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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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right now we're at, just waiting and we need help. >> meet the bay area community that has been told for weeks they can't trust what is in their water. >> it is bundle up time in the bay area. >> tonight, why the judge who presided over one of the most controversial trials in the bay area this year has been cleared of any wrong doing. >> discover a bay area community where the water isn't safe to drink and where they keep getting mixed messages about how dangerous it could be.
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good evening. >> this isn't as bad as lead condition tam nation, but the water is still unsafe and has been for weeks. >> it affects people who live in a property on alaimtos road. >> the water resources control board is the lead agency in this investigation. they want the landlord to remarries water system. until then, they saw dwellings are unsafe because of the lack of unpotable water. the landlord has yet to respond. >> no running water, we cannot bathe. we cannot cook. >> reporter: this tenant doesn't want to be evicted for talking. michael, not his real had name is one of 40 residents who live in rustic cabins in a rural part
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of san jose. they've been out of running water since early november. the state told them their water from twin creeks was contaminated with e coli bacteria. the well was running dry and the water system was leaking. friday, the state told residents to begin using only bottled wat water. >> there is no running water, you have to use bottled water to fill our toilet tanks. >> michael stores water in coolers. cases for water have been left outside by county emergency services. >> the neighbor next door has a
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child. he cannot bathe or get ready for school. >> reporter: michael says he and others cannot afford to move. >> we're just waiting and don't know what to do. and we need help. >> if interest is something happening where you live, let us know. you can reach abc7 or e-mail us on abc 7 listens. >> we have developing news. investigators are searching for a black mercedes after a road rage shooting near lakeshore avenue. neither person was hurt. investigators say the victim s tail gated the shooter's vehicle and made a rude gesture.
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>> try to avoid making rude gestures like this. >> this the investigation caused a massive back up. they were closed about an hour, as you can see. also a fire in concord burned an apartment building on laguna street. that is where cornell bernard is live for us tonight. any idea what started this fire? >> reporter: dan, no cause yet. the street in front of the complex just reopened and everyone got out safely and just in time. popping noises you can hear are pg and e meters exploding. six condos were damaged and two,
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destroyed. two people had to be rescued because the fire was too intense. >> i looked through the area and there was fire. it was traumatized. >> you got your dog out? >> she was first. dog comes first. >> reporter: two people suffered minor injurys. >> we did have a third victim on the scene. a 5-year-old girl was transported to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. >> reporter: in all, the fire forced 22 people from their homes. a cause, still under investigation. >> we know there is a heater on in the unit. so we're looking into that. >> the red cross will assist families who are now displaced. happening now we're in for
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another cold evening. we have live team coverage on the impact of the temperatures. how cold is it going to be tonight? >> let me start with live doppler 7 here. low temperatures in the 20s. 26 in livermore an fairfield and 28 in napa. 29 in concord. i hope that will give you hope because tonight those won't be quite so low. and in case you're tempted to throw a log on the fire, don't. air quality is declining and when there is a spare the air alert, wood burning is against the law. don't do it. tough it out.
