelin burns. we don't know how the fire started but this is how close the fire station is to the fire scene. it is just a matter of feet. just next door. >> when we opened the apparatus doors up to respond to the fire we could smell at the smoke. >> fire crews say they responded to this duplex fire on san miguel avenue in under a minute. >> ironically the fire was 150 feet down down at the street. >> i opened the door and look right over there and the flames must have been 30 feet in the
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air. >> reporter: a neighbor saw the smoke and fire engulfing the second floor of the duplex, the fire was out in 15 minutes but crews located the body of a woman in an upstairs bathroom. >> the rescue company pulled the vic out and tried revive the victim but were unsuccessful. >> called 9-1-1. >> reporter: this neighbor said she heard the woman, kno only as jacquelin, screaming. >> went back out to put -- turn a water hose on the back of my house, and when i did that, i heard screaming from the bathroom. and it was a woman's voice. >> reporter: the fire department is investigating a cause but did confirm there were working smoke detectors in the duplex. this week, body of a woman was found in her castro valley home after a fire. police say she had been murdered. the fire and attempt to coverup the crime. so far no arrests. investigator says the two fires are unrelated.
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abc7 news. >> police found a mummified body in a fort bragg apartment and now a caretaker has been arrested. she had been dead at least a week. friday police talk to the caretaker and took her into custody. the newspaper reports police found no signs of abuse but there was neglect. an autopsy will help determine how she died. a sheriff's helicopter raced to salmon creek beach to assist an injured surfer. other surfers help him from the waves to the beach. firefighters called for the helicopter to remove the man from the beach. he helicopter through him to a traumaster. now your voice, your vote. tomorrow california's 5 democratic members of the electoral canaling will go to state capitol to cast their votes for president. california has more electoral votes than any other state.
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california awards its votes on a winner take all basis so all 5 goes to hillary clinton. if at least 37 republican elect years vote against donald trump the election will be decided by the house of representatives. only one republican in texas has pledged to change his vote. democracy electors are calling for the vote to be delayed following conclusions by the cia and fbi said that russia interfered. >> if they're able to harm the electoral process, then they destroyed democracy, which is based on free and fair elections. >> senator john mccain who has been vocal about the russian election related hacks suspect out on sunday, day before the electoral college is set to vote. 538 electors, individuals selected by political parties will gather in their state
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capitols on monday to do just that. hillary clinton won the popular vote on election night but president-elect donald trump got more than the 200 electoral streets needed to win the presidency. the process has an formate but with the rescue that russia enter feed in the election some democrats are calling on congress to delay the vote until electors can be brief. >> all we're asking for is the information to be released. unfortunately it appears the information will not be released and that's why tomorrow when we vote, i'll be pitting forward a motion -- -- putting forward a motion to call for a bipartisan independent commission to investigate. >> reporter: despite the investigation the vote is scheduled for monday. they will not discuss the russian attacks until a review is completed in january. >> one of of hollywood residents most flamboyant celebrities
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passed away. actress zsa zsa gabor died at the age of 99. she and her sauer ava were famous, living lives in the public eye. >> zsa zsa gabor was known more for her larger than life personality than for her big screen performances. a former miss hungary, she began appearing in films in the 1950s. the. >> i want to be what i want to be. >> she developed something of a cult following as the star of the campy space movie, queen of outer space. >> i came here to tell you that your lives are in great danger. >> but it was as a professional celebrity that she shined. perfectly qualify companied. drip wig diamonds diamonds and d everyone darling.
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>> to understand a man takes a lifetime of study. >> and study she did. she was married nine times. i've never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back, in 1990 she slanted a police officer after being -- slapped a police officer after being pulled over. >> if i go to jail, at least have some peace and write my book. >> she as sentenced to serve 72 hours in jail. >> thank you, darling. i. >> she later spoofed the cop slapping incident on screen. in her later year she is suffered a series of health problems, car accident left her partially paralyzed and at the age of 89 she had a stroke. but this is the zsa zsa gabor fans will remember.
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>> an e-mail hacking might have exposed the permanent information of 750,000 people in southern california. they had contact with agencies including hospitals and health clinics. investigators are looking for a nigerian man. they're not sure if he is in the u.s. high-tech gears installed in prisons to keep inmates from getting cell phones the equipment includes sophisticated metal instruments. a private company is paying $17 million for the new security. california's public employee pension system facing criticism
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for considering investing invesn tobacco companies. they concluded the ban cost $3 billion. critics say it would be a, quote, morally bankrupt idea for them to buy tobacco stocks. >> a toy wonderland welcomes in underserved families at a special event. could we be seeing some cold relieve. drew tuma has the forecast. >> 49ers not a good football team. losing their 13th straight today in atlanta but the raiders are back on the right. in the playoffs with a big win in san diego.
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>> a group of ukelele players provided holiday cheer this afternoon. it was play-long for musicians of all skill levels. the heard about the event through social media. a little donation goes a long way during the holiday season. we were in san jose as hundreds of volunteers with sacred heart
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community service sorted out donated toes going to low income children. more than 6,000 children get three toys each in time for christmas. >> distributing about 19,000 toys on thursday and friday this week for christmas, and so families will start coming in those two days and so we're just getting ready. >> he says there's still a couple thousand toys short. you can drop off toys at sacred heart. >> we're tracking one more night of freezing cold temperatures and then the warm air will break the coal snap. live doppler 7 showing you it's a clear picture. a looking weekend. sunshine from start to finish. and tonight clear skies mean plenty of stars but also means a recipe for another cold night.
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the embarcadero center lit up for the holidays. seven days until christmas and feels like winter out there. the forecast going to call for the freezing start in many spots. warmer air arrives next week and then wet weather a week from today on christmas. tonight it's the cold numbers. a few spots in 30s. we're holding a 39 in napa. 43 in fremont. 45 san mateo. oakland, 47. another frigid morning on the way. many cities at or below the freezing mark so bring the pets inside, cover the plants, and grab an extra layer out the door tomorrow morning. the jacket, the gloves think scarf, the hat, going to be needed as we have the cold start. so for that fact, that freeze warning goes into effect for midnight at all areas in purple and even the areas not under the freezes warning, it is going to be a coal night on the way.
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here's the morning lows. out the door temperatures. 30 overnight in concord. san jose. 25 in santa rosa. 38, san francisco. a chilly 35 in oakland and fairfield, dropping to 29 degrees under plenty of stars. in san jose, the hour-by-hour photographs, day in 30s through 8:00. the sun starts to warm us up interest the mid-40s by 10:00, and then afternoon we'll warm into the mid-05 sunday but still -- the 50s so that's still below normal. across the region, a cool but nice day. a 55 san francisco. 53 san francisco, and fair field, 54. we get rid of the 30s on tuesday as mild air begins to work into the picture so tuesday morning, most spots starting out in the 40s. notice it's warmer tuesday morning heading off to work and school. future weather, as you go into
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next weekend, christmas eve looks dry. the next system we're tracking is christmas day and will be in evening hours. the future weather showing you christmas at 7:00 in the evening. that's where we are tracking light showers, the chance of any wet weather, here's the can accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, another fold -- cold standard. tuesday, mild air works into the picture. wednesday, winter officially arrives. a nice afternoon thursday. partly sunny on friday. and a touch cooler on sunday and then sunday, chance for any showers. >> the raiders knew they had to bead beat the charge tore get the first playoff berth since 2002, then the chief lost so the raider victory gave them first place in the afc west. raider nation taking over san diego. first drive of the game, philip rivers, 47-yard strike to travis
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benjamin, two touchdowns on the day. chargers 7-0. raiders answer, 22 second left in half. derek carr. his pass to michael crabtree. 10-10 at the break. third quarter, chargers regain the lead. the extra point is no longer a gimme. josh lambeau misses, the fourth, tied at 16. carr takes off with, reaches for their first down. great play. that leads to janikowski field goal, a perfect 44. raiders up three. chargers have one last chance. fourth and 15. reggie nelson picks off rivers. raiders win. they're 11-3, headed to the playoffs for first time since 2002. >> proud of us earning our way
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back. we'll determine exactly where the happens to be. >> means hearings two games left and we have to take care of business. it's on our shoulders, on us, and going forward that's all that matters. we can't think about anything outside of that. get ready for the colts. >> the chiefs and titans. fourth, five seconds left, the titans kicker, 53 yarder for the win it was short but andy rioted called a time-out, trying to ice the kicker. another chance, nails it. titans win. with the loss the raiders are up on kc in west. >> niner and falcons, first quarter, freeman, five areword touchdown. after a carlos hyde fumble. 14-0. and another three and out led to ryan's td pass. 21-0 after the first quarter.
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niners 15 yards in the first, any momentum quickly stopped. freeman drives through the niners defense. 139 yards rushing three tds, 28-7. kap threw for 180 yards, two tds. niners down 28-13 at the half. fremont busts loose for 35-yard. the 11th 100-yard rusher 550-yards of offense by the falcons, niners lose 41-13 the final. to the ice, sharks ending their four game road trip against the chicago blackhawks. defenseman brett burns leads the sharks in goals and points and picking hundred is 30th point in the year, the shot redirected by joe pavelski. the blackhawks respond. keith's first goal of the
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season. then in the third, right now the blackhawks lead 2-1. women's hoops, stanford taking on tennessee. erica mccall, 13 for the cardinal. nice feed and carli samuelson had 13. stafford trailed by one at the half. tennessee went on 8-0 run. middleton with the three, and the deshields dishes to russell. tennessee with the upset. take a tour around the nfl tonight with the plays of the day. see you then. until then, back to you, eric. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00, millions of americans have gone rogue. where the new "star wars" movie ranked in
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>> tonight at 9:00 on covery tv, a woman's generous donation to
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get these animals accommodated. >> hockey fans has recents to cheer in and had nothing to dive the action on the ice. take a look and a listen. [cheering] >> boo, yay! >> that is two-year-old mason on the jump boytron, serving up rousing applause again and again whenever the camera cut away to others in the crowd, they started booing. that's what you heard there. and enwhen they put the camera back on mason, the cheers reappeared. the new "rogue one: a star wars story," had the second highest openings in box office history. the only movie to outrun it was "star wars: awake 's." rogue one takes place before the first "star wars" movie. it $155 million at the box
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office. moana was bumped to second. office christmas party was third. will smith's drama, co last recall beauty, opened with just $7 million, and fantastic beasts rounded out to top fives. i said thousands when i meant millions. see you again at 9:00 and
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i announcer: today on "matter of fact," was putin personally involved in our election? >> the c.i.a. thinks they have a i>> the c.i.a. thinks they have a slam dunk case. announcer: but can we trust our will own intelligence agencies? you and this town was once the 10th fastest dying city in america. >> we had 3000 vacant houses in a city of 50,000. announcer: what can we learn from their comeback story? plus, feeling the stress of our political discord? struggling to get sleep? we've got an app for that. but first, security agencies agree. russia is hacking us. what's next? soledad: i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to "matter of fact." soledad: influential senators from both parties are calling for an independent investigation of russian meddling in the u.s.


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