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on the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> spencer, thank you. we look forward to that. three crashes involving four cars happened near los gatos this morning. one driver told us he hit black ice, no one was seriously hurt. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live with a look at the impact. wayne? >> reporter: impact is that if you have a wood fireplace and like burning wood, you can't burn wood. somebody might report you. first time, they might warn you, second time, a $500 fine. and people say why do these come on the nights i want to burn it the most? >> gary woke up in what looks like frosty the snowman land. white lawns and clear air, anyway. >> on a cold day, we won these
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fireplaces why burning wood? >> so asked a customer where management takes issue with a declaration of three spare the air days in a row. >> they do no burn day and we should be burning. i don't think anyone likes $100 bills ripped out of the pock ritz. >> i call it laysy governmental interference. >> the district told us when the weather gets cold and inversion layers trap smoke from the fireplaces. but why an alert in nine counties? no lobing you will yalizing? >> the reason is because we're part of a greater air basin. >> that is the science, anyway. if you run a fireplace, you risk a fine by burning tonight. >> this is america. we should be able to burn our fireplaces. >> there it is. cause, effect, and frustration
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on what some would call a clear, clean, winter day, and others, not. from the north bay, wayne freedman, abc7 news. and down load the app to find out if you're get dangerously cold conditions. the app is free to down load. the judge who sentenced a stanford swimmer to only six months in jail for sexual assault has been leared of misconduct. the commission on judicial performance issued its decision this morning about judge aaron perski. lyanne melendez has the story tonight. lyanne? >> reporter: the commission read through thousands of petitions anded committee decided there was no wrong doing. now, thes judge will have to answer to voters. no convincing evidence of bias, that is what concluded in the
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report of judge aaron perski, being investigated for sentencing a former stanford university swimmer for raping a young woman on campus. the panel found he did not engage in any judicial misconduct. michelle dobber disagreed with the findings. >> we believe the judge has demonstrated a clear pattern of bias when those are committed by collegiate athletes. >> minimum sentence was two years. turner was convicted of sexual assaulting a woman near a trash bin after she passed out. he was released after three months in jail. the commission received thousands of complaints asking that perski be removed. the judge now faces the
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possibility of a recall. voters will be asked in november to decide. >> and to perpetrators he sent a message, don't worry. the system will have your back, particularly if you're an athlete. >> turner moved back to ohio and is now a registered sex offender. abc7 news. a 26-year-old sacramento man died after the big rig he was driving overturned overnight on 680 southbound near el pintada road. the chp says he hit an abandoned minivan, overturned, and hit a metal pole. he was trapped and later died in the hospital. fed-ex was delivering mail so we can take ownership of it.
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>> crews spent hours cleaning up and packages were taken to san jose's post office. both fed-ex and usps say they're sending condolences to the family and working to get packages to the final destinations. as of friday, only one court house will be open throughout the rest of the year. all others are closing temporarily because of budget issues. the court house on 7th and washington is the only one to remain open. there will be staff available to handle emergency matters in addition to normally scheduled business. all will reopen on tuesday, january 3rd. alameda county may be facing legal action as a result of the ghostship warehouse fire. >> hear the argument being raised by lawyers of the landlord. we're settled on these terms.
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without the city attorney. >> that is one a resolution that has been almost a decade in the making, coming u
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a family whose son died while climbing a tree is suing the city of oakland. it happened along lake merit. his family says the city knew the tree was diseased and could be dangerous and marked it for
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removal. tonight, there is a memorial conce concert. tickets from $10 to $20. remember 236 people died when the fire broke out at the ghostship warehouse during a concert a little over two weeks ago. attorneys for the creator of the art collective are already defending their client. and blaming the city for the fire saying fire and building inspectors riz vited the premises. lawyers say, quote, the investigation shows he committed no conduct amounting to criminal negligence and should not be made a escape goat. abc7 news was in richmond. people who made their home inside of a similar warehouse are now looking for a new place to live.
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richmond's mayor or thorred an inspection of an art collective called burnt ramen. a man who lives there says six people and 15 artists are now displaced. >> the mayor made me homeless. so it's the coldest season of the year, it's a little rough. >> the battle between the city of san francisco and one of its largest land lords is being resolved tonight and settling a it's urban campus. carolyn? >> the academy of art university has agreed to pay millions in penalties and bring properties into compliance but the most significant part of the deal is housing development. this after a bitter fight.
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calling it one of the city's most notorious land use scoff laws. without city approval. >> this is a case where the academy a master real estate empire was building requirements. >> today, he announced a hand mark settlement. $60 million the lion's share. to makeup for student housing, the city says was unauthorized. >> this company agreed to part of the solution.
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>> it is true that before nine years ago, they used, had uses not authorized. that is true. in 2007, they did everything that people are supposed to do. >> we would have settled on these terms without the city attorney doing the hopdedoo. >> academy of art filed paper work to begin the first step in settling that lawsuit. city planners and board need to okay this deal. both sides expect approval. in the newsroom, abc7 news. thank you. >> neighbors took to the website with a warning about stolen mail taken out of mailbox s and found on the trail along galindo
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creek. >> thanksgiving we can get started you know? >> the appears they're not interested in bank statements just holiday cards that could contain money and a gift card. >> we have mostly clear skies. skies are bright. looking along the bay bridge, it's 53 here in san francisco. upper 40s in oakland and mountain view. this is a view under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. temperatures in the upper 40s
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and 40 in fairfield. looking over san francisco, we'll have freezing conditions in a few spots. we'll have milder days, and rainy and windy conditions on friday. low temperatures dropping below freezing by a degree or two. and down to freezing in antioch and livermore. a couple spare the air days coming our way. this is a view looking over the bay. tomorrow and tuesday, no wood burning is allowed. the particulate matter has begun to increase there. tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny skies with high temperatures generally in the mid to upper 50s and maybe a few spots reach
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60 and a storm ranks two on the storm impact scale. it will produce light to moderate rainfall and i'd say moderate storm and rainfall totals from about a half inch to an inch with gusty winds and notice by mid day, by noon, down beyond the golden gate into the south bay. by 5:00, virtually all of the bay area will be wet. in overnight hours into saturday morning, rain ends and we'll be left with rainfall totals from about a third of inch to nearly three quarters and over three quarters in san jose. all parts of the bay area will get wet from the storm.
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about five to 10 inches of snow. back to the bay area, here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies and poor air quality, thursday, partly cloudy. and a storm on friday, a moderate storm ranking two in the impact scale. breezy and dry on christmas eve, a chance of showers christmas day, or late afternoon and evening and showers may intensify overnight. >> coming up next, find out why >> coming up next, find out why it's good
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another truss from the old bay bridge taken away today. this is time lapse view of the work. and steady progress they're making. talking about lower gas prices, abc7 news is in concord today. we spotted regular selling at an arco for just $2.19 a gallon. and prices are falling in california due to high invent y inventories. you likely won't find gas for just $2.19 everywhere.
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gas averages $2.82 per gallon according to triple a. >> new star wars movie "rogue one" taking the number one spot for the weekend. >> the only movie to outearn "rogue one" was last year's "the force awakens". disney is the parent company of lucas film and abc 7. over a month after the election, and its official. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. >> what it was like inside and outside california's state capitol as electors cast ballots. >> giving the gift of a great hair cut to people with special needs. the shop giving back, ahead on
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abc7 news. find out why
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12 people are dead after a truck crashed into a christmas market in berlin. a german terrorism unit is leading the investigation. witnesses say the truck jumped into the crowd. >> it hit the sides and carried on past us. i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. >> 48 people were injured. a passenger in the truck was one of the people killed. police arrested a suspect but wouldn't confirm if it's the driver. cities around the world have increased security. and you can share this post on facebook to show your concern for berlin. the post is on our abc7 news facebook page. >> russia's ambassador to turkey was killed today in a shocking assassination. he was shot in the back while giving a speech in an art
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exhibit. the assassin has been identified as 22-year-old off duty officer in the turkish riot police. the state department says it's thoughts and prayers are with the russian people. >> we stand ready to offer any assistance, and investigate this attack. >> the assassin shouted "don't forget aleppo". today, the electors confirm the results of the november election. donald trump has more than enough electoral votes and will become the next president of the united states. >> this decision was final before electors in california cast their ballots. >> as lonny riviera found out, it doesn't mean the fight is over. >> reporter: on a cold monday, hundreds stood on the west steps with signs, messages of all kinds against president-elect
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donald trump. many questioning accuracy and fairness of the election. >> the cia have mentioned russia so we'll defer to them on that. we think it deserves further investigation. >> inside, all 55 electors solidified their votes. >> for hillary clinton of new york, a democrat, ayes, 55, no, 0. >> then, elector christine pelosi called for a delegation to investigate hacking claims. a push to reverse results of the election. >> i move that we, california's electoral college members demand an independent investigation. >> all 55 support the request. for protestors it's hopeful news.
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>> i think our system needs to be redone. our constitution was written in the 1700s and it's time for a change. >> many are calling this a last-ditch effort. they say it's worth it given what is at stake. >> the president shortened sentence of 153 convicted of federal crimes. gregory boyd will have his 35 year sentence cut to 11. ray kelly the ii sentenced to 20 years, he will serve 15. both were sentenced in drug-related cases. and four people were forgiven for their crimes. >> today, protestors sang out against a controversial pipeline project and financial companies connected to it.
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>> people stood against a north dakota pipeline project being altered so it won't impact the drinking water of a native sioux tribe. california has taken another step into the legal gray area surrounding marijuana. banks often refuse to work with cannabis businesses. those in the pot business wonder why the banks are being discriminatory. job market and. >> they must conduct their business in an all-cash basis, making them a target for violent crime. the business is not inherently
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dangerous, conducting in cash is. >> the federal government still classified cabinis as an elicit substance. >> around the holidays everyone likes to look their best. a new hair cut can help you look and feel sharp. >> timing couldn't be better. >> i'm going to see my nephew. >> she's one of the dozens of adults and kids who got a day off at the san mateo zoo barber shop. >> just general developmental disabilities. >> he's working with the shop's owner. >> travis sweeney like sweeney todd. >> he wanted to give back. >> they've helped me and my
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family and daughter. >> when is the last time you had a hair cut? >> getting on board is as easy as asking. >> looking for opportunities to cut hair. >> it would have been easier with such grateful customers. >> i think it's great. >> they're offering a hair cut in a safe environment. james had to promise nancy he had to keep the clippers from their ears. and for the cape... >> there might be sensitivity to light you may not know about. so making sure that they're comfortable for sweeney, a shop full of customers is the best present a barber can ask for.
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>> in san mateo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> abc7 and disney continue to share the joy this holiday season with donations to help bring cheer to bay area kids in need. today, reggie aki presented the marine toys for tots foundation with a $7,000 check and toys collected by staff here at kgo. >> they cover marin and san francisco county. toys stay local and go to local communities and help children in the area. >> the foundation serves 35,000 bay area children in need. they'll pick up toys this week at various locations around the bay area. and if you want to get involve god to for a link to the sites. >> one of the coolest new features from apple debuted today. wireless ear buds called ear pods. >> how fast they sold out in san francisco. >> it's virtual reality for someone you know this holiday.
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i'm michael finney. we'll look at what br
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the u.s. postal service expects to deliver 740 million packages. in order to reach their destination by christmas, usps recommends send them first class by tomorrow, priority by wednesday and priority mail express by friday. a multi billion dollar back tax bills leads business watch. bay area commission rule ld apple owes ireland $15 billion in back taxes. apple's air pods went on sale today, wireless head phones that can be used on the new iphone 7. in san francisco, the pods sold out fast. >> was told they told out in seven minutes. a line of 30 people lined up. they don't know if they're getting more tomorrow. its apparently a popular item
7:43 pm
already. the air pods sell for $159. today's stock closed up at $116 a share. the dow going wrong, up almost 40 points to close at 19,883. the nasdaq added just over 20 points. >> coming up next, michael finney takes on the range of virtual reality. >> from $15 to more than $500. what is worth your money. what is worth your money. stay
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if you know someone who likes to be a trend setter, look into virtual reality. >> sales are below expectations this holiday season. but the industry remains optimistic there is a strong future. people who venture into virtual ryeality look like they're in their own world. daniel mcguinness demonstrated the altered mental state on the oculous rift. >> i have to throw to it hit what the target is. >> it set the standard for virtual reality, being one of the first to be released.
7:47 pm
>> the experiences happening around you. so it's in full 3 d like you're there. >> it retails for $599. jeff lee says the fear that what you buy today will be outdated tomorrow is slowing sales of both rift and rival, htc. >> it's hard to buy one. you know the second generation is so close to being released. or so close to being announced. >> one option, especially for gamers is play station 4 head set. you can buy it as an add on if you have play station four gaming set. >> there is a launch bundle with everything you need. so it has head set, the two controllers, camera, and that comes around $500. >> you can add an audio head set, a must for any gamer this, is the rig 4 vr from plantronics. >> you're going to be looking left, right, up, down. you want the best audio experience. >> for those that want to spend
7:48 pm
less, smart phones are an option. google day dream view sells for $79 and work was any phone. samsung gear retails for $99 but only work was a newer generation phone. the difference is teen in the picture quality. >> the structure isn't as good. >> for those who want to just daniel in vr, the card board retails for $15. i want to hear from you. my hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151 and you can reach me through my facebook page and abc >> holiday spirit is back in concord today. as were the u.s. marines making a trip to pick up toys and bikes at bay alarm. mary smith, likes to be called
7:49 pm
mrs. clause raises money all year long, for the big give away by selling $seven a plate lunches and tickets to co-workers. this year, that added up to 27,000 toys and 90 bikes for toys for tots. >> it's awesome. this is all going to a great cause. love it. >> i cook and sell to employees who gracefully eat them and give me money. then, every penny i have made, the family match me dollar for dollar. >> and that family owns bay alarm and mary, or mrs. clause promises to be back next year. >> you know she will. just fantastic. feels like it now. winter actually officially starts on wednesday. and it seems like we're there. >> it does. take a look at the frost in this picture from sonoma this morning. this picture can #abc 7 now. >> and spencer is back with a
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forecast. here is live doppler 7. tonight lows into low 30s in north bay valleys. highs more like mediums we'll see highs in upper 50s tomorrow, another storm coming our way scale. and on we go to the accu-weather forecast. dry conditions through thursday. two spare the air days so no wood burning is around. mainly dry for christmas weekend. >> good sleigh-flying weather. >> i love it. >> all right. we have shu in for larry tonight. >> yes. you want to talk raiders? >> raid yir -- raiders going
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through the playoffs. a 14-year drought and one star decided to sit out his final post season appearance. post season appearance. not sure how teammates, or
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after 14 years, raiders are back in the playoffs. fans are ex-excited after losing 18 starting quarterbacks and 148 losses. the team found ways to win, it seems almost every week. derek carr only through one td pass yesterday. now, reggie nelson seals the deal. head coach is happy for the team and hometown supporters.
7:55 pm
>> i'm excited for the fans you know? to be in a playoff, we got here two years ago and talked about winning the division and being in playoffs. so to be in the playoffs part is there. when the division is yet to be determined. >> stanford star running back is not only skipping he's senior year to jump to the nfl. and he that helped make his decision. >> i'm stanford or a teammate, i'm not happy he will not join them in the final game. he's now in a business and protecting his stock.
7:56 pm
if this was an national title game, he would be available. >> giants have signed jimmy raulins to a minor league contract. the 38-year-old will be a back up in fielder, hit 221 last year and he's spent five years with the phillys. welcome home, jimmy. tomorrow night, the golden state warriors will honor one of their greats. the late nate thurman with his own bobble head. he is not only one of the best players but a great ambassador for the game. >> recognized as one of the 50 greatest players of all time. now, immortalized via bobble head he was just a wonderful human being. phenomenal human being. >> the legend lovingly dubbed big nate may have passed away in july, but big men will be walking in his large footsteps. >> didn't he say i'm better than
7:57 pm
you? and he could have played in this nba and been tremendous. >> i remember what a dig anied presence he was and how respected he was. when he spoke, our players were wide eyed and listening. >> once down 42 rebounds in a single game and had his number retired. that is right. there is a reason every player is donning 42 this season. >> they knew exactly what 42 meant. >> nate was a gentleman. he was big. 6, 11 and he was a sentel giant. >> as far as a warriors treasure, i don't think anyone embodies it better than nate thurman. how he carried himself, tremendous. his career featured over 14,000 points and 14,000 rebounds and
7:58 pm
now, fans will remember him with 10,000 bobble heads. well, nate worked with us for years as an analyst on "after the game" and i think he would have been tickled to see his own bobble head. >> what a kind gentleman. >> great man. an everybody loved him. well deserved. >> thank you, shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00. this is wild. a new pregnancy puzzle. a change in the woman's body scientists just discovered but can't explain. at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00 a statewide ivory bust. the businesses caught selling illegal parts and charges facing them tonight. >> that is coming up tonight, look for our report on abc7 news bay area on twitter. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